Entitlement Princess Of The Month Submissions


The Entitlement Princess Of The Month is an award given to the biggest entitlement princess you can find.  The bigger of an entitlement princess a particular girl/woman is, the better.  If there were negative consequences to her being an entitlement princess, that’s even better.  However, this award is not for a girl/woman being stupid.  It’s for a girl/woman being an entitlement princess.

I want this to be a monthly deal so I’m going to try to start it out that way.  This can’t work without your help so find some entitlement princesses and submit them here.

  151 Responses to “Entitlement Princess Of The Month Submissions”

    • these women get drunk and stupid…get there feelings hurt and cry rape…I worked at a college [security]…every monday you had some crazy bitch crying rape…you would not believe all the lesbian sexual harassment to heterosexual women that was very rarely reported…..for some reason women dont have issues with other women assaulting them physically..

  1. Not the first mention of this but the link was handy.
    The guy’s wife, Tira Bland put his daughter up for adoption while he was deployed.

    and, although I don’t know if this counts,

    Rachel Kozloff is on trial in the April 12 killing of her boyfriend because she smelled sex on him.

  2. Estelle Carson, a woman named Democrat of the Year, steals from a developmentally disabled, partially blind, elderly person with cerebral palsy.


  3. If she hasn’t been nominated already, I’d like to suggest Anita Sarkeesian. She believes that female gamers are entitled not to experience “sexism” in video games.

    • (forgot to mention) Shirley Marie Anderson

    • This is not just about “woman behaving badly”, it’s about “I *deserve* back-pay from my kids (who I abandoned) to support me”. The court case was 13 years long. The judge concluded:

      “The childhood experiences of Donna and Kenneth and the lengthy estrangement which resulted from the claimant’s failure to parent the children in any meaningful way are sufficient to relieve the court from considering any moral claim by the claimant to a lifestyle similar to that of her children,”

  4. http://news.yahoo.com/lehigh-university-student-got-c-now-seeks-1-124956605.html

    Daughter of the finance professor sues for getting a C+ in a masters degree class where she broke down crying and used profanity, earning her a 0 for participation.

  5. New one for you.
    Singapore’s very own entitlement princess – demanding $450,000 alimony from her divorced Indonesian husband.

  6. Woman got a guy fired from his job for making a crass joke to his friend:


  7. I remember another particular broad who exercised extreme entitlement this month. yea, it wasn’t as bad as adria richards, but anita sarkeesian is a giant ultraprivileged godzilla of a feminazi cunt. she managed to self-aggrandize her “victimization” and demonize the entire gaming industry and community, to the tune of about $150,000 profit. her entire argument revolves around the abject lie that video gamers hate women, and that video games are misogynist, despite all real gamers knowing how untrue that is. it’s all just an attempt to demonize men for enjoying something that happens to have a majority male fanbase.

    so maybe next month, we could get anita sarkeesian as a participant?


  8. Can I add a friend’s ex girlfriend as Entitlement Princess of the Month???

    She wasn’t all that pretty, but that didn’t stop her from feeling “entitled” enough to expected that she should be taken care of $$$ like a princess.

    Just days before this poor sap of a friend was about to propose, she made the point of insolently stating “the first time you marry is for love, the second time is for money.”

    He would have been “no. 2” as she had already been once married and divorced (and one wonders why).

    Trust me, I couldn’t possibly make this up … and we still to this day remind him of the huge bullet he dodged!!

    Gotta love those “entitlement” women with their “arrogant” mouths 😉

  9. “I don’t think they should have gotten suspended. I think the filmers should have been suspended, but not the girls involved,” said senior Brooke Carlucci who was not in the video.

    Source: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Students-Suspended-Over-Twerking-Video-Scripps-Ranch-Prom–205627811.html#ixzz2Uvj88o7d

    Brooke Carlucci, reportedly a classmate of the Scripps HS twerkers (who made a sexy music video on school grounds) doesn’t believe women should be punished in any way, ever. If they ever do wrong, it’s because men led them astray.

    Brooke Carlucci believes that women are blessed with Original Sinlessness.

  10. http://www.voxday.blogspot.com/2013/06/it-just-keeps-getting-better.html

    And here’s the wildebeest in question with some of her herd:


    It’s a long winded story where she ‘claims’ to have been sexually harassed but doesn’t actually say how or what was said to her. We’re all just supposed to believe that she was and take her word for it. Looking at her, the whole story just seems to be fantasy from the perpetually disgruntled post wall feminist.

  11. ‘Do you know who my dad is?’

    ‘He’s the guy with the hugely over-entitled daughter, right?’


  12. Woman steals $821,000, wants the crowd to pay it back
    A woman pleads guilty to stealing $821,000 from her employer and spending the money on trips and jewelry. So she goes on to the Go Fund Me site to crowdsource the payback. Thus far, she has raised $290. – http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57595550-71/woman-steals-$821000-wants-the-crowd-to-pay-it-back/

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihLBCbNIDbI&feature=youtu.be

    Two attractive Florida teen females steal from the Girl Guides because they needed the money. They are indicative of what is to come due to feminism.

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  15. […] Club, a club exclusively for whiny women. Inspired by the Entitled Princess of the Month award http://www.antifeministtech.info/entitlement-princess-of-the-month-submissions we’ll be asking for suggestions for Whiny Woman of the Month. So many obvious candidates to […]

  16. […] about to establish The Whine Club, a club exclusively for whiny women. Inspired by the Entitled Princess of the Month award,  we’ll be asking for suggestions for Whiny Woman of the Month. So many obvious candidates […]

  17. […] Like with the last couple of months, we have another entitlement princess that is so filled with entitlement, she is clear winner for the month.  Thus, there will be no voting this month.  Those of you reading Dalrock’s blog are already familiar with her.  She is Jenny Erikson and was submitted by Diamed. […]

  18. Tyema Sanchez, who says that generic men are failing at a duty they don’t owe to generic women. http://www.philly.com/philly/living/20140204__Men_are_failing_us___says_woman_planning_demonstration.html

  19. I know its too late for Feb but this chick deserves honorable mention for claiming rape because she missed work.

  20. […] Entitlement Princess Of The Month Submissions […]

  21. Late entrant. Not a strong contender, but still: female cyclist feels that she should not have to watch where she is going, aka “I been doored!”

  22. […] The second was submitted by jg, and she is Alexandria Westover.  Westover fabricated a story about being raped on the Florida Turnpike just because she didn’t want to get into trouble for being late for work.   […]

  23. http://www.torontosun.com/2014/04/25/driver-that-struck-teen-suing-dead-boys-family

    woman runs down 3 teenage boys, kills one, cripples one, sues the boy she killed for “mental anguish” she suffered.

  24. April 2014 – Emily, from craigslist.

    (posting the whole ad because craigslist entries disappear)

    ” Young girl needing help? (London)
    Is there anyone out there in this world who would willing to donate money to me via paypal?

    Im a 19 year old female, whos just came out of college and is still unemployed. Im not one to ask for money, neither did i think i would ever result to going to craiglists. But im trying everything i can im sure you could understand during desperate times.. Well i have financial problems and i cant pay my bills with the money i have, its getting really bad im worried im going to end up loosing my flat. Please help i would appreciate anything given :)

    Email me

    Kind Regards


    Simply wants free money. I don’t think this is an ad for sex services, I think Emily simply thinks that people should just give her people money if she “needs it”. Emily, methinks, has had a very, vey easy ride through life.

  25. Great to know there is an ASPIE here we aspie should join forces and Make our OWN GOVERNMENT!

  26. I would like to nominate Tricia Romano, here is her diatribe: http://www.damemagazine.com/2014/05/23/amazon-killing-my-sex-life

    Poor thing, hitting the wall and forced (forced, I say) to make do with techies instead of those hunky dudes she bedded when she was half her age.

    • @tweel

      Why cant these women just admit theyre loosers who cant bang an alpha thug

      They cant take the status hit of moving to a locale within easy distance of plenty of inbred thugs, 92% black Detroit

      All of these whiny hit the wall chicks have an easy solution, but they wont take it …

      Looser chicks with their sell by vaginas …

  27. i worked in a rehab DOC…dept of corrections every women counselor, probation officer slept with the jailbird scums clients….it was amazing the degrees these women had pinhead brains over ride to get a bad boy and lose their job…a lot were married…some got knocked up…all lived in this entitlement of superior women…check out the military now with women officers…yikes

  28. I would nominate the Danish Women’s soccer team which has gone on a “strike” refusing to participate in activities to promote their own sport, until they get a satisfactory agreement with the Danish Football Association (“DBU”).

    “But the men have had one for years”, the spokeswoman complains.

    Among their demands which the spokespersom describes as “not unreasonable” are a bonusscheme, insurance, loss of income, uniforms that fit them better, support for players with babies, and grants so that they can train more.

    They deserve the price for feeling entitled to us actually giving a f.. about what is essentially their hobby… If they really wanted equality, they would argue to abolish the team and allowing women to compete for a spot on the real national team…cause that will happen…right?

    Ladies, you have the right to wear our national colours with the emblem of the football association….asking for ANYTHING more frankly IS “umreasonable”

    Unfortumately the story is only in Danish, but here is the link to prove, I am not making it up:


  29. Diana Pearl who admits that the US doesn’t belong in this article…and then writes about the US. And her desire for women to be compensated for work not being performed.


  30. I do not know if Ashley Taylor is this girl’s real name. She made this Youtube video arguing (I cannot put enough quotation marks around that word) that it’s okay for her to live off other people’s money because if she had to get a job it would interfere with her Real Serious Hobbies.

  31. L-frigin-OL my sides are still hurting from this one. I am not sure if she is a candidate or a FEMEN who is starting to figure it out. I’m pretty sure that her feminist psychosis will kick in and rescue her from logic and morality though, so she can persist in her solipsistic entitlement princess fantasy. So I humbly submit Jenny Bahn for her Time Mag online whine titled 30 Is the New 50: Why Old Age is Killing My Dating Life.

    I still think the FEMEN Ski Jumpers are the Entitlement Princesses of the Century though. Wrote an essay on it at the time. I should get off my butt and publish it, but I’m too busy running a female free business and enjoying a relationship with one of the very few non feminist women left in America.

    PS, the highlight of the last Winter Olympic was the Cossacks spanking those FEMEN Pussy Riot brats in public. My partner and I laughed until we cried.

  32. Woman stalks couple after they outbid her on dream home

    “Soon after they moved in with their two young children, Ms. Rowe used a false name to re-list the house for sale on the Internet and would-be buyers began turning up at the door.

    Leaflets went to neighbouring houses warning that a sex offender had moved onto their street. On Valentine’s Day, wives in the neighbourhood received romantic cards apparently signed by Mr. Rice when he had done no such thing.

    Mr. Rice found posts on the Internet advertising sex with his wife. Her picture was posted under the heading “Carmel Valley Freak Show. Come see me during the day while my husband is at work.”

    Ms. Rowe posed online as Ms. Ruhter and sent her address to one man instructing: “I like to be surprised and have a man just show up at the door and force his way in the door.” Another invitation said: “Will make it extra wild and worth your time.”

    Two men did indeed show up. On one occasion, the house was locked. The other was confronted by Mr. Rice. Becoming increasingly scared, the couple took self-defence classes and installed extra security.


  33. What about the woman in this video?

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