Jan 242010

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(Disclaimer for this post: I am not nor do I claim to be an economist or have any formal education in economics.)

By now you have read The Misandry Bubble. (If not, go read it right now.) The term, misandry bubble, is very accurate because the misandry bubble operates like an economic bubble.

Economic bubbles fall into two types. The first type is typically a technological related economic bubble. The Railway Mania in the 1800s and the dot com bubble are two examples of this type. Both of those bubbles had all of the typical behaviors of economic bubbles, over-investment, rampant speculation, etc. However, when all was said and done there were real economic gains. The Railway Mania produced railroads, and the dot com bubble expanded the internet and created related businesses such as amazon.com. The second type of economic bubble is what might be called an asset bubble. The Tulip Mania of the 1600s and the recent (or current depending on where you live) housing bubble are both examples of asset bubbles. In an asset bubble the price of an asset increases beyond its fundamental value so the price of that asset must come down through inflation, a price collapse, or a combination thereof.

The misandry bubble is clearly an asset bubble. The fundamental value of women has not increased. Women aren’t becoming more beautiful, or smarter, or better cooks, or better girlfriends, etc. By any metric you wish to use, women are not improving. If anything they are getting worse so their fundamental value is going down not up. Thus, the misandry bubble exists because the demands, the “price”, women are demanding from men is going up while the fundamental value of women is holding steady or really going down.

In an economic bubble there are several social psychology factors. One is extrapolation, the idea that because prices have risen in the past they will do so in the future. During the housing bubble we saw this with speculators who flipped houses, and other people who bought houses because if they didn’t buy soon, “they would be priced out forever”. Realtors would say, “real estate only goes up”. David Lereah, the former Chief Economist for the National Association of Realtors, wrote books about how home prices would continue to rise until around 2010 or so. The same claims were made about the oil price spike of 2008 such as demand from the BRIC countries would remain high. We see the same claims in the misandry bubble. A lot of men accept the increasing demands of women because either they are “white knights” or believe that they have no other choice. However, as we see from the collapse of the housing bubble and the 2008 oil price spike, extrapolation is wrong, and this is true with the misandry bubble as well.

Another factor is herding, the idea that investors buy or sell in the direction of the market trend. In the housing bubble, many investment fund managers bought the investment vehicles that were designed to sell mortgages. During the bubble, there were hardly any voices speaking out about how the problems with these mortgage investment vehicles. There were people who noticed, but kept their mouths shut since it could mean losing pay or their jobs. Herding also existed on the level of individual buyers who bought because “everyone else was doing it”.

One aspect of herding that isn’t well know is the use of shaming language to get people who would be skeptical of the behavior causing the bubble to fall in line. There was plenty of shaming language used in the housing bubble. Many made claims that renters were losers and “would be priced out forever” (as in they would forever have the stigma of being a renter since they wouldn’t be able to afford buying a house in the future). The biggest example of shaming language has to be the Century 21 commercial from 2006 (the below video).

In addition to the shaming language to get the husband to buy the house, there is also a great deal of misandry in this video. This is a case of the housing bubble and the misandry bubble overlapping. The husband was right to be skeptical. This commercial aired in 2006. If the couple was really worried about schools, they could have waited two years (when their oldest was starting kindergarten) and saved a boatload of money. Even better they could have rented waiting out the housing bubble in the location with the schools they wanted. However, it was more important to make the husband fall in line despite the fact that he was originally right. With the misandry bubble, shaming language is nothing new as we have the Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics.

We also see moral hazards with bubbles where the decision making of investors in terms of risk and reward is interfered with. With the housing bubble, they are plenty of moral hazards as the government was and is encouraging people to buy houses. The $8000 tax credit for new homeowners is a prime example. It encourages people who would otherwise rationally weigh whether they would want to buy a house or not to believe there is less risk in buying a house than there actually is. Moral hazards aren’t limited to government policy either. The explosion of exotic mortgages during the housing bubble allowed people to buy houses they otherwise could not afford. These moral hazards lead to many of the foreclosures we see today since they threw the risk-reward relationship of whether to buy a house or not out of whack. Moral hazards also exist in the misandry bubble. The clearest example is with divorce and family courts. With the way divorce works now, women can easily divorce their husbands and get rewarded for it both financially and in getting the kids creating an incentive to get divorced. The same is true with the false rape industry. A woman can get away with making false rape accusations which creates an incentive to make false rape accusations. In the churches, priests/ministers/pastors “encourage” men to get married (using plenty of shaming language) creating a moral hazard of men marrying women they otherwise wouldn’t.

When economic bubbles happen, people who implicitly or explicitly realize there is a bubble, make changes in their behavior. Many people decided to wait out the housing bubble by renting to the point of deciding to rent their entire lives in some cases since they were soured on buying houses. With the 2008 oil price spike, people changed their driving habits and started buying more fuel efficient cars. The misandry bubble is no different. Many men learn game, go ghost, become part of the marriage strike, or even just minimize their time alone with certain types of women.

Overproduction and the search for alternatives is another aspect of a bubble. With the housing bubble, many more houses were built than needed. Areas were gentrified by people looking for cheap housing. The 2008 oil price spike led to increased oil production where possible and investment into alternative energy and other alternatives to oil. With the misandry bubble many men decide to expat to find women or bring foreign women to where they live. In the longer term, alternatives will include virtual reality sex, sex bots, and artificial wombs. The creation of these technologies is guaranteed by the fact that the misandry bubble is an economic bubble.

However, the misandry bubble is different from economic bubbles in one important way. The prices due to a bubble must come down through either inflation, lowered prices, or a combination. There is no equivalent to inflation in the misandry bubble so the “price” women are demanding from men must by definition collapse to where it was before. With the creation of technological alternatives, it will collapse to a lower level than it was before.

Jan 142010

I wrote a comment to the Spearhead post on the movie, Avatar:

While Avatar is leftist propaganda for all the reasons described in this post, its worse than that. There is no way the Navi could have naturally evolved on Pandora and not be in the worst kind of poverty that we have ever seen. Their lives would be nasty, brutish, and short. Imagine the real life of a cave man or observe the poorest places in the world to get an idea of what their lives would be really like.

At one point the main character says that humans have nothing to offer the Navi. That’s right because the Navi are luddites who would rather remain completely ignorant of everything around them pretending its one step above pure magic. The Navi have no interest in not just technology, but knowledge and civilization. Of course, given how primitive the Navi are, all the humans on Pandora would have to do is wait until a famine or a plague and then they would have things the Navi want.

Or imagine if something worse happens like an asteroid falling on Pandora taking out enough of Ewa to shut it down. Then what will the Navi do? It’s not like they could fix anything because they treat it as one step above magic. The Navi are completely dependent on Ewa for everything. This will get them sooner or later. One disaster is all it will take.

We hear this all the time that the poorest people in the world (or the Navi) are better off because they live a “simpler life” and “closer to nature”. It’s all bunk whether its in a technologically advanced movie or not. Really, Avatar is slap in the face of anyone who has ever worked to make their lives and the lives of other people better.

I was thinking about this, and Avatar hits on something that I have said before.  Biology is not magic.  The Navi treat their ability to link to animals and trees on Pandora as being “connected” to Ewa.  Such a thing would be all but impossible evolve naturally which means someone designed it.  The Navi are afraid of understanding how anything on Pandora actually works.  In other words they think biology is magic.  In reality Ewa is probably just a computer system for regulating Pandora.  It’s a BioGeoComputer, a computer that spans a planet (or a moon in this case) using biotech, but it’s a computer none the less.

Treating biology as magic is fundamentally female supremacist.  To believe that idea is to believe that women and women alone have some sort of mystical power of life (because women give birth to babies).  Thus the person that believes biology is magic believes that women are fertility goddesses.  Biology can be observed, experimented on, and replicated like everything else in the universe.  There is nothing special about biology.  When you understand how biology works, you understand that women aren’t doing anything special in creating life.  It may not be obvious, but knowing such things helps to depedestalize women.

Going back to the movie Avatar, the Navi fundamentally have female ideals because they don’t want knowledge.  Feminists and other female supremacists don’t want men to have knowledge for similar reasons.  Whether its game or just being able to compare notes on how women are acting, knowledge is power.  This is the reality that stands in stark contrast to all of the ideas that the Avatar movie promotes.

Dec 272009

I have been busy for a few days so I haven’t had a chance to respond to this comment from Susan Walsh.

I called you a dick because you called me a shitty mother.

I don’t know if you are a shitty mother in general.  I will assume you are not without evidence to the contrary.  However, you are a shitty mother when it comes to teaching your son about male-female interaction.  Nearly all mothers are shitty when it comes to telling their sons about the reality of women (and that includes my mother too) so you are hardly unique.

This is really just one aspect of the problem of female solipsism.

I also noticed you avoided talking about your comment about how I’m only capable of relating to women as “cum dumpsters”.  If I only relate to women as “cum dumpsters” as you say, Susan, then I was only able to do anything with women by relating to them only as “cum dumpsters”.

ED is a real problem among young men and it is growing.

Then quit whining when men take this problem seriously and go see a doctor about it.

As I stated on my blog, when one watches a lot of porn, those arousal patterns become entrenched in the brain. When men or women then find themselves in regular, normal, non-porn scenarios, they find that arousal eludes them.

I’m not sure what “a lot” of porn is, but if this is the case why didn’t I have this problem when I lost my virginity recently?  I don’t know if I watched “a lot” of porn or not.  Regardless, I wasn’t doing any “porn scenarios” with either woman I was with.

Besides what is the definition of “porn” here?  A quick search of the internet can find all different types of porn, many of which have some type of normal looking (i.e. not David Alexander bait) women.

Men aged 18-25 represent the fastest-growing group being prescribed Viagra

Is this because they actually need viagra or because because we’re pill happy in the US?  Given that this is the same age group with the biggest problem of heavy drinking and binge drinking it stands to reason that is a bigger part of the problem rather that “real ED”.  It’s not even like they have to stop drinking, but it’s easier to push a pill.

The reason I stated that men should stop wasting doctor’s time is that they are frequently loathe to admit how much porn they watch

It rarely matters so its irrelevant.  Besides what are these guys supposed to do if they aren’t getting laid?  They’re horny, and they need to do something about it.  Porn ends up being the answer unless they discover game.

Hurling the “shaming language” accusation won’t cut it

There’s a reason the catalog of anti-male shaming tactics exists. It’s because we hear the same things over and over again from women on these issues.  Susan, you almost could have copied and pasted some of the things you said from that list.

I’m also not sure why you keep denigrating my education – I never sought to use my degree in any other way than to explain on my own blog that I refer to my business background in the way I solve relationship problems. It’s you in the Game community who keep calling attention to my Wharton MBA. In insisting that I earned it only through affirmative action, what do you hope to accomplish? Why would you even say that? How do you know?

First, you brought up your degree and made a claim that it’s relevant.  Thus it brings up the question if you actually earned your degree.  Since affirmative action means lower standards for women and non-Asian minorities (as well as kicking out a deserving applicant using the guns of the state), this is a real question.  At the time you attended Wharton there were hardly any women going after MBAs but an affirmative action program which means they were desperate for women.  Thus any woman could have gotten in and gotten an MBA from them.  I have no idea what your transcript was at Wharton, but anyone who could have benefited from affirmative action is suspect of having not met the actual standard of earning whatever they claimed to earn.  Because of affirmative action, there is a good chance you never actually met the standard to earn a Wharton MBA particularly given the gender ratio of the Wharton MBA program at the time you attended.  Thus your MBA is suspect at best and any talk about your “business background” is also suspect at best since you may have benefited from affirmative action there as well.

I do want men to be healthy. I want them to be fit for relationships, because that is what my own readers are looking for.

And here it comes.  An anon covered this as well.  If you look up female supremacism in the dictionary, this excerpt will be there as an example.  Here we have a primary example of how women believe that men are supposed to be slaves for women.  Susan is saying that men are only supposed to be healthy because women want it.

I’m much harder on the women than the men

Given that so heavily skewed pro-female now, you would have to be about ten thousand times harder on women than you are now for that to be meaningful.

What is the real female problem with porn?  MarkyMark has already pointed that out: It exposes the slut lifestyle.  Many women are afraid about the truth about women getting out whether its due to porn or game or something else.  After understanding the truth about women, men will start going their own way (whether its using game to get laid occasionally, ghosting, etc. does not matter) and not be under the thumb of a woman.

All this talk about the problems supposedly caused by porn remind me of all the people who talk about the problems supposedly caused by video games.  When it comes to video games, it was all shown to be bunk, and it will be the same with porn.  What both of these have in common is that men (and boys in the case of video games) enjoy them.  This is nothing more than another attack on a predominantly male activity.  It’s also safe to say that there is some fear of male sexuality on the part of women here.

Another thing going on is that women are afraid of the competition from porn.  Of course, in the future with virtual reality sex and later sex bots, this “problem” will only get worse for women.  That’s what happens in an economic bubble when women keep raising the price of sex and offering less and less.

Dec 192009

Susan Walsh, the same woman who called me a “dick” and said that I’m incapable of relating to women as anything other than “cum dumpsters”, continues on with shaming language.  Let’s take a look at what she says here:

Oh boy, is there ever a population of bitter and angry males! I hate to even refer one person to it, but take a look at Roissy in DC. It’s a blog about Game, mens’ rights, and hatred of feminism and women in general. He gets hundreds of comments on every post, and he’s spawned many blogs among his followers. It’s scary stuff.

 Let’s count the types of shaming language in this paragraph.  There’s code red (bitter and angry), code orange (scary), and code black (hatred of women in general).  There’s also a possible code brown in that Roissy’s blog is popular and Susan Walsh alludes to this meaning that there is horde of roissyite men ready to oppress women when the time is right.  There’s a reason why the catalog of anti-male shaming language exists.  Susan Walsh has said nothing new.  We have seen this a billion times before with practically the exact same wording proving that Susan Walsh and others like her are full of crap.

This is semi-OT, but in the associated post, Susan Walsh makes the absurd claim that porn is causing erectile dysfunction in guys in college.  It’s not like there would be a more reasonable cause such as binge drinking or heavy drinking in general.  Personally, as someone who has looked a porn a fair amount, I had no trouble when it came to sex with Kristen and Rachel so I’m certain drinking (and drugs in some cases) is too blame not porn.  That doesn’t fit Susan Walsh’s attack on men.

We need to add a color to the catalog of anti-male shaming tactics for watching/looking at porn.

On top of that Susan Walsh complains about college men going to doctors about ED.  Apparently, she doesn’t want men taking care of their health saying, “Stop wasting doctors’ time when they’re trying to deal with swine flu!”.  As we all know there’s a massive swine flu epidemic going on…guess not.  It’s really just a veiled way of saying that men aren’t important enough to actually go see the doctor unless he’s slaving away for a woman.  Also, what is Susan Walsh’s motivation for taking away the only sexual outlet for many men not getting any?  I am forced to conclude that she is protecting the pussy cartel.  Susan Walsh’s head will probably explode when virtual reality sex and later sexbots arrive on the scene.  Her affirmative action MBA has not prepared her for the introduction of such technologies.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m out to relate to women as only “cum dumpsters”.

Nov 222009

Recently, the New York Times had an article on paternity testing which has already been commented on by our own Roissy and Female Masculinist on their respective personal blogs.  The men in the NYT article are all the victims of fraud.  In any other context, the legal system would consider this a case of outright fraud.  What this means is that the simple technology of paternity testing has acted as the light of truth exposing the entire family law system from lawyers to judges as corrupt and supremely dishonest.

The other area where paternity testing has shown the light of truth is with female behavior.  Before paternity testing the only way a man would know for certain if his wife/girlfriend had committed paternity fraud against him was if he was away from his wife/girlfriend for an extended period of time when conception would have taken place.  Now, it’s possible for men to know the truth both individually and globally.  Depending on who you ask the cuckoldry rate is somewhere between 1% and 30% with 10% being a commonly cited number.  Without mandatory paternity testing it’s impossible to know the exact percentage.  However, the exact percentage doesn’t matter so much since paternity testing has shown that paternity fraud does happen enough that every man should be concerned about whether his kids really are his kids.

Before paternity testing women and male white knights would claim that “women would never lie about paternity”.  Since paternity testing has proven this to be a myth, they have moved to “biological/genetic connections don’t matter” and shaming language.  Take this quote from Carol McCarthy, an officer of the Pennsylvania chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

“Having been involved in cases like these, I think the answer to ‘Is it my kid?’ is irrationally important to the cuckolded husband.  My own biases are going into this because I’m adopted, so I’m real into ‘your parents are the people who raise you.’ I couldn’t care less who my biological parents are.

First, take notice of the shaming language.  Beyond that this quote is incredibly self serving.  I would bet serious money that if McCarthy had a medical problem that was inherited or otherwise required family medical history she would change her tune really quick.  And what about all of those adopted children who go searching for their biological parents?  According to her that shouldn’t happen.  It’s all just more proof that McCarthy is claiming that fatherhood doesn’t matter and engaging in anti-male shaming language.

If a genetic connection doesn’t matter for fatherhood that why does it matter for motherhood?  The article points out that hospitals go to great lengths to make sure that the baby a mother gave birth to is the baby she leaves with including footprints, matching ID bands, guarded nurseries, surveillance cameras, etc.  If genetics does not matter then why doesn’t the government take all babies after they are born and randomly reassign them to parents?  It’s because genetics does matter.  Every other position is self serving shaming language, and paternity testing has exposed this.

Mandatory paternity testing will probably not happen in the future since women and male white knights will oppose it.  However, that does not matter since the most significant change from the creating of paternity testing is the knowledge men now have that cuckolding is a serious problem.  Men are now aware of the need to make sure that his kids are really his, and nothing is going to put that genie back into the bottle.

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Sep 082009

By now you have all heard of Van Jones and his resignation as “Green Jobs Czar” for Obama.  I’m not going to rehash that.  Others have covered it in detail from the fact that he’s an admitted communist to a supporter of cop killer, Mumia Abu Jamal, to a 9/11 truther.  While this seems like its a small victory, it really means a great deal moving forward.

Van Jones was part of what has been called to the blue-green alliance, really the blue collar-green alliance, an attempt to put together big labor with environmentalists.  For Van Jones that only means politically correct labor since he has talked about “making places like West Oakland the center of the green economy” and “creating a pipeline from prisons to the green economy”.  This is not to create green (or any other kind of) energy, but along with cap and trade tax to make a government controlled cartel over energy.

There is an energy revolution coming, but guys like Van Jones want to strangle it before it begins.  For example, Obama cut funding to tidal energy research when its on the verge of becoming a usable form of energy generation (particularly in the Pacific Northwest).  In the 90s, Clinton cut the funding down to nothing for the Integral Fast Reactor, nuclear reactor technology that would have greatly reduced the problem of nuclear waste.  If Clinton and Obama really are interested in creating green energy, then why did they cut funding to two things that would have done just that?  The answer is that they aren’t interested in green energy but making everyone more impoverished by increasing the price of energy, making people more dependent on government.  New energy technologies would also primarily benefit (white and Asian) men since they would get the jobs from these technologies.  As we now know from Van Jones, this is unacceptable to him and guys like Clinton and Obama.

Where does Kardashev come into this?  Kardashev was a Russian astronomer who created a scale for classifying the technological development of extraterrestial civilizations based on their energy usage.  This scale is highly speculative so its usefulness for more than writing science fiction and other speculation is limited.  However, it does tell us one important thing.  A technologically expanding civilization (such as ours) is going to increase its energy usage over time.  (Only a collapse of said civilization can change this.  Even depressions end eventually.)  No amount of conservation or efficiency will change this fact.

Guys like Van Jones, Clinton, and Obama have to strangle technological development to force people to be dependent on government.  This means strangling development in energy technologies since without energy technological development is slowed or stalled.  This is also very anti-male as (white and Asian) men are the leading developers of new technologies.  This is why Van Jones has to try to force government controlled “green energy” using (former) prisoners and other politically correct groups because otherwise it would benefit (white and Asian) men.

Aug 082009

The internet was designed to be a network that would work after a nuclear war. To achieve such a network, it was designed to be completely decentralized and route around any damage. More on this in a second.

One of the problems of trying to promote the cause of men’s rights is women who would just shout that all MRAs are just misogynists. They don’t bother with justification, evidence, or logic, but it works due to female herd mentality. Even many women who claim to be on our side will just go on to MRA and MGTOW blogs and claim that we’re all misogynists under the guise of “helping us” and/or “making our “arguments more convincing”.

How do we get around this? By going our own way, the MGTOW concept. MGTOW works the same way the internet does. It’s completely decentralized. Most men who are GTOW will never hear of the MGTOW concept. They will just do it. It also routes around the damage women cause with their misogyny shtick. It other words MGTOW works for the same reasons the internet works.

Jul 212009

Glenn Sacks recently has this post on his blog about the recent “controversy” about artificial sperm. He’s got few good links about the current research in this area. Glenn also makes two very important points:

  1. While men aren’t going to be made redunant anytime soon, this proves that most women are igornant.
  2. Men created civilization and created everything in civilization. Women have done nothing. Here’s the direct quote from Glenn on this point, “The fact is that practically every single thing that we call progress, everything that makes life good – from art to science to technology to medicine to spirituality – has been invented, created, discovered, made or imagined by men.”

Jul 202009

Forty years ago today men did something that has never been done before. Men landed on the moon. This was an achievement unparalleled in history. Before we were limited to just one planet. Even with the lack of manned space missions beyond Earth orbit, even now we have built the basis for civilization that extends to other planets. This is an example of one of the things men do, men push the limits of our frontiers.

As soon as Armstrong walked on the moon, all of the chattering classes (i.e. men who don’t produce anything and women) started talking nonsense about “imperialism in space” and other garbage. Why? Because they produce nothing. All of the men involved in the moon landing from Armstrong to all the engineers who worked on the spacecraft participated in moving civilization forward. These men accomplished an amazing feat.
Many predicted we would have cities on the moon right now. There are a couple of reasons we don’t. One is that when predicting the future a common mistake is the overestimate where we will be in the short term and underestimate where we will be in the long term. However, the other reason is the result of feminism (and socialism in general). Money spent on space, on moving civilization forward, is money that isn’t spent on the black hole of women. Take a look at the example of Walter Mondale. He wanted to get rid of the space program in its entirety. While having cities on the moon by now is overestimating big time we should be farther ahead in space then where we are now.
However, this has not stopped men. A spaceport for private space flight is being built in New Mexico. The first permanent node of the Interplanetary Internet is being launched. Men continue to push forward in space.
Jul 172009

A while back I talked about how men had taken over cooking and other domestic tasks because women felt doing things like cooking was sexist. I pondered if this would lead to men taking over raising kids entirely using artificial wombs as the end result to have said kids. Amy brought up an interesting observation of how at her local park that it was mainly fathers and grandparents who brought their kids there. The few mothers who brought their kids generally ignored their kids unlike the fathers and grandparents.

Novaseeker just had a post on his blog about the new trend of mothers who give up custody of their kids. I would like to see more than one article about this before saying that its really a trend, but it does fit. Women have been progressively giving up domestic related tasks so can parenting really be that far behind? We’ll see what happens.
Jun 272009
One of the things that men do is build things. This can be anything from building cars, to houses, to software, even new inventions. This is something that for the most part women don’t do.
Carlos Owens an army mechanic is Wasilla, AK (yes, that Wasilla) has built his own mecha which is a giant robot that mimics the movements of its human pilot. Here’s a pic of it below:

Owens has been working on mechas for the last four years in his garage. He sees the obvious uses for mechas in construction and the military, but they will probably first be used in entertainment, namely demolition derby battles.
Carlos Owens is very similar to the Wright brothers and the guys in Silicon Valley who created the computer revolution from their garages. The Wright brothers were bicycle mechanics from Ohio. In Silicon Valley, men worked in their garages inventing a whole new industry.
I know lots of people, particularly women, would say that Carlos Owens is just obsessed with science fiction because he is working on building mechas. The fact of the matter is that its men like Carlos Owens who move humanity forward. Countless numbers of men were inspired by Star Trek and proceeded to develop careers creating technology as adults.
Imagine what must have happened right before fire was invented. The rest of the cavemen especially the cavewomen probably told the guy who invented a way to start fire that he was obsessed with science fiction and that a way to start fire wouldn’t be invented for hundreds of years if at all. Since that caveman invented a way to start fire, over and over again people tell men who invent things they are obsessed with science fiction despite being proven wrong again and again.
Jun 222009

Both Welmer and Whiskey have been talking about advertising recently. We all know advertising is very anti-male. Whiskey provides some examples. To me the ultimate example is the infamous “Suzanne Researched This” commercial from Century 21 in 2006:

Which of course has been parodied:

What we have he is an example of how advertisers are targeting women and think that they can completely ignore men and belittle them. In theory, this violates the rules of good advertising since you don’t want to antagonize any potential customers. However, they like almost every other advertiser is only advertising to women since they figure women will extract money from men. (As an aside this is how the housing bubble happened. The housing bubble was primarily a female caused economic bubble. After all the guy in the commercial knows the house wasn’t worth what they were going to pay in 2006, but the wife “loves” that house unlike her husband. If that commercial happened in reality they would be foreclosed on soon. More on this in a subsequent blog entry.)
Since so many companies are in the business of selling junk to women paid for by men, what does a company that sells to men look like as far as its advertising. It’s a bit difficult to find such examples. Even beer doesn’t qualify, but I found one.
The company is called Asus. They’re a manufacturer of various computer parts, motherboards, graphics cards, sound cards, etc. Among guys like me who build their own computers, Asus is known for high reliability and high performance hardware. The computer I’m typing this on is filled with Asus parts. Needless to say its clear their customer base is pretty much male. How much advertising does Asus do? Little to none. Instead the money spent on advertising is spent on engineering.
Thus we are forced to conclude that advertising is primarily about getting women to buy junk with male money since companies that have a primarily male customer base know advertising is pointless.
Jun 062009

When myself and many other men are told we should get married or even just find a girlfriend, we rightfully demand a good reason. Many men have either decided women aren’t worth the trouble of dealing with potential of everything from false rape charges to corrupt family courts or have been ignored by women and eventually come to the conclusion that they are better off. Usually, we get some sort of dangerous misinterpretation of the Bible or some type of shaming language. However, some people will try to come up with something resembling an actual reason. Personally, the only thing that anyone has been able to come up with, “What happens when you are old?” Essentially what they are referring to is being stuck in a nursing home with no family whatsoever while being frail due to old age. Really, what they’re talking about is having kids more than finding a wife or a girlfriend, but since we don’t have artifical wombs yet a woman has to be involved somewhere.

The problem is that there are men who will be swayed by this reasoning. The thought of being 85 with no family whatsoever (since many of us are only children now) stuck in a nursing home dealing with some sort of demetia is scary. This reasoning does have the obvious problems of whether your kids will want anything to do with you when they are adults and/or that you don’t end up divorced in the process. In fact with a divorce you could end up in the worst of all possible situations of being alone when old but without the money you could have saved if you stayed single. Regardless, this is a mental logjam for many men. Once again, technology provides us the solution.
The solution is anti-aging technology. When I speak of anti-aging technology I’m not talking about snake oil or those stupid creams and make ups that claim to make you look younger. I’m talking about bioengineering technologies involving such technologies as genetic engineering and possibly nanotechnology to make your body younger than its chronological age. Imagine being 80, but having the body of a 25 year old or being 280 with the body of a 25 year old.
Anti-aging technology is now being worked on very seriously. Most of the current work is centered around Dr. Aubrey De Grey, a biomedical gerontologist based in Cambridge (England) who came up with an idea he called SENS, Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence which is associated with the Methuselah Foundation, a foundation for funding anti-aging research. (Note: I am not associated with either the SENS Foundation or the Methuselah Foundation). Dr. De Grey believes that he has found all of the causes of aging and that through research ways of reversing the damage resulting from those causes. Time will tell if SENS will produce the first generation of anti-aging technology. It may or may not, but it has been realized that anti-aging technology can be produced and that we aren’t that far away from making it real.
May 302009

When technology is discussed in terms of how it will free men, the two technologies that come up the most are sex bots and artificial wombs.  This is to be expected as so many of the problems women cause men to have are tied up in dating, relationships, and having kids (i.e. divorce and corrupt family courts).  However, women cause problems to men outside of these areas.

Take schools for instance.  They are run by women and feminist men.  Their employees are mainly women.  It’s no surprise that natural boy behavior is called ADD (attention deficit disorder), ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), or Asperger’s syndrome by female teachers who refuse to understand boys.  If you talk to parents of boys in your community, you will hear plenty of stories of female teachers who will claim that their son has one of these diseases and will refuse to teach them unless they are medicated.

Before anyone gets on me about claiming ADD, ADHD, and Asperger’s syndrome aren’t real, I’m not claiming that.  They are real, but over diagnosed.  Lazy female teachers are motivated to medicate your sons rather than become a better educator.  In the case of Asperger’s syndrome, most people don’t fully comprehend how its a continuum disorder.  It’s not like being pregnant which a woman is or isn’t.  Asperger’s is in the middle of a continuum between what is known as being neurotypical on one end and full blown autism on the other.  As a result its possible to be a little bit Aspergers or autistic and not notice any real problems.  As a result of how nebulous this can be, a female teacher can claim a boy is Aspergers, but the only real problem is that he isn’t interested in American Idol.

The source of this problem is public schools.  When most people think of education, they think of something along the lines of kids receiving the knowledge of previous generations in such subjects as history, math, English, and science.  This is not the case.  While some knowledge is taught, the fact is public schools are nothing but vehicles for propaganda.  This has been true since the beginning of public schools.  Horace Mann who is responsible for the creation of modern public education in America had two goals, create obedient factory workers (since Americans were independent thinkers at the time) and make Catholic immigrant’s kids Protestants.  In other words Horace Mann was not interested educating anyone, but propaganda.  Now, public schools are controlled by other interests which include feminists (hence why public schools are hostile to boys) and other leftist interests.
Private schools may or may not be any better.  Schools the use the Sudbury Model are most likely very good.  However, even schools such as Catholic schools where you would expect to find no feminism whatsoever have plenty of feminism in them.  I went to Catholic schools and while its clear that I received a superior education to a public school (which isn’t that much of an accomplishment), its was still run by feminists.  The teachers went to all of the same education colleges as public school teachers.  They were still primarily female and did not understand boys.  Ironically, some of the worst feminists were nuns.
If you have a boy, and you want to make sure he receives a true education, you probably have to homeschool.  Detractors of homeschooling will claim that your kid won’t receive “social skills”.  However what are “social skills” really?  Mindless conformity, getting their lunch money stolen, being bombarded with feminist propaganda, and if the teacher is really lazy being drugged.  If you’re worried about your homeschooled kid not getting “social skills” you can steal their lunch money and give them placebos instead of real drugs.
As great homeschooling is, it has its limits.  Technology will provide us a solution to these problems, namely the direct neural interface.  What is a direct neural interface?  It’s a interface directly between a computer and the brain.  If you have seen the Matrix, what they were using were direct neural interfaces (although I doubt it will work like that).  What direct neural interfaces will allow is accelerated learning since knowledge can be directly downloaded into the brain.  No longer will teachers be needed who may be motivated to instill propaganda rather than educate.  Since education will be so direct, anyone will be able to learn whatever subject they wish.  For men this will mean complete freedom from feminist schools and colleges.
May 262009

The two most important technologies for male liberation that haven’t been invented yet are sex bots and artifical wombs.  

Sex bots are robots that are designed to look like women (or men) for the purposes of sex.  The benefit for men is obvious.  How much time do men spend thinking about sex, trying to get sex (and failing most of the time if they aren’t an “alpha”), etc.?  If you’re not an “alpha”, then you are a man who has gone through a lot of humiliation to get sex and/or relationships.  A sex bot is an easy way to relive this need.
Artifical wombs are only relevant if you have a desire for kids.  Many men do.  Combined with genetic engineering, cloning, and other technologies, artifical wombs allow men to have children without women.
The real power of sex bots and artifical wombs is when they both exist.  If only sex bots exist then a man who wants kids will still have to get involved with a woman.  If only artifical wombs exist men who want sex will still have to go to women.  The real benefit to men will happen when both of these technologies exist.
I know someone will bring up the issue of cost.  All technologies get cheaper over time.  Also, think about how much a divorce, false abuse charges, and child support for a child that isn’t yours cost. 
Or think about it in these terms, if the Duke Lacrosse 3 had sex bots they wouldn’t have ordered a stripper and never been put through the hell they experienced.
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