Feb 192014

Both The Spearhead and AVFM have covered what happened to the MGTOW Forums.  MGTOW Forums looks to be back in some form although there has been nothing new since 2/11 so I suspect it’s only an archive.

There are plenty of other MGTOW and related forums around.  Some are new.  Some have been around for a while.  Here’s a list:

  1. Happy Bachelors
  3. Going Your Own Way
  4. MGTOW.net
Jul 162012

The latest version of the Jetpack add on added support for using your wordpress.com, twitter, and facebook logins.  If you want to comment using those logins, feel free to do so if you wish.  If commenting using those logins isn’t working let me know.

Jul 082012

Those of you who saw my previous post know that it is no longer there.  That’s because it revealed too much that could be used to identify me.  Most of you know that this is the second time I have had to remove a post for this reason.  It’s too bad because I would love to tell you guys more about my experiences with my chicks, but I have to maintain my anonymity.

Apr 232012

In my last post about the West coast Persian guidos of Shahs of Sunset, someone calling themselves “Penny” started going on with off topic blather in the comments how her son has a poster of a naked woman and other nonsense.  It turns out that “Penny” was telling different versions of her story on other androsphere blogs.  After finding out about this from slwerner, I have banned the attention whore.  Please go back to talking about West coast Persian guidos.

May 252010

It’s been one year today since I started blogging.  Since one year ago I have done many things.  The blog started out at blogspot but was moved to self hosted wordpress.  I have pissed off a lot of people, called an asshat by Brent Spiner, and had hordes of women tell me I have a small dick.  This is progress because when you get more flak you are getting closer to the target.  Plus, I have been completely desensitized to someone saying I have a small dick.

What was unexpected were the crazy morons who think I have something to do with or run the Illuminati or some other world controlling conspiracy.  The even crazier morons think I’m a reptile alien.  Included in the crazy morons is Globalman who says that I’m an Illuminati agent.  (I was never sure if those people who said crazy things like I run the Illuminati were trolling me or if they really believed it.  It looks like they really believe it.)

What will the next year hold?  We’ll find out.

Jan 282010

You may not have noticed, but Denise Romano spammed this blog with her standard BS about game being rape. She did it in the previous post.  As that was about the most off topic you could be for that post and that it was a copy and paste of something she posted on multiple blogs, it fits the definition of spam.  I marked the comment as spam which is why it’s no longer there and banned Denise Romano from posting here again.

Because of this, I decided to write up a comment policy.  Basically, it’s no spam, no sockpuppeting, and no posting of personal info that a person doesn’t want revealed about himself with some language about how I reserve the right to edit or delete comments and ban anyone as I see fit.  However, as long as you don’t violate the three rules, that won’t happen outside of something really extreme.

Jan 202010

The new blog is here.  A lot of things are similar, but there are a few new things.  There’s a contact page with a form you can use to email me for those of you who don’t have my email address.  I’m also keeping track of the more important denunciations I have received on the denunciations page.  The series tab has a drop down list with a few important categories of posts.

With the blogrolls you may think the titles of the most recent posts are missing.  They aren’t.  You can see them in a tooltip by hovering over the link for the blog.

For those of you using smartphones, I added the wpTouch theme.  If you are on a smartphone you can switch between the wpTouch and the regular theme with a button on the bottom of main page.

When it comes to writing comments, there is a toolbar you can use to insert relevant html tags into your comments.  There is also preview button, and each comment has a quote button for quoting from that comment.

Be sure to update your RSS readers and blogrolls with the feed for the new blog.  You can subscribe via RSS or email.  If anything isn’t working let me know ASAP.  At some point I will add the ability to comment using OpenID identities (that wordpress.com and other sites provide you).  If you have any suggestions for things to add let me know.

Nov 092009

Picard Double FacepalmWhat I’m about to talk about required the Capt. Picard double facepalm.  I’m going to try my best not to bite all of your heads off.

Only some of this will apply to you.  I’m trying to respond to a bunch of people at once without using names.

Many of you have been following my experiment and commenting on it here and elsewhere.  I’m really surprised by how much push back I’m getting on it.  Is the world going to end if I have sex?  Am I the one who causes all that destruction in 2012?  Did the Mayans in their 2012 end of the world prophecies (which don’t exist) say that a male virgin would appear who would be told he has a small dick by crazy women responding to a science fiction article and that for the world to live he must not have sex at all costs?  (If that’s the case send me the evidence.  If it checks out, I won’t have sex ever.  I’m willing to do that for the world.)

Getting back to the point, I’m getting a lot of “DON’T DO IT” for various quarters.  Whether I am supposedly “selling myself short” or that I should “wait for love and not lose it with a skank” or that the whole thing will “confuse me”, etc. it’s all the same.  Without some practical knowledge, this is just saying “never have sex in your life”.  If that is what you want to say then SAY IT.  Anything like that is not helpful since what are “better” women and how do I reasonably find them?  Don’t say church.  I will take you to lots of Catholic churches and point out all of the unmarried couples having sex.  I can do the same with other conservative churches such as the Southern Baptists too.  What you are really saying is that I should convert to some ultra-conservative faith and marry an 18 year old.  That wouldn’t happen since despite being fairly conservative myself I would look like a progressive radical hippie, and they would think something is wrong with me for being 31 and never married.

Just because a woman is politically conservative does not mean that she is sexually conservative so don’t tell me that either.  Several years ago I read an article about documenting this, but I can’t find it now.  I have direct experience with this scenario.  Kristen, one of the women I’m seeing, is a fairly hardcore conservative woman.  Since you’re reading my blog you know that it didn’t stop her from wanting to have sex right away.

Frankly, I find this lecturing on sexual morality (whether its waiting for marriage or love) to be hypocritical from most of you.  There are some who can legitimately do that like Hestia, but most of you are in no position to do so.  You’re not so pure.  There’s no reason why I and I alone should be some paragon of “purity”.

As for being worried about STDs being “unhealthy”, shouldn’t I take my health seriously?  If I tried to find any virginal women, they would be way too young.  Unfortunately, this is the reality on the ground.  What you are saying is that I should never have sex.  If you want to say that, then JUST SAY IT.

Many of you are worried that I will expose your pretty lies if I continue this experiment especially if I have sex.  You might get lucky, but probably not.  I’m on to your attempts to stop it.  Chances are I will discover that there is no difference between being a virgin and not, that virgins know as much as non-virgins, that losing your virginity doesn’t make your more successful, etc.  I can tell when this is your real motive.

And for those of you trying to build some tortured explanation why I’m unique so you can continue to believe your pretty lies, it will be a lot easier to admit you’re wrong.

That being said if you have something meaningful to say I’m willing to listen.  Just remember that platitudes aren’t helpful, and I can analyze your motives.  Also remember I’m dealing with the reality on the ground.  If you want to say that I shouldn’t have sex ever, I won’t be insulted.  I just ask that you give some reasoning (that doesn’t have me questioning your motives) and most importantly SAY IT DIRECTLY.

Oct 182009

I was reading this comment at The Spearhead (in reference to my most recent post there) which says:

The funny thing is that not so long ago I would have supported those women complaining about that Sci-Fi post, and totally. Things started to change when I realized that all the insults they used (loser, can’t get a date, blah blah blah) described me and my friends- the very same guys who stood up for them. In fact, I knew even back then that a lot of the guys saying things like Tech, or Roissy said, were getting the girls, and lots of them. That hurt me a lot- much more than I was willing to admit at the time.

Those of you who have read enough of my blog and writings elsewhere know that this isn’t the case for me.  (Yes, I know he says guys “like” me so I don’t know if he’s saying that he thinks I get lots of chicks or that guys “like me” do.)  Regardless, it got me thinking.  A long time ago I realized after banging my head against the wall one too many times in dealing with women that they aren’t worth it.  At that point I stopped bothering.  That was several years ago.

I only say that I’m a virgin when there’s complete anonymity.  I don’t tell anyone in real life so no one knows.  IRL lots of people think I do well with women.  I have never really cared to think why this is until now.  I have made sure that I have never been in absurd 40 year old virgin style situations which isn’t difficult to do.

Lots of people believe that being a virgin beyond age X (where X could be 18, 22, etc.) means you’re a total loser at life, either unemployed or working a minimum wage job, living in your parents basement.  I am living proof that this is not the case since I’m the opposite of all those things.  While I know this fact, lots of people believe otherwise.  In other words, since I don’t announce the fact that I’m a virgin IRL, everything else someone knows about me IRL (since they most likely believe the myth about virgins) would lead them to believe I’m incredibly successful with women since I’m incredibly successful in the rest of my life.

So much of game is really effective masculinity.  Even long before I even heard of game I was practicing effective masculinity in my life.  This is one of the reasons why I have been so successful in other areas of my life (i.e. my career).  This is another reason why people IRL would assume I’m successful with women.  Lots of guys nowadays do not demonstrate effective masculinity, and I could tell you lots of examples of this.  If you’re reading this blog, you probably can too from your own life.

This has made me curious.  Am I really a guy who is incredibly successful with women now who just doesn’t know it because I don’t care?  I’m undecided about running an experiment about this.  There’s a reason why I get associated with being successful with women as long as I don’t tell anyone the truth about this.  I’m curious, but at the same time why should I care?  Plus, if I do engage in this experiment, it feels like I’m selling out in the sense that I might be trying to prove all those morons who think I’m a loser, morbidly obese, and have a small dick (like all those hyperemotional girls who responded to my last post at The Spearhead) wrong.  As a MGHOW I don’t worry about what they think and laugh at them.

I’m writing this blog entry in order to solicit some ideas from you, my readers.  First, should I try this experiment?  I’m interested in your reasons why I should or should not.  Second, I’m also interested in ideas about what the scope of this experiment should be.  For instance, picking up drunk women in bars does not actually test what I’m trying to test.  This experiment will also have to involve multiple women (not at the same time) since success or failure with one woman might just be a fluke.  How much LTR game will have to be involved?  I’m really interested in what others have to say about all these things too.

If you have an opinion on any of this respond in a comment or send me an email.

Sep 222009

For those of you who follow Welmer’s blog, you know that he was working on a new online magazine style blog dealing with various issues men deal with.  It’s here, and it’s called The Spearhead.  Contributors include some of the most respected members of the MRA and MGTOW communities, Welmer, Novaseeker, Whiskey, PrimeElusive Wapiti, and Ferdinand Bardamu.

May 252009

I started this blog because I haven’t seen any men’s‘ rights/pro-male blogs that were discussing the importance of technology for liberating men and rolling back feminism. This blog will discuss men’s‘ rights issues & men’s‘ issues in general, but will emphasize how technology will help the struggle against feminism.

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