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You can say almost anything you want on this blog.  However, being the blog owner and the guy who is paying the bill, I reserve the right to edit and/or delete any comment on this blog.  I also reserve the right to ban anyone from commenting on this blog.  There are only a few cases in which I might do this.  Some of them are:

  • Spam.  Posting spam will guarantee that your comment will be deleted, and that you will be banned from commenting.  Spam is not just “enlarge your penis” ads.  It also includes comments which are so far off the subject matter that the spammer is obviously trying to disrupt discussion.
  • Sockpuppeting.  Posting as multiple identities will gets your comments edited, deleted, and you may get banned depending on the nature of the sockpuppeting.
  • Posting personal information about a person that said person does not want in the public sphere.  If this happens by accident, then only the comment will be edited.  If the nature of the comment is more malicious then the author of the comment may be banned. (Note: IP addresses have been legally determined to not be personal information because they are not linked to a person or persons as a postal address or other personal info is.) If you decide to reveal your own personal information, you do so at your own risk.

Otherwise, this blog is an open forum.  I am leaving comments open on this page if you have suggestions or otherwise wish to comment on the comment policy

      4 Responses to “Comment Policy”

    1. Kudos on decimation of the truth. Many of the things covered in your blog have happened to me personally , or I have first hand knowledge of them. Presently I’m living with my girlfriend, I’m 58 yrs old her 50. It’s a great relationship but it will have to end before the state law makes it a common law marriage. As after being married before ( divorced in 2001 ) and getting royally screwed and with the present laws and how they are applied insuring I would get screwed even harder than before.
      I have no other option but to bail out before the state forces me into a legally binding contract that is constructed to only benefit women. How sad this will be for her and me and how sad it is for everyone who wants a long term relationship. Women claim they only want to be equals with men but they now have become citizens with superior rights to men. The laws crafted to bring equality to women has resulted in making marriage and having children a idea that carries to much liability for men to make it a reality. As I said before ,how sad and tragic for all men and women.

    2. Even tthough I feel attracted to women , I am really starting to hate them for all the sorrow they are causing me.I am totally fed up with bitches I hate feminism which teaches women that they can become better than men and in fact should try to excel men in every thing. They’re taking away mens jobs when they should be getting married and taking care of the house and husband and kids. Women are either pathologically picky or lesbians who don’t like men or want them . Women will only accept a man who has a lot of money or someone very young or handsome . So if you don’t have looks or money forget about women or marriage

    3. Millenial guy walks up to Millenial female at a bar and says, “hey, how about a little pussy?” Female responds, “I wouldn’t mind a little pussy myself, but mine’s as big as a baseball glove!”


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