Jul 012010

My latest post for The Spearhead is up. As with all Spearhead posts comments are disabled so comment on the post at The Spearhead.

Last week a troll tried to claim that The Spearhead was being tracked by the Department of Homeland Security (or similar law enforcement/anti-terrorist entities).  This idea has appeared at various times in various places in this part of the internet.  We should not worry about the DHS or the NSA (National Security Agency) coming after us.

We must remember that we have no evidence that the DHS, NSA, or any other government agency is tracking us.  It is imperative that we base our actions on known facts not what someone or some group may or may not be doing.  While the Obama Administration’s focus on “domestic terrorism” is a source of concern for several reasons (many not related to this subject), we should not automatically have a bunker mentality.  We have nothing to hide.  We should not act like we do.  We are not a shadowy organization.  We are reasonable men (and a few reasonable women) with a reasonable position.  We need to be bold and out there speaking about the issues facing men.  Hiding in the shadows regardless of what some three letter government agency may be doing is no way to live.

It is doubtful that men’s rights and related ideas are on the radar screen of homeland security.  By the time that they are, it will be much more complicated than the DHS going after us.  There will be opportunistic politicians who will see the potential of developing a power base of men based of men’s rights.  That will make the idea that “MRA’s are a bunch of terrorists” much harder to be taken seriously.

On a personal level I have much more to lose than most of you here for speaking out about men’s rights.  Many of you know that I work in a job in the defense industry with a high level security clearance.  Various defense and homeland security government agencies have the right to search what I do online.  I could lose my job because of what’s on my blog or what I have written on The Spearhead.  The NSA could be tracking my online activities right now.  While I don’t know if the NSA is tracking me online or not, it does not matter to me.  I have and am going to continue to speak out about men’s rights like I always have.

I hope that the NSA or some other government agency is tracking me right now.  Why?  Because defense and homeland security agencies aren’t made up of anti-male robots.  They are made up of men like ourselves.  Like with any group of men there will be plenty of manginas and white knights.  But there will also be plenty of men working for these agencies who will be ready to hear our message.  Men who work for the NSA, DHS, FBI, ICE, etc. still go through the same things the rest of us do.  These men are no less likely to be ass raped in divorce court, to have their children taken away from them, to be the victims of paternity fraud, to have false rape charges and false sexual harassment charges leveled against them, etc.  If we are being tracked by a homeland security agency then after seeing are blogs and websites plenty of men working there will not think these guys are terrorists.  Many of them will instead remember how their aunt divorced their uncle for no reason and their uncle was reamed in divorce court or how their best friend lost their job because some woman decided she didn’t like him so she made up a bogus sexual harassment complaint against him.

Working in law enforcement or homeland security does not automatically make a man a mangina or a white knight.  These are men going through the same problems we are due to female supremacism, and we should remember that rather than treating them like a faceless hive.

Jun 142010

My latest post for The Spearhead is up. As with all Spearhead posts comments are disabled so comment on the post at The Spearhead.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch recently wrote about how the media is describing terrorism related news.  There was a recent arrest of two Muslim men at JFK Airport who were on their way to Somalia to allegedly take part in terrorist activities.  This arrest was reported by Reuters but Reuters did not say that these men were Muslim or point out the connection to wider Islamic terrorism.  Instead Reuters described the men as “men”, “unmarried American citizens”, and “residents of New Jersey”.

While Spencer covered how the media is ideologically against identifying these men as Muslim, he did not cover why the media chose to refer to these men as essentially “unmarried men”.  The media refused to describe the men arrested as Muslim because of their political correctness.  However, there are many ways Reuters could have written this.  Reuters chose “unmarried men” because of their anti-male and feminist ideology.  It makes it sound like the men arrested at JFK Airport were more like George Sodini than Mohammed or Osama.  It’s not just about hiding that it was Muslims involved in these arrests.  It’s an attempt to kill two birds with one stone by also trying to shift the blame on to men by implying that terrorism is caused by regular (unmarried) men who are American citizens.

The media like other feminist and anti-male ideologues see the average man as the problem not the guys who are actually flying planes into buildings.  Unmarried men are free of parts of the system that are designed to extract wealth from men such as the divorce court system.  There is a real threat that men will either go ghost in greater numbers or fight back in the future.  Expect to see more of this general blaming of men or unmarried men specifically in the future.

Mar 162010

My latest post for The Spearhead is up. As with all Spearhead posts comments are disabled so comment on the post at The Spearhead.

Usually, when we think terrorists, we think of men.  However, there are women terrorists too.  And they aren’t just coming from the Middle East.  Colleen LaRose, a middle aged divorced woman from Pennsylvania who went by the name “Jihad Jane” and “Fatima LaRose” online, was arrested for conspiring with other terrorists to assassinate Swedish artist, Lars Vilks.  (Lars Vilks is the artist who created the cartoon of Muhammad as a dog.)  LaRose traveled to Europe last year to train with and assist other terrorists in their plot to kill Vilks.  She was arrested when she arrived back in the US.

LaRose’s arrest was due to the work of the Jawa Report and Youtube Smackdown who have been tracking supporters of terrorism on Youtube and twitter and having their videos on Youtube flagged for removal.  She spent a lot of time on Youtube where these groups discovered her calls for violent jihad on Youtube and her use of twitter to raise funds for terrorists.  You can read more about how LaRose was tracked on Youtube from the Jawa Report.  In that link, the Jawa Report has described LaRose as a “middle aged sociopath woman desperate for love, lonely and isolated”.  The Jawa Report has more about LaRose here.

It turns out LaRose wasn’t the only American woman involved in this terrorist plot to murder Vilks.  Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, a 31 year old medical assistant, originally from Colorado, was arrested recently with several others involved in this plot.  She was later freed, but still may face charges.  Ramirez’s story is somewhat similar to LaRose’s.  Last year Ramirez started spending a lot of time in Muslim chat rooms where she met LaRose and other extremists. In September, she left the US for Ireland to marry an Algerian man taking her son with her.

This is a still developing story.  Originally, when I was going to write this post for The Spearhead there was only one American woman identified in this terrorist plot.  We’ll see what happens.

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