Jun 062014

Have you wanted to go a Sunday Morning Nightclub but wish that the worship service was held in an actual nightclub instead of a church?  If so, it looks like you might get your wish.  I found out via Patriactionary that a church in Tennessee is holding services in a nightclub.

If you don’t like a night club setting for going to church, you can also go to church at a strip club in Ontario, Canada.

I’m not surprised that church services would be held at night clubs or strip clubs.  The women in all three places act the same.  In many cases you can find women at church who have been in night clubs and strip clubs to watch male dancers perform in earlier stages of their lives so it makes sense that churches, night clubs, & strip clubs would merge into one thing.  I’m certain we will see more of this in the future.

Dec 192012

The Woman And The Dragon reported on this guy who got into trouble for teaching game to men at his church.  Matthew (Eumaios) wrote this comment about that post:

Name names. Expose the church. Invite PMAFT, as it’s obviously full of easy targets. These men are false teachers.

Remember, when there are chicks in church that need to picked up, you call me.

Jun 122012

I haven’t reported about the Sunday Morning Nightclub for a while.  It’s not for a lack of willing chicks. I have been going to various churches and their singles groups. There are the fat chicks, the single moms, the divorced chicks, and chicks who are a combination of two or more of those. Those chicks are super desperate.

Even the thin never married & no kids chicks are still working pretty hard to get a man. One thing I have noticed is how much cleavage these chicks are showing. You might think that chicks at a Christian singles group would cover up a bit, but you would be wrong. And this was before the weather got really warm. Now, the chicks are showing even more cleavage.

I recently picked up one of these cleavage displaying church chicks. (Let’s call her, Christina.) Every time I have seen Christina she has been showing her cleavage. She has a great pair of boobs, and it’s better than trying to say that she was a born again virgin like Molly did. Needless to say Christina isn’t waiting for marriage either.

The Sunday Morning Nightclub can be a great place to view cleavage.

Dec 312011

When juggling three women, eventually you will run into a situation where you have to pick one.  Usually, it’s not a problem, but when it comes to something like New Year’s Eve, which is tonight, each of my women want my exclusive presence.  Each of my women think they’re “the girlfriend” and the other two are chicks I occasionally bang.  I have to keep each of them thinking they’re “the girlfriend” since my purpose in picking up women at the Sunday Morning Nightclub is to prevent women from getting their hands on men who they will marry, use up, and divorce.  Thus, I ran into a situation where I had to pick one.

I picked Molly because she’s the newest.  I was looking for a reason to dump Sabrina and Kate.  All of you should remember I already tried that once, and they begged and begged and begged me to take them back which got me to take them back.  I think I have been with the two of them for too long as it is, Sabrina in particular.  Sabrina was sending some strong messages that she was thinking it close to time to get engaged.  Breaking up with Sabrina and Kate wasn’t fun at all.  I will spare you guys the details.  Needless to say they were very angry when they realized they weren’t (or were no longer) “the girlfriend”.  This time, I think my breaking up with them will stick because it was clear I picked another woman over them.

Nov 102011

Last night Molly, the born again virgin, came over to my place, begging and pleading beyond anything she said the last time to be fucked.  She didn’t even call first unless you count her phone call to me from her cell phone so that I would let her into my condo building.

This was the time, but I had to let her know first about my two other women.  She was like, “Seriously?”  I was like, “Yeah”.  Molly’s response to that was that she didn’t care.  So I gave Molly a good hard fucking.  She was very religious when we were having sex.  She said, “Oh God” a lot.  When we were finished, Molly just said, “Thank you” and fell asleep.

There you have it.  This is what a born again virgin from a church is like.

Nov 072011

I predicted that Molly, the “born again virgin” that I picked up at a Sunday Morning Nightclub, would be pretty quickly be begging me for sex despite her supposed desire to not have sex again until marriage.  That happened this weekend.  Molly tried to give me a bunch of convoluted “logic” about how even though we have only known each other for a short time she feels that we will get married so why wait for sex?  I knew exactly what was going on.  As we all know Molly really isn’t a virgin in any manner whatsoever, “born again” or otherwise.  Because she’s pretending to be a “born again virgin” to lock in a chump from a church, she has to play this game of convoluted reasoning.

I could have pounced on this and banged Molly, but I didn’t.  I played it as if she was “testing” me to see if I was “respecting” her “commitment” to staying “sort of pure” until marriage.  I could tell this infuriated her, even though Molly didn’t show any outward signs of that.  Molly knew she had to go along with that for her “born again virgin” con to work.

I anticipate in a few days she will come begging for sex again.  Then will be the time to bang her.

Nov 062011

Eincrou wrote this about the morality of what I’m doing by going after the “born again virgin” crowd:

Dubious Wonder: “I had a couple of wild years in college, repented, came back to my childhood beliefs, and tried to make things right with God. I understood that I’d sinned in some of the things I’d done in my younger years, but was trying really hard to live up to God’s standards when I married my ex.”

If anyone doubts the morality of Pro-Male/Anti-feminist Tech’s explanation for why he’s picking up women in churches (which I sort of did at first, to be honest), let them read this comment.
If he had been on the “born-again-virgin” prowl sooner, PMAFT could have saved that man from being an “ex”.


Oct 242011

Many of you have been waiting to hear about my Sunday Morning Nightclub (aka church) exploits.  Your wait is over.  I have been investigating various Sunday morning nightclubs here in the DC area, many of which are Sunday afternoon nightclubs, since the latest mass on Sunday is the best for this which is often technically in the afternoon.

At one of the Sunday Morning Nightclubs, I picked up a hot chick.  Let’s call her Molly.  She’s in her mid to late 20s and obviously one of those women who decided to go back to church to look for a husband chump to marry.  Thus picking her up was not difficult.  We were having coffee (technically I don’t drink coffee, but that’s beside the point), and Molly tells me that she is a virgin and waiting to have sex until she is married.  She wanted to be clear upfront so there’s no miscommunication down the line.  I could tell Molly was full of BS on being a virgin, so I called her on it.  She admitted I was right.  What she’s really trying to do was “makeover” her life by taking morality “more seriously” so she’s going to wait until marriage for sex now.

I told her I was fine with this for several reasons.  Many of you are wondering why because doesn’t this mean she won’t put out?  She will put out, and it won’t be long before she does.  I’m not even going to push the issue of sex.  I am going to wait for her to beg me for it.  I will not be waiting long.  This way I will be able to show you how women who go to church in their late 20s/early 30s haven’t changed.  They are just desperate for a chump before their looks fade.  Nothing has changed about them.  It’s going to be like that time Solomon got a Deacon’s daughter to show him her boobs, but more so.

This brings up the moral aspect of what I am doing.  Think about if Molly got another guy at church.  He would have been completely clueless about her real motivations and in real danger.  I’m doing God’s work, and something very Christian, which the Christian Church is failing to do for these men, by protecting the innocent from predators.  I’m defending those who can’t defend themselves.

Oct 172011

A commenter wrote:


I’m also in the process of getting a third chick to string along from a Sunday Morning Nightclub.

Actually, you ARE doing God’s work. You are shielding the innocent from predation. This is precisely what God would approve of – the strong defending the weak from predation.

Reading this should cause the heads of socons and tradcons to explode.

Jun 222011

I expected negative reactions to my Sunday Morning Nightclub from socons and tradcons such as this.  What I didn’t expect was criticism from feminists such as the man boob.  I certainly didn’t expect to be accused of trying to secretly manipulate gamers into seducing church girls.  (Maybe I should have been since I get accused of running the Illuminati attempt to manipulate men into becoming MRAs and accused of manipulating women.)  And what I really didn’t expect was this piece of hate email I got from “Maura”:

Your little attempt to seduce good women at church is not going to work.  We are not sluts for Jesus like you think.  Waving your penis around impresses sluts but not church women no matter how big your penis is.  If you try to seduce women at my church, we will throw you out like the trash you are.

The real question is why did “Maura” feel the need to make a reference to my penis.  I think we can all figure out the answer to that.

Such a broad based disgust to the “Sunday Morning Nightclub” idea means that is should be done and will probably work.

Jun 192011

A commenter posted this idea:

That is why church would be a great place for a PUA to run Game, and instead of complain about the feminization of church, use the church as a Sunday morning nightclub.

1) There is a built-in structure to meet women that takes out the difficulty of doing a cold approach.
2) All other men there are so pedestalizing, that the competition to a man who actually runs moderate Game is nil.
3) Sunday morning = where else would you Game at that time?
4) Once you have slept with a couple women in that church, simply move on to another church. Who cares if one is Baptist and the other is Episcopalian and the third is Lutheran? Just use up the desirable women and move on.

I’m not Christian, and could not easily blend in there, but I encourage white guys to do this every Sunday. Make the church implode on itself.

Oh, and remember to post flyers in the Church’s bathrooms, under the URLs @ Urinals campaign.

I think this is a great idea.  The churches for the most part are feminized and filled with white knights.  They also push men into getting married acting as a one-two punch with the anti-family court system.  One way or another this will force churches to defeminize or destroy them.  Either outcome is preferable to what we have now.

All you need to do to use the “Sunday Morning Nightclub” is find a church with single women.  Some churches are pretty much all families so avoid them.  Other churches are supertraditional where everyone gets married before 20.  Unless you’re in the middle of nowhere in a rural area, you aren’t going to encounter those.  I would also avoid Eastern Orthodox churches.  I only say that since the Eastern Orthodox churches tend to attract more men than women.  Supposedly they aren’t that feminized either, but I don’t know if that’s really the case or that’s temporary because the Orthodox churches haven’t been on the radar screen since they aren’t very visible in North America.  (I would think that the lack of feminization would not apply to the Greek Orthodox church.  This is something Novaseeker if he was still around could tell us about.)

When it comes to meeting the women there, you already have built in openers to use such as how “you have been looking for a church”.  These women will put out for you.  You aren’t going to find any virgins waiting for marriage (with the exception of a few outliers with very unusual issues).  The women there are better described as “sluts for Jesus”.

If you a member of a religion other than Christianity or familiar with non-Christian religions than I assume it would work the same in those places as well.

And as he reminds us: PUT UP SOME FLYERS.

I’m sure this post will get criticism from the socon/tradcon set for encouraging the defilement of virgins (even though there are basically no virgins in church anymore) and preying on “innocent women” (despite the fact that there aren’t any innocent women in church either.

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