Women Are Mostly In Make Work Jobs


For the most part women don’t work.  They may have jobs or be stay at home mothers/wives, but in neither case are they doing real productive work for the most part.  Various groups promote their own form of make work jobs for women.

The type of make work jobs for women we typically see today are all government derived.  This includes direct employment by various levels of government from local government to the federal government as 57% of government employees are women.  (That percentage actually should be higher since the military and law enforcement which are necessary jobs are mostly men.  The percentage of women in make work government jobs is really higher than 57%.)  Most of these jobs by their very nature are unproductive make work jobs (which are also detrimental to the economy).  It also includes quasi-governmental jobs in non-profit sectors and government mandated jobs in private industry, both of which only exist due to government action and thus are mostly unproductive make work jobs also.  An example of these types of jobs are in education and health services whose employees are 76.8% women.  From this information, it is clear that women aren’t doing productive work, but instead are mostly involved in unnecessary do nothing jobs.

Tradcons will say that they have an answer to this.  They will say that women shouldn’t be out working like that and instead should be in the home raising large families.  This is another form of a make work job for women.  In the past it was necessary for women to have a lot of kids because most of them wouldn’t reach adulthood.  If you wanted three children to reach adulthood, you would have to have six children or nine children to make sure that happened.  That is no longer necessary since a person’s kids are now likely to all make it to adulthood.  There is no reason to have a large family except as an unproductive make work job for women.  The tradcons try to hide this fact from everyone (including themselves) with appeals to tradition, to God/Jesus, and/or nature.  That is a fallacy because if you wanted to have large families in the way tradition, God/Jesus, and/or nature intended, only some of your kids should reach adulthood.  If you have nine kids, for example, and nothing else kills six of them before adulthood, then you have execute six of your kids before they reach adulthood.  It’s the only way to be consistent with tradition, God/Jesus, and/or nature.  This shows us that large families are just a useless make work job for women since tradcons aren’t having large families for the reason they are supposed to have large families (which no longer exists in the modern world).

It’s not surprising that groups from feminists to tradcons to people in between are trying to create unproductive make work jobs for women.  It’s because whenever there is an actual productive job to be done, that job is almost always best filled by a man (government regulations notwithstanding).  This is why you don’t see women doing real work like rebuilding after hurricane Sandyrepairing 1700 foot tall transmission towers, HVAC, or sulfur mining.  There isn’t any productive job out there now that women are better at than men.

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  1. If this country were to make a Constitutional amendment that forbade the existence of any job that produced no industrial, commercial or practical social value, women would be the largest unemp-loyed demographic in the world.

    Teachers, for fuck sake. In my life I had only three who were worth the oxygen they breathed, and two of them were men.

  2. You know the ongoing feminist fight in the atheist community..
    what is even more hilarious is how the anti-FreeThoughtBlogs people are jumping through hoops to show that they are pro-wimmin. for e.g Michael Shermer was “Witch of the week” a few months ago.. He wrote this response
    A Guy Thing? Secularism, Feminism, and a Response to Ophelia Benson

    Prominent women atheists write powerful books, such as Greta Christina’s 2012 Why Are You Atheists So Angry: 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless, which I just listened to on audio, laughing my ass off and wishing I had come up with such poignant arguments. There are notable women skeptics, such as Carol Tavris, who has re-engineered introductory psychology textbooks to include skeptical principles throughout (see, for example, her own introduction to psychology textbook coauthored with Carole Wade).

    Exceptional women physicians de­bunk alternative medicine quackery, such as Harriet Hall, MD, widely known and highly regarded as the SkepDoc. Women skeptics have created organizations to encourage more participation by women in secular communities, such as Rebecca Watson’s Skepchicks (I even posed for her Skepdudes calendar!). My friend and colleague Jennifer McCreight, whom I have encouraged to go on for her PhD, has pushed secular student groups to get more women students involved on campuses throughout the United States. For years, the brilliant Ellen Johnson headed American Atheists. Annie Laurie Gaylor’s Freedom From Religion Founda­tion has called attention to the hateful actions of religion against women… BLAH BLAH FUCKING BLAH…

    The phenomenon of Meritorius Mediocrus in full effect. LOL

  3. Are we including under the heading “unproductive labour” people who make sure that businesses don’t dump mercury into the river?

  4. Yep. Most women’s work – most especially government paid-for work, is non-productive and/or unnecessary. Overpaid, lazy bureaucrats. Back to the factory floor you hags!

  5. This post is either a parody or one of the stupidest things ever written.

    • This post is either a parody or one of the stupidest things ever written.

      But it matches my experience almost exactly. Who do you see in nonproductive jobs such as HR? Women. And in areas such as engineering it’s common to see women “fast-tracked” to managerial positions where it’s much easier to hide a lack of productivity.

  6. Healthcare is probably the worst. Instead of just being useless work, it’s actively harmful by subverting natural selection. Let the weak die.

    • I see that the manboobz trolls are out now.

    • Healthcare is an inept and incompetently run industry in the US. Generally, to see a specialist you must wait 4-6 weeks. IN the meantime U suffer and rot. When U finally get to see the so called specialist, this person MIGHT spend 5-10 minutes going over your problem then take a wild guess as to what the hell is wrong with U. Then you are sent away with some type of treatment. If the guess is wrong then U call back and wait another 4-6 weeks for your appointment. What a joke industry!
      In addition, it is one of the most overpriced industries in the country. Why does it cost $500 to place my blood in a test tube spin it around in a centrifuge? I could pay the guy at the Walmart autocenter $50 & tell him to tie my test tube to the tire changer and run it for 5 minutes. Doctor’s consultation cost $120 (just to spend a mere 10 minutes with this person).
      You’re right , Healthcare is the worst – IT IS THE WORST RUN INDUSTRY IN THE COUNTRY.

    • So. . . ARE you a manboobz troll, then?

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  8. […] they simply cannot raise children. Men don’t go the battlefield with children in their arms. Another MRAs (PMAFT) was bitching because most government employees are women and the example he gives is that in education and health services 76.8% of employees are women. A […]

  9. well this article is excellent . it makes sense . well if you say prostitution is job where women really excel. i mean getting fucked by the drove is a job. and it has market value , although it is illegal men women still want to do it. it makes the world go around.

  10. Why don’t you start looking at women as people? Some women are good at certain jobs and others are bad. Some men are good at certain jobs and others are bad. A child is born and depending on the shape of their genitalia, they are shoved into a role, a destiny where society pushes them to be the stereotype that has already been set in stone. Would you call being a doctor a useless job? Because it is estimated that there will be more women doctors than men. I think if people work together and get rid of stupid prejudices based on sex, we will all be a more cohesive community with everyone doing jobs that contribute.

    If you are annoyed with this stereotype that women all act certain ways, then why don’t you stop pushing women into those roles. And the first step to that, is not judging them because of their gender, instead try a bit of humanity and see them as people, all with individual strengths and weaknesses, exactly like men.

  11. I don’t agree about the number of progeny. That is evolutionary perogative…my offspring will overcome the others because there are more of them…it isn’t about reaching adult hood…it is about a chance for success.

  12. […] a bit of justification behind his claim. Women predominantly work in "busy work" jobs: Women Are Mostly In Make Work Jobs | Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology Stimulus Supported Jobs Employing Women Set To Disappear – The […]

  13. This is ridiculous. Give me a break. You’re saying that non-profit jobs and administrative jobs and healthcare jobs aren’t necessary? You can be an advocate for men’s rights without being a blatant misogynist.

  14. I can tell you that Boeing (and other companies) were sued by feminists because they didn’t have enough female managers. I found many of the women at Boeing to have an entitlement complex and most meetings mentioned that women employees who want a management track should speak with their managers so they can be paired and mentored with a female manager. Boeing already had enough men in management positions so men didn’t need to be mentored or promoted. I was repeatedly denied a promotion even though I worked 50-60 hours a week and if I complained about the unfair and special treatment of women then the women filed repeated complaints or joked about such men being homosexual and anti-woman. the leftist feminist harassment and belittlement and invasion of privacy that I experienced at Boeing on the west coast was something that I never encountered and it completely turned me off on the west coast. If you want a gender neutral equal opportunity workplace then you wont find it at Boeing if your male.

  15. Blogging isn’t productive. Coal mining is productive. Direct your activities for optimal economic output tia.

  16. WHAT MEN KNOW THAT WOMEN DON’T- Feminism, Misandry & A Female Reality Check!

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