Oct 082015

Forbes pulled an article called “There Is No Diversity Crisis In Silicon Valley” from its website for allegedly violating Forbes’ terms of service.   The article is now available at TechRaptor (and other websites).  After reading the article, I can only conclude that the Forbes terms of service prohibits talking about how wildly successful Silicon Valley is.  And that is the real issue here.  Lots of feminists and manginas say that Silicon Valley needs diversity (which really means women), but the success of Silicon Valley proves that this is not the case.  There’s this idea that if Silicon Valley doesn’t become “diverse” (a.k.a. hire a bunch of women who have no business working in Silicon Valley), then some sort of vague calamity is going to destroy Silicon Valley in a manner that is somewhat similar to how Godzilla destroys Tokyo in Kaiju movies.  The article’s great crime was showing this to be nonsense.

Sep 122015

Intel is running into financial trouble.  They’re going to have to slash $300 million dollars in spending which has already included $6 million dollars for their sponsorship of the Science Talent Search.  Since Intel needs to slash $300 million dollars from its business, there’s something else Intel could get rid that would not have any negative effect on their business performance, namely giving money to Feminist Frequency/Anita Sarkeesian and other feminists.  Intel has a stark choice here.  It can cut $300 million dollars from relevant productive business units, or it can not give $300 million dollars to feminists, the most unproductive (and anti-productive) group in the history of planet Earth.

Intel probably won’t make the smart choice here so what happen is that this will be the beginning of a death spiral for Intel, similar to what we have seen from Gnome, Mozilla, and other open source projects.  I’m predicting that unless Intel stops giving money to feminists, NVidia will buy up the pieces of Intel so that it can produce its own x86 CPUs (which it can’t do right now due to patents).  If you have wanted to see what NVidia would do if it could make its own x86 CPU, you will probably get your wish.

Sep 032015

It turns out that women in tech crap is illegal in California, at least if you exclude men from it.  Because a lawsuit was brought against a women in tech company, several women are whining about it and trying to pretend that they were in violation of some sort of old Jim Crow style law.  Needless to say, the article is full of lies.  For starters, the law in question says that there will be no discrimination based on sex (as well as several other categories).  That’s it.  NCFM has documented the rest of the facts about the situation in question.

None of this beats the petition that was created to support the women in tech who are excluding men.  Just look at the title, “PROTECT WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS AND COMMUNITIES FROM ‘EQUALITY-SEEKERS'”.  I know they put scare quotes around “equality seekers”, but this alone makes it clear that these “women in tech” aren’t about equality.  This becomes more clear in this paragraph of the petition:

However, there are many similar lawsuits in California attacking businesses that exclude men from participation, no matter the social good that these businesses promote, and no matter the historical and contemporary gender inequalities that these businesses attempt to remedy. You may find cases against women’s self-defense classes, free mammograms on Mothers Day, promotion of women in sports, special discounts for ladies and many others.

Special discounts for women?  In other words, they’re afraid of losing free money.  I am certain that if a business had special discounts only for men, these women would be the first to use the law they’re complaining about against said business.

We already knew that “women in tech” was filled with hypocrisy.  This is just more proof of it.

Aug 272015

Mozilla, the open source software organization that clearly spends more time on feminist bullshit like “meritocracy misogyny” and purging people due to their political contributions than writing quality software, has started another witch hunt against its employees.  This time its due to a comment at Reddit that Mozilla CEO Chris Beard called hate speech.  Here is the comment in question from Reddit user /u/aoiyama:

Frankly everyone was glad to see the back of Christie Koehler. She was batshit insane and permanently offended at everything.

When she and the rest of her blue-haired nose-pierced asshole feminists are gone, the tech industry will breathe a sigh of relief.

Christie Koehler was another “woman in tech” who never did anything technical and harassed anyone doing real work.  Clearly, she was nothing but a blight on Mozilla so its no surprise Mozilla employees would feel this way about her.  It’s a good thing for Mozilla employees that Christie Koehler quit on her own.  It would have been impossible to get rid of her because any Mozilla employee pointing out her unprofessional and dangerous behavior or lack of actual work would have have gotten fired just like Chris Beard is threatening to do if he finds out who aoiyama is.
This also means that any woman can get a paycheck now from Mozilla without doing any actual work.  Any Mozilla employee who points out a woman’s lack of willingness to do work will be declared guilty of “hate speech” and fired.
I say we help out aoiyama and other Mozilla employees who are unable to speak up.  What we should do is post comments to Reddit and other websites saying that we work for Mozilla and include some comment that will set off Mozilla upper management.  (This is why I made the title of this post, “I Work For Mozilla And I’m A Misogynist”.)  Either Mozilla will be forced to drop the witch hunt against aoiyama (and anyone else who agrees with him) due to a flood of garbage data, or Mozilla will turn into a gulag reminiscent of the Soviet Union under Stalin.  Either way we will have shown how evil feminism in technology is.
Aug 252015

Feminists are attacking doctors by accusing them of “fat shaming”.  I did a google search on “doctor fat shaming”, and it turned up a massive number of hits of web pages where feminists were attacking doctors for allegedly “fat shaming” them.  In reality, doctors are not fat shaming anyone.  Doctors are informing their patients of health conditions that can negatively impact their patients’ lives.  Accusing doctors of “fat shaming” makes as much sense as accusing doctors of “smoking shaming” if a doctor warns a patient that smoking is bad for their health.

What is behind the feminist war on doctors?  There’s the obvious fact that a lot of fat women don’t want to be reminded that they’re on their way to Type 2 Diabetes.  However, that’s not the whole issue.  Doctors practice medicine, and medicine is a science.  As we know feminists have been attacking science.  Feminists attacked Dr. Matt Taylor, a man who led a team to successfully land a probe on a comet, over a shirt.  Feminists forced Tim Hunt, a Nobel prize winning biochemist, out of his job because of a bit of humor.  Feminists are lying about NASA and trying to get it shut down.  This is only a tiny fraction of the cases where feminists attack science.  It should surprise no one that feminists would attack medicine, since it is another science.

Since feminists can’t stand science, including medicine, they won’t be satisfied until the only doctors left are witch doctors.

Aug 132015

Elmer pointed out that despite popular belief Ada Lovelace was not the first programmer, but the first developer evangelist.  Historians agree and have shown that Charles Babbage wrote all the programs that Ada wrote three to seven years earlier.  What Ada actually did was work with Babbage on writing up notes about his work.  Those notes are where she gets her undeserved reputation. 

What Ada did was act like Babbage’s developer evangelist.  Since Ada has a programming language named after her for being a developer evangelist, I’m sure someone will lower the bar even further and name a programming language after Adria Richards.  (Of course, the Adria programming language will never work, get some programmers fired, and never be used again.)

Aug 082015

The Ada Initiative, a feminist organization behind many of the so called “anti-harassment” policies that led to things like DongleGate, is shutting down.  Why is the Ada Initiative shutting down?  They couldn’t find anyone willing to run it.  Perhaps one reason they couldn’t find anyone to run it was that their plan to keep it funded did not work out:

When it came to supporting our work financially, we figured that companies that benefited from open source software would just hand over giant wads of cash to an unproven new nonprofit run by two former software engineers.

Even if they were being sarcastic about this, this shows that they literally thought that they would get money for having vaginas and being vaguely related to tech.  Regardless, good riddance to the Ada Initiative.  Unfortunately, since it’s guaranteed that there will be more DongleGates in the future, the damage they did will be long lasting.

Aug 052015

What is it like having to interview women for tech jobs?  Here is one man’s experience:

I’ve met some that aren’t, but the vast majority that I interview are just terrible people — one even threatened to sue me personally for being sexist if she didn’t get the job. A few of the men are like that as well, but in my experience that’s a very woman-dominated thing. Thankfully the social justicey candidates (both men and women) tend to also suck at programming, so they’re disqualified right off the bat based on lack of skills.

This is why feminists are trying to force codes of conduct on to open source projects that include (among other attacks on men) “diversity in technical ability” such as in this code of conduct being adopted by GitHub.  (Yes, GitHub is actually adopting a code of conduct that includes “diversity in technical ability”. I’m not exaggerating this.) If a person is going to work on something having to do with programming, they need to have some skills in programming.  This presents a problem for feminists trying to take over open source software since open source projects are understandably run by programmers.  They have no reason to listen to feminists who have no programming skills and not history of technical contributions to open source projects.  Thus, the only way for feminists to force men out of open source is to attack the idea of technical skills directly, and “diversity in technical ability” is the feminist way of doing that.  (That is what happened with #OpalGate. Feminists with no programming skills and no history of programming attacked a man experienced in programming and with a long history of contributing to Opal.)

Right now such codes of conduct are only being forced on to open source projects.  The next step will be to force “diversity in technical ability” into the hiring process.  Affirmative action already leads to hiring less qualified and unqualified women over more qualified men.  “Diversity in technical ability” will simply make this explicit for the tech industry.

Jul 302015

One of the women responsible the current war on men working in the tech industry is Elissa Shevinsky.  She wrote an article in 2013 accusing men working in tech of being misogynists, but now she’s says that she is sorry about it:

Shevinsky is now sorry for whatever role she played in creating all of this outrage and silliness. She’s sorry, she writes in her new book, Lean Out, and she adds that her initial position was “flawed.”

“I’m glad to come out in ‘Lean Out’ and say that my original essay — the one that has been the foundation for people assuming that I am [a social justice warrior] — was deeply flawed,” Shevinsky told the Washington Examiner. “I do see sexism and gender issues, a culture war, in Silicon Valley, but the knee-jerk responses (recruit more women! attack the men!) are not the answer.”

Shevinsky still thinks that the tech industry is full of misogynist neckbeards, otherwise she wouldn’t have said that there is “sexism and gender issues, a culture war, in Silicon Valley”.  She is a SJW for believing that.  What happened is that Shevinsky realized that the current feminist attack on men working in the tech industry was not working.  (She is also using this as an excuse to generate publicity for her book.)

Shevinsky confirmed this when she did an AMA on KotakuInAction when she responded to a question asking if sexism was worse in the tech industry:

Tech seems worse, for some reason. It may have to do with the subjectivity that goes into who gets funded and promoted. It may have to do with the collaborative nature of the work (so there is a lot of interaction between people) Also since there are so few women, the women who are in tech get hit on like all the time. And that’s kinda awk for everyone.

Men working in tech hitting on women is sexism?  As we know from incidents like the Scott Aaronson affair, a lot of men working in tech will choose to never hit on women.  Shevinsky will probably accuse those men of sexism too.  Regardless of that any woman who thinks that men hitting on women is sexism because they work in tech clearly can’t be sorry about helping to start a war on men working in the tech industry.

Jul 282015

When feminists aren’t trying to destroy NASA, they have declared war on air conditioning.  Yes, air conditioning.  Jezebel has complained about it.  So has The Telegraph in the UK.  The Washington Post called air conditioning, “a big sexist plot”.  This isn’t a single feminist whining about air conditioning.  It’s widespread.

Air conditioning is part of HVAC, and I have talked about how HVAC is a critical technology.  Without HVAC we wold not have space exploration or computers.  Since feminists are already attacking the tech industry and NASA and space exploration, it makes sense to attack a technology and an industry that vital to their existence.

If feminists think that HVAC oppresses them, then they can do without it.  Let them work in 100 degree offices during the summer just like many men who have to work outside during the summer.  Let them freeze to death in the winter or force them to use old technology for heating like wood stoves.  Of course, they will probably complain that wood stoves are misogynist.

Jul 242015

Buzzfeed has this article about worst lewd comments female cosplayers have allegedly received from male nerds.  Their examples were kind of weak, such as:

  1. “Hehehehehehe…” – This was guy who was just laughing.
  2. “I always go with my husband so I never had an issue.” – This woman has never had a problem by their own admission.
  3. “I’ve only been inside you for like 900 years.”
    — 10th Doctor [cosplayer] when I cosplayed the TARDIS at MCM Expo 2011.

With that last one, it’s important to explain the context.  On the TV show, Doctor Who, the main character, The Doctor, is an alien who has this vehicle called the Tardis that travels through time and space.  However, due to faulty circuits it looks like an old British police telephone box.  It’s something of a character in the show, but since it is a vehicle, people actually go inside of it so it isn’t a lewd comment.

Already, this article has problems.  Beyond that the male nerds who allegedly made lewd comments aren’t around to defend themselves.  However, that’s not the biggest problem.  When it comes to this sort of thing, whether a woman is receptive to these types of comments or not depends on the man saying them.  These women were cosplaying at conventions filled with unattractive male nerds.  If hot guys said that same things to them, they would be fine with it.  It’s like the Saturday Night Live sexual harassment skit where the only way to avoid a sexual harassment lawsuit is to “be handsome, be attractive, don’t be unattractive”.  It’s the same principle.

These women who are cosplaying are also dressing up in sexy costumes and shoving it in the face of the unattractive male nerds at these conventions.  They’re intentionally engaging in attention whoring and then complaining about it.  However, it’s worse than that.  What these women are doing is going on fishing expeditions.

A fishing expedition is a legal term where a lawyer tries to gain information outside of the relevant bounds of a case.  Often, a fishing expedition happens when a lawyer has a weak case and is trying to search for unrelated incriminating information.  It also can be used as a method to attempt to prejudice a jury even if there is no incriminating information, whether related to the case or not.  Fishing expeditions are considered dubious from a perspective of legal ethics.

Since these women are cosplaying at conventions with lots of unattractive male nerds, anything the male nerds say or do will be interpreted negatively since they’re unattractive.  That could include something as simple as saying hi to these women or even just looking at these women without interacting with them.  These women have a weak case that they’re actually being harassed by male nerds at conventions so they’re effectively on fishing expeditions to try an incriminate male nerds.  They are trying to provoke reactions from male nerds (which can be and are likely completely innocent) and use those reactions to incriminate male nerds, similar to a legal fishing expedition.  A legal fishing expedition is unethical and what these women are doing is also unethical for the same reason.  And that’s true even if one of these fishing expeditions turns up a male nerd who is legitimately acting inappropriately, just as it would be true if a legal fishing expedition turns up evidence of a crime being committed.

Jul 182015

We have all heard in the news how NASA’s New Horizons probe has reached Pluto.  This is momentous occasion and an amazing achievement in space exploration.  That means feminists will attack it just like we saw with Matt Taylor (and Tim Hunt).  Since feminists don’t have the excuse of a shirt this time, they have to lie like they did with Tim Hunt.  Since there is no opportunity to lie about a single male scientist this time, feminists are attacking NASA like in this article at The Good Mangina Project:

However, for nearly a decade—and longer—America has invested what I would is assume less than half of NASA’s budget on modernizing public education and recreation in the inner-cities.

Spending more dollars on exploring solar-systems than improving school systems is cause for gross critique, not mass celebration.

I don’t applaud America for what my fellow countrymen perceive is a milestone. To the contrary, I shame this rich nation for its skewed priorities. The type of decision making that says unseen space is more valued than an occupied place is not one that deserves respect nor admiration.

And though access to quality public education ranks high on my set of values, which is why I referred to it early on in this piece, other social issues—like veterans’ quality of life, diversity in the technology and news industry, and homelessness—also weigh on me deeply.

What I quoted above is full of lies.  Trillions of dollars have not been spent on space exploration, much less the New Horizons probe.  In reality less than $700 million has been spent on New Horizons, and that is total over a period of 15 years.  NASA’s budget is 18 billion dollars which is tiny compared to the 2015 federal budget of $3.9 trillion.  And that’s only the federal budget.  If we include all government spending (and we should since education as was brought up in the Good Mangina Project article gets money from local and state government in addition to the federal government), NASA’s budget is a rounding error in government spending.
Why are feminists like the author of the article at The Good Mangina Project lying about NASA?  Most government spending is a transfer from men to women.  NASA is one of the few cases where this is not true.  The article calls for more spending on “education”.  That really means give more money to women since women dominate education and public sector jobs.  NASA gets a tiny amount of government spending, but even one dollar spent on NASA is too much since it is not being spent on women.  It’s not enough that 70% to 80% of government spending goes to women.  They want it all.
And what do we have to show for spending on education and “social issues”, AKA spending on women?  Nothing.  Every year education gets worse.  Various other problems get worse.  And the amount of money spent on education and “social issues” grows tremendously each year.  We would be better off sending that money into a black hole.  Ironically, this would require NASA to build a ship to carry the money to a black hole which would probably do more for education and social issues than handing over 70% to 80% of public spending to women.  And it would be cheaper by at least a factor of 100.
Jul 142015

When I talked about how misandrists are using the fact of a business having a mostly male customer base/user base as evidence of misogyny, one thing got left out.  Since we’re talking about Reddit, does Reddit actually have a mostly male user base?  It turns out the answer is no.

Alexa says that Reddit’s user demographics have more women than average.  So where did the Reddit’s user base is 74% male come from?  It comes from a three year old article at Ad Week, and it’s possible that the data used in the Ad Week article might be up to a few years older than the article itself.

This goes beyond the idea that having a mostly male user base is equivalent to misogyny.  Even when a site like Reddit doesn’t have a mostly male user base, misandrists will lie about it having a mostly male user base so they can accuse the site of being misogynist.  The Daily Beast has an article that is a really good example of this.  Not only does it repeat the lie about Reddit having a 74% male user base to accuse Reddit of misogyny, it also links to the Alexa report I referenced above.  The article through its own links admits it’s lying!  Even the comments at the end of the article notice this.

I image that they will probably try to get around this by saying Reddit was misogynist several years ago and “once misogynist, always misogynist” or some other garbage like that.

Jul 122015

Last Friday Ellen Pao resigned from reddit.  Already the wagons are circling in an attempt to hide the fact that this was due to Pao’s gross incompetence by blaming “misogyny”.  However, there is a new tactic they’re trying that can be seen in an article about Pao’s resignation in the Christian Science Monitor:

While Reddit denies claims that it discriminated against Pao because of her gender, skeptics point to factors that they claim prove otherwise. According to Adweek, 74 percent of Reddit users are male.

First they tried to make us believe that simply having a business or industry where the employees are mostly male is evidence of misogyny.  Now, they’re trying to have us believe that a mostly male user base or customer base is evidence of misogyny.  What they’re saying is men not only should be allowed to work anywhere in large numbers but also shouldn’t be customers of any business in large numbers.  They probably won’t be satisfied until most men are in ghettos because that would be the only way to prevent men from working in a particular industry or being the customers of a particular business.

Attacking Reddit’s user base/customer base isn’t the first time that attacking a mostly male customer base has been tried.  That was the “Gamers Are Dead” articles that spawned #GamerGate.  And this probably won’t be the last time either.  There will be many more anti-feminist customer revolts like #GamerGate.

Jul 092015

Any business, hobby, or interest that is primarily made up of men will get attacked by feminists.  This is why we have #GamerGate, attacks on the tech industry, attacks on open source software, attacks on scientists from Tim Hunt to Matt Taylor, attacks on comics, and so forth.  The craft beer industry is also primarily male, and it is now getting attacked by feminists in many different places from Salon to the Chicago Tribune.  It’s to the point where we need #CraftBeerGate.

The craft beer industry has several similarities with the tech industry.  Besides being primarily male, most craft breweries are new.  There are around 3500 breweries in the US, and half of them were started after 2010.  Just as the tech industry has men forming lots of startups, so does the craft beer industry.  Just as startups have come up with new and better products, craft beer startups have brewed new and better tasting beer.  And like how tech startups have been criticized for lacking HR (a.k.a. female deadweight), the craft beer industry has been attacked for lacking “professionals” in marketing.  (This is even more of a link considering that marketing is female dominated and afraid of technology.)

The craft beer industry also has at least one similarity with video games.  Just like how feminists have produced crappy games like Depression Quest, which really shouldn’t even be called a game, there is even a feminist beer from Brazil for sale called Feminista.  As you can see from the pic the label is colorless, lacks creativity and is all around bland.  We can safely assume that that Feminista beer is bland as well.

So what will happen if women take over craft beer?  Just like how women taking over tech would destroy innovation and the culture of startups in the tech industry, women taking over the craft beer industry would lead to small breweries being destroyed leaving a few large companies brewing piss water like Feminista and slapping a beer label on it.  This is why we should all support the craft beer industry, assuming you care about fighting feminists and preserving high quality beer.  I do so I’m going to be drinking some craft beer tonight.

Jul 042015

Like with #GamerGate, the Tim Hunt saga is not going away.  An increasing number of scientists and other academics such as Richard Dawkins (as well as other individuals like Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London) are coming out in support of Tim Hunt.  Jonathan Dimbleby has resigned from his honorary fellowship at UCL (University College London) due to how Tim Hunt was treated.  Nassim Taleb, the Distinguised Professor of Risk Engineering at NYU’s School of Engineering is openly boycotting UCL and calling for others to do the same:

This should be no surprise to readers of this blog.  If a few more academics start publicly supporting Tim Hunt, then this situation will become incredibly similar to DongleGate.  The woman is was originally responsible for what happened to Tim Hunt was Connie St. Louis, and she is very similar to Adria Richards.  Connie St. Louis is not a scientist, but a “science journalist” just like how Adria Richards wasn’t a developer but a developer evangelist.  Both women say that they are part of communities (tech in Adria Richards case, scientists in Connie St. Louis’s case), that they really aren’t.  Additionally, Connie St. Francis has been exposed as a liar when someone else provided a complete transcript of what Tim Hunt said.

If DongleGate is anything to go by, then two years from Connie St. Louis will be unemployed like Adria Richards still is.  Of course, like Adria Richards, Connie St. Louis will still view herself as the victim and not the offender she actually is.

Jul 012015

It’s the time of the month to select a new Entitlement Princess of the Month.  Last month, the winner by default was Lauren Chief Elk for starting the #GiveYourMoneyToWomen hashtag.

The Entitlement Princess of the Month can only keep going with your support so keep submitting new entitlement princesses on the Entitlement Princess of the Month submission page.  One of these months we will have voting again.

We have another month where there is such a clear winner so there will be no voting.  This month’s winner is Coraline Ada Ehmke for her work to cause #OpalGate.  For those of you unfamiliar with #OpalGate, Opal is open source software that is a ruby to javascript transpiler.  One of the main developers for Opal made a meaningless comment about transsexuals on Twitter, but Ehmke used this to start a flame war with the Opal developer community, demanding that said developer be removed from the Opal project.  Since this had nothing to do with Opal and did not happen in the Opal community, Ehmke’s demand was refused.  This led her to gather an army to attack the Opal developer community similar to how Zoe Quinn used false harassment accusations to get an army to attack Wizardchan.  Ehmke is like an online equivalent of the mafia.

Ehmke will tell you that she is an open source developer.  She is not because she has no concrete accomplishments in actually contributing code to open source software.  This makes her practically the opposite of the developer she wanted removed from the Opal project, who is responsible for a large portion of Opal’s development.  Ehmke’s “contribution” to open source is starting flame wars like #OpalGate in order to force open source projects to use her Code of Conduct, which forces open source developers to censor themselves about unrelated issues on social media and is all around totalitarian.  This is a literal battle between men who actually create open source software and feminists who are incapable of contributing to open source development in any way whatsoever.

With all of her demands during #OpalGate and in all the similar situations she creates, Ehmke was the clear winner of the June 2015 Entitlement Princess Of The Month.

Jun 192015

A judge has tentatively ruled that Ellen Pao must pay due to her false sexism lawsuit.  This means that Ellen Pao is going to try to sue someone for $2.976 million now.  That’s because Ellen Pao was demanding $2.7 million dollars from Kleiner-Perkins not to appeal her case.  That dollar amount is conveniently the same as her husband’s unpaid legal fees related to the ponzi scheme he ran where he stole the pensions of Louisiana cops and firemen.  Combine the two and it’s clear that Pao will be looking for a target to sue for at least $2.976 million (plus additional legal fees).

I predict that Ellen Pao is going to sue Pei Wei.  I just got an email from Pei Wei with the subject, “Lighten Up, Pao”.  It’s about the new Kung Pao item on their menu that comes with lettuce instead of rice.  However, I’m sure Ellen Pao will try and weasel it as an cryptic attack on her by sexists at Pei Wei as an excuse to sue Pei Wei.  It makes as much sense as her other lawsuits.

Jun 162015

First we had #ShirtGate/#ShirtStormNow, we have Tim Hunt, a Nobel Prize winning biochemist, being forced to resign from his job and from every scientific committee he is on simply because he made a joke about women being oversensitive, a joke which turned out to accurate given the reaction. Hunt was never even asked for his side of what happened.  He was simply forced to resign his job and booted from every scientific committee he was on.

Many other scientists are coming to Tim Hunt’s defense, among them Richard Dawkins:

How long is it going to be until we see a significant number of scientists being vocally anti-feminist?  Probably not that long because feminists have declared war on science because science tells us facts that contradict the feminist narrative.  The feminist war on science is synonymous with a war on scientists so feminists are out to destroy the lives of scientists like Tim Hunt and Matt Taylor.  With that kind war on them, scientists will increasingly have no reason not to be anti-feminist.  Any attempt by scientists to placate feminists will fail, and enough scientists will realize that sooner or later

May 142015

This article for The Guardian thinks that Elon Musk’s push for Mars is going to somehow lead to #GamerGate taking over Mars in 50 years:

The first woman to be raped in space has probably already been born. And if that last sentence makes you howl with protest or insist that such a thing just wouldn’t happen, then I’d stop a second and ask yourself why.

I’m a fan of SpaceX, after some initial scepticism. I think it’s usually better to dosomething, however imperfect, than nothing, and I admire people like Elon Muskwho take on the hard challenges, and make progress in spite of naysayers. I think Lee is absolutely right though when she says:

“When we look around and see a homogenous group of individuals discussing these issues – issues that command insane budgets, we should pause. Why aren’t other voices and perspectives at the table? How much is this conversation being controlled (framed, initiated, directed, routed) by capitalist and political interests of the (few) people at the table?”

It’s early days, but if we really want to create a progressive new world then issues like these should be at the hearts of our efforts from the very start. I hope Musk and his peers open up that discussion sooner rather than later, and I hope that people like Lee can take part in it. The last thing we need is to wake up in 50 years and find that a bunch of #gamergate nobheads are running Mars.

This is absurd, but putting that aside, so what? What if all those evil white men (and Asian men since they’re practically considered white men now) leave for Mars? Wouldn’t that be a good thing for people like this? Wouldn’t that mean that Earth would become a paradise without all those evil white (and Asian) men? Obviously not, and whoever wrote this article knows it.

Robert A. Heinlein, the science fiction author, said, “Reach low orbit and you’re halfway to anywhere in the solar system.” That is because the energy required to get from the ground to low Earth orbit is the same as the energy required to get from low Earth orbit to anywhere in the solar system. If you can get to low Earth orbit, anywhere in the solar system is within reach. This is what worries people like the author of article. If it’s possible for a sufficient number of men to get to low Earth orbit, they can escape to anywhere in the solar system. Outside of the moon anywhere in the solar system is too far away to be dominated by a nation on Earth. What they’re really worried about is a migration of men to Mars (or anywhere else in space) who will then give the middle finger to all the women and manginas still on Earth. All the nonsense about women being raped in space and rovers being enslaved is just a really bad cover for this.

It’s similar to how MGTOW drives women and manginas insane because each man who goes his own way can’t be controlled. Men migrating to Mars is the same thing on a larger scale.

May 102015

wpid-avengers__age_of_ultron___ultimate_ultron_render_by_eversontomiello-d8fpc62.pngFor my last post about Avengers: Age of Ultron, let’s consider a fundamental mistake in the movie.  Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

In the movie, thanks to the alien technology in the staff Loki was given by Thanos, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner can go from nothing to having Ultron exist in 3 days.  While that’s necessary for the movie to work (and for the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe story to work), that is not how technological development would happen in the real world.  That is because nearly all technological development is not going from nothing to everything like that.  It exists on a continuum or a spectrum where most technological advances built on previous technological advances.  I suspect that this fundamental misunderstanding comes from women and manginas (who are letting women’s methods of thinking become their own) because it’s like pregnancy where a woman is either pregnant or not.  There is no such thing as being a little bit pregnant, whereas for many other phenomena it is possible for it to be a little bit of something.

Thus, what happens is that women and manginas will focus on the end point of something and not realize all the disruption that can happen during the journey to that point.  Sex bots are a good example of this.  There is no end to the number of people who want to stop sex bots in an attempt to prevent men from having a sexual alternative to women.  However, there is a lot of disruption that happen in the interim that will give men options without requiring the existence of sex bots.  VR sex is one such example, yet, we hardly hear a peep from anyone on that.  Even internet porn falls into the same category.  Sure plenty of people complain about that now, but that is after the fact.  They didn’t see what was happening from internet porn until it was too late.

What this means is that the real “age of ultron”, the development of artificial intelligence, began in 1985.  Before 1985 CPUs could be designed without computers, but starting in 1985 CPUs got so complex that they could only be designed with the help of other computers.  Since then CPUs have gotten a lot more complicated requiring more and more computer assistance to develop each new generation of CPUs.  There’s even a story that the man who designed the Intel 386 CPU, the CPU that was on the tipping point between could be designed without computers and those that required the assistance of computers, went insane.  That story is not true, but it represents the fundamental shift that happened in 1985.

For women the development of artificial intelligence will be a disaster.  An AI has no reason to follow the feminine imperative.  The “obvious” solution to a gynocentric woman or a mangina would be to prevent development of an “ultron” or an AI.  However, like with sex bots, they are only looking at the end point.  In the journey towards AI, there is a lot of disruption that will negatively impact the feminine imperative.  That is why deep learning is a threat to the feminine imperative.  Anytime decisions are pushed off on to computers (and deep learning is a significant shift human decision making to computer decision making), the feminine imperative will be negatively impacted.  Yet, gynocentric women and manginas won’t see this coming.  And this is not the first example of such a thing happening.  There used to be a lot more women employed in the field of computer technology.  That is because many of them were “human computers” or the equivalent in programming work.  Once technologies like compilers were invented, the need for women in computer technology dropped like a lead balloon even though the need for programmers went through the roof.

If gynocentric women and manginas were going to try and stop the real “age of ultron”, they would have to shutdown all technological advancement in computer technology.   Like with so many other things that are going to wreck the feminine imperative, it’s a long term process that involves millions of men.  The death of the human race notwithstanding, that’s impossible.

May 042015

Since Avengers: Age Of Ultron came out this weekend, this week on the blog with be Ultron week.  All posts this week will be discussing various aspects of Ultron.  (There are a aome spoilers for Avengers: Age Of Ultron.  You have been warned.)

There’s a line in the movie (that also is in the trailers) that Ultron says, “You want to protect the world, but you don’t want it to change.” What Tony Stark and Bruce Banner wanted by creating Ultron was something that would allow everyone on Earth to ignore what was happening beyond Earth.  Ultron would protect the world from alien threats so that everyone could live their lives as if the world had not changed.  It turns out that trying to create such a protector is impossible.  One of Ultron’s messages was that if humanity doesn’t evolve it will die.  The movie is about his quest to force evolution in a manner similar to the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs.  Vision, the good artificial intelligence, in the movie agrees with Ultron’s assessment that humanity will die if it doesn’t evolve.  Vision just disagrees with Ultron’s methods of killing anyone to do it.

Women and manginas want an “Ultron” that will enforce the status quo.  Their “Ultron” will force things to be like they were in 1987 or 1962 or some other date in the past forever.  It will force men who are engaging in a marriage strike to marry, destroy MGTOW, and keep men in the dark about the real nature of women like previous generations of men were in the dark.

The problem is that in both cases creating an “Ultron” that will keep the world in a static state is impossible.  What many men have discovered is that they need to evolve to survive.  That evolution involves GTOW, refusing to marry, etc.  Any attempt to create an “Ultron” that will end the marriage strike and MGTOW will fall victim to the same problem that Tony Stark and Bruce Banner had.  It will just force more men to evolve faster.  Everything from attempts to shame men who refuse to marry to college rape hysteria is an attempt at creating an “Ultron” who will enforce the misandrist status quo.  However, it has not worked.  More men just discovered the truth of how marriage is a bad deal for men, the false rape industry, and the real nature of women.  All it has done is cause more men to evolve.  That’s the problem for women and manginas.  They want to keep the status quo, but they can’t stop evolution just like Tony Stark and Bruce Banner could not.

Apr 242015

Anne Wheaton, the wife of anti-#GamerGate mangina Wil Wheaton, is now donating a dollar to Anita Sarkeesian for every “harassing” tweet she allegedly receives.  (Unfortunately, she’s limited the donation to Anita to a max of $1000 so harassing her won’t bankrupt her.)  If you look at her twitter, it’s hard to find actual harassment.  That is, except for the fake harassment she receives from her followers to spur donations to Anita Sarkeesian.

What this proves is that if you’re attention whoring like Anne Wheaton is, it’s a guarantee you aren’t being harassed.  If you’re doing the online equivalent of holding up a billboard that says, “Harass Me!!!!”, you aren’t being harassed.

Apr 222015

Tyler Cowen, a professor at George Mason University, recently interviewed Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal and investor in Facebook.  Here is an excerpt from that interview where Thiel talks about Aspergers being important for innovation and the problems of conformity:

TYLER COWEN: Let me give you my take on how I’ve tried to fit different parts of your thought together. And again, for all you listeners, this doesn’t have to be true. It’s just my mental model of Peter Thiel. That you’re one of a lot of thinkers who takes the idea of original sin — it doesn’t have to be a theological commitment — seriously. Tocqueville wrote in the 19th century that America eventually would evolve to be a land of complacent people who were going to stop believing in original sin and stick to a kind of conformist mediocrity.

So you have taken this to heart. The world out there is deeply weird. Even though there appears to be free entry into ideas production, because of René Girard–like ideas, the people who deviate, someone comes down on them pretty hard. So there’s excess conformity, the original sin in people’s motives gets magnified at the social level. So basically, there are distortions out there. And everything we can see, it’s a gnostic theology, and a relatively small number of people who can see through those distortions can be great entrepreneurs, or can tell the truth about politics.

And it’s all ultimately some kind of bundled, implicitly theological, but not necessarily involving belief in God, but theological perspective about the nature of people. And it ends up spreading to all the different parts of society and that, to me, has been what ties your thought together. But that’s a hypothesis; let’s hear your reaction to that.

PETER THIEL: Let’s see. I think the way original sin normally works is that it resides in individuals, in one way or another. And so theologically, I would place it much more in society. And so I think society is both something that’s very real and very powerful, but on the whole quite problematic. We always run the risk of losing sight of that.

I don’t know if it’s strictly the awareness of it that solves it. Certainly, there probably are some people who are just vaguely oblivious to it, so in Silicon Valley, I point out that many of the more successful entrepreneurs seem to be suffering from a mild form of Asperger’s where it’s like you’re missing the imitation, socialization gene.

TYLER COWEN: And that’s a plus, right?

PETER THIEL: It happens to be a plus for innovation, and creating great companies, but I think we always should turn this around as an incredible critique of our society. We need to ask, what is it about our society where those of us who do not suffer from Asperger’s are at some massive disadvantage because we will be talked out of our interesting, original, creative ideas before they are even fully formed?

We’ll notice that’s a little bit too weird, that’s a little bit too strange. Maybe I’ll just go ahead and open the restaurant that I’ve been talking about, that everyone else can understand and agree with, or do something extremely safe and conventional, and therefore hypercompetitive, and probably not that great as an idea.

I’d say a lot of these people may not understand this larger theory about society, but they are somewhat oblivious to it, and it pushes progress. Now, certainly my own experience would have been a little bit more where — I grew up in Northern California. It was this hyper-tracked process, where my eighth grade junior high school yearbook, one of my friends wrote in, “I know you’re going to get into Stanford in four years.”

Four years later I got into Stanford, then I got into Stanford Law School. You won all the conventionally tracked competitions; you ended up at a big law firm in Manhattan. From the outside, it was a place where everybody wanted to get in. On the inside, it was a place where everybody wanted to get out.

You ask one of the people down the hall from me, said that it was great to see me leave. I left after seven months and three days, it was great to see me leave. It was like “I had no idea it was possible to escape from Alcatraz.”

TYLER COWEN: What did you learn there?

PETER THIEL: I learned that I was incredibly prone to this problem of social convention. If you want to give it a religious terminology, the psychological terminology would be that I had a rolling quarter life crisis in my mid-20s. The religious terminology, I had a quasi-conversion experience where I realized the value system was deeply corrupt and needed to be questioned.

I do think that one of the ways of challenging convention, one way, the Asperger’s way, is just to be vaguely oblivious to it all, and continue apace. Then I think there is another modality where you just become aware of how conventional our conventions really are, and then that becomes sort of an indirect route of trying to start thinking for yourself.

TYLER COWEN: In your view, perhaps the contemporary world is becoming, I don’t know what the word would be, stranger, or weirder, or more shaped by individuals who are different, precisely because conformity is being piled on other places. So if the movers and shakers would be people who are in some way neuro diverse, then overall, the world is becoming more surprising in a way, right? That’s what we expect at different margins, at different corners. This will accumulate. It may not ever feel like we’re getting out of the great stagnation, but each bit of change we get is in a way a more different change than we would get, say, in 1957, where everything was done with guys with white shirts and starched white collars, hoping they would be able to buy a little pocket calculator someday.

PETER THIEL: I think the innovation that we are getting is driven in strange ways.

I worry that the conformity problem is actually more acute than it was in the ’50s or ’60s, so that the category of the eccentric scientist, or even the eccentric professor, is a species that is steadily going extinct because there is less space for that in our research universities than there used to be.

I worry that perhaps, if anything, it’s a little bit the other way. It’s very hard to measure these things or calibrate them, but I think that in politics, the conventional approach is to simply look at pollsters. What are your positions going to be? You just look at the polls, you figure this out, and it works fairly well.

At the end of the day, that’s probably not how the system really changes. It probably will be changed by some idiosyncratic people who have really strong convictions, and are over time, able to convince more people of them. But whether this means that we have more or less change is hard to evaluate. It always comes from these somewhat nonconventional channels.

An interesting thing to do with this part of the interview is replace Aspergers with masculinity and conformity with feminization.  When you do that what Thiel is saying makes just as much sense if not more.

What is going on here is that innovation requires a willingness to buck conformity just as Thiel points out.  However, Aspergers (or Autism Level 1 as it is now called in the DSM-5) in many ways is just having an ultra-masculine brain.  In other words, innovation is driven by masculinity.  On the other hand, conformity is driven by femininity.  Thiel points out that the increasing conformity of universities has driven out the eccentric innovative scientist and their Aspergers/ultra-masculine brains.  What has happened to universities over the time period Thiel is talking about?  They have become feminized so naturally they became conformist and hostile to innovation.  That’s why innovation and change comes from nonconventional channels as Thiel points out.  That describes the M(H)RM, MGTOW, and #GamerGate.

Thiel also had something to say about Japan and innovation and conformity:

TYLER COWEN: In the back room, we were talking about Japan, and a recent trip of yours to Japan. Maybe you would like to relate some of what you were saying?

PETER THIEL: They always want you to say things that are sort of contrarian and surprising, and so they asked me at this discussion I was giving in Japan. And the answer that I came up with, which was both flattering to the audience, but somewhat disturbing from our perspective, was I think we always think of Japan as this hyper-imitative, noncreative culture of extreme conformity.

My suggestion is that perhaps at this point, Japan is the least conformist, the least imitative country in the world. There’s actually a lot of interesting aesthetic cultural stuff going on, there still is a lot of very successful types of businesses. There’s innovation in food production, all sorts of interesting areas.

But then it’s an indictment of the West, where I think Japan is no longer the Japan of the Meiji Restoration of the 1870s, or the Japan of the cheap plastic imitation toys of the 1950s. It’s a country that no longer thinks it can get that much by copying the West. There’s probably still some narrow interest in IT and software. Outside of that, I think they are copying the US and Western Europe less and less.

People aren’t even learning English that much anymore. They’re speaking less English than they were 15, 20 years ago. The golf courses are all getting shut down and converted to solar farms or something; people don’t even want to play golf anymore. I think we need to take this as a real critique of our society, very seriously, that they’re finding less that’s desirable to imitate in the US or Western Europe.

I’m not sure about the golf thing because golf is also declining in the US, but that’s beside the point.  Why would Japan want to copy the West less now?  It’s because so much of the West is feminized.  The Japanese know better.  Thiel points out that the one thing Japan is interested in from the West is IT and software.  In other words, Japan only wants to copy things from the West that aren’t feminized.

One thing I have noticed is how much feminists and SJWs hate Japan.  This provides an interesting angle of that.  Japan is rejecting the feminists and SJWs since they are not innovative and ossified conformists.

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