Apr 072014

This article at the New York Times is the latest hit piece on men working in the tech industry.  While it would take weeks to fully document the misandry in that article, one thing of note in the article and its comments were the attacks on startups.  In contrast, large companies and government were glorified along with their HR departments:

Dear Women: come to Microsoft, to IBM, to Cisco, to Apple or even to Google/Facebook. We are “dinosaurs” (which means that we have been around for many years) and we actually have an HR department and diversity policies. The older ones among us (Microsoft, IBM, Cisco) are not liked by the macho and libertarian TechCrunch crowd – just like older people are hated by the “cool” young ones.

It’s the same with this comment:

Now, my daughter’s attitude is that she wouldn’t be caught dead applying to jobs with hi tech companies in Silicon Valley. She is repelled by what she hears about the corporate culture – and her impression that it’s filled with people like her classmates. Instead, she wants to work for governmental agencies or companies that she feels are run by “grown ups” such as IBM. This attitude is becoming widespread among female CS majors. I think it’s pretty sad that the best and brightest young women in the CS field are writing off big segments of the tech world as potential employers. These companies better act and act quickly.

The article admits that tech startups are the most innovative part of the economy.  They are not experiencing a loss because women are taking jobs in large corporations and the government.  It has been pointed out that sectors of the economy that employ women are all known for their low productivity.  They are also known for their lack of innovation.  This is not a coincidence.

If women were so vital for success tech startups would be failing left and right, but that isn’t happening.  Instead startups are providing men in the tech industry an escape hatch from working at large corporations and the government.  On top of that startups have made lots of men rich outside of the control of women and the feminine imperative.  Men who work at startups are effectively GTOW with respect to employment.  Their productivity is benefiting themselves and not women working in useless jobs like HR and diversity officers.

The reason why we see this article attacking startups and Obamacare attempting to make it harder to form startups is because it is in women’s interests to see men forced to work in large corporations and the government.  Men are not serving the feminine imperative when they work at a startup.  I also suspect there’s a fear that startups will spread beyond the tech industry.  If other industries have a startup ecosystem, even more me will be able to keep their productivity for themselves.  Startups aren’t just a threat to the feminine imperative in the tech industry.  They are a threat to the feminine imperative in every industry.

Mar 222014

Obamacare’s fatal flaw is that is requires young unmarried men to sign up for what is essentially a bachelor tax.  Young unmarried men have no reason to do that even with the fines for not having health insurance.  The White House has been looking for ways to boost Obamacare enrollment, and their latest effort targeting young unmarried men is #GeeksGetCovered.  Supposedly, #GeeksGetCovered is a campaign to show “geeks”, the guys likely to create tech startups, that they should sign up for Obamacare.  The White House says that Obamacare will increase the creation of startups since geeks won’t have to worry about health insurance.  The reality is actually the opposite as this comment from Slashdot, a major tech website, says:

I was on my own with a full-time consultancy, but I scaled it back to off-hours and went back to a forty-hour-a-week corporate job for the health insurance. The cost of individual health care plans was insane, and the crappy ACA plans provide worse coverage with fewer providers – and they’re even more expensive!

I really think what the feds are up to here is trying to kill off as many individual and small business operators as possible. After all, it’s a lot easier to monitor and tax large corporate entities than it is to chase after a bunch of little ones.

The best health insurance for geeks building startups (or self employed people) is a catastrophic plan or a plan that is tailored for their exact needs.  For anyone starting a new business, keeping health insurance costs to the bare minimum is important because it will take time for a new business to generate profit.  Obamacare makes such plans illegal.  Instead of making easier to start a new business, Obamacare makes it considerably more expensive and more difficult.

Most geeks who are going to create a new startup are young unmarried men.  A health insurance plan under Obamacare covers a multitude of things they don’t need.  What these geeks pay for under Obamacare is not health insurance for themselves but a wealth transfer from themselves to women.  Geeks wanting to create their own startup will either decide not to create a new startup or go without health insurance altogether.  What the White House is hoping for is the former.  Forcing geeks to work at large corporations benefits Obamacare.  This is because a large corporation will enroll them in an Obamacare approved health insurance plan even if they don’t want to be enrolled.  Despite the fines, anyone without health insurance can still choose to not get a health insurance plan from the Obamacare exchanges.  That choice doesn’t exist for anyone working at a large corporation so large corporations are the best way to enforce Obamacare on young unmarried men.  A large corporation will make sure that geeks who otherwise would be at their own startup pay the bachelor tax of Obamacare.  (As a side benefit to the White House, forcing geeks into working at a large corporation also makes them more likely to work on projects like Healthcare.gov instead of something new that expands the economy.)

This is another example of how Obamacare is anti-MGTOW (men going their own way).  When it comes to employment, many men go their own way and avoid feminized large corporations by staring their own business, becoming self-employed, etc.  Obamacare was (unintentionally) created to deal with the reality of increasing numbers of men GTOW and who are a part of the marriage strike.  It is no surprise that Obamcare is anti-MGTOW with respect to employment by trying to keep young single men working at feminized large corporations.

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