Dec 122015

Anon reminded us that in the San Bernardino shooting 9 of the 14 victims were male.  That’s nearly two thirds of the victims.  Yet, a significant amount of coverage of the shooting would make us think that the victims were only women.  For example, the Huffington Post said that “patriarchy pulled the trigger” at San Bernardino.  At ManBoobz, commenters blamed MRAs, MGTOW, & 4Chan for San Bernardino because they allegedly “encourage” such incidents.  The message from these examples is clear.  It is that men can’t be victims, and women can’t be perpetrators.

The San Bernardino shooting proves that both parts of that belief is a myth.  First, most of the victims were male (as with other alleged “anti-woman” shootings like the Isla Vista shooting).  Second, while Syed Farook was a shooter, so was his wife, Tashfeen Malik.  Additionally, it was Malik who radicalized Farook and not the other way around.  She was the primary mover behind the San Bernardino shooing, and she manipulated her husband into participating in the shooting.  Had it not been for her, Farook would have never killed or attacked anyone.

While the belief that men can’t be victims is bad enough, the belief that women can’t be perpetrators is particularly dangerous.  This gives terrorist groups like ISIS the perfect way to organize terrorist attacks with lesser scrutiny if women are believed to be incapable of being perpetrators.  This isn’t a hypothetical idea that I created.  Anti-terrorism experts are worried about this.  Also, it was recently discovered that there is a secret cell of Muslim women in the UK encouraging other people to join ISIS so women manipulating men into terrorist acts is likely.  Since this flies in the face of blaming “patriarchy” or MRAs, MGTOW & 4Chan for everything bad that happens in the world, don’t expect to hear about it much until it can no longer be ignored.

Apr 302015

One aspect of the Baltimore riots that doesn’t get a lot of attention is how these riots are happening in a community where fatherless homes are the norm.  At least it doesn’t until someone wants to blame men for the Baltmore riots.  Over at, a tradcon blames fathers for the Baltimore riots:

We have seen a desperate single mother trying to discipline her teenage son, but we haven’t seen fathers.

Where are the fathers? This is the uncomfortable questions liberals refuse to ask.

Sure, the government can manage this chaos to some degree through force and coercion, but fathers can influence order and discipline through love and devotion.

How much of the violence and rebellion in Baltimore is simply a consequence of the destruction of families?

How much has the moral decay of society contributed to the acceptance and tolerance of men who feel no responsibility for children they’ve created?

How much of a child’s rage and anger comes from feeling abandoned or unwanted by their fathers?

This was an excellent opportunity to talk about how feminism has forced fathers out of families and how single mothers are intentionally blocking fathers from seeing their children.  The black community has been hit hardest by this aspect of feminism.  Instead, we get tradcons blaming fathers for “abandoning their children” when fathers are prevented practically at gunpoint from having any relationship with their children.

This gets even worse when you consider that the Baltimore riots are feminist beyond the issue of fatherless children.  An article at defends the riots as a “legitimate political tactic”.  That would be bad enough, but it’s worse because the reason that article defends the riots is feminism:

But there is an even bigger problem. Referring to Black Lives Matter protests, as well as organic responses to police and state violence as “non-violent” or “peaceful” erases the actual climate in which these movements are acting, the militant strategies that have rendered them effective, and the long history of riots and direct action on which they are built.

I do not advocate non-violence—particularly in a moment like the one we currently face. In the spirit and words of militant Black and Brown feminist movements from around the globe, I believe it is crucial that we see non-violence as a tactic, not a philosophy.

The Baltimore riots are feminism and the result of feminism, so what do the tradcons do?  Blame fathers.  What we have here is another example of white knighting, and it’s more disgusting than white knighting for fictional women.


Jan 192015

One thing the attack on Charlie Hebdo has done is given us evidence on how feminists view men like Elliot Rodger compared to the Charlie Hebdo attackers.  Both Elliot Rodger and the Charlie Hebdo attackers murdered several people.  However, the feminist reaction to Elliot Rodger and Charlie Hebdo has been quite different.

Feminists said that Elliot Rodger was a “misogynist extremist” and a terrorist (that terrorized women) and tried to link him to PUAs and MRAs as if Elliot Rodger was part of a larger group of MRAs and PUAs that constituted something similar to Al Queda.  Anita Sarkeesian has blamed “toxic masculinity” for Elliot Rodger (and other male shooters):

The reality of Elliot Rodger was that he was mentally ill.  This was a man who fantasized about creating a virus that would kill all men except him and was being treated by psychologists since he was 8 years old.  Rodger also murdered more men than women so he was hardly targeting women.  He acted alone and was not associated with any group of MRAs or PUAs.  Since Elliot Rodger is dead, his murders ended there.

This is in complete contrast to the Charlie Hebdo attackers.  They were not mentally ill and were working with Al Queda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).  Objectively, this makes the Charlie Hebdo attackers much worse than Elliot Rodger.  As long as AQAP is still around, then what the Charlie Hebdo attackers did has not ended.  The feminist reaction to the Charlie Hebdo attackers is to come close to defending them such as with this article from Feministing or in the case of Jonathan McIntosh (Anita Sarkeesian’s “partner” as Feminist Frequency and likely boyfriend):

McIntosh actually thinks that what the Charlie Hebdo attackers did wasn’t that bad because they were “marginalized”.  Feminists pretend that Elliot Rodger is a demon and a terrorist while supporting actual terrorists.  Why do feminists think Elliot Rodger was evil while the Charlie Hebdo attackers are misunderstood?  It comes down to one thing.  Elliot Rodger murdered (pretty white) women so they consider him to be a misogynist despite the fact that he murdered more men than women.  Feminists considered some of the work that Charlie Hebdo published to be misogynist.  It all comes down to the fact that feminists consider violence to be legitimate against anyone they consider to be a “misogynist”.  That is why they treat Elliot Rodger and the Charlie Hebdo attackers so differently.  That’s it.



Feb 092013

By now I’m sure all of you have heard about Chris Dorner, the former LA cop who went on a killing spree.  He produced a manifesto against the LAPD, but there is a small part of it that we should know about:

Those lesbian officers in supervising positions who go to work, day in day out, with the sole intent of attempting to prove your misandrist authority (not feminism) to degrade male officers. You are a high value target.

Since Chris Dorner is trying to defend feminism here, he is a feminist despite his complaints against misandrist lesbians.  Misandry is feminism so trying to separate the two is a useless exercise in cognitive dissonance.  It’s likely that Chris Dorner’s cognitive dissonance about feminism contributed to driving him insane and going on this killing spree.  Chris Dorner would have been better off if he became an anti-feminist.

Nov 012012

The votes are in for the September 2012 Entitlement Princess Of The Month.  The winner with 62% of the vote is Jessica Harper, the former head of security of Lloyds Bank who stole £2.5 million from her employer and said that she deserved the money because of the hours she worked.  The Entitlement Princess of the Month award can’t keep going without your support.  Remember to keep submitting new entitlement princesses on the Entitlement Princess of the Month submission page.

Sometimes, there is no question who should win this award.  This is one of those months.  I have decided that this months winner is Shidea N. Lane.  She is the woman who started a fight with Cleveland bus driver, Artis Hughes, after she demanded to ride the bus for free and verbally abused Hughes.  There were youtube videos of what happened between Lane and Hughes, but they were removed from youtube for excessive violence.  Hughes was suspended by his employer, the Cleveland RTA, pending an investigation.  Lane has since tried to paint herself as a victim taking no responsibility for instigating the conflict between her and Hughes or endangering the safety of her fellow bus passengers.  This callous disregard for anyone else has earned Shidea N. Lane the October 2012 Entitlement Princess Of The Month award.

There is also a petition to have the Cleveland RTA reinstate Hughes to his job.  Support Artis Hughes by signing that petition.

Aug 112011

Recently in Fairfax County which is here in the greater DC area where I live, there has been a guy who has stabbed or slashed several women’s butts while they were shopping.  The victims were all women and all in their late teens or early 20s.

Seeing this got me thinking.  Would the women of The Talk laugh at the victims of the butt slasher like they laughed at the guy who had his penis chopped off by a woman?  Obviously not.  I’m sure they would if the butt slasher was a woman and the victims were men.

Jul 272010

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.  And it was good intentions that created Meedan, a site that was designed to, as Wired Magazine reported, “encourage ‘citizen diplomacy’ between the West and Middle East by writing in English and translating to Arabic (and vice versa) to reduce tensions at the grassroots level”.  What could possibly go wrong?  World War III for starters.

This website will bring two groups together:

  1. The propaganda ministries of Middle Eastern dictatorships and theocracies
  2. The finest and most successful trolls in the Western World

Yes, this website may cause World War III.  Remember, I didn’t get the SOTD Futurist of the Year Award for nothing.

Jul 052010

My latest post for The Spearhead is up. As with all Spearhead posts comments are disabled so comment on the post at The Spearhead.

Crystal Gail Magnum, the woman who accused the Duke Lacrosse players of raping her, recently held a press conference to defend herself against domestic violence charges that have been brought against her. Currently Magnum is under house arrest and must wear a motion bracelet on her ankle at all times due to an incident between herself and her ex-boyfriend that happened in February.  In addition Magnum is facing charges of arson, child endangerment and attempted murder.  Police allege during the incident in February that Magnum set an apartment on fire and tried to kill her ex-boyfriend while her three children and two police officers were in the apartment.

Magnum said in the press conference:

I don’t feel like I’m going to get the justice that I deserve through the judicial system and I feel this my only and last means to reach out to the public and let them know that I did not set a fire that night.  To let the public know that I am being unfairly treated due to preconceived notions that people have about me concerning another case.  I feel like enough is enough.

The other case Magnum refers to is when she brought up false rape charges against the Duke Lacrosse players.  She has also made claims that her ex-boyfriend abused her and about that said:

I can’t explain to you why I keep going through issues with domestic violence.  Maybe it’s mistakes.  Maybe I tell men too much about my past and they try to take that for granted.  Maybe domestic violence is more prevalent than people think.

May 082010

Recently a TSA worker at Miami International Airport beat up a coworker who day in, day out made fun of him for having a small dick.  The TSA worker was scanned by a full body scanner during a training session which apparently revealed the size of his dick.  He “lost his mind” and beat up one of his coworkers.

When I have to go through these machines at the airport I have nothing to worry about from what I have been told, but you guys might.  And we all have to worry about terrorists getting past security since TSA workers are too busy checking out our dicks.

Apr 252010

My latest post for The Spearhead is up. As with all Spearhead posts comments are disabled so comment on the post at The Spearhead.

As I have discussed before female supremacism isn’t limited to just feminism.  As we know there is conservative female supremacism and Islamic female supremacism.  There are a lot more than three forms of female supremacism.  White Nationalism is also a form of female supremacism.  White Nationalism promotes misandry by attempting to turn what would otherwise obviously be issues caused by misandry to issues of race.  It seeks to keep men of different races from working together and discovering how much they have in common.

Our own Ferdinand Bardamu had a post at his personal blog recently about a dustup at AltRight among the White Nationalist crowd there that laid bare the misandry inherent in White Nationalism.  As you can see from the link, White Nationalism is filled with women who except for the racial rhetoric sound like feminist, manginas, and (ironically) white knights.  Let’s look a few examples of the comments from the White Nationalist crowd at AltRight starting with this one:

Mr. Locklin, I do hope that your desire for foreign women won’t overshadow the white man’s duty to reproduce with his own racial group.

Other than the racial rhetoric this could have been written by a conservative female supremacist white knight.  Look at this one:

To broadly insult our mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters in this manner is tasteless. Both American women and men have some changing to do, changing we can do ourselves. But you’re doing what feels good for you and that’s what counts for you. Paradoxically, you’re the typical modern American man: empowered, sassy, sarcastic, and dedicated to gratifying yourself. You’re not loyal to the nation or interested in seeing it through to a restoration. You’re doing your own thang and won’t take no bojive from people who are offended when you insult them.

This is nothing but garden variety anti-male shaming language.  However, that doesn’t beat what a White Nationalist woman has to say:

Lock-load is an insulting cretin. As well as an utter moron. The article is loaded with errors. He shows two pictures of actresses. Lillian Gish was an American woman She had a career that spanned decades.This makes her a successful career woman – who succeeded in a business crawling with the Tribe. She would not have endured the juvenile insults of a pathetic, inadequate joke Lockloser for 2 seconds.

Neither would have Hedy Lamar – a woman that used her exquisite beauty to garner every type of material benefit imaginable. She was bi-sexual, and fled Nazi Germany, to serve the goalso of Die Jude, in America. Lockloser most likely would not have had enough cold hard cash to elicit her attention. Her idea of a dinner date would have included diamond bracelets, as hors d’ oerves.

Lockboor then includes the photographs of an assortment of foul Lesbians, and Jewesses, as representative of American females. Which they are decidely not. The promotion of every sort of denegeracy, in every American institution, is the work of the Franfurt School of Talmudic Jewry. The horrors of a degraded American, and global, womanhood, is the work of the Jew.

Lockinadequete-appendage rhapsodizes about the helpfulness of foreign females, and asserts that they aren’t as greedy and grasping. I suspect Lockmommy’sboy is exceptionally good at retaining his small hoard of cash, and resents the expenditure of the price of a hotdog, on a sidewalk stand, on any female – but if he thinks that foreign females are not materially obssessedm and greedier than George Soros – he’s still a virgin. Asiatics are the most soulless, heartless, absolutely ammoral hardheaded gold-diggers, that have ever befouled the Earth. Impovershed Eastern European females are not far behind. I have personally witnessed the very thorough skinning of every assett, of American White males, who have sought “submissive, demure” foreign brides. I have laughed in the faces, of those men, when they bemoaned their impovershment, and legal ravagement. They got what they sought, and they got what they deserved.

Finally – the White Nationalist movement is always whining about the absence of females. Gee – I wonder if snarky, snot-drenched attitudes, exemplified by Locksociallyretarded, have anything to due with this problem? Sorry, fellas – it’s not women that have to please you – you have to please, and lure in women.

Yup. It’s true. My 9 year old nephew has better social skills, than do 90% of you.

Gee, thanks, Richard Spencer, for publishing this insulting garbage. All this article has done is PISS OFF a lot of WN females.

I demand an apology. And a retraction.

Really – I do.

As a White American Woman. Who talks to a lot of other White American women. Who have HAD IT with snarky, juvenile, insulting socially-cretinous WN men.

This same woman wrote another similar comment:

Many, many of the comments reveal the precise nature of the problem – the boorishness, childishness, and social inpetitude of American males.

Once again, fellas – the onus is on YOU to please women. Not the other way around. Ghetto Negroes have better wooing, and flirtation skills, than so many White males. A lot of you guys are beyond pathetic. You really have nothing to offer females of any Race. A lot of you have very little money, and you are not as physically attractive as you flatter yourselves to be. To many of you – not all – but many – your attitude towards women is the most repellent aspect of your being. It’s not women – it’s you.

As anyone can see it’s all massive amounts of misandry and shaming language with some racial rhetoric thrown in.  The misandry inherent in White Nationalism goes deeper than a few comments on the internet.  Where did the false rape industry start?  It wasn’t with feminists.  The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) had their own version of the false rape industry white women would make false accusations of black men.  Drop the racial terms and it’s no different the the current feminist false rape industry.  Take a look at what happened during the Rosewood Massacre.  A woman lies about being beaten and raped and a random black man living in Rosewood gets lynched.  Then a massive battle between white men and black men happened where at least several men got killed.  Multiple men died all because a woman lied about rape, but the Rosewood Massacre is not properly recognized as being part of the false rape industry because race was involved.

The misandry in White Nationalism goes even farther than just incidents like the Rosewood Massacre.  The KKK had a corresponding group for women called the Women’s KKK or WKKK.  The WKKK is very similar to feminism both in action and language.  (Read the link for documentation of the similarities.)  All you have to do is drop the words white and black from WKKK language, and you end up with feminist language.

We have to remember that misandry is the central problem facing all men today.  That’s true regardless of what race a man is.  Men of all races have a great deal in common.  White Nationalism tries to hide that fact effectively acting as a vehicle for the promotion of misandry to benefit (white) women.  White Nationalism and other racist ideologies are misandarist and benefit no man.

Mar 162010

My latest post for The Spearhead is up. As with all Spearhead posts comments are disabled so comment on the post at The Spearhead.

Usually, when we think terrorists, we think of men.  However, there are women terrorists too.  And they aren’t just coming from the Middle East.  Colleen LaRose, a middle aged divorced woman from Pennsylvania who went by the name “Jihad Jane” and “Fatima LaRose” online, was arrested for conspiring with other terrorists to assassinate Swedish artist, Lars Vilks.  (Lars Vilks is the artist who created the cartoon of Muhammad as a dog.)  LaRose traveled to Europe last year to train with and assist other terrorists in their plot to kill Vilks.  She was arrested when she arrived back in the US.

LaRose’s arrest was due to the work of the Jawa Report and Youtube Smackdown who have been tracking supporters of terrorism on Youtube and twitter and having their videos on Youtube flagged for removal.  She spent a lot of time on Youtube where these groups discovered her calls for violent jihad on Youtube and her use of twitter to raise funds for terrorists.  You can read more about how LaRose was tracked on Youtube from the Jawa Report.  In that link, the Jawa Report has described LaRose as a “middle aged sociopath woman desperate for love, lonely and isolated”.  The Jawa Report has more about LaRose here.

It turns out LaRose wasn’t the only American woman involved in this terrorist plot to murder Vilks.  Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, a 31 year old medical assistant, originally from Colorado, was arrested recently with several others involved in this plot.  She was later freed, but still may face charges.  Ramirez’s story is somewhat similar to LaRose’s.  Last year Ramirez started spending a lot of time in Muslim chat rooms where she met LaRose and other extremists. In September, she left the US for Ireland to marry an Algerian man taking her son with her.

This is a still developing story.  Originally, when I was going to write this post for The Spearhead there was only one American woman identified in this terrorist plot.  We’ll see what happens.

Dec 112009

What happened to Tiger Woods isn’t being taken seriously by most of our society. This is no surprise. One example of this was a skit from the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live. (The skit can be viewed on Hulu, which may not work if you are outside the US, or on Youtube.)

The only reaction to this video has been how it was in “poor taste” because Rhianna was the musical guest for that episode. However, the sketch itself is very interesting for what it tells us about the societal view of female on male domestic violence. In the skit Elin is set off by very small things such as Tiger Woods’s cell phone ringing. Plus, we are supposed to accept explanations for what is happening to Tiger Woods that are more and more impossible such as Tiger Woods falling down a flight of stairs and throwing himself through a window to Tiger Woods driving a car that he ran himself over with, etc. There is also a throwaway line about not blaming Cadillac for what happened with the car. Since female on male domestic violence isn’t taken seriously someone else has to be blamed no matter how absurd, Tiger Woods, General Motors, etc. Throughout the skit Tiger Woods makes comments about how strong Elin is because she must be for any type of domestic violence to happen supposedly. This is not the case.

One reason that domestic violence against men is not taken seriously is that men on average are stronger than women. This has many problems. The most obvious is men being afraid to defend themselves against women because since they will be thrown in prison regardless of the actual circumstances. The advantage of strength can be nullified. One quick way of doing that is to pull out a gun. No matter how strong a man is, he isn’t going to stop a bullet. Knowledge of martial arts is another way. Recently, there was the story of a “Mr. Zhang” in China who was constantly battered by his wife. She battered “Mr. Zhang” using Kung Fu, the martial art that she had practiced since she was a child. Domestic violence against men isn’t taken seriously in China either. “Mr. Zhang” was only able to get a contract stating that his wife would only batter him once a week. This contract was enforced by his in laws. Such a thing is absurd (but what can be expected from a woman who says that “she can’t help herself”) and shouldn’t be necessary. I’m not familiar with the Chinese legal code, but I’m certain assault and battery is illegal in China. Thus, this proves that domestic violence against men is treated in a similar way there as it is in the West.

Another good example is Carolyn Brown of Louisiana who poured boiling grits on her boyfriend while he was sleeping. As he was asleep his strength advantage was nullified. There are other examples too such as Lorena Bobbit’s attack on her husband.

All the men I have talked about so far have one thing in common. They are still alive. Phil Hartman wasn’t so lucky. You may remember Phil Hartman from TV shows such as Saturday Night Live and Newsradio and movies such as Three Amigos. Hartman had many problems from the behavior of his third wife, Brynn. She had been addicted to drugs and in and out of rehab several times. Brynn was known for having trouble controlling her anger and losing her temper to gain attention. This came to a head in 1998 when Brynn, intoxicated and having recently taken cocaine, committed an act of domestic violence murdering Phil Hartman. With all of these problems why didn’t Phil Hartman leave? Only Phil Hartman knows that, but some possibilities are that despite the fact that Brynn had major substance abuse problems a divorce court would have sided with her in distribution of assets. Even if that was the case, wouldn’t that have been worth it for Phil Hartman? He would recover. Probably, except that they had two children. Given that women typically receive custody of children in divorce unless they’re eating the children, the children would have been stuck with Brynn and all of her problems. Phil Hartman wouldn’t have been there to protect his children. I would not be surprised if this is the reason that Phil Hartman never divorced Brynn leading to his tragic death.

These men I have written about are all well known. Many men are suffering in silence as victims of domestic violence. It is now known that women commit 50% of domestic violence. Given that men aren’t likely to report women committing domestic violence against them, its safe to say that women commit more domestic violence than is reported. This is a real issue for millions of men including several famous men.

(Comments are disabled for this post.  As with all Spearhead posts, comment at the Spearhead.)

Aug 122009

I have been out of town so I haven’t had the chance to cover the recent Pittsburgh shootings. Others have already covered it. However there are two things I have noticed that bear mentioning:

  1. Lots of money does not mean a man will be invested in society. If you check out the blogs I linked to, an idea that comes up a lot wrt Soldini is how men are increasingly not invested in society. In Soldini’s case this is despite having a very high paying job and a net worth of $250,000. In other words, men you would expect to be invested if not highly invested in society are not. I can say that is true of myself as well. While I’m not going to reveal my net worth here, I also have a high paying job and have saved/invested plenty of money. Has it made me invested in society? Absolutely not because this is the ultimate case of, “no good deed goes unpunished”.
  2. Soldini hadn’t had a girlfriend for about 25 years. There is no reason why this makes sense on the surface (so we need to dig deeper). I already covered his money. Take a look at what he looks like. Before he cracked he probably was a decent enough guy. Plenty of women should have wanted him since he had plenty going for him even compared to most men. Those of you who have read enough of my writings know that I’m 31 and that I have never had a girlfriend and never had any women interested in me. Since I started posting under this account, I have gotten lots of emails from men in the same and similar situations. (Even before that I had talked to plenty of men in similar situations as well.) There are two types of situation I have encountered. The first is like me, never had a girlfriend ever in their lives. The second is they had a girlfriend/sex several years ago but not now. That story typically goes something like this: When they were poor(er), they had no trouble finding women who were interested in them. However, now that they make $70K, $80K, $90K, or more they can’t find any women interested in them to save their souls. On the surface this makes no sense. There are theories, but the fact is this is a real phenomenon and it seems like this describes Soldini.

We will see more of this type of thing in the future. As more men realize that all of the work they have done is meaningless because the social contract between men and women is broken, a few will crack. I also anticipate this will lead to more demonization of upper-middle class and lower-upper class men. Most men in this situation aren’t going to crack, but they are going to be angry and want to do something about it. Think about this. If a bunch of men like Soldini who had lots of money got together imagine what they could accomplish.

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