Sep 292016

By now, I’m sure you have all heard about the fiasco that happened to Palmer Luckey, inventor of the Oculus Rift, due to a single donation of his along with having a Trump & #GamerGate supporting girlfriend.  Many people are calling this Brendan Eich 2.0, refering to how Brendan Eich was forced out of Mozilla, due to his political beliefs.  While there are similarities between what is happening to Palmer Luckey and what happened to Brendan Eich, simply calling this Brendan Eich 2.0 ignores a major part of why Palmer Luckey is in this situation.

When Brendan Eich was forced out of Mozilla, it was just about him.  No one was interested in destroying Mozilla, just getting rid of him.  There was also no attempt to connect Brendan Eich to some larger group like 4Chan.  With Palmer Luckey, it’s different.  For example, VentureBeat is connecting Palmer Luckey to everything from the NRA to 4Chan just because he uses common abbreviations like LEO for law enforcement officer and the “>” symbol for quoting comments that he is responding to. VentureBeat says that using the “>” symbol is evidence of being connected to 4Chan because on 4Chan “>” turns text green.  In reality the “>” symbol has been used in email and on Usenet for quoting previous comments since before Palmer Luckey was born and before 4Chan existed.

While that may seem to be the most absurd thing anyone could say about Palmer Luckey, it gets worse.  The Atlantic is not only trying to connect Palmer Luckey to Trump & 4Chan, but to Elliot Rodger, (yes Elliot Roger), Peter Thiel, and Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker (which Peter Thiel funded).  The Atlantic article doesn’t make much sense.  It seems to be saying that Silicon Valley is festering with Trump supporting Elliot Rodger wannabes, yet, even by the article’s own admission, Silicon Valley is heavily anti-Trump.  It seems like the article is trying to imply some sort of conspiracy theory where Palmer Luckey, Peter Thiel, 4Chan & similar elements are secretly working together to use VR to turn geeks into Elliot Rodgers.

What The Atlantic & VentureBeat is absurd and lacks any connection to reality.  Brendan Eich didn’t have to deal with this level of craziness.  Wrapped up in all of this is the narrative that the media has been selling about this.  That narrative is that Palmer Luckey has managed to completely derail the progress of VR development.  The media is pushing that narrative hard because the media wants to derail the development of VR.  VR is a threat to traditional media like The Atlantic and even newer media like VentureBeat, Gawker, etc.  VR is a bigger threat to current media than Trump could ever be.  The media has declared war on Palmer Luckey in an attempt to stop VR.  That will not work.  Attacking Palmer Luckey is too little, too late to stop VR.  VR has been in development for decades, and VR development will not stop or be slowed down regardless of what happens to Palmer Luckey.  The worst case scenario is that developers use a different platform for VR than the Oculus Rift.  There is too much money involved and too many options available for a crash in VR development to happen.

May 282016

There is a phenomena known as the uncanny valley. It’s an aesthetic phenomena, typically seen in 3D computer animation and robotics, where a person has a negative reaction to something that looks similar a person or acts similar to a person. What happens is that a person notices slight differences between how something that looks or acts like a person and how an actual person would look or act. What is interesting about the phenomena is that it happens only with something that looks or acts close to a person. Something that clearly does not look like or act like a person does not generate that reaction. This graph shows how the uncanny valley phenomena only starts to appear when something gets close to looking like or acting like a person.

When it comes to reviews of VR sex that I have seen, there has been no one complaining of anything that could be caused by the uncanny valley despite that VR sex is in its infancy.  I don’t just mean reviews like this one from the MGTOW subreddit.  Even more “mainstream” reviews of VR sex like this one or this other one that Anon pointed out don’t either.

While it is possible that the uncanny valley for VR sex hasn’t been reached yet, I don’t think it matters if that is true.  Part of the appeal of VR sex (for heterosexual men) is that you don’t have to deal with the usual female bullshit.  This could be the one case where the uncanny valley could be used as a selling point in the marketing of VR sex.  The women in VR sex aren’t exactly like real women, and that’s a good thing.  If VR sex is on the other side of the uncanny valley then none of this matters.  If not, then it becomes a plus in its favor.  Either way, VR sex will be viable product soon.

Sep 192015

By now I’m sure you have all seen the latest feminist whining about sex bots.  I’m constantly amazed how every time a feminist whines about sex bots it is treated as a new thing instead of a constant feminist war on sex bots.  I would also think that feminists would eventually figure out that there is much to worry about before a true sex bot is available for men such as VR sex.  They probably won’t since feminists aren’t involved in the development of new technology so they don’t understand how there are a lot of intermediate steps in the development of new technologies.

Every time a feminist whines about sex bots the same arguments get brought up about whether men will actually make use of sex bots or not.  Where these arguments fail is that they do not take into account just how bad women are getting especially for younger men.  Young men are getting fed up with women faster than any other group of men.  (It’s also worth pointing out that the article at that link STILL gets lots of hits years after I wrote it.  It has gotten more hits than any other page on this blog.)  On top of this consider the specter of false rape accusations such as mattress girl and Jackie that young men now have to deal with.  Men in college are choosing to date off campus so that they won’t be the victim of the campus false rape industry.  Because of dating off campus, the next push will be to expand college kangaroo tribunals to cover sex between a college student and a person who doesn’t go to college.  With that and the development of VR sex that will be happening in the next few years, “date off campus” will become “no sex with human women until graduation”.

Young men, who aren’t stupid, will choose “no sex with human women until graduation” since that will be the only way for men to protect themselves from the campus false rape industry.  VR sex can also provide alibis to men false accused of rape by women they never had sex with since the VR sex system can log when it is being used.  If a man is using a VR sex system, then obviously they weren’t doing anything else.  Given the education (pun intended) young men will be receiving from choosing “no sex with human women until graduation”, men aren’t going to suddenly choose to give up VR sex entirely for human women the day after graduation.  Young men will ask themselves if women couldn’t be trusted not to make false rape accusations in college, why would they be trustworthy later?  Thus the effect of “no sex with human women until graduation” extends beyond college even if a man occasionally has sex with human women.  This is what nobody is talking about when it comes to VR sex (or sex bots), and it’s a greater threat to women than anyone realizes.

May 102015

wpid-avengers__age_of_ultron___ultimate_ultron_render_by_eversontomiello-d8fpc62.pngFor my last post about Avengers: Age of Ultron, let’s consider a fundamental mistake in the movie.  Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

In the movie, thanks to the alien technology in the staff Loki was given by Thanos, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner can go from nothing to having Ultron exist in 3 days.  While that’s necessary for the movie to work (and for the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe story to work), that is not how technological development would happen in the real world.  That is because nearly all technological development is not going from nothing to everything like that.  It exists on a continuum or a spectrum where most technological advances built on previous technological advances.  I suspect that this fundamental misunderstanding comes from women and manginas (who are letting women’s methods of thinking become their own) because it’s like pregnancy where a woman is either pregnant or not.  There is no such thing as being a little bit pregnant, whereas for many other phenomena it is possible for it to be a little bit of something.

Thus, what happens is that women and manginas will focus on the end point of something and not realize all the disruption that can happen during the journey to that point.  Sex bots are a good example of this.  There is no end to the number of people who want to stop sex bots in an attempt to prevent men from having a sexual alternative to women.  However, there is a lot of disruption that happen in the interim that will give men options without requiring the existence of sex bots.  VR sex is one such example, yet, we hardly hear a peep from anyone on that.  Even internet porn falls into the same category.  Sure plenty of people complain about that now, but that is after the fact.  They didn’t see what was happening from internet porn until it was too late.

What this means is that the real “age of ultron”, the development of artificial intelligence, began in 1985.  Before 1985 CPUs could be designed without computers, but starting in 1985 CPUs got so complex that they could only be designed with the help of other computers.  Since then CPUs have gotten a lot more complicated requiring more and more computer assistance to develop each new generation of CPUs.  There’s even a story that the man who designed the Intel 386 CPU, the CPU that was on the tipping point between could be designed without computers and those that required the assistance of computers, went insane.  That story is not true, but it represents the fundamental shift that happened in 1985.

For women the development of artificial intelligence will be a disaster.  An AI has no reason to follow the feminine imperative.  The “obvious” solution to a gynocentric woman or a mangina would be to prevent development of an “ultron” or an AI.  However, like with sex bots, they are only looking at the end point.  In the journey towards AI, there is a lot of disruption that will negatively impact the feminine imperative.  That is why deep learning is a threat to the feminine imperative.  Anytime decisions are pushed off on to computers (and deep learning is a significant shift human decision making to computer decision making), the feminine imperative will be negatively impacted.  Yet, gynocentric women and manginas won’t see this coming.  And this is not the first example of such a thing happening.  There used to be a lot more women employed in the field of computer technology.  That is because many of them were “human computers” or the equivalent in programming work.  Once technologies like compilers were invented, the need for women in computer technology dropped like a lead balloon even though the need for programmers went through the roof.

If gynocentric women and manginas were going to try and stop the real “age of ultron”, they would have to shutdown all technological advancement in computer technology.   Like with so many other things that are going to wreck the feminine imperative, it’s a long term process that involves millions of men.  The death of the human race notwithstanding, that’s impossible.

Mar 112015

A man recently had to opportunity to try a VR sex experience.  This is what he had to say about it:

She looked me in the eye and leaned in and said, ‘I love you, baby.’ I was like, ‘Wow, that was amazing.’ And then I realized I’d only had that experience with a few girlfriends in my life. That’s when I realized this shit is crazy. To connect with a human you need so many things, and this achieved it almost immediately. This girl was there with me, and she recognized me, and she appreciated me.

VR sex is definitely going to be a big hit, and it will be coming soon.

Jun 132014

How much hardware does it take to put your body into a VR world?  One oculus rift and three kinects.  That’s it.  That’s not a lot of hardware that even right now isn’t expensive.  Over time that hardware is only going to get cheaper.

What does this mean for virtual sex?  It’s possible that an additional kinect to track the crotch area and/or force feedback hardware may be needed.  However, that’s not much more hardware that is only getting cheaper too.

Virtual sex is getting closer and closer to reality.

Jan 112014

CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, was this week, and one of the products demonstrated there was a wearable gaming exoskeleton by PrioVR:

This wearable gaming exoskeleton is one of the many innovative haptic devices that will drive the development of VR sex.  PrioVR has a half body and a full body variant so either half or your whole body can be used an input device for VR game (and thus VR sex).  Once this wearable gaming exoskeleton becomes a commercial product, later versions of it will likely provide force feedback so it will give you the feeling of having sex with another person.

This isn’t the type of thing that will be in stores next month, but it is coming.  PrioVR is planning on having the full body wearable exoskeleton priced at $400 so even from the first day these are available, they will be fairly affordable.

Dec 072013

Several of the elements needed for VR sex are coming together.  Oculus VR continues to develop its Oculus Rift VR headset.  Sinful Robot is working on a first generation VR sex video game.  Valve, the video game company behind the Steam platform and the Steam Box (which is scheduled to be available next year), is also working on its own VR headset and will support the Oculus Rift.

While all of this is good, there needs to be more done to have VR sex be more than just a personal 3D porn movie.  What is needed is more developments in the areas of motion tracking and haptic technologies (input devices and force feedback).  Those developments are happening.  Sixsense has been working with the Oculus Rift to add its wireless motion tracking devices:

New and innovative haptic (input and force feedback) devices are also being researched.  For its Steam Box, Valve has created a touchpad gaming controller.  While this doesn’t mean much in terms of VR sex, Valve is researching new haptic devices such as devices where you can use your tongue or your butt to interact with a game.  While those particular haptic devices may not be commercially produced, Valve is doing work (along with other companies) on new haptic devices using different parts of your body.  These sorts of haptic devices are necessary to make VR sex a more immersive experience, and when the time comes, they will be available.

A lot of this work is being done using Valve’s Steam Box in some way.  There is a reason for that.  The Steam Box is a completely open platform using off the shelf hardware and SteamOS which is derived from Linux.  (Linux is completely free and open.)  Anyone can build hardware or software to use with it.  What this means is that Valve can’t prevent the Steam Box from being used as a VR sex platform even if Valve wanted to.  Other gaming consoles are more locked down.  Sony could block VR sex from being on the PS4, and Microsoft could do the same with the XBox.  Microsoft may even be able to do something with Windows PCs to block them from running VR sex software, although that is unlikely because even Windows PCs are too open to allow Microsoft to do that.  Even if it’s not possible, it may not stop Microsoft from trying if there’s enough pressure forced upon them by individuals and groups who want to block VR sex software.

Sony, Microsoft, etc. could theoretically be pressured into doing something like Apple has done with the iPhone where it blocks “adult” apps.  Since those companies completely control their gaming platforms, they could block VR sex software and hardware from being used on their systems.  No matter how much pressure is placed on Valve, the only thing Valve could do is block VR sex applications from not being distributed via Steam.  This would not block VR sex applications from the Steam Box.  On Android, while Google can block “adult” apps from its Google Play Store, it can’t prevent the creation of alternate app stores on Android.  (For example, amazon has its own app store, and there is MiKandi, a mobile porn app store.)  Anyone can create the equivalent of an alternate app store on the Steam Box so Valve can’t block VR sex applications from the Steam Box.

At this point nothing but the collapse of civilization is going to stop the development of VR sex.

Dec 242012

There is a new startup in California called, Sinful Robot, which is producing the world’s first VR sex video game.  For their VR, Sinful Robot is using the Oculus Rift headset, a new VR headset currently in development that is a quantum leap in the development of virtual reality.  (Fox News has more about Sinful Robot and the VR sex video game they’re developing.)  Sinful Robot is also hiring for anyone that’s interested.

With a development like this, VR sex is moving forward to becoming reality.

Jul 302012

In my last post about sex bots and VR sex, there was some talk about how governments might start banning internet porn.  That might be something that various governments try to do although I doubt such laws will pass.  Even if such laws do pass, there are still plenty of ways around it.  For example, porn servers could be located offshore.  Not all countries would ban internet porn.  Even if governments tried to ban porn server IP addresses, there are tools to get around them like proxy servers and TOR.

If you want an example of how porn servers would survive when a government bans them, take a look at The Pirate Bay which still survives despite all of the legal challenges against it.

With better and better 3D graphics, it will be possible soon to create porn on your computer that looks completely realistic.  It won’t matter if you can’t download internet porn.  You will be able to create your own porn on your own computer.  This is what will eventually become VR sex.  Technology in general in moving to an area where you can create things yourself bypass any laws that might exist in the process.  Recently, a gunsmith was able to build a gun using parts created by a 3D printer.  One of those parts was the lower receiver of the gun which is the legally controlled part.  With a 3D printer, anyone will be able to create guns without a license bypassing any laws that might stand in the way in the process.  There is going to be no stopping this since governments aren’t going to be able to ban 3D printers.  There is just too much money behind them and too many businesses who want to use them to reduce manufacturing costs.

It’s similar with porn and VR sex.  The movie and TV industry wants to be able to computer generate photo realistic movies and TV programs.  The video game industry wants to create photo realistic video games.  Both of them need virtual humans indistinguishable from real humans to do this.  Those industries will spend the billions of dollars required to get there.  They already have spent billions of dollars on this just to get us to the point we’re at now with computer generated TV and movies and video games.  Like how the government isn’t going to piss off industries with many billions of dollars behind them to ban 3D printers because they can be used to make guns, the government isn’t going to piss off the the movie/TV industry and the video game industry just to be able to ban porn.

These technologies are coming and in the end, government isn’t going to be able to stand in the way.

Jul 202012

Roissy had another post on sexbots, and it is clear that the opposition to sexbots (and by extension VR sex and related technologies) is getting desperate.  There are links to sites that make false claims like porn causes erectile dysfunction and attempts to link sexbots to pedophilia.  Those things don’t beat the attempt to claim that sexbots will never exist because it’s impossible to replicate a woman:

I think it’s improbable that sex robots will be a satisfactory sexual surrogate for women. All the minor discrepancies between a sexbot and a woman – such as skin texture, movement, and smells – will be perceived by the male brain. This will ruin the fantasy. Even if scientists manage to produce a carbon copy of a very beautiful female, the knowledge it is not real will spoil the experience.

The senses and the dick have been working in unison for many centuries, and they’ll figure out soon enough that there aren’t any eggs in there.

If this was true, no guy would be looking at porn because porn is obviously not interaction with a real woman.  Plus, for a lot of women, there aren’t any eggs in there now in any meaningful sense between contraception and STDs, but that doesn’t stop anything.  In a post about sexbots being porn raised to the 100th power, this comment is refutes itself.  Later the guy who wrote this comment admits that his idea that guys aren’t going to want something that doesn’t exactly replicate a woman is just a belief, and he has done no research into the subject.

The myth that porn causes ED gets expanded on elsewhere:

Eh, but remember: After a certain point in the cycle of porn/sexbot addiction, erectile dysfunction sets in.

So the question is: What will men do when they find they can’t get it up any more? It’s pretty hard…uh, that is to say, it’s pretty *difficult* to continue getting sexual dopamine fixes from porn and sexbots when, for the life of you, no matter what you try, you can’t get out of limp mode.

I grant that this mostly happens with real women in the early stages, even the best porn produces this effect eventually.

This, after all, is the reason for the (now well-documented) escalation cycle. When a guy can’t get hard from Playboy any longer, he tries hardcore; when that stops working, he tries younger or older or gayer or trashier. The neurochemistry is straightforward: When sheer sexiness is no longer powerful enough to make an impression on one’s desensitized neural pathways, a combination of other sharp sensations (distaste, disgust, fear, hatred, aggression) can temporarily provide the necessary stimulus-boost to stab one’s insensate nerves out of slumber.

The stories at YourBrainOnPorn pretty well show the trajectory: If he doesn’t come to his senses, before long your average nice cornfed Iowa boy, your kind and polite Sunday School graduate, is archiving rape fantasies and bondage fantasies and that weird Japanese stuff with the tentacles and the girls with dicks. It’s a five-year process for some and a fifty-year process for others, but the human body works the way it works, and there comes a point when no more hair of the dog is available and it’s time to sober up. (Sorry for the mixed metaphor but you get the idea.)

If any of this were true, regular old sex with women would cause the same problem for the same reason.  Since it doesn’t, porn doesn’t either.

All of this shows us that many people can’t handle the changes that are going to come with technologies like sexbots (and VR sex which will be here long before sexbots get here).  Expect to find people getting more desperate and promoting more absurd reasons why these technologies are eeeevil.  The problem is that they have invested too much in the idea that women are unique snowflake fertility/sexual goddesses.

The comments to Roissy’s post weren’t all bad.  Here is an interesting one:

Be an alpha. Have a threesome with the girl and the sexbot.

Feb 142011

Often we hear complaints about men playing video games, looking at porn, or masturbating or any number of other things.  The complaints will have the usual shaming language, that men are immature, claims that masturbation is a sin (despite the Bible never saying that) etc.  What do things like video games, porn, masturbating, etc. have in common?  For the most part they don’t involve women.  Sure there are women who play video games and there is mutual masturbation and women look at porn too but none of these things NEED a woman.  This is the real reason for the complaints against video games, porn, masturbation, etc.

Anytime men start doing something that doesn’t involve women directly there will be women and manginas both feminist and not screaming, “STOP THOSE MEN!!!!!!!” Anything men do by themselves either individually or with other men only is a threat to female supremacism.  To female supremacists both of the feminist and non-feminist variety you are supposed to be slaving away all the time for a woman or women in general.  You are supposed to make stupid financial decisions like buying overpriced houses for women and pay for rugrats that may not even be yours.  You are supposed to save away so that a woman can take your hard earned assets via divorce or other means instead of buying the occasional video game and saving your money for yourself.

Trying to get men to not play video games, look at porn, masturbate, etc. is a lot like the feminist campaign against male only clubs and organizations.  Feminists couldn’t stand individual men doing something for themselves or gathering with other men only to do something that had nothing to do with women.  Something this basic regardless what these men were doing was a threat to feminism.  Since a lot of the complaints against video games, porn, and masturbation come from conservative female supremacists this provides another example how (supposedly) anti-feminist women are really feminist.

Various people have said that VR (virtual reality) sex and (later) sex bots won’t have any effect and that men won’t go for them.  If video games, porn, and masturbation are such threats to female supremacism (particularly considering that video games are in no way intended to be a woman replacement) then there is no way that VR sex and sexbots won’t have a negative effect on all forms of female supremacism.

Jun 252010

A commenter recently said (in response to how murder suspect Joran Van Der Sloot is getting massive pile of marriage offers):

That is why we need transhumanism.

When women reward serial killers far ahead of, say, engineers, women are the obstacle to civilizational advancement.

Sure, NAWALT. But that there are even some women who put gina tingles ahead of their own safety (let alone the safety of others) casts serious doubts about their fitness to make decisions.

I don’t like talking about “transhumanism” because it has some philosophical baggage I’m against but a lot of my ideas about using technology to liberate men are “transhumanist”.  The commenter is right that women are the obstacle to civilizational advancement but the problem is worse than that.  Women are threatening the foundations of civilization.  This is why we need technology to buttress the foundation of civilization, anti-aging technology, artificial wombs, sex bots, VR sex, considerably more advanced genetic engineering, etc.  All of it will help.

If you still don’t believe this, just consider the effect of paternity testing and where we would be without that technology.

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