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Many successful men get involved with and get married to single mothers.  The more successful a man is, the less likely he should have any reason to marry a single mother but many successful, even incredibly successful, men marry single mothers.  These chumps are prime divorce targets.  The Dilbert Award recognizes these men for their stupidity.  It was proposed by Chainring on The Spearhead:

I suggest that The Spearhead give an annual award (maybe semiannual or quarterly since there is no shortage of chumps) to successful men who put themselves at the mercy of a single mother and her children. Call it ‘The Dilbert’.

This award is called the Dilbert Award because it was proposed due to the work of its first recipient, Scott Adams, author of Dilbert, who wrote a blog post critical of mens rights despite experiencing the negative effects of feminism on men.  On top of that, Adams was stupid enough to marry a single mother with two kids even though with his success and wealth he could have done better.

Since this is outside of The Spearhead’s mission, I am taking over the Dilbert Award.  Currently the Dilbert Award is a quarterly award.  With enough submissions I hope to turn the Dilbert Award into a monthly award.  Submit names of successful men in a comment to this page who could have done better who married or just got involved with single mothers.  At the end of each quarter a vote will take place to determine the winner of the Dilbert Award for that quarter.

Remember that this award needs your support.  Submit the names of successful men who married single mothers.  The more successful, the better.  The more well known, the better.  If you can find successful, well known men who married single mothers and were taken to the cleaners in a divorce, even better.

  11 Responses to “Dilbert Award Submissions”

  1. Looks like he married a tranny.

  2. Looks like ol’ Scotty is taking a lot of heat from the fembots once again.


    They want to slit his throat at this point, and I can’t help but wonder how much shit he has to take from the feminazis before he starts to reconsider his stance on the MRM.

    As much as this could be a schadenfreude moment for you PMAFT, I think its time we bury the hatchet and lend Mr. Adams a [rhetorical] hand. I think recruiting a powerful and intelligent ally like Scott Adams is perhaps one of the best (and most logical) things we could do.

    • Assuming Scott Adams is willing to reconsider his stance on mens rights then I am more than willing to bury the hatchet. The only problem is that in a lot of these cases men like Scott Adams don’t reconsider their stances on mens rights. Instead they end up doubling down on their misandry. We will have to see what path Scott Adams decides to take.

      • I disagree with “The only problem is that in a lot of these cases men like Scott Adams don’t reconsider their stances on mens rights. Instead they end up doubling down on their misandry.” You mean misogyny? I can’t fathom how he could be a misandrist. I decide to disagree with my reasoning being that I too, am a man, and one wise enough to be reading a site such as this. It is not that he shouldn’t focus on equality etc as compared to doubling down on anything. It is that by his standards, and mine, current society is in big ways against our instincts. And rather than against it in the sense of immanent cause & reaction, it is in the form of laws, court systems, etc. As an example, if a man gets in the face of another and provokes a fight, instinct says, survive & win. Instead the guy can sue you for breaking his nose even if he started or escalated the situation. Or both of you can be thrown in jail. Instinct says, if you don’t want to get hit, you avoid dangerous situations. Society says all fighting is viewed as unnecessary (essentially), even defense (untrue, which is why bullying is an issue), even though the consequence is not natural. This is why I constantly hear of kids standing up to bullies seems to solve the problem, where the unnatural (try to reason with them) is pushed upon said victims.

  3. Matt Damon ended up with a single mother too. Between his fame, fortune, and good looks, you telling me he couldn’t do better than that?! Come on!

    • Maybe he loves her for the person she is? Maybe you should know someone before judging? This is all superficial and I get the same vibe from this as I do my mom, who can be so superficial she probably won’t approve of any future boyfriend.

  4. Wow, what’s to gain by putting people on blast and insulting their personal choices? Not all single women are evil. It comes down to the individual. If someone is happy with a single woman, that is absolutely fine. People have been happy with single women. Single women don’t need to hear about their loved one shouldn’t have married them because they are single women and therefore will screw them over. Men shouldn’t be criticized by people who don’t even know their loved one for marrying the person they love. This goes above anti feminism.
    Live and let live.
    Maybe one day the poster will find a really decent single mother, who knows.

    • Not all single mothers are widowers. Too many want a child by the alpha guy, but the beta guy to pay for it.
      I’d like to see a supermodel single mother with a Down’s syndrome kid, marry an Average Joe.
      Bonus rep for you if you can provide pictures.

      • @ P Ray

        Well, Sandra Bullock and Jessie Dumbass come to mind. She stood by the dickhead while he fought his ex for custody to get his kid(s?) out of a bad situation with their porn-star train-wreck mother, then he screwed around on her with an over tatted train wreck with her own reality show.

        I’m not making any judgement call on either one of them, outside of this particular situation, as I don’t know any of the three enough to comment. I just thought it was a dick move on Jessie’s part, after she stood by him through that poo-flinging fest of a celebrity court case.

        Generally, tho, I’d have to agree that women expect you to pick up the tab for the last loser’s deposit, and you’re made out to be a heartless dick if you don’t. Hypocrites that they are, women want little to do with men that have kids of their own. I guess it cuts into their own princess clown car fantasy.

  5. My theory on these guys is that while some may indeed be chumps even though they may just be responding to the harsh realities of the brutal sexual marketplace in the US–more brutal in some places than in others–is that they’re gay guys who want a family and want to stay closeted. Guys like matt damon–rich famous bat bleep insane actor types. Marrying a single mom gives them the cover they feel they need as well as the family without having to actually conjugate their phony union. The women btw, are totally in on the joke.

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