Feb 212015

On this week’s episode of Portlandia, they made fun of male feminists.  A guy with no job who does nothing around the house and wife is a breadwinner discovers that he’s a male feminist because he’s taking on the traditional female role.  It’s broken up into 3 segments starting at 02:08 and continuing at 10:04 and 19:16:

I recommend watching the whole thing.  The segment about all the alternate sexualities you can come up with for Coming Out Day is hilarious and so is the segment where an actress gets advice from the Feminist Bookstore women.  And the Feminist Bookstore segment merges into the last male feminist segment so you need to watch it to know what’s going on.

What I really liked about how Portlandia made fun of male feminists is how it made fun (probably unintentionally) of both male feminists and stay at home women.  The guy discovers that he’s a male feminist because he’s taken on the traditional female role, and his wife has taken on the traditional male role.  However, the guy doesn’t do any cleaning or cooking.  They have a maid, and the wife ends up doing the cooking.  That’s a very interesting way of slamming women for being feminist, but also wanting to stay at home and not do any housework either.

The last segment was good too.  The guy (along with some other male feminists) annoy some people in a movie theater, and neither men nor women are interested in what they have to say.  I won’t spoil what happens to the guy (and the other male feminists), but you will appreciate it.

May 222014

Sorry to disappoint everyone but there are no topless pics of women in this post.  Instead we have a new cartoon from EvilWhiteMaleEmpire about Vladimir Putin’s reaction to protests by feminists who went topless (in both English and Russian):what Putin really thinks of Femen (in English) what Putin really thinks of Femen (in Russian).

What these cartoons refer to is how Putin handled a recent protest by Femen and completely diffused Femen’s attetion whoring.  What Putin did was brilliant and made Femen look stupid.  If you want to see how stupid Femen looks thanks to Putin, then watch this episode of Portlandia.  While the Portlandia episode isn’t about Femen, it has animal rights protesters including a woman who keeps asking when she should take her top off over and over again.  Femen could have easily been a Portlandia sketch, and Putin pointed that out to the world.

Mar 082014

Today is International Womens’ Day.  I know all of you are excited about it and looking for a way to celebrate it.  What you should do is watch this compilation of Feminist Bookstore clips from Portlandia:

You get to see feminists having to get repair MEN to fix their air conditioner and feminists being unable to operate a computer or order books alphabetically (even after another woman explains both of those things).  It’s very appropriate for International Womens’ Day.

Jan 252012

I have been following Dalrock’s posts about the Costa Concordia disaster.  From there, I found a link to this where a socon/tradcon/conservative female supremacist name Sheila Gregoire was wailing about how men weren’t committing a female supremacist form of seppuku for the benefit of women.  What I mean by a “female supremacist form of seppuku for the benefit of women” is the idea of “women and children first” where men should die for the benefit of women.  It’s similar to seppuku because seppuku was a way for samurai to die “with honor” and because female supremacists like Sheila Gregoire think it’s dishonorable for men to save themselves from a sinking ship.  To her and other female supremacists, this is “dishonorable” so the only way for men to save their honor in their eyes is to willingly die on the ship which is ritualistically committing suicide for women.

If that doesn’t convince you that “women and children first” is feminist/female supremacist, then the next sentence will.  Women and Children First is the name of a feminist bookstore in Chicago.  If “women and children first” wasn’t a feminist idea, then it wouldn’t be the name of a feminist bookstore.  (There aren’t any feminist bookstores named, “Men Are Really Great” after all.)  The only more feminist name for a bookstore would be, “Women and Women First” which is the name of the feminist bookstore in Portlandia.

Jul 202011

There’s a show called Portlandia, and they did a spoof of a feminist bookstore in Portland.  It was done in an actual feminist bookstore in Portland called In Other Words.  (That store is the subject of a Spearhead post that should be up soon.)  Watch for the part where one of the feminists in the bookstore says to a girl pointing, “Every time you point I see a penis.”:


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