Oct 112014

I have documented examples in the past of feminists admitting that they don’t believe in equality (and by extension believing in female supremacism).  Now, we have the anti-#GamerGate version of this.  This comment was taken from the GamerGhazi reddit, an anti-#GamerGate reddit.  It is definitely not a troll as it was taken seriously and voted up:

The feminists and SJW opposed to #GamerGate actually believe that people who support gender equality are Nazis!  (Given Leigh Alexander’s hatred of non-whites, we can assume that they also believe that people who support racial equality are Nazis too.)

This proves that the anti-#GamerGate rubbish about how gamers are all misogynists trying to force women out of gaming is a complete and total lie.  Feminists and SJWs are not attacking gamers for being misogynists.  They’re attacking gamers for believing that men and women (as well as all races) should be truly equal.  In the eyes of feminists and SJWs, the great sin of gamers is that they don’t give special rights to women.  Gamers treat everyone exactly the same, and feminists and SJWs hate that gamers aren’t kissing their asses.

Jul 192014

Back in February 2012, I wrote how young men were getting fed up with women faster than any other group of men based on a series of comments at The Spearhead.  Since then, that entry has become the most read page on this blog.  It still gets plenty of hits and even comments occasionally which is impressive considering that old content here typically only gets comments in the rarest of cases.  It’s because that page speaks to what a large group of young men are going through in dealing with women.  Young men’s frustration with women is only increasing so I wasn’t surprised by this comment I found on Dalrock’s blog:

No kidding! I have been paying special attention to young men at work between the ages of 25 & 30.I have coffee with them etc. The thing that I have noticed is what a ‘lack of respect’ that they have for women in general.I generally don’t have much respect for women myself….but,not like these guys! I mean they prey on them to use them without mercy.They treat them like garbage and use them at every opportunity.And the c**** are stupid enough to let them.The other thing that I have also noticed in the last few years is the number of men that “HATE” women……and I do mean “HATE”.I myself am into “sport sex”.Not these guys,they are into “grudge f*****g”.It is only going to get worse and women have no one to blame except themselves.

For young men their frustration with women is part and parcel of their understandable loss of respect for women.  For many young men, their frustration with women is rapidly turning into hate for women.  This is a natural and logical reaction by young men.  For their entire lives, women have been getting worse.  And unlike older men, they have no memory of a time when women didn’t engage in massive amounts of bad behavior bordering on being feral.  To these young men, the only thing women are good for is sex.  And not just any kind of sex, but “grudge fucking”.

The young men referenced in the above comment are between 25 and 30.  In a few years they will be between 30 and 35 to be replaced by a new group of young men who will have an even lower opinion of women.  Some old men who still have a positive opinion of women will have died off.  In other words, over time men who don’t hate women are likely to be replaced by men who are fed up with if not outright hate women.  We can see a difference in just a little over two years between the comment above and The Spearhead comments written back in 2012.  That’s how quickly this is happening, and it shows no signs of stopping.  Paul Elam gets emails from 16 and 17 year old teenage BOYS that are already fed up with women.  Just consider what their opinion of women will be when they’re between 25 – 30 or 30 – 35.  It’s going to be worse.  Eventually, this will hit critical mass.

Feb 192014

Both The Spearhead and AVFM have covered what happened to the MGTOW Forums.  MGTOW Forums looks to be back in some form although there has been nothing new since 2/11 so I suspect it’s only an archive.

There are plenty of other MGTOW and related forums around.  Some are new.  Some have been around for a while.  Here’s a list:

  1. Happy Bachelors
  3. Going Your Own Way
  4. MGTOW.net
Sep 152013

If you want to know why feminism was able to take over everything in the West so easily, read the most recent article at The Spearhead.  The Maasai actually let an American woman become a Maasai warrior.  This woman didn’t go through the real initiation process of becoming a Maasai warrior, but that doesn’t matter.  What the Maasai did is equivalent to how standards for the military, police, firemen, etc. get lowered for women.  In other words, rather than tell this woman no to becoming a Maasai warrior, the men of the Massai created an affirmative action policy for women to become Maasai warriors.  It’s that similar.

Take a look at how Tennessee Assemblyman Harry T. Burn’s mom was able to easily shame him into voting for the 19th Amendment.  Harry T. Burn gave in to the demands (and shaming language) of his mom nearly 100 years ago just as the men of the Maasai recently did.  These men came from different cultures, different nations, and different races, but it didn’t matter.  Their reaction to women was exactly the same.  They all gave in to the demands of women.  The same thing happens wherever women start making similar demands.

This means that when women start making these demands, men will cave in them.  This is true regardless of what culture, race, nationality, religion, etc. a man is a part of.  The result is always the same.  The only time men don’t give into the demands of women is when a man is part of a space that defends its space from women by being actively hostile to women.  So far that has been the only successful method of not giving into women’s demands.

May 142013

In the last few weeks we have been talking about equality a lot.  The reason for that is because both feminists and tradcons have finally admitted to being against it.  In both cases, they have explicitly admitted to being against actual equality such as equality before the law and equality of opportunity.  Neither group is talking about the cases where the term, equality, gets bastardized and redefined into something else (such as what feminists commonly do with the term).  It’s surprising that both groups have admitted to being against equality at roughly the same time, but it proves an important point, that both groups are against actual equality for similar reasons.

It’s not just the feminists and the tradcons who are against equality.  Other misandrists like Suzanne Venker are starting to weasel their way away from equality by using equal but different.  Expect her to over time increasingly be against (actual) equality.

Louise Pennington, a feminist, said that “equality is nothing more than a smokescreen to prevent the true liberation of women“.  In other words, equality is a smokescreen to benefit men.  While the tradcons and Suzanne Venker wouldn’t talk about the “true liberation of women”, it’s clear from their writings that they would otherwise agree that equality is a smokescreen to benefit men.  (In part this is because, actual equality might deny women chumps to marry and enslave.)

What is going on here?  Why are everyone but MRAs suddenly against actual equality?  It’s not because equality is a plot to benefit men, but it does benefit men all the same.  Suzanne Venker admitted that when men and women were unequal, women got the better deal:

Many would argue women had the better end of the deal! It’s hard to claim women were oppressed in a nation in which men were expected to stand up when a lady enters the room or to lay down their lives to spare women life. When the Titanic went down in 1912, its sinking took 1,450 lives. Only 103 were women. One-hundred three.

Compare that with last year’s wrecked cruise line, the Costa Concordia. It resulted in fewer deaths, but there was another significant difference. “There was no ‘women and children first’ policy. There were big men, crew members, pushing their way past us to get into the lifeboats. It was disgusting,” said passenger Sandra Rogers, 62.

This is what it comes down to.  Actual equality does not benefit women, and talking about equality is getting them nowhere, so a wide range of misandrist voices are now openly against it.  However, actual equality benefits men.  Equality before the law means that women can’t go around making false rape or false abuse charges and expect to get away with it.  Equality of opportunity means that women actually have to produce and not be a leech off men.  A job market with equality of opportunity would end up looking a lot like the tech industry does now with predominately male employment with a disproportionately high number of unmarried men because men are on average better qualified for most jobs.  Women would be left out in the cold because they couldn’t compete for jobs, and they couldn’t get married unless they worked to show that they could add to a man’s life.

Everyone but MRAs are now against equality not because it’s a plot to benefit men, but because equality means that women lose their special privileges.

Oct 212012

Whenever a politician is supportive of mens rights, even just a little bit, we should support that politician.  Gary Johnson, the former Republican governor of New Mexico is one such politician.  He is running on the Libertarian party ticket with Judge Jim Gray as his running mate.  Gov. Johnson is the only presidential candidate this year (including those candidates who didn’t make it past the primaries) to come out in support of any aspect of mens rights.  Here is a video of Gov. Johnson talking to Fathers and Families about fathers rights issues:

Gov. Johnson gets it when it comes to fathers rights.  In the video he doesn’t talk about other aspects of mens rights, but even if he is unaware of them, Gov. Johnson is likely to understand the issues and support mens rights.  For president this year I am going to be voting for the Johnson/Gray ticket.  Even though he has only talked about fathers rights, that puts him far ahead of anyone else running for president.

For what it’s worth (and it isn’t worth that much), I am endorsing Gov. Johnson for President of the U.S.

Mar 282012

Here is a comment from James at The Spearhead on how old men don’t understand what is happening to young men:

This is something I always complain about, as a 27 year old male. The OLDER MEN simply do not understand what it is like to be a young man today.

I will say one thing though- a very big percent of young men of my generation do not believe in this feminism or white knight bullshit, and they have very little tolerance towards it.

Older men will allow themselves to get ass raped in divorce courts, but the younger men of my generation have no such tolerance.

So if the younger women think they are going to treat the younger men with the same level of hatred that the older women do to the older men, they have a big surprise waiting for them.

1. Either the men will just entirely boycott the younger women


2. They will actively fight for their rights, even with force, if it requires it

What I mean by that is, the younger generation of men are much more violent than the older generation. So in plain English, if women think they are going to treat the younger generation of men like shit, then we are going to see a huge increase in violence against women.

In short, the men of my generation are not as willing to tolerate the abuse from man hating women as the older men are. Young women would be very wise to take note of this.

This is something I have noticed as well.  The younger you go on average you will find less tolerance for anything pro-female.  This is not surprising.  Even looking at my own life, I have been dealing with feminism since I was in elementary school especially if we define feminism correctly as feminine-ism.  I remember (female) teachers being pro-female and anti-male going back to first grade.  As bad as I had it, it is worse for men younger than me.  They’re not going to listen to lies about how women are oppressed because all they have seen with their own eyes are the opposite.

The Misandry Bubble talks about 2020 being a point where we will see misandry start to come undone.  There’s more to that than just technological and economic reasons.  By 2020 the balance between men who are currently old vs. men who are currently young will have shifted.  There will be less old men who remember life pre-feminism.  There will be more young men who have spent their entire lives under the feminist jack boot.  There will be more men who are completely fed up with women.  Around 2020 there will be a lot more men willing to take radical direct action against feminism.

Not only do old men in general not get what young men are going through.  I’m not convinced that old men in the manosphere and/or MRM get what is happening to young men.  This can even include men in the manosphere who are currently in the young man side of the old man/young man divide.  I’m not convinced that a lot of the young men in the manosphere (i.e. men in their 20s) understand just how bad things are getting for men and boys younger than them.  Many of you reading this may think you get what young men are going through.  Are you sure you really do?  For example, do you really know just how filthy younger women are getting?  I was surprised by that, and I thought that I had a good handle of what was going on with younger men.

This means that the MRM is going to be two different things before and after 2020.  The MRM after 2020 (which may be called something else) will have a lot more energy and willingness to take action so I’m not sure this is a bad thing.

Feb 202012

A post over at The Spearhead a few days ago brought up how men under 30 are more clued in about women than anyone other age group of men.  Several comments basically communicated the fact that men under 30 are increasingly fed up with women:

Thanks for mentioning us younger guys. As a under 30 millenial, I will tell you exactly why most of us have this outlook.

We are the divorce generation. Even if we grew up in families that weren’t divorced we were still latch key kids.

Not only did I, a little over a decade ago, have more friends with single mothers by choice but also with divorced parents than intact families I also went to school with girls and came of age during the grrl power of the 90s.

This idea of women as victims falls on deaf ears when you spend year after year dealing with fucking cunts.

Team vagina can tell me all day long about how women would never lie about birth control or use men for child support and so on.

But, I know better. The high school I went to, a little over a decade ago, had a Teen Mom(watch that show on MTV if you want a realistic look) or two in almost every single class I had.

I literally only had one class in high school that didn’t have a pregnant girl in it. Several had two or three, out of 30 or 35 students and not enough book. Gotta love shitty high schools in the south.

That is just high school. If you look at reddit and the mens rights section in particular you will see that most of the guy are about my age(maybe a few years older) or younger.

Even the guys that aren’t in the MRA section on reddit have a very warped view of women and relationships. I think this is due to being born in the divorce generation.

Who needs to burn their own hand to find out that fire is hot when you can watch dozens upon dozens of older men burn their hands and scream in pain? Who needs that, so to speak?

This doesn’t even begin to talk about growing up in a feminized education system or the entitlement issues run rampant that most young women have or all the other issues.

To put it simply: You can’t kick a dog and not expect it to eventually bite the hand that feeds.

Guys of my generation have been kicked since we were puppies, and we were kicked constantly and from everyone who supposedly loved and cared for us.

There is a groundswell of MRAism and misogyny and just a lot of pissed off guys for one reason or another.

I haven’t, for example, met a single guy in his 20s who hasn’t had alteast one or more psycho bitch crazy ex gfs.

There is a reason that guys on reddit have a saying that goes like this: “dont stick your dick in crazy.”

There is also a reason that feminists have gotten so angry over young men and what young men say that they have created a very hostile troll group on reddit called Shit Reddit Says, or SRS. This SRS group exists to do nothing more than attack MRAs and other young men and mock them.

I suggest you don’t spend too much time looking at their shit, but if you haven’t heard about them before then I do suggest you head to reddit and search for them and take a look at their subreddits. They are a perfect example of the crazy cunts that guys like me have had to deal with growing up. They have no argument or abilit to even discuss topics, they simply mock and jeer.

As far as this article goes, I agree. Not only that but the MRM is making headway as far as getting out message out.

This article is full of female projection and female hope but it also uses the term hypergamy, which I first read about in Devlins work and the MRM.

Marriage Suits Educated Women:

THe comments are interesting to say the least. All sorts of older single women complaining about how the article isn’t true, cause men are afraid of educated women(lol). I suggest you all check it out.

The simple truth is that I, and I suspect most guys (especially of my generation), simply get tired of the constant competiveness and bitchy demeanor of western women. Especially the hyper educated (with liberal arts masters) who want to rub it into our faces constantly.

Unlike men of older generations I have had more girlfriends than most older guys had in their entire lives before I turned 21. I can honestly say that women do not add any value, outside of the value of pussy and sex, to a mans life.

Even with great sex it gets fucken old, it wears you down and makes you tired, having to constantly deal with the power struggles in modern relationships.

I haven’t even lived with a girl and I am sick of it. After I got out of my longest LTR a few years back, it only lasted about 3 yrs, I was just drained. It felt like my soul had been sucked out or something.

Women aren’t companions these days. They are ruthless competitors at work, at school, and even in our relationships.

Why would I or any other guy, especially us younger guys who learned this the hard way, give one fuckin shit about women?

In the last three weeks I have had three times where a group of young women, college girls from the University down the stree, asked me for help while I was driving. Each time I told them to fuck off.

One of those times was last night. I was at a drive through and it was cold and raining out. This hot blonde chick tapped on my window and asked me if I would give her and her friends a ride down the street so they wouldn’t have to walk home in the cold rain. I told them to fuck off. I am not a limo or taxi service. They could have offered to give me a group blowjob and the most that would have happened would have been me jizzing on their face and then riding off. TBH, I wouldn’t have even done that. Last thing I want to deal with is a false rape claim.

Women have pissed away any good will guys my age used to have towards them. If you don’t believe me then simply look at markets and see what sells to young men and see how young men view women.

Go and look at online forums based around video games and you will see young men talking shit about girls their age. Hell, get on some feminist sites and you will see feminists complaining about young guys, teenage guys, talking constant shit about women. Look at reddit and you will see it too. Look at any male oriented areas and you will see it.

Look at rap music or the proliferation of the word gold digger. Women are worthless these days, especially after or before sex. I think they are realizing it too. There is no happy ever after. There is no ’till death do us part’, cause we all know that women are branch swingers or monkeys. They won’t let go of one branch until their hands are firmly planted on another branch.

Oh and Branch = cock. Females tend to call it serial monogamy.

Fuck that shit. They won’t love you. They will just treat you as a utility object. A fucking ATM or sperm donor or human shield or emotional tampon/shrink or a dildo or a rock to lean on and so on.

My point is this. What do women have any more??? Pussy is cheaper to come by, especially if you know some game, than candy on halloween. They can’t cook or clean worth shit. They are honest. They aren’t equal to any degree, especially 99% of them.

What do women have to offer besides a funhole to play with for 45 minutes? They suck as friends, shit they give their own friends eating disorders and call them frenemies.

WTF do women have to offer? I think it is very little and I think young men are figureing this out every day.

I think women are realizing that their gravy train is coming off the tracks and are scared shitless. I think many, if not most, young men wouldn’t allow a woman to go back to the kitchen and be barefoot even if the women begged for them to be allowed to be kept. I think women know this and I think that is why they are getting even more bitchy.

I think this will only backfire for women as a whole and I am looking forward to seeing it all fall apart. This comment is long enough, so I will just say nice article.

Here’s another comment agreeing with the previous comment:

I will agree with Troll King’s assement of the men of the Millenial generation. We have seen a lot going through high school, but especially college. We have seen women engaging in hypergamy and relastionship games without them even keeping up the pretense of “Romance.”

It could be put down to the bitterness and schadenfruede of the “famous dateless losers.” But then we ask, “why are we dateless?” Because we can’t compete with the vapid game of the player, okay but what does that say about women? Because we cannot compete with the empowered career female to satisfy her hypergamous needs, okay but doesn’t that then mean love and romance are hyporcitical games and thus make woman a liar?

Back in college my one buddy was really into a band, Reel Big Fish, and we were driving aroudn once musing when he put on a song of their’s in whcih the story is about a girl who snubbed the band leader when he was starting out, but since he has been successful has returned to seek his attention. So my friends turns to me and says, “fuck these bitches, they go to college and slut it up, then expect to find a nice guy who makes money after he gets a career. Who wants a used up whore?” Remember this was the mid 00′s so we thought success would be ours, if not for the mancession.

The problem from the female perspective is their narrow focus, there are still little bitch men who will put all there energy into a relationship just to have pussy validation. So when these females have their girlfriend with a dick, they make sure their social circle consists of other attatched females. Even other females who are not at the same standing as them do not exist in the her world. These are also the type of men who are so debased as to have no self-respect, virtue, or honor.

An example, a buddy of mine had this female friend from high school who was the biggest slut you could know, if she went out drinking she was out fucking. He has a fuck buddy relationship with her, and she starts dating some new guy, some bouncer who is a shy mangina. One night they are out drinking, bouncer boy goes in the back to lay down, and my buddy starts banging her on the couch, bouncer boy comes out afterwards to see them naked on the couch. Now this guy is such a mangina that he can’t accept what just happened and buys the excuse that it was just drunken making out.

This was about two years ago, mangina bouncer is still with the slut. I guess he is the loser who will marry her.

However the inbalance will still get to them as there are still large numbers of unattached females (because guys like Troll King, at least six of my buddies, and me are not taking them on) who will compete with the attatched female for her man. Women have no inate sense of right and wrong, so there is no level they won’t sink to, us Millenial guys noted this when younger when we learned “the best way to attract girls is to have one already.”

I have one friend who was a little weenie science dude back in college, only got ass once when some born again virgin girl in his Bible study group tunred into a cock-snatching harpy on him, needless to say when the group found out she became the victim and he the evil leacher. He had another relationship with a psycho woman who ultimately rejected him because he didn’t measure up to her previous soccer playing boyfriend. So now he has bulked up, gotten into adventure sports, and is getting a masters in engineering, and rutting through the university girls.

We can see that our inate value as a person for reasons of love, does not matter except for maybe a pump and dump. So why emotionally invest in some joke, we are not women who change with the wind. A romantic blow to our psyche’s are not solved by wine parties and shaking our asses in public.

My generations of fellows are at heart nihilistic, vicious, and with very little pretense of conscience. This is because we are informed by a type of moral philosophy, brought on by the moral degeneracy in family, society, law, and relationships. We implicitly understand social contract as it applies to relationships.

They can fight back with all the laws and shaming they want, but we are men and we will adapt and survive. Let us maintain the imbalance and drive it to a fever pitch.

Another comment:

Really? I don’t know how old you are, but I can promise you that guys under 30 are fed up with women. We had to grow up next to the most entitled and bitchy group of females that ever walked this planet.

Just look at popular culture. Whether its rap music or rock music or TV or movies.

Just compare film from 50 years ago to film today. Or music.

Were there concepts back in the day similiar to gold diggers? Were men writing music about how horrible and slutty women were? I know there are some types of music that are fairly old that deal with those issues….namely some blues and jazz and country. But even that stuff doesn’t hold a candle to what you might hear on the radio today.

And another comment:

Male, 26.

I agree 100% with what Troll King has said. This mirrors my experiences (in AUS). More than half my friends in school didn’t have fathers, and although it wasn’t quite as bad as 1-2 per class, there were several girls I knew who were pregnant before 15. Some of them even knew who the father was… occasionally. Heck, one of my female friends had three children by the time she was 16, and all to different fathers.

Whatever good will I had for women ended in high school. I’ve had a few GFs since then, hoping I’d find one that wasn’t crazy, but they all are. NAWALT? Fucking yes they are.

My folks don’t help either. I tried to talk to them about it when I noticed it towards the end of high school (age 15-17). Dad could see the problem but still (even now) believes that the women who do this are in the minority. mum just refuses to see a problem and says I’m being silly. Her favourite word is misogyny. I have no idea how they’ve managed to stay married for almost 30 years.

Women are emotional vampires. They don’t bring anything of value to a relationship (I’m a qualified Chef, so I don’t need a cook. Washing machines are literally 2 button pushes) except for sex, and quite frankly, I don’t have to hug my Fleshlite afterwards. I also don’t have to worry about it lying to me about contraception. Also the sex is better!

No, women don’t have any social currency left. Girls are stupid, throw rocks at them.

And a portion of another comment:

One of the major things I have noted is the disconnect between the 30 something men and the 20 something men. Especially in regards to women and relationships (I am speaking in the general population, not the MRM): my group are functioning nihilists, while the older men still have the delusion of hope. My initial thought was a difference between the Gen-Xers having lived their lives during relative prosperity and influence from a resurgent social progresivism. Then I realized that there was a major cultural shift, similar to the rise of Jazz and the roaring 20′s in the early 20th century.

I recommend reading the full comment thread because for brevity’s sake I only included a few comments.  Men under 30 are getting fed up with women at a very fast rate.  There are a lot of men who decided to go ghost after getting fed up with women, but getting fed up with women took these men decades.  Paul Elam has talked about how he has gotten emails from teenage boys, 16 and 17 year olds, saying that they’re fed up with women.  The younger a man/boy is, the more feminism and crap from women he has had to deal with each day.  Teenage boys have now experienced the same amount of crap from women that an older man wouldn’t have gotten until he was at least 40.

As these men and boys have gotten exponentially more crap from women, women are doing less.  First, women stopped learning basic life skills like cooking.  Now, many young women are giving up on showering and basic hygiene (like I talked about recently).  I imagine that the many boys in the next crop of teenagers (if not current teenage boys) are going to get even more disgusted with women and girls than they are now because they are literally getting FILTHIER.  The smarter teenage boys will keep their dicks away from these cesspools of God knows what.  This will be helped along by technology like VR sex because technology can’t give you a STD or some other disease.  (Plus, it will probably be cleaner as in a lack of dirt/filth.)  Add that to the fact that these young men have been assaulted constantly by feminism since the day they were born, and the results as they get older will be explosive.

The good news about this is that the MRM will in the coming years and decades get a massive infusion of manpower and energy.  The bad news is that the men in charge of the MRM right now don’t really get what young men are going through now so they are ill prepared to handle the influx of all these young men.  Maybe that’s not a bad thing because these young men don’t need help figuring out who is causing them trouble.

May 252011

Last week at The Spearhead I talked about why Dominique Strauss-Kahn shouldn’t be assumed to be guilty of rape just because of his politics or his career (banking) or his (now former) job (IMF director). Over the last week I have found even worse reasons that people are assuming DSK is guilty of rape.  At this link they’re positively giddy about declaring DSK guilty without knowing any of the facts simply because of his job, career, and politics, and I suspect because DSK is Jewish.

If you thought that was bad, Henry Makow’s reason for declaring DSK guilty is the worst yet.  According to Makow, DSK is guilty because he’s a member of the Illuminati, and the Illuminati sexual deviants. No thinking person should assume DSK is guilty because of claims that DSK is part of an organization that does not exist.  I suppose this shouldn’t be surprising since Henry Makow has before turned into a total white knight when a woman made (what was most likely false) abuse allegations against her father because she accused her father of being an Illuminati.  Usually I find Makow’s written diarrhea to be a joke.  This time I’m disgusted by it because this is even worse than guilty until proven innocent that is typically seen in rape accusations.  It’s guilty based on conspiracy theory.

What’s bothered me about the whole DSK rape case is that people who are other anti-feminist (or supposedly anti-feminist) throw their anti-feminism out the window to declare DSK guilty because of some meaningless reason.  Most of these people aren’t truly anti-feminist at all, or their anti-feminism is only skin deep.  This is one reason why there has been little progress in combating feminism.

May 242011

The University Of Cincinnati is likely to not be the only university getting rid of its computer science major. Western Washington University is considering getting rid of its computer science department too. Of course, departments that are actually useless like womens studies are not on the chopping block.  Add Western Washington University to the list of universities that will be as dead as Antioch College soon for embracing leftism and feminism over real knowledge and learning.

May 072011

Novaseeker wrote about how child support really works. It’s something every man needs to read:

The main problem with the CS regime is that people are generally unaware how it really works. They assume it works one way, but really don’t understand the disparate impact of how it actually works. In effect, it is an additional tax, full stop, on the father which is paid to the mother on a tax-free basis. It really doesn’t matter how much you make, the tax rate is basically the same, the way the statutory formulas/guidelines generally work. People think it’s based on “income share”, because that’s how the statute is worded, and that’s how it was peddled when the CS rules were changed, but as you’ll see below, it’s really a flat tax on the father’s income regardless of income share.

Here are some examples, just to clarify. Let’s assume a child support calculator that is 15% of pre-tax income for one child.

Example One
H income = 100k
W income = 100k
Total household income = 200k
Total support amount is 15% of 200k, which is 30k. H’s share of total income is 50%, so H pays ex-W 15k, or 15% of his pre-tax income.

Let’s look at what happens when we change the income levels.

Example Two
H income = 100k
W income = 50k
Total household income = 150k
Total support amount is 15% of 150k, which is 22,500. H’s share of income is 66.67%, so H pays ex-W 66.67% of 22,500, which is …. 15k, or 15% of his pre-tax income.

Ok. What happens when ex-W earns a lot more than H?

Example Three
H income = 50k
W income = 100k
Total household income = 150k
Total support amount is 15% of 150k, which is 22,500. H’s share of income is 33.34%, so H pays ex-W 33.34% of 22,500, which is 7500. 7500 is, you guessed it, 15% of H’s pre-tax income.

The way it works is that the father pays a flat rate of his income to the mother no matter what. The actual amount of dollars that flow depends on income share, which means that a guy in example three pays less actual dollars, but the dollars that he does pay are the same % of his pre-tax income as the guys earning twice as much in examples one and two. It’s the same percentage of income no matter what. It’s a flat tax, plain and simple, which is then paid to Mom on a tax-free basis.

CS payments are invisible from the tax perspective, which, in effect, means that the tax impact is terribly disproportionate. Dad doesn’t get any deduction for CS payments. They’re treated as if they were rent or gasoline (except they are not variable — you can’t reduce the cost as you can with rent or gasoline by moving or driving less). And Mom receives them tax free — these payments are not reported on her tax return and are generally invisible. And, as the original post points out, they are made with after-tax dollars, so the actual “effect on income” is much, much higher than 15% — i.e., it’s much more than 15% of the take-home pay of Dad. If Dad in example one has take home pay of, say 60k, 15k of that goes to CS, which is 25% of his take-home pay being transferred to his ex-wife on a tax-free basis to her on an ongoing basis. And, again, that doesn’t even take into account the health care premiums, the college savings account requirements, the life insurance premiums, and so on, that one is required to maintain in the typical decree. At the end of the day, this is a huge, huge wealth transfer from men to women, and it takes place on a completely unreported basis because, again, these payments don’t count for tax purposes, so they are not figured in Mom’s income. Flatly put, it’s a big, big scam, but if you complain about it, you’re instantly denigrated as a deadbeat supporting jackass who hates women and children. It’s a system that has been well designed by feminists to enslave men to their ex-wives, in practice.

Apr 272011

From Bill Price (aka Welmer):

Oh, bullshit. White nationalism is a goddess cult, plain and simple. HE called it straight.

Since when did white nationalists put the responsibility for “impurity” on the white women screwing around? It’s always the Jews’ and blacks’ fault when white women won’t keep their pants on…

White nationalists saying “white women can do no wrong” is what makes white nationalism effectively just another form of feminism.  White nationalism is really white knight nationalism.

Apr 202011

This was a good comment from my most recent Spearhead post:

Have you ever noticed women getting the singular and the plural exactly backwards? It seems to happen whenever I talk MRs with women.

Tell a woman that women collectively do something bad, or enjoy some privilege over men, and she’ll say “No, I don’t do that”

Tell a woman that another woman personally did something bad or enjoys some unearned privilege, and she’ll say “What do you have against women?”

I have seen this happen all time both to me and to other men.  If you’re a man and you’re reading this, it’s guaranteed it’s happened to you as well.

Apr 032011

This was originally written by Paul Elam at The Spearhead.  It is reprinted here as he requested it to be reprinted by as many bloggers as possible

There are often times that we shake our heads at injustices in the world. Sometimes it seems to be all we can do.  And with so many problems in modern life, and their often systemic, intractable nature, it can be difficult to choose what battles to fight and when.  Because of this we have increasingly become a nation of head shakers, concerned about an array of injustices but often not knowing where to turn or what to do to solve them.

With that in mind we have an opportunity, right here and now, to face down and fight against a terrible injustice, an absolute evil, going on in the state of Maine.

Vladek Filler is about to face trial for a second time on the charge of raping his wife, Ligia.  He was brought to trial the first time by Bar Harbor prosecutor Mary N. Kellett, who has sought to imprison Mr. Filler despite the fact that she knows that there is no physical evidence that he ever committed a crime, and despite the fact that his accuser Ligia Filler, has proven to be a violent criminal, a liar who has been caught in false allegations against her husband, and a physical and emotional abuser of her husband and children with a history of severe psychiatric problems.

Ligia Filler has been referred to as “certifiable” by sheriff’s department personnel who she repeatedly threatened to kill.

Mary Kellett’s professional conduct in this case breeches virtually all canons of legal ethics where it concerns prosecutors, from intentionally misleading jurors to avoiding pretrial discovery to actually asking a law enforcement officer to refuse to comply with a valid subpoena in order to help her conceal exculpatory evidence.

All of this, and many other similar cases, have been conducted under the supervision of Bar Harbor, Maine, District Attorney Carletta Bassano, leading to the almost unavoidable conclusion that the problem is not just one rogue prosecutor, but one in which District Attorney Bassano is an enabling accomplice.

Additionally, all of these events have transpired without so much as raising an eyebrow in local news media.

Given the complicity of her supervisor and the lack of attention by local media, Kellet appears emboldened to continue this reign of terror on the life of Vladek Filler, his children, and other innocents who reside in the community Kellett is supposed to protect.

After having Filler’s first conviction overturned due to prosecutorial misconduct by the Maine Supreme Court, she is coming after him again, putting him through another trial on the same slipshod evidence.

Kellett is not pursuing justice; she is making a mockery of it in ways that border on criminality.  She is out of control and no one with authority over her is doing anything about it.

And given the hubris demonstrated by her actions, it is clear she feels free to proceed with impunity.

We cannot, must not, allow this to happen.

This is a battle worth choosing to fight, and A Voice for Men is not the only place that is happening.  Glenn Sacks at Father’s and Families, the nation’s leader in father’s rights advocacy is speaking out about this story.  You can also read about it at The False Rape Society. This article will also  be running at the-spearhead.com, with thanks to our good friend Mr. W.F. Price.

The organization Stop Abusive and Violent Environments(S.A.V.E.) has taken the even more significant action, sending a Complaint for the Disbarment of Prosecutor Mary Kellett to the Maine Board of Overseers for the Bar.

They have also authored a letter to Paul LePage, the Governor of Maine, referencing the disbarment complaint and making an appeal for an intervention on Mary Kellett on behalf of Vladek Filler and the people of Maine.

And you can do your part.

Write Governor LePage here and respectfully insist on an investigation to the practices of Mary N. Kellett. The message can be as simple as. “For the sake of justice, please assure that Mary Kellett is relieved of her prosecutorial duties and disbarred from the practice of law.”

Write the Board of overseers for the Bar here, and insist that they respond to the allegations against Kellett with an investigation.

Lastly, try to get the media involved.  Bill Trotter does crime reporting for the Bangor Daily News.  You can write email him at btrotter@bangordailynews.com or phone him at 207-460-6318 and ask him to consider investigating this story.

Don’t wait for others to do this, please, or think that just one person calling and writing is enough. That would be a fatal mistake.

When you have done one or all the suggestions listed here, please come back to this thread and simply put the word “done” in the comments, wherever you are reading this.

What is happening in Maine is only a microcosm of what is happening across the western world. So regardless of where you live, your insistent message to one or all of these people can help force them to consider looking in to Kellett’s activities. And make no mistake about it, Kellett’s actions, if unchecked, are a forecast of own future. We know this is a witch hunt, but because most are ignoring it, it will spread.  If we take this silently, we have lost in the most tragic and disgraceful of ways.

This is a fight worth fighting, people. If you are reading this, you could be another Vladek Filler, or someone who cares about him. Your children could be hurt the same way his children have And your freedom, even if seemingly secure today, cannot be assured for tomorrow. As long as the likes of Mary Kellett are allowed to practice predatory prosecutions against innocent human beings no one is safe.

And If she is allowed to build a career on doing this, there will be nothing to stop the same from happening where you live.

It is your future, and your move.

Mar 062011

My recent post at The Spearhead about the collapse of Antioch College generated some commentary elsewhere such as this post at Captain Capitalism’s blog.  Some woman posts a comment about how her daughter was in the last graduating class at Antioch College, received a “great education”, and immediately got a job in her field after graduation. The Captain guessed that the daughter’s job was working for government or a non-profit that is getting a taxpayer subsidy. It turns out he was right:

Mom of Antioch College graduate comes in and goes to bat for “Antioch College” after I link to the Spearhead’s article citing its closure, claiming her daughter got a “great” education and “immediately” found employment in her field.

I make “cynical” “evil” “republican” “nazi” predictions that her daughter majored in a worthless subject and the only reason she found “employment in her field” was because her “field” was essentially subsidized by either charity or the taxpayers. In other words, she doesn’t produce anything of economic value to society and is literally a parasite.

Readers of Cappy Cap come to bat IN STYLE and prove;

1. Her daughter works at a community theater
2. That receives money from charity
3. Most of which is from the Ohioan taxpayer

The overall lesson to learn here is that Antioch College, as well as many others, simply just produce what could be considered “economic parasites” who instead of “lowering themselves” to collecting a welfare check, engage in faux, fake “professions” or “careers” all of which are economically no different than collecting a welfare check in that it is still paid for by others. They just go through the facade of having a “job” presumably to make themselves feel better.

Just another reason to say good riddance to Antioch College.  It’s motto should have been, “We produce rent seeking parasites.”  Also, take notice that it was her daughter that the mom talked about.  The daughter has a job while men who were doing productive work lost their jobs in the mancession.  Just as Antioch College died because it refused to deal with reality so will the daughter’s “job”.

Feb 262011

Recently, I added Alcuin’s blog to my blogroll.  It’s a very interesting blog, and his comments are interesting such as this one he made at The Spearhead:

Reagan said, “I didn’t leave the Democrats. The Democrats left me.” What feminists don’t realize is that men didn’t leave Western civilization. Western civilization left men. Because of feminism. Now they complain that they can’t find enough useful idiots.

This isn’t limited to just feminists.  It’s true of any conservative female supremacist or other kind of fake anti-feminist as well.  We hear a lot about men supposedly failing to mature, get married, “man up”, etc. as if men just decided one day that they weren’t going to bother anymore.  That is not what happened.  The opposite happened.  The reason why increasing numbers of men are making the RATIONAL and LOGICAL decision to avoid marriage, high stress jobs, college, etc. is because Western Civilization has become increasingly hostile to men.  Why support a civilization that actively hates you and over time increases its hate for you?

The complaints we hear about men whether it’s from Kay Hymowitz or from people complaining about comments at The Spearhead are all about the fact that they’re running out of useful idiots.  Why are socons (social conservatives) from Mark Richardson to The (Not) Thinking Housewife saying, “There’s a problem with marriage but you are supposed to ‘man up’ and get married anyway because it’s your duty to God/Western Civilization/etc.?”  Because all forms of female supermacism (both feminist and socon) need a supply of men working as useful idiots to keep everything running.  The obvious answer is to bring Western Civilization back to men since men didn’t leave Western Civilization but if safe to say that won’t be happening.  That would involve offering men something of equal value for their labor, skills, and commitment and no female supremacist of any stripe will negotiate in good faith with men.

Feb 232011

Over the last several days we have heard the usual litany of complaints about The Spearhead and MRAs with respect to the “language” we use.  The (Not) Thinking Housewife complained about our “evil” profanity and from other places came the usual nonsense about how “scary” our language is or how we’re “scaring away women and other moderates who support us”.  (“Scary” language is code orange shaming language, and “scaring away moderates” is used so much it should become it’s own category of shaming language.)

Zed explained what this is really all about:

That wasn’t my actual experience, Mr. Billy Goat Gruff, I was using that as an analogy for what always happens on these boards. I wrote a post not long ago how men are demanded to act like robots and how no women and few men even acknowledge their humanity. We must follow the programming they are trying to shove down our throats at all times. Men’s pain is absolutely taboo to even speak of.

Peter Nolan has had everything he worked for for more than 20 years of his life stolen from him, been betrayed in the foulest possible manner and lied about by the woman who vowed to “cherish” him until “death do us part”, lost his children, and everyone just sort of skips over those inconvenient facts to tell him that he shouldn’t be so forceful when he talks about it, and should “tone it down.”

Men have no place to go to express their pain, anger, and anguish among other men who understand. Everyone wants to 2nd guess how he “should” be saying it, so that they don’t have to listen to or acknowledge what he is saying. It is just one subtle way that is used to suppress and silence men.

I likened it to someone who is seriously injured and in pain having that pain ignored and instead having everyone critique how he expresses it.

Zed is correct.  All this talk about how a man should be speaking about these issues is a subtle attempt to silence men.  If a man can’t communicate the severity of a problem, then he can’t communicate the real nature of that problem.  On top of that it doesn’t matter what a man says or how severe he says it when it comes to mens rights issues.  We could completely eliminate all profanity from our blog posts and comments and have them triple checked by lawyers to not offend anyone.  It wouldn’t matter.  No matter how good or bad our language is we would still get these accusations since it’s all about silencing men.

Talk about “scaring away moderates who support us” is similar in its attempt to silence men.  If men don’t speak out about these issues, any “moderates” we might gain would be offset by the fact that they would have no knowledge of the real issues or their severity.  And a lot of the “moderates” aren’t really moderates.  They’re just hiding their misandry through triangulation.  A real moderate who supports us wouldn’t spend years denouncing the “scary” language of The Spearhead and how it scares away moderates.  A real moderate who supports us would look more like Glenn Sacks.  If Sacks is aware of The Spearhead he may think it’s too extreme but that doesn’t stop him from his work in fathers rights, reforming the (anti-)family court system, ending false accusations, etc.  He doesn’t complain on his blog over and over again about the “scary men on The Spearhead”.  In fact these “moderates who support us” never say a word about men like Glenn Sacks much less try to work with them.  This is just proof that the “moderates who support us” are neither moderate nor do they support us.

Attempting to silence men will not work.  Pretending the problem doesn’t exist does not make it go away.  In fact it will make the problem worse.  If you’re worried about “scary” language now, you haven’t seen anything yet.  Just wait until 2015 or 2020 when the current generation of boys start becoming adults.  They have experienced the boot of feminism on their necks way worse than anyone reading this probably has.  The Spearhead as it is now will seem tame in comparison.

Feb 192011

I had wanted to include this in my most recent post on The Spearhead but it didn’t quite fit.  There was a movie back in 1994 called PCU.  The idea was that it stood for politically correct university and was about a college where political correctness had run amok.  And no, it wasn’t a documentary.

There’s this one part of the movie that takes place at a faculty party.  At the faculty party, some of the professors are talking about how “bisexual asian studies needs its own building”.  The only question is how bisexual asian studies will get its own building.  Either the math department or the hockey team will have to go.

Doesn’t this sound like the University of Cincinnatti’s elimination of their computer science major?  I never thought I would see that part of PCU happen in real life, but it has.

Feb 072011

There’s a lot of ideas I have that I have trouble getting out of my mind and on to the blog (or anyplace else spoken or written).  One of the great things about The Spearhead is that other guys have the same ideas I do but can communicate them better when I can’t (and vice versa). One such case was from a comment codebuster wrote about women being locked into their own subjectivity, their own frame of reference more so then men are:

One of the problems with women’s opinions is that they are much more inclined to be locked into “their own level” (subjectivity) than men are. They have difficulty stepping beyond their own personal frames of reference, to try to see the world as others see it. So where I write to an audience of men, I anticipate that the men will mentally scan through the different ways that a word or an idea can be interpreted. For example, what do I mean when I say that “sexy” cannot be applied to men in the same way that it is applied to women? It should not require an Einstein to work this out. But it does takes a woman to come back with “Waddaya mean? I find men sexy.”

As another example. Arrogance. How many contexts can this word be applied in? In how many ways can it be interpreted? What are the subtle ways in which men assert their confidence? Of course we should expect a woman to pipe in with “no, I don’t find arrogance hot at all”, entirely missing the finer naunces that I am including within my definition.

Within the breadth of the context of arrogance as I define it, I have in mind some European men who carry themselves with a refined, urbane arrogance that is neither boorish nor overbearing. Arrogance is perhaps too strong a word, on its own, in some contexts, and something subtler is needed to describe “confidence with an edge”. But I can trust men to pick up on the subtleties. And I can rely on a woman to have to explain it to her.

Same with Game. Women will typically come with their prepackaged preconceptions of what it means, automatically presuming strange hats, whacky fashion statements, dizzy nightclubs, and cheezy one-liners. It is less likely to occur to them that there might be other interpretations of Game, interpretations that address the subtleties that are important in understanding and interpreting the behaviors of men and women. Game is not always about PUAs trying to score.

And as for how women relate to men, again, same subjective generalisations relying on anecdote. “But I don’t feel this way about men, and I don’t relate to men that way.” We know, the NAWALT argument. Resolutely, they will fail to factor in the fact that over the past 50 years, feminism has embarked on an agenda to castrate the souls of men and boys. Men today are different to what men were like before feminism.

All these relate to nuances that cannot be included in an article without making it even longer than it already is, and a thousandfold more tedious to labor through. Still, trust a woman to have to have it all explained to her, dotting all your “i”s and crossing all your “t”s.

This is something I have been thinking about but haven’t been able to properly write/speak about but after reading this comment at The Spearhead, I can now.

How many times have you written something (or said something) and a woman reading (or listening) to it goes off on some hissy fit interpreting what you wrote (or said) in some completely bizarre manner.  Anyone familiar with me knows that I have had that happen to me plenty.  Think about the things I have written that men had no trouble making sense of but caused women to start screaming.  Part of the reason is that women are locked into their subjective frame of reference so much more than men are so they have no understanding about what is being discussed.  And most likely they never will.  Like the comment points out it may be possible to explain whatever you’re writing about in such a way that women will get it but you will need to be more verbose than Proust and spend hundreds of hours on a single blog post.  That’s time none of us have.

Knowing this what should we do?  Don’t bother trying to write something to fit women’s subjective frame of reference.  It’s a waste of time that you don’t have.  Don’t get bothered by BS like, “you have a small dick”, “you’re not a real man”, “you aren’t a patriarch”, etc.  No matter what you say, if it isn’t supplicating to women, some women will attack you.  You can ignore it, make fun of it, point out its stupidity, point out the hypocrisy of the women attacking you or whatever you like but don’t let it get to you.  Trying to correct women with facts and logic is pointless because women are so locked into their subjectivity that they believe you lack facts and logic.

Your only other options for dealing with how women are locked into their own subjectivity is never speaking up about anything or being like David Alexander.  Do you really want to pick either of those options?

Jan 302011

Those of you reading The Spearhead already know that Barnes & Noble treated Chuck’s brother like a criminal just because he was a man.  (If you haven’t read it, go read it.)  One obvious thing to do in response to such things is to boycott Barnes & Noble.  While we should no longer buy anything from B & N, the fact is that boycotts in most cases will not get stores to change their anti-male policies.

I’m not going to be buying anything from B & N.  The problem with that is most likely I wouldn’t have bought anything from them anyway.  I haven’t bought anything from B & N in years.  As I am writing this post, I have been thinking about my patterns of purchasing things in general.  I have been buying less and less stuff over time.  For a lot of things now unless something wears out or breaks causing me to need a replacement, I have no need to buy something.  I have been in that position for a while.  I suspect a lot of you are in the same boat.  There are some exceptions like groceries, video games, computer parts, and electronics.  But that’s pretty limited compared to everything sold out there and I doubt that companies who make serious money off guys (such as with video games) are going to go misandarist anytime soon.  We’ll never see misandry in a commercial for a Call Of Duty game because there would be no point.

Those of us who are unmarried men are already “boycotting” a large part of the consumer economy through no reason other than we have no interest in most of the junk being sold.  Because of this, corporations have already accounted for our “boycott”.  Women make 83% of consumer purchases. Outside of some limited cases, corporations aren’t going to bother trying to sell to you making a boycott meaningless.

Knowing all this what do we do?  There are several things.  Make “complaints” to whatever manager or head office that’s appropriate if something like what happened to Chuck’s brother happens to you.  It many not change anything but it means your voice will be heard.  It’s important to show that you will not take this lying down.  Your silence will be taken to be acceptance, and if they think they can get away with it they will expand the zone where you are suspect for being a man.  Silence combined with women making most consumer purchases could make entire stores effectively off limits to men.  What if instead of just the kids section of B & N being “offlimits” to single men, the whole B & N store became “offlimits” to single men?  I don’t know if such a thing would happen but let’s make sure it doesn’t.  Related to that do what Chuck did and go to B & N, drink their water, browse, use their wi-fi but don’t buy anything.  And finally, put up some posters as part of the URLs @ Urinals campaign.  Anywhere is a good place for that, but even better if you can do it at a place like B & N.  Imagine the effectiveness of a man reading one of our posters right before or after he gets treated as a criminal by the B & N staff.  That’s a guaranteed convert.

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