May 302015

InfoWars/PrisonPlanet (Alex Jones’s websites) released a youtube video about something called neomasculinity:

I noticed several things about the video.  While it used game language and other language from this part of the internet, it’s clear that whoever wrote the script for that video didn’t really understand what we talk about.  MGTOW gets attacked (which has led to responses from MGTOW like Barbarossa).  Overall, this is another attempt at entryism by tradcons with some game terms used as an unsuccessful attempt to hide that it is an attempt at entryism.

This is nothing new.  It’s just another form of Game 2.0/Man Up 2.0, an attempt to repackage game for the benefit of women (and in this case Alex Jones’s bank account).  This is the same thing Susan Walsh, the Manhood Academy/Manhood 101 morons, and others have tried and failed to do.  This time it has a dash of, “you have to get married because DEPOPULATION AGENDA!!!” (which is why believing in the depopulation agenda is misandry) and “They (whoever they is) are putting chemicals in the water to turn you gay”, but it’s really no different.  It’s an extreme form of the tradcon cry, “You have to get married to save civilization”.

Why is Alex Jones interested in creating another game 2.0 and attacking MGTOW now?  Sandman discovered that on Google trends that MGTOW became more popular than PrisonPlanet starting a couple of months ago, and MGTOW is only getting more popular.  Alex Jones is having the same problem all tradcons are having in trying to recruit young men.  As Hollenhund described, young men refusing to follow the tradcon script.  Alex Jones’s conspiracy theories are all derived from tradcon ideology, so when young men refuse to follow the tradcon script, they won’t buy into his conspiracy theories.

Alex Jones has a history of trying to cannibalize grass roots movements, and that is what he is doing with neomasculinity.  Barbarossa and John the Other had a conversation where they talked about that and how it turns into mission creep to the point where the original mission of a grass roots group gets replaced with doing nothing other than talking about the NWO.  Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists treat the NWO as all powerful so nothing can be done.  It creates a self fulfilling prophecy of nothing getting done.  After Alex Jones cannibalizes a grass roots group, the group is completely neutralized.  If Alex Jones is successful both game and MGTOW (and the M(H)RM) would be cannibalized to the point where they are meaningless.

I am certain that Alex Jones’s attempt at entryism will fail.  We have dealt with entryist tradcons before.  Tradcons have nothing to offer game, MGTOW (or the M(H)RM) so neither does Alex Jones.  No one is impressed by, “You have to get married to save civilization”, so no one will be impressed by, “You have to get married to save civilization because DEPOPULATION AGENDA!!!”  We may see a few guys planning on pulling a Mark Minter use neomasculinity as a cover, but that will be it.  We don’t need Mark Minters so good riddance to them.

The more tradcons attack MGTOW, the more popular it becomes.  Let Alex Jones attack MGTOW and try his attempt at entryism.  He will fail, and MGTOW will be more popular afterwards.

May 252015

Today is Memorial Day in the US which means its a day to remember those who have died in war.  What group has died in war more than any other group?  Men, in particular young men, and many young men died as nothing more than cannon fodder.

The modern equivalent of cannon fodder does not involve drafting men to die in wars.  The modern equivalent of cannon fodder is attempting to get young men to follow gynocentric scripts for the benefit of women which involves getting married and/or having men’s income transferred to women via taxes and government spending.  The tradcons, the feminists, and other groups are all guilty of trying use young men as cannon fodder.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that all of these groups want to use young men as cannon fodder.  They want young men to do things that in the best case scenario not in their best interests and in the worst case scenario will involve losing your assets and your children, and being thrown in prison.

What groups are trying to draft young men as cannon fodder?  Hollenhund describes each group and their respective script:

In online parlance, “MGTOW” basically refers to any man who’s off-script. There are many scripts out there.

The tradcon / white nationalist script: bust your ass and remain celibate, then marry some supposedly good and worthy Christian “virgin”, move to some rural area, have lots of kids and homeschool them, grow your own food and brag about your lifestyle on the Internet.

The feminist script: bust your ass and have egalitarian relationships with feminist women based on mutual respect, marry an ageing spinster or single mother, have 1 or 2 children and indoctrinate them with feminism, move to the suburbs, pay off your wife’s debts, brag about it all on the Internet and then tearfully claim it’s all your fault when she frivorces you and ruins your life.

The MHRA script: bust your ass and do lots of activism on behalf of MRA organizations. Donate money, show up on protests and conferences. Paint a target on your back for tradcons and feminists to shoot at. Whenever attacked, claim that you support “gender equality” and love women.

The PUA script: bust your ass, work out like crazy, spend your free time learning all sorts of “valuable” skills, go on a diet, approach 10 women everyday, travel the Third World, brag about it all online, then move to the Philippines or Latvia when you’re tired of it all, then self-publish your memoirs in online format and sell it on Amazon.

The people pushing these scripts are all targeting the same demographic, young single betas, so they are in fierce competition. What is making their job even harder is that a growing segment of these betas are refusing to follow any script. This is making more and more people angry and frustrated, as evidenced by increasingly shrill public discourse about MGTOWs and the “Sexodus”. Young men are supposed to be dumb disposable shits, after all, and follow a script. But a growing number of them simply won’t do it.

Each of these groups is trying to draft young men as cannon fodder, and they’re all using the same tactic in trying to draft them, shaming language.  However, it is not working.  Most of these young men have never heard of MGTOW, yet they have decided to refuse to become cannon fodder for these groups, effectively becoming MGTOW.

Why are young men refusing to become cannon fodder in increasing numbers?  First, the attacks on them are become more and more shrill which just steels their resolve to become cannon fodder.  Each of the groups that want to use men as cannon fodder are not offering young men any incentives to follow them.  There’s a saying that was said in the Soviet Union, “They pretend to pay us.  We pretend to work.”  Even the Soviets understood somewhat that incentives matter which is more than can be said for any of the groups that Hollenhund listed.  Sending young men the equivalent of increasingly insane strong worded letters is not a strategy that will work to convince young men.

Second, young men see just how bad women are becoming.  This is a strong disincentive to join any group that wants to use them as cannon fodder.  Young men see the behavior of women and are getting more and more fed up with them for good reason.  In 6 years of blogging, the most popular page on this blog by far is a page where I documented several comments from The Spearhead where young men were talking about how they are fed up with women.  The second most popular page on this blog was a follow up to that page.  This is not a coincidence.  Those pages represent how growing numbers of young men feel about women due to their experiences with women.

Why should a young man become cannon fodder for the indirect or direct benefit of women they are fed up with?  Even if a young man is willing to sacrifice himself as cannon fodder, he isn’t going to sacrifice himself for a group he is fed up with and likely hates him.  More and more young men are figuring this out and refuse to become cannon fodder.

Feb 032014

I haven’t had the time to follow what the red pill women are doing.  Fortunately, Laura Grace Robbins has, and she has pointed out that the red pill women are really the grey pill women (as in the 50 Shades of Grey):

I think a lot of the issues stems from women coming off a “50 Shades  of Grey” high and desperately trying to recreate a submissive role in real life. The thing is though authentic submission is not a role, a trick, a wile–I believe authentic submission comes from a heart that is focused on God.

Submission right now is a fad. Just wait till the 50 Shades movie comes out and reignites the craze and see how many more women all of sudden just “get it” and go red pill.  They will go from 50 Shades of Grey to 50 Shades of Red.

What the red grey pill women are doing is not new.  We have seen it before.  It’s another form of Game 2.0.  Call it Game 2.1 if you like.  These women are trying to co-opt game and other ideas from this part of the internet just like Susan Walsh did.  The only difference between them and Susan Walsh was that Susan Walsh was a second wave feminist who had some of her own ideas.  The red grey pill women are doing nothing but a really bad copy of our ideas.  You can even see it from the name of one of their blogs, Return of Queens.  Not only is it an obvious attempt at copying Return of Kings, it sounds like a blog for flamboyant homosexuals.   In a way, that’s appropriate because it shows how the red grey pill women can’t even copy our ideas right.  The red grey pill women are trying so hard to maintain a pretense of femininity without actual femininity that they end up in male homosexual territory.

Jun 082013

I very rarely disagree with Paul Elam openly.  This is because he gets lots of “criticism” that’s baseless and all around silly nonsense that boils down to “Paul Elam is a godless commie or leftist”, “Paul Elam is a male version of a feminist”, “Paul Elam isn’t doing things my way or making the M(H)RM all about my pet issue”, “AVFM is insufficiently ‘Christian’ or ‘libertarian'”, “Paul Elam hates the white race”, or “Paul Elam and his terminology doesn’t follow my obscure philosophy”.  Adding my own disagreements, while minor, just creates an atmosphere of “see everyone hates Paul Elam”.  Also, Paul Elam (& AVFM) are in the trenches actually doing something a lot more than any of us.  They have a better idea of what would work to advance the M(H)RM from that alone than I ever could.

That being said, I agree with what rmaxgenactivepua said in his response to the most recent Entitlement Princess of the Month:

She also happens to be a former AVFM’er, proving AVFM needs to vet the women more stringently

Yes, AVFM needs to vet women (and men) joining it more stringently, because entryism is going to be an increasing problem.  (Entryism is when a group infiltrates another group, usually larger, in an attempt to expand their political or ideological base.)  We have already seen attempts at entryism in the M(H)RM from groups like the tradcons and the white (knight) nationalists.  In the game world, Susan Walsh was an entryist trying to create a “Game 2.0”.  (In fact, WBB is basically the Susan Walsh of the M(H)RM.)  As the M(H)RM expands in numbers and gets closer to the mainstream, the entryists will get more numerous and more sophisticated.  They will do a better job maintaining a pretense of supporting the M(H)RM than the tradcons or the white (knight) nationalists ever did.

How do we identify entryists in the M(H)RM?  We can’t assume that only women will be entryists.   Even though a woman is more likely to be an entryist than a man, both men and women can be entryists.  As time goes on there will be more entryists.  For now at least, the way to identify entryists like WBB is to find out their opinion on MGTOW.  Since MGTOW isn’t a movement of any kind, entryist tactics won’t work on it.  Thus, sooner or later an entryist will express their disgust and revulsion for MGTOW and will try to separate the M(H)RM from the MGTOW because MGTOW is a threat to what they’re trying to do.  If someone in the M(H)RM isn’t at least willing to leave MGTOW alone, then they’re definitely an entryist.

Sep 132012

My last post has certainly stirred the pot.  Bill Price over at The Spearhead provided a thoughtful response.  Ankle-biter, Matt Forney, decided to call me a “perma-virgin” which anyone who reads this blog knows is absurd. Elsewhere I have been called a false flag operation:

Just like those knotheads RooshV and Krauser talk about sex because they never have really have any; PMAFT blabs on about false flags because he’s probably a false-flagger himself.

The only time I talk about false flags is when someone accuses me of being one or makes the stupid comment, the the MRM is filled with them.  At least if you combine false flag and perma-virgin, maybe something starts to make sense.  None of this is insane as what Nestorius said about Paul Elam:

It appears the Paul Elam is a Mason, and that he is getting paid for his website (as one commenter at Roosh’s blog said).
In fact, it is expected that the Masons will be leading an anti-feminist movement. Feminism is the thesis and men rights movement is the antithesis out of which they will create the synthesis.
One thing that is very suspicious about AVfM is that it is full of sophistry and nonsense. The titles attracts you and make you believe there is content while there is none.

On the other hand Jack Donovan is a Satanist (therefore a Mason) and a homosexual. He doesn’t hide the fact that he is a Satanist: Therefore, Donovan is clearly a dis-info agent. I never could understand how a homosexual is teaching men about manhood?!

One should always be careful that there will always be infiltration in every field, and the “manosphere” is a wide field which the Masons could use to indoctrinate clueless people out there.

I’m a false flag and a perma-virgin.  Paul Elam is a Mason, and a member of the Illuminati, and on the government’s payroll.  What brings up all of these ludicrous accusations?  (They’re connected more deeply than just being absurd.  There have been previous conspiracy theory based accusations that the MRM was recruiting sexless/virgin men, and that the “elite” is recruiting virgin men.)  This isn’t due to a MRM vs. Game fight.  There is something else going on.  What is telling is how when Roosh originally said that the MRM is dead, men like John Rambo and Peter Nolan, neither of whom are gamers, jumped on the bandwagon.  In fact this is part of a pattern we have seen elsewhere.

John Rambo spams the MRM in an attempt to make the MRM about his foreign women BS.  He failed and now attacks the MRM.

Peter Nolan tried to turn the MRM into an arm of the Freeman on the land conspiracy theory.  He failed and now attacks the MRM.

The Manhood 101 idiots tried to turn the MRM into peddlers of their BS.  They failed and now attack the MRM.  (They spend most of their time attacking Paul Elam since he did the work in fighting them off.)

Susan Walsh tried to turn the MRM (and the larger manosphere) into an arm of her Game 2.0/Man Up 2.0 scheme involving fake empowerment of men so that men would become chumps who would marry women after they were done riding the cock carousel.  She failed and now attacks the MRM (and the larger manosphere in her case).  In addition, she also called the idea that I am working for the elite (i.e. I’m a false flag) compelling.

White Nationalists tried to turn the MRM into a movement of racists and anti-semites.  They failed and now attack the MRM and accuse the MRM of being run by the Jews.

Traditionalist conservatives tried to turn the MRM into an arm of traditionalism (along with all of the misandry associated with traditionalism).  They failed and now attack the MRM.

You can see a pattern here.  Some individual or group decides to come in and co-opt the MRM so that MRAs will become the personal army for their pet cause.  They start by pretending to agree with the MRM about feminism.  Eventually (or in many cases quickly) the MRM recognizes what they are and wants nothing to do with them.  Then these individuals and groups turn on the MRM when they realize that their attempt at co-opting the MRM has failed.  Paul Elam is often a target at this point since he runs the most visible MRM internet organization.

The same thing happened with Roosh, Matt Forney, etc.  What they are is not gamers.  Matt Forney says that they are “paleomasculinits” (so even he admits that they aren’t just gamers), but what they really are is just guys selling self-improvement and lifestyle BS.  It doesn’t just involve game.  It includes diet BS, exercise BS, etc.  They came in to the MRM thinking that they could sell their self-improvement and lifestyle BS, but that didn’t work out.  They turned on the MRM and now attack the MRM.  They’re especially pissed because the existence of MRAs provides a competing option to the books they are selling.  MRAs are unintentionally a threat to their income so we get a lot of crap from them about how the MRM is dead.

What is going on in all of these cases is not an MRM vs. game fight (although that does happen from time to time).  It’s a fight between the MRM and every individual and group that wants to co-opt the MRM for its pet cause.  The good news is that they have all failed.  This is the real reason why there is so much venom against the MRM.  In many ways, this shows that the MRM has been successful to a degree.  We wouldn’t see so many attempts to co-opt the MRM if there wasn’t something worth taking over.  This also means that we need to be vigilant against future attempts to co-opt the MRM since as the MRM grows, the number of individuals and groups who want to co-opt the MRM will only increase.

Jun 022012

The votes are in for the April 2012 Entitlement Princess Of The Month, and the winner is Amanda Clayton with 51% of the vote.  She is the woman who was on welfare and won the lottery but failed to notify the Michigan welfare office about her new assets as required by law.  When asked if she felt she had a right to the welfare money she was getting after winning the lottery, Clayton said, ”I kind of do.  I have no income, and I have bills to pay.  I have two houses.”  Remember to keep submitting new entitlement princesses on the Entitlement Princess of the Month submission page.

While we have submissions for this month, I am rolling them over to next month as there is an entitlement princess out there who clearly deserves the award this month.  She is none other than Susan Walsh of HookingUpSmart.  She is arguably one of the founders of “game 2.0” which is that men should only run game for the benefit of women.  Walsh has made increasing demands that men adopt and obey women’s demands no matter how absurd from banning men who speak the truth on her blog to supporting accusations that various MRAs (including myself) work for the Illuminati to deleting comments that just mention various androsphere/manosphere individuals to demanding that everyone believe that women only divorce men who cheat on them to deleting posts that referenced androsphere/manosphere men she used to agree with.  (That last one was recognized for being reminiscent of the Soviet Union.)  Those are just a few examples.  Documenting all of her entitlement princess behavior would take weeks.  All of this speaks to Susan Walsh’s massive entitlement complex which makes her the clear choice for May 2012 Entitlement Princess Of The Month.

May 272012

I thought that my previous post about Susan Walsh where I documented how she is deleting comments that mention androsphere personalities like Rollo Tomassi and Dalrock was the last thing I would say about her.  I have to document her latest descent into insanity.  Rmaxd has let us know that she is deleting posts now.  Specifically, Susan Walsh has deleted a post called “The Wisdom of Yohami” which referenced Yohami.  She can’t really totally get rid of it since links to it are everywhere.

Susan Walsh’s deletion spree continues.  Before it was Rollo and Dalrock.  Now it’s Yohami.  We should start a betting pool on who Susan Walsh will choose next to remove all references to on her blog.

At this point it should be clear to anyone what Susan Walsh really is although guys like MarkyMark will still defend her.

May 162012

Rollo Tomassi said this at Dalrock’s:

OT, but nevertheless hilariously entertaining,..
Hey Dal, I’m honored,..

Honest to God, there are male bloggers I wish I’d never heard of. From this moment on, I’ll never mention Rollo or Dalrock again, and I’ll delete any comment that does so. I’d rather be water boarded than continue this conversation.

I don’t even have to post on her comment threads anymore to enjoy the irony. Heheheh,..she loves me.

[D: That is pretty funny. Did anyone even mention either of us, or was it entirely unprompted?]

If you check the link, it was entirely unprompted.  One by one Susan Walsh is declaring her hate for everyone in the androsphere.  Is there anyone in the androsphere she doesn’t hate yet?  If there is, just wait a month and that will change.  Next Susan Walsh will call it a “compelling idea” that Dalrock and Rollo have been recruited by the Illuminati to destroy male/female relationships like she did with me.

I have to say that deleting comments that just mention the names of various androsphere personalities regardless of their actual content is a new low for Susan Walsh.  Umslopogaas called this increasingly fascist for good reason.

No one should be surprised by this turn of events.  No one in the androsphere wants to go along with Susan Walsh’s game 2.0/man up 2.0.

Feb 012012

I found this comment:

rumor has it Elam is the actual man behind the anti-game nonsense

Rumor has it?  Yes, Paul Elam disagrees with game.  Deal with it.  He has better things to do than secretly organize a campaign against game.  It’s things like this that make me embarrassed to be associated with the game community.

Jan 142012

Carbon 14 emailed me a few days ago and asked me why I hadn’t commented on something on Susan Walsh’s blog from several months ago that referenced me.  I haven’t read her blog for a long time except for cases like last month’s debacle where her real attitudes got revealed.  That is the reason why.  Regardless I wish I had known about this sooner because it’s another example showing just how nuts Susan Walsh has become.  (In all of the following blockquotes, I’m also including screenshots of the comments being quoted in case Susan Walsh goes on a deleting spree when this gets posted.)

Several months ago someone using the name of David Jones wrote this comment on HookingUpSmart:  (Screenshot here)


I owe you an apology. I thought you were one of the over 30 male virgins. The so called “mens rights” movement is filled with agents of the elite promoting gender war for the purposes of depopulation. I have it on good authority that over 30 virgin males are the primary group recruited by the elite for that purpose.

Clearly, you are not a part of that, and I see that now. I misinterpreted your email, and I’m sorry.


With more info about runningman, I see that he’s nothing like Mr. White & Nerdy. I owed him an apology, and I made that apology.

With that said, the so called “mens rights” movement was manufactured by the elite just as feminism was. Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA, and there are agents of the elite in the mens rights movement too. Both sides of the gender war are funded by the elite just as the funded both sides of various wars in history. Virgin males over 30 make excellent recruiting targets for the elite especially the angrier ones. Mr. White & Nerdy is a good example, but he is not the only one. It’s a safe bet Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech also works for the elite because he is deeply embedded in the military-industrial-security state complex. He was an over 30 virgin. Supposedly he isn’t anymore, but it doesn’t matter if he is or isn’t a virgin now.


If you can’t get laid, the Illuminati want to recruit you to rule the world.  It makes more sense than a lot of things I have heard in conspiracy theory.

By itself, none of this is particularly notable now.  We have heard the bit about how I work for the Illuminati and that the MRM is some sort of Illuminati program many times before.  We have even heard variations on the “virgin/sexless recruitment” idea before.  Many conspiracy theorists are afraid of transhumanism so that isn’t new either.

Knowing all that, why am I writing a post on this?  Why is someone writing a crazy comment on Susan Walsh’s blog relevant to Susan Walsh?  Many of you are asking that because you automatically assume that Susan Walsh had a normal reaction to such lunacy and regarded it as garbage.  It seems like a reasonable assumption but you are wrong:  (Screenshot here)

@David Jones
That’s a pretty compelling story you’re telling there. W&N and PMAFT have both been very difficult in these comment threads.

Yes, Susan Walsh called a crazy story about the “elite” recruiting sexless men, COMPELLING.  If Susan Walsh chooses to address this, I’m sure she will pull the same tricks she did last month when she said that divorce is overblown in the manosphere.  The fact is that she has no excuse.  If you read the entire page of comments, multiple people recognize David Jones comments as lunacy.  Susan Walsh has no excuse not to recognize this for what it is.  So why did Susan Walsh call a conspiracy theory about me, compelling?  Susan Walsh is in the business of whitewashing sluts or slut rehab.  The problem with “slut rehab” is that more and more men are realizing the truth about pervasive misandry and how that applies to sluts.  The idea of the “former slut” will not gain traction with increasing numbers of men.  If growing numbers of men are taking the position of “once a slut, always a slut”, then what are you left with if you want to rehab sluts?  Besides man up 2.0, the only thing left is to claim that women were “brainwashed” into being sluts.  In other words, being a slut wasn’t their choice but sort of forced upon them so any man refusing to have anything to do with supposedly “former” sluts is just beating up on the “victims” of brainwashing.  The only way to do that is with an absurd conspiracy theory like the one David Jones gave her.

If Susan Walsh thinks all of this is compelling, she probably thinks I’m a reptile alien too.

Lastly, I’m going to include part of David Jones last comment:  (Screenshot here)

The so called “mens rights” movement come into this because it’s the “mirror image of feminism” for men. It’s the male side of the elite’s manufactured gender war. If there’s one thing the “mens rights” males agree on its not getting married. That means less children. Within “mens rights” the MGTOW movement is even more extreme. They promote ghosting for men which involves avoiding women entirely. The more MGTOWs, the less children.

As Gloria Steinem and others worked for the elite in feminism, there are agents of the elite in the “mens rights” movement. Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech is deeply embedded in the military-industrial-security state complex. He has admitted this on his blog. That sounds like how Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA. He is acting under orders from his elite masters to grow the “mens rights” movement and promote gender war.

If you want to promote gender war from the male side, who would be the best group to recruit? Angry male virgins who can’t get together with women. Those males are already predisposed to work for the elite’s manufactured gender war. This is where overgrown boys like White & Nerdy come in. (Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech may have also been recruited this way. Being in the military-industrial-security state complex he probably knows more of the elite’s plans.) I know of other examples of this. A friend of mine has a brother similar to White & Nerdy. A year ago my friend’s brother started acting and talking like a “mens rights” hard liner that would be at home at the spearhead. My friend’s brother also suddenly got a lot more money at around the same time, and my friend can’t explain how that happened.

The reason why White & Nerdy and Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech have been so hard line is because a blog like yours, Susan, that promotes good relationships between men and women is a threat to the elite’s plans. The “mens rights” movement is still small so your blog can have a real effect, Susan.

Notice I did not talk about lizard people, Illuminati, Freemasons, Bohemian Grove, the occult despite the jokes of a few people here. Such things are distractions to what is really going on. Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech makes jokes like that all the time to distract from what he is really doing. Such fantasy is not a part of anything that I said.

Yes, I make jokes about reptile aliens and other things.  When it comes to someone like David Jones, I’m doing him a favor.  Conspiracy theories involving reptile aliens and demonic powers are less crazy than a conspiracy theory that male virgins are getting recruited by the elite.

Update: AmStrat wanted to remind everyone about the research that shows that conspiracy theorists are more willing than the general population to join a conspiracy.  This means that Susan Walsh accusing me of being part of a conspiracy says a lot more about her and her morality than it does about me.

Dec 232011

I have been busy, so I haven’t commented much on the latest Susan Walsh debacle at Dalrock’s where she says that divorce only happens because men cheat on their wives.  Everyone is saying what needs to be said, so I am not concerned about contributing.  If you want to find out what Susan Walsh is really all about then that post and all of the comments will provide you with an excellent education on the subject.  She really digs a hole for herself and shows her true colors.

I’m glad to see that more and more people are finally figuring out everything I have known about Susan Walsh for close to two years.  I knew eventually she would say something that would demonstrate her game 2.0/man up 2.0 attitudes.  If you want to know something before other people do, you should be reading this blog.

It’s clear to me that Susan Walsh is on the same path as Obsidian, who over time crashed and burned as the truth about him came out.  (I also figured out Obsidian long before most anyone else.)  Susan Walsh is really Obsidian 2.0.

Dec 072011

When it comes down to it, game 2.0 proponents don’t truly understand game.  They may think they do, but they don’t.  What they’re dealing with is a “watered down” version of game:

“that is NOT game 101. that is WATERED DOWN game 101.”

Yes. Exactly.

Susan’s biggest problem is that she *thinks* she understands game, and men.

Well, it’s not what we know in life that gets us into trouble; it’s what we think we know that just ain’t so.

Susan is, and will always be, part of Team Woman.

What does “watered down game” attempt to produce?  Some would call it a “better beta”, but it would be accurate to say a “better” chump.  The biggest threat to form of promiscuity women prefer is men who were supposed to be the chumps that they married realizing the truth and avoiding becoming a chump.  Whether these men decided to become a PUA or a ghost or something in between doesn’t matter.  With knowledge these men can choose a path other than being a chump.  The weakest link (to women) in the female preferred form of promiscuity is finding a chump when a woman is done with the alpha carousel because either the chumps will discover the truth and not be chumps or the chumps won’t be attractive to women.  Game 2.0 tries to attack that problem by watering down game so only the desired result of a “better” chump can be produced.  This will never work since game 2.0 proponents don’t truly understand game in the first place.

Nov 262011

Sorry about the delay getting this out.  Things are busy this week for me.

Originally, I wasn’t going to say anything about the Elam-Frost debate.  To me it was an epic failure from almost all perspectives that I best avoided.  However, as I wrote my post on Man Up 2.0 & Game 2.0, I changed my mind because I realized there is a fundamental failure in in the Gamer vs. MRA wars.  I will talk about that later in this post.  First, to get a flavor of my thoughts (and of MGTOW in general about this), read what some of the men at the MGTOW Forums had to say about the Elam-Frost debate:

Frankly, while I think I follow their individual points, I can’t figure out just what the debate is supposed to be about. Seems to me it boils down to

Elam (zeta male): “Chasing pussy is more trouble than its worth!”

Frost (PUA): “No, it isn’t!”

So it mostly works out as both of them calling each other a fool or other slurs. I’m pretty disgusted by it. And I usually like Elam. Am I missing something?


I don’t really see the point. The only overlap between the Game community and MRAs is within the values of individuals.

Being a PUA is about getting laid. Being a MRA is about actually changing things or at least making a stand. One group is focused on fucking women while the other is an activist group. The aims of the two groups are completely different.

I don’t have a problem with guys learning stuff to get laid but it has little to do with the legal and cultural realities we deal with.


I’m so bored with the PUA versus MRA debate that I could spit. It’s as easy as ‘To thine own self be true’ imho. I’m not about to become dogmatic about MGTOW; seems like a contradiction to me. Men need to stick together these days. Pussy has divided us enough. To each their own.


True. Men can go their own way and definitely have sex. There’s a difference between that and letting it “control” you though, (like a drug). Also jumping through hoops or ego boosting to get laid is counterproductive. If you don’t do those things, that’s great.


I listened to the AVoiceForMen radio podcast last night and was so disappointed. As a MGTOW, I already feel pretty disconnected from most of the blue-pill world as it is. At least most of the PUA’s recognize thatsomething isn’t right. That’s enough for me to feel like those guys, while they don’t have the same end-goal as me, at least aren’t fumbling around in the dark wondering what happened. Basically, I never felt like the PUA guys are “the enemy”. And it seemed like Paul has been really pushing for that. Very disappointing.


I think it’s important to understand that MGTOW, MRA and PUA aren’t mutally exclusive or inclusive. You can be all three at once or just one. The fact that most guys who fit in one category usually fit into one of the others doesn’t really mean that the three things are significantly related.

You can be a MGTOW ghost and not be an MRA, like I am. There are PUAs that are non-MGTOW pussy beggars and PUAs that are MGTOW.


I thought MGTOW was about … Men Going Their Own Way … or am I missing something?

Be fucked if I stick to some stupid rule book – for anything.

The whole debate was a disaster from the beginning in my opinion.  Elam saying that all you need to do is take a shower to get women was silly.  However, Frost made a mountain out of a molehill and actually implied that MRAs are trying to trick men into celibacy.  It got worse from there.  There was no way that this debate could get to any reasonable conclusion.

There were several definition and scope problems, like when either of them are talking about game, what are they including or excluding?  Things are not helped by how 90% of game advice is BS and how most gamers and PUAs have never heard of mens rights.  Worse, many of them are self admitted feminists.  The response to this will be that we’re only talking about the Roissysphere, as Frost said, (which is valid and I have no problem with) but that has problems too.  It still includes Roosh, the guy that said mens rights is a euphemism for sexual loser.  If this debate happened a year ago, Obsidian Trollsidian would be included too.

The Roosh and Trollsidian examples are sideshows compared to the real problem of scope here.  The real problem comes from the Man Up 2.0/Game 2.0 contingent.  What is Man Up 2.0/Game 2.0 all about?  Co-opting game or manosphere ideas in general by providing minimal or fake empowerment of men for the purpose of benefiting women. In the mens rights world we have already dealt with the mens rights equivalent which include the socons/tradcons, white nationalists, and other fringe groups trying to co-opt the MRM. In the game world this has not been dealt with yet.

This isn’t just an academic question. Game 2.0 subverts game in a manner similar to how marriage 2.0 subverts marriage. It’s also no surprise that the same groups that promote game 2.0 are the same groups that tried to co-opt mens rights. Some of them are just trying to defend the status quo and the preferred female form of promiscuity like Susan Walsh. Others are just pissed that MRAs don’t hate blacks and Jews such as 1stdv who said this about the Elam-Frost debate:

I’ve long suspected that many MRAs are motivated primarily by a pathological hatred of white women and not women in general. For example, one MRA who I will not name gave a sperm sample and listed his race as Caucasian despite being East Indian – and then bragged about getting back at some white feminist when a brown baby comes out. This might be one of the sickest things I’ve read on the Internet, but it fits well into the pathological hatred of white women. Further, blaming (white) women for our troubles partially absolves “people of color”.

If one were to apply what Paul Elam said about game to just the Man Up 2.0/Game 2.0 morons, then Elam would me more or less completely correct.  (The Game 2.0 morons do not need to actually understand game at all. All they “know” about game is that it can be used in a bastardized form to bludgeon men and attack mens rights.) However, Elam is not willing to make this distinction. The other side doesn’t see the problem.

There were also other problems with this whole debate such as other gamers who couldn’t understand that there is a false rape industry, but no rape industry, and many other side problems that are too numerous to list here.

Lastly, there is no one strategy that will defeat misandry by itself. The entire principle if MGTOW is each man going his own way, not Frost’s way or Elam’s way. I found Frost saying that the “seduction community” would defeat feminism incredibly laughable (beyond the fact that most of the seduction community has never heard of mens rights or is explicitly pro-feminist).

In the end I still respect Paul Elam. He does things to advance the MRM even though he doesn’t understand the actual problem here. I didn’t care about Frost before this, and I care even less about him now. I find his dedication to nebulous and poorly defined “self-improvement” a waste of time especially when it comes to the paleo diet plan, something that will be in the dustbin of history in a year or two like every other diet of the last few decades.

Nov 192011

Over at the Rational Male blog, Rollo Tomassi introduced the concept of “Man Up 2.0”:

I’m glad to see it getting the publicity, but ONLY a woman could write this without suffering fem-screech backlash accusations of misogyny. This is the environment we’re in today. I have no doubt that Ms. Charen will receive her share of frothing hate from ego invested Jezebels, but at least her critique will register for them. No man could write this critique and be taken seriously, and therein lies the danger in women co-opting the message the manosphere has been compiling for 12 years now. The environment is such that anything remotely critical a man might offer is instantly suspect of misogyny or personal (‘he’s bitter”) bias, however, couch that message in a female perspective, play Mrs. Doubtfire, and you’ll at least reach the audience beginning with something like validity.

Not surprisingly this element of message delivery is lost on most women. Adopting the male perspective seems novel, something that might set a woman apart in a sea of common fem-speak, but it’s important for Men to understand that anything positive a ‘pro-man’ female author has to offer is still rooted in her female reality. In girl-world, what directly benefits women necessarily is presumed to benefit men, so what we’ll see is a new wave of female bloggers bastardizing the world-worn ideas that the manosphere has put together and repackaging it in a female context. It’s Man Up 2.0; make a token push to “re-empower” men just enough for them to idealize the romanticism of the responsibilities required for living up to women’s expectations.

A major illustration of this can be found in the ‘late-to-the-party’ resurgence of masculine ideals in mainstream evangelical christianity today. Like so much else in christian culture, they’re happy to use the popularity of a secular phenomenon and repackage it as kosher, the manosphere is no exception. Hacks like Mark Driscoll and more than few other “relevant” new order evangelical pastors have co-opted manosphere (MRA?) fundamentals – even ‘purified’ forms of Game – as their particular cause du jour for returning men back into their roles of accountability to the female imperative. This of course has an overwhelming appeal to White Knight prone guys, but the push is disingenuous for the same reason ‘pro-men’ female writers are – they still use the girl-world, female imperative rule book to define their outlook.

This is a real danger that I’m glad we’re starting to talk about.  There’s a real danger of game being “sanitized” for the benefit of women or “made safe” for women.  This form of game is game 2.0, a parallel of marriage 2.0, and it feeds into the form of promiscuity that women prefer allowing women to be sluts exclusively on their terms and is all around detrimental to men.

Socons/Tradcons love man up 2.0 and game 2.0.  It fits into their blather about “male leadership” that is really only about having a ready made scapegoat when a woman needs it.  A good example of this is Escoffier who recently at Dalrock’s blog declared that Athol Kay was the only good gamer out there.  He didn’t include other married gamers.  He only included Athol.  Even most married gamers are not pro-female enough for him.

Many of you are thinking, “Doesn’t this apply to someone like Susan Walsh too?”.  You aren’t the first to think that:

This can also be seen with Susan, as she is an erstwhile proponent of Game, but tends to mesh in a variety of conditions, qualifications and other caveats. Sometimes I read her stuff and just cringe at how even a professed anti-feminist still writes from the Team Woman perspective.

The threat of man up 2.0 and game 2.0 can not be underestimated, and until Rollo wrote his post, we weren’t dealing with it.  One reason I think that we had the disaster that was the Elam-Frost debate (something I wasn’t going to address originally, but with this I have changed my mind so I will be writing a post on it on Monday) was this.  Just because someone uses game language (or Roissy style game language) does not automatically make them pro-male in any way.




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