Apr 012016

I found this group on the internet called the hybrid children community.  This is a group of women (mainly in their 20s) who think that aliens abducted them, had mind blowing sex with them knocking them up, and then took their hybrid human-alien children away from them.  (No, this is not an April Fools joke, but it should be.)

Obviously, these women are insane, but what would it mean if they weren’t?  It means that aliens are smart enough to know that what is best for their children is to keep them away from their mothers.  Aliens understand this at such a deep level that they abduct women from other planets who can’t follow them back to their home worlds. 

The women in the hybrid children community are incapable of having relationships with men.  This should be a surprise to no one.  While many men are willing to stick their dick into crazy, no man is that hard up that he won’t run in the other direction when meeting one of these women.  I’m certain that these women were just as insane before “discovering” that aliens were abducting them to have hybrid babies.  This is what happens to women who don’t get attention from men.  Thanks to MGTOW, the marriage strike, and so forth, more women will join the hybrid children community so that they can enjoy the delusion that alien men desire them.  I think I can speak for aliens everywhere when I say that alien men don’t want these women too.

Sep 302015

I’m sure all of you have heard about that UN report on “cyberviolence against women” that Anita Sarkeesian was involved with.  The report is bad enough that it treats discredited attorney and game critic, Jack Thompson, as a legitimate source on video games.  However, that report is much worse since Jack Thompson is one of the report’s better sources on video games.  That’s because the report treats Lyndon LaRouche as a legitimate source.  Yes, the same Lyndon LaRouche who is always running for president and is a batshit insane conspiracy theorist who thinks the British are behind everything bad that happens in the world and that the Queen of England runs the international drug tradeHere is an example of what LaRouche had to say about video games:

On March 3, in a dialogue with Hispanic-American leaders, LaRouche said:

“We’re getting killings which are caused by the use of Nintendo-style games, such as the game Pokémon, with children, and also with police and others. In the case of the Diallo shooting, the problem was that the Mayor of New York, like many other officials, has been training the police force in Nintendo-style killing techniques. . . . So we have Nintendo-killers.

The UN and Anita Sarkeesian have turned LaRouche’s “Nintendo killers” into “Nintendo rapists”, but it’s all the same.  The UN by including this in a report on “cyberviolence against women” is now saying Pokémon turns boys into rapists.  And don’t forget that Pokémon (along with Dungeons & Dragons) is a satanic conspiracy:

Hasbro Interactive: Official U.S. distributor of Pokémon (abbreviation for “Pocket Monsters”), the killing game designed for toddlers beginning at 2 and 3 years old; Dungeons and Dragons, the medieval satanic and magic fantasy game; Risk II, a “ruthless quest for world domination”. One of the Hasbro Board members is Paul Wolfowitz, the co-head of George W. Bush’s team of foreign policy advisors.

What we have got now is that the UN and Anita Sarkeesian are effectively endorsing the idea that video games are a satanic conspiracy to turn boys and men into rapists because they’re using LaRouche as a source for this report.  They should have stuck with Jack Thompson because even he wasn’t this insane.

Since the UN and Anita Sarkeesian consider Lyndon LaRouche to be an expert on video games, they probably will start using other conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and David Icke as sources for further reports on “cyberviolence against women”.  Since David Icke invented the shapeshifting reptile alien conspiracy theory, I expect that the next report on “cyberviolence against women” will accuse gamers of being shapeshifting reptile aliens who secretly rule the world.  This may sound too insane to happen, but we would have thought the same a couple of weeks ago about the UN and Anita Sarkeesian using LaRouche as a legitimate source about video games.

Apr 012015

It’s time for the annual update of the Reptilian Alien Corporate Empire and its rule of this planet via the Illuminati.

I had this great plan to oppress human women via global warming.  As the temperature rises more and more human woman would be forced into prostitution.  All I have to do is turn the heat up, so to speak, and human women become sex slaves.  (This also has the side benefit of getting rid of cold winters like this last cold winter in the DC area where I was freezing my scaly ass off.)  This was working great until Rep. Barbara Lee of California exposed my plans in a Congressional resolution.  Like with all my problems ruling this planet for the Reptilian Alien Corporate Empire, it was caused by a stupid human underling who I had executed immediately.

I know you’re wondering how global warming could turn women into prostitutes.  It probably makes no sense to you.  You just have to accept that reptile aliens are smarter than you, and that such things are too complicated to understand.

Since I had to execute another human underling for gross stupidity, there is yet another opening in the Illuminati for a human underling in addition to the myriad of openings we already have.  If you’re smarter than the average human (which shouldn’t be difficult if you’re reading this), then you should join the Illuminati.  Here are the instructions that I posted before for getting an interview with the Illuminati.  If you’re lucky, you will get the opportunity to work directly for me in the command lair under Dulles Airport.

Apr 012014

What I’m about to write may invoke strong feelings in you.  It’s a good idea to read until the end so you understand the complete context of what I’m writing.

I have made a decision.  I’m going to ask Leila, my girlfriend, to marry me.  I’m not going to do it right now, but I will in the future.  I’m getting older, and I have realized that Mark Minter was correct.  He didn’t want to die alone, and I want to avoid that fate too.  Leila is a much better choice than GeishaKate ever would be.  She doesn’t have any kids, and she has enough money to give me a degree of security if she divorces me.

The real reason I have decided to get married is due to pressure from my reptile alien superiors at the Illuminati.  They need me to get married to maintain appearances when I shape shift into a human.  Plus, they have guaranteed in writing that if Leila divorces me, they will call in a drone strike on her.  With that kind of guarantee it’s safe to get married.

Apr 012013

As the Supreme High Commander of the Illuminati, I have to deliver the following message.

Recently, a would be rapper shot his friend as a blood sacrifice in an attempt to joint the Illuminati.  This is not how you join the Illuminati.  We are not interested in “blood sacrifices”.  When we want someone shot, we will tell you, and it will be for real tangible gains, not “blood sacrifices”.  I am not impressed by anyone who tries to “show initiative” by performing a “blood sacrifice”.  It says you’re not Illuminati material because you’re incapable of making rational decisions.  Despite what you may have heard, the Illuminati is not interested in meaningless “blood sacrifices”, devil worship, or the occult.  We’re a serious world ruling organization based on reptile alien rationality.

If you wish to attempt to join the Illuminati, I posted some instructions a few years ago.  Any deviation from those instructions while attempting to join the Illuminati will disqualify you from joining the Illuminati and may get you executed.


Apr 012012

As a reptile alien, I am constantly amused by what humans accuse my species of doing.  My latest amusement is that somehow my species is now attacking humans as they take showers.  Let’s read that “report” from that link:

As my spirituality increases, it appears that I am become more an increasing beacon for dark side entities.

And NOT all of these negative, intelligent energies afoot, earthbound, are human!

Dark side entities?  Is this guy aware that Star Wars is fiction?  I’m guessing not.

Ethereal cleansing, using running shower water to help me visualize washing dark energy down the drain, is a defensive tool I use to combat the build up of static electricity, EMG connections associated with the ‘touch’ of stubborn, unseen and ‘hungry’ unseen entities.

As a reptile alien, I find this idea silly and irrational.  When you take a shower, your suppose to do things like use soap.  It’s about washing yourself, at least that’s what the purpose of a shower is for a reptile alien.  It’s not getting rid of non-existent “dark energy”.  At this point I’m not surprised that many humans don’t understand the purpose of a shower.  Just look at how many human women are refusing to engage in basic hygiene.

However, an unseen entity baffled me when, rather than vanishing, it used the water’s energy to partially materialize for a full moment or two to study me, an energy lunch which actually resisted and refused to be nibbled at!

It had drained energy from me, had burned my skin where connections touched, and had buzzed me within, psychically; sudden, unprovoked sexual urges and negative ideations had surfaced.

Unprovoked sexual urges?  What reptile alien wants to get involved with that?

Under the shower water, a creature had semi-materialized!

It had stared me right in the eye and blinked and looked again.

It stood under five feet upright, had catlike slit eyes, and closely resembled a scaled monitor lizard, in both aspect and facial structure.

That reptilian viewed me with its head tilted, cocked sideways, birdlike; it had piercingly studied me with an alert intelligence that had radiated curiosity. After just a few seconds, the creature vanished.

Still under the shower’s waters, I had remained frozen, in sheer amazement, having seen a creature I had never imagined existed .

Never imagined existed?  There’s a reason for that, namely that such shower invading reptile aliens don’t exist.

It was so very similar in construct to the velociraptor creatures, in Steven Spielberg’s film, “Jurassic Park”, in both a proprietary as well as a sinister demeanor.

Like those cinema raptors, this short upright reptile mirrored an intense look of saurian intellect, a precise cross between a man and a reptile.

I was horrified to see that momentary, inquisitive immature reptilian alien, because it had long had a reputation in UFO literature and research as an inter dimensional bottom feeder, a sinister common parasite of human consciousness.

These beings see us as,”containers”, to quote them!

I have called you humans a lot of things, but never a “container”.

Post abduction, alien abductee predation is done both through implant energy drains and by inserting alien astral attachments, within the layered human psyche towards a goal of eventual possession.

Evil is as evil does: kidnapping, rape, telepathic attack, insidious omnipresent micro-managing of our emotions, energies and sexuality through implant drains, treating us as though we were guinea pigs, orchestrating joys, disasters and horrors into our lives to milk us of energy; isn’t that enough of a definition?

Why in the world would any of us want to do this?  Do you know how time consuming it is to micro-manage a human’s emotions?  We would rather get laid and have fun with our hobbies.  Do you humans think we reptile aliens have nothing better to do than micro-manage your lives?

Evil’s definition of predatory, sinister and self-justifying is more than satisfied with these overlord reptilian entities.

Imagine a cityscape of people, who have saurian parasites ethereally attached to their spinal columns.

It lends a new meaning to the concept of a silent invasion.

These bizarre beings, highly technological and equally interdimensional and intergalactic, use us as we ride horses.

Unlike the hesitant touch of a lost human spirit, the reptilian prevailed with sharp painful burning, a much stronger negative entity, more persistent than anything previously encountered, psychically.

That sharp painful burning is an STD.  Go see a doctor.  And no, you didn’t get that STD from a reptile alien.

Worse, it now had seemed stuck, like chewing gum, on the bottom of my psychic shoe.

Morning and night, this persistent horrid entity feasted on my energies like an unerring, stubborn yellow jacket wasp,

fancying me like a can of cola at a picnic with the same insect stubbornness. .

I had taken that shower out of sheer desperation.

This person needs to consider that a shower isn’t the source of or the answer to his problems.

It had most certainly NOT been human but had radiated a brilliance of intellect.

Seeking advice and insight, scared, flabbergasted and lugubrious, I wrote a long note, like this essay, to Robert Bruce and later received his wise, short and pithy advice from my mentor and teacher, ( “Astral Dynamics: The Complete Book of Out-of-Body ExperiencesParapsychology Books) “, ” “), Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook, The: A Survival GuideNew Thought Books)an expert in ridding one of unseen, meddling “NEGATIVE ENTITIES”.

If you need “advice and insight”, a psychiatrist would be better suited for this person’s needs.

It goes on, but I’m insulted by the whole thing.  The reptile alien empire is about conquering planets, not watching you in the shower.  We have better things to do that be perverts.  As the leader of the reptile alien empire on this planet, I can say with certainty that no reptile aliens are watching you in the shower.  Do you humans seriously think we conquered half the galaxy by spending all day watching creatures like you shower?

Jan 142012

Carbon 14 emailed me a few days ago and asked me why I hadn’t commented on something on Susan Walsh’s blog from several months ago that referenced me.  I haven’t read her blog for a long time except for cases like last month’s debacle where her real attitudes got revealed.  That is the reason why.  Regardless I wish I had known about this sooner because it’s another example showing just how nuts Susan Walsh has become.  (In all of the following blockquotes, I’m also including screenshots of the comments being quoted in case Susan Walsh goes on a deleting spree when this gets posted.)

Several months ago someone using the name of David Jones wrote this comment on HookingUpSmart:  (Screenshot here)


I owe you an apology. I thought you were one of the over 30 male virgins. The so called “mens rights” movement is filled with agents of the elite promoting gender war for the purposes of depopulation. I have it on good authority that over 30 virgin males are the primary group recruited by the elite for that purpose.

Clearly, you are not a part of that, and I see that now. I misinterpreted your email, and I’m sorry.


With more info about runningman, I see that he’s nothing like Mr. White & Nerdy. I owed him an apology, and I made that apology.

With that said, the so called “mens rights” movement was manufactured by the elite just as feminism was. Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA, and there are agents of the elite in the mens rights movement too. Both sides of the gender war are funded by the elite just as the funded both sides of various wars in history. Virgin males over 30 make excellent recruiting targets for the elite especially the angrier ones. Mr. White & Nerdy is a good example, but he is not the only one. It’s a safe bet Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech also works for the elite because he is deeply embedded in the military-industrial-security state complex. He was an over 30 virgin. Supposedly he isn’t anymore, but it doesn’t matter if he is or isn’t a virgin now.


If you can’t get laid, the Illuminati want to recruit you to rule the world.  It makes more sense than a lot of things I have heard in conspiracy theory.

By itself, none of this is particularly notable now.  We have heard the bit about how I work for the Illuminati and that the MRM is some sort of Illuminati program many times before.  We have even heard variations on the “virgin/sexless recruitment” idea before.  Many conspiracy theorists are afraid of transhumanism so that isn’t new either.

Knowing all that, why am I writing a post on this?  Why is someone writing a crazy comment on Susan Walsh’s blog relevant to Susan Walsh?  Many of you are asking that because you automatically assume that Susan Walsh had a normal reaction to such lunacy and regarded it as garbage.  It seems like a reasonable assumption but you are wrong:  (Screenshot here)

@David Jones
That’s a pretty compelling story you’re telling there. W&N and PMAFT have both been very difficult in these comment threads.

Yes, Susan Walsh called a crazy story about the “elite” recruiting sexless men, COMPELLING.  If Susan Walsh chooses to address this, I’m sure she will pull the same tricks she did last month when she said that divorce is overblown in the manosphere.  The fact is that she has no excuse.  If you read the entire page of comments, multiple people recognize David Jones comments as lunacy.  Susan Walsh has no excuse not to recognize this for what it is.  So why did Susan Walsh call a conspiracy theory about me, compelling?  Susan Walsh is in the business of whitewashing sluts or slut rehab.  The problem with “slut rehab” is that more and more men are realizing the truth about pervasive misandry and how that applies to sluts.  The idea of the “former slut” will not gain traction with increasing numbers of men.  If growing numbers of men are taking the position of “once a slut, always a slut”, then what are you left with if you want to rehab sluts?  Besides man up 2.0, the only thing left is to claim that women were “brainwashed” into being sluts.  In other words, being a slut wasn’t their choice but sort of forced upon them so any man refusing to have anything to do with supposedly “former” sluts is just beating up on the “victims” of brainwashing.  The only way to do that is with an absurd conspiracy theory like the one David Jones gave her.

If Susan Walsh thinks all of this is compelling, she probably thinks I’m a reptile alien too.

Lastly, I’m going to include part of David Jones last comment:  (Screenshot here)

The so called “mens rights” movement come into this because it’s the “mirror image of feminism” for men. It’s the male side of the elite’s manufactured gender war. If there’s one thing the “mens rights” males agree on its not getting married. That means less children. Within “mens rights” the MGTOW movement is even more extreme. They promote ghosting for men which involves avoiding women entirely. The more MGTOWs, the less children.

As Gloria Steinem and others worked for the elite in feminism, there are agents of the elite in the “mens rights” movement. Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech is deeply embedded in the military-industrial-security state complex. He has admitted this on his blog. That sounds like how Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA. He is acting under orders from his elite masters to grow the “mens rights” movement and promote gender war.

If you want to promote gender war from the male side, who would be the best group to recruit? Angry male virgins who can’t get together with women. Those males are already predisposed to work for the elite’s manufactured gender war. This is where overgrown boys like White & Nerdy come in. (Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech may have also been recruited this way. Being in the military-industrial-security state complex he probably knows more of the elite’s plans.) I know of other examples of this. A friend of mine has a brother similar to White & Nerdy. A year ago my friend’s brother started acting and talking like a “mens rights” hard liner that would be at home at the spearhead. My friend’s brother also suddenly got a lot more money at around the same time, and my friend can’t explain how that happened.

The reason why White & Nerdy and Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech have been so hard line is because a blog like yours, Susan, that promotes good relationships between men and women is a threat to the elite’s plans. The “mens rights” movement is still small so your blog can have a real effect, Susan.

Notice I did not talk about lizard people, Illuminati, Freemasons, Bohemian Grove, the occult despite the jokes of a few people here. Such things are distractions to what is really going on. Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech makes jokes like that all the time to distract from what he is really doing. Such fantasy is not a part of anything that I said.

Yes, I make jokes about reptile aliens and other things.  When it comes to someone like David Jones, I’m doing him a favor.  Conspiracy theories involving reptile aliens and demonic powers are less crazy than a conspiracy theory that male virgins are getting recruited by the elite.

Update: AmStrat wanted to remind everyone about the research that shows that conspiracy theorists are more willing than the general population to join a conspiracy.  This means that Susan Walsh accusing me of being part of a conspiracy says a lot more about her and her morality than it does about me.

Nov 162011

I have encountered some weird conspiracy theories, but this one from no more mr nice guy at El Manboobo takes the cake:

Furthermore the manosphere is recruiting guys that are unsuccessful with women in dating forums because they want them to fail and encourage guys in the manosphere that find a woman to leave her. As an example, a 25 old virgin found a girlfriend and the Inmalafide crowd told him to leave her :http://www.inmalafide.com/blog/2011/10/27/death-of-a-beta/

We’re recruiting guys in dating forums who are unsuccessful with women now?  Was this before or after we were supposedly recruiting homosexuals?

This person also doesn’t accurately describe what was happening ta that IMF link.

All right I admit it.  I’m recruiting an army of sexually frustrated males to destroy feminism once and for else, and the I will turn that army to make on the world so I can reveal how the world is ruled by reptile aliens.

Nov 052011

What I’m really up to has been discovered again:

Yeah I have a conspiracy theory…

Banging hot women is hard because you have to compete with shape-changing reptile aliens from planet x.

We don’t call our home planet, planet x, but I can’t believe that my secret agenda to have shape shifting reptile aliens like myself bang hot women has been exposed.  Whatever shall I do?

Oct 202011

A blog called the “We Are The 53%”, referring to the 53% of the population that pays federal income tax, got started in response to the “We Are The 99%” blog.  One of those individuals that pays federal income tax is Darth Vader:

I should submit something about being a reptile alien who rules the world to the “We Are The 53%” blog.

Oct 132011

With my most recent Spearhead post in mind, let’s take a look We Are The 99% Blog at some more:

Raised to want more from her country?  Translation: I was raised to be an entitlement princess.

She says she has a health problem because of genetically modified organisms and pollution.  Does anyone think she used her extensive experience and knowledge of medicine and biology to come to that conclusion?  I don’t either.

She was promised a job the first day of college?  I doubt that, but if that happened, Wall Street is not the problem here.  Wall Street did not promise her a job.  She shouldn’t be “occupying wall street”.  She should be occupying the offices of the administration of her college.  Or maybe she meant she expected a job because she has a vagina.

Why am I supposed to hire you again?

I have noticed a lot of, “I have a college degree.  I have a 4.0 GPA or triple major.   Where’s my job?” on the We Are The 99% blog.  Most of the time they won’t tell you what they majored in unless they majored in the arts.  In that case they will tell you so that they can complain how “the arts don’t get respect they ‘deserve'”.  What were this woman’s majors?  For all we know they were women’s studies, bisexual Asian studies, and underwater basket weaving.

When you’re in a hole, what you should do is dig yourself deeper.  Since this woman is so intent on making the hole she’s in deeper, I will give her a shovel for free so she doesn’t have to go into debt to buy the shovel.

M.A. in what?  Another case of we’re not going to be told what the degree is in.

Wall Street did not make this person’s family homophobic.

So the government is supposed to pay for this person’s transgender drugs and operation?  Words fail me on this one.

Good question.  What are you watching Jersey Shore when you can’t afford food?  Being able to watch Jersey Shore means you have access to MTV.  Cable costs money, but I guess that’s more important than food.

The only reason the “men in black” would be after her is if they’re interested in engaging her for “slut” services.

At least she’s honest.

My troll sense says this one is a troll.  Stuff like “minority women’s studies” is a dead give away.  Still, I appreciate what this person was trying to do and did.  It’s better than my idea of sending the We Are The 99% Blog a picture of a lizard with the caption, “I am a reptile alien and a member of the 1%”.

Sep 142011

I have been accused of a lot of things.  I have been accused of being a “traitor”, worse than Don Draper, being like a serial killer, the anti-Christ who is trying to start a “pagan culture of phallic worship”, a high level official of the NWO and out to destroy Christian families, hurting women with a huge penisa reptile alien, and several other things I’m sure I’m forgetting.  Just when I thought I wouldn’t get accused of anything new, Jackie, who introduced us to the concept of “penis ornaments” says I’m a Congressman:

I think I figured out who you really are, PMAFT. I read you are in DC so I figured out that tou a very young Congressman in the House of Representatives. A position of that kind of power allows you to trick women into being part of your harem.

I am giddy for the day you get exposed in a sex scandal because of how you use your harem of women.

Jackie is really sure about this:

These women aren’t dumb sluts. They are good women who are forced into a Hobson’s choice between womanizers like PMAFT and jobless man children who play xbox all day.

PMAFT is a young Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives. Doesn’t it bother you that our leaders in government are engaging in this kind of behavior? PMAFT is using his position as a Congressman to hurt women.

Obviously, I’m not in Congress.  I don’t even live in DC proper.  I’m hoping that Jackie tries to “expose” whatever Congressman she thinks I am.  It would be hilarious and probably do more for the anti-feminist cause than just about anything.

Jun 082011

One of the most annoying parts of being head of the Illuminati is all of the fake meetings I have to attend.  Think of how annoying real meetings are.  Fake meetings are even worse.  I’m in Switzerland for the 2011 Bilderberg meeting.  Nothing actually goes on during the Bilderberg meeting.  It’s just a ruse to fool conspiracy theorists.  To make the ruse work, everyone including me has to show up at it.  I can’t even enjoy Switzerland.  I have to be in pretend meetings all day.

That’s bad enough but it’s actually worse.  Because this is a ruse to fool conspiracy theorists they actually show up and yell using bullhorns.  Alex Jones is notorious for yelling through a bullhorn at our fake meetings.  Having to listen to Alex Jones yell in a bullhorn is what Hell must be like.  The Reptile Alien Homeworld will not let me do anything like shape shift into a demon to scare off the conspiracy theorists because that would destroy the purpose of having these fake meetings.  Luckily this will only be a few days.

The Illuminati’s real meetings are much more interesting and fun.  They take place in areas you can’t get to such as deep space and underground where the worms from hell live.

Apr 012011

It has been exposed that I am a reptile alien and that I am the head of the Illuminati, the conspiracy that runs the planet.  Most people think this is a really fun job.  It’s not.  My reptile alien and other alien underlings are competent, but my human underlings are not.  My human underlings are incompetent, and they are always causing security breaches.  For instance, we had this brilliant plan to make human enslavement official through the use of bike sharing programs run by the U.N., but some crazy candidate for Governor in Colorado last year figured it all out.  We made sure he didn’t win the election, but the damage was done.  Even worse was how our underwater base of the coast of Patagonia got discoveredhow it’s been revealed that we’re monitoring human nuclear weapons, and how a human bureaucratic snafu led to a Russian politician getting abducted by some of our alien compatriots.  Those aren’t the worst examples.  The worst has to be how everyone now knows we’re planning to destroy Christian marriage.  We can’t even fix that one because absolutely everyone knows.  Lucky for us, it hasn’t really affected our plans.

One of the problems with my human underlings is inbreeding.  The Illuminati has had several generations of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Joneses, etc. working for it.  The first generation of these families had low intelligence to being with (They were human after all), but they got stupider with each generation.  They did crazy things like expose our plans to random people and made plans for human enslavement that were not supposed to change for a hundred years.

I took over the Illuminati a few years ago by deposing its former leader, who failed to deal with these problems.  I almost was able to have him put on trial for his incompetence, but he committed reppuku, a reptile alien form of seppuku.  Since I took over I have cleaned up the Illuminati considerably.  I threw out stupid ideas like the depopulation agenda.  We have massive labor shortages all throughout the Reptile Alien Corporate Empire (even with having robotics tech that is millenia ahead of anything you have ever seen) so it’s a bad idea to kill off a major source of slave labor.  I also killed the feminism project.  It failed at all of its goals.  Some humans who had no knowledge of basic economics thought they could double the tax base with feminism and that women “working” useless government jobs would have no effect on the economy.  Killing the feminism project didn’t eliminate feminist from the world so I started the mens rights project which included subprojects like MGTOW to get rid of feminism by supporting the then tiny mens rights movement.  It’s been working very well.

I’m at a crossroads now.  To continue I need to get rid of my human underlings.  There’s no such thing as being fired from the Illuminati.  It’s execution only.  Since these are mostly high profile individuals that will be executed, their deaths will be noticed.  To deal with that problem I have a plan to blame their deaths on crazed conspiracy theorists.

However, I need replacement staff, and I want the best humanity has to offer.  I realize even the best of humanity still sucks but my options are limited.  I have decided to issue an open employment call for the Illuminati.  Do you think the world is run by a conspiracy with the intelligence level of monkeys?  Are you looking for a conspiracy you can really sink your teeth into?  Is the only problem with an evil conspiracy dominating the world that you’re not a part of it?  Do you look at your fellow humans and think they deserve to be slaves but not you?  Do most humans seem to have the intelligence level of chimpanzees to you?  Are you sexually attracted to reptile aliens and hot? Do you know that reptile aliens are superior beings?  If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, the a job in the Illuminati might be for you.

The Illuminati has excellent medical, dental, vision, and other benefits.  We have access to alien medical technology.  You won’t find that at any other job.  You also can request shifts on the orbital mind control lasers that we use to make guys like David Icke, Alex Jones, and Henry Makow even more insane.  It’s seriously fun.  Recently, I turned the setting up to “fried brain” while it was pointed at Charlie Sheen.  You know what happened next.

If you want to interview for the Illuminati, just think really hard that you want to interview with us.  We will telepathically detect your desire for an interview and send a reptile alien or other alien to interview you.  If no interviewer shows up in five minutes, your brain failed the first test and you’re not Illuminati material.  We don’t accept devil worshipers either.  Despite what you may have heard, there is no devil worship here.  During the interview you will be given several intelligence tests.  Pass those and you will get a job offer with the Illuminati.  If you refuse our offer, you will be executed because keeping you around is too dangerous.  You will be given a job in the Illuminati matching your skill set.  Some of you may even get to work directly for me in the secret command lair under Dulles Airport.

The only thing is that you can’t tell the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc. what is going on.  I need to complete hiring before I can have them executed.  If they find out about this plan, they might do something about.  On second thought, no they won’t.  They’re too stupid to do anything.  Feel free to tell them if you wish.  In fact, I encourage it just so you know what I have had to deal with the last few years.

Here is some reptile alien legalese for dealing with humans I need to include: We also have absolutely no sexual harassment policy, no affirmative action policy, no anti-discrimination policy, and no inter-species harassment policy.  We are not an equal opportunity employer either.  Employment at the Illuminati is completely at your own risk.  By agreeing to work for the Illuminati you agree that your life may be terminated for extreme incompetence and/or colossal failure.

Come work for the Illuminati today.  And if you think this is an April Fool’s joke, it’s not because reptile aliens don’t have April Fools Day in our culture.

Mar 182011

I get a good number of hits from various searches that involve reptile aliens such as “Are Males Really Reptilians” or “Reptile Aliens Rape Women”.  I decided to run a few of these through google to see what else comes up, and I found a woman who is attracted to reptile aliens.  Read what she has to say.  This is good:

Heeeeeeello everyone!
I’m not sure where to post this so I posted it here, sorry if it’s in the wrong area.
Well, I have no one to talk about this, my friends tease me that the aliens will take me and eat me, my family -well mom and aunt- don’t want to listen to me and my crazy alien things, so I have no other choice. I feel a little uncomfortable talking about this, but well call me crazy, I’ll get used to it.

I, not too long ago, just like 2 months ago I began feeling like a small attraction towards Reptilians, those evil green huge muscular dudes, but I ignored it…now, I prefer a Reptilian male instead of a human, I just feel a strong attraction towards them, it doesn’t matter how hostile/bad/evil whatever they are, I don’t care, I like and LOVE them, I tried to stop feeling this and get this feeling out of my heart, block it some how but I just can’t…

Is it bad to feel attraction towards Reptilians?

Read the rest of the thread.  It’s great.  And if any women find this post and are wondering if there’s something wrong with them because they’re sexually attracted to reptile aliens, the answer is no as long as you’re hot.  If you’re hot, female, and attracted to reptile aliens, you should find the nearest reptile alien and get together with him right now.

Dec 152010

I was thinking about my last post and what causes my haters to say such things about me.  Putting the conspiracy theorists aside since they hate me for separate reasons, there are three things I came up with.  First, they’re afraid of authentic male sexuality.  Second, I’m not neutered.  That may not explain all my non-conspiracy theorist haters but it does explain the Gaping Hole Gang and Susan Walsh.

Take a look at what Ferdinand had to say about Escapistart comparing me to a serial killer:

See Escapist’s comments about you. Only someone with a serious learning disability would compare you to a serial killer, considering that you’ve only expressed normal sexual desires for men (wanting a threesome, wanting to pork other girls, not wanting to get married).

Ferdinand is correct.  I have normal male sexual desires.  Escapistart and Susan Walsh can’t deal with that.  They can’t deal with authentic male sexuality.  That’s why Escapistart compared me to a serial killer, and Susan Walsh called my behavior disgusting.  I also express my desires like a man.  Susan Walsh loves Obama and his relationship with Michelle. Perhaps that is because Obama is a mangina and has been effectively neutered as a man by Michelle.  What else can you say about a man who runs away from a press conference and his job as President of the United States so Michelle won’t be mad?  He’s the President of the United States but still under his wife’s thumb.  I’m sure this is what Susan Walsh wants from men.  However, there is no authentic masculinity in such a man.

The third reason and possibly the most important is that I’m the bear from Dalrock’s bear and salmon analogy.  The salmon (at least the ones vaguely aware of it like Susan Walsh and the Gaping Hole Gang) are pissed that they can’t catch me.  I know exactly where the Salmon are, how to catch them, and I am free.

Take a look at the picture to the left.  (It’s a picture of a kermode or spirit bear.  I picked it out because it’s a rare form of black bear with white fur.  It seemed appropriate to pick the most alien looking bear with all of the reptile alien jokes around here.)  Notice how the bear has a salmon in its mouth, but the bear is looking for more.  It can get more salmon without trouble.  The bear is an efficient salmon hunting and eating machine.  It fits Dalrock’s analogy well.

Susan Walsh and the Gaping Hole Gang are pissed that some woman won’t be able to entrap me as a beta provider for her.  Snark pointed out how surprising it is that I get so much abuse since I’m mild compared to a lot of MRAs and don’t do much wrong. The reason why I attract such abuse (conspiracy theorists aside) is because I’m the bear.  I represent a real threat to what women want.  This is why they hate me.  I’m not the only one either.  Over at Dalrock’s blog, Marcos got a lot of abuse for similar reasons. It’s not unique to me.

Nov 062010

Recently, one of the top searches for finding this blog according to my wordpress is “Reptilian Aliens Rape Women” (along with “depopulation conspiracy”).  I checked and I’m number four on the google search for that phrase.  This post may put me at number one.

I started looking at some of the other links that came up on the “Reptilian Aliens Rape Women” search, and I’m forced to conclude that the reptile alien conspiracy idea is a platform for misandry.  Here’s what I found.  I found this story by a woman claiming to be raped by reptile aliens.  MALE reptile aliens of course.  It made me wonder how long it will be before the false rape industry expands to women claiming that they were raped by shapeshifting reptile aliens as an excuse for the lack of DNA evidence.  Imagine what would have happened if Crystal Gail Magnum started claiming the Duke Lacrosse players were shapeshifting reptile aliens, and with manginas taking it seriously.  (With all the problems Crystal Gail Magnum causes for herself, you know she will try it in the future.)  I also found the part about how the woman in the story had hypnotic regression done.  To learn what really happens in hypnotic regression therapy watch this video from the Penn & Teller Bullshit! show:

Hypnotic regression therapy does not recover lost memories.  It implants false memories.  From the story the hypnotist thought that the woman had been raped by a man but for some reason what placing a reptile alien in place of the man.  Even putting aside the reptile alien aspect, men may have to worry about hypnotists implanting false memories into women that they were raped with the memory loss explaining any lack of evidence.  Even if the reptile alien part doesn’t happen this will.

That story isn’t unique either.  There are other stories of women claiming to be raped by MALE reptile aliens.  Do a search on “reptilian aliens rape women”, and you will find plenty.

There are stories about reptile alien females too.  Of course, they don’t involve rape.  This story involves a reptile alien female who thinks she’s a “princess” and pretty, and wants to show some guy how pretty she is. This sounds like human female attention whoring.  I would expect reptile aliens to act at least a little bit ALIEN.  Maybe women are the same everywhere in the universe regardless of species?

What I really loved comes from this link:

We humans reside in what is essentially a reptilian sphere of influence. The symbology of the reptilian overlordship is all around us. Phallic worship and the marginalization of the feminine principle have reduced the human race to what it is today, a thundering herd of bewildered sheep.

Phallic worship and marginalization of the “feminine principle”?  It sounds like this person is saying we need an “anti-reptile alien feminism”.  So what is this except a new way to attack men?  Disagree with a woman or stand up for your rights as a man?  You support reptilian overlordship.  Doesn’t this sound like Thomas George’s screed on how mens rights is a part of the Illuminati conspiracy (and his accusations that I’m a sexual deviant and that I sexually degrade women)?

Even David Icke, the king of the reptile alien conspiracy believers, has the same problem.  He was a member of the Green Party and is clearly a leftist and thus a feminist.  Icke tries to claim that family court corruption is the result of Satanists and pedophiles and not feminism.  We all know that when children get stolen by family courts its for the mother.  Children get stolen from men not both parents but Icke refuses to acknowledge this fact or anything about how feminism is the cause of family court corruption instead blaming it on non-existent boogeymen.

Just like how the depopulation agenda conspiracy theory is misandarist, so is the reptile alien conspiracy theory.

Oct 052010

Henry Makow spends some of his time reprinting “ideas” about Iran being controlled Satanist Freemasons from people who are trying to get money from his readership. (I’m serious.  Scroll down to the bottom of that link where the author asks for financial help to “finance his higher education”.)  A lot of the rest of the time seems to be spent on veiled or in some cases outright misandry.

Take this “letter from a homeless woman”. Her life’s story consists of getting raped by members of a cult, being abandoned by a husband while pregnant who cheated on her, and a father that…let me show you what she said:

I do believe my father was either an Illuminati or something similar.  He tortured me by not letting me sleep in a bed; I had to share a sofa with my sister and he would sneak in at night and shut off the heat, so we would freeze in the living room, which had 9 windows.  He did secretive mind control and hypnosis on my baby brother while he was asleep.  He had a collection of books on mind control techniques and after he died I read them and realized he practiced those techniques on me and my siblings.

There are quite a few things that are fishy about her story.  If you were homeless isn’t emailing Henry Makow high priority?  How was this secretive hypnosis done when hypnosis can’t be forced upon you?  Knowing what we know as part of the manosphere about lies of abuse being used in divorce cases, the false rape industry, etc. this woman just sounds crazy.  (And crazy women will fabricate stories about rape.)  Someone her cheating, lying husband turned her 5 children against her.  If you know anyone with a psychotic parent you know how they will have to cut off contact if the parent doesn’t get help.  (I know someone who had to deal with this.)  Of course the parent doesn’t understand what really happened creating a story about what really happened just like this woman did.

No one there questions this woman’s story because it has some Illuminati crap and some crap about “reversal energy” in California and most importantly it allows their white knighting to run rampant.  Just take a look at this comment on that post:

Dear Marie, I have said a prayer for you through our intercessor Jesus Christ to God The Father. I have asked Him to find you a good and beautiful home to live in the rest of your life and that He finds you a decent man who will provide for you. Every woman deserves a fine man to look after her, provide for and love her.

What else can I say?  (As an aside the California HQ of the Illuminati is not in San Diego.  I would know.)

But none of this is good as this post about Krisztina Morvai.  They all love her for her “anti-Zionism”.  Let’s look at this quote of hers:

I would be greatly pleased if those who call themselves proud Hungarian Jews played in their leisure with their tiny circumcised dicks, instead of besmirching me.

Why is this woman using the standard, “you have a small dick”, shaming language?  And she does it doubly so for attacking these men for being circumcised.  Are there no Jewish women in Hungary?  Take a look at what else was said about her:

She`s a practicing Catholic with three daughters. Her ex-husband, a journalist, is a Jewish socialist.

I trust her for all she has said and done in accordance with Christ`s teachings.

What did Jesus have to say about getting divorced?  So much for “all she has said and done in accordance with Christ`s teachings”. Take a look at her background (from Wikipedia):

She primarily researches the area of penal law, dealing with the retrospective administration of justice, the question of abortion, victim’s rights in criminal procedure, the dignity and rights of the HIV positive, child abuse and sexual exploitation, the problem of prostitution, discrimination and domestic violence. She is author of the book Terror a családban (Terror in the family) a book on domestic violence.

between 2003-2006 she was a member of the Women’s Anti-discrimination Committee of the United Nations.

She was the Hungarian member of a UN Women’s Rights Committee

In the UN Women’s Rights Committee Morvai conducted research into what she called the “inhumane living conditions” of Palestinian women

Remember only Palestinian women have problems.  Palestinian men are rich and living it up in their palaces.

This woman is nothing more than a misandrist feminist UN bureaucrat.  If this sounds familiar to you, it should.  I wrote a while back about how white nationalism was filled with misandry, and this is the same thing just in Europe.

None of this should be surprising to anyone.  There’s misandry in the depopulation conspiracy theory so finding misandry elsewhere in conspiracy theories is not surprising.

Even posts like this about female debauchery have the implication that it’s the fault of men.  Where do these guys keep meeting bisexual women?  I can never meet any.  I would like to know…just for my own curiosity.

Aug 092010

I know this is late but I haven’t had a chance to tell you guys what happened at Bohemian Grove recently.  As Supreme Overlord of the Illuminati and leader of all reptile aliens on Earth I go there every year for the gathering/orgy.

Hestia, it was nice to meet you in person. We need to conspire together more in the future.

Since I took over the Illuminati I have really cleaned up Bohemian Grove.  Before I was in charge the humans there had no self control and would urinate all over the place.  You have no idea how disgusting that looks to a reptile alien.  The humans still don’t have any self control but I installed a bunch of port-a-johns which must be used under penalty of torture.  Most of the humans have managed to clean up their act.  Some will accuse me of selling out:

Really, how can I sell out? I run the Illuminati. There’s no one for me to sell out to.

Morons like Alex Jones believe we all worship Moloch at Bohemian Grove. This is incorrect.  That ceremony is designed to reinforce the superiority of reptile aliens to the humans there.  We don’t want the humans getting all uppity.  (Remember reptile aliens are alpha.  Greys are beta.  Humans are omega.  Other aliens are other greek letters.)

There was a lot of talk about how we will continue to rule the world.  Various conspiracy theorists think we’re going to invade your dreams. What we have planned is much more insidious.  We are going to manufacture cum dumpster servant girls for men.  Men will be too busy with their cum dumpster servant girls to care about what we are doing and women will be too busy screaming into the abyss about how men have dumped them for cum dumpster servant girls where no one will hear them.  You humans will be happier this way.  I had a cum dumpster servant girl sent to Ferdinand and here’s what he had to say about it:

No dude, you got it all wrong. It’s Illuminati reptile alien clit that I’m sucking, literally now that that “cum dumpster servant girl“ PM/AFT promised has finally arrived. She looks like Yvonne Strahovski, can sing arias, cooks and cleans for me, and hits the underside of my dick with her tongue in such a way that I can see heaven every night.

Note: Your cum dumpster servant girl need not look like Yvonne Strahovski if you so desire.

This is the future, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Jun 192010

Last Saturday I talked about reptile aliens, and this post will do that again.  I’m thinking about making Reptile Alien Saturday a semi-regular occurrence.  It will have some reptile alien talk and some stuff about what the Illuminati is really up to.

Last week you should have seen some reptile (non-)aliens on Doctor Who.  Remember Part 2 of last week’s episode is tonight on BBC America for those of you who get that channel.  Or you can download the episode off of bittorrent.

In other reptile alien news recently the SciFi Syfy channel showed one of their crappy movies called Wyvern.  It features one of the last appearances by Don S. Davis before he died where he thinks he is getting attacked by reptile aliens but it turned out to be a wyvern (dragon).  Don S. Davis was General Hammond in Stargate which had actual reptile aliens called Unases.

Getting on to something more interesting in my last post here I talked about some of the weird obsessions with sex particularly bizarre and disgusting sex acts.  8:03 had this as an explanation:

Repressed homosexuality. Explains all their obsessions with sex.

I am forced to agree.  Why else would someone photoshop a picture of Dick Cheney to make it look like he has a huge dick?  Or just look for a picture like that.  Just the fact that they’re thinking about the genitalia of politicians is bad enough.

Not to be outdone Greatbooksformen expanded his trolling repertoire to include this obsession with bizarre sex.  Read what he wrote at Roissy’s blog:

when you hold a fiat dollar and look at it

real close now

look relaly relaly clcose

can you see the ifat funded cock sliding in and out of the girls’ ass behind teh pyramid? lzozlzllzlzlzl

i swear to good it is there and if you can’t see it you can smell it lzozlzlozlzl

This is a solid trolling job here since I’m sure the Henry Makows of the world see these sorts of things when looking at the a dollar bill.  I’m sure they see it on everything else too.  I tried looking at a dollar bill to find this but I couldn’t.  I wouldn’t expect to since I can’t dream up the most bizarre sexual crap there is.

Jun 122010

For those of you in the US who get BBC America tonight and next week you should be watching Doctor Who.  Tonight is part one of an episode featuring reptile aliens.  They’re not really aliens since they’re from ancient Earth but it’s close enough.  It’s a two part episode so be sure to watch tonight at 9PM EST for part one and next week on the 19th at the same time for part two.

Those of you in the UK (i.e. Bhetti) should have already seen this.

If you don’t have a TV or don’t get BBC America the episodes can be downloaded from bittorrent.  Part one is called The Hungry Earth and part two is called Cold Blood.

Jun 082010

Those of you familiar with my body of work of conspiracy theories know I have asked the question of how conspiracy theorists separate out disinformation.  This isn’t just a problem of supposed disinformation agents.  Trolls are a big problem.  In the past I was deeply involved in the internet trolling community, and I am still a member in good standing.  I have known several guys who troll conspiracy theorists.  A few of the common conspiracy theories were at least in part created by trolls.

There’s a commenter at Roissy’s blog that goes by the name “GreatBooksForMen”.  I always ignored him.  It turns out he was taken seriously.  The latest can be read at Ferdinand’s blog.  The people who troll conspiracy theorists are usually more subtle.  They also write complete sentences that are clear and concise.  I can’t believe so many people fell for GBFM’s trolls.  He’s laughing at you guys who take him seriously especially if you stand on your head doing contortions claiming that he “can’t be taken literally”.  GBFM is not the Oracle at Delphi.  (Maybe the problem is that I’m a reptile alien.  To reptile aliens the purpose of communication to clearly and efficiently transfer information.  I know its a bit different for you humans.)

I probably should say something about White and Nerdy’s (the guy behind the Omega Virgin Revolt blog) calling HL and others manginas but I can’t after HL attacked him for being a virgin.  Since when is getting laid or being in a relationship a litmus test around here?  I’m sure I fail since since I lost my virginity late.  Welmer fails because he really wants nothing to do with women anymore.  All the ghosts in this part of the internet fail and that by definition means that a large part of the MGTOW fail too.  White and Nerdy did have some good points in trying to get some basic direct facts together, saying what you mean, and most importantly that misandry is the central problem men face.  I have been saying that misandry is the central problem men face for a long time, and it’s good to see that others are getting it.

Apr 222010

In today’s post I was going to explain how money are IOUs but that doesn’t mean they autogenerate debt, but my conspiracy connections keep getting exposed.  Someone called “Thomas George” wrote on Dave in HI’s blog:

This ProMale AntiFeminist is a high level official of the Illuminati-NWO. You can tell from his blog and his arrogance. As men we have a duty to our Lord to get married, procreate, and lead Christian families. This ProMale AntiFeminist hates the Lord and wants to trick men into not fulfilling our God given responsibilities to women. That vile individual’s blog and that spearhead website he bankrolled are a satanic plot to turn men into large boys who fail to have children. His ‘mens rights’ are an affront to our godly responsibilities as men.

Let me tell you.  This guy figured it all out.  Here I was thinking my secret plot to “destroy Christian families” through MRA was A SECRET.  It’s all out on the internet.  The only thing he forgot to do was call me a reptile alien.  You would think a world ruling conspiracy would have tighter security, but no I can’t get real security.  All of my secret plans are all over the internet.  How did he figure out I bankrolled The Spearhead?  That reminds me.  Welmer, the IOUs we call money are in the mail.  I mean in this time.  And I have to say I’m really insulted that he called me only a “high level official” of the Illuminati.  I worked very hard to take over every world ruling conspiracy out there.  I deserve credit for that.

Getting back to being serious, do people actually believe crap like this?  If one of you guys is trolling me, be man enough or woman enough to come out and admit it.  Otherwise, there are lots of disturbed people out there.  Why am I associated by (presumably) multiple people with running something like the Illuminati or being a “high level official” of said group?  I’m just a random guy with a blog.  At least when it comes to being accused of being part of the large dick conspiracy, that can’t be serious.

Maybe I should try telling Sabrina that I run every powerful conspiracy in the world.  If she buys it, her hypergamic instincts for me will go into overdrive.

Nov 042009

The group of people who hate me is ever growing.  If you want my head then you need to get to the back of the line which is somewhere beyond Brent Spiner and John Scalzi.  One thing all of my haters have in common is a lack of originality.  It’s always the same.  They say that I have a small penis, that I’m morbidly obese, that I’m a loser virgin, that my dad beat my mom (don’t ask me to explain this one because I can’t figure it out), that I’m gay, etc.  My science fiction article at the Spearhead is still getting the occasional comment such as this one by “jody”.  It’s basically a long winded way of saying I’m a loser because I’m a virgin.  (Since there’s a strong possibility I might lose my virginity in the next few weeks, I bet her head will explode when that happens.)  So far the most original insult I have received was from Brent Spiner who called me an asshat….At least until today.

Surprisingly, I don’t receive that much hate e-mail.  My e-mail address is easy enough to find.  I give you directions to find it.  Plus, you can send me e-mail through the Spearhead website.  I guess only a few special people care enough to do that.

Today, I just received this piece of hate e-mail from “Alex”:

Look motherfucker.  I aint standing for it.  We aint falling for your little trick to get us killed at our own fuckin waco.  I’m on to you and your little psy ops operation to get rid of us who know the truth about you.  Yes I’m on to you charter member of the Illuminati aka mr. reptile alien.  I said it reptile alien.  You are a fuckin reptile alien.  I am on to you lizard and I aint standing for it.  I know the spearhead is one of your psy ops operations to piss us little humans off.  I aint standing for it.  Humans treat our ladies with respect.

I am a proud reptilian resistor.  I aint standing for it.  You Bush Cheney Obama Clinton and the rest of you reptile aliens GET THE FUCK OFF MY PLANET.  I know you are gong to disappear me soon or poison my medication or eat me.  Fuck it.  I aint standing for it anymore even if you fuckin snuff me out.

I aint standing for it.  Come and get me you fuckin reptile.

I did not edit anything except paragraph formatting.  I guess he “ain’t standing for it” whatever “it” is.  I shouldn’t be surprised by this with the V remake starting yesterday.  (For those of you who don’t know it involves reptile aliens posing as humans.)  As nuts as this is, its refreshing for its originality.  Here is my response to “Alex”:

First, if you keep your mom off the streets, I will stop fucking her.  Second, why is it you conspiracy theorists and related nuts are always on medication?  Take a look at Part 2 from the Penn & Teller Bullshit! episode about alien abductions.  (I recommend watching the whole thing.)  Go to 8:36 on the video below where Penn & Teller are talking to an alien abduction support group who all admit to taking medication.  (Yes, I know they are “conspiracy theorists” but its close enough and I’m sure they believe in some aliens are working with the government conspiracies.)

All right, I’ll come clean since “Alex” figured me out.  I’m a reptilian alien and a “charter” member of the Illuminati.  That’s right.  I’m one of the guys who runs everything on your planet.  I hang with other reptile aliens like GWB and the rest of the Bushes, Dick Cheney, the Clintons, and President Obama.  This blog and the Spearhead are massive “psy ops operations” that I created.  (They’re not just “psy ops”/”psychological operations”.  They’re “psychological operations operations”.  That’s how big they are.)  The founder of the Spearhead, Welmer, is a front human that I completely control.  The other authors are just people who I have “convinced” to write about game and men’s rights.  The “psy ops operation” is an experiment to see what happens when you widely disseminate game and men’s rights ideas into the human population.  Because I’m a reptilian alien, the experiment I talk about on this blog is not about finding out if I can pick up women.  It’s about finding candidates for hybrid experiments involving direct impregnation from myself.  (My fellow reptilians will abduct the babies soon after they’re born so I won’t have to worry about child support.)  If you wonder why I refer to my genitalia as my “zucchini” a lot its because with green scales, it does look a lot like a zucchini.  And despite what you have heard we do not eat humans.  You guys taste horrible.  Now, if you will excuse me, I have to recharge my multi-orifice probes.  I’m going to be abducting a human tonight.

For those of you too dense to figure it out and lacking a sense of humor, the above paragraph IS A JOKE. Even after stating that directly, I’m sure I’m now the one and only subject of Alex Jones’s next DVD.

Seriously, I found this piece of hate e-mail very amusing.  I really did appreciate its originality.  It was a refreshing change being told I have a small dick and morbidly obese and gay and a virgin loser.

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