Nov 012009

(I know all of you out there are waiting for how things went last night with my experiment.  I will get to that in my next post when I get enough time.  I want to get this post out while its still relevant.)

There has been a lot of talk about conspiracy theories as of late of the Illuminati/NWO kind and related conspiracy theories such as alternate theories about what happened on 9/11.  This video from The Onion has a debate between a 9/11 conspiracy theorist and a representative from Al Queda:

I also recommend the Penn & Teller Bullshit! episode where Penn & Teller take on 9/11, JFK conspiracy, and moon landing conspiracy theories.  They also talk to a professor of political science on why people believe conspiracy theories.  Unfortunately, the whole episode isn’t online, but you can watch the first part which deals with 9/11 conspiracy theories and the part where Penn & Teller debunk some of the myths of the JFK assassination.  If you can catch the whole episode on Showtime, I strongly recommend watching it.

The real reason I wrote this post was to talk about Illuminati/NWO conspiracy theories.  There are many variants, but they all go something like this.  There is a multi-generational conspiracy to depopulate and enslave the world consisting of various corporate and government elites.  This usually involves groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, Skull and Bones, etc. Somehow they can run a conspiracy over generations (in some versions centuries or even thousands of years) without failure, but still accidentally leave clues for conspiracy theorists to pick up on.  This has quite a few problems:

  1. Why would the Illuminati/NWO leave clues when they didn’t have to?  There are claims that the pyramid on the US one dollar bill is a Illuminati/NWO symbol with the words in Latin, “Novus Ordo Seclorum” means, “new world older”.  If you’re running a secret society, this violates rule 1 of running a secret society, don’t tell everyone about it.  Why put that on money?  Nothing is gained by doing such a thing.  (As an aside the the correct translation from Latin for Novus Ordo Seclorum is, “new order of the ages” as in the beginning of the new American age.)
  2. How can the Illuminati/NWO maintain a multi-generational conspiracy particularly one running for hundreds or thousands of years?  If everyone involved is so power hungry they should be constantly stabbing each other in the back.  There should be factions fighting it out with each other.  Why?  Because it’s basic human nature.  Everyone involved is going to want to get a leg up and this means that  the multi-generational plan will fall apart.
  3. Conspiracy theories of the Illuminati/NWO kind violate Occam’s Razor.  Usually, conspiracy theories are not the simplest explanation for anything especially considering human nature.  What’s more likely 9/11 was a planned conspiracy or a lot of people got caught with their pants down and proceeded to cover their asses?
  4. How do you conspiracy theorists know that the conspiracy theories you believe in are the correct ones?  How do you know it isn’t disinformation?  For example, a lot of conspiracy theorists get their info from Alex Jones.  How do they know that Alex Jones isn’t feeding them disinformation either as a patsy or because he’s part of the conspiracy?  It stands to reason that if Alex Jones (or anyone else) was close to finding anything he would not be murdered but discredited by being caught in a fake child porn or pedophilia sting.
  5. If the Illuminati/NWO exists then why hasn’t anyone done anything about it other than write web pages and sell DVDs?  For example, Alex Jones knows where these guys meet.  Why hasn’t him or anyone else taken some RADICAL DIRECT ACTION against them?  If they’re meeting in a hotel, then bomb the hotel.  A single truck bomb will do it.  Why doesn’t at least one conspiracy theorist do something that would actually damage the Illuminati/NWO potentially knocking them out permanently?
  6. Similarly, why hasn’t any conspiracy theorist tried to infiltrate the Illuminati/NWO?  Before someone whines about how difficult this would be, you can start with getting into the CFR.  Here is the CFR’s webpage about how to become a member.  Becoming a member of the CFR is not that hard.  I know there will be some whining about how the membership process requires recommendations.  Then DO SOME WORK, and meet members of the CFR.  CFR membership is not a secret.  This is very doable so why isn’t anyone performing this strategy?  (If I ever have the time I should see how fast I could join the CFR.)

I know a bunch of responses to this post will involve quotes from the Matrix about how I have to take the red pill, that I need to “open my mind”, that it’s “obvious” and other nonsense.  If the existence of the Illuminati/NWO is really “obvious” then you will have no trouble providing ACTUAL EVIDENCE of it.  (I’m not going to hold my breath waiting.)

Something that is really problematic about Illuminati/NWO conspiracy theories with respect to feminism is that it completely lets women off the hook for what they have done.  If the Illuminati/NWO really exist and really wanted feminism, they could never have done it without women being WILLING participants.  Conspiracy theories don’t explain anything.  They just provide cover for women to avoid taking responsibility for their behavior.

I’m sure this post will cause a few conspiracy theorists to write about how I’m really a part of the Illuminati/NWO (especially given what I do for a living).  I look forward to reading some incredibly imaginative writing and laughing at it.

Oct 242009

I was debating whether to even write this post because what happened to me last night was a bit strange, and it didn’t produce a lot of useful data.  I figure that all of you reading this blog will appreciate my honesty even though I’m going to leave some details out mainly for brevity but also for less embarrassment on my part.

Last night there was a get together for one of the guys at my office.  It was his last day here, and he’s an all around good and well liked guy.  This going away party was at a bar.  It’s really half a bar and half a restaurant.  It’s located in an exurb that I hate (and I hate exurbs in general).  (In case you’re wondering, I like suburbs just fine.  Exurbs are a different story.)  This particular exurb is filled with money (to a point), and it’s a place where for the most part people go right before or after they get married in preparation for having 2.08 kids, particularly if they’re drones leading the standard upper middle class/lower upper class drone life.  Needless to say, all of this money can’t buy intelligence or common sense.  Plenty of divorce happens in this exurb so on the bar side of this place the clientèle is made up of plenty of divorced women and men.  Most of the divorced women fall into the category of trying to snag a man before they completely lose their looks (and everything else).

I was at the party for the guy that was leaving.  I went back to the bar a couple of times to get refills on what I was drinking, and in the midst of this I managed to pick up a woman at the bar accidentally.  (She wasn’t a coworker.)  I’m going to call her Amanda in this post (not her real name).  I’m going to skip some details here for brevity, just to say that I knew even at that point something was wrong.  I wasn’t sure what exactly, but it was kind of like the sudden ominous music playing nationwide from this video from The Onion:

Since I’m collecting data for this experiment, I decided to go on even with the ominous music in the background.

As everything went on, it felt way too easy.  I should point out here that I have never had this type of experience before.  I couldn’t tell if it was just because I was in the successful with women category and ignored it before or if there was something sinister going on, or both or some other reason.  (Amanda wasn’t drunk if you’re wondering about that.)  There was also the possibility that because she was simply desperate or trying very poorly to play cougar (even though I believe I’m too old to be cougar bait at 31).  (I think Amanda was 40 or in her late 30’s.)  Throughout all of this I’m thinking why me instead of anyone else?  There are plenty of possible answers such as Amanda is trying to relive being 30 years old (why?), but the Onion style ominous music is in the background.

One thing leads to another, and it seemed like I had the opportunity to nail Amanda.  I decided to pass.  The ominous music was getting louder.  I went to the parking lot to go to my car, but Amanda followed me.  She then proceeded to use all manner of shaming language on me for not going home with her, small dick, was I gay, etc.  You know the drill.  Fortunately, there was no one around to hear this.  In Amanda’s voluminous verbal diarrhea, she said blurted out something about having a STD.  I don’t know if Amanda was saying that she didn’t have one or that she let it slip that she did.  Having an STD would explain the metaphorical ominous music.  Either way, I wasn’t going to take a chance.  Even if Amanda didn’t have a STD, she probably had so many dicks inside her in her life that I was better off.  If nothing else, my zucchini would have gotten lost in there.

Eventually this ended, and I made sure to not use a direct route to my car just in case Amanda was watching.  I know some of this story might not make sense, but I really don’t want to go into most of the details I left out.

What did I learn from this?  Not very much.  This wasn’t planned on my part of course.  I was planning on going to a going away party for one of my coworkers and that was it.  Besides all of the obvious problems with picking up a STD ridden chick, this place would not be a place I would go to pick up women.  All I can say for certain is that I’m not completely repulsive to women, and I’m probably better off than that.  More data and more testing is needed.

However, it does bring up some interesting side ideas.  Game is not a suicide pact (and neither is this experiment).  I’m sure there are a lot of PUAs who are laughing at me right now and making fun of me for not getting laid even with the high probability of this woman having a STD.  I don’t care.  I used my brain and made the right choice, the smart choice.  If she had an STD it was probably one of the non-deadly ones, but many of those are very painful.  I’m better off with my health.

The experiment will continue as opportunities present themselves or as I can create them.  Next time, I’m hoping it involves women closer to my own age.

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