Fatherhood Not Marriage Is Essential For Civilization


Tradcons will scream over and over again how “marriage is essential for civilization” and attack men who choose not to get married.  Even some feminists will say a variant of that.  They’re all wrong because marriage is not what is essential for civilization.  Fatherhood is what is essential for civilization.

Single father households outperform single mother households in raising children.  Warren Farrell documents this in his book, Father and Child Reunion.  Children raised by single dads do better in academic progress, social competence, psychological health and physical health in comparison to children raised by single moms.  And saying that barely scratches the surface.  Consider facts such as how 70 percent of inmates in state juvenile detention centers serving long-term sentences were raised by single mothers. Seventy-two percent of juvenile murderers and 60 percent of rapists come from single-mother homes. Seventy percent of teenage births, dropouts, suicides, runaways, juvenile delinquents, and child murderers involve children raised by single mothers. Girls raised without fathers are more sexually promiscuous and more likely to end up divorced.  In fact, single motherhood is the explanation for racial disparities in crime.  A study in 1990 by the Progressive Policy Institute showed that when controlling for single motherhood, the differences between white and black crime rates completely disappeared.  (As a side note this proves that white knight nationalists are nothing but white knights and manginas since they are blaming minorities for the problems caused by women.)

But what about intact families allegedly being better for children?  First, that assumes that said family remains intact.  As soon as it doesn’t it gets counted against either the single father or single mother statistics depending on who gets custody, usually the single mother.  Since most divorces happen because a woman wants the divorce, then it’s not really the fact that the family is intact that causes the children to do better, but the presence of a father.  Second, a lot people assume that mothers are necessary for reasons having to do household chores and not raising children.  Between the existence of schools and technology to do household chores (washing machines, dishwashers, etc.), mothers in intact families aren’t doing much of anything. In the tradcon family, chores get assigned to the children, and fathers are the ones earning the money leaving mothers with nothing but free time to spend their husbands money.  In other words, outside of things like breastfeeding and other tasks related to newborns, it’s men/fathers that are not only working to earn money, but also doing the real parenting work.  Even after a divorce, single mothers don’t/can’t step up and do the parenting work that fathers do.  It shows in the statistics.

It’s not like women are breastfeeding either.  Only 16.4% of women exclusively breastfeed their children.  If young children are going to be formula fed, then a woman is not needed for that.  A man can do that just as easily.  Women aren’t even doing child rearing tasks that it would make the most sense for them to do.

When you consider all this, it becomes clear that fatherhood is essential for civilization, but motherhood not so much.  In fact, not only is motherhood not needed that much, in many cases it can be harmful, as we see from the single motherhood epidemic.  Tradcons and other defenders of marriage fail to understand this.  They defend “marriage”, but their defense of marriage at best includes fatherhood as an afterthought.  They believe that fatherhood is an artifact of being married to a woman, but that is incredibly wrong.  They attack men who refuse to get married and refuse to have children saying that they are refusing to become fathers but that is wrong.  Men who refuse to get married and have children are taking fatherhood seriously by not bringing children into the world that will simply get taken away from them.  Men who are being attacked for not getting married and having children are being attacked because they made the decision a responsible father would.

This is also why “defending marriage” means nothing more than defending marriage 2.0 and sending men to anti-family courts to be slaughtered sooner or later.  What is the difference between marriage 1.0 and marriage 2.0?  Fatherhood in marriage 2.0 exists purely at the whim of the mother whereas marriage 1.0 did more to defending fatherhood.  However, marriage 1.0 had it’s failures in defending fatherhood.  For example, it used to be during a divorce that except for certain cases (i.e. abuse of the children) men always got custody of the children.  Then the tender years doctrine came along due to the work of feminists and women started getting custody of children in divorce cases.  This happened in the late 19th century when marriage 1.0 was still around.  This is also why simply getting rid of no fault divorce is not enough to protect fatherhood.  The problem started much earlier.  (Also, New York state did not have no fault divorce until 2010, and men/fathers in New York had the same problems as men/fathers did in other states.)  The only was to stop the divorce epidemic is to restore default paternal custody in divorce cases.

Since fatherhood and not marriage is essential for civilization, why does marriage even exist in the first place?  Because until recently, there weren’t options for men to produce children.  Marriage was a compromise where men presumably knew that the children of their wives was theirs.  Men get the benefit of knowing that the children were theirs, and children got the benefit of paternal investment in them.  While women got taken care of in this arrangement, their real contribution was not motherhood (beyond things like breastfeeding) but doing household chores.  As technology developed women started getting squeezed out of this role so they started wrecking the system similar to how Luddites would try and wreck machines during the industrial revolution.

Because of this, going back to marriage 1.0 with default paternal custody is not the path we should choose.  In the best case scenario, we will end up will a new variant of the tender years doctrine in a century or two, and the whole thing will start again.  Fortunately, because of technology, there are other options, and marriage can be treated like the obsolete thing it is.  Paternity testing can be used to guarantee that a man is the father of a child.  There are surrogate mother options for men who want children like the Rotunda clinic in India.  In the future, artificial wombs will be an option.  In the future, fatherhood will have to be separated from marriage and motherhood, and this will make civilization better, not worse.

  11 Responses to “Fatherhood Not Marriage Is Essential For Civilization”

  1. PMAFT needs to make a post on how Surrogacy makes marriage obsolete & chuck that shit on the front page

    Surrogacy is the only way for a man to have children, if a woman wants a man to pay for everything & contribute nothing, she should just give the man the child

    Christian Monogamous marriage is outright barbaric

    No looking at other women, not allowed mistresses concubines etc, not allowed to marry another woman if she gets too old, fertile 40 year old men forced to fuck infertile 40 year old women

    If you pay for something its yours, millions of men spend $100,000’s on college, university,mortgages while the parasitic woman calls herself a traditionalist

    Surrogacy is the only way to ensure you have complete legal access to your children

    Surrogacy is the only way to ensure you have ownership of your children after spending $100,000’s on raising them

    Women are too emotional, irrational, illogical, theyre a liability

    Women are a danger to children

    Also its crucial to point out, theres no difference between a single mother or a marriage, because the father is never at home

    Also incredibly in 90% of all marriages the father has NO contact with the children, as he’s never at home due to him being a provider

    Marriage is a scam & completely useless for forming a family

  2. I will hunt down stats on mothers who do not bother to breast feed later.

  3. About the difference in crime rates between whites and blacks disappearing when accounting for single motherhood:

    If A and B positively correlate with each other, it’s not necessarily true that A causes B. It might be that both A and B are caused by some C that was not taken into consideration. In this case, I leave to you what it might be….

  4. The field of Biology has been feminized for some time now, and we are seeing the fruits. I suppose you could call this a “trigger warning.” The next thing coming down the pike to excuse the horrific damage American women are doing to our children, and to denigrate fathers.
    The latest feminist “scientific” theory is that the delinquency endemic to the children of unwed and divorced mothers is not due to the absence of a father, or to the negative influence of women free from male control. It is because people carry a recessive gene (or set of genes) that make them prone to delinquency.
    They “hypothesize” that recessive carriers are drawn to each other, so that a man with an unexpressed recessive delinquent trait tends to marry a woman who is also a carrier. Some of the children born to this mating will naturally then inherit the trait in its expressed form (the biology of genetics on that point is accurate by the way, the nugget of truth around which the feminists are building this next big lie).
    Hence, it is not women who are causing delinquency in their children by their beliefs, behaviors, choices, and deliberate abuse of their children, but genetics in which the male is equally culpable.
    You cannot make this stuff up. Feminist “scientists” are actually conducting funded studies on this. I suppose this is the biology equivalent of pussy software. No STEM field is safe from feminist pollution. We are living to see the death of scholarship at the hands of women. That women would kill rational inquiry if allowed into academia was of course predicted long ago.
    Women will never accept responsibility for their behavior. Any explanation of society that contains the idea that women can or will ever be responsible is based upon an unsound premise, and if adopted, will dissolve society.
    Women free from male control will always seek to harm their own men and will by consequence, abuse their own children. Any explanation of society that contains the idea that society can succeed with its women free from male control is based on a false premise, and if adopted will dissolve society.

  5. very interesting article. This is the path men should take. Trying to make marriage viable is foolish when technology makes it unneccesary

  6. I don’t get it! Nature made up the rules, not males or females. What has marriage got to do with it, or any of this other B.S ?
    A male was meant to impregnate as many females as possible, then move on, simple. If you have a problem with this, maybe you (particularly females) should have a look at some nature films on T.V.
    A male is bigger than a female for a reason, can you guess why?
    Whinge to nature if you have a problem with this!

  7. Biological fatherhood is implied, but that’s not explicit enough so I updated the page. That was also a good opportunity to explain why stepfathers or “father figures” is not good enough.

  8. Good point. I agree

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