I’m keeping a list of all major and semi-major denunciations I have received.  If I have missed any, let me know:

From my infamous sci-fi article at The Spearhead:
Brent Spiner (Commander Data in Star Trek:The Next generation) called me an “asshat”
Dan Savage in the feminist gutter magazine The Stranger
John Scalzi, sci-fi author and creative consultant for Stargate: Universe, refused to link to my sci-fi post while denouncing it
Some crazy chick who had “rage blackouts” from reading my post
The horde of women who said that I have a “small dick” or “no dick”

Other denunciations:
Susan Walsh of Hooking Up Smart called me a dick and said that I’m only capable of relating to women as “cum dumpsters” as well as banning me from her some time later
Someone calling himself “Thomas George” has accused me of being a “high level official of the Illuminati New World Order”
Manboobz accused of being unable to get laid and after finding out I had a girlfriend said that he felt “sorry” for my girlfriend
Escapistart said that my behavior towards my girlfriend was that of a serial killer observing a specimen for how best to prey

Insane hate e-mail:
Someone calling himself “Alex” said that I’m a member of the Illuminati and a reptile alien
Someone calling herself “Catherine” said that I promote “large penis propaganda” and that I enjoy hurting “cum dumpster servant girls”
MikeeUSA (no other explanation needed)
Someone calling himself “Arthur” said that I was the anti-Christ and that I promote a pagan culture of phallic worship

  10 Responses to “Denunciations”

  1. […] have done many things.  The blog started out at blogspot but was moved to self hosted wordpress.  I have pissed off a lot of people, called an asshat by Brent Spiner, and had hordes of women tell me….  This is progress because when you get more flak you are getting closer to the target.  Plus, I […]

  2. “Brent Spiner (Commander Data in Star Trek:The Next generation) called me an “asshat””

    I’m not surprised that a Star Trek actor called you an asshat for writing an article criticizing the feminization of sci-fi, considering that Star Trek itself – especially TNG – was pretty feminized and it was created by a (male) feminist.

  3. ST:TNG should have just been called “Star Trek: Where Are My Balls?”

    I got irritated pretty quickly with the whole notion of Utopia amounting to being part of a collective that amounts to a gigantic janitorial service. Really, you look at some of the missions that the Enterprise undertook, and they all looked like bow-and-scrape activities for these third-world planets. The only time anyone had to gird their loins in that show was when the Borg were involved; bad-ass beings that didn’t screw around. Even they ended up pussified in the end.

    • ST: Where are My Balls? is hilarious! I never liked that series. Another name for it could have been Star Trek: Why Can’t We Just Get Along?

  4. TNG:

    The Final Frontier.
    These are the Voyages of the NEW Starship Enterprise.
    Its continuing Mission to seek out


  5. I used to be a nice, naive romantic, hard working, provider. Then I discovered that all of my efforts were never appreciated.
    We must use our vote to remove feminist politicians from office
    Especially states attorneys and prosecutors.
    We must refuse to marry, if you want to have kids, get a contract in advance.
    We must refuse to support women monetarily in any way shape or form.
    We must educate young males about the system and teach them about how they are under attack.
    If we do these things for a period of time. The feminst totalitarian state will crumble.

  6. Data called you an asshat? Hey, that is really funny! I would take it as a compliment. Just yesterday, I was lamenting how scfi has gone pussified. The newer Star Trek TV series are definitely more lame. They mostly just have computer graphics going for them.

    You and other pro men’s movement bloggers have inspired me to create my own blog that I will be launching later this month. I’m still working out the details of how to position it.

    Keep up the great work.

  7. I just found your site. I thought I was the only one noticing this phenomenon. I cannot begin to relate the numerous attacks myself, my brothers and my son have endured for years since feminism began to take hold in the late 60’s. This has not only come from two ex-wives but slander and false reports in the workplace. Thank you for this site.

  8. Only just found this article, loling at John Scalzi being a bitch about, it. Shame you weren’t able to get Joss Whedon’s panties in a bunch though.

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