How Geolibertarianism Can Stop Redistribution From Men To Women


Somewhere between 70% to 80% of government spending is a transfer from men to women.  This includes everything from effectively female only welfare programs like WIC, to social security where women get more out of it than men do, to make work jobs for women in government, in quasi-government fields like health, education, and the non profit sector and private sector jobs that exist purely to fill a government mandate.  None of those things are productive so they can only be maintained by government taxing the productive sectors of the economy.  In other words, government has to tax male productivity.  Naturally, this has led many men to embrace libertarianism in the political sphere to change government policies that tax men and redistribute male productivity to women, and a ghosting form of MGTOW in the non-political sphere to reduce their own personal productivity.  So far MGTOW has had more of an effect since government has no real options to force any man to be productive beyond a man’s personal needs.

While MGTOW is great, how can the political side of this problem be addressed?  Libertarianism is basically the answer since government spending and taxation needs to be reduced.  However, what is the correct size of government?  Libertarians will talk about small government, but just how small would government end up if Libertarians controlled the government?  Republicans also talk about small government, yet anytime Republicans have had control of all three branches of the federal government, they have failed to reduce the size of government.  Republicans also routinely abandon their principles to white knight for women.  There is no reason to assume that Libertarianism won’t fall victim to the same thing, especially when it comes to white knighting for women.

How do we get around this problem?  We need a political system that has a specific principle of never taxing (male) productivity.  It turns out that such a thing has been devised, and it is called Geolibertarianism.  What Geolibertarianism does is combine libertarianism with Geoism or Georgism.  The name, Georgism, comes from the fact that the geoist side of this was popularized by the economist Henry George.  George and earlier economists, including Adam Smith and David Ricardo, (in addition to Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine) were advocates of a land value taxEven Milton Friedman called the land value tax the least bad tax.  The land value tax is a tax on land and land only.  It does not tax anything built on that land or done on that land.  It can not tax production or any form of productivity by design.  Because of this, advocates of the land value tax advocate it a single tax where there are no other taxes.

With only land (and anything else that meets the economic definition of land like natural resources and the electromagnetic spectrum) getting taxed in this system, it puts a ceiling on government spending.  Thus it forces the end of government redistribution from men to women.  It also adds a barrier to implementing additional taxes since any tax on anything that isn’t land is verboten by design.  Geolibertarianism won’t stop politicians from trying to tax (male) productivity, but in a Geolibertarian system any attempt to do that is immediately suspect so there will be a built in backlash whenever a politician tries to tax productivity.  It is telling that socialists and other leftists hate Geolibertarianism (and Georgism more broadly).  Karl Marx hated it, and a likely reason is that it repudiates his ideas by showing that labor and capital are not the separate things he said they are.  Paul Krugman admitted that the land value tax was efficient but that it could not be used to fund a welfare state.  While Barack Obama has not commented on this, it is a stake in the heart of his, “You didn’t build that” because Geolibertarianism identifies the only things a man didn’t build.

After implementing Geolibertarianism the only way male productivity could be transferred to women would be by divorce courts.  While Geolibertarianism can’t directly help with that, it will produce an ethos of productivity can not be taxed so it can become the basis for a movement to stop the transfer of male productivity in divorce.  (And that assumes that divorce courts haven’t been already made irrelevant by the marriage strike.)  Geolibertarianism also can’t directly help against the false rape industry or the false abuse industry.  However, those things cost the government money and would cause the land value tax to be raised.  Anyone interested in lowering the land value tax would have to deal with eliminating the false rape and false abuse industries.  The false rape and false abuse industries and their costs will be more apparent since they won’t be dwarfed by big government spending.

Geolibertarianism isn’t a complete way to defeat feminism but it is the only political system that provides a built in defense against taxing male productivity and transferring it to women.

  10 Responses to “How Geolibertarianism Can Stop Redistribution From Men To Women”

  1. Depriving government of taxes is a common mistake most libertarians make

    The thing is government doesnt need taxes, if you cancelled all taxes the government will still function, as it owns literally all of the private industries & holds major stakes in all public corporate holdings

    The need to tax the people is a complete & utter farce

    Taxes are really forms of sanctions, designed to ensure the people fulfill a fixed sum or quota of productivity

    Then theres the fact it owns the printing press, it earns billions of dollars of interest on made up fake paper

    Depriving government of taxes is a common mistake most libertarians make

    If you want to defeat the government, you need to form farms & make the people completely self sufficient so they dont need government

    As well as take control of the currency & print your own currency

    Its quite simple to defeat government, create competing forms of distribution channels which outcompete the governments distribution channels

    • Anarchy is the only way to beat the state.

      We don’t have the tech to break away from the state yet, but it is coming.

      • The best way to beat government is to give people direct access to resources, instead of resources locked in warehouses as spanners hammers etc.

        3d printing will eventually free the people from government, as government is the enforcement of artificial scarcity at the end of a gun

        • That’s fine for everything that isn’t land or meets the economic definition of land. You can’t print land. That’s why the tax structure of Geolibertarianism only deals land or other things that meet the economic definition of land.

          You might be interested in Geoanarchism which is geoism merged with anarchism. That way you get the benefit of organized action if an army of manginas comes after you but still retain anarchy.

        • @PMAFT

          Geolibertarianism is a great concept, & I fully agree to its usefulness at detracting the power base of females

          In an ideal world all land should be free, its nothing more then a chunk of rock

          Its like taxing the pebbles on a beach …

          If you want to defeat government & reduce the funding to women, the government is too self sustainable to be affected by economic sanctions

          Taxing land will only raise the tax on land to ludicrous levels

          Attacking the self sufficiency of government, that is attacking the system it keeps to make itself self sufficient, is the only way to effectively attack the government & severely cripple the funding to women

          Whats more, you dont have to wait for some libertarian grandiose scheme

          Taxes should be abolished, its nothing more then a system of enslavement & theft of men

          Taxes are a brutal form of punishment enforced on the people by invading armies …

          This is why having your own food source, energy & power & water, as MGTOW is a severe blow to government & severely cripples the funding to women

          Whats more you can do this today

          Im all for great idea’s & we need more

          The greatest idea, is to be self sufficient so you dont need government

        • Even if you’re completely self sufficient, as soon as you start working with other men, there will be a need for some level of governance sooner or later. Geolibertarianism is the best defense so far to prevent a government from being run for the benefit of women.

  2. republicans have increased the size of the government, lets be real here.

    A lot of libertarians seem hyper fixated on the parts of the state the give meager assistance to the poor like food stamps, while ignoring far more sinister

  3. Hey whoever you are,
    I feel sad for you. I am a geolibertarian. It’s sad that you are associating a valid philosophy which represents freedom and progress for BOTH sexes with bitterness and hatred toward women.  Geolibertarianism has nothing to do with favoring or penalizing either sex. The idea is to remove state-facilitated privileges of all kinds toward any individual or class, regardless of gender. It does eliminate the need for the nanny state and all the bureaucracy and the many associated evils. It would however also entail stripping the military down to size — a traditionally male realm. 
    It finances a minimal public sector with no deadweight loss etc.
    Historically the vast bulk of wealth has been controlled by men (a relative few at that). Again, the point of geolibertarianism is not to punish women, it is to eliminate privilege by men OR women.
    I suggest that you may need to learn to choose and deal with women successfully, rather than picking the wrong ones and/or losing their respect, getting walked over, and then spending the rest of your life playing the victim , stewing in your anger and taking it out on the entire female population of earth.

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