Sep 062012

It’s time to talk about filthy sluts again.  A recurring theme with filthy sluts is that the piss and take dumps everywhere but a toilet.  There have been plenty of examples from Snooki of MTV’s Jersey Shore pissing outside like a pet to college chicks taking dumps in showers.  The latest example of a filthy slut come from the Bad Girls Club Mexico.  Follow this link to watch a clip from that show.  In that clip one of the bad girls really has to piss.  She’s in a limo with the other bad girls so she finds a bucket, pulls down her skirt, and pisses into the bucket.  Later, when she exits the limo, she gives the piss filled bucket to some guy to deal with.

That last part is a very apt metaphor for how men have to clean up after women.  Whether its men building plumbing systems to efficiently deal with waste, or having to deal with a bucket of women’s piss, it’s all the same.

However, that is beside the point.  Here we have another example of how a toilet is becoming a completely foreign object to women.  Eventually, women will have no idea what a toilet is.  We’re going to need litter boxes for women in the future.  Women litter will be next to kitty litter in the grocery store.  This is the result of feminists saying that potty training oppresses women.

Feb 102012

Sluts over time increase their slutiness.  Eventually there gets to a point where a slut has reached maximum slutiness.  Or is there?  Is that point just an inflection point to a new frontier of slutiness?  I think the answer is that there is a new frontier of slutiness coming, and that frontier is being filthy.  I don’t being filthy in a good way as in sexual filthiness.  I mean literal filthiness as in sluts who don’t regularly wash themselves.

I came to this conclusion last night when I was watching Jersey Shore on MTV.  I was watching both last week’s episode (which I didn’t get a chance to watch last week) and this week’s episode.  Last week’s episode featured Snooki being very filthy.  (Beyond everything else I’m going to talk about, this episode is very entertaining because it has Deena and Sammi trying to figure out electricity unsuccessfully, and the Situation having his fly unzipped and dick sticking out for a long time without him realizing it.)  It starts out with Snooki pissing on in her pants in a club.  Does Snooki go home and and take a shower?  Of course not.  She takes what she calls a “shore shower” and just sprays herself with a lot of perfume.  Snooki doesn’t even remove her piss soaked panties until the next morning.

It turns out that Snooki has a urinary tract infection.  She says it’s because of all the sex she’s having, yet most people have sex without ever having a UTI.  Clearly, it has to do with her lack of hygiene.

Later in the episode she has to piss, but all the bathrooms in the house are occupied.  So what does Snooki do?  She pisses outside, and those of us who watched the episode get to see her piss outside.  One of the other roommates says, “She drinks out of bowls and pisses outside.  We don’t need pets.”

If you read any message board about Jersey Shore like board at Television Without Pity, one thing that comes up from time to time is the lack of hygiene of the Jersey Shore cast.  This isn’t atypical for them.

I’m convinced being filthy is the next frontier of slutiness.  Increasing slutiness is basically increasing bad behavior by women that they expect men to accept.  A failure to adhere to standards of basic hygiene would be consistent with this.

In the future, this is going to be something I’m going to have to watch with my women.  I naturally assumed that any woman I get now or in the future would know how to wash themselves since they are presumably functioning adults.  This is no longer an assumption I can make.  As soon as this starts being a problem, I’m heading back to being celibate.  I’m not a cleanliness freak by a long shot, but this is seriously disgusting, and I don’t want to know what organisms are growing on these filthy sluts.  I knew there would get to a point where I would be heading back to celibacy, but I didn’t think it would have to do with women having a lack of hygiene.

This will add another reason for guys to use alternatives to women such as porn now and VR sex in the future.  All of those “virtual women” know how to wash themselves.  If things are going the way of women getting increasingly filthy, then it’s another reason that virtual women will be superior to real women.

Nov 032011

The votes are in for the September 2011 Entitlement Princess Of The Month.  With 69% of the vote, the winner was Alyssa Bereznak, the Gizmodo journalist who after discovering she went on a date with a Magic: The Gathering champion playerdecided to attempt to publicly humiliate him.

Remember to submit new entitlement princesses for next month’s voting, at this link.

This month we have two entitlement princesses.  The first is Victoria Liss, and she was submitted by Jim Cross.  She is the woman who decided that after insulted by a customer at her waitress job to post what she thought wsa his picture on her facebook page.  This led to the man in the picture getting deluged with hate e-mail.  However, it turned out Liss posted a picture of the wrong man.  The man and the customer who insulted Liss had the same name.

The second is submitted by me, and she is Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of the Jersey Shore show on MTV.  In the most recent season of Jersey Shore which was filmed in Italy, Polizzi’s antics showed her to be self-centered and an entitlement princess.  While driving one time she crashed into a cop car causing two police officers to have to be taken to the ER to be treated for whiplash, cuts, and bruises.  Polizzi was also driving without her license which led to her being taken to an Italian police station.  Rather than realize she should have her license on her while driving, Polizzi kept whining and crying about how she “didn’t want to be in the back of a cop car again”.  Polizzi’s antics weren’t limited to that.  When her boyfriend came to visit her in Italy, she pulled up her dress in a club showing everyone in that club her vagina.  This understandably made her boyfriend angry.  Rather than realize that she screwed up and that her boyfriend had every good reason to be angry at that type of behavior, Polizzi had several tantrums some of which were directed at her fellow cast mates.  Polizzi even said that “nothing ever goes her way” and that she “doesn’t deserve” what happened to her.

Vote for an entitlement princess in the poll below.  Remember you are voting for the biggest entitlement princess, not necessarily the most evil woman or the most insane woman.

What is your vote for the October 2011 Entitlement Princess Of The Month?

  • Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (57%, 38 Votes)
  • Victoria Liss (43%, 29 Votes)

Total Voters: 67

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Oct 132011

With my most recent Spearhead post in mind, let’s take a look We Are The 99% Blog at some more:

Raised to want more from her country?  Translation: I was raised to be an entitlement princess.

She says she has a health problem because of genetically modified organisms and pollution.  Does anyone think she used her extensive experience and knowledge of medicine and biology to come to that conclusion?  I don’t either.

She was promised a job the first day of college?  I doubt that, but if that happened, Wall Street is not the problem here.  Wall Street did not promise her a job.  She shouldn’t be “occupying wall street”.  She should be occupying the offices of the administration of her college.  Or maybe she meant she expected a job because she has a vagina.

Why am I supposed to hire you again?

I have noticed a lot of, “I have a college degree.  I have a 4.0 GPA or triple major.   Where’s my job?” on the We Are The 99% blog.  Most of the time they won’t tell you what they majored in unless they majored in the arts.  In that case they will tell you so that they can complain how “the arts don’t get respect they ‘deserve'”.  What were this woman’s majors?  For all we know they were women’s studies, bisexual Asian studies, and underwater basket weaving.

When you’re in a hole, what you should do is dig yourself deeper.  Since this woman is so intent on making the hole she’s in deeper, I will give her a shovel for free so she doesn’t have to go into debt to buy the shovel.

M.A. in what?  Another case of we’re not going to be told what the degree is in.

Wall Street did not make this person’s family homophobic.

So the government is supposed to pay for this person’s transgender drugs and operation?  Words fail me on this one.

Good question.  What are you watching Jersey Shore when you can’t afford food?  Being able to watch Jersey Shore means you have access to MTV.  Cable costs money, but I guess that’s more important than food.

The only reason the “men in black” would be after her is if they’re interested in engaging her for “slut” services.

At least she’s honest.

My troll sense says this one is a troll.  Stuff like “minority women’s studies” is a dead give away.  Still, I appreciate what this person was trying to do and did.  It’s better than my idea of sending the We Are The 99% Blog a picture of a lizard with the caption, “I am a reptile alien and a member of the 1%”.

Oct 292010

Season 2 of MTV’s Jersey Shore has ended and there are some lessons to be taken from it.

First, buying junk for a chick will not get her to open up her legs for you.  Angelina was seeing this guy, Jose.  Jose bought her expensive crap like a fossil watch.  Did he fuck Angelina at all?  Hell no.  Sure he slept in the same bed as Angelina at least twice but he did not fuck her.  Angelina even lied and claimed Jose fucked her because the other housemates were getting on her case about what she was doing.  If you go down the road of buying a chick expensive crap she will say you fucked her before she actually lets you fuck her.  On top of that a bunch of other guys fucked her including Vinny, who Angelina hated enormously.  If that doesn’t tell you why buying a chick expensive crap doesn’t work nothing will.

Second, if a chick starts jerking you around, dump her sorry ass.  Vinny meets this chick, Ramona, who he thinks is “classy” and wants to actually have a relationship with her.  For some reason I can’t figure out Vinny thought that this chick was the type to bring home to mom.  Vinny originally was going to out with Ramona but she didn’t show up, and decided she wanted nothing to do with him.  Instead of getting the message Vinny still tries to call Ramona up and get her to go out with him.  Some days later Ramona decides to get together with Vinny but its clear that Ramona doesn’t show up on time when they are supposed to get together and is playing with Vinny.  As of the Jersey Shore Reunion Ramona met Vinny’s family but after that everything between them fizzled.  Vinny allowed himself to be controlled by Ramona.  What he should have done is dumped her sorry ass when she didn’t show up the first time.

Sep 132010

I have been a bit busy so I haven’t had a chance to give all of you an update.  I have been back for a while now from meeting Sabrina’s parents.  On the way to Staten Island we stopped at the Jersey Shore for a bit like I wanted to.  It’s everything you think it is and worse.  I’m glad I brought the hazmat suit.  Plus, I am sure that wearing the hazmat suit on the Jersey Shore has already generated some minor conspiracy theories somewhere on the internet.

Getting back to seriousness I met Sabrina’s parents.  Like a typical Italian mom Sabrina’s mom prepared a bunch of food.  Everything was going well until Sabrina’s parents got into an argument with each other.  It didn’t have to do with me or Sabrina.  Regardless I could tell Sabrina was hoping the ground would open up and swallow her during this.

Sabrina and I also spent a bit of time in Manhattan.  I got to ride the Staten Island ferry.  By that I mean the actual Staten Island ferry.  I didn’t fuck Angelina from MTV’s Jersey Shore.  (Those of you watching the show will remember how Angelina has been called the Staten Island ferry and the Staten Island dump.  I didn’t not visit the Staten Island dump, either the actual one or Angelina.)

Meeting Sabrina’s parents didn’t stop me from thinking about how I want to bang Sabrina’s best friend.  (I wouldn’t expect it to but it’s a weird thing to be thinking about when you meet your girlfriend’s family.)  I have been thinking about a threesome with the two of them.  I know this is something that will not happen outside of my own head.

Sep 012010

I have a feeling that my relationship with Sabrina might be counting down to its end.  I’m going to meet her parents.  After that Sabrina is going to wonder (or wonder more than she already is) why she hasn’t met my parents yet.  I can’t help but think things will fall apart from there.  Of course, I would have to end our relationship before the holidays of Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day to avoid accidental betaization.

I’m going to be gone for the next few days.  Sabrina and I are going to Staten Island, NY where she is originally from.  After watching Jersey Shore, I have to see this place since it’s where several of the cast members are from.  We should also be making a stop at the actual Jersey shore on the way there.  I’m sure I will stand out since I will be the guy wearing the hazmat suit.

I’m curious to see what this is like since I have never done this before.  Since I will be gone for several days, I have a post scheduled for when I’m gone so all of you don’t feel abandoned.

Aug 282010

Let’s review what code purple shaming language is:

Charge of Rationalization (Code Purple) – The Sour Grapes Charge

Discussion: The target is accused of explaining away his own failures and/or dissatisfaction by blaming women for his problems. Example:

  • “You are just bitter because you can’t get laid.”

Response: In this case, it must be asked if it really matters how one arrives at the truth. In other words, one may submit to the accuser, “What if the grapes really are sour?” At any rate, the Code Purple shaming tactic is an example of what is called “circumstantial ad hominem.”

Why was this added to the Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Language?  Because a man’s worth isn’t based on how many women he has fucked.  We should understand this better than most but too often there is too much judging of a man based on his sex life or lack thereof.

Rob (of No Ma’am) had some good things to say about this:

Meh, uncontrollable sex drive only occurs for about 1/3 of human life (or less). One thing that happens with the “game crowd” is they are placing more value on getting laid than what it is worth. 2/3 of your life will still be spent in a state where pussy is not your number one goal or thought. What happens too often with game/sex is that it is like being popular in school. It seems really important at the time to wear the right type of jeans, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter too much – certainly not as much as what you once thought it did.

I would certainly like to see the “Game” crowd stop behaving like women and calling MRA’s bitter little whiners.

I’ll tell you this, many in the MRM crowd have bedded enormously more amounts of women than the average commenter over at Roissy’s – and many of them don’t consider themselves to be PUA masters – however, I am simply amazed at how “few” women so many “gamers” think is successful.

At any rate, both Gamers and the MRM could do eachother a benefit by dropping this petty little schoolyard fight of mocking… but I have to say, gamers seem to be the ones that don’t want to drop it, as 75% of gamers (falsely) consider themselves as alphas, and criticize everyone else as a loser beta. (It’s a zero sum game, so for every new alpha created, another alpha drops down to beta – unless you are both going to cram your cocks into the same pussy at the same time – the top 20% is always going to be the top 20%, just like the top 20% of hockey players are still the top 20%, even though they are 100 times more skilled than hockey players from 100-years ago). Also, alpha and beta are not constant states, but rather ebb and flow throughout a man’s life – and much of this ebb and flow also comes from a realization, often through swallowing bitter pills, of what the MRM often speaks about.

Let’s face it.  Most of the gamers who go after the MRM and MRAs aren’t that great at getting women.  They’re not in a position to talk about MRAs being losers.  Talk especially on the internet is very easy.  To see just how easy take a look at the Jersey Shore as a example.  Go to 7:05 of this video of one of the Jersey Shore after shows. They talk about how Pauly and Mike (“The Situation”) claim to be these great players but they’re really just “scraping the filth off the boardwalk”.  “The Situation” even once called a large number of women in an hour and none of these women wanted anything to do with him.  Granted, these guys haven’t called MRAs losers but if they did it would be nothing but a joke like the gamers who do that now.  You’re not that great.

The “not getting laid” argument is just like the “not getting married” argument that gets used against MRAs and is used in pretty much the same way.  We all know the dangers of marriage and why it should be avoided.  This has not stopped conservative female supremacists from attacking us for being “immature”, “boys who shave”, or “refusing to do what God wants” or telling us that we need to “man up”.  Agreeing with the CFS shaming language on marriage just gives women, manginas, and white knights power over men.  (That’s why such shaming language exists, to control you.)  It’s no different when undue importance gets placed on getting laid.

We all know the reasons why getting married is dangerous.  It wasn’t always this way.  It is possible with increased feminist control of government that sex with women could get more dangerous in the future just like marriage did.  Hopefully, the misandry bubble will burst so that doesn’t happen but it could.  Attacking MRAs for (supposedly) not getting laid is not going to protect you.  If things get bad enough I am prepared to stop fucking women.  Are you?  If you aren’t then you are letting women, manginas, and white knights have power over you.  I’m not suggesting anyone (least of all me) should stop fucking women right now.  We aren’t there yet but game will not save you if things get this bad.  As Rob pointed out marriage 2.0 nullifies a great part of game and if government ends up making fucking women as dangerous as marriage game will have the same problem there as well.

Knowing all this, why does it matter to you if another man is getting laid or not?  If a man who isn’t getting laid says 2 + 2 = 4, that doesn’t make it wrong.  Personally, I have a lot more respect for a man who isn’t getting laid and knows the truth than a man who is getting laid and letting himself get pushed around by women, manginas, and white knights for the “privilege”.

Aug 052010

For those of you who are watching the second season of Jersey Shore on MTV, it’s important to watch everything available to figure out what is going on including the after show for last week’s episode and this deleted scene:

They try to blame their inability to pump gas on not having to do it in New Jersey.  Both Snooki and J-Woww are from New York not New Jersey so they should know how to pump gas like every other person with at least a double digit IQ does.  For viewers of Saturday Night Live this scene should have been no surprise since they in a way predicted it over a year ago:

I guess they’re right.  Most people in New Jersey lack the skillset of pumping gas, and it’s like brain surgery there.

Jul 292010

For those of you who are interested in watching the downfall of civilization as it happens, season 2 of MTV’s Jersey Shore starts tonight.  Watch the trailer for season 2 below:

I’m really curious to see what Sabrina has to say about all this since she’s Italian and from that part of the world.  I’m surprised she hasn’t declared war on the guidos and guidettes of this show yet.

There’s already a season 3 in the works but that’s not the most interesting thing I found.  Snooki’s dad is a total white knight. He defends his daughters behavior.  When it comes to how Snooki interacts with men, all her dad has to say “I hope they respect her”.  There is no way he can be watching the same show as the rest of us.

Jan 052010

If you have been reading this blog or other blogs in this part of the internet, then you already know about MTV’s Jersey Shore reality series.  Since the last time I wrote a post about it, they showed the episode where a guy punches out “Snooki”.  Of course, the decided to black out the actual punch for some reason that just proves MTV has their heads up their asses.  If you want to see the punch that MTV wouldn’t show you, its in the middle of the video below:

The police were on the scene immediately and arrested the guy.  Of course, MTV had to put up a PSA about domestic violence at the end of the episode even though NO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ACTUALLY OCCURED since Snooki didn’t know the guy.  Plus, Snooki did something really stupid by getting in the drunk guys face and bitching about how he was taking their drinks.

In the next episode we find out, that The Situation was buying the puncher and his friends drinks in some attempt to diffuse any situation that might arise.  It didn’t work obviously.  Of course, that means that Snooki shouldn’t have gotten in that guy’s face since The Situation had covered their drinks.  After the punch, the guy was arrested, but Ronnie, Pauly, and Vinny wanted to find the puncher’s friends and beat them up.  They also bitched about The Situation for not going along with this during the episode and during the bonus clips.  The Situation was the only one with enough sense to think that attacking random guys was a bad idea.

On top of all this we see J-Woww (the extra w is for extra whoring around) attack some girl for calling either her or Snooki fat.  MTV didn’t edit that out at all.  I guess MTV thinks violence is all right only when women do it.  MTV does seem to be consistent on this point because in their Teen Mom series one of the teen moms actually attacks her boyfriend/fiance & father of her child in what would actually be called domestic violence.  Nothing was edited out and MTV didn’t run a PSA about domestic violence after that show.

Nothing MTV does surprises me.  Over at MarkyMark’s blog he was talking about another part of this episode, and I realized something interesting.  One of the guys, Vinny, we have hardly seen until this episode.  We saw him in the introduction, but between then and now we only saw him when he got pink eye.  Vinny even though he’s the youngest is also the most mature of all the housemates and possibly the smartest.  Chances are we haven’t seen much of him because he realizes that he’s being filmed so he doesn’t do anything stupid that will be broadcast across the world and recorded for eternity.

In this episode, we see Vinny hook up with a cougar.  Later Vinny finds out that the cougar was the girlfriend of their landlord/boss for the summer.  We haven’t seen the aftermath of this yet (and won’t until the next episode), but it looks like Vinny is going to have to leave.

I have a theory about what happened that I initially posted a MarkyMark’s blog.  I think that MTV may have setup Vinny to get kicked off the show.  When Vinny is talking about how the cougar is Danny’s (the landord/boss) girlfriend, he’s right there so how did he not know what his girlfriend was doing?  If you watch the episode, the whole thing seems very bizarre, and MTV has a motive for wanting to get rid of Vinny since Vinny doesn’t generate any drama for them.  MarkyMark pointed out how someone who claimed to live in Seaside Heights, NJ (where the show is filmed) said that Danny (the landlord/boss) doesn’t actually work for or own the T-shirt shop the housemates are working at but is actually an employee of Viacom (MTV’s parent corporation).  That makes everything that happened very suspicious.  Why is the girlfriend of a Viacom employee going cougar to go after one of the housemates on this show?  We’ll see what happens to Vinny on the next episode, but I think Vinny was setup by MTV to be kicked off the show.

Dec 182009

There’s a song that starts out with, “If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.” I would like to see a Jersey Shore version that would have the lyric, “If you’re going to the Jersey Shore, be sure to wear a hazmat suit.”  If you have been hanging around this part of the internet, you are probably already familiar with MTV’s new Jersey Shore reality TV series (which you can watch online from that link) since it has been covered by both MarkyMark and FB. It’s about four “guidos” and four three “guidettes” living in a house for the summer in Seaside Heights, NJ on the New Jersey coast.  I feel like I should wear a hazmat suit when I watch it since I’m worried that some STD or chemicals will come through the TV.  Currently, I just hold on to my zucchini for dear life while watching it since I’m worried it will fall off since I’m not wearing a hazmat suit.

All the guidos and guidettes are total jerk offs.  They have moronic nicknames like “the situation”, “j-woww” (yes that many w’s), and “jolie” (because her name is Angelina).  They are all orange because they spend massive amounts of time in tanning booths to get skin cancer.  One of them actually owns a tanning booth.  Nicole (whose nickname is “Snooki” which keeps getting messed up by the other housemates as snickers, etc.) got drunk and made a total ass of herself on the first day.  She then goes though this whole drama about whether she should leave or not and decides to stay.

On the other hand Angelina did leave after a week.  She started out using garbage bags to bring her stuff into the house instead of suitcases.  Throughout the week she was there she cockblocks the guys and calls all the chicks they bring back skanks and whores.  They were skanks and whores, but how were they any different than Angelina?  She also refers to herself as the “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island”.  As part of staying in the house, all of the housemates have to work for their landlord at his t-shirt shop.  Angelina has trouble with this and complains about having to work eight hours a day like everyone else and the job in general.  She has a job working a bartender once a week where she does “great things”.  (Her quote.)  She then breaks up with her boyfriend (who we later found out was married) and tries to fake being sick to not work at the t-shirt shop.  After being a jack ass, the boss/landlord decides to fire her which means she can’t be on the show.  “The situation” was also claiming that he and Angelina had hooked up sometime before the show was filmed.  Angelina kept denying this to the point where “the situation” said that he met Angelina’s mother.  On the after show for episode 3 (you have to make sure to watch all the after shows, bonus clips, etc.), she finally admits that they hooked up.

There’s Pauly (nickname is DJ Pauly D) who we find out has a pierced dick.  What more can I say than that?

There’s also Mike who goes by “the situation”.  He calls himself that because of his 6 pack which he says is a “situation” for women.  He tries to go after Sammi, one of the other housemates, which works for the first day or so, but she decides she’s interested in Ronnie, another housemate, instead.  “The situation” can’t handle that and doesn’t have any game for dealing with such a conundrum.

We see Mike and Pauly pick up a lot of chicks and bring them back to the house.  Of course, there the kind of chicks you would not want to be near without a hazmat suit.  A few of the other housmates say pretty much the same thing.  They even run into a situation where they have two sets of girls and they are trying to manage the situation.  (Unlike certain people they have no experience managing multiple women.)  All of the housemates are walking petri dishes of STDs, but Mike and Pauly take it to a new level.  These two guys should call themselves “the garbage men” because that’s the type of women they go after.  They would think they’re superior to someone like myself who lost their virginity at 31, but they’re full of crap.  Kristen and Rachel are so far superior to the parade of skanky sluts that they were with.

There’s also Vinny who doesn’t seem to get a lot of airtime.  If you watch the video at the last link, they talk about how he has standards which doesn’t make for good TV.  Of course, he’s in Seaside Heights, NJ, how high are his standards really?  We do see him get pinkeye.  Also, in the first episode he had these massive stains in the armpits of the shirt he was wearing.  This was when he was talking about what happened.  In other words why didn’t anyone say that this should be refilmed and have him change his shirt?

To add to all that, watch this youtube video:

I have barely scratched the surface of all of the BS these people said and did.  You have to watch it.  I haven’t even included things like when they put charcoal into a gas grill and nearly burnt down the house.  (There’s also the infamous clip of Nicole getting punched out, but I waiting to talk about that for several reasons.)

If you don’t believe that this show has any basis in reality, watch this youtube video:

I’m thinking next summer of taking a small trip to the Jersey Shore to see the reality of the guido/guidette.  I will be doing so wearing a hazmat suit.  Who knows what diseases I could encounter there?  While I would be avoiding sex like the plague while there, I do have to worry about STDs mutating into something airbone because of the filthy and disgusting nature of the place.  Also, I am certain the place is at the top of the list of the EPA’s superfund sites.  For that matter it’s probably a superduperfund site since the place is clearly so polluted.  It’s not just the diseases.  It’s the chemicals too.  Guidos use so much hair gel, body sprays, etc. that there is no way that place isn’t filled with chemical pollution especially since it takes them 20 minutes to do their hair.  It’s like the whole area is skanky not just the men and the women.

If you decide to visit the Jersey Shore next summer, I might be there at the same time.  I will be easily identified because I will be the one wearing the hazmat suit.  Stop by and say hi.

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