Feb 042015

It’s the time of the month to select a new Entitlement Princess of the Month.  Last month was an all Scott Aaronson edition, where the three entitlement princess of the month candidates were women who attacked Scott Aaronson.  The winner was Amanda Marcotte with 59% of the vote.

The Entitlement Princess of the Month can only keep going with your support so keep submitting new entitlement princesses on the Entitlement Princess of the Month submission page.

This will be a month with no voting.  That is because Shanley Kane, this month’s winner, took entitlement princessry to a high level.  Kane is one of the many “women in tech” in San Francisco who hang around the tech industry, not actually producing technology, but being a parasite on the tech industry.  That alone did not make her Entitlement Princess of the Month.  Kane created Model View Culture, a “feminist tech media company”, with a another woman who ended up leaving because, as she described it “working with Kane was like being in an abusive relationship”.  When that woman left, Kane completely erased her from Model View Culture taking credit for work she didn’t do by crediting herself as the founder of Model View Culture, not the co-founder.

On top of that Kane spends her time complaining about basic tech terminology, saying that men rape women they start companies with, demanding that Marc Andreessen, the venture capitalist and founder of Netscape, not be allowed on Twitter, demanding that the Linux community kick out Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, and attacking men like Vivek Wadhwa, an Indian-American technology entrepreneur and academic for what can only be described as not being mangina enough.  (That last one is another example of the (white female) war on Indian/Indian-American men in tech.)  When it came out that Kane used to have a white nationalist boyfriend, used lots of racial epithets, and likely used to be a racist herself, Kane tried to accuse anyone who had a problem with her racist past of slut shaming and being terrorists.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of her bad behavior and how big of an entitlement princess she is.  It’s guaranteed that Kane will not change so we can expect more of the same from her in the future.  Kane has worked hard to become the January 2015 Entitlement Princess Of The Month.

Jan 292015

There are lots of campaigns to get more “women in tech”.  One thing that keeps coming up in response is “why aren’t there any campaigns to get more men to become elementary school teachers?”  That is a valid question to ask.  It exposes the “women in tech” campaigns for what they really are which isn’t an attempt to create a more even gender distribution.  It’s an attempt to force men out of tech so that women can take it over while at the same retain control over female dominated professions like elementary education.  It’s also an attempt to get women “jobs” where they don’t have to do any work or produce anything of value like “diversity coordinator”.

It’s also important to look at this from the opposite direction.  Here is a chart of jobs which the percentage of men in them.  (The image is large so you may need to click on it to see it):

There are lots of jobs with higher percentages of men before you even get to the tech industry.  Look at the last job on the list, Boilermakers.  The percentage of women boilermakers is 0.2%.  In other words only 1 out of 500 boilermakers is a woman.  Feminists should be talking about this because it’s the job with the lowest percentage of women in it.  Yet, feminists will never talk about this.  That’s because being a boilermaker is hard work where you have to get your hands dirty and have to produce tangible objects.

Any woman who complains about the lack of women in tech is a hypocrite and a fraud unless she’s willing to become a boilermaker.

Jan 232015

Anti-#GamerGate has already made three major mistakes.  All three of these mistakes had one thing in common.  They pushed people who didn’t care about #GamerGate firmly into the #GamerGate camp.  Anti-#GamerGate is in the process of making its fourth and fifth major mistakes which will have the same effect.

The fourth major mistake Anti-#GamerGate is making is flooding somewhat related websites with anti-#GamerGate and feminist women in tech propaganda.  Slashdot, a website for technology news, is a good example.  A while back Slashdot started posting a lot of anti-#GamerGate and feminist women in tech nonsense.  Initially, the attitude of the readership at Slashdot agreed with the anti-#GamerGate and feminist position.  However, the constant drumbeat of anti-#GamerGate and women in tech propaganda had the effect of reversing the views of the Slashdot readership as can be seen with the comments to Slashdot stories like this one.  When anti-#GamerGate talks about #GamerGate or feminist women in tech nonsense, the effect is to generate more #GamerGate supporters.

Anti-#GamerGate’s fifth major mistake is going after archive sites using false DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaints.  While this will piss off the owners and backers of archive sites, what anti-#GamerGate is doing is much bigger than that. The DMCA is something that the online rights crowd has been fighting since among other things it allows for this sort of abuse.  Most of the online rights crowd either doesn’t care about #GamerGate or believes the feminist lie that it’s all about misogyny.  This will cause many of them to get an education and become #GamerGate supporters.  It also adds a new angle to the Zoe Quinn situation because she has been using false DMCA complaints to shutdown criticism of her making it that much harder for her supporters to use the lie that Zoe Quinn is a victim of misogynerds.

What is happening with both of these major mistakes is that anti-#GamerGate and feminists are pushing into adjacent communities who either were neutral or supported them and turning many members of those communities hostile to them.  They should stop doing this since the effect is the same each time they do it, but they can’t seem to help themselves.

Jan 172015

Linus Torvalds, the creator and leader of the Linux kernel, had this to say about the push for “diversity” in tech:

Torvalds was attacked by feminists for saying that individual contributions and technical skills matter.  Rather than stand firm, Torvalds wrote to Ars Technica to “explain what he really meant”, just like Scott Aaronson did (and similar to Matt Taylor’s crying apology over his shirt).  We have seen with GNOME and Mozilla that feminism is toxic for the survival of open source projects.  What Torvalds has done puts the Linux kernel in peril.

Here’s a piece of advice to the future Linus Torvalds, Scott Aaronsons, and Matt Taylors out there.  If you run into trouble with feminism, your apologies or explanations on what you really meant don’t matter to them so don’t bother.  Stand up to them.  Feminists may generate problems for you if you do that, but trying to “apologize” or “explain yourself” will lead to the exact same thing.  Since the result is the same you should stand up to the feminist bullies.  When Scott Aaronson tried to “explain himself”, he was still compared to Elliot Rodger.  If you’re a man working in tech, feminists are out to get you regardless of what you say or do, so the only sensible option is to fight them.

Nov 192014

Last week, an international team of scientists landed a probe on a comet.  Any reasonable person would have seen this as a triumph in human scientific accomplishment.  Feminists, on the other hand, are more concerned about a shirt that one of the scientists wore.

I can think of no better reason feminism should be kept out of science.  Scientists do real work expanding the frontier of human knowledge.  Feminists are obsessed with meaningless issues like a man’s shirt and are a force against human knowledge.  Just look at the bio of Matt Taylor, the scientist who wore the shirt:

Matt Taylor was born in London, gained his undergraduate Physics degree at the University of Liverpool, and a PhD from Imperial College London. His career has focused on the space plasma measurements, working in Europe and the US on the four spacecraft ESA Cluster mission, leading to a post at ESA which started in 2005 working as the project scientist for Cluster and the ESA-China Double star mission. His studies have focused on energetic particle dynamics in near-Earth space and in the interaction of the Sun’s solar wind with the Earths magnetic field, particularly focusing on how boundary layer interactions evolve, leading to 70 first or co-authored papers. Most recently he was appointed the Project Scientist on the Rosetta mission.

Does any feminist have a bio like this?  Has any feminist done work like Dr. Taylor’s?  The answer to both questions is HELL NO.  This is another reason why effort’s like Maria Klawe’s to replace men with women in STEM is so dangerous.  Instead of expanding the realm of human knowledge and improving the world like they are now, more feminism in science and engineering means that scientists and engineers will be too busy going to “women in computing” conferences and worrying about their clothing to get anything done.

Dr. Taylor made the mistake of apologizing for his choice in attire.  He should have gone on the offensive and defended science against feminism.  There’s a perfect quote from Confucius (especially if you replace moon with comet) that he should have used to defend science:

“When a wise man points at the moon the imbecile examines the finger.”

Nov 102014

For those of you using the PaleMoon browser now due to Mozilla’s failure to stand up to feminism, Spawny Get provided some instructions to get PaleMoon to not identify itself to websites as FireFox:

All hail VD. Switching to Pale Moon, which is an excellent idea BTW, doesn’t stop your browsing being reported to sites as being on FireFox. To really stick your boot up the market sharing arse of FireFox you need to do the following.

The following is all taken from VoxDay:


Since Pale Moon is built upon a Firefox base, it still reports itself to be Firefox to web sites by default. Fortunately, it is trivially simple to turn this off and cause the browser to correctly report itself as PaleMoon.

Create a new tab.
Type “about:config” into the Address Bar as if it were an internet site (URL).
Type “compatMode” into the Search box that will appear right below the Address Bar.
On the line general.useragent.compatMode.firefox there are three settings: user set, boolean, true. Click on “true” and it will change to false.
Close the tab.

That’s it. Web sites will no longer incorrectly attribute your pageviews to Firefox. If as many people have switched to Pale Moon as have switched to Chrome, the decline in Firefox usage may actually be twice what I originally estimated.

Oct 292014

There has been a missing part to the Satya Nadella story, and that is Maria Klawe.  Maria Klawe is the woman who asked Satya Nadella the question about how women should ask for raises.  It’s likely you haven’t heard much if anything about her.  Part of the reason for that is that she hasn’t spoken out much since the Satya Nadella story broke.  Who is Maria Klawe?  She’s a member of the Microsoft board of directors and the president of Harvey Mudd College.  It is highly probable Klawe is the reason that Nadella was even at the Grace Hopper conference about women in computing in the first place.  In an interview, Klawe said that she regularly brings female Harvey Mudd students to it every year, and that this action has spread to companies like Microsoft.

Given that Klawe is likely responsible for Satya Nadella wasting his time at a women in computing conference and asked him the question about women asking for raises, Klawe is at least partially responsible for the uproar about Satya Nadella.  Given that she is on the Microsoft board of directors and is supposed to have a good working relationship with Nadella, one would expect her to do something to defend Nadella.  If Klawe wasn’t on the Microsoft board of directors, she would still have a moral responsibility to help defend Nadella.  However, since she is on the Microsoft board of directors, Klawe has a responsibility to defend Nadella as a member of Microsoft’s board of directors in addition to her moral responsibility.  Her lack of serious action in this case is endangering Microsoft.  People are calling for Satya Nadella’s resignation based on a butchered quote in the media.  In addition, a lot of the demands for Satya Nadella to resign are being driven by anti-Indian racism and xenophobia.  If nothing else she should be speaking out against that.  For all these reasons Klawe should do something to defend Nadella.  This situation proves that she is willing to sacrifice the best interests of Microsoft when a “women’s issue” comes up.  Whether it’s wasting the time of Microsoft executives at a bogus women in computing conference or defending Microsoft against baseless media attacks, Klawe is clearly unwilling to take her responsibilities as a Microsoft board member seriously.  Microsoft shareholders should start demanding Klawe’s resignation since she is endangering Microsoft.

This is not a unique situation for Klawe.  As president of Harvey Mudd College, she has similarly focused on “women’s issues” to the detriment of the college.  Klawe is praised for raising the percentage of women in its computer science program.  Since it is safe to assume that the number of seats in its computer science program was not expanded, women replaced more qualified men.  How can we know this?  The introductory course for computer science was broken up into three sections, the first section for people with no experience in computer science, the second section for people with a little experience in computer science, and the third for people with lots of experience in computer science.  Given that computer science programs tend to have a high percentage of people with at least some prior experience in the subject matter, people (mostly men) with prior experience had to be discriminated against in admissions for people (mostly women) with no prior experience.  (While most of the victims of this policy are men, some women will be victims too.  It is likely that foreign born women, who are more likely than women on average, to have prior experience with computer science will be discriminated against for American born women with no experience in computer science.)  It is difficult to come up with another situation where prior experience and a desire to learn some of a subject on your own is considered bad.  Yet, that seems to now be the case with Harvey Mudd’s computer science program.

The problem at Harvey Mudd goes beyond who is admitted into their computer science program.  People who ask too many questions (most likely to be men) in computer science classes at Harvey Mudd get told to stop asking so many questions about “arcane details” in class.  This is done because other students (presumably women) found such questions “intimidating”.  Supposedly, students with questions about “arcane details” can just ask questions after class, but the net effect of this policy is that students will be less likely to ask questions of their instructors.  (From an academic freedom perspective, this is particularly disturbing.  Anytime an instructor or Harvey Mudd College wants to shut someone up, they can just accuse them of “intimidating women”.)  Personally, when I was getting my degree in computer science, I learned a lot from men who were asking a lot of questions about “arcane details” both inside and outside of class.  They definitely improved the education I received.  Thus, Harvey Mudd students in computer science are now receiving an inferior education.

Defenders of these policies will say that they are designed to bring “equality” or some such to Harvey Mudd’s computer science program.  However, 54% of Harvey Mudd’s seniors in engineering majors are female.  Given that the percentage of computer science seniors at Harvey Mudd is less than 40%, even after Maria Klawe’s “reforms”, other engineering majors must be significantly more than 50% female to get a 54% average across all engineering majors.  Where are the policies and programs to bring more men into those engineering majors that are more than 50% female at Harvey Mudd?  There aren’t any, obviously.  What has been done at Harvey Mudd is to make the college more hostile to men by discriminating against students with prior experience and students likely to ask a lot of questions.  Maria Klawe has helped turn Harvey Mudd’s computer science program from a first rate program to a third rate program just so more women could benefit.  Just as Maria Klawe is endangering the future of Microsoft, she is also endangering the quality of education at Harvey Mudd.

Oct 212014

I have been reading more articles about the Satya Nadella situation for an article I’m going to write about Maria Klawe.  I have noticed a related issue that is important, the level of hate against Indian-American men in the comments of any article written in the last several days about Satya Nadella.

Let’s take a look at some of the comments to this CNBC interview with Satya Nadella (which was written yesterday and was primarily about Microsoft and cloud technology, not Nadella’s comments about asking for raises):

Did he tell all the women in the audience to STFU?

He is from India. Do you know how men treat women in India. They beat them!!!

He is from India. Men in India treat women like dirt.  He thought that he was going to get cheers from all the men for trying to institute the Indian culture and their hatred for women, here. It is not his fault because it is in his blood to be that way.

Is this the work of trolls?  No, because it is too widespread.  Just look at the comments of any article with comments written in the last several days about Satya Nadella and you will find plenty of comments like those above.  In particular, there’s an obsession with the idea that Indian men are all busy beating Indian women.  In fact, accusations that Indian men are woman beaters aren’t limited to anonymous internet comments.  People are willing to accuse Indian men of being woman beaters in articles where the authors use their real names such as this one.

Why are there such attacks on Indian & Indian-American men?  Men of Indian descent are common in the tech industry and are successful not just as rank and file employees, but as executives and startup founders as well.  They prove that the tech industry does not discriminate against women and minorities.  Also, for practical reasons it’s not enough to just attack white men in the tech industry.  Indian (and Asian) men are numerous enough in the tech industry that even if the white men were taken out, Indian and Asian men would fill the gap, not women and definitely not white women. 

That is what “diversity in tech” is really all about.  It’s get rid of the White, Indian, & Asian men followed by getting rid of the rest of the men when convenient plus foreign born women need not apply.  If you look at the demographics of who is attacking the tech industry, they are primarily white and barring that non-foreign born minorities.

Indian men in tech committed an unforgivable sin in the eyes of feminists by being successful in the tech industry.  And they did while coming from a poor third world country where they were worse off than any American women.

Oct 172014

It’s been several days since Satya Nadella answered a question about how women should ask for raises, yet I can find that people are still talking about it.  Before, going any further let’s take a look at what he actually said:

You know, the thing that perhaps most influenced me in terms of how you look at the journey or a career – there was this guy whose name was Mike Naples he was the president of Microsoft when I joined and he had this saying where he would say: ‘look, all HR systems are long term efficient, short term inefficient’, and I thought that phrase just captured it.

Which is it’s not really about asking for the raise its knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along. And that, I think might be one of the additional superpowers that quite frankly women who don’t ask for a raise have because that’s good karma, it’ll come back. Because somebody is gonna know that’s the kind of person that I wanna trust, that’s the kind of person that I wanna really give more responsibility to.

And in the long term efficiency things catch up. And I wonder, and I’m not saying that that’s the only approach, I wonder whether taking the long term helps solve for what might be perceived as this uncomfortable thing of ‘hey am I getting paid right, am I getting rewarded right’, because reality is your best work is not followed with your best reward. Your best work then has impact, people recognise it and then you get the rewards and so you have to somehow think that through I think.

The non-italicized paragraphs are the parts that most articles on the web and elsewhere never include when talking about this.

While it’s debatable whether this is good advice for anyone, male or female, looking at the whole quote makes it clear that Satya Nadella believes in meritocracy almost to a fault.  He has also benefited from the meritocracy in the tech industry.  If the tech industry excluded women and minorities like feminists and other leftists say, then Satya Nadella would never have been CEO of Microsoft.  That’s why he’s still getting attacked days after saying this.  Nadella, along with all of the other men of South Asian and East Asian descent in the tech industry, prove that women and minorities aren’t being discriminated against by the tech industry simply by existing.

Nadella reacted to the uproar about what he said by backpedaling.  He should have done the opposite because it’s clear that most anyone attacking him is intentionally misquoting him.  They’re leaving out the first and third paragraphs of what he said.  Nadella should have noticed this and realized that no matter how much he goes into mangina mode, he will always be attacked as an evil tech industry CEO oppressing women.  In many ways, the attacks against Nadella will be worse than if he was white because his existence is a threat to the feminist narrative about women being oppressed.  Even if Nadella becomes the biggest mangina ever, it will not help him.  His existence is a threat to the feminist narrative because he shows that women aren’t being kept out of the tech industry.

Nadella isn’t the only man in the tech industry who could be in this situation.  Any man of South Asian or East Asian descent working in the tech industry could easily get attacked in the same way.  (The only difference is that Nadella is more visible because he’s the CEO of Microsoft.)  In fact, it is easy to find articles attacking all men of South Asian and East Asian descent working in the tech industry as being mustache twirling racists and misogynists.  Here is one such example.  (It even includes garbage like Indian Americans all hate black people and 40% of Indian American men beat their wives.)  When you read the article at that link, the implication becomes clear.  If men of South Asian and East Asian descent don’t get with the feminist agenda, they will be attacked as much as white men are, if not more.  It’s a variant on a kafka trap to trick South Asian and East Asian men into becoming manginas by making them think there is a way out of being attacked like white men.  Like with Satya Nadella, the attacks will not stop by becoming a mangina, since the problem for feminists is that South Asian and East Asian men are in the tech industry.

What Satya Nadella should have done is realized that South Asian and East Asian men working in the tech industry are under attack and done something like start a hashtag called, #NotYour5thColumn (similar to how women and non-white men started #NotYourShield to support #GamerGate).  Feminists claim to include minority men, but in reality they don’t care about them.  There is no way for non-white men to placate feminists.  Satya Nadella is going to learn this the hard way just like many (former) manginas who are white did.

All men in tech industry are under attack by feminists.  Just because feminists went after white men first and now East Asian and South Asian men doesn’t mean they aren’t coming for you.  As the last several days with Satya Nadella have shown us, either we stand together or make it easier for feminists to destroy us separately.

Aug 102014

Over the last couple of years, there have been several articles about the rise of a new CxO position, the Chief Marketing Technology Officer.  It’s a position created from the combination of traditional marketing and big data along with other technologies related to marketing.  Somehow, this is going to combine CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) positions with CIO (Chief Information Officer) positions.  Also, it’s supposed to lead to women taking over technology (or at least a large portion of it) via marketing because women dominate marketing.

This all sounds really silly.  Clearly, adapting marketing to use technology is part of the CMO’s job.  There is no need to add another CxO position for this.  I’m not the only one who has noticed this, and a large part of this CMTO nonsense is because marketers are afraid of technology:

I’m not at all surprised that the role of Chief Marketing Technology Officer has emerged in recent months. It’s a damn shame, but I’m not surprised.

Too many marketers are either afraid of technology or just don’t understand it. And we all start there. But what’s worse, those same marketers pretend that nothing is changing, that the new technology isn’t necessary, that they can keep doing their jobs the “old way” and be just fine.

That, of course, is a path to irrelevance. If you’re that kind of marketer, you will increasingly be marginalized in your organization. You will increasingly be farther and farther away from driving meaningful, measurable revenue.

When you combine these facts with the nonsense about women taking over (a large portion of) technology, it becomes clear what is really going on.  Marketing is dominated by women who by definition are afraid of technology since marketers in general are afraid of technology.  Women are hoping this “CMTO” position will emerge so that they can keep dominating marketing because they can’t deal with this new technology themselves.  In reality, CMTO positions are folly so this will lead to traditional marketers being pushed out of marketing.  Since women dominate traditional marketing, the end result is not women dominating an aspect of technology, but being pushed out of the marketing field.  Either the technology will do the work women were doing, or it will require people who understand that technology which the majority of women in marketing clearly don’t.

Jun 132014

How much hardware does it take to put your body into a VR world?  One oculus rift and three kinects.  That’s it.  That’s not a lot of hardware that even right now isn’t expensive.  Over time that hardware is only going to get cheaper.

What does this mean for virtual sex?  It’s possible that an additional kinect to track the crotch area and/or force feedback hardware may be needed.  However, that’s not much more hardware that is only getting cheaper too.

Virtual sex is getting closer and closer to reality.

May 242014

Anon1 brought this story to our attention about a single mother in Silicon Valley who has supposedly experienced “discrimination” in trying to form a startup.  Here is the “discrimination” she has supposedly experienced:

She’s faced prejudice in the Valley. “I don’t have an Ivy League education; I didn’t just graduate college. I have over 10 years of business experience, and I thought all of those things actually would be positives,” said Atwood. “But unfortunately, there are a lot of investors that are looking for the young 21-year-old, just-graduated-Stanford type of entrepreneur.”

Indeed, she said one VC firm suggested she ought to find that “white 21-year-old guy” to come with her on her roadshow, while another told her that she ought to dye her blond hair darker to be taken seriously in the tech community.

And one potential angel investor even asked her, “Are you sure you can do this as a single mom?”

I know lots of successful people in Silicon Valley that didn’t graduate from college or graduated from a non-Ivy League institution so that discrimination doesn’t exist.  Wanting to make sure that a potential startup has sufficient technical resources (what the 21 year old guy comment really means) isn’t discrimination either.  It’s also not discrimination to ask if this woman will be able to devote sufficient time to her startup because she’s a single mom.  A startup particularly in its initial stages requires a time commitment way beyond a normal 40 hour work week.  It’s a valid question for a venture capitalist to ask if someone has other responsibilities that might distract them from developing their startup.  Venture capitalists are in the business of making sure they get a return on their investments, not subsidizing single mothers.

It is likely that venture capitalists also have valid issues with the single mom’s business plan that she would call “discrimination”.  Her startup is about developing an app to help divorced parents keep track of child care costs.  Anyone reading this can see the myriad of problems here.  There are already many budgeting apps out there.  There’s nothing special about “child care expenses”.  Also, don’t married people need to keep track of child care expenses too?  It’s not like child care expenses are different if you’re married or divorced.  This woman has questionable business skills if she can’t see that.  There’s only one possible thing this app could do that’s different, and that’s provide reports of child care expenses to non-custodial parents to see if they match up with child support.  Yet, that’s not in her business plan, and any cloud based budgeting app could do that too.  More importantly, that’s a legal problem not a technological one so that’s not even a possible benefit to this app.

In other words, this single mom has come up with an app that does what many other apps do but worse.  This is another example of vagina software like the “girl power android apps” and text based video games about abortion that we have seen in the past.  Like all other vagina software, it’s a pale imitation of real software applications.

Apr 072014

This article at the New York Times is the latest hit piece on men working in the tech industry.  While it would take weeks to fully document the misandry in that article, one thing of note in the article and its comments were the attacks on startups.  In contrast, large companies and government were glorified along with their HR departments:

Dear Women: come to Microsoft, to IBM, to Cisco, to Apple or even to Google/Facebook. We are “dinosaurs” (which means that we have been around for many years) and we actually have an HR department and diversity policies. The older ones among us (Microsoft, IBM, Cisco) are not liked by the macho and libertarian TechCrunch crowd – just like older people are hated by the “cool” young ones.

It’s the same with this comment:

Now, my daughter’s attitude is that she wouldn’t be caught dead applying to jobs with hi tech companies in Silicon Valley. She is repelled by what she hears about the corporate culture – and her impression that it’s filled with people like her classmates. Instead, she wants to work for governmental agencies or companies that she feels are run by “grown ups” such as IBM. This attitude is becoming widespread among female CS majors. I think it’s pretty sad that the best and brightest young women in the CS field are writing off big segments of the tech world as potential employers. These companies better act and act quickly.

The article admits that tech startups are the most innovative part of the economy.  They are not experiencing a loss because women are taking jobs in large corporations and the government.  It has been pointed out that sectors of the economy that employ women are all known for their low productivity.  They are also known for their lack of innovation.  This is not a coincidence.

If women were so vital for success tech startups would be failing left and right, but that isn’t happening.  Instead startups are providing men in the tech industry an escape hatch from working at large corporations and the government.  On top of that startups have made lots of men rich outside of the control of women and the feminine imperative.  Men who work at startups are effectively GTOW with respect to employment.  Their productivity is benefiting themselves and not women working in useless jobs like HR and diversity officers.

The reason why we see this article attacking startups and Obamacare attempting to make it harder to form startups is because it is in women’s interests to see men forced to work in large corporations and the government.  Men are not serving the feminine imperative when they work at a startup.  I also suspect there’s a fear that startups will spread beyond the tech industry.  If other industries have a startup ecosystem, even more me will be able to keep their productivity for themselves.  Startups aren’t just a threat to the feminine imperative in the tech industry.  They are a threat to the feminine imperative in every industry.

Jan 182014

All successful computer software falls into one of two categories.  Either it provides enjoyment to the end user (i.e. video games), or it gets some type of work done for the user (i.e. Microsoft Office, Turbo Tax, etc.)  Software that doesn’t fall into one of these two categories is pretty much guaranteed to be a flop even if said software is free.  A subset of software flops is what I’m now calling vagina software, software written exclusively (or almost exclusively) by women about their vaginas.

You might remember the girl power android apps that were the result of a competition that only included female high school students.  Even many of the top teams in that competition couldn’t actually write code themselves and were completely dependent on their “mentors” to actually write code.  The leading app from that competition was an app for girls on how to prevent teenage pregnancy, a prime example of vagina software.  Such software is unnecessary since all a girl has to do is keep her legs closed.  No software was produced by those teenage girls that got work done or was enjoyable.

If you think that’s bad, vagina software can be even worse.  Two women are trying to create a game called “Choice Texas” that supposedly shows how hard it is to get an abortion in Texas.  (It’s “text based” which likely means it will be a series of webpages instead an actual video game.  I’m including it under vagina software because the creators of Choice Texas are trying to pretend its equivalent to AAA games like the Call of Duty series.)  The only subject that these two women can create a “game” about is abortion which means their vaginas.  Are these two women capable of creating an engaging and entertaining video game?  Of course not.  Otherwise they wouldn’t be making a “game” about their vaginas.

This is a good example of why the software engineering profession is predominately male.  Computer software either has to provide enjoyment or accomplish real work.  Vagina software does neither, and a group of women trying to produce software are guaranteed to produce vagina software.

Jan 112014

CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, was this week, and one of the products demonstrated there was a wearable gaming exoskeleton by PrioVR:

This wearable gaming exoskeleton is one of the many innovative haptic devices that will drive the development of VR sex.  PrioVR has a half body and a full body variant so either half or your whole body can be used an input device for VR game (and thus VR sex).  Once this wearable gaming exoskeleton becomes a commercial product, later versions of it will likely provide force feedback so it will give you the feeling of having sex with another person.

This isn’t the type of thing that will be in stores next month, but it is coming.  PrioVR is planning on having the full body wearable exoskeleton priced at $400 so even from the first day these are available, they will be fairly affordable.

Dec 112013

You may have heard about how Microsoft was creating a bra that would help stop women from emotional overeating.  It turns out that isn’t the case.  Even though Microsoft wasn’t working on a bra to stop women from overeating, it should.  There are certainly enough overweight women who need it.

While Microsoft is at it, they should also create litter boxes for women because feminists have been very successful convincing women that potty training and basic cleanliness oppresses women to the point where women are taking dumps in showers.  (Feminists are viewed as unhygienic and filthy for a reason.)  Given how filthy women are getting, I expect litter boxes for women and other products to help women clean themselves to be a growth industry (if women can be convinced to purchase and use them).  Microsoft needs to find new streams of revenue, and this is potentially a highly profitable one.

Dec 072013

Several of the elements needed for VR sex are coming together.  Oculus VR continues to develop its Oculus Rift VR headset.  Sinful Robot is working on a first generation VR sex video game.  Valve, the video game company behind the Steam platform and the Steam Box (which is scheduled to be available next year), is also working on its own VR headset and will support the Oculus Rift.

While all of this is good, there needs to be more done to have VR sex be more than just a personal 3D porn movie.  What is needed is more developments in the areas of motion tracking and haptic technologies (input devices and force feedback).  Those developments are happening.  Sixsense has been working with the Oculus Rift to add its wireless motion tracking devices:

New and innovative haptic (input and force feedback) devices are also being researched.  For its Steam Box, Valve has created a touchpad gaming controller.  While this doesn’t mean much in terms of VR sex, Valve is researching new haptic devices such as devices where you can use your tongue or your butt to interact with a game.  While those particular haptic devices may not be commercially produced, Valve is doing work (along with other companies) on new haptic devices using different parts of your body.  These sorts of haptic devices are necessary to make VR sex a more immersive experience, and when the time comes, they will be available.

A lot of this work is being done using Valve’s Steam Box in some way.  There is a reason for that.  The Steam Box is a completely open platform using off the shelf hardware and SteamOS which is derived from Linux.  (Linux is completely free and open.)  Anyone can build hardware or software to use with it.  What this means is that Valve can’t prevent the Steam Box from being used as a VR sex platform even if Valve wanted to.  Other gaming consoles are more locked down.  Sony could block VR sex from being on the PS4, and Microsoft could do the same with the XBox.  Microsoft may even be able to do something with Windows PCs to block them from running VR sex software, although that is unlikely because even Windows PCs are too open to allow Microsoft to do that.  Even if it’s not possible, it may not stop Microsoft from trying if there’s enough pressure forced upon them by individuals and groups who want to block VR sex software.

Sony, Microsoft, etc. could theoretically be pressured into doing something like Apple has done with the iPhone where it blocks “adult” apps.  Since those companies completely control their gaming platforms, they could block VR sex software and hardware from being used on their systems.  No matter how much pressure is placed on Valve, the only thing Valve could do is block VR sex applications from not being distributed via Steam.  This would not block VR sex applications from the Steam Box.  On Android, while Google can block “adult” apps from its Google Play Store, it can’t prevent the creation of alternate app stores on Android.  (For example, amazon has its own app store, and there is MiKandi, a mobile porn app store.)  Anyone can create the equivalent of an alternate app store on the Steam Box so Valve can’t block VR sex applications from the Steam Box.

At this point nothing but the collapse of civilization is going to stop the development of VR sex.

Nov 202013

There’s a new show on the Fox Network called Almost Human.  It’s a science fiction cop show that takes place in the year 2048.  The second episode had to do with sex bots.

Since this is television, this episode of Almost Human had to have women being hardest hit by the existence of sex bots.  That’s exactly what happened.  Sex bots in Almost Human have lifelike skin, but it’s different enough that anyone can tell it isn’t the real thing.  An Albanian crime ring decides to offer its customers with a more real sex bot experience, so they start abducting women and harvesting their skin to be used for the sex bots.

Since this is the year 2048, you would think the technology to grow human skin would exist making abducting women completely unnecessary.  In fact, the first episode of Almost Human talks about how programmable DNA exists which can be used, among other things, to grow replacement organs for people.  That means the show itself has established that the technology to grow human skin exists.  There is no reason for an Albanian crime ring to abduct women to skin them.  It would be easier and cheaper just to grow skin as part of the sex bot manufacturing process.

The only way that sex bots could “harm” women is by men deciding that they would rather have sex with sex bot than women.  That would be ridiculous as the plot of a TV and would not have the effect of showing women as the victims of the evil menz.  Instead we get the absurdity of “sex bots will cause women to be abducted for their skin”, ignoring what was established on the previous episode, to make it look like women are violated by sex bots.

Oct 142013

My latest post for The Spearhead is up. As with all Spearhead posts comments are disabled so comment on the post at The Spearhead.

After Pax Dickinson was fired from his job as CTO of Business Insider a few weeks ago, there has been a lot of talk by feminists about bros, bro culture, brogrammers (a combination of bro and programmer), etc.  While the term, bro, and its derivatives have been around for a while, feminists have used Dickinson’s firing to assert bros and bro culture is everywhere there is a concentration of men especially in the tech industry.  Is this really the case?  To figure that out we have to see what the definition of “bro” is.  Urban dictionary provides several definitions.  Here is the first:

Obnoxious partying males who are often seen at college parties. When they aren’t making an ass of themselves they usually just stand around holding a red plastic cup waiting for something exciting to happen so they can scream something that demonstrates how much they enjoy partying. Nearly everyone in a fraternity is a bro but there are also many bros who are not in a fraternity. They often wear a rugby shirt and a baseball cap. It is not uncommon for them to have spiked hair with frosted tips.

The urban dictionary definition covers what most people would think a “bro” is, yet such a definition means that terms like “brogrammer” are a contradiction in terms.  The definition of “bro” is consistent with what most people think frat guys and jersey shore guidos are like, not programmers.  Most people think of programmers as men who lack social skills and maybe even have borderline Aspergers syndrome.  Their idea of a programmer is a man who neither is part of a fraternity nor is at a lot of parties.  (While programmers can come from all walks of life, the issue in question when it comes to defining terms like “bro” and “brogrammer” is people’s perceptions.)  As far as most people’s perceptions are concerned, a “brogrammer” logically can not exist.  The question must be asked, “why does the term, ‘brogrammer’, exist?” and “why would anyone say that a lot of frat guys and similar types have taken over the tech industry?”

Looking at how the terms, “bro” and “brogrammer”, are used by feminists reveals a different definition of the word being used by feminists.  Ann Friedman writing in New York Magazine shows us what feminists really mean by terms like “bro” and “brogrammer”:

“Bro” once meant something specific: a self-absorbed young white guy in board shorts with a taste for cheap beer. But it’s become a shorthand for the sort of privileged ignorance that thrives in groups dominated by wealthy, white, straight men. “Bro” is convenient because describing a professional or social dynamic as “overly white, straight, and male” seems both too politically charged and too general

To feminists terms like “bro” and “brogrammer” are synonyms for straight white male.  As Ann Friedman reveals, feminists can’t just say straight white men when they mean straight white men because it’s too “politically charged”.  In other words, if feminists talk about straight white men, it’s obvious that feminists just hate straight white men.  Instead, feminists are now using the term “bro” to make people think they’re only talking about a frat guy subset of straight white men when feminists are talking about all straight white men.  It’s a trick by feminists to avoid criticism because most people aren’t going to defend stereotypical frat guy behavior whereas they might have a problem with blanket attacks on straight white men.

This also reveals that the term, “brogrammer”, is really just an attack on men in the tech industry.  The explains the contradictions in people perceptions of a bro and a programmer.  It has nothing to do with the behavior of men in the tech industry.  What feminists really have a problem with in the tech industry is that there is a large group of men employed in jobs that aren’t under their control.  Like with the term, “bro”, using the term, “brogrammer”, is an attempt by feminists to avoid criticism from people who might have a problem with blanket attacks on men working in the tech industry.

In conclusion, whenever a feminist use the term, “bro” or “brogrammer”, just replace it with straight white men or men in the tech industry as appropriate.  By doing that, what feminists really mean when using those terms will become clear.

Aug 242013

Manboobz has decided to compare male geeks to the KKK:

Indeed, many of them — as tech dudes in a male-dominated tech world — are in fact in fairly privileged positions. For them to claim they need a “safe space” to protect themselves from the evils of “fake gamer girls” is a bit like Klan members claiming they need a “safe space” to protect themselves from blacks, Jews and Catholics. (Which is more or less what Klan members have argued over the years, albeit in less PC language.)

Manboobz seems to think that a group of dudes who want to engage in geeky activities without interference from feminists is equivalent to a group that lynched massive numbers of black men and engaged in terrorism.  Just as that comparison makes no sense, it makes no sense to call male geeks, “privileged”.  These are men who are at the bottom of the social hierarchy.  It’s a guarantee that almost any woman is higher on the social hierarchy than they are.  Feminists believe that homeless men are more privileged than women too so I’m not surprised they believe the same thing about male geeks.

Unlike the KKK, male geeks do need a safe space from women.  The feminist assault on the male geek subculture proves that.  Take Anita Sarkeesian.  She thinks it’s perfect all right to declare fatwas on male video game designers like how she endorses the murder of Randy Pitchford for reviving a video game series she doesn’t like:

Male geeks have nothing in common with the KKK, but their enemies do.

Mar 302013

The votes are in for the February 2013 Entitlement Princess Of The Month.  The winner with 63% of the vote is Megan Thode, who was submitted by Paul Murray.  She was the woman who sued Lehigh University for $1.3 million because she got a C+ in one of her classes.  The Entitlement Princess of the Month award can’t keep going without your support.  Remember to keep submitting new entitlement princesses on the Entitlement Princess of the Month submission page.

adriarichards380This month is one of those months where the winner is so obvious that there will be no voting.  The March 2013 Entitlement Princess of the Month is Adria Richards.  She has set a new standard in being an entitlement princess with her behavior during and after her infamous tweet.  As I’m sure everyone knows by now, Adria Richards is responsible for this tweet during this year’s PyCon conference:

twitterThis tweet alone is filled with entitlement on Adria Richard’s part.  She thinks she has the right to butt into a private conversation that was in no way about her or relevant to her.  She also thinks she can redefine the English language to make the phrase “forking a repo” (or “forking a repository”) which has no sexual innuendo associated with into a sexual phrase.  She also took this picture without the permission of anyone in this picture, potentially violating laws like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, although I’m sure Adria Richards doesn’t think the law applies to her.

Hypocrisy is a common feature of an entitlement princess, and Adria Richards is no exception.  She thinks that men don’t have the right to make penis jokes privately, but she can do so publicly on Twitter:

socksAdria Richards also compared herself to Joan of Arc:

JoanOfArcAnd that she can’t be a racist because she’s black:

racismSince documenting all of Adria Richard’s entitlement and hypocrisy would take too long, here is a sample of the rest (click on the image to see a readable full size version):

AdriaRichardsDOUBLEstandardsOn top of all this, Adria Richards has also pulled these stunts before and has refused to take responsibility for what she did trying to blame everything of the tech industry being racist and sexist.  She has worked hard at beating out every other entitlement princess out there with her entitlement so she gets this month’s entitlement princess award.  At the rate she is going, Adria Richards could be the first and only entitlement princess to get the monthly entitlement princess award a second time.


Dec 242012

There is a new startup in California called, Sinful Robot, which is producing the world’s first VR sex video game.  For their VR, Sinful Robot is using the Oculus Rift headset, a new VR headset currently in development that is a quantum leap in the development of virtual reality.  (Fox News has more about Sinful Robot and the VR sex video game they’re developing.)  Sinful Robot is also hiring for anyone that’s interested.

With a development like this, VR sex is moving forward to becoming reality.

Oct 162012

There are so many technologies that we use everyday that we barely think about.  That’s because these technologies “just work”.  They don’t “just work”.  Instead it is the result of the labor of many men from the men who originally invented the technology to all of the technicians and other workers who keep these technological systems working.  HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), and Rof L Mao Esq on the Anti-Misandry forums had something to say about HVAC:

HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (sometimes called HVACR to include Refrigeration)

This has been sticking in my craw for some time. In virtually every university around the world there is a complex of highly developed climate control systems that make it possible for students and teachers to examine topics of relevance and contemplate conditions of a future world while enjoying clean, breathable air that is maintained year-round within a narrow range of temperature and humidity. Without these systems, the entire higher-learning process would be made much more difficult, and yet the array of technologies and innovations making these conditions in indoor environments is something hardly anyone outside the HVAC industry ever has to think about.

And yet in many ways, HVAC as a whole is the pinnacle of human technological achievement. Without it there could never have been human space travel, underground research facilities in a number of fields, air-conditioned cars, not to mention the comforts in our homes most of us may take for granted.

In light of the cynical new feminist theory, promoted by Hannah Rosin and others, to the effect that economic recession represents an opportunity for women to rise economically at the expense of men and our role in modern society, I can foresee certain mundane mechanical obstacles to seeing this through long-term. It occurs to me that without climate control and HVAC systems continuing to function, the indoor environments making it possible for one sex to contemplate in safety and comfort the obsolescence of the other would no longer be available.

HVAC is not just held together by school janitors with wrenches and screwdrivers. It is the result of centuries of (male) developments in science and technology, analog and digital control systems and instrumentation, health and wellness research, integrative engineering drawing on knowledge from a wide spectrum of fields, as well as a vast system of manufacturing and research/development that continually strives to make HVAC systems more effective and efficient.

With the oft-discussed dilemma of female students showing little desire to enter into the STEM arena as a career track, one wonders how a world short on highly trained scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians – all of which are required to keep the HVAC industry afloat – may continue to enjoy safe, comfortable indoor spaces, such as the classrooms where Women’s Studies courses are taught.


Saying that HVAC is the pinnacle of human technological achievement is not an exaggeration.  HVAC has led to massive drops in mortality rates and large economic gains.  During the 2003 European heatwave, over 14,000 people died in France alone due to a lack of air conditioning.  HVAC enables many other technologies.  It is impossible to overstate the importance of HVAC.  Like with anything that is this important, it is almost completely handled by men.  When was the last time you have seen a female HVAC technician?  Most of you will answer, never.

Women will not be getting involved in the HVAC trade despite that a myriad of full scholarships for women studying the HVAC trade go completely unused.  It’s too dirty.  It’s too “blue collar” despite the fact that it is a trade where good money can be made.  Most importantly, it’s a line of work where results matter.  A HVAC system has to work and accusing it of sexism won’t make it work better.  For that matter, most women have no familiarity with the necessity of HVAC.  For all they know, HVAC is done by heating and cooling fairies.

What will happen in the future as men see no point to working more than the bare minimum they need to survive?  HVAC systems will start falling apart due to disrepair.  This will also cause a chain reaction to other technologies that are dependent on HVAC.  There’s is more to this that keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  For example, your computer can generate a lot of heat.  HVAC systems are needed to keep it cool.  Imagine the same thing at the datacenter scale.  Datacenters are places where despite using the best HVAC systems out there, the heat generated from the racks of computers is still an issue.  If HVAC systems don’t get their needed maintenance, then datacenters will not be able to run.  There are plenty of other examples where keeping something climate controlled is very important.  Without men working in HVAC, a lot of our technological infrastructure becomes non-viable.

If you want to save our HVAC infrastructure (and unless you want to live in a mud hut, you probably do), then you need to work to defeat feminism.

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