Every Religion And Atheism Is Getting Feminized


Every religion and religious point of view out there is under attack from feminism and is in the process of being feminized.  There are millions of examples of this happening in the Christian Church.  Feminism has infected Judaism.  Feminism is even in the process of infecting Islam.  It isn’t just the religious that are under assault from feminism.  The atheist community has the same problem as shown by elevatorgate.  Every religious point of view including that of no religion is under attack from feminism and in various stages of being feminized.  (The only exceptions might be obscure religions and sects of larger religions simply because they aren’t on the radar screen yet.  They aren’t immune, but not worth the effort for feminism to invade right now.)

Because of this, it was no surprise to find out that the Wiccan/Pagan community has the same problem with feminist infection and being feminized:

For many years I was deeply involved with the Wiccan community, and was constantly faced with this particular notion over and over again. It has become so pervasive in the Pagan religious community that it is entirely invisible, and insidious. If you accept the notion that many of the world’s ills are due to “An imbalance favouring masculine spiritual energies” and that “the world is naturally re-balancing itself by giving voice and power to Feminine Energies,” any pain you feel as a Man is accepted as a natural and inevitable part of a natural cycle.

This idea wasn’t part of the religion I’d joined and been initiated into, but it became all-pervasive in it over the course of a couple of decades. Paganism stopped being about the acceptance of the inner and primal, and started to be about “Goddess spirituality.” This idea has rendered the whole pagan community unrecognizable from what it was in the 80s, in terms of practice, attitude, beliefs, and makeup.

By the time we got to the end of the 90s, books on “Wicca for Men” or “Paganism for Men” were entirely built around the notion that Men in our current age had a duty to serve the women around them, and really were about the best way to position yourself as a servant of The Goddess and her priestesses, while building contempt for Men who were still “holding back the change to a new era.”

My direct experience was usually one of exclusion. I wasn’t welcome in most covens and circles in my area because I was a man – or I was only welcome if I remained outside the ritual circle, or in a specifically subservient role, like guard of the ritual space entrance, in it.

Ultimately, I had to withdraw from Paganism for a long time, because it had become so unwelcoming, and so un-empathetic to the male participants.

Change a few words and this story could have been told by a Christian man, or a Jewish man, or a Muslim man, or a Hindu man, or even an atheist man.  If there was any type of agnostic community, agnostic men would also be able to tell you the same story.  Feminism destroys everything it touches so it’s no real surprise that every religion plus atheism has the same problem with being feminized.

This is very important because it tells us some vital facts:

  1. First, opposition to feminism and the MRM should not be an explicitly “Christian” movement like some people think.  The problem is too pervasive for that, and it makes the false assumption that Christianity is somehow immune to being feminized (which is obviously not the case).
  2. Second, Islam will not save us.  Islam is just a few decades behind the Christian Church in being feminized.  By 2030 or so, Islam will sound exactly like Christian socons do now except with Arabic proper names.
  3. Third, feminism is not out to specifically destroy Christianity or religion in general.  Feminism is wrecking all religions as much as Christianity.  It is also wrecking atheism in the same way so it isn’t working for the benefit of atheism either.
  4. The Jews are definitely NOT responsible for feminism.  If they were, feminism wouldn’t be in the process of destroying Judaism like it is.  Clearly, feminism is not the service of the Jews.
  5. There is no religion or religious point of view that can provide a refuge from feminism, and this includes atheism.  Any obscure religion or obscure sect of a religion will become a target if large numbers of men join it.
  6. Any anti-feminist movement needs to be inclusive of all religious points of view because every religious point of view is or will be under attack from feminism.
  7. If you’re a man searching for a spiritual path, there’s nothing good out there for you right now.  Every religion, every spiritual path, and the atheist community is suffering from various levels of feminist control.

If you’re wondering what the religious landscape of the future will look like, what will probably happen is either religions that are currently obscure will become dominant or new religions will be created.  (Atheism won’t be dominant since it is suffering from feminism just like religions are.)  If you want something different to happen and want to save your religion or your atheism, then you must fight feminism.  It is the only way.

  36 Responses to “Every Religion And Atheism Is Getting Feminized”

  1. The New Age movement is one of the chief vectors of Feminism and female supremacism. And we see numerous examples that as religions become more similar to New Age belief systems, they become more feminized.

    There will be no religion welcoming to men in our society in a few decades unless we start building one that excludes women or is very strict in limiting their role.

  2. Great summary except for your complete misunderstanding of atheism. Atheism is not a coherent thing, a movement or a group etc. It is just a lack of belief in any form of god and as such there is really nothing you can say about atheists or atheism than all people who are currently wearing blue shirts for example.

    • I think he is referring to the American Political Atheist movement not to ‘real’ atheists. Quotes because someone is bound to refer to the ”No true Scotsman’ fallacy.

      • “Atheism is not a coherent thing, a movement or a group etc. ”

        Looks like a duck, walks like a duck….

        Also, that’s how the dimwits that follow Richard Dawkins call themselves. I *can* suggest many names for them if you want to.

      • I am referring to the “atheist community”. Atheism isn’t different from a religion in that many believers (or non-believers in this case) want to fellowship with their fellow believers/non-believers. Feminism is in the process of destroying any opportunity for men to fellowship with their fellow believers/non-believers regardless if they’re religious or atheist.

    • “Atheism is not a coherent thing, a movement or a group etc.”

      Except it is. As the president of a secular student group; as an affiliate of the national groups Secular Student Alliance and Center for Inquiry, through which my group gets some speakers, who speak all over the nation; and most of all, as an occasional reader of freethoughtblogs.com, I can tell you it is a movement.

      Not for all atheists of course, but for millions of them.

      More to the point of this article — take note, author — feminism has made HUGE inroads into atheism in the past couple of months. There’s this whole new movement being spawned called “A+” or “Atheism+”, which in my opinion has some grave problems as well as being an enormously exciting idea.

      (Unlike most readers, I am not sure I am more “MRM” than “feminist”, I haven’t made up my mind, although I’ve been influenced, I think positively, by both viewpoints — I just came across this article somehow…)

  3. “If you want something different to happen and want to save your religion or your atheism, then you must fight feminism. It is the only way.”

    It’s pretty clear what “fight feminism” means in the context of the ancient religions. It means not backing down from traditions that are now interpreted as unequal or ‘misogynist.’

    But, the atheist community has no traditions to look toward to judge what the role of women should be. What aspects of female empowerment/feminism/feminine influence/etc. should atheists fight to keep the community strong?

    For Christianity and Islam, “fighting feminism,” definitely means not having women teaching men or in positions of authority over men. Does it mean the same for atheist organizations?

    • From an outsider perspective, i feel the problem in the atheist community is that they are putting Feminist propaganda at a higher level of truth than facts, logic, or reason. Atheists brag about their skepticism. (That Elevatorgate dimwit calls herself Skepchick.) Well, someone who is actually skeptical would be as skeptical of the Feminist belief system as they are of any other belief system. But the Atheist community is giving Feminism a pass on having to meet the standards of logic, consistency, and material proof.

      And again, from an outsider perspective, I do not feel it is enough for Christianity to remove women from leadership positions over men. Christianity has to re-establish male authority over women. Of a father over his daughter, and husband over wife. I know numerous “devout” Christian women who brag about how they do not submit to their husbands. Well, ladies, if you don’t submit to your husband than you don’t have a Christian marriage. And if Christian women aren’t willing to submit to the authority of men or their husbands, then they shouldn’t get married or they should abandon their faith.

      • It isn’t enough to have men only in leadership positions. They could all be manginas working for women. To believe that male leaders will benefit men is the frontman fallacy, a logical fallacy. A good example is the Catholic Church. It’s leadership is exclusively male, but it’s an anti-male organization almost as bad as NOW.

        • Bingo.

          It basically comes down to if the men in the group have balls and are willing to hold everyone accountable. What religious institutions need is a supplementary youth corps that primarily shows young men how to do their job,to succeed at the business of being a man. While we may all define that differently, there are certain core “man skills” that we all can learn and utilize.

          This generation is sorely lacking in such male instruction,which is just the way the femmies wanted it.

    • I didn’t get an answer to my question. Moral Godless’s reply goes on about “feminism,” “feminist,” “feminist belief system,” etc. My whole point is what is ‘feminism’ in the context of an atheist community? To go on vaguely using the same imprecise terms I’m asking to be defined is completely unhelpful.

      The example of male leadership was not me making an argument for it being necessary. It was an example to illustrate the type of potential “fight feminism” things I’m talking about. So, “debunking” the value of male leadership is also entirely non-responsive.

      I’m trying to get specifics, fellas. What does “fight feminism” mean if you’re running an atheist community?

      And how does this differ from “fight female influence” altogether? Men being manginas and trying to gain female approval isn’t feminism, per se. It’s just a sad fact of life. Maybe fighting ‘feminism’ isn’t enough? But, we can’t determine that until we move the discussion forward into specifics.

      • Why would fighting feminism (or misandry and gynocentrism if you feel that the term “feminism” isn’t broad enough) be different than fighting feminism any place else?

        • I know you to be a perceptive guy, PMAFT. You probably knew the moment you typed this reply that when I read it, I would consider it useless.

          Considering whether it’s different or not is premature; it’s a step ahead of where I am now. The article doesn’t suggest how to “fight feminism” or what about feminism to fight in any context, so how could I evaluate if a certain context would be different? It’s a totally legitimate inquiry for someone to seek more information when vagueness and ambiguity are present.

          I’ve explained my objectives over two posts, and this reply obviously fails to provide any assistance. You had to have known that my response would almost certainly be dissatisfaction.

          But…you sent it anyway. You’re still avoiding taking a position and are trying to spin a distracting question back around to me. I’m not so great at picking up on subtle social cues, due to an extreme lack of experience, but I suspect this is a way of telling me to back off…or something.

          If you don’t want to answer the question that’s disappointing and, frankly, incomprehensible. But fine, man. Hopefully some of the readers will be more willing to take a position on their specific ideas for how to “fight feminism.”

        • It’s not telling you to back off. The point of this post is to point out that the problems that feminism causes are the same regardless of your religious affiliation or lack thereof. Too often people think that defeating feminism requires a “Christian” or a “religious” solution. This post points out why that is very wrong. It’s not about how to fight feminism, but one thing that we shouldn’t be doing to fight feminism.

  4. Really excellent work. Couldn’t be better. I am not religious but you are correct in describing atheist groups as becoming saturated with woman worship. I’ll give you my take as an unbeliever.

    If you’re a man searching for a spiritual path, there’s nothing good out there for you right now. Every religion, every spiritual path, and the atheist community is suffering from various levels of feminist control.

    One thing that I think men can do, is to study and worship (or in the case of atheists, just think and write, which amounts to the same) without calling too much attention to themselves. Use organized religion or atheist group for what you absolutely need them for (perhaps ordering reading materials) and other than that, just do your own thing. It’s the spiritual side of MGTOW.

    Women do not use religion or atheism for self-mastery or becoming more disciplined. Only men use religion for this purpose. Women use religion as a social club, and a status marker. “I’m an Episcopalian” or “I’m Orthodox” is some sort of means by which they broadcast a pre-made identity to their peers, and basically use it as a means to show off, as though they had purchased a new car. Of course they also use it as a psychological crutch, and as a means to excuse their previous abhorrent behaviour. Where a man will try to make constructive changes after being called to account for past bad deeds, women tend to think they can go show up, sit in the pews, and will be instantly redeemed, and off they go to do whatever they did before, again.

    With this in mind, men’s non-involvement or minimalism in religion will hasten its demise, and when it dies out, the men who have studied and perfected themselves will be able to begin planting seeds to grow religious movements again.

    And, as an addendum, while I am not religious, some of the coolest and best men I’ve met in the MR movement are, from Buddhist to Christian to Muslim to Jew, and if a man is a solid brother who lives a principled life, I don’t care what he does or doesn’t believe otherwise.

  5. Why not forget about religion alltogether? You don’t have to become an atheist to forget about religion. Do not embrace any ideology or militantism except Men’s Rights.

  6. This age is so disgusting. The men want to be women, and the women want to be men now.

    What happened to chivalry, sexuality? It’s all getting swept under the broom-hag hippopotamus of Liberal Feminist.

    I’m a Sex Pro Feminist, opposite of the Liberal/Radical Feminist. We do not believe that the feminist are speaking for all women, many of them are angry against men due to personal problems or wanting to control how a female voluntarily should dress herself!

    They reduce women in a whole as nothing more than mindless robots with no brains, yet they pretend to be for women. They act as if females have no sex drive, and if she does, it’s because men force her to have one. They want other women to believe women have the power of super-man strength when there is clearly a physical difference 80% of the time.

    No not all woman can do a “man’s job” which is why 90% of constructor workers are men, and not women(unless it is a lesbian wanting to be a man). When it comes to lifting heavy things, it’s men, when it comes to protection and providing, it’s men. These women and their political groups are tainted and do not give credit to the many good traits of men. They just focus on the rotten eggs in society or the bums and try to make it as if all men are like this.

    There are as much bastards as there are bitches, and females can be just as assholic as guys (especially to one another). A part they don’t want to admit, rather they want the whole of society to kiss their princess-like entitled donkey asses and rub their toady feet as they try to take advantage of the average guy with their gender-superiority complex.

    I say to the liberal feminist jump off a cliff. They are turning society in a world where guys won’t even hold the door for females anymore, since the liberals are pushing the female-hulk motto.

    • Awesome comment. I agree with much of what you said. Most MRA’s would. Most feminists would not.

      If you believe these things, and this is not directed specifically at Jazzie here because she’s long gone, WHY ARE YOU STILL CALLING YOURSELF A FEMINIST? Feminists are toast. We are going to bring the entire feminist movement down, one way or another. If you believe the things that Jazzie says she does, or are otherwise a normal person with a functioning brain, jump on over to the winning team. If you leave your miniscule,marginalized,tiny little group on the fringes of a radical man-hating feminism and join us, your numbers will actually COUNT for something and we are engaged in making your goals a reality as we speak. I know feminists say that too, they say it to us, the difference is if you search around for five or ten minutes on google you can find PROOF that we are actually doing this in the form of campaigns,fundraising,even some protesting now.

      Join us and your beliefs will no longer be relegated to the fringe of a larger group of psychotic monsters. Your beliefs in common sense sex politics and freedom for women to choose their lifestyles are championed by the larger body of MRA’s who want the government and other people OUT of our personal choices.

    • “What happened to chivalry, sexuality? It’s all getting swept under the broom-hag hippopotamus of Liberal Feminist”.

      Chivalry is becoming fazed out, as it should be. Chivalry is originally something created for knights and the upper classes to uphold and had nothing to do with women. It was later co-oped and made to serve women’s interest over time. It mirrors the relationship between an aristocrat or leisure class (woman) and a serf (man).

      Men are becoming tired of being treated like second-class citizens. I don’t give a shit what type of feminist you claim to be; from your post above you’re no different than so-called extremists you claim to be against. All ‘kinds’ of feminists believe men should serve women and you are no exception.

      “They are turning society in a world where guys won’t even hold the door for females anymore”.

      Women are not ‘special’, and certainly not deserving of such elevated status nor treatment. You can open your own damn door, earn your wealth and resources and stop expecting men to be your servants. You know what we call people that expect such treatment? Parasites.

      You are simply another entitled bitch. Disgusting.

  7. I have found a great friend in The Orthodox Church. Yes it is affected, actually it is under attack, but I have had to move into it, as a safe place for me to be a man and a believer. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but don’t discount it!

  8. It is not merely religions that are getting infected by feminism. It is every discernible human community of every kind.

  9. Actually, traditional catholicism is pretty free of this, that’s how it is in my parish anyway.

  10. Great post. You’re absolutely right, women always move into, and try to take over, any organisation that men establish/found, whether it’s a political organisation or religious one. Even Boy Scouts and Men Only Clubs aren’t immune to this phenomenon, so why should religious organisations be any different?

    The only effective way that such a phenomenon (women invading any group that men found) can be countered is by not having groups in the first place, simply letting each man have rule over himself and determining truth for himself. I don’t know whether that means we have to embrace full blown anarchism, but it seems that something more akin to anarchism (I don’t know, call it poly-pan-auto-archism or something: every person and all persons rule equally and over themselves) is preferable to the current state of having groups of people (which become increasingly feminised) rule over men.

  11. The problem with quarrels between people of different idea systems lies with two terms:
    belief – you can truly believe in something being good for you/someone, not in something being “true”;
    science – proper word should be study, more proper a study of sth, process of gaining understanding of given phenomena.
    A study/science is something you conduct in order to gain something, not in order to find “truth”.
    The big “science” as a strictly defined method of gaining knowledge (which any intelligent creature inherently uses while learning without anyone teaching it to them) is no better than the belief system of a certain caste of Jews who tried to discredit Christ ( whether or not he really existed, the story from the bible fits the bill) and no different than theology which was/is used to try and discredit opponents of the catholic church.

    I don’t think feminism is good for me so I don’t like it, simple.
    I neglected my catholic upbringing because I didn’t like the idea of talking about myself with some complete stranger, simple.
    Though as a kid I liked the idea of some superguy watching over the world and I didn’t think someone like that would abide by much of the stuff I was taught ( especially from CCC ) which I just considered silly.

    Atheists should be really called scientist as in scientism as in people who’s group identity was cemented with the big “science”, people who research something can just be called researchers.
    Every possible idea system changes with time, sometimes while holding onto the same name so people can be tricked into thinking it’s the same thing it was a long time ago. The system is created by the people who participate, don’t just believe, pull in your direction so it is more of what you want it to be.

    When you want to counteract feminism see other men as men, not only as people representing a given idea system.

  12. If you think the new age is feminist, you’re seriously deluded. The new age is about the rise of rationality and moderation, and the fall of blind faith and fanaticism. And its leaders are Aspies, who are mostly men. Furthermore, the principle of Deconstruction that feminists used to rely on is being destroyed by the new age, and feminists are returning to the original goal of equality.

    But of course you don’t want equality, do you?

  13. The head of woman is man, the head of man is Christ, the head of Christ is God. What we have now is “the head of everything is woman” Not only a disgusting regimen, but woman will learn all too late that you can’t sink half a ship, you sink his half, guess what happens to the your half? MGTOW is only the beginning. History shows matriarchal societies collapse. At the end of Rome’s empire Feminism ran rampant. Welcome to the United States of Rome.

  14. You need to watch a You Tube video late last year from Chile where a good number of men were in a Catholic cathedral reciting the Rosary. Outside a large group of feminazis gathered to protest what they perceived religion had done to them. The men came outside, still reciting their prayers, while the women sprayed the men’s genital areas, and faces, spit on them, and hit them. All the while the men totally retained their composure. The police were asked to intervene, but refused as, after all, these were women, and any force against them would be interpreted as, well, a prelude to rape I suppose. I have never seen anything before as close as this to the frightening diabolical nature of women, and am proud to be a man and one with the guys there that day who held their dignity.

  15. […] Sorry to disappoint you but feminism is every where.  I’m going to mirror a post from http://www.antifeministtech.info/every-religion-and-atheism-is-getting-feminized/ which claims you can’t even go atheist or pagan without running into the clutches of […]

  16. […] men. These people, who are running for government positions, believe that women are evil, that all feminists are out to get them. Why? Because they can’t deal with the fact that we are so in control of ourselves, that we […]

  17. * every religion is getting feminised.. that includes atheism.
    not gonna get in this debate again (why dont you religious atheists get it through yr thick heads???) but atheism is just as religious as any cult with a book.
    you have made a CHOICE WITHOUT EVIDENCE to believe that there is no god.

    us agnostics however, have not made any choice, we do not have faith that there is no god, nor do not we simply trust that there is a god. we dont “beleive” anything… we wait for the evidence. and those who say the evidence is in and its come up godless, well, i hope your faith is good to you, cos you cant prove a negative with a negative

    • This is simply untrue. But alas, if you’re agnostic you either believe in God(s) or not. Being agnostic isn’t a middle ground between atheism and theism. Agnostic is just an adjective.

  18. Couldn’t agree more. Even Islam is getting cucked by these cunts (not a fan of Islam per se) but it surprised me, the supposed patriarchal religion gets screwed just like the rest.

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