Dec 082011

This was written a long time ago, and I wasn’t aware of it until yesterday when I read about it on another blog:

The Jews in charge see the MRM as benign and non-threatening and useful too. Some time ago I looked at some MRM websites, and they all had one thing in common. If you did what they said, you would be contributing to the end of the white race.

There’s an MRM blog called “Citizen Renegade” where the author who is a Jew tells white men how to “game” women for one night stands. White men who listen to Mr. Renegade will not have relationships with white women or form families meaning that the next generation of whites will be smaller. There’s another MRM blog called “Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology”. It should be called Pro-Jew/Anti-White Technology. The author there encourages men to only have children with Indian surrogate mothers in India. I also found a guy there who is a Hindu Indian, who brags about how he tricked women into miscegenation by donating sperm to a sperm bank and claiming he was white on their paperwork. There’s also a blog called “Omega Virgin Revolt” that is about nothing but generating hate among white men for white women.

The MRM is Jew run movement for preventing white men from forming families with white women and killing off white children before they’re even conceived. If you aren’t convinced the MRM is a Jew run movement go to any MRM blog and you will find them defending the Jew Strauss-Kahn and saying that Jew is a victim.

This is just another example of how white nationalism is really white knight nationalism.

Nov 172011

If you thought what no more mr nice guy said yesterday was nuts, read his latest nutty rantings:

I don’t believe that MRAs tell the truth about their experience with women. Some of them say they have a girlfriend/wife while it’s obviously false – guys that brags their girlfriend is a virgin supermodel member of MENSA. Some say they have submissive girlfriend/wife and they lie (Dalrock say that he’s a happily married Christian man and it’s obvious from what he writes that he’s not happy and very frustrated).

All right, I admit it.  All the women I talked about banging and being my girlfriends are completely made up.  Who else is making up girlfriends, wives, and sex partners?  Come on admit it.

Seriously?  WTF?  I could post a video of myself in 1080p in 3D having sex with a woman or the time I had a threesome or have sex with a woman right in front of him, and this guy will still claim that I’m not getting laid.  This is how wedded our our enemies are to the idea that all of us are losers who can’t get laid.  First, it doesn’t matter if any of us are having sex or not.  Second, even though most of us are getting laid and/or have girlfriends, our enemies just say this over and over again (if they don’t go the code magenta route of accusing us of preying on defenseless women).

The argument against code purple shaming language is usually about that whether a man is getting laid or not is not relevant to his ideas.  That is correct of course, and the principle we need to defend.  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t fight code purple shaming language in other ways.  Pointing out that code purple shaming language is used against men who get laid regularly really knocks out the legs from under it.  It’s the ultimate way of showing the principle that mens rights ideas aren’t based on whether he is getting laid or not.  Plus, it makes our enemies look like the absurd morons they are.

Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to have sex with a virgin supermodel MENSA member.

Nov 162011

I have encountered some weird conspiracy theories, but this one from no more mr nice guy at El Manboobo takes the cake:

Furthermore the manosphere is recruiting guys that are unsuccessful with women in dating forums because they want them to fail and encourage guys in the manosphere that find a woman to leave her. As an example, a 25 old virgin found a girlfriend and the Inmalafide crowd told him to leave her :

We’re recruiting guys in dating forums who are unsuccessful with women now?  Was this before or after we were supposedly recruiting homosexuals?

This person also doesn’t accurately describe what was happening ta that IMF link.

All right I admit it.  I’m recruiting an army of sexually frustrated males to destroy feminism once and for else, and the I will turn that army to make on the world so I can reveal how the world is ruled by reptile aliens.

Nov 012011

A White Nationalist said this on Dalrock’s blog:

Here is a somewhat unusual, anecdotal point of view on this subject. In my professional millieu, I am around a lot of smart, attractive late 20s / early 30s girls who have long term boyfriends that to my best judgment are greater betas to lesser alphas, but no marriage or children on the horizon. Further, those girls are really wanting to get that ring and start a family. I talk to a few of them, and overhear conversations of others. The boyfriends won’t shit or get off the pot. And I want those girls to have children.

Now, I understand the legal perils and other things that are causing those guys to hold off on getting married, or having a kid. But somethign must give, or entire crops (LOL at my econ-speak) of smart, beautiful girls will not have children like themselves.

Seriously, those girls ought to tell their boyfriends that she wants to start a family, and to give him a way out if he is unwilling; And if he doesn’t take the exit door, to just get herself pregnant wiht him. I’d rather those girls have out of wedlock chilren than no children at all, especially knowing that the boyfriends woudl come around to assuming th eresponsibility of fatherhood.

It’s a tragedy that the “Knocked Up” movie is a model for girls who look like Katherine Heigl to not go extinct.

If you scroll down, this fool reiterates that white women should trick white men into knocking them up.  I’m sure this white nationalist hates me as I am preventing multiple smart and pretty white women from reproducing.

If you’re reading this blog carefully, you should know that white nationalists think white women tricking white men into pregnancies is a good idea.  Several months ago Irrational White Nationalist said:

I hope Sabrina and Kate both successfully trick you with multiple oops pregnancies, PMAFT, if you’re all white. You have lots of money and power. White men like you should have children and if you refuse with your MGTOW mental degeneracy your white goddesses should force it on you. It’s your duty to the white race. PMAFT, I know you don’t want glorious white children but you will understand why having white children is important after having them.

You should be excited at the possibility of reproducing with multiple white goddesses. You have the opportunity to be more evolutionary successful than the losers of this so called manosphere with their lack of reproduction or minimal reproduction with one woman. That is being a white alpha.

This is just another reason why white nationalism is really just a goddess cult and should be called white knight nationalism.  White nationalists are not actually opposed to feminism in any meaningful sense.  They are only against something they think the Jews did which means they provide no real opposition to anything feminism does.  And as this example shows, white nationalists are enablers of misandry.

Oct 312011

Henry Makow, the guy who spends time thinking about Dick Cheney’s genitalia, has really gone off the deep end.  He posted an article from some lunatic who claims that circumcision is a conspiracy to keep men from masturbating and having sex.  It’s a really stupid idea because obviously that has not happened.  This is what Henry Makow had to say about it:

Clifford Shack sees a nefarious motive behind male circumcision, which has recently been protected BY LAW in California. He thinks men are being deprived of sexual satisfaction.  I think that anything that diminishes the over-sized role played by the penis in a man’s life is positive. In fact, the option of taking a libido inhibitor would be a blessing for youths, reversible after a young man has matured and established himself.  (But that’s another story.)

This is disturbing enough.  However, Henry Makow edited what he originally said.  I found this at another website that is recording Henry Makow’s articles and thus captured Makow’s original comment:

Clifford Shack sees a nefarious motive behind male circumcision, which has recently been protected BY LAW in California. He thinks men are being deprived of sexual satisfaction.  I think that anything that diminishes the over-sized role played by the penis in a man’s life is positive. In fact, the option of chemical castration would be a blessing for youths, reversible after a young man has matured and established himself. (But that’s another story.)

I added the bold.  I have also saved a screen shot of this in case it disappears.  If thinking about Dick Cheney’s penis was bizarre enough, Henry Makow believes that castration would be a “blessing” for young men.  I’m almost surprised he chose to cover his tracks on this because he never tried to hide his fixation on Dick Cheney’s penis.

Makow also posted an article from a woman running the born again virgin con showing his support for it.  Here are some of the things the born again virgin woman had to say:

Feminism has really been the Men’s Liberation Movement.

My most serious relationship was with a musician. He ended up moving to NYC to pursue music and I didn’t think I could keep up with his lifestyle or the city. He also drank quite a bit. I have tended to attract addicted men — something I have had to watch out for.

I am currently not working because of nervous burnout and I can’t believe the guilt that’s been thrown at me, for trying to stop and take care of myself.

I am under a lot of pressure and criticism from others. For instance, when I go to a singles event and a guy is talking to me and finds out I don’t have a job right now, and then walks away or looks at me weird. In that case–I may know that he’s looking for someone to take care of him.

Add these things to Makow’s attempts to obliquely shame MGTOW, his socon like attacks on video games using conspiracy theory, his support of the false abuse industry, his support of the false rape industry, and his calling divorced women “wholesome”, there is no reason to trust anything that comes out of his mouth, EVER.

Oct 152011

Denise Romano, the woman who thinks that gamers are hypnotizing women into having sex with them, is back and left this comment:

There is also a link to a UK (male) MD who states that “hopefully, using hypnosis as a method of seduction will now be considered as much of a crime as alcohol inhibited behaviour”:

What happens when you click that link?  You get a, “We’re sorry, but that page doesn’t exist…”  Oops.  Denise Romano is full of BS again.  (And it’s likely she’s clinically insane.)

Sep 242011

We all know about how women can get out of things like speeding tickets by crying.  This also works for getting out of punishments for statutory rape.  Debra Lafave had sex with a 14 year old student of hers.  Unlike a man who would have been thrown in prison for the same crime, Lafave was sentenced to three years house arrest followed by seven years probation.  A few days ago Lafave managed to get a judge to remove the last four years of her probation.  Lafave complained that the probation was “too hard” on her new life as an engaged woman and mother of twin newborn baby boys.

If you need an example that proves women are favored by the legal system, this is it.



Sep 232011

Recently, Ben & Jerry’s came out with a limited edition flavor of ice cream called Schweddy Balls.  The name, Schweddy Balls, comes from a Saturday Night Live sketch with Alec Baldwin.

A group called One Million Moms, a division of the American Family Association, is trying to launch of boycott of this flavor of ice cream because they think the name is “offensive”.  What flavors will One Million Moms go after next?  Perhaps Karamel Sutra, because it’s a reference to the Kama Sutra, or Maple Blondie, because they believe it’s offensive to people with blond hair, or Dublin Mudslide, they believe it’s offensive to the Irish.  Who knows what else these moms will come up with as “offensive”?

This is reminiscent of Prohibition.  A lot of women with too much time on their hands formed groups like the Women’s Christian Temperance Union which were eventually successful in making alcohol illegal.  Now we have women complaining about ice cream flavors.  Whether it was alcohol back then or certain flavors of ice cream now, women do not have the right to block production or consumption of alcohol or ice cream.

In response we should all buy as much Schweddy Balls ice cream as we can.  (Remember you don’t necessarily have to eat it.  Buying it will have the desired effect.)  Also, tell Ben & Jerry’s that you love the Schweddy Balls ice cream.  The Schweddy Balls ice cream is a limited edition batch of ice cream, but if it’s successful enough, Ben & Jerry’s will produce more which will infuriate the One Million Moms group.  Let’s show One Million Moms that they don’t have the right to dictate ice cream flavors.

Sep 142011

I have been accused of a lot of things.  I have been accused of being a “traitor”, worse than Don Draper, being like a serial killer, the anti-Christ who is trying to start a “pagan culture of phallic worship”, a high level official of the NWO and out to destroy Christian families, hurting women with a huge penisa reptile alien, and several other things I’m sure I’m forgetting.  Just when I thought I wouldn’t get accused of anything new, Jackie, who introduced us to the concept of “penis ornaments” says I’m a Congressman:

I think I figured out who you really are, PMAFT. I read you are in DC so I figured out that tou a very young Congressman in the House of Representatives. A position of that kind of power allows you to trick women into being part of your harem.

I am giddy for the day you get exposed in a sex scandal because of how you use your harem of women.

Jackie is really sure about this:

These women aren’t dumb sluts. They are good women who are forced into a Hobson’s choice between womanizers like PMAFT and jobless man children who play xbox all day.

PMAFT is a young Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives. Doesn’t it bother you that our leaders in government are engaging in this kind of behavior? PMAFT is using his position as a Congressman to hurt women.

Obviously, I’m not in Congress.  I don’t even live in DC proper.  I’m hoping that Jackie tries to “expose” whatever Congressman she thinks I am.  It would be hilarious and probably do more for the anti-feminist cause than just about anything.

Jul 142011

We get told to “man up” when we refuse to do something stupid like getting married under current marriage law.  Being told to “man up” can take many forms from being told to take abuse from women, to being told to go to feminized churches, to being told that we must get married.  However, the most bizarre form of “man up” comes from Henry Makow.  It is so strange it speaks for itself:

You’re timing was excellent for this article on heterophobia.  I was helping my landlord photograph one of the apartments and he actually told me that I’m not feminine enough.  Ya think?  I have a big hairy beard and I usually announce to other men that I am a homophobe if I think it is necessary.

Yes, this is satanic and the only solution is to keep God’s commandments.  In the Bible it says that a man is not to cut his beard. (Leviticus 19:27)  When I realized this, I grew mine out and it drives the satanists nuts.  If your male readers start to grow out their beards in obedience to God’s commandments, they could start gaining ground over the evil.

It sounds like a small thing, but it is queer, pagan, and satanic to shave the face.  Some women will not even look at me.  The ones that my beard doesn’t bother are the ones with whom I have conversations.  If you want to drive them nuts, just grow out your beard and then tell them that queers shave their faces.  Don’t cut off anything, just let it grow.  Keep the hair on the long side.

If I see any “Christian” pastor who does not have a beard, I won’t even listen to the man.  The queering of the population came upon us along time ago.  Getting men to shave their faces was to get them to do womanly things.

I’ve had people go absolutely nuts, especially my family, because I grew my beard.  They want me to cut it, but I tell them I’m not queer and that God made women with smooth faces; not men.

One day a man came up to me and said: “Why don’t you shave, don’t you want to be clean?”  I said something like: “Do you shave your ass?”  His face turned red and he said: “No.”  I then said: “Well, don’t you want to be clean?”

Shaving is stupid, yet I did it most of my life because I was feminized since I was a young boy.  A man with a beard can even have a hard time getting a job.  I manage to carry on with business.

In my case, the beard reflects my masculinity; not my inner bitch, nor my feminine side.  I am not feminine in any way.  I love women but I don’t want to be one because God made me a man.  Just trying to be a man can be dangerous.

I took great delight in upsetting people who didn’t like my beard; and I still do.  If you really want to get under the communist-satanists skin; grow a beard, man-up and grow your beard.  There’s a big payoff that comes from obeying God’s commandment.

Jul 122011

I didn’t want to waste any more time on Norge, but after he said this I decided to do something I haven’t done before and hopefully never will again:

I have NO idea who Paul Lamont is, but I am nonetheless amazed that you would continue to accuse me of breaking forum rules

As a rule I don’t show the IP addresses and email addresses of people who comment here, but this time I had to make an exception.  Hopefully, it will be the only time I ever have to make an exception.  Take a look. Click on the image to see it in full size.


As you can see Norge has posted under another name before. And he was saying the same thing in exactly the same way. Case closed.

Jun 302011

(I have started a new category for these posts called Amanda Marcotte’s Misandry.)

Amanda Marcotte and other feminists are continuing to dig a hole all the way to the core of the Earth when it comes to Thomas Ball.  She wrote a piece on Thomas Ball for Pandagon saying the following:

Ball luckily didn’t hurt anyone but himself, but his is just another story in what is a growing list of acts of violence and domestic terrorism from the unhinged element on the right.

Since when did suicide become an act of violence against other people?  Since when did suicide become an act of TERRORISM?  Mr. Ball went out of his way to make sure no one else got hurt in his suicide.  He can not be compared to a suicide bomber.  There is no way a rational person can consider this man a terrorist.  Mr. Ball didn’t terrorize anyone which is a fundamental part of the definition of terrorism.  On the other hand, an anti-family court terrorized Mr. Ball so that court could be considered “terrorist”.

The feminists commenting at Pandagon are just as insane as Amanda Marcotte.  Here is an example:

I was caught off guard by Ball’s statement that the Klan is a hate group in his rambling manifesto. I wasn’t expecting that because of the intersections between MRA’s, tea baggers and hate groups.

What intersection between MRAs, the Tea Party, and hate groups?  The Tea Party hasn’t done anything for mens rights issues and there’s no link between the MRM and hate groups.  White Supremacists are really feminists.  The ideology of the WKKK (Women’s KKK, the female section of the KKK) was almost the same as modern feminism. It’s not surprising that Mr. Ball would want nothing to do with hate groups that are filled with white knights for women.  Maybe Mr. Ball also remembered that the false rape industry started with white women in the South falsely accusing black men of rape and realized the connection between that and the modern false rape industry.

If you thought that last comment was insane, take a look at this:

Suicide threats are an extremely typical Nice Guy tactic.  I have had so many guys say something like “Oh, I guess I should just kill myself then” if I turned them down for a date or broke up with them.

I have always been of the opinion that the “nice guy” doesn’t really exist except as a caricature and a straw man.  This confirms it for me.  The idea that there’s a group of men seriously threatening women with suicide if they don’t date them is so far from reality that I can’t believe that it’s taken seriously by other commentors at Pandagon.

Another commentor go farther into the realm of absurdity:

Guys like him are narcissistic assholes. He doesn’t “like” anyone; they only exist for him. For guys like him, kids aren’t there for him to love and care for, they’re there as a display of the might power of his penis and the fact that he’s had sex with a woman.

This is just proof that feminists don’t consider men to be human beings.  What other possible reason is there for writing something so absurd?

Dr. Helen has written about this subject again, this time at Pajamas Media. A lot of the comments were from white knights who kept accusing Mr. Ball of taking away his kids’ father.  They didn’t realize that the anti-family courts had already done this.  Regardless Dr. Helen made an interesting point:

As one of my commenters pointed out in a post I put up on the case, when a woman burns her husband to death in his sleep, it’s seen as a major wake-up call regarding violence against women, and is immortalized in an award-winning movie starring Farah Fawcett titled The Burning Bed.

But somehow, when a man like Thomas Ball burns himself up, it is not seen as a wake-up call for how men are treated unjustly by the court system. Instead, some “compassionate souls” see his death as  yet another wake-up call regarding the needs of women. Do men ever matter to these “feminists,” or do they get pleasure out of men’s pain? I am thinking the latter.

Jun 262011

(I have started a new category for these posts called Amanda Marcotte’s Misandry.)

It’s time for the daily Amanda Marcotte insanity update.  But before we get to that, I would like the thank those of you over the weekend who made a donation to help cover blog expenses.  It’s much appreciated.  For those of you wishing to donate the link is in the top right corner of the blog or below:

You will want to read the updates from American Power, Robert Stacy McCain, Snark and Snark again.  Chuck has found a picture of Maureen Lafontane, the social worker involved with Mr. Ball’s case.

Since yesterday’s post, Amanda Marcotte is digging a deeper hole trying to claim that men committing suicide are abusing women.  Yesterday, she tried to claim that a man who attempted suicide to avoid being arrested by the police actually shot himself to abuse a woman.  Here is what we have today:

Re: Stories of men abusing wives by killing themselves. Scroll down to the “threats” section. It’s a common tactic.


@LosTheSkald Oh, for sure. But experts agree that abusers—both male and female, of course—use suicide and threats to hurt their victims.

The link from the first tweet doesn’t even say that men committing suicide is abuse.  It says “threats of suicide“.  That’s a massive difference.  On top of that the link is from an (obviously feminist) organization called Women’s Aid so it’s not like it’s that trustworthy in the first place.  Despite her claim in the second tweet, Amanda Marcotte has not shown that “experts” (whoever said experts are supposed to be) have shown that men commit suicide as a way to abuse women.

Even the “threats of suicide” as a form of abuse of women doesn’t really hold water.  Men actually commit suicide at a rate of around four times of that of women.  Women talk more about committing suicide than actually doing it.  With men it’s the reverse.  If men are actually using threats of suicide as abuse, then those men are actually more “feminine” than the general population of men.  What is most likely the case is that no one in that “Women’s Aid” feminist organization has ever actually talked to a man or has any clue about how men think or the male experience.

Our own Chuck had a couple of good responses:

@AmandaMarcotte what nuance was there in saying that men often kill selves for revenge? do you nuance all suicides?


@amandamarcotte and how about your duke lacrosse nuance? what about nuance in cases of alleged rapes? you aren’t consistent in your nuance.

The more Amanda Marcotte talks about this subject, the more it’s clear that I was right to call her writings, “pure feminist evil”.  I predict in the not too distant future that Amanda Marcotte will claim that dead men are abusing women and that men who go ghost, men who have minimal contact (or no contact if possible) with women, are actually abusing women.

Jun 252011

(I have started a new category for these posts called Amanda Marcotte’s Misandry.)

My last post on Amanda Marcotte has generated a lot of hits.  First Snark sent it to the mens rights reddit.  Then it got sent to Instapundit/Glenn Reynolds.  My thanks to the both of you.  Since then that post has been linked at Dr. Helen, American Power, and elsewhere.  The daily hitcount for yesterday and especially today has been far beyond anything I have ever had.  That being said there have been some interesting reactions.

The first is from Mara who commented here on the blog.  (There was some question whether Mara was Maura from this post who was obsessed with my genitalia.    I checked the IP addresses and they are clearly two different people.)  She tried to use the fact that Mr. Ball once slapped his daughter as an excuse to justify the feminist totalitarianism used against him in anti-family court. Here is what Mr. Ball had to say about that:

When I got the Court Complaint form the box was checked that said Domestic Violence Related. I could not believe that slapping your child was domestic violence. So I looked up the law. Minor custodial children are exempted. Apparently, 93% of American parents still spank, slap or pinch their children. To this day I still wonder if Freyer would have made this arrest if it had been the mother that had slapped the child.

This site I pulled that quote from is, a website recording all of the facts about what happened to Mr. Ball.  If this was as simple as Mr. Ball being a violent man, then why is there an attempt to erase all knowledge about him at places like wikipedia?

Worse than Mara, we have a conservative who responded to Glenn Reynolds defending the anti-family court system:

Assistant Village Idiot here. People who have a hair across their ass in general about the family court system are trying to keep the Thomas Ball story alive as if he is some kind of victim. In his efforts to have unsupervised visits with his daughter, he was told to have his visits supervised by Monadnock Family Services. He refused because he blames them for his problems.

I deal with that agency all the time, though not the children’s services – I have for 30 years. They are entirely reasonable people who make adjustments and accommodations for people who don’t like them or are suspicious of them all the time. Hell, they are a mental health center, so most of their clients are difficult and suspicious. They are not some Orwellian controlling agency. Ball decided that being pissy and proving that he was right about one incident ten years ago was more important than seeing his daughter. He’s no victim.

Family courts may indeed be prejudiced against fathers – I hear that, but I don’t know. I’ve certainly dealt with many cases of NH courts ruling in favor of fathers in custody disputes, though, and I don’t see a massive trend here. It pays to remember that MFS cannot tell its side of the story because of confidentiality, and that some pathological people hide by trying to tie themselves to legitimate causes. Wolves hide in sheep’s clothing, because it doesn’t do any good to hide in wolves’ clothing, does it?

Here is the blog of the guy that wrote that.

Again, the question has to be asked, if it’s this simple then why is there an attempt to hide what Mr. Ball did from places like wikipedia?  This guy says he has had no dealings with children’s services and really doesn’t know if anti-family courts are prejudiced against fathers.  Those of us who do know, know that anti-family courts are prejudiced against men.  We have decades of evidence proving that fact.

Amanda Marcotte has finally responded to this on her twitter:

@AmPowerBlog Yep. It’s not uncommon for abusers to turn to self-harm to continue exerting control over their victims.

Glenn Reyonds asked (most likely rhetorically) if Amanda Marcotte said the original quote from manboobz.  Since she is now defending it, there should be no question it was Amanda Marcotte.

Take a look at her link.  It’s about a criminal who barricaded himself in a hotel room with a woman.  At the end of the standoff, the man decided to shoot himself in the chest in an attempt to not be arrested by police.  The woman he was with was completely unharmed.  In Amanda Marcotte’s deluded mind, this man was shooting himself to screw a woman over.  What Amanda Marcotte said makes about as much sense as saying that UFOs were involved in this incident.

When it comes to committing suicide what group is doing it the most?  Men.  Divorce radically increases the chances that a man will commit suicide. Rather than recognize this as the tragedy it is and recognize the part that anti-family courts are playing in ending these men’s lives, Amanda Marcotte is claiming that men who commit suicide are doing it to screw over a woman.  The only logical conclusion that can be drawn from this is that Amanda Marcotte does not think men are human beings.

Jun 242011

(I have started a new category for these posts called Amanda Marcotte’s Misandry.)

When it comes to dealing with the reality of Thomas Ball, who committed suicide by setting himself on fire due to feminist anti-family courts, feminists and their magina sycophants have been trying to find ways to avoid dealing with that reality.  Some are trying to cover up what Thomas Ball did. Amanda Marcotte used a different tactic on the manboobz blog:

I’ll point out that setting yourself on fire is an extremely effective tool if your goal is to make your ex-wife’s life a living hell, and if your anger at losing control over her overwhelms all other desires. Which is common enough with abusers, who will ruin their own lives and their own shit and turn their children against them in an effort to hurt the woman they’ve fixated on.

Words can not express my disgust with this.  It’s pure feminist evil.  A man gets severely abused by feminist anti-family courts to the point where he thinks he has no hope left and only has the choice to end his own life, but Amanda Marcotte thinks the “real victim” is his ex-wife.  A man whose life was destroyed by anti-family courts burns himself to death, but Marcotte thinks a woman is the hardest hit.

There’s so many more things I could say about this, but why?  Marcotte’s remark and its crass and feminist nature speaks for itself.

May 212011

Thanks to everyone who has been helping with my search to find out if Andrea Dworkin was afraid of men being able to have babies without women via technology.  It looks like the answer was yes.  It was probably in her book “Right Wing Women”.  Unfortunately I can’t get an exact quote since that part of the book isn’t online, and I’m trying to avoid actually paying for a copy of that book.  However I was able to find something that pretty much confirms that Dworkin did say something like, “As soon as men have figured out how to have babies without women, it will be the end of women kind, it will be the coming gynocide.”:

It’s not just Dworkin.  There is a lot of feminists who are paranoid of artificial wombs and other reproductive technologies.  I spent a long time laughing at “spermocracy”.

While I would like a direct quote from Dworkin, I think we have an answer.

May 192011

A couple of posts ago I quoted a conspiracy theorist who said, “As soon as men have figured out how to have babies without women, it will be the end of women kind, it will be the coming gynocide.” Indomitable Thoughts asked if Dworkin actually said this. That got me wondering and so far I not been able to find any evidence of Dworkin saying this, although the use of the word “gynocide” sounds like her.  Can anyone find evidence that Dworkin said this or said something similar even vaguely similar?  I would really like to know.

May 152011

A clarification might be needed about my last post.  When that fruitcake Warren said that there were government (or NWO or Illuminati) agents in the MRM, it wasn’t about government agents that are here to destabilize the MRM and destroy it.  (While I sure that the idea that government agents would infiltrate the MRM to destroy it has been advanced in the past, that wasn’t what was Warren talking about.)  What he was talking about was closer to the idea that the NWO creates a “fake NWO” for people to attack.  The “real NWO” embeds itself in the “resistance” to the fake NWO so when the fake NWO is defeated, the “real NWO” is ruling everything by default.  Here is an example of a proponent of that theory talking about it.

Feminism fits into this theory as being part of the “fake NWO”.  That means that according to this theory the MRM has been infiltrated by the NWO, and the MRM defeating feminism is part of the “NWO plan”.  Effectively this becomes a defense of feminism, and there is a good example of this from the David Icke Forums: (There is a picture at this link that may be NSFW.)

That IS very disturbing indeed. Also ridiculous, because the elite actually want to destroy women, not men, so they can build the homosexual utopia where men can reproduce without the use of women. As the late Andrea Dworkin said: “As soon as men [this being the NWO] have figured out how to have babies without women, it will be the end of women kind, it will be the coming gynocide.”

This image is a distraction, the elite projecting unwarranted powers onto those they plan to destroy. It will be piles of dead women in the street, with “men” (the NWO) being the post-sexual cyborgs with artificial wombs.

As the MRM becomes more well known and starts having more successes against feminism, expect more misandrist conspiracy theories like this.

May 132011

Warren wrote a comment where he showed that he has no understanding of history, engineering, or science but I want to focus on a different part of this comment.  (Note: I added the bold to emphasize what I want to talk about):

Well here is the thing, the MRAs do have legitimate concerns, a helluva lot more than the feminazis. But, the government put the MRA there just like they did the feminists, to create a gender war….. Most MRAs think this is the first time this stuff has happened or something, but this matrix goes all the way back to ancient Egypt and Babylon… And probably then some. It can all be documented, the history and the secret societies and what not, even Plato wrote about “the mysteries” and how only the “elites” could be initiated, and how the higher mystery schools were taught in India, and the lesser mysteries in Greece. And Plato was like the Bush or Clinton or Obama of his days (back in ancient Greece).

No creature is more studied than human beings, that is no lie. They have entire fields of psychology and sciences devoted to this (behaviorism). They knew when they set up “women’s lib” that it would create a bunch of angry and displaced men, but TPTB always play both sides. They simply send in puppets to both sides to infiltrate and when their puppets rise to positions of authority within their respective movements, then the matrix has total control…. They control both sides.. This is why all the wars are bullshit, think about the fact that we have an international arms industry for a moment.

If the government/elite/NWO/Illuminati/Global Association Of People Who Pick Their Noses created and is in control of the MRM, then who here is working for them?  Traditionally, the answer to that question by conspiracy theorists who have said this is me.  But think about this seriously for a minute.  Who in the MRM could possibly be a government agent?  Bill Price?  Paul Elam?  Glenn Sacks?  If you believe the government created the MRM and has people in the MRM then who are these people?  Let’s have some names.  Vague accusations of government control don’t cut it.  At least when I have seen this argument before, I was specifically named as a government/elite/NWO/Illuminati/GAOPWPTN agent.

If you need a good reason not to believe in conspiracy theories, this is it.  The MRM being a scheme by the elite is where conspiracy theory will end up in the next 20 years.  Do you really want another reason for circular firing squads to happen in the MRM?

Apr 102011

I found this:

If men’s rights activists were smart, they would STOP mimicking feminists and support prostitutes’ rights rather than insulting an old and noble profession.  Why do you think neofeminists hate prostitutes so much?  Because we let men have sex at a fair price.  The suppression of our trade has contributed to the current feminist control of men, and by attacking us MRAs are doing exactly what the neofeminists want.  The only recipe for peace is to restore things to their ancient balance, and one of the first steps toward doing that is to decriminalize prostitution so men have access to sex on their own terms; this will bring down the artificial inflation in the value of women’s favors and thereby force women to deal rather than demanding.

What MRAs has this woman been talking to?  Most MRAs believe in at least a degree of libertarianism.  Many are outright Libertarians.  Legalizing prostitution goes with the territory of being at least minimally libertarian minded.  The only “anti-feminists” I can think of that are against prostitution are socons and tradcons who are all AFINOs (anti-feminist in name only) whose “anti-feminism” consists of being against abortion and gay marriage but otherwise agreeing with 99% of the feminist agenda.

Looking at the rest of that blog, the author has invented a term, neofeminist, to claim that “original feminists” were not anti-male.  For that alone her observations about MRAs are suspect.

Update: Gunn brought up an interesting point that she uses the word “decriminalize” rather than “legalize”. From the context I suspect she meant legalize, but we do not know that.  If she just wants to “decriminalize” prostitution then it’s no good for men since that would likely lead to a Sweden type situation where women selling sex aren’t breaking the law but men buying sex are.  If she really meant “decriminalize” then that could be a strong possibility whatever MRAs she encountered objected to what she was saying.  Those MRAs may not have been against prostitution being legalized but keeping it a crime for men while making it legal for women.

Mar 272011

A few days ago Peter asked me how I pulled off a threesome with Sabrina and Kate and continue to bang each of the separately with the other’s knowledge. As I explained to him, it’s a combination of factors.  Sabrina and Kate are in their late 20s and have moved into “must get married now with a beta chump to have kids” mode.  Do not forget that I am the bear (or bear alien for those of crazy enough to think I’m a reptile alien or a member of the Illuminati/NWO/elite) from Dalrock’s bear and salmon analogy. I look like a tasty target to women who suddenly find themselves marriage digging and kid digging.  I don’t display my real level of wealth, but I probably display enough to suck women in that way and my real level of wealth over time becomes somewhat clearer to them.  Add some game knowledge and lots and lots of luck, and women will “work” hard to lock you as a supposed beta chump in.  That means they will do threesomes, let you bang their best friend occasionally, etc.  I am sure that both Sabrina and Kate want to pull be away from the other and make me completely theirs since no woman wants to share a beta chump so they’re “working” hard at it for that reason too.

There’s also the possibility that there is some long term planning involved in this.  Eventually, beta chumps get divorced by their wives.  If these women can claim that I was committing adultery, it makes their claim for divorce much easier than a standard no fault divorce.  Imagine Sabrina or Kate in court crying about how I was cheating on her, how she tried to get me to stop, etc.  (possibly in reality actually encouraging it as a form of entrapment).  I have no idea if either of them are thinking this long term but it’s a strong possibility why they would agree to everything I suggested.

There have also been an “alternative” (and by alternative I mean batshit crazy conspiracy theorist) explanation proposed for what is happening between myself, Sabrina, and Kate.  Mika said:

He is not telling you the real reason he can manipulate women into threesomes. He’s with the NWO and knows elite mind control techniques. He uses the techniques to make Sabrina and Kate do whatever perverted sexual filth he wants. Knowledge of elite mind control is common in the upper echelons of the NWO. Their targets become robots without realizing it. What do you think he means when he talks about sexbots? It’s not androids. It’s mind controlled women.

Since there are two possible reasons given for what has happened with me and my women, I have created a poll for you to choose which option you think is really going on:

Which is the more likely explanation for what I have been able to do with Sabrina and Kate?

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Mar 252011

I still have to bring out the Godzilla facepalm because the reaction to this week’s three posts on marriage is still lunacy.  Here is a comment that gets to the heart of the issue:

Whether or not men measure up to the standards of those women is not really relevant to my point: If only 5% of women are marriage-grade, there’s a serious wife shortage, as a low-quality man is better off alone than saddled with a low-quality wife. Low-quality wives are albatrosses in the modern world.

These are two different observations:
a.) “I can’t persuade a good woman to marry me.”
b.) “There don’t seem to be any women worth marrying.”

PMAFT is saying (b.), and y’all (wifey, you, etc.) are acting as if he’s saying (a.). No … they’re different statements.

That is correct.  I am saying b.  In addition the laws concerning marriage make it dangerous for men to get married so even if there were more marriage quality women, getting married would still be a bad idea.  Rather than dealing with the issue as it really is, my detractors just called me a drama queen or wanted to make the issue about my sex life.  The lack of marriage quality women and the failure of socons and tradcons to deal with this problem (and all of the other problems that make modern marriage dangerous for men) is not about my personal life.  My sex life did not cause marriage quality women to disappear.

Commentary about my personal life just proves that my detractors don’t have a clue about this issue.  There’s a reason why there are tons of websites telling men not to marry, but none telling women not to.  There are bridal mags and shows, but not groom counterparts.  Saying that I’m (or a group of men that I’m a part of) isn’t marriage quality is meaningless.  We are not the ones pushing marriage.  As marriage is dangerous for men, we are avoiding it until there’s a change that makes marriage safe again or avoiding it forever.  What we are doing is not letting you weasel out of your own standards.  If you are going to push marriage, we are going to point out where you have failed in your supposed goals, and the failures of socons and tradcons in this area are numerous.

Mar 232011

I couldn’t use the standard Capt. Picard Double Facepalm pic with this post.  What I’m about to talk about is so bad that I had to introduce Godzilla facepalm.

Some women responded to my post on the lack of marriage quality women.  The first one is here, and the second one is here.  These are excellent examples of several female thought patters in action such as the rationalization hamster and treating political issues as personal ones.  But before we get to the posts from Paige and Wifey, take a look at this comment on Wifey’s post from Lily:

Kathy, I think PMAFT is the one who attacked Amanda about her post on abortion. She said that she thought partner should have a say in abortion, it would be wrong not to. I think she made a comment like why shouldn’t he get a say when he’d even get a say in buying a sofa at Ikea. And it got made into evil feminist girl says having an abortion is like shopping for a sofa at Ikea.

When did this happen and who is Amanda?  Answer: It didn’t and I have no clue who Amanda is.  Maybe Lily dreamed that I said that.  Plenty of women have had that confusion before.  The fact that this post has to be started with me getting accused of something that I know nothing about is very telling about what else we will encounter.

Both Paige’s and Wifey’s post ignore at least 50% of my original post just to claim I’m “melodramatic”, have a “melodramatic soul”, and a “drama queen”.  As anyone who actually read my post could tell, I’m addressing socon and tradcon views of (modern) marriage and the state of modern womanhood.  It’s not about me, and both of them tried to make it about me.

Paige claimed that I want the domestic skills of a “Martha Stewart” in a woman.  In reality my standard for this sort of thing is quite low.  Most women now will not make good wives and mothers.  It’s not about expecting Martha Stewart.  Being married to Martha Steward would be nightmare.

Wifey takes it way farther.  She goes straight for code pink shaming language:

As for the rest of it — entitlement princessery, hatred for men, blah blah blah, this is a complaint I only hear from one type of guy.  Hint: it’s not the type of guy women want.  I’ll agree, though, it is unfortunate for some of the betas out there that they are now expected to bring it.

Bring what?  This isn’t about me.  Anyone who has read this blog knows about what I have been doing (in general) with Sabrina and Kate.  This is reflexive shaming language pure and simple.  Rather than deal with reality, Wifey says “you can’t get laid” even when I am getting laid.  This is why most people have moved on to shaming language where I get called a womanizer, guilty of sinful behavior and accused of preying on weak women.  Wifey doesn’t stop there:

If, and only if, you, as a man, are saving yourself for your future wife — in other words, youare a virgin yourself, then fine.  Find a sexy virginal girl and marry away.  But if you’re not a virgin, then not only can you not complain, but you should be seriously worried about a girl past her teenage years who is still a virgin.

I have never “demanded a virgin”.  I’m not one myself and after having a threesome, I’m pretty far away from it.  My post was in reference to what the socons and tradcons promote as their system for marriage.  One of their standards is virginity until marriage, but that is not happening even among socon and tradcon women.  Rather than dealing with it, they blame men for it to the point of almost claiming that men are using Jedi mind tricks on women to effectively claim that women haven’t sinned in this area.  I am going to hold them to their standards.  It’s not about what I expect in a woman.  Then Wifey completely misses the point when it comes to expating.

Oh, right, because women who are willing to marry outside their culture/race/country are really going to be paragons of wifely femininity.  If she’s willing to deny her family, culture, country, and language for you, she wants your money.  If there’s one good thing we cansay about American women, it’s that they’re less — not to be confused with “not” — mercenary than other women.

When I talked about going expat, it was to limit the scope of what I was talking about.  Feminism is almost everywhere now but there are other countries that are not as feminist as the West, at least not yet.  If you’re a man and really want to get married that may be an option for you.  In those countries they don’t have anti-male marriage and divorce law yet.  This is a real problem to be dealt with.  The state of laws isn’t based on whether I’m getting laid or not.

The idea that American women are less likely to be golddiggers than foriegn women is laughable.  It’s a common thread throughout the comments of Wifey’s post since the women there have their rationalization hamsters on overdrive.  You can run your hamsters at infinite speed but it still won’t make you marriage quality.

Wifey then ends her comment with some joke of a paragraph from Obsidian.  There’s a lot of problems with that but I will focus on just one.  It doesn’t make sense since I am getting women.  I could have posted a video of my threesome with Sabrina and Kate but Wifey still would have said that I can’t get laid.  Most of the guys Obsidian claims are failing at getting laid are in fact doing a lot better than him.  They just don’t kiss womens’ asses like he does (and that’s one of the reasons they’re doing better with women than him).

Even if I wasn’t getting laid it wouldn’t matter.  The issues don’t change.  It’s not about me.  It’s about socons and tradcons pushing marriage yet refusing to admit most women are not marriage quality (and refusing to admit that there are laws that need changing to make it safe for men to get married).  It’s about women failing to be marriage quality.  More and more men are evaluating marriage and have come to the conclusion that there’s nothing in it for them.  They are correct.  The men making this decision will be fine.  It the women who want to get married and the socons and the tradcons who want to push marriage who have to be worried.  If you want men to get married then you’re going to have to improve the product (and women are the product here). Insulting your customers, men, by claiming that they can’t get laid (especially when they are getting laid) isn’t going to work.

I could ask Sabrina or Kate to marry me today, and it’s a safe bet they would say yes.  Either one of them is better than 90% of women out there when it comes to marriage quality.  That still doesn’t mean marrying them is a good idea.  Things are so bad that Sabrina and Kate don’t meet a very low standard for marriage quality needed to get married.  Even if they met the standard, it doesn’t matter.  What about everyone else?  I’m not going to say, “I’ve got mine, screw you”.  This is a real problem, and it’s not about me.

Mar 152011

It looks like there’s a game of whack a mole being played with manosphere forums. First it was the MGTOW Forums that got deleted (due to the complaint of a woman who can only be described as mentally ill) but that was rebuilt quickly.  Now, the Don’t Marry Fourm is gone. The exact reason why it was deleted is unknown although it looks like several other unrelated boards at proboards were deleted.  Regardless I’m sure some crazy woman making a complaint was responsible for its deletion.  It does not matter.  The Don’t Marry Forum will be rebuilt someplace else like the MGTOW Forums were.  Manosphere boards will never really be shutdown barring the apocalypse.

It’s really a game of whack a mole for the women and maginas that want to shut us down except they never really hit the mole.  None of these things will ever be permanently shutdown.  Even if the MGTOW Forums, for example, could be permanently destroyed, soon afterwards something similar would show up because other men have come to the same conclusion independent of anything that has been said in the manosphere.  That’s the reality they don’t want to deal with.

UPDATE: The new Don’t Marry Forums are here.

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