Apr 182015

A commenter pointed out that Ellen Pao, the most recent Entitlement Princess of the Month winner, is now banning salary negotiations at Reddit.  Besides proving that Ellen Pao does not understand business, what she has done will have the effect of the best tech talent avoiding Reddit completely (assuming they don’t already because of Ellen Pao).  It has been shown that gender quotas and other measures to hire more women drive away capable men and women.  Ellen Pao is in the process of completely destroying Reddit.  I’m sure she will blame all of the problems she causes on “sexism”.

This reminds me of Carly Fiorina’s tenure as CEO of HP.  Like Pao, Fiorina took a tech company and nearly destroyed it.  When Fiorina was finally ousted from HP, HP’s shares immediately went up 6.9%.  In other words, HP became billions of dollars more valuable just by getting rid of her, and investors knew it.

HP was lucky enough to be able to survive Carly Fiorina.  Time will tell if Reddit will be able to survive Ellen Pao.

Apr 152015

We keep hearing about how women are discriminated against in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.  In reality, the opposite is true.  It turns out that women in STEM have an advantage between 2-1 to 4-1 to getting invited for a job interview and hired.

There you have it.  All the talk about women being discriminated against in STEM fields is just a cover up for the exact opposite.

Feb 282015

Scott Aaronson is has decided to follow up on the vicious attacks he received from feminists that happened at the end of last year.  It’s pretty clear that he’s going to end up as another Vivek Wadhwa.  Despite being viciously attacked by feminists/SJWs, Aaronson does not say (and appears to be unwilling to say) that what happened to him is the result of the nature of feminism/SJW.  Instead Aaronson defines the problem as “online shaming campaigns” implying that they can come from anywhere.  Yet, even his own examples disprove this as Aaronson can not name an example of an online shaming campaign that was done by any group other than feminists/SJWs.  In fact, Aaronson’s own (accurate) description of what happened to him shows that this is a feminist/SJW problem:

Alas, once the comment was wrested from its original setting into the clickbait bazaar, the story became “MIT professor explains: the real oppression is having to learn to talk to women” (the title of Amanda Marcotte’s hit-piece, something even some in Marcotte’s ideological camp called sickeningly cruel).  My photo was on the front page of Salon, next to the headline “The plight of the bitter nerd.”  I was subjected to hostile psychoanalysis not once but twice on ‘Dr. Nerdlove,’ a nerd-bashing site whose very name drips with irony, rather like the ‘Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.’  There were tweets and blog comments that urged MIT to fire me, that compared me to a mass-murderer, and that “deduced” (from first principles!) all the ways in which my parents screwed up in raising me and my female students cower in fear of me.   And yes, when you Google me, this affair now more-or-less overshadows everything else I’ve done in my life.

On top of this, Aaronson thinks that working with Laurie Penny is a good idea.  This is a big mistake.  Aaronson believes that it’s only one aspect of feminism that is a problem.  He still labors under the delusion that there are “reasonable feminists” out there.  That delusion will get Aaronson into trouble.  Feminists are not interested in his reasoned arguments or meeting him in the middle.  Anything Aaronson writes can and will be used against him by feminists (proving the statement, attributed to Cardinal Richelieu, that if you give him six lines written by the most honest of men, he will find something with which to hang him) .  For example, in the comments of Aaronson’s latest blog post there was an extended discussion of what is wrong with the Dr. Nerdlove site.  As a result Aaronson ends up saying this about nerds:

On the contrary, I was stating a moral judgment: namely, that people we call nerds make a massive contribution to the progress of the human race; that their ability to do so is directly related to the classic nerd personality traits that some people despise (literal-mindedness, valuing truth over social niceties, obsession with mastering a craft, etc.); that what’s right about the stereotypical nerd personality easily outweighs what’s wrong about it; and that it’s not merely nerds who ought to adapt themselves to the world, but the world that ought to adapt itself to nerds.

While Aaronson is correct, I can already see how feminists will twist this into accusations of misogyny, that Aaronson wants to sexually harass and rape women, and that he’s the next Elliot Rodger.  I hope for Aaronson’s sake it doesn’t happen, but I would be money that it will happen.  Because of this I’m certain that eventually Aaronson will pull a Vivek Wadhwa and bow out of this (assuming he doesn’t lose his job first or worse).

Feb 252015

Let’s say there is a mangina out there in Silicon Valley who panders to women and wants to “help” them.  For his attempts at helping, he gets viciously attacked by feminists.  Despite the attacks, he does not have the presence of mind to realize that being a mangina was a big mistake.  The mangina in question is Vivek Wadhwa, the Indian-American venture capitalist and academic.

Vivek Wadhwa has been attacked by feminists in the past such as by Shanley Kane, the January 2015 Entitlement Princess of the Month.  Feminists have not stopped attacking Wadhwa despite his stated desire to help women in technology.  Here’s a short list of some of the things Wadhwa has been accused of by feminists:

  1. Taking the “oxygen out of the room” by “speaking for women”
  2. Taking credit for the work that two women did in a Huffington Post column
  3. Misappropriating money related to the book he wrote on women in technology
  4. Supposedly direct messaging multiple women on Twitter as a bizarre pretext to sexually harassing them

Because of this Wadhwa has decided to stop talking about women in technology.   However, he has learned nothing.  Wadhwa thinks its his fault for “fighting the battles of women in technology for too long” and “taking the accusations too personally”.  When a group of people lies about you and falsely accuses you of unethical and/or criminal behavior, you should take it personally.  If Wadhwa thinks he took the accusations “too personally”, all that proves is that he can’t see what is really going on.  He can’t see that the issue of women in technology is not about women in technology but a platform to attack men.  Wadhwa can’t see that there is no benefit to being a male feminist.  He must be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Feb 182015

I found this blog about how #GamerGate is the last stand of individualism.  I certainly agree that gaming is a fundamentally individualist endavor, and that #GamerGate is a battle between individuality and collectivism.  Feminists/SJWs and the other enemies of #GamerGate do not see you as an individual.  You are simply cishet (white) male to them, same as every other cishet (white) male out there.  If you’re not a cishet (white) male, and you support #GamerGate, then you’re a weaponized minority suffering from false consciousness.  Otherwise you’re in the progressive stack of victims (with white women at the top).

I disagree that #GamerGate is the last stand of individualism because there are several other fronts where individuality is fighting collectivism.  (It’s likely that the blog author simple isn’t aware of this).  The MRM/MHRM is an individualist endeavor.  MGTOW is the ultimate example of individuality, and collectivism has no weapon that can defeat MGTOW.  MGTOW has no organization or leaders so it forces the collectivists to deal with men as individuals.  They are unable to deal with men as individuals so collectivism is guaranteed to lose against MGTOW.

Feb 152015

Anti-#GamerGate has made six (known) great mistakes before this week.  This week we discovered that Anti-#GamerGate has made its seventh and final great mistake with this week’s Law & Order: SVU episode about #GamerGate.  If you haven’t seen it, here’s a shortened version of it on Youtube.  The episode is widely regarded as a joke to the point where Forbes, along with several others, called it the reefer madness of our generation.  It has also made more people pro-#GamerGate.

What makes this Anti-#GamerGate’s next great mistake is that they compared gamers to terrorists/ISIS/etc. enough times that people outside of Anti-#GamerGate started believing them in a very literal way.  The “gamers” in the episode made ISIS style videos and other nonsense.  This Law & Order: SVU episode ran with everything Anti-#GamerGate has said about gamers like a rampaging bull in a china shop.  This is dangerous for Anti-#GamerGate because Anti-#GamerGate has lost control of their own narrative.  (A few Anti-#GamerGaters even realize this.)  One of the things that happened in the episode was that Kotaku, which is solidly SJW/feminist and Anti-#GamerGate, was lumped in with the misogynist terrorist gamers.  This is why this is Anti-#GamerGate’s final mistake.  They created a narrative where despite being Anti-#GamerGate, they’re still lumped in with the the gamers they hate.

darknetThis is a bigger problem for Anti-#GamerGate than just being lumped in with gamers.  The episode had Ice-T saying gibberish like, “they’re uploading threats through the dark net!”  While that sentence makes no sense, the real problem is that its an attack on online privacy and anonymity.  This is the type of thing that will draw the ire of the online rights crowd (with good reason), which adds to one of the previous great mistake that Anti-#GamerGate has been making.

This episode of Law & Order: SVU, like many other of its episodes, is supposed to be “ripped from the headlines”.  But there’s a problem with that.  When have female game developers or even the Anita Sarkeesians of the world been kidnapped and raped?  Never.  That’s a glaring difference between the episode and reality.  Anti-#GamerGate was more careful about this sort of thing, but the wider media doesn’t care.  When people realize that such things are a complete myth, they will question Anti-#GamerGate’s claims of online harassment and death threats and find a complete lack of evidence.  They will also find that there has not been a single arrest, much less a single conviction in a court of law.  The wider media doesn’t care about maintaining the specifics of #Anti-GamerGate’s narrative, but Anti-#GamerGate has to deal with the fallout of the wider media now controlling its narrative.

Feb 072015

Coke has this new social media campaign called #MakeItHappy where an algorithm would turn negative tweets tagged with #MakeItHappy into ASCII art.  This week, Gawker, thought it would be a good idea to create a Twitter bot to tweet passages from Mein Kampf at Coke.  Gawker even bragged about doing this.

What does this have to do with #GamerGate, and why is this one of anti-#GamerGate’s great mistakes?  Gawker is a major media outlet opposed to #GamerGate.  Like all other anti-#GamerGaters they have been trying to portray gamers as a hate group not that different from the Nazis.  Yet, it is anti-#GamerGaters like Gawker that are giving visibility to Nazi propaganda.  This has not gone unnoticed:

There’s another reason why this is a big mistake for anti-#GamerGate.  This isn’t the only example of Naziism among anti-#GamerGate.  Ian Miles Cheong, the Editor in Chief of Gameranx and a major anti-#GamerGate personality, was a former Nazi.  Adjacent to anti-#GamerGate, Shanley Kane, the most recent Entitlement Princess of the Month, used to have a boyfriend that was a Nazi.  When you look at that last part, it makes you wonder how much “women in tech” bullshit and its war on men of Indian and Asian descent working in tech is driven by a derivative of Naziism or white supremacism/nationalism.  This is something that definitely needs further investigation.

Feb 042015

It’s the time of the month to select a new Entitlement Princess of the Month.  Last month was an all Scott Aaronson edition, where the three entitlement princess of the month candidates were women who attacked Scott Aaronson.  The winner was Amanda Marcotte with 59% of the vote.

The Entitlement Princess of the Month can only keep going with your support so keep submitting new entitlement princesses on the Entitlement Princess of the Month submission page.

This will be a month with no voting.  That is because Shanley Kane, this month’s winner, took entitlement princessry to a high level.  Kane is one of the many “women in tech” in San Francisco who hang around the tech industry, not actually producing technology, but being a parasite on the tech industry.  That alone did not make her Entitlement Princess of the Month.  Kane created Model View Culture, a “feminist tech media company”, with a another woman who ended up leaving because, as she described it “working with Kane was like being in an abusive relationship”.  When that woman left, Kane completely erased her from Model View Culture taking credit for work she didn’t do by crediting herself as the founder of Model View Culture, not the co-founder.

On top of that Kane spends her time complaining about basic tech terminology, saying that men rape women they start companies with, demanding that Marc Andreessen, the venture capitalist and founder of Netscape, not be allowed on Twitter, demanding that the Linux community kick out Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, and attacking men like Vivek Wadhwa, an Indian-American technology entrepreneur and academic for what can only be described as not being mangina enough.  (That last one is another example of the (white female) war on Indian/Indian-American men in tech.)  When it came out that Kane used to have a white nationalist boyfriend, used lots of racial epithets, and likely used to be a racist herself, Kane tried to accuse anyone who had a problem with her racist past of slut shaming and being terrorists.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of her bad behavior and how big of an entitlement princess she is.  It’s guaranteed that Kane will not change so we can expect more of the same from her in the future.  Kane has worked hard to become the January 2015 Entitlement Princess Of The Month.

Jan 292015

There are lots of campaigns to get more “women in tech”.  One thing that keeps coming up in response is “why aren’t there any campaigns to get more men to become elementary school teachers?”  That is a valid question to ask.  It exposes the “women in tech” campaigns for what they really are which isn’t an attempt to create a more even gender distribution.  It’s an attempt to force men out of tech so that women can take it over while at the same retain control over female dominated professions like elementary education.  It’s also an attempt to get women “jobs” where they don’t have to do any work or produce anything of value like “diversity coordinator”.

It’s also important to look at this from the opposite direction.  Here is a chart of jobs which the percentage of men in them.  (The image is large so you may need to click on it to see it):

There are lots of jobs with higher percentages of men before you even get to the tech industry.  Look at the last job on the list, Boilermakers.  The percentage of women boilermakers is 0.2%.  In other words only 1 out of 500 boilermakers is a woman.  Feminists should be talking about this because it’s the job with the lowest percentage of women in it.  Yet, feminists will never talk about this.  That’s because being a boilermaker is hard work where you have to get your hands dirty and have to produce tangible objects.

Any woman who complains about the lack of women in tech is a hypocrite and a fraud unless she’s willing to become a boilermaker.

Jan 232015

Anti-#GamerGate has already made three major mistakes.  All three of these mistakes had one thing in common.  They pushed people who didn’t care about #GamerGate firmly into the #GamerGate camp.  Anti-#GamerGate is in the process of making its fourth and fifth major mistakes which will have the same effect.

The fourth major mistake Anti-#GamerGate is making is flooding somewhat related websites with anti-#GamerGate and feminist women in tech propaganda.  Slashdot, a website for technology news, is a good example.  A while back Slashdot started posting a lot of anti-#GamerGate and feminist women in tech nonsense.  Initially, the attitude of the readership at Slashdot agreed with the anti-#GamerGate and feminist position.  However, the constant drumbeat of anti-#GamerGate and women in tech propaganda had the effect of reversing the views of the Slashdot readership as can be seen with the comments to Slashdot stories like this one.  When anti-#GamerGate talks about #GamerGate or feminist women in tech nonsense, the effect is to generate more #GamerGate supporters.

Anti-#GamerGate’s fifth major mistake is going after archive sites using false DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaints.  While this will piss off the owners and backers of archive sites, what anti-#GamerGate is doing is much bigger than that. The DMCA is something that the online rights crowd has been fighting since among other things it allows for this sort of abuse.  Most of the online rights crowd either doesn’t care about #GamerGate or believes the feminist lie that it’s all about misogyny.  This will cause many of them to get an education and become #GamerGate supporters.  It also adds a new angle to the Zoe Quinn situation because she has been using false DMCA complaints to shutdown criticism of her making it that much harder for her supporters to use the lie that Zoe Quinn is a victim of misogynerds.

What is happening with both of these major mistakes is that anti-#GamerGate and feminists are pushing into adjacent communities who either were neutral or supported them and turning many members of those communities hostile to them.  They should stop doing this since the effect is the same each time they do it, but they can’t seem to help themselves.

Jan 172015

Linus Torvalds, the creator and leader of the Linux kernel, had this to say about the push for “diversity” in tech:

Torvalds was attacked by feminists for saying that individual contributions and technical skills matter.  Rather than stand firm, Torvalds wrote to Ars Technica to “explain what he really meant”, just like Scott Aaronson did (and similar to Matt Taylor’s crying apology over his shirt).  We have seen with GNOME and Mozilla that feminism is toxic for the survival of open source projects.  What Torvalds has done puts the Linux kernel in peril.

Here’s a piece of advice to the future Linus Torvalds, Scott Aaronsons, and Matt Taylors out there.  If you run into trouble with feminism, your apologies or explanations on what you really meant don’t matter to them so don’t bother.  Stand up to them.  Feminists may generate problems for you if you do that, but trying to “apologize” or “explain yourself” will lead to the exact same thing.  Since the result is the same you should stand up to the feminist bullies.  When Scott Aaronson tried to “explain himself”, he was still compared to Elliot Rodger.  If you’re a man working in tech, feminists are out to get you regardless of what you say or do, so the only sensible option is to fight them.

Jan 102015

Say you have two things, a political ideology and a hobby.  Which one do you think will be attacked more?  Obviously, the political ideology regardless of what the political ideology is.  This is even more true if said political ideology is totalitarian like feminism is.  If a hobby gets attacked even 1% as much as a non-totalitarian political ideology (much less a totalitarian political ideology), there is something wrong with the people attacking said hobby.

This is something that male feminist mangina Ampersand fails to understand:

My impression from this discussion is that the people who are most angry at what Amanda wrote (and rightly so), only are bothered by attacks on nerds, but don’t object to dehumanizing attacks on feminists. In fact, posts containing such attacks are often praised.

That’s because another name for nerds would be hobbyists because what defines “nerd” among other things is their hobbies such as comics, video games, etc.  Feminists are believers in a totalitarian political ideology.  Any reasonable person would object to attacks on nerds but not feminists.  And what does Ampersand consider examples of “dehumanizing attacks on feminists”?

I’ve also seen a bunch of blog posts responding to the response to Comment #171 by savaging feminists in general – Scott Alexander’s post, of course, but also a bunch like this one (sample quote: “Remember you are voting for the biggest entitlement princess, not necessarily the most evil woman or the most violent woman or the most insane woman or the biggest whore”) or this one, which talks about “feminist toxic trash” and is also viciously mean to Scott Aaronson (but highly praises Scott Alexander’s essay). The essay Scott recommended in #554 describes feminists as “digging trenches of resentment with shovels of hatred in order to launch volleys of degrading and dehumanizing bile towards anyone who dares think for themselves.” She doesn’t say “some” feminists, and her essay explicitly says she’s talking about all feminism, not just tumblr feminism.

Ampersand uses my standard reminder in every Entitlement Princess of the Month post as evidence of a “dehumanizing attack on feminists” but that has several obvious problems especially in that that statement doesn’t even speak about anyone in particular much less feminists.  The only way that could be stretched to mean an attack of feminists is if one woman = all women = feminists, and even then it makes no sense.  As for the second and third examples (here is the link for “the essay Scott recommended in #554”), they are the types of things people say about totalitarian political ideologies.  Similar things are said about Nazism and Communism for good reason.  No one would buy a Nazi trying to say, “not all Nazis are like that” or a Communist trying to say, “not all Communists are like that” so any reasonable person would not accept Ampersand trying to pull the same trick with respect to feminism.

This whole thing is an example of why feminism is a totalitarian political ideology.  Feminists believe that the “personal is political”.  In other words, nothing is separate from politics so to feminists nerds are not hobbyists but a political faction.  Feminists view gamers the same way which is why we ended up with #GamerGate.  Reality is much different.  A hobby is not a political ideology.

Jan 072015

Intel has decided to throw $300 million at diversity in tech nonsense.  One of the recipients of that money will be Anita Sarkeesian.  Intel’s supposed goal is to have Intel’s US employees reflect the racial and gender makeup of the US population by 2020:


Assuming that Intel is in anywhere serious about its goal of “full representation” in its workforce by 2020, there is only one way to do it.  Intel is going to have to fire a lot of people.  Of course, white men will be fired, but they won’t be allowed to sue Intel for discrimination.  However, white men won’t be the only group fired en masse from Intel.  A disproportionate number of Indian American and Asian American men work at Intel compared to the percentage of Indian American and Asian American men in the general US population.  The difference in percentages is likely to be greater than the percentage of white men that work at Intel compared to the US population.  While Intel will have to fire lots of white men to reach its goal by 2020, Intel will have to fire a lot more Indian American and Asian American men.  This is going to be a real problem for Intel.  Indian American and Asian American men fired by Intel will have no trouble bringing a massive class action racial discrimination law suit against Intel.

It’s also possible that Intel will have to fire some of its Indian American and Asian American female employees.  The tech industry has a disproportionate number of foreign born women working in it compared to the general population so it’s likely the same is true at Intel.  Not only would that would add to the racial discrimination lawsuit, but it would be a visible battle between immigrant women trying to make a better life in America vs. pampered rent seeking American women.

Overall, this is just another example of the war on Indian American and Asian American men working in tech.  Intel can’t just go after white men to reach its goals.  Intel has to pull the trigger on firing Indian American and Asian American men which will show all of its talk about diversity is garbage.

Dec 222014

I found a comment on The Good Mangina Project that needs to be saved. I’m surprised this made it past the site’s comment filters. I created an archive.today link to save it:

this is why your website is evil. it pretends to be a space for men, but in your article you insult people like me. you pretend to be geek by saying us & we but you clearly aren’t because when the man reveals his pain you belittle it by comparing him & us to a scooby doo cartoon & ignoring the argument that he made about joining a country or other organization.

noah, you don’t even run this website anymore. a man-hating girl runs it & you should be ashamed. you’ve let all men. you suck. you shouldn’t be writing about geeks any more than i should be writing about football.

This is a very succinct explanation of everything that is wrong with The Good Mangina Project.
Dec 192014

Sony won’t be releasing the movie, The Interview, due to getting hacked by North Korea.  What are the reactions of people who are anti-#GamerGate?  Someone compiled this image of what feminists and SJWs had to say about it (Click to enlarge):

I especially like the one that says, “I hate that First Amendment shit. I hate it.” It really gets to the heart of what they believe.

At least feminists and SJWs are consistent. Whether its them bullying stores into not carrying GTA V or North Korea bullying movie theaters into not showing The Interview, they support it. It makes sense since feminists and SJWs want a North Korean style totalitarian government here and want to be able to produce propaganda unopposed like they can in North Korea.

Dec 152014

I have been noticing a lot of similarities between #GamerGate and what is going on at UVa.  One such similarity is feminists trying to create self fulfilling prophecies.

One thing that has been discussed in #GamerGate discussion areas like the KotakuInAction reddit is how anti-#GamerGate is driving women away from video games, despite their alleged desire of wanting more women in the video game industry.  Gaming journalism does nothing but tell stories about how women in video games receive death threats, are harassed, and so forth.  A woman who is interested in the video game industry is going to run in the other direction after reading that.  No sane person would want to be in an environment where they’re constantly subjected to such things.  Of course, it’s all lies, but only handful of women will do further research to find that out.  Over time more and more women stay away from video games.  As more and more women stay away, gaming journalism pumps out more stories about how the video game industry is full of “misogyny” reinforcing the cycle creating a feedback loop.  The lack of women in video games becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  This doesn’t make sense if their goal is to get more women into the video game industry.  It does make sense if they’re trying to destroy the video game industry (which they have admitted to doing).

There’s a similar dynamic with what is happening at UVa (and Lena Dunham) with respect to the false rape industry/false rape conspiracy industry.  Whether its “Jackie” from the Rolling Stone article or Lena Dunham, they talk about their rapes (that never happened) where they never go to the police.  Women take this to be true and become convinced that the police aren’t doing anything about rape.  Real rape victims get their stories co-mingled with the greater mass of false accusations.  Even if they went to the police, it creates a view that the police aren’t doing anything when in reality they are (provided it gets reported to them).  This creates a feedback loop creating a self fulfilling prophecy where it looks like the police are ignoring an epidemic of rape, even though no such epidemic is happening.  At every stage of the feedback loop, there are more and more calls to do something about the “rape epidemic” leading to non-law enforcement entities like colleges to deal with it.  This doesn’t actually do anything to prosecute actual rapists but like with the video game example, that isn’t the feminist goal.  The feminist goal is to have women be able to make accusations against any man, bypass the court system (since they will ask about things like evidence), and generate a lynch mob against him.  Since feminists made it look like that law enforcement can’t handle crimes against women, lynch mobs are the next step.  The biggest victims of this will be nerds, unattractive men, and other men low on the social totem pole.

Dec 132014

Tamerlame had this to say:

When feminists attack men as rapists and misogynists, most manginas  and nerds assume they are talking about some other guy. Gamer gate has taught a lot of nerds, that feminists and woman hate them. This is a good lesion that more men need to learn.

That’s right.  When feminists talk about men being rapists, being privileged, or all around being evil, they’re talking about YOU.  They’re not talking about some other guy.  They’re talking about YOU.

Feminists said that the political is personal.  That means for every man feminism is a personal issue.  The fight against feminism is a fight to save our lives and our freedom.  Feminists are coming after everything about us and everything we have including our video games.  This is what #GamerGate supporters have discovered.  Feminism isn’t some sort of far away entity.  Feminism has targeted them as it has targeted every man.

Sooner or later, feminism is coming for YOU.  You’re better off fighting it sooner rather than later.

Dec 112014

It looks like the attempt by game journalists to paint gamers as an army of zombie misogynerds (declaring gamers dead and a force of misogynists) isn’t working out.  Now, they’re trying to paint #GamerGate as an attempt to silence art critics.

This reeks of desperation on the part of game journalists.  The usual war on women rhetoric isn’t working to stop #GamerGate.  Now, they’re throwing other attacks out there and seeing if any of them stick.

This is a positive development.  Hopefully, it means that war on women rhetoric is losing its effectiveness elsewhere.

Dec 052014

Until now anti-#GamerGate has made two major mistakes.  The first was censoring any discussion about the Zoe Quinn affair.  Instead of shutting down discussion about Zoe Quinn, it caused more people to look at the whole thing.  It was another example of the Streisand Effect in action.

The second major mistake anti-#GamerGate made was all the “Gamers Are Dead” articles that all appeared within a day of each other.  Gamers who didn’t care about the Zoe Quinn saga started wondering why they were getting attacked by the gaming press.  Many of them ended up joining #GamerGate.

A common theme of these two major mistakes is that they pushed people who didn’t care about #GamerGate firmly into the #GamerGate camp.  Now, anti-#GamerGate has made a third major mistake by supporting Target Australia and KMart Australia’s ban of Grand Theft Auto V from their stores.  This may be the worst mistake anti-#GamerGate has made so far.  This is something that Jack Thompson was never able to successfully accomplish.

This mistake will have several effects.  First, more people will become pro-#GamerGate.  A common thing we have heard from anti-#GamerGate is that feminists and SJWs don’t want to take anyone’s games away.  That has been proven to be a total lie.  Second, gaming journalism’s opposition to Jack Thompson has been shown to be not about principle but about Thompson’s Christianity and social conservatism.  Gaming journalists are defending Target Australia’s actions because it was demanded by womenEffectively, what they are saying is that censorship is fine as long as it is demanded by women.  Third, this attacks the bottom line of the AAA game publishers.  The AAA game publishers have understandingly stayed out of #GamerGate until now.  Both the action of banning a AAA game from retailers and gaming journalism’s defense of the bans will provoke a reaction from the AAA game publishers because it now affects their income.

I expect more of these mistakes from anti-#GamerGate in the future.  They can’t stop so they will piss off more and more people.  All #GamerGate has to do to win is just keep going.

Nov 292014

Feminists and SJWs want to destroy the video game industry.  Here is some proof:

If they can’t control the video game industry, they will attempt to destroy it and replace the video game industry with choose your own adventure stories.

Nov 232014

The Good Mangina Project had a screed against the latest Grand Theft Auto game that you would expect from someone like Jack Thompson except that it adds the word women.  (Note: I’m using archive.today links because among other reasons, The Good Mangina Project has a habit of deleting any comment that disagrees with its feminist orthodoxy and deleting articles that end up embarrassing the site.)  That such an article would appear on The Good Mangina Project isn’t notable.  What’s notable is that a woman revealed in the comments what the feminist opposition to Grand Theft Auto is really about:

The fucking game was made by men, for men. The fucking game already have a misogynistic set – lots of female prostitutes and strippers, not much (or at all) male whores or strippers. No female protagonists and when they have female roles, they are much more sexualized than the males, again. The whole game is a (straight) male heaven/hell – where women, and other men, are there to serve men for entertainment in every way.

Anything made by men for men (that men enjoy) is considered “misogynist” by feminists simply for having men involved in its production and being produced for men.  This explains what is really driving the Zoe Quinns, Anita Sarakeesians, anti-GamerGate, and the rest of the feminists opposed to video games.  It’s not that there’s any actual problem with video games.  It’s that video games are being made by men (and some women too, but they conveniently left that out) for the purpose of entertaining men.  Feminists don’t want men to have fun and don’t want products, whether video games or otherwise, to be made for men.  Feminists are trying to destroy all entertainment that appeals to men.  That’s part of the motivation behind their attempt to destroy the video games industry and replace it with choose your own adventure stories.  Anything else feminists say about the subject is just window dressing.

Nov 192014

Last week, an international team of scientists landed a probe on a comet.  Any reasonable person would have seen this as a triumph in human scientific accomplishment.  Feminists, on the other hand, are more concerned about a shirt that one of the scientists wore.

I can think of no better reason feminism should be kept out of science.  Scientists do real work expanding the frontier of human knowledge.  Feminists are obsessed with meaningless issues like a man’s shirt and are a force against human knowledge.  Just look at the bio of Matt Taylor, the scientist who wore the shirt:

Matt Taylor was born in London, gained his undergraduate Physics degree at the University of Liverpool, and a PhD from Imperial College London. His career has focused on the space plasma measurements, working in Europe and the US on the four spacecraft ESA Cluster mission, leading to a post at ESA which started in 2005 working as the project scientist for Cluster and the ESA-China Double star mission. His studies have focused on energetic particle dynamics in near-Earth space and in the interaction of the Sun’s solar wind with the Earths magnetic field, particularly focusing on how boundary layer interactions evolve, leading to 70 first or co-authored papers. Most recently he was appointed the Project Scientist on the Rosetta mission.

Does any feminist have a bio like this?  Has any feminist done work like Dr. Taylor’s?  The answer to both questions is HELL NO.  This is another reason why effort’s like Maria Klawe’s to replace men with women in STEM is so dangerous.  Instead of expanding the realm of human knowledge and improving the world like they are now, more feminism in science and engineering means that scientists and engineers will be too busy going to “women in computing” conferences and worrying about their clothing to get anything done.

Dr. Taylor made the mistake of apologizing for his choice in attire.  He should have gone on the offensive and defended science against feminism.  There’s a perfect quote from Confucius (especially if you replace moon with comet) that he should have used to defend science:

“When a wise man points at the moon the imbecile examines the finger.”

Nov 152014

Back when I was a kid there was a book series for children called “Choose Your Own Adventure” where the books would have several story paths.  Every so often the book would have make a choice where the story would go and tell you to turn to a particular page to continue the story.  No one would consider these video games because, even though there have been games with text based interfaces, the decisions in “Choose Your Own Adventure” were incredibly limited.  That was true even compared to video games in the early 80s.  I was reminded of these books when I read about how the author of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books died.

The modern equivalent to “Choose Your Own Adventure” books is Twine, the platform Zoe Quinn used to vomit out Depression Quest.  This means that Depression Quest is not a video game, but a choose your own adventure story.  Knowing that, why would anyone consider Depression Quest a video game?

Video games, even low end ones, require skills and plenty of work to be successful.  To create a video game, artists and programmers are both needed.  AAA games need even more work from artists and programmers.  Both of these groups have to be paid, and to get better games requires more money to be spent.  To get a return on your investment for a video game, it has to appeal to potential customers.  People have to want to buy your game, so your game has to be fun.  This creates a problem for feminists and social justice warriors.  They will go bankrupt writing games that promote their ideology because they will never be fun and never appeal to potential customers.

Given these facts, they have tried to do two things.  First, they have tried to infiltrate the video game industry as we have seen.  However, that is ineffective.  If their infiltration is completely successful, the video game industry will no longer be producing video games people want to buy.  This will have negated the all the work they did.  So they have also done a second thing, try and replace video games with choose your own adventure stories via Twine.  Anyone can vomit out a Twine story like Zoe Quinn did with Depression Quest.  No skills in art or programming are needed.  What feminists and SJWs are trying to do is a bait and switch where Twine stories get included in the category of “video games” and then replace actual video games with Twine stories.

This bait and switch won’t work.  Twine stories aren’t video games, and no one will confuse the two.  If real video games go away, gamers will do something else, and it won’t be reading boring Twine stories written by feminists and SJWs.  Plus, video games won’t go away.  They will be made more in Japan and Eastern Europe and elsewhere out of the reach of feminists and SJWs.

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