Feb 162014

I got an email recently asking if I was still with Leila and for a general update of my experiences with women.  Over time, there’s less and less of a reason to talk about my personal experiences with women.  Women are all the same so it gets repetitive unless there’s something unique to talk about.  (Also, I don’t want to reveal any personal information so that becomes another limiting factor.)

To answer the question, yes I’m still with Leila.  In the past, I have always dumped women before Christmas and not found another one until after Valentine’s Day since I want to avoid those holidays.  This time it didn’t happen obviously.  It’s started when Leila got me an early expensive Christmas gift (that I actually wanted).  Thus, it didn’t feel right dumping her before Christmas.  Once I got past Christmas, I started to consider if I really need to go through the process of meeting and dumping women between Valentine’s Day and Christmas. I was able to survive Valentine’s Day without having to do much of anything for Leila. Since that worked out, I don’t need to hold to a rigid schedule of only be with a woman between Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Personally, I find the process of meeting women exhausting, so this works for me.

Now, I’m going to try something different. I’m going to see just how long I can string Leila along before she realizes I have no intention of getting married to her, moving in with her, or anything like that. Don’t worry.  I’m not going to become a Mark Minter (putting aside that Leila is younger than GeishaKate and isn’t a single mother).

Jul 092013

Over the Fourth of July long weekend, Leila and I went to L.A. which meant visiting her parents.  I will spare you the boring details (especially since they could be used to identify me in some way), but it became clear that Leila’s parents really want grandchildren.  While I’m sure that they would prefer us to be married before having kids, I think they would be happy at some level if I knocked up Leila tomorrow.  Her parents almost seem like grandchildren wanting machines.

I think this may be part of a larger phenomena of baby boomer parents getting worried that their children don’t have children yet.  Since marriage gets delayed by women, that means that baby boomer parents have to wait longer and longer for grandchildren.  This makes them very nervous that they may never have grandchildren.  Eventually, they get to the point where they don’t care if their kids are married first before having kids.  Baby boomer parents are more and more becoming de facto supporters of single motherhood with all of the societal devastation that goes along with it.

For us, this means that the grandchildren strike is an effective weapon against feminist and shifting the costs of feminism on to those who created feminism.  If there’s one thing baby boomer parents are going to be worried about, it’s not having grandchildren.  For those of us in the M(H)RA and MGTOW sphere, when our parents start getting really worried about not having grandchildren, the only choice we should offer them is grandchildren via surrogate mothers (or artificial wombs depending on when they become available and our ages).  Hopefully, their heads won’t explode when we offer them that choice.

May 202013

Most chicks won’t try to run a born again virgin con to entrap a man into marriage, like my ex Molly did.  It’s too much of a commitment for them, plus, they want sex too.  What I have noticed that a lot of my chicks do is play up how “conservative” they are.  This doesn’t necessarily mean political conservatism, but it can.  (You would be surprised how many chicks I have found supposedly support the Republican Party.)  When these chicks try to play up their supposed conservatism, it’s really a weaker form of the born again virgin con.  They’re trying to make it look like they’re different from those “other chicks” that are all :sluts” which is the same point of the born again virgin con.

There’s nothing conservative about these chicks.  They don’t dress conservatively.  They don’t lead conservative lifestyles, and they certainly don’t wait for sex like you would think a truly sexually conservative woman would.  Even if the ones who support the Republican Party are sincere, that has nothing to do with leading a conservative lifestyle.  A woman can easily be a slut and still be a Republican.  For that matter a woman can dress conservatively and still be a slut.  A woman can even go to church every Sunday showing off cleavage there and put out the night before.  (As you know I have met plenty of those types of chicks.)  No matter which way you look at it these chicks are in no way conservative.  Yet, these chicks think by going to church, voting for Mitt Romney (or pretending to do so), etc. makes them “conservative”.  Just because these chicks took on the outward appearance of being conservative (and they really didn’t even do that), they think that they can trick men into thinking they’re conservative.

My current girlfriend, Leila, has brought this to a new level.  She has tried to pull this “being a conservative con”, but the dimension she adds is that since her Persian ancestors were from a conservative culture she must be conservative by association.  Simply put, Leila is trying to convince me that she’s conservative because she’s “ethnic”.  Leila doesn’t dress conservatively, doesn’t lead a religious lifestyle, puts out immediately, and all around doesn’t lead a conservative lifestyle.  (I have also met her parents who aren’t conservative either.)  Yet, she expects me to believe she’s conservative only because she’s Persian.  On top of this Leila is from Los Angeles and more than anything else is a creature of L.A.

It doesn’t matter what a chick’s ethnic heritage is, where she goes Sunday morning, etc.  Chances are she is in no way conservative.

Feb 262013

It’s after Valentine’s Day so I have been on the lookout for a new woman.  (I dumped my previous girlfriends before Christmas to avoid the Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day holidays.)  I was going to head back to the Sunday Morning Nightclub, but another opportunity presented itself recently elsewhere.  Recently, I was in downtown D.C. visiting one of the Smithsonian museums, and an opportunity presented itself.  (Those of you who live in D.C. might know or have a good idea what I went to visit.  For privacy reasons, don’t mention where you think I was, or I will edit your comment.)  I managed to pick up a chick who I later found out was Persian and originally from L.A. (although she lives in the D.C. area now).  Persian chicks and chicks from L.A. are both new to me, but as I would later realize it doesn’t make a difference.  (Since she’s Persian, lets call her Leila from now on.)

As an aside, this was a good example of using what you know and already do when it comes to picking up chicks.  It’s not a cold approach like at a bar or a nightclub (neither of which work well for me for picking up chicks for various reasons).  What I did was not a “hot approach” either since we didn’t know each other before or have friends in common.  For lack of a better term, it was a “warm approach” since I was able to use something we presumably had in common.  YMMV, but “warm approaches” are better than cold approaches.

Leila and I went to have coffee afterwards.  At one point I had to go to the bathroom.  When I came back, I noticed that she had shifted what she was wearing to show more cleavage and more leg.  You might be thinking that you have heard this before.  You’re right, and this is because women really are all the same.  Despite being from the other side of the country and from a different culture, she didn’t act different than any other woman.  There’s many more examples I could give of this just from the short time I have known Leila.

This experience proves that when it comes to women, they really are all the same.

Jun 122012

I haven’t reported about the Sunday Morning Nightclub for a while.  It’s not for a lack of willing chicks. I have been going to various churches and their singles groups. There are the fat chicks, the single moms, the divorced chicks, and chicks who are a combination of two or more of those. Those chicks are super desperate.

Even the thin never married & no kids chicks are still working pretty hard to get a man. One thing I have noticed is how much cleavage these chicks are showing. You might think that chicks at a Christian singles group would cover up a bit, but you would be wrong. And this was before the weather got really warm. Now, the chicks are showing even more cleavage.

I recently picked up one of these cleavage displaying church chicks. (Let’s call her, Christina.) Every time I have seen Christina she has been showing her cleavage. She has a great pair of boobs, and it’s better than trying to say that she was a born again virgin like Molly did. Needless to say Christina isn’t waiting for marriage either.

The Sunday Morning Nightclub can be a great place to view cleavage.

Dec 312011

When juggling three women, eventually you will run into a situation where you have to pick one.  Usually, it’s not a problem, but when it comes to something like New Year’s Eve, which is tonight, each of my women want my exclusive presence.  Each of my women think they’re “the girlfriend” and the other two are chicks I occasionally bang.  I have to keep each of them thinking they’re “the girlfriend” since my purpose in picking up women at the Sunday Morning Nightclub is to prevent women from getting their hands on men who they will marry, use up, and divorce.  Thus, I ran into a situation where I had to pick one.

I picked Molly because she’s the newest.  I was looking for a reason to dump Sabrina and Kate.  All of you should remember I already tried that once, and they begged and begged and begged me to take them back which got me to take them back.  I think I have been with the two of them for too long as it is, Sabrina in particular.  Sabrina was sending some strong messages that she was thinking it close to time to get engaged.  Breaking up with Sabrina and Kate wasn’t fun at all.  I will spare you guys the details.  Needless to say they were very angry when they realized they weren’t (or were no longer) “the girlfriend”.  This time, I think my breaking up with them will stick because it was clear I picked another woman over them.

Nov 102011

Last night Molly, the born again virgin, came over to my place, begging and pleading beyond anything she said the last time to be fucked.  She didn’t even call first unless you count her phone call to me from her cell phone so that I would let her into my condo building.

This was the time, but I had to let her know first about my two other women.  She was like, “Seriously?”  I was like, “Yeah”.  Molly’s response to that was that she didn’t care.  So I gave Molly a good hard fucking.  She was very religious when we were having sex.  She said, “Oh God” a lot.  When we were finished, Molly just said, “Thank you” and fell asleep.

There you have it.  This is what a born again virgin from a church is like.

Nov 072011

I predicted that Molly, the “born again virgin” that I picked up at a Sunday Morning Nightclub, would be pretty quickly be begging me for sex despite her supposed desire to not have sex again until marriage.  That happened this weekend.  Molly tried to give me a bunch of convoluted “logic” about how even though we have only known each other for a short time she feels that we will get married so why wait for sex?  I knew exactly what was going on.  As we all know Molly really isn’t a virgin in any manner whatsoever, “born again” or otherwise.  Because she’s pretending to be a “born again virgin” to lock in a chump from a church, she has to play this game of convoluted reasoning.

I could have pounced on this and banged Molly, but I didn’t.  I played it as if she was “testing” me to see if I was “respecting” her “commitment” to staying “sort of pure” until marriage.  I could tell this infuriated her, even though Molly didn’t show any outward signs of that.  Molly knew she had to go along with that for her “born again virgin” con to work.

I anticipate in a few days she will come begging for sex again.  Then will be the time to bang her.

Oct 242011

Many of you have been waiting to hear about my Sunday Morning Nightclub (aka church) exploits.  Your wait is over.  I have been investigating various Sunday morning nightclubs here in the DC area, many of which are Sunday afternoon nightclubs, since the latest mass on Sunday is the best for this which is often technically in the afternoon.

At one of the Sunday Morning Nightclubs, I picked up a hot chick.  Let’s call her Molly.  She’s in her mid to late 20s and obviously one of those women who decided to go back to church to look for a husband chump to marry.  Thus picking her up was not difficult.  We were having coffee (technically I don’t drink coffee, but that’s beside the point), and Molly tells me that she is a virgin and waiting to have sex until she is married.  She wanted to be clear upfront so there’s no miscommunication down the line.  I could tell Molly was full of BS on being a virgin, so I called her on it.  She admitted I was right.  What she’s really trying to do was “makeover” her life by taking morality “more seriously” so she’s going to wait until marriage for sex now.

I told her I was fine with this for several reasons.  Many of you are wondering why because doesn’t this mean she won’t put out?  She will put out, and it won’t be long before she does.  I’m not even going to push the issue of sex.  I am going to wait for her to beg me for it.  I will not be waiting long.  This way I will be able to show you how women who go to church in their late 20s/early 30s haven’t changed.  They are just desperate for a chump before their looks fade.  Nothing has changed about them.  It’s going to be like that time Solomon got a Deacon’s daughter to show him her boobs, but more so.

This brings up the moral aspect of what I am doing.  Think about if Molly got another guy at church.  He would have been completely clueless about her real motivations and in real danger.  I’m doing God’s work, and something very Christian, which the Christian Church is failing to do for these men, by protecting the innocent from predators.  I’m defending those who can’t defend themselves.

Sep 072011

Even though I had broken up with both Sabrina and Kate, they both wanted to get back together as you all know.  I have been stringing them along for a bit because I’m not sure what to do.  After reading a commenter had to say about stringing them along, it got me thinking about whether I really should end it with Sabrina and Kate.

I like the idea of stringing women along for as long as possible and stringing along as many women as possible.  Given the age range of women I would typically get, they’re in need to find a guy to get married to mode.  Unfortunately, many men still aren’t fully aware of the dangers.  By stringing women along, I can monopolize them so that they have less options for marriage, perhaps none, saving men who don’t know better.  It’s a public service.  I love the idea of this but it’s problematic.  The reason why I can string along multiple women is because each woman thinks she’s the girlfriend and the others are just women I have sex with.  Being able to convince all of them that they’re the girlfriend is time consuming.  Plus, there is the drama on top of all this.

The only real way to string along more women would involve having sex with each individual woman less.  It would be great if I could string along women without having sex with them at all because then I could string along a lot more.

I’m curious to see what everyone has to say about this.  I love the idea of stringing along as many women as possible.  One of the ways we can force change against feminism is denying marriage and denying (grand)children.  This would be a way for me to do that on a much larger scale, but it has the potential to be problematic.

Aug 312011

The weekend before last, I decided to break up with both Sabrina and Kate.  Juggling two women was getting too time consuming, and they both thought of themselves as the girlfriend and the other one as the “mistress”.  This meant they kept bothering me about things like why haven’t they met my parents and not using condoms anymore.  The not using condom thing in particular was getting really annoying, and it was making me suspicious that one or both of them wanted to have an “oops” pregnancy.  Thus I decided that it was a good time to dump both of them.

Both Sabrina and Kate were angry at me for dumping them.  They both went through angry rants about “everything they have done for me”, “how they put out for me more than any other guy they have been with”, etc.  Both of them ended with saying something to the effect of, “When you realize you have made a mistake, I’m not going to get back together with you.  Don’t think I’m going to come back crawling to you.”

Guess what happened?  Both of them came crawling back to me (or rather they tried to).  Last weekend right before the hurricane, Kate called me up apologetically saying she needed me because she was “scared of the hurricane”.  I don’t buy that.  I think she was scared of being far away from my wallet.  Sabrina held out until today when she called me, also apologetically, saying that she was suffering “withdrawal symptoms” from not having regular sex with me.  I bet it’s more like withdrawal symptoms from being far away from my wallet.

It was long since time to move on, so obviously I’m not taking them back.

Mar 272011

A few days ago Peter asked me how I pulled off a threesome with Sabrina and Kate and continue to bang each of the separately with the other’s knowledge. As I explained to him, it’s a combination of factors.  Sabrina and Kate are in their late 20s and have moved into “must get married now with a beta chump to have kids” mode.  Do not forget that I am the bear (or bear alien for those of crazy enough to think I’m a reptile alien or a member of the Illuminati/NWO/elite) from Dalrock’s bear and salmon analogy. I look like a tasty target to women who suddenly find themselves marriage digging and kid digging.  I don’t display my real level of wealth, but I probably display enough to suck women in that way and my real level of wealth over time becomes somewhat clearer to them.  Add some game knowledge and lots and lots of luck, and women will “work” hard to lock you as a supposed beta chump in.  That means they will do threesomes, let you bang their best friend occasionally, etc.  I am sure that both Sabrina and Kate want to pull be away from the other and make me completely theirs since no woman wants to share a beta chump so they’re “working” hard at it for that reason too.

There’s also the possibility that there is some long term planning involved in this.  Eventually, beta chumps get divorced by their wives.  If these women can claim that I was committing adultery, it makes their claim for divorce much easier than a standard no fault divorce.  Imagine Sabrina or Kate in court crying about how I was cheating on her, how she tried to get me to stop, etc.  (possibly in reality actually encouraging it as a form of entrapment).  I have no idea if either of them are thinking this long term but it’s a strong possibility why they would agree to everything I suggested.

There have also been an “alternative” (and by alternative I mean batshit crazy conspiracy theorist) explanation proposed for what is happening between myself, Sabrina, and Kate.  Mika said:

He is not telling you the real reason he can manipulate women into threesomes. He’s with the NWO and knows elite mind control techniques. He uses the techniques to make Sabrina and Kate do whatever perverted sexual filth he wants. Knowledge of elite mind control is common in the upper echelons of the NWO. Their targets become robots without realizing it. What do you think he means when he talks about sexbots? It’s not androids. It’s mind controlled women.

Since there are two possible reasons given for what has happened with me and my women, I have created a poll for you to choose which option you think is really going on:

Which is the more likely explanation for what I have been able to do with Sabrina and Kate?

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Jan 162011

Here’s something that will piss off the Mark Richardsons and Susan Walshs and Escpaistarts.  I expect more comparisons to serial killers after this post.

Those of you reading this blog know that I have thought plenty about banging Sabrina’s best friend (let’s call her Kate) and having a threesome with Sabrina and Kate.  This weekend Sabrina and I were talking.  Since I have known Sabrina, Kate has not been able to find a man.  This seems surprising since she’s hot and only as crazy as the average woman.  Sabrina was complaining about Kate complaining about striking out when trying to get a man recently.  The conversation went like this (Everything is paraphrased for brevity, clarity, and just to make it into full sentences where there wasn’t any, and I left out some of the insults.):

Me: I will bang Kate to shut her up for you.
Sabrina: Ha Ha. Very funny.
Me: No, I’m serious.
Sabrina: You’re serious???? I give you all the sex you could ever want and that isn’t enough? I let you do things to me no other guy has done. Why do you want to cheat?
Me: I want a threesome. That’s not cheating.

Sabrina just gets a lot angrier at this point.

Sabrina: You’re not getting a threesome or anything from me anymore. You…You…You’re going to have to jerk off your little dick from now on.
Me: (I start laughing.) That’s not what you said last night or a million other times about my dick.
Sabrina: I lied to protect you. You have the smallest dick I have ever seen. Oh..and I had a threesome with two big black guys.
Me: With two big…you mean fat black guys? Why would I care about that or that they were black?
Sabrina: No you moron. They had really big dicks…This big (Sabrina did one of those, “I caught a fish this big with her arms”)
Me: That big? How was the hospital afterwards after getting impaled by those guys?
Sabrina: Shut Up!  SHUT UP!  SHUT UP!  Fuck this. That’s it. I’m leaving.
Me: Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

It took a lot of mental energy to be able to come up with all those comebacks that quickly and stay level headed.  I was exhausted.  And I’m sure someone like Roissy could list quite a few game failures here.  I thought Sabrina and I were done, but two minutes later I get a knock on my door.  It’s Sabrina and she says, “Hey there Mr. Big, can I come in and apologize?”  Sabrina went through this big long apology complete with commentary about how huge my dick really is.  She claims that she only said I had a small dick because she was angry.  (Are women capable of saying, “you have a nice average sized dick?”  I don’t think they are.  It’s either huge dick or small dick.)  Sabrina said that she’s “woman enough” to handle a threesome if I can convince Kate to join in.

Sabrina even went to the point of saying that she can handle me having the occasional woman on the side as long as she knows about it.  This sounds great right?  Alarm bells were going off in my head when she said that.  Sabrina went from being angry about me even thinking about other women to saying I could fuck other women within the space of several minutes.  I’m certain Sabrina has some other ideas in her head.  It may be as simple as trying to generate drama to planning her eventual divorce and using my “philandering” as an excuse.  It may seem absurd to plan a divorce before we’re even married but there’s a strong possibility Sabrina is already planning her marriage to me so planning a divorce now as well doesn’t seem far fetched.  Either way I don’t know so I’m going to try for the threesome and see what happens if I can make the threesome happen.

Nov 152010

I’m about to run into the same problem with Sabrina that I had last year with Kristen and Rachel.  What to do about the holidays?

While I think I can successfully fight the urge to buy Sabrina expensive jewelry (I don’t want to end up like Jose on the Jersey Shore), the holidays are massive minefield.  And they don’t really end until after Valentine’s Day when it comes to women.  I’m at the point I was last year.  Do I dump Sabrina or not?  I don’t want to give up the sex or the food and wait a few months until Valentine’s Day is over to find another woman.  On the other hand Sabrina is wondering why she hasn’t met my parents yet especially since I met hers.  So far I have been able to fend that off but I doubt I will be able to much longer.  Plus she thinks this relationship is going somewhere other than to my bedroom for more sex.

I still want to bang Sabrina’s best friend so there’s the question of how that would fit into all of this as well.  I have thought about a threesome with Sabrina and her best friend but such a thing would not happen in reality.  I have thought about telling Sabrina I want a threesome with her and her best friend as a way of dumping her (or rather her dumping me) since I can’t see Sabrina going for a threesome.  I’m not sure a simple dumping will work with Sabrina now.  I have the feeling I will be dealing with weeks of her begging me to take her back which is why I’m thinking about other ideas on how to deal with this.

I would also like some ideas from everyone reading this on how you think I should handle this.  This is going to be a recurring problem since I won’t be getting married and the holidays come every year, and I need a strategy for it.

Sep 132010

I have been a bit busy so I haven’t had a chance to give all of you an update.  I have been back for a while now from meeting Sabrina’s parents.  On the way to Staten Island we stopped at the Jersey Shore for a bit like I wanted to.  It’s everything you think it is and worse.  I’m glad I brought the hazmat suit.  Plus, I am sure that wearing the hazmat suit on the Jersey Shore has already generated some minor conspiracy theories somewhere on the internet.

Getting back to seriousness I met Sabrina’s parents.  Like a typical Italian mom Sabrina’s mom prepared a bunch of food.  Everything was going well until Sabrina’s parents got into an argument with each other.  It didn’t have to do with me or Sabrina.  Regardless I could tell Sabrina was hoping the ground would open up and swallow her during this.

Sabrina and I also spent a bit of time in Manhattan.  I got to ride the Staten Island ferry.  By that I mean the actual Staten Island ferry.  I didn’t fuck Angelina from MTV’s Jersey Shore.  (Those of you watching the show will remember how Angelina has been called the Staten Island ferry and the Staten Island dump.  I didn’t not visit the Staten Island dump, either the actual one or Angelina.)

Meeting Sabrina’s parents didn’t stop me from thinking about how I want to bang Sabrina’s best friend.  (I wouldn’t expect it to but it’s a weird thing to be thinking about when you meet your girlfriend’s family.)  I have been thinking about a threesome with the two of them.  I know this is something that will not happen outside of my own head.

Sep 012010

I have a feeling that my relationship with Sabrina might be counting down to its end.  I’m going to meet her parents.  After that Sabrina is going to wonder (or wonder more than she already is) why she hasn’t met my parents yet.  I can’t help but think things will fall apart from there.  Of course, I would have to end our relationship before the holidays of Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day to avoid accidental betaization.

I’m going to be gone for the next few days.  Sabrina and I are going to Staten Island, NY where she is originally from.  After watching Jersey Shore, I have to see this place since it’s where several of the cast members are from.  We should also be making a stop at the actual Jersey shore on the way there.  I’m sure I will stand out since I will be the guy wearing the hazmat suit.

I’m curious to see what this is like since I have never done this before.  Since I will be gone for several days, I have a post scheduled for when I’m gone so all of you don’t feel abandoned.

Aug 142010

I’m Catholic sort of.  I was baptized, confirmed, the whole bit.  I haven’t been to church in years because church is so feminized it’s pointless and has nothing to do with God.  Conversion to another religion is not an option since there really isn’t such a thing as a non-feminized church now.

Sabrina is Catholic too.  Her ancestry is Italian so she is what might be called Catholic by default since being Catholic is linked into the idea of being Italian.  Knowing that she only rarely goes to church if that.  I don’t think she’s been to church since I met her several months ago.  (Also, there are several ways that Sabrina is not a good Catholic that I can personally attest to.)

This meant that I was dumbfounded when Sabrina started trying to convince me we should go to church.  Once I realized what she was doing I asked Sabrina if she felt guilty about how good sex with me was and thought praying to God for forgiveness would help.  Sabrina just rolled her eyes in response but she shut up about going to church and hasn’t brought it up again since.

It was very odd.

Jun 052010

The Spearhead had an article about Jack Tuckner, the lawyer who is representing Debrahlee Lorenzana, the woman who “dressed too sexy” at Citibank.  Putting aside the “dressed too sexy” law suit, what struck me was how Tuckner wants to be and is submissive to women.  I’m not surprised he is working for a feminist law firm since he allegedly wants to be a slave to women.  What surprises me is that a man can have those desires in the first place.

I can talk about how my (male) coworkers have been run down after years/decades of living with their wives, but that is not the same thing as Tuckner.  At least my coworkers fight for some time by themselves with things like the car repair class they’re taking.  Plus, they also recognize at some level that they have no good options.  Anything my coworkers might try and do to better their situations is potentially a disaster in the current political and legal climate so they are the “walking dead” more or less.

Tuckner on the other hand allegedly wants to outright submit to a woman/be a woman’s slave and is actually doing it.  Even if it turned out that this wasn’t true of Tuckner, there are many men like that.  I really don’t understand it.  When I’m with Sabrina (or was with Kristen or Rachel), I know I’m the man here not her.  I have the dick, and I am supposed to be in charge not her. Pushback from women tends to be minimal.  For instance, Sabrina has called me an asshole a couple of times but that’s it.  (I’m surprised she isn’t constantly calling me an asshole.)

It’s one thing to talk about guys like my coworkers who are stuck in a lose-lose situation.  It’s another to talk about guys who want to submit and be slaves to women.  I can tell that there is something right about being in charge when it comes to women.  Can’t those guys who want to be slaves to women tell there’s something wrong?  I have a hard time believing the answer is chemicals/toxins or brainwashing because the behavior of these “super-manginas” should be more pervasive if either was the cause.

May 292010

Sabrina and I have been together for a while now.  I have had lots sex with her.  Yet, I still find myself looking at other women which surprises me.  It’s one thing if I had been married to her for several years, but I have only been with her a few months.  I don’t expect that I would completely ignore all other women, but I would think that I shouldn’t be thinking about nailing other women this much since Sabrina is doing a very good job in this area for me.  I have had a couple of experiences this week that really solidified my confusion.

Earlier this week I took my car in to the mechanic for some routine maintenance.  They found something was broken that needed replacement.  Since it was a relatively quick repair job, I just waited there.  As I was sitting in the waiting room, I had a direct view of the receptionist who kept bending over to take things in and out of a filing cabinet.  She had a nice ass, and I all could do when she bent over was think about nailing her.  Things weren’t helped by the fact that she started getting friendly with me since I was waiting for an extended period of time.

A couple of days ago I got back from work and as I was walking to my condo I happened to be behind this hot chick who also lives in my building.  She had these tight workout clothes on and had obviously just come back from either working out or a run.  She was sweaty and had a great ass which being behind her I had a really good view of.  Again all I could think about was banging her.  Those of you who read my blog know that I have a rule about going after women who live in my building despite the fact that my building has a good number of hot chicks since I don’t want trouble where I live.  Regardless it was another example of what I am talking about.

I don’t understand why I’m thinking about nailing other women this much.  It’s not like Sabrina has ever had a “headache”.  She puts out a lot for me and does an excellent job of keeping my nuts empty.  I don’t see why I should have such powerful desires to bang other women.  What’s going on with me?

Mar 292010

Why do women say the things the say?  I started having sex with Sabrina, and I think she’s working off a standard female script.  (For those of you who are wondering I did make the same demand of her for STD testing and it had a similar response that I had before.  I dealt with it in a similar fashion to how I handled it before.)  You may remember how Kristen and Rachel told me things like how sex with me was the best sex they ever had.  Sabrina is going down the same path.  Here are a few things she has said:

  1. This is the best sex she’s ever had
  2. She’s been with “very few” guys
  3. Those previous guys were “wimpy” in bed and the complete opposite of me
  4. My dick is really big

What’s the point of this?  I didn’t do or say anything to prompt her to say any of this.  I didn’t ask Sabrina about any previous sexual encounters with men.  I definitely didn’t ask her about how the size of my dick compared to them.  She volunteered this out of the blue.  Most of this if not all of it has to be made up.  I have only been having sex for a short time.  There is no way I can be the best ever.  And why lie like this?  I didn’t put her into a bind by asking a question with no good answers.  She completely volunteered all of this.  If she’s going to lie why not make it believable?  Say that it was really good not the best sex she’s ever had.

I have to assume that most of this can’t be true because as all of you know, I have heard it before.  It was said differently but it’s all the same more or less.  It’s almost the same script.  More importantly it’s too good to be true even with things like Sabrina making me breakfast the next morning.

There isn’t anything to do about it so I’m not going to do anything about it.  Really who does Sabrina or any other woman think she fooling?

Mar 132010

I watched that Jersey Shore series on MTV and had a lot of fun watching the disaster of the group of “guidos” and “guidettes”.  As you know I picked up this chick recently, and so far so good.  As you would expect I finding out things about her.  (Since I should have a fake name for her like my previous women, let’s use Sabrina.)  Sabrina is from Staten Island, NY.  While Staten Island technically isn’t New Jersey, it might as well be.  Three of the guidos and guidettes on the Jersey Shore were from Staten Island.  Sabrina is definitely not a guidette.  Her skin isn’t orange, and she doesn’t do fake everything like a guidette.  (BTW, that crying sound you hear as you read this is David Alexander crying because Sabrina isn’t a guidette.)  Plus, Sabrina has moved away from the New York City-New Jersey area and lives here in the DC area, and I met her at a museum, a place where no guidette would be caught dead in.  Most importantly she doesn’t have any bizarre nicknames (like “The Situation”) and doesn’t call herself the “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island” or any other celebrity of Staten Island.

I think this is an example of God’s interesting sense of humor.  I spent time ragging on things from that part of the world, talking about how I should wear a hazmat suit if I go to the Jersey Shore (which is still a good idea IMO), but now I am involved with a chick from there.

Feb 282010

Well, just one chick.  I was at the National Geographic Museum this weekend to see the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit.  (If you’re going to be in the DC area in the next month get some tickets and go see it.)  I didn’t think that this would be an opportunity for find a chick (or as Susan Walsh would claim, a cum dumpster, since according to her I only relate to women as cum dumpsters), but an opportunity presented itself and I went for it.  We’ll see where this goes.

Feb 192010

Today I went to see my eye doctor for my annual eye exam.  He suggested a minor tweak to the prescription for my glasses which arguably I didn’t really need, but insurance paid for nearly all of it and it gives me 20/15 vision.  After the exam one of his staff was helping me out with everything about my new glasses, a really hot chick.  It’s after Valentines Day Vagina Day so it’s time to bring The Experiment out of dormancy.  That means looking for a new woman.  Or as Susan Walsh would say, I’m looking for a new cum dumpster.

I was thinking about going after this chick.  I did have some doubts since if I didn’t know better I might think she was out of my league since she was so hot.  We’re talking hot enough that I wanted to give her a hard pounding and bust a nut inside her (actually bust both my nuts in her).  Yes, I know that’s triple redundant, but you get the idea.  I decided against going after this chick because of the “don’t shit where you eat” principle.  I like my eye doctor, and I don’t want to have to find a new one just because I was nailing one of his employees, and it went sour.  There’s also at least several hot chicks in my condo building, but I don’t go after them based on the “don’t shit where you eat” principle as well.  It’s the right decision.

Regardless I should find a new chick to bang.  A couple of days ago I was watching the movie, Whiteout.  The movie wasn’t that great, but its redeeming feature (besides being in Antarctica) was a scene at the beginning of the movie where Kate Beckinsale takes off all of her clothes and takes a shower.  You can watch in below, but I recommend going to youtube to watch it in HD.

It turned me on even more than I would have expected which I think means I need to find a chick who I can give a hard pounding.

Dec 132009

I know there are something like 18 women claiming to be Tiger Woods’s mistresses.  (Ironically, there are 18 holes in golf.)  In reality he probably only had 2 or 3.  This makes him more comparable to what I have been doing by having two girlfriends at the same time.  (Tiger maybe had six mistresses or maybe 5 if his wife counts adding up to six.  You can figure out the really bad joke from that.)

When I started this experiment I assumed that I needed to keep my options open.  I never thought I would be at the point where I would effectively have two girlfriends.  I was thinking that it was going to take a lot more work for me to find even one woman to have sex with me.  As a result at every step I didn’t pick one.  Even when things got to this point I couldn’t give one up even though I knew I had to do it.

I hated what I was doing.  From a practical perspective, it was a headache managing two women like that.  It took up so much time.  I had to remember not to say the other’s name when with either one of them.  Beyond that I hated what I become from a moral/ethical perspective too.  I knew I had to do something about this, but I kept finding ways to not do it.

Well, I finally did it.  Since I couldn’t pick one, I picked none.  I ended it with both of them.  Needless to say it wasn’t fun.  I really don’t want to go into details, but I did manage to avoid “running over myself with my own car“.

It’s all over with Kristen and Rachel.  I’m not going to end the experiment yet, but I am going to take a break from it for two months.  In other words I want to get past Christmas, New Years, and Valentines Day before I try again.  I have learned some lessons from this which will help me the next time.  Next time I want to see if I can do a bit better.  Kristen and Rachel weren’t bad by any means.  Considering how bad lots of women are (just watch that Jersey Shore series on MTV for some proof) I was doing pretty good even with them.  Regardless, I want to see if I can do better.  That should also help with falling into another situation where I’m nailing two women.

The experiment will continue on February 15th.

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