Jul 242015

Buzzfeed has this article about worst lewd comments female cosplayers have allegedly received from male nerds.  Their examples were kind of weak, such as:

  1. “Hehehehehehe…” – This was guy who was just laughing.
  2. “I always go with my husband so I never had an issue.” – This woman has never had a problem by their own admission.
  3. “I’ve only been inside you for like 900 years.”
    — 10th Doctor [cosplayer] when I cosplayed the TARDIS at MCM Expo 2011.

With that last one, it’s important to explain the context.  On the TV show, Doctor Who, the main character, The Doctor, is an alien who has this vehicle called the Tardis that travels through time and space.  However, due to faulty circuits it looks like an old British police telephone box.  It’s something of a character in the show, but since it is a vehicle, people actually go inside of it so it isn’t a lewd comment.

Already, this article has problems.  Beyond that the male nerds who allegedly made lewd comments aren’t around to defend themselves.  However, that’s not the biggest problem.  When it comes to this sort of thing, whether a woman is receptive to these types of comments or not depends on the man saying them.  These women were cosplaying at conventions filled with unattractive male nerds.  If hot guys said that same things to them, they would be fine with it.  It’s like the Saturday Night Live sexual harassment skit where the only way to avoid a sexual harassment lawsuit is to “be handsome, be attractive, don’t be unattractive”.  It’s the same principle.

These women who are cosplaying are also dressing up in sexy costumes and shoving it in the face of the unattractive male nerds at these conventions.  They’re intentionally engaging in attention whoring and then complaining about it.  However, it’s worse than that.  What these women are doing is going on fishing expeditions.

A fishing expedition is a legal term where a lawyer tries to gain information outside of the relevant bounds of a case.  Often, a fishing expedition happens when a lawyer has a weak case and is trying to search for unrelated incriminating information.  It also can be used as a method to attempt to prejudice a jury even if there is no incriminating information, whether related to the case or not.  Fishing expeditions are considered dubious from a perspective of legal ethics.

Since these women are cosplaying at conventions with lots of unattractive male nerds, anything the male nerds say or do will be interpreted negatively since they’re unattractive.  That could include something as simple as saying hi to these women or even just looking at these women without interacting with them.  These women have a weak case that they’re actually being harassed by male nerds at conventions so they’re effectively on fishing expeditions to try an incriminate male nerds.  They are trying to provoke reactions from male nerds (which can be and are likely completely innocent) and use those reactions to incriminate male nerds, similar to a legal fishing expedition.  A legal fishing expedition is unethical and what these women are doing is also unethical for the same reason.  And that’s true even if one of these fishing expeditions turns up a male nerd who is legitimately acting inappropriately, just as it would be true if a legal fishing expedition turns up evidence of a crime being committed.

May 202015

Spoilers for Game Of Thrones ahead.

Feminists and manginas are in an uproar about the most recent episode of Game Of Thrones because one of the main characters, Sansa Stark was raped by her husband, Ramsay Bolton, on their wedding night.  Ramsay Bolton has been well established as a cruel and sadistic individual so this is not an endorsement of rape on Game Of Thrones.  It’s quite the opposite.  However, everyone complaining about this is a hypocrite for two reasons.

First, they didn’t complain when other women were raped or abused.  For example, Danerys Targaryen was also raped by her new husband, Khal Drogo on their wedding night.  Danerys falls in love with him afterwards.  If feminists had any logical consistency in their beliefs, they should have gone apocalyptic over that.  Another example was when King Joffrey ordered a hooker to abuse another hooker.  Neither case raised the ire of feminists.  The only real difference is that Khal Drogo and King Joffrey are hot while Ramsay Bolton is ugly and gross.  What feminists are telling us is that rape is only really rape if an ugly guy does it.  It doesn’t count if a hot guy does it.  This is similar to the rules of avoiding sexual harassment complaints, “Be handsome, be attractive, don’t be unattractive”.

Second, they are completely silent about what happens to men and boys in Game Of Thrones.  Here is a very short and incomplete list of things feminists have failed to complain about:

  • Thousands of men dying in a war over who gets the throne of Westeros
  • An 8 year old boy being pushed out a window
  • Men getting beheaded
  • A man getting his skull crushed by another man’s bare hands
  • A man being stripped naked and paraded through King’s Landing, Westeros’s capital city
  • A man being tortured
  • That same man being castrated
  • Another man threatened with castration because he’s a dwarf, and there is a trade in dwarf dicks.  The trade in dwarf dicks is large enough to support a profession with the title of cock merchant.

There’s so much more, but you get the idea.  Here’s what we can conclude.  Feminists are fine with men being murdered, tortured, and castrated (as long as the men aren’t hot presumably).  Feminists are fine with hot men raping and abusing women, but they will lose their shit when an ugly man rapes a pretty white woman.

Mar 102014

My latest post for The Spearhead is up.  As with all Spearhead posts comments are disabled so comment on the post at The Spearhead.

This weekend Saturday Night Live had Lena Dunham as its host.  Because of that or perhaps because it was International Women’s Day, the writers of Saturday Night Live decided to have a sketch attacking MRAs (mens rights advocates).  The sketch is called “Jewelry Party” and can be watched either on NBC’s website or on Hulu.

What happens in the sketch is that a hispanic woman originally from South America ends up bringing her boyfriend to a jewelry party that was really only intended for women.  She gets her boyfriend to talk about how he’s a MRA, and the boyfriend ends up being a feminist caricature of a MRA.  He only protests when the weather is nice, is obsessed with shutting down Planed Parenthood, was a MRA because a girl dumped him at 18, was a virgin before he met his girlfriend, is a bad in bed, etc.  Eventually, the boyfriend escapes leaving his car for his now ex-girlfriend.  The sketch didn’t even attempt to have a punch line.

People who don’t have any sympathy for the MRM didn’t find the sketch funny at all.  Complex Pop Culture called it the “worst sketch of the night”. TV Line said that its “one paragraph description can’t convey the awfulness of the full sketch”. Boston.com said about the sketch:

To no one’s surprise, a “jewelry party/men’s activist” skit morphed into an infomercial for Dunham’s various political causes and beliefs. It came complete with a painful-to-watch Hispanic Cecily Strong.


It’s guaranteed that most of the viewers wouldn’t get what the sketch is talking about.  Most people don’t read feminist bloggers so they don’t have the context of why the tropes are being used against the MRA.  To them it looks like an extremely forced sketch that was designed to cater to Lena Dunham’s biases.  This would cause one of two reactions in the audience.  A viewer would either find the whole thing absurd and forget about it entirely or would wonder what a MRA is and why someone would create such a bizarre and inconsistent caricature.   Viewers in the latter group will end up researching mens rights on the internet and find something completely different.  They will end up with an education about some real issues such as the false rape industry, corrupt unconstitutional family courts that impoverish men and deny fathers access to their children, paternity fraud, how  nearly all deaths in the workplace are men, etc.  This will lead many of them to become MRAs themselves in spite of the sketch.

What Saturday Night Live did this weekend is a case of no publicity is bad publicity.  SNL gave a boost to the MRM even though that wasn’t the intention of its writers.

Jan 232012

As all of you can tell, I have been pretty absent from the blog.  Real life interferes with my blogging.  That’s why the December 2011 Entitlement Princess of the Month didn’t get done until now.

Last month’s Entitlement Princess of the Month was Kim Kardashian for 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries.  She won by default due to a lack of submissions at the time, and that she deserves a lifetime achievement award for entitlement princessry.

Since this month’s Entitlement Princess award got delayed, all of the submissions will be held for next month except for Twell’s submission of Sinead O’Connor.  (Remember to continue to submit entitlement princesses at this link.)    I’m selected Sinead O’Connor for December’s entitlement princess of the month.  Not only did Sinead O’Connor have a 16 day marriage, she also deserves an entitlement princess lifetime achievement award.

One of the reasons that O’Connor’s marriage only lasted 16 days was that her now ex-husband was pissed that she went looking for drugs right after the wedding.  O’Connor literally chose drugs over her husband.  On top of that this is O’Connor’s fourth marriage despite her vow she made after her second marriage fell apart to never get married again.

Sinead O’Connor has a long history of being an entitlement princess.  In 1991 she boycotted the Grammy Awards where she would have received several awards for its “extreme commercialism.  In 1992 she ripped up a picture of then Pope John Paul II at the end of a performance during Saturday Night Live.  (She intentionally deceived NBC and the crew of Saturday Night Live about her plans to rip up a picture of the Pope by doing something different during rehearsals.)  In 1990 O’Connor whined about playing at a venue that had a tradition of playing the national anthem before performances and made them remove the national anthem before her performance.  In 2000 she came out as a lesbian, but then retracted that shortly afterwards.  She claimed this wasn’t a publicity stunt.

All of this adds up to Sinead O’Connor being the December 2011 Entitlement Princess of the Month.  She is also deserving of an entitlement princess lifetime achievement award.

Sep 252011

I hope you have all been buying Ben and Jerry’s Schweddy Balls ice cream and telling Ben and Jerry’s how much you like their Schweddy Balls ice cream.  Last night, Alec Baldwin was hosting Saturday Night Live and mentioned the boycott of Schweddy Balls ice cream along with Ben and Jerry’s new flavor, Go Fudge Yourself:

Sep 232011

Recently, Ben & Jerry’s came out with a limited edition flavor of ice cream called Schweddy Balls.  The name, Schweddy Balls, comes from a Saturday Night Live sketch with Alec Baldwin.

A group called One Million Moms, a division of the American Family Association, is trying to launch of boycott of this flavor of ice cream because they think the name is “offensive”.  What flavors will One Million Moms go after next?  Perhaps Karamel Sutra, because it’s a reference to the Kama Sutra, or Maple Blondie, because they believe it’s offensive to people with blond hair, or Dublin Mudslide, they believe it’s offensive to the Irish.  Who knows what else these moms will come up with as “offensive”?

This is reminiscent of Prohibition.  A lot of women with too much time on their hands formed groups like the Women’s Christian Temperance Union which were eventually successful in making alcohol illegal.  Now we have women complaining about ice cream flavors.  Whether it was alcohol back then or certain flavors of ice cream now, women do not have the right to block production or consumption of alcohol or ice cream.

In response we should all buy as much Schweddy Balls ice cream as we can.  (Remember you don’t necessarily have to eat it.  Buying it will have the desired effect.)  Also, tell Ben & Jerry’s that you love the Schweddy Balls ice cream.  The Schweddy Balls ice cream is a limited edition batch of ice cream, but if it’s successful enough, Ben & Jerry’s will produce more which will infuriate the One Million Moms group.  Let’s show One Million Moms that they don’t have the right to dictate ice cream flavors.

Mar 022011

My latest post for The Spearhead is up. As with all Spearhead posts comments are disabled so comment on the post at The Spearhead.

In my last post I predicted that the University of Cincinnati would collapse due to its embrace of feminism and leftism at the expense of real scientific disciplines like computer science. Several comments brought up the example of Antioch College which had collapsed due to its embrace of feminism and leftism.

Antioch College was originally founded in 1853 in Ohio by the Christian Connection movement and the Unitarian Church.  Beginning in the 1940s it became a hotbed of progressivism and one of the first colleges to experience leftist student activism.  This continued to the 1960s when Antioch College became one of the primary locations of student radicalism, the New Left, the anti-Vietnam War movement, and the Black Power movement in that part of the US.  The 1970s were more of the same for Antioch College, but it expanded to include several satellite campuses under the name of Antioch University.  In the late 1970s Antioch College started having problems with its finances and experienced a decline in enrollment from around 2000 students to around 1000 students.  While Antioch College’s financial situation stabilized in the 1980s it never was able to increase student enrollment beyond 1000 students.

Antioch College started having problems again in the early to mid 1990s when its “Sexual Offense Prevention Policy” received national publicity.  According to the policy, consent for sexual behavior must be mutual, verbal, and reiterated for each new step of sexual behavior.  The original version policy was created at Antioch College’s “Womyn’s Center” due to the agitation of a group of students called “Womyn of Antioch” and called for immediate expulsion of any man accused of a sexual offense with no rights given to the accused.  A revised version of what the “Womyn’s Center” wrote became policy for Antioch College.  Even the revised version was so absurd that it became the basis of a Saturday Night Live sketch called “Is It Date Rape?”

Things continued to deteriorate at Antioch College so that by 2000 Mumia Abu Jamal and transgendered rights activist, Leslie Feinberg, were invited to be speakers at that year’s commencement.  This also recieved national publicity, and in the few years after enrollment declined to 600 students.  By 2003 the situation at Antioch College deteriorated to the point where a renewal plan was started.  This was done alongside deep cuts in staff which included eliminating Antioch College’s Office for Multicultural Affairs.  The led to a student protest called the “People of Color Takeover”.  Antioch College created the “Coretta Scott King Center for Cultural and Intellectual Freedom” in response to that protest but Antioch College still deteriorated.  By 2007 enrollment had declined to 370 students.  Also during 2007 the faculty of Antioch College filed a lawsuit against its Board of Trustees.  Soon after operations were suspended at Antioch College, and it was closed in 2008.

Currently there are plans to reopen Antioch College in the fall of this year.  Even if Antioch College reopens it is unlikely that it will ever regain the status it had.

Oct 112010

Saturday Night Live while trying to be funny has provided us in the past (probably unintentionally) with poignant commentary about women and current society. This weekend’s Saturday Night Live did it again with their skit, The New Boyfriend Talk Show.  (It’s only available on Hulu):

There’s so much in this skit that lasts just a few minutes. There’s everything from the kid wondering if the “new boyfriend” is going to be his new daddy to how big of a slut his mom is. Just watch it. Everything you can imagine about such a situation is in there. The only thing that is missing is what happens to the son when he gets older. Either he would end up like the biggest stereotypical “nice guy” ever, or he ends up a total misogynist. Perhaps both (in that order). It’s too bad the writers of this skit couldn’t fit that in there.

Aug 092010

I know this is late but I haven’t had a chance to tell you guys what happened at Bohemian Grove recently.  As Supreme Overlord of the Illuminati and leader of all reptile aliens on Earth I go there every year for the gathering/orgy.

Hestia, it was nice to meet you in person. We need to conspire together more in the future.

Since I took over the Illuminati I have really cleaned up Bohemian Grove.  Before I was in charge the humans there had no self control and would urinate all over the place.  You have no idea how disgusting that looks to a reptile alien.  The humans still don’t have any self control but I installed a bunch of port-a-johns which must be used under penalty of torture.  Most of the humans have managed to clean up their act.  Some will accuse me of selling out:

Really, how can I sell out? I run the Illuminati. There’s no one for me to sell out to.

Morons like Alex Jones believe we all worship Moloch at Bohemian Grove. This is incorrect.  That ceremony is designed to reinforce the superiority of reptile aliens to the humans there.  We don’t want the humans getting all uppity.  (Remember reptile aliens are alpha.  Greys are beta.  Humans are omega.  Other aliens are other greek letters.)

There was a lot of talk about how we will continue to rule the world.  Various conspiracy theorists think we’re going to invade your dreams. What we have planned is much more insidious.  We are going to manufacture cum dumpster servant girls for men.  Men will be too busy with their cum dumpster servant girls to care about what we are doing and women will be too busy screaming into the abyss about how men have dumped them for cum dumpster servant girls where no one will hear them.  You humans will be happier this way.  I had a cum dumpster servant girl sent to Ferdinand and here’s what he had to say about it:

No dude, you got it all wrong. It’s Illuminati reptile alien clit that I’m sucking, literally now that that “cum dumpster servant girl“ PM/AFT promised has finally arrived. She looks like Yvonne Strahovski, can sing arias, cooks and cleans for me, and hits the underside of my dick with her tongue in such a way that I can see heaven every night.

Note: Your cum dumpster servant girl need not look like Yvonne Strahovski if you so desire.

This is the future, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Aug 052010

For those of you who are watching the second season of Jersey Shore on MTV, it’s important to watch everything available to figure out what is going on including the after show for last week’s episode and this deleted scene:

They try to blame their inability to pump gas on not having to do it in New Jersey.  Both Snooki and J-Woww are from New York not New Jersey so they should know how to pump gas like every other person with at least a double digit IQ does.  For viewers of Saturday Night Live this scene should have been no surprise since they in a way predicted it over a year ago:

I guess they’re right.  Most people in New Jersey lack the skillset of pumping gas, and it’s like brain surgery there.

Apr 272010

This is an actual picture from a protest in Des Moines, Iowa.  As you can see from the video, this protest was a bunch of kids “organized” (more like bribed with extra credit or possibly threatened) by Terry Hoffman, a language teacher.  I’m not kidding, a language teacher.  This picture says everything that is wrong with unionized teachers and wrong with public schools.

To top that off, take a look at this video from Saturday Night Live called the 2010 Public Employee of the Year Awards.  Saturday Night Live has done it again in describing something so accurately, in this case unionized government employees.  (Video is only available on Hulu.)

Apr 112010

Saturday Night Live has combined truth and humor in the past with the Tom Brady Sexual Harassment skit and the Broadview Security skit, and they have done it again in the most recent episode.  The first one is a commercial for a man shaped brownie for lonely women.  (The video is only available on Hulu.):

This in addition to cat food is something that we should invest in because there will be a lot of lonely women in the future.  The second one is about a lonely woman teacher who ends up wanting one of her students:

At the rate they’re going pretty soon maybe we will see SNL skits that are directly inspired by articles from The Spearhead.

Mar 152010

My latest post for The Spearhead is up. As with all Spearhead posts comments are disabled so comment on the post at The Spearhead.

Chances are you’re familiar with Saturday Night Live’s Tom Brady sexual harassment skit.  If not, you can watch it at this link.  While Saturday Night Live is trying to be funny, they end up presenting a very accurate portrayal of how “sexual harassment” really ends up working.  This is particularly true with the “three rules” they came up with to avoid sexual harassment lawsuits, “Be handsome.  Be attractive.  Don’t be unattractive.”

With this weekend’s episode Saturday Night Live has done it again.  This skit is a spoof of a commercial for one of those home security companies.  Watch it below:

While this skit is a hilarious spoof, it shows how unreasonably paranoid women have become of men.  You have a guy who was at the woman’s party break into her house 20 seconds after leaving the party in addition to her grandfather, her rabbi, a couple of boys, etc.  Why does this skit have a basis in reality?  It’s because feminism produces propaganda that men everywhere are out to get women, and the skit hits on this by talking about how if you’re a woman “most men want to kill you”.

One thing that makes this funny is how it doesn’t make sense.  Why would a guy already in a woman’s house leave just to break in 20 seconds later?  That even more true with the woman’s grandfather.  How would a couple of nine year old boys break down her door so quickly?  We know such things but, the paranoia of men that many women have is not rational.  A woman’s grandfather or a nine year old boy isn’t a threat to a woman.  Feminists produced and continue to produce anti-male propaganda that men are out to murder, rape, and/or assault women, but as we know it doesn’t reflect reality.  It makes no sense that a guy already inside a woman’s house would leave and then break in 20 seconds later.  However, there are plenty of women who believe such things.

What’s very ironic about this skit (and still very true) is how despite this woman’s paranoia about men, she is still dependent on men for her protection.  The office of “Broadview Security” is staffed by men.  This also is very poignant.  While feminists have produced all this anti-male propaganda to make women paranoid about men, their protection is still dependent on men.  This includes male police officers and male legislators who produce anti-male laws for feminists.  In the woman’s paranoia had any logic whatsoever, she should be just as afraid about the men from Broadview Security breaking down her door.

In conclusion, Saturday Night Live has created a skit (probably unintentionally) that shows the levels of female paranoia against men that many women have today.  Just like with the Tom Brady sexual harassment skit, it tells truths about the subject that only humor can deliver over feminist dominated media.

Dec 112009

What happened to Tiger Woods isn’t being taken seriously by most of our society. This is no surprise. One example of this was a skit from the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live. (The skit can be viewed on Hulu, which may not work if you are outside the US, or on Youtube.)

The only reaction to this video has been how it was in “poor taste” because Rhianna was the musical guest for that episode. However, the sketch itself is very interesting for what it tells us about the societal view of female on male domestic violence. In the skit Elin is set off by very small things such as Tiger Woods’s cell phone ringing. Plus, we are supposed to accept explanations for what is happening to Tiger Woods that are more and more impossible such as Tiger Woods falling down a flight of stairs and throwing himself through a window to Tiger Woods driving a car that he ran himself over with, etc. There is also a throwaway line about not blaming Cadillac for what happened with the car. Since female on male domestic violence isn’t taken seriously someone else has to be blamed no matter how absurd, Tiger Woods, General Motors, etc. Throughout the skit Tiger Woods makes comments about how strong Elin is because she must be for any type of domestic violence to happen supposedly. This is not the case.

One reason that domestic violence against men is not taken seriously is that men on average are stronger than women. This has many problems. The most obvious is men being afraid to defend themselves against women because since they will be thrown in prison regardless of the actual circumstances. The advantage of strength can be nullified. One quick way of doing that is to pull out a gun. No matter how strong a man is, he isn’t going to stop a bullet. Knowledge of martial arts is another way. Recently, there was the story of a “Mr. Zhang” in China who was constantly battered by his wife. She battered “Mr. Zhang” using Kung Fu, the martial art that she had practiced since she was a child. Domestic violence against men isn’t taken seriously in China either. “Mr. Zhang” was only able to get a contract stating that his wife would only batter him once a week. This contract was enforced by his in laws. Such a thing is absurd (but what can be expected from a woman who says that “she can’t help herself”) and shouldn’t be necessary. I’m not familiar with the Chinese legal code, but I’m certain assault and battery is illegal in China. Thus, this proves that domestic violence against men is treated in a similar way there as it is in the West.

Another good example is Carolyn Brown of Louisiana who poured boiling grits on her boyfriend while he was sleeping. As he was asleep his strength advantage was nullified. There are other examples too such as Lorena Bobbit’s attack on her husband.

All the men I have talked about so far have one thing in common. They are still alive. Phil Hartman wasn’t so lucky. You may remember Phil Hartman from TV shows such as Saturday Night Live and Newsradio and movies such as Three Amigos. Hartman had many problems from the behavior of his third wife, Brynn. She had been addicted to drugs and in and out of rehab several times. Brynn was known for having trouble controlling her anger and losing her temper to gain attention. This came to a head in 1998 when Brynn, intoxicated and having recently taken cocaine, committed an act of domestic violence murdering Phil Hartman. With all of these problems why didn’t Phil Hartman leave? Only Phil Hartman knows that, but some possibilities are that despite the fact that Brynn had major substance abuse problems a divorce court would have sided with her in distribution of assets. Even if that was the case, wouldn’t that have been worth it for Phil Hartman? He would recover. Probably, except that they had two children. Given that women typically receive custody of children in divorce unless they’re eating the children, the children would have been stuck with Brynn and all of her problems. Phil Hartman wouldn’t have been there to protect his children. I would not be surprised if this is the reason that Phil Hartman never divorced Brynn leading to his tragic death.

These men I have written about are all well known. Many men are suffering in silence as victims of domestic violence. It is now known that women commit 50% of domestic violence. Given that men aren’t likely to report women committing domestic violence against them, its safe to say that women commit more domestic violence than is reported. This is a real issue for millions of men including several famous men.

(Comments are disabled for this post.  As with all Spearhead posts, comment at the Spearhead.)

Dec 082009

The title of this post is probably the title you would think would be on the top of the list of blog post titles I would never use.  This will be explained shortly.

Saturday Night Live can have its ups and downs.  Sometimes they’re funny.  Other times not so much.  Sometimes they do a fairly good job, like with this skit where Kathie Lee Gifford gets beat up by the Black Eyed Peas.  It’s complete with that week’s host, January Jones who you might know from this post, not knowing which camera was recording (to the point that her lack of knowing was recorded).  (Unfortunately I can only find the Hulu upload and not a youtube upload):

Sometimes SNL really outdoes themselves with this skit called “Underground Festival”.  With this you will understand the title of this post. (Again I can’t get a youtube upload. Only a Hulu one which might not work for those of you outside the US.)

This is actually a parody of the infomercial for the 2009 Gathering of the Juggalos. Be sure to watch the entire video to understand just how close a parody SNL did. (Might be a bit NSFW):

I don’t know about anybody else, but I really want to see Gunt and Mrs. Potato Dick and get my free pitchfork.

Nov 162009

There was this sketch on Saturday Night Live about life in the 50s.  Watch it below.  (I added the youtube upload as well as the hulu one so you should be able to see at least one.)

There’s an alternate name for this situation.  It’s called Hell.  While this is from Saturday Night Live and is humorous, this isn’t that far from what the socons want for all of us.  Sure the wife looks miserable, but that’s part of the joke.  Look at how the husband is miserable too.  It’s a lot more subtle, but you can see it there.

My colleague, zed, over at The Spearhead has pointed despite all of the problems caused by feminism, the fact is that feminism by accident freed men.  This is because feminism removed all of the societal requirements placed on men.  This is also why men are happier than women now.  It makes perfect sense when you think about it.   Do you want to go back to this version of Hell in the video?  Of course not.

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