Sep 212010

At least according to this mangina who responded to yesterday’s Spearhead post that I wrote on masturbation.  (He did forget to say that I had a small dick.)

This is how repetitive shaming language is.  The mangina linked to my blog.  He has seen it, and all of you know that I’m getting laid so he couldn’t have missed it.  It doesn’t matter.  I could have a threesome with two chicks with model quality looks on national television, and I still would be accused of being a loser who can’t get laid.

What the mangina said is pretty funny, but I’m disappointed that I’m not on his enemies list.  The comments so far have been pretty good like:

Wow that is new. Being called a misogynist for not fucking everything that looks remotely like a woman. Some people have standards. What about women who prefer their dildo over a warm, living, flesh-and-blood man? Misandrists? Or just objectionable to any sane man?

Even more funny than the youtube-video is the fact, that self-proclaimed feminists like you have more in common with christian wackos like O’Donnell than you realise


As for your essay, you kindof prove his point. In one paragraph you exalt women for being ashamed to masturbate, complete with useless statistics. If they are so ashamed, perhaps they’re not admitting that they masturbate, SFB. Then you follow it with cliche feminist insults about creepy unattractive men who can’t/won’t fuck a real woman, which incidentally, are the standard replies to any man’s argument about anything. You left out the small penis charge though.

Aug 012010

It’s been a while since I got some hate email.  This week I got two pieces of hate email from the same person.  They were sent to me in about 10 minutes of each other.

“Dora” (I think that’s her name from the email address) wrote in her first email:

It pains me to see someone distort the truth to such an exaggeration that they would deny themselves the greatest gift in the world, a child. I truly hope you and the rest of society set aside petty differences and misunderstandings to find the true meaning of what it is to fight for freedom. Maybe a letter from Harry T. Burn’s mother would help or a book by Susan Faludi or maybe an encounter with someone like Mariya Dolina. I wish you nothing but happiness in the future, but will hope for the day you will understand even a fraction of a woman.

I haven’t said for sure that I would “deny” myself a child.  I may go to a place like the Rotunda Clinic in India which would use my sperm to produce a child via a surrogate mother.  I’m not sure if I will end up doing that but I don’t think that is what Dora had in mind.

And fighting for freedom?  Dora really had to pick three examples of anti-freedom women.  There’s Harry T. Burn’s mom who used shaming language to get the 19th Amendment passed which is responsible for the expanding socialist state that has brought us to the brink economically and is responsible for the loss of our freedom since 1920.  Yes, she used shaming language:

Dear Son: Hurrah and vote for suffrage! Don’t keep them in doubt! I notice some of the speeches against. They were bitter. I have been watching to see how you stood, but have not noticed anything yet. Don’t forget to be a good boy and help Mrs. Catt put the “rat” in ratification. Your mother

Harry T. Burn voted for the 19th Amendment because “a good boy always does what he is told”.  Susan Faludi is a feminist which is anti-freedom.  Mariya Dolina fought for the totalitarian socialist Soviet Union.

Then there’s the “I don’t understand women”.  Like most women she doesn’t understand herself so she refuses to believe that a man understands women.  If you’re a man in the part of the internet you know the deal.  And let’s not forget how much “pain” Dora is in because of me.  It’s the pain of a man knowing the real deal about women.

Here is Dora’s second email:

I personally would not follow through with many of the laws out there. For example, even if my husband divorced me, I would not take a dime from him. I’m too proud and work too hard. You’re probably thinking BS!!!!! Well, you do not know the capabilities of the true women that believe in climbing the ladder on their own and in a truly independent manner. I feel your blog just perpetuates the cycle of beating down people like me and turning some which there may be hope for bitter causing lawsuits and what not to make you mad and here’s the cycle all over again… You know what I’m saying?

This is one big, “I’m not like that”.  Dora predicted correctly that I would think its BS but that isn’t a difficult prediction to make.  Why is it Dora’s “true women” make up less than 0.1% of the female population?  The rest define what “true women” are.

I have to ask what was the point of these emails?  If Dora was really concerned about a “perpetuating cycle” of animosity between the sexes why is she here and emailing me?  This is an unknown blog in the larger culture/world.  While I would love this blog to have influence over the wider world the fact is that it doesn’t.  We have all seen these women who come on to MRA forums and blogs who start telling us how we need to “moderate” our tone to get female support and how we sound like the mirror image of feminists.  Yet, these women never do anything to try and convince other women out of their feminism.  Dora is the same.  Unless Dora thinks I really am a reptile alien than runs the Illuminati (and thus have the influence that would make writing such emails sensible) she’s full of crap on this point.

Lastly, I have to say that I miss women telling me that I have a small dick.  It’s much more efficient than BS like these two emails and we can get straight to the point of the woman who said it is full of crap.

Jul 122010

Clarence wrote:

But I’ve just lost alot of respect for Susan Walsh. If she’s going to ban PMAFT from her blog, how in the hell does she feel entitled to respond or post at his? But for this post and the prior one I haven’t seen hardly any posts of AFT’s where Susan Walsh has been the focus or mentioned more than en passante except perhaps I think I remember one when he was first banned. So he hasn’t been kicking her around, and to be fair to her , she hasn’t been kicking him around on her blog. Susan won’t get a pussy pass here, and I’m sad she thought she would.

Clarence you ended up more right than you knew.  Susan Walsh wrote this today:

Shaming language is appropriate when the behavior is shameful. You know perfectly well I’ve extended the olive branch to you in the past, which you ignored. Furthermore, you read my blog and feel free to post about it, quoting from the Comments, yet I am not permitted to address your accusations? This is shameful, especially when you either misunderstand or deliberately distort my meaning. Why not just engage in a two way conversation?

I banned you originally for your overtly hostile remarks. I have never written about you since. If you don’t want to have a productive debate, fine. But it’s intellectually dishonest of you to post about me, and then keep me from responding.

And here goes this comment into permanent moderation……

I love how the definition of “intellectually dishonest” is sending comments to moderation and then posting them unedited either as a comment or as part of a post.  I didn’t realize I could prevent you from discussing this anyplace else.  A commenter said that women don’t understand cause and effect very well and this is another example.

Conversation?  Productive debate?  Don’t make me laugh.  To have such a thing we need to dispense with vague, subjective “feelings” and discuss what is actually happening.  “That group of men scares me” is not productive debate.

Your blog is public and subject to public scrutiny.  I wasn’t even reading your blog but other were and since I actually READ the comments of the men of The Spearhead I saw their links to your site.

Lastly, this is a pussy pass free zone.  My girlfriend doesn’t even get a pussy pass from me.

Jul 112010

For context I wrote my last post mostly yesterday but I scheduled it for this morning.  This email from Susan Walsh came in through my contact form before my last post was visible:

From Contact Form: Always Left In Moderation


Susan Walsh


You are such a coward PMAFT. Man up and debate.

Yeah I better start letting Susan Walsh’s comments through so I can “man up” and “not be a coward”.

I love Susan Walsh’s rank hypocrisy of how she bans me from her blog but expects to post here with impunity.  When she doesn’t get her way she slings shaming language at me.  Truthfully she doesn’t want an actual debate because that would involve burning the fields of strawmen that have been created so far and nonsense like, “When I read comments at the Spearhead I often feel uncomfortable, even violated,” much less calls for “therapy” and accusations of not taking showers would not be tolerated.

Over at SOTD there was a post on How To Argue Like A Girl which describes exactly how Susan Walsh is behaving.  Again I have to ask why is the other side of the argument having so much trouble coming up with a sound and reasonable argument for their position that doesn’t involve strawmen and shaming language?

Jul 112010

I am still blocking Susan Walsh from commenting here.  However, she still acts like she can write comments normally despite her comments ending up right in my moderation queue.  Here is what she wrote in response to my last post:

Two clarifications:
1. When I read comments at the Spearhead I often feel uncomfortable, even violated. This is why the mugging analogy works. There is a sense that many men there actively wish women harm. I am not the first to make this observation, nor am I the only woman. Several male commenters on my own blog have complained about the general tenor of conversation there. From what I have read, it sounds like Welmer himself has concerns around this issue.

FWIW, I agreed with the comment Tweell made – Obsidian’s post was really about peacocking, which is a key feature of MM.

2. I laughingly agreed (on my own blog) that white folks are pretty neurotic, though I did not single out men. I was actually speaking for myself – as you undoubtedly saw just above that comment, I described myself as a mildly neurotic white woman and took offense at a remark by Obsidian. Therapy is totally SWPL, and I recommend it highly, having gone for a while myself a few years back.

We all know Susan Walsh in neurotic.  There is no need to tell us that but that’s beside the point.  Let’s ask a simple question.  If The Spearhead really is filled with men who want to do women harm then why is it anyone who speaks out on the issue either has no credibility on the subject or destroys their credibility in the process like Obsidian did? Telling us that multiple women feel this way is meaningless since we have seen this exact method used over and over again to shut men up.  Saying that there are men who agree is meaningless since there are plenty of white knights and manginas out there.

Take note of what Susan Walsh said, “I often feel uncomfortable, even violated.  This is why the mugging analogy works.  There is a sense that many men there actively wish women harm.”  Notice the words, “feel”, and “there is a sense”.  This is the hallmark of code orange shaming language, that the target is accused of being a menace in some undefined manner.  Where is the hard evidence?  Instead the men of The Spearhead are some sort of threat based on women’s “feelings”.  In fact the idea that the men of The Spearhead are some sort of dangerous menace is a steaming pile of turds and there are three reasons why:

  1. Has anyone seen any man from The Spearhead actually acted on these supposed “wishes for women to be harmed”?  Obviously not.  There is not a single example.  Speaking more in general you would have to go back 21 years ago to find an actual act of violence that was even had a motivation that was slightly relevant to the views of the men of The Spearhead, Marc Lepine.  Marc Lepine has no real similarity to the men of The Spearhead or MRAs in general.  His real name was Gamil Gharbi and his actions were based on views derived from his Arab-Muslim background.  If you take a look at them they have no real relation to anything any MRA has ever said.  Even if you disagree the fact that you have to go back 21 years for an example is pretty telling.
  2. There is no real MRM.  If more men were acting in a violent and harm inducing manner towards women we would see more action from men about men’s issues in general beyond that.  Men aren’t doing anything about men’s issues so far but they are supposed to be an unspecified dangerous threat.  There is a lack of action of all kinds.
  3. Anyone who claims that the men of The Spearhead or MRAs in general are some sort of threat wishing to do women harm does not really believe this because they don’t act like these men are a threat. Take the case of criticism of Islam.  Many people are afraid to criticize Islam because of threats of violence.  Scott Adams, the author of Dilbert, refuses to mock Islam because he fears for his life. Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller refuses to do an episode of their Bullshit! show on Islam because “they have families”. These are the actions that people take when there is an actual threat.  Too many people are willing to claim that the men of The Spearhead or MRAs in general are violent threats to women for it to be true because if it was true, most of them would be too scared to speak about it.

Anyone who claims that the men of The Spearhead or MRAs in general is a threat to women has no credibility.  In addition strawmen get created that destroy credibility.  During this we saw Obsidian create strawmen like claiming that all these men had an “irrational hatred” of Michelle Obama and needed therapy.  The only person who was talking about Michelle Obama in all this was Obsidian, and calls for therapy are code white shaming language.  He has also created strawmen about how the men of The Spearhead “can’t get laid”, with some vague connection to being virgins with the HBDers being “evidence” despite the fact that the overlap between MRAs/The Spearhead and HBD is minimal to nonexistent.  (Since Susan Walsh’s comment is what inspired this post, it’s also worth pointing out that she fed this strawman by seeming to claim that the HBD virgins were typical male virgins.)  This is code tan shaming language.  As we know MRAs come from all different places.  Some are celibate.  Some are married.  Some are PUAs.  Some of us have girlfriends.  This means that many of those criticizing Obsidian are married, have girlfriends, or are otherwise getting laid.

The strawman that I’m really surprised that gets repeated over and over again is that the men of The Spearhead were against basic hygiene.  Obsidian claims that we refuse to “wash our asses and wear some halfway presentable clothes”. This is really gone beyond a strawman to outright fabrication.  No one has claimed men should not take showers or wear crappy clothes.  I can’t even see how Obsidian or anyone else making that claim really believes this.  The mancession isn’t total yet.  Most of us still have jobs and those jobs have a de-facto requirement of daily “washing of our asses”.  I’m sure Obsidian would respond with his tired refrain of how we’re all “whitebreads who got the world handed to them on a platter”.

In addition to the strawmen, another part of the credibility problem is the holes this argument has.  On The Spearhead someone asked, “What about Roosh?” since he has the attitude that Obsidian claims the men of The Spearhead have yet is obviously not a MRA virgin bitter about not getting laid. Someone else asked, “What about Globalman?” since he may be one of the few cases where Obsidian is correct yet he is ignored and “What about Hestia?” since if The Spearhead was filled with angry MRAs bitter about not getting laid then we should have lynched her already.

The last claim we have here is that Welmer has some concerns about this.  The problem is that Welmer has not spoken directly about this issue so we really don’t know what he thinks.  I did find this which might be close:

One of the things about comments is that a lot of them are as much about blowing off steam as anything else. These are frustrating times, so I’m pretty liberal about letting people do that (I also find policing people distasteful), even though I tend to get a lot of grief for it. Seems to me that Vitamin is blowing off a bit of steam as well, so I’m not going to hold that against him. Also, until I see proof otherwise, I’m going to assume Vitamin is a man.

Whatever the case, I suppose I should just say cool it here. Vitamin, if you think most guys here are out to ravish women without taking responsibility for it, you’ve got an inaccurate view of the readership — in fact, many of us are more upset over losing our children or the prospect for a normal life than we are over whether or not we’re getting laid. Does that sound like a bunch of “skanks” who simply want to screw around without any repercussions?

As for guys who are slamming Vitamin, take a moment to think about the fact that there are a lot of men out there who are close to the women in their lives, and they will not react well to blanket statements about women, because they will imagine their daughters, wives or whoever. For them, it’s quite personal.

This is a lot different than “the readership of The Spearhead is all angry and bitter (and can’t get laid)”.  Welmer is free to clarify this if he so chooses but I question just how much that will happen with people claiming the same thing about Welmer like this guy who says that Welmer has “anger issues” over his divorce/custody of his children/child support as if you are not supposed to be angry at an injustice because a woman was responsible for it.

If The Spearhead is filled with angry and bitter men why is it so hard to find someone with credibility on the subject to speak about it and not destroy their credibility in the process?  Where is the sound and reasonable argument for that point of view?  Why can’t an argument be made that doesn’t involve shaming language, strawmen about Michelle Obama, strawmen about virgins and/or “not getting laid”, strawmen about hygiene, racially based attacks claiming that we’re all “whitebreads who have the world handed to them on a platter”, and claims that because a woman “feels” afraid it must be true?  This should not be difficult yet it is.

Apr 242010

Lady Raine has commented here for the first time:

God, what a bunch of sick fucks!

Men created the world and civilization? HAaaa hahahahah.

Um, you are reproductively cheap, your sperm worthless, and now your offer of “marriages” are hilariously worthless to any woman with what we call “options”.

Each and every one of you was brought in this world by a woman who was fucking KIND enough to go through the horror of pregnancy, the delivery, and raised you……

And yet you are SO ungrateful to the fact that women are the only reason civilization ever existed, exists now, and isn’t a war-mongering, sexually hedonistic, worthless nation is because of WOMEN.

Thank goodness we have abortion now and women will make the SMART choice next time and ABORT the fetuses that come from “misogynistic” and low-value genes!

(And all of your mothers really should have aborted you since you are clearly so ungrateful and hateful of the people who give you life.)

See how far you get when women are sick of your shit and refuse to have babies for you.

Have fun creating Scientifically-Engineered babies to nurse and raise and PAY FOR (since that would be new to most men)…….

You are angry that women now have a fair playing field and now that we do. You can’t compete.

Boo-Hoo… want empathy? Be a fucking man.

I’m really disappointed with Lady Raine.  While she obviously worked hard at copying and pasting from the Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics and making sure there was no original thought in her misandarist screed, she forgot to tell me that I’m unable to get laid and that I have a small dick.  It’s been a while since I have been told that I have a small dick, and I was looking forward to Lady Raine saying that.

This brings up a question.  Why doesn’t anyone try to insult me by saying I have a small dick anymore?  It used to be that I could get hundreds of women to tell me that I have a small dick.  What happened?  I miss being the recipient of that form of shaming language absurdity.

Apr 222010

In today’s post I was going to explain how money are IOUs but that doesn’t mean they autogenerate debt, but my conspiracy connections keep getting exposed.  Someone called “Thomas George” wrote on Dave in HI’s blog:

This ProMale AntiFeminist is a high level official of the Illuminati-NWO. You can tell from his blog and his arrogance. As men we have a duty to our Lord to get married, procreate, and lead Christian families. This ProMale AntiFeminist hates the Lord and wants to trick men into not fulfilling our God given responsibilities to women. That vile individual’s blog and that spearhead website he bankrolled are a satanic plot to turn men into large boys who fail to have children. His ‘mens rights’ are an affront to our godly responsibilities as men.

Let me tell you.  This guy figured it all out.  Here I was thinking my secret plot to “destroy Christian families” through MRA was A SECRET.  It’s all out on the internet.  The only thing he forgot to do was call me a reptile alien.  You would think a world ruling conspiracy would have tighter security, but no I can’t get real security.  All of my secret plans are all over the internet.  How did he figure out I bankrolled The Spearhead?  That reminds me.  Welmer, the IOUs we call money are in the mail.  I mean in this time.  And I have to say I’m really insulted that he called me only a “high level official” of the Illuminati.  I worked very hard to take over every world ruling conspiracy out there.  I deserve credit for that.

Getting back to being serious, do people actually believe crap like this?  If one of you guys is trolling me, be man enough or woman enough to come out and admit it.  Otherwise, there are lots of disturbed people out there.  Why am I associated by (presumably) multiple people with running something like the Illuminati or being a “high level official” of said group?  I’m just a random guy with a blog.  At least when it comes to being accused of being part of the large dick conspiracy, that can’t be serious.

Maybe I should try telling Sabrina that I run every powerful conspiracy in the world.  If she buys it, her hypergamic instincts for me will go into overdrive.

Apr 112010

Saturday Night Live has combined truth and humor in the past with the Tom Brady Sexual Harassment skit and the Broadview Security skit, and they have done it again in the most recent episode.  The first one is a commercial for a man shaped brownie for lonely women.  (The video is only available on Hulu.):

This in addition to cat food is something that we should invest in because there will be a lot of lonely women in the future.  The second one is about a lonely woman teacher who ends up wanting one of her students:

At the rate they’re going pretty soon maybe we will see SNL skits that are directly inspired by articles from The Spearhead.

Mar 202010

I shouldn’t waste more time on Susan Walsh.  I thought the whole thing should just die since I wasted too much time on her as is.  I have been things (and chicks) to do.  I just found out that J@bberw0cky who you may recognize posted this a couple of days ago to Susan Walsh’s blog:

Do we not understand hyprgamy here, and how marraige solved the issue that hypergamy creates, which is essentially 80% of females battling it out for 20% of the males?

You can continue to ban people whose masculine debate style offends your feminine sensibilities, and you can continue to make red herring arguements like, “What about the ugly girls?” But the fact of the matter is that most women want the same 20% or so of men, and have been princessized to the point of expecting them, and then become bitter, old, and infertile just in time for them to suddenly stumble upon the wisdom, “Hey, maybe I should settle.” But guess what. Its too late. All the Niceguys (a phenominon so true, it has a one word, instantly recognizable descriptor for it) have been burned, no longer want to play in your raindeer games, or became Alpha assholes themselves. Ignore the problem all you want. Women’s expectations are too high, priorities are out of wack, and until this is confronted, they shall continue to deal with the consequences of their actions.

Susan Walsh came up with this as a response.  It has several obvious “problems”:

In fact, though my comment was quickly deleted, I responded at PMAFT’s blog post about me by inviting him to shoot me an email any time he wants to return and participate in a civil debate.

Susan Walsh’s definition of a “civil debate” includes calling me a “wacko”. First, why should I believe such an offer?  It was obviously fake.  Second,  I violated one of my rules about not wasting my time by getting into extended arguments with people who never listen to you because that would mean giving up their [in this case female] privilege.  Instead of continuing to waste my time going back into the pig sty as Alkibiades put it, I was going to move on.  I’m not going to beg.  I’m not going to get into a hissy fit like Susan Walsh is doing.  I’m not going to try to circumvent the ban against me.  Even this post may be a waste of time, but I figured better to write it rather than not in case there’s a real problem related to this in the future.

When it comes to “civil debate”, let’s not forget the trolls who read Susan Walsh’s blog who came here and among other things accused me of hacking her blog’s comments.

Her comment was never deleted.  It was placed in the moderation queue, and I have decided to show it with appropriate rebuttal below.  I explained this in what I hoped to be my last post on the subject. When it comes to Susan Walsh and anyone who claims to be a reader of her blog who is either a troll or otherwise problematic, their comments will automatically go to the moderation queue.  From now on, there’s a 99.9% chance I will let the comment through no matter what it says about me.  Like I said before, if they want to hang themselves, I will happily provide enough rope.

And what is wrong with wanting to help guys like Steveo who are stuck in the morass of the problems of dealing with women in these outright female supremacist times?  Steveo and I have emailed back and forth a bit.  Clearly, I have done more for the guy in a couple of emails than everyone at Susan Walsh’s blog could do for him in weeks or months.  Why?  There are many reasons, but a big one is that I actually listened to what he was saying and understood it.  This was something that was very much lacking for men like Steveo as Susan Walsh’s blog.

I have only banned two people in over a year of blogging, and they both had the same problem.

Susan Walsh’s banning of Kathy disproves this.

And here is what you have been waiting for or not waiting for, Susan Walsh’s comment which you can see here has not been edited except with a link to this post at the beginning.  The parts that I’m responding to with their responses are below:

PMAFT, I banned you for one reason only: your unwillingness to have a calm and civil conversation.

When it comes to my willingness to have a calm and civil conversation, people can decide that for themselves.  I have enough of a history for anyone to decide for themselves.  However, as I documented above you are definitely incapable of a “civil conversation”.

Naturally, I wondered why you were reading my blog, and you said that it was to connect with guys like steveo. Well, I’m glad that steveo emailed you and I hope that you can help him. I never shamed him, nor did any readers. No one called him smelly or suggested that he dresses like a homeless person. Some men who lost their virginity late, one later than steveo, shared their personal stories of transformation in an effort to be supportive and encouraging.

Someone saying, “I was an XX year old virgin” doesn’t really help much especially if it gets used as a pejorative against someone.  Plus, someone who was a 22 year old virgin and lost it at that age, as old as for a virgin that may be, really doesn’t understand what a 30 year old (involuntary) virgin is going through.  “Support” and “encouragement” without a foundation of something real to get results leads to nothing but platitudes which are useless.  If you explain/understand what’s going on with men as well as you claim, you and the rest of your commenters should know better.

And yes people on your blog were claiming he had problems bathing (being smelly) and dressing (dressing like a homeless person).  None of you knew Steveo well enough to even say he had problems in these areas, particularly since Steveo is obviously a functional adult man.  There is no reason things such as bathing or clothes should have ever been brought up.  First, it’s obviously based on stereotypes.  (A guy who was a 22 year old virgin can easily have and promote stereotypes about 30 year old virgins and claim they’re losers.)  Second, again, if you explain/understand what’s going on with men as well as you claim, you and the rest of your commenters should know better.

All I can say is that I have made a good faith effort to learn what men are up against

Effort on this subject may have been fine 30 years ago, but now we are too far along for effort without successful results in understanding to be meaningful.  “Good feelings” don’t produce results.  Plus, having been around this part of the internet for several years, I have seen thousands of women say the same thing with most of them not interested in understanding but using it as a platform to feel superior to men or for their own self-aggrandizement.

I do have a son that I wish the best for.

My mom wishes the best for me too, but that didn’t stop her (or my dad) from failing to teach me the reality about women.  Their wishes were genuine, but wishes don’t produce results.

I know you think men have it much worse, but if you’ve really read and considered the comments left on my site by young women, I don’t see how you could be so unfeeling toward them.

Men have it much worse, period.  This is an example of the problem I’m talking about and why it’s clear you don’t understand what is happening to men now.  “Hurt feelings” don’t compare to being thrown in jail thanks to the false rape industry, losing your job because of the sexual harassment industry, having your kids taken away from you, etc.  I’m sure these guys who fell victim to these things have “hurt feelings”, but that’s the least of their problems.  Nothing that is happening to women compares to any one of those things, much less all of them together.

I would expect a homeless man to be pretty unfeeling about the fact that I’m not a millionaire yet.  He has bigger problems like finding a roof over his head.  Because I understand the difference between his problems and mine, I don’t think of him as being “unfeeling”/having the “wrong feelings” about me.

It has been pointed out how most women don’t understand cause and effect, and this is an example.  If something I’m doing isn’t getting me what I want or worse causing me pain, I try something different.  Most women, in general, including those on your blog, are failing at this.  Not knowing what the right different action is doesn’t preclude trying something, anything different.  Even doing nothing is an option especially if doing something is causing you pain.  At the very least doing nothing will not cause more pain.  This falls into the category of basic facts of life that men are learning at four.

For those who you reading this, maybe you’re still asking why this is such a waste of time for me.  All throughout my life (because I understand cause and effect) if I am not getting something or not in the process of it, I understand and have changed my behavior or reevaluated the importance of what I wanted.  I am smart enough not to be a dog chasing my own tail.  That can’t be said for most women.  This is why dealing with Susan Walsh or most of her readers is a waste of time.  The Misandry Bubble will collapse.  Most of Susan Walsh’s (female) readers will never get what they want because they can’t get from where they are now to where they want to be.  Why am I so interested in helping guys like Steveo?  While I make no promises about results, I can at least provide real feedback that comes from understanding and guys like Steveo have the ability to do something with it.  Steveo didn’t want the BS that was being passed around at Susan Walsh’s blog.  Recognizing BS alone means he is more likely to get what he wants than anyone at Susan Walsh’s blog.  Steveo will do things instead of participating in a circle jerk about his and others feelings.  The coming collapse of the Misandry Bubble will mean for the women on Susan Walsh’s blog nothing but confusion.  They will have more “hurt feelings”, but won’t be able to figure out what is going on.  They (claim to) want relationships with men.  If a woman wants a relationship with a man, then she has to understand that the man is another person.  I don’t have godlike powers, so I have no ability to correct this failure.

Mar 172010

I got some new haters recently. The first is “Monica”:

Poor poor baby. Mommy had to spank you because you couldn’t use your diaper. Go have your juice take a nap and Susan and the rest of us readers at HUS might let you come back to the adults table.

The second is “Liz” who made multiple comments:

Grow up little boy. I am sure you hacked the comments at hookingupsmart. That was funny. HA HA HA I couldn’t post for a while. Susan switch to a new system so you little hack job failed.

Mucho fail fail fail like you with women.

Sabrina? New name for your right hand or left hand?

The third is “Diane”:

Oh look. You found a slut with low standards to cater to your filthy desires.

As you can tell “Monica” and “Liz” came here as a result of Susan Walsh’s blog.  “Diane” probably did so as well, but I can’t tell for sure.  All of them came here days after I was banned from Susan Walsh’s blog.  As Alkibiades put it, that place is a pig sty. I am happy to stay out of it, but Susan Walsh’s readers think they can come over here and post with impunity saying all manner of crap about me.  If I get any more comments from them they automatically go into the moderation queue.  Most likely I will let them through because I am more than happy to give them enough rope to hang themselves.  I’m sure “Monica”, “Liz”, and “Diane” are very angry about this and fail to see their own hypocrisy.  I have no idea where they came up with this BS.  I actually had to check Susan Walsh’s blog to see if she actually accused me of hacking the comments on her blog.  As crazy as Susan is, she isn’t that crazy.  If you really thought I was making up Sabrina (or Kristen or Rachel) then why come here at all, much less post about it?  It doesn’t affect their lives.  What’s really going on is that they want to paint me as a virgin since it’s a disaster of epic proportions if it turns out that a blow job (or several blow jobs) doesn’t cause a man to stop caring about his rights.  It didn’t work on me, and that makes me a threat.  In reality, the amount a man is getting laid doesn’t matter with respect to his understanding of his rights.

Not only are “Monica”, “Liz”, and “Diane” hypocrites, but they’re parasites in a way as well (and probably other ways too).  They can think they can effectively take my work and use it for their purposes, attacking me in this case.  I realized this angle when I was reading the latest post over at Virgin at 50’s blog where he talks about the email he gets.  He describes one of the groups that sends him email as, “Semi-literate rants from feminists, reeking with the stench of sociopathy. With spittle dripping from herpetic encrusted lips, they point a gnarled stump of a finger at me and screech ‘pathetic’ and ‘creepy'”.  Again why are these women bothering?  Some random blog about a 50 year old virgin isn’t going to affect their lives.

He goes on to talk about how women would rather have sex with convicts and homeless men rather than him.  What’s even better is the next thing he says:

I own a business that provides jobs. I created those jobs out of nothing. I know how to create things, build things, and fix things. Without guys like me, females would be shivering in dark, dank caves, wondering why there’s nothing to eat.

Feminists say that I’m pathetic, which is like a tapeworm calling its host pathetic. I say that a society in which females value convicts and the homeless more than they value a man who creates jobs is not only a pathetic society but a dying society.

Let me be the first to spit on its grave.

Be sure to read it a few times so the massive amount of truth sinks in.  There are people out there who act like I’m nuts when I show the connections between socialist policies and the current state of male-female relationships and interaction.  This again gets to the heart of how for many women, they want you (if you’re a man) to go away, but not you’re income stream.  Socialism allows them to attempt to do this so you should be able to see the connection.  In essence its a war on productive men (which itself is a good definition for socialism).

There are those of you out there who will say that the only reason this guy is saying this is because he can’t get laid.  This is code purple shaming language.  Also, I am saying this too, and I am getting laid so that has nothing to do with it.  Even for us men who can get laid plenty we still recognize the problem.  I didn’t stop being productive just because I got laid multiple times.  This is just as much a problem for me as it is for virgin at 50.

This comes from the female attitude that we have heard over and over again, “what’s mine is mine and what’s his is mine”.  Women have scaled this up to the national level too, and that attitude is what we are seeing here whether its through socialist policies to steal wealth from men or through emails and comments on blogs.

Mar 092010

If you go to the blog of a socialist and start posting economic facts, the socialist will eventually ban you because they don’t facts interfering with their delusion.  I was banned from Susan Walsh’s blog, the same Susan Walsh who said that I’m a dick and incapable of treating women like anything other than “cum dumpsters”, in much the same manner.  Its even a more apt comparison since Susan Walsh has no understanding of economics, just like socialists, despite having gone to Wharton.  When I read that I was banned, I couldn’t help but laugh.  I’m surprised she didn’t ban me sooner.  I’m a real threat to her ideology, not in what I say despite bringing some facts to her blog, but I can draw directly on my own life experiences such as my experiment to show she is wrong. While I’m surprised that I wasn’t banned sooner, I’m not that surprised that it happened right now.

One side thing that happened was that I took on one of her readers that is some type of Gloria Allred lawyer type in the Philippines.  I objected to her characterization of Filipino men as dangerous animals that spend their days raping and beating women.  She tried to claim this was true because women are “short” in her country, that there was a law called VAWC (violence against women and children) which didn’t even work, and an example of a guy with six mistresses (among other things).  Of course, you should notice the similarity just in the NAME of the VAWC to VAWA.  Anti-male misandrist laws have similar names wherever you go.  The last thing she said to me was that I wasn’t interested in “dialog”.  That was the only thing she was right about.  As I said in a similar fashion in my piece on Triangulation, I am not interested in “dialog”, “compromise”, or “finding a middle ground”.  All those terms mean (if they actually worked and history clearly says they don’t) only half many men would be ass raped in divorce court, only half as many men would be in jail because of the false rape industry, etc., and this is unacceptable.  Most succinctly, “dialog” with someone or someones that are insane, drunk on power, & power hungry always means they will win.  Thus we must reject it because there is no reason we should negotiate our freedom away.  As Barry Goldwater said, “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

There is guy who posted there who went by the name of Steveo.  Steveo’s story was that he was about 30 and a sexless virgin.  In his questioning of why this was happening, he came across the MRAsphere/MGTOWsphere/gamesphere.  He realized either before or after about the injustice against men, and he is understandably angry about it.  At Susan Walsh’s blog, Steveo got a whole lot of platitudes and other pro-female BS.  Of course, Steveo knew enough to know it was mostly BS (even Obsidian and others noticed this) especially the parts that effectively assumed he was obese and smelly with crappy clothes.  Steveo emailed me, and I have been talking to him.  It’s clear that I have helped him more in one email than all of these pro-female morons on Susan Walsh’s blog could in months.  I’m not sure what path Steveo will take in the short, medium, or long term, but I know I helped for real.  And Steveo is not the only man I have helped.  I get emails all the time from men in the same situation or similar situations to Steveo.  It’s plenty of work responding to all of them, but I know I have helped for real.  Susan Walsh says I have a new “follower”, but that just means she doesn’t understand men or what men are deciding to do in response to pervasive misandry.  As a MGHOW I am doing what’s best for my life.  Steveo now understands that he can GHOW, whatever his own way is since it may or may not be similar to my way, and doesn’t have to obey misandrists.  The great sin I committed was that I made it so the morons on Susan Walsh’s blog don’t have their punching bag anymore.

Plenty of shaming language was also used against Steveo.  Susan Walsh said about Steveo and guys like him, “I believe steveo’s sexual frustration drives his interest in the political aspect, as is often the case with MRA types, in my experience.”  This of course is code tan shaming language.  (Susan Walsh did try to claim she really didn’t mean that not getting laid is the only reason men talk about male injustice, but this was conveniently after when she banned me.)  There’s plenty of anti-male shaming language going on there, not the least of which is how Susan Walsh tries to claim what women are going through (i.e. feeling bad and seeing women get together with alphas) with what men are going through.  This is absurd, and she denied it, but after I showed an example of this false equivalence, I get banned.  She can’t bury what she said when I’m around.

In all this talk about Steveo, one thing that came up was all of the monetary transfers done by government were disenfranchising guys like Steveo, similar to what I talked about here.  Susan Walsh denied such a thing was relevant to Steveo’s situation, but it is.  Hungry Hungry Hippos disproved this.  More importantly, it reveals that Susan Walsh has no understanding of economics whatsoever.  She even said about this, “transfer of wealth from the govt. to women”.  The government has no wealth of its own.  It only has what it gets in taxes (and loans) both of which have come from men not a magic money tree.

Also, revealing her lack of understanding of economics Susan Walsh asked me this, but banned me before I could answer, perhaps to prevent me from posting an answer there:

I have a question for you re the transfer of wealth. As we know, women are outpacing men in education, and catching up rapidly in earning power. The Pew report said that in 22% of marriages, the woman earns more than the man. This is up from 4% in 1970. This trend is expected to continue. What will be the impact on men as the wealth transfer slowly evolves to women supporting other women?

There are plenty of economic fallacies here.  I suggest you don’t play a drinking game of spot the economic fallacies in Susan Walsh’s question, otherwise you will pass out quickly.  Women are “outpacing” men in education.  As we all know there are a big difference between degrees in engineering, the sciences, liberal arts, women’s studies, etc.  With much of the “education” these women are receiving (which isn’t really an education, but a credentialation), all that is happening is indoctrination.  If it weren’t for government jobs and government derived jobs, these women’s degrees would be useless (given the rapidly increasing nature of student loans they already are arguably), and they would be saying, “Would you like fries with that?”  Women are catching up in earning power only in that men are having their jobs (which are real, wealth producing jobs) destroyed by government policies to favor women.  What this means is that there will never be a wealth transfer from women to women.  As the mancession continues, and men’s wealth producing jobs are destroyed by the government there is a shrinking tax base.  It’s not a coincidence that the mancession happened at the same time as greater than a trillion dollar federal deficits.  Watch as those deficits become multi-trillion dollar deficits.  With so many women dependent on government jobs or jobs sucking off the government teat, the tax base is continually shrinking.  It’s not sustainable the only reason it’s still going now are the loans given to the government.  As we know this increasingly means bonds sold to foreigners particularly the Chinese.  You won’t have women transferring wealth to women, but Chinese men and other foreign men transferring wealth to American women.  Of course, the Chinese aren’t going to fund our deficits much longer.  Even if they wanted to, they are physically unable to do so.  Combine this with the Tea Parties who are very angry about the platinum plated salaries, benefits, and pensions that government workers are getting, and we are not that far away from government being forced to shrink, and this means lots of unemployed women.  Expect some major battles as these women will fight it tooth and nail.

It has been pointed out that most women have no understanding of supply and demand so Susan Walsh’s failure to understand economics is not surprising except that she went to Wharton.  However, it has been shown that at the time she went (early 80s) their affirmative action program was desperate for women, any woman.  Even knowing that, you would think that Susan Walsh would have learned at least a few basics about economics by osmosis being at Wharton if nothing else.  It just goes to show that she was at Wharton due to affirmative action, and that’s probably true about her subsequent jobs too.

Susan Walsh said that I am not seeking an “emotional connection” with a woman, and thus I “don’t belong” on her blog. How would she know? Most women aren’t offering such a thing so its clear that Susan Walsh doesn’t understand cause and effect either. It’s just like when she said that I can only relate to women as “cum dumpsters”. If that is the case (and the same that I’m not looking for an “emotional connection”) then the reason why I am successful with women now is because I treat women like “cum dumpsters” and don’t look for “emotional connections” with women. You can decide for yourself if I treat women like “cum dumpsters”.

Susan Walsh says I would like nothing more than for her blog to self destruct.  It doesn’t matter what I want or don’t want since her blog has already failed completely at its stated mission, helping women find relationships.  The blog self destructing is immaterial.  These women are hetero and presumably monogamous so that means relationships with men and one man for each woman.  The problem is that Susan Walsh is refusing to honestly describe what is happening to men.  Why would men want to get into relationships with these women?  Look at what is happening with divorce, sexual harassment, the mancession and all the other issues feminism causes to men.  Increasingly with VR sex, more onerous laws, less jobs, less men are going to want and/or be able to get into relationships, but on Susan Walsh’s blog men are treated as an object or an accessory, not human beings with their own thoughts and desires.  Let’s look at what my colleague at The Spearhead, Welmer, had to say about having women in his life now:

It goes back and forth. Sometimes I feel I still do, but when I think about the potential harm they can do, I’m not sure it’s worth it. When my ex went on her rampage and I filed for divorce and custody, dozens of women came out of the woodwork to condemn me, including several I’d never even met or heard of and many I hadn’t met more than a couple times (she dragged in all of her high school friends, family, and even parents’ neighbors). Only one woman – an aunt – stood up for me unconditionally. What this taught me is that when it counts, women can be guaranteed to side with women — especially when the women are behaving terribly.

If a man even just seen one experience like this (and many, many men have seen examples of women always siding with women no matter how noxious their behavior) why would he want to get in a relationship with a woman?  At that point the only thing is getting laid, and for a lot of men that isn’t even worth it.

I had also uncovered how Susan Walsh thinks feminism is all about casual sex and nothing else.  What is happening to men as a result of feminism is something Susan Walsh completely ignores.  It’s relevant because why would men want to get into relationships with women that listen to her?  It also shows how Susan Walsh is similar to conservative female supremacist women.  CFS women are “against” feminism, but their only real argument against feminist is abortion (and maybe gay marriage) to the point of claiming that feminism is all about abortion and that men benefit from feminism.  This is because CFS women agree with 99% of the feminist agenda.  They are female supremacist just like the feminists, but with a minor disagreement.  Susan Walsh is similar in that she has a minor disagreement with the Jessica Valenti stream of feminism.  Again Susan Walsh denied everything that is happening to men like CFS women when she said, “casual sex is feminism”.

This gets to the heart of the matter.  Women progressively get worse forgetting more and more than men are human beings.  The alternatives to women such as VR sex appear and get better and better.  Already you have men ghosting and semi-ghosting playing video games instead of having anything to do with women.  Video games don’t even claim to replace women in any way like VR sex would.  That’s how “bad” it is already for the women that listen to Susan Walsh.  However, I have said everything I can say about this, and it’s not my problem.

I take by banishment from Susan Walsh’s blog proudly and as a badge of honor.  I consider no different than the hundreds of women who said that I have a small dick last year. This is going in my denunciation hall of fame along with the insane dude who thinks I’m a reptile alien that runs the Illuminati and the insane chick who thinks I’m part of a conspiracy of men with large dicks to promote “large penis propaganda” to get “cum dumpster servant girls” and hurt them with our large dicks.

(Addition: Susan Walsh, your comments currently are in the moderation queue until I decide how I want to deal with them if at all.)

Mar 032010

Like the universe the number of haters I have is always expanding.  MikeeUSA has now added himself to my haters.  He sent me two emails through the Spearhead email interface.

What is good for men? The following certainly aren’t bad for men, pro-women’s rights quisling scum are opposed to such things which are in the interests of men ofcourse, and such men make up the bulk of the “Men’s Rights Movement”. They think they can beg themselves into power or influence, they just want a scrap, a bone, that’s all… and isn’t that so… reasonable? They, like all pathetic appeasers, get kicked for their “efforts”, they come back ofcourse, and suggest that some more BAD men get thrown under the bus so that their own very small and inconsequential marginal interests might be listened to (which they aren’t). The following are suggestions that such men oppose… suggestions which are actually in the interests of all men

* Females be married once they are able to have children (usually at ages: 12, 13, 14).

* Men never persecuted for having relations with a young female of childbearing age.

* The marital rape exception reinstated (So that a man is never persecuted for raping his wife).

* If a man rapes a unmarried/unbetrothed++ virgin girl he marries her, pays her father some money, and doesn’t divorce her.

++Bethrothal here meaning female living with husband for about one year before the marraige feast/ceremony.

* Females barred from bringing claims against their husband (or similar) in court.

* Females barred from divorcing their husbands.

* Females barred from collecting monies from husband (child support etc).

* Other similar things to remove all power from females and make them what men desire.

(About Child Support: A saying from Bob is: child support is a seat at a Man’s table and a cot to sleep on in his house)


* Women’s rights activists be cleansed from the earth.

* All rapists, batterers, etc be freed from the prisons.


* Clone girls, sell them (untouched) to men, so as to constructivly change the market so that all men have what they wish to have.

* Investigate who brought women’s rights upon the world, destroy those who did (in much of the world women’s rights is new as of the 90s and 00s: in India, for example, it really started in earnest in the late 90s).


Young wives are a supreme pleasure to men. That is why they are now banned the world over

In most of the world it is now illegal to take a young wife under the age of 18 or to have relations with one’s wife at will.

And there is _nothing_ men can do about it.

Men have NO political power.

(You can’t jerrymander THIS 48 percent minority into a majority anywhere (because, unlike with races, men and women are dispersed together everywhere in the same ratio.)


“”Snark February 27, 2010 at 19:3

MikeeUSA is a woman. Those comments have to be written by a feminist posing as an embittered male. –antifeministtech

This was what occurred to me at first.

When feminists realise that MRAs are not trying to defend some u2018right to rapeu2019 or u2018right to beat womenu2019, but that we may actually have some issues worth consideration u2013 e.g. forced circumcision u2013″”

28 If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, 29 he shall pay the girl’s father fifty shekels of silver. [c] He must marry the girl, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives.

If the Men who wrote the Bible are women, then yeah I’m a woman too.

You think that if you’re a “nice reasonable man” women will vote the way you want. You don’t understand human nature and you haven’t been paying attention to the last 150 years.

You’re a quisling piece of shit.

It’s been clear for a long while that the men in the MRM are NOT for the interests of men.

You just want a little less harsh version of women’s rights / feminism.

You are for “equality” “justice” etc, not for what’s best for your fellow man.

You are _scum_.


Antifeministtech (and pro-women’s rights friends): If you were about to be railroaded by your wife, and I knew how you could transfer your assets safely out of harms way, I would NOT tell you.

I would watch it happen. Later I’d say “sorry, didn’t want to help a scumbag that likes to see men who rape their wives go to prison”

“I’m glad you got fucked over”

“now you know how the men in prison feel”

“fuck you scumbag”

You’re a worthless quisling.

If I told any of the men at my school about this “movement” they’d laugh.

It’s a group of pathetic* fucks who don’t want to screw young females, nor wish to rape their wives at will, nor have any privledge and honor.

No they want to wallow in the muck begging for reasonable consessions.

Are you even men? You aren’t even attracted to young females of childbearing age.

*(who choose to be this way because they won’t even demand their liberties as men, nah, only impostor “women” do that… and the “women” biblical scribes from 5000 years ago)


Justus: I’m not a bot, I’m not advertising. You simply don’t like what I say, like most women’s rights supporting men. You and your kind is why women’s rights reign supreme around the world.


[quote]Snark February 28, 2010 at 06:45

Iu2019m sure I canu2019t be the only one disturbed by certain characters trying to bring Rape Rights and Pedophile Rights under the banner of the MRM.

To those certain characters: fuck off!

You are worse than most feminists.


You are disturbed because you are not an ally of men.

You support women’s rights and are a member of the male column that allows women’s rights to continue to exist. You are made of the same stuff as the valliant white knight that destroyes his fellow man for what is good and just and in the power interests of women.

You are an ally of the feminists and you should they ever fall, you and yours will surely be buried with them.

I also notice that your scumbag pro-women’s rights moderator has deleted my comments. He, like you, supports women’s rights. He wishes men to be jailed for having relations with young females of childbearing age. He wishes men to be punished for marital rape. He wished men to be punished severly for the rape of an unmarried virgin girl, rather than simply have the man marry his prize and live happily with the sweet female.

I don’t know what you people want. I just know that you are never going to get it. Men get nowhere by begging or being “reasonable”. You will just waste your lives. I guess that is an apt happenstance as the pro-women’s rights policies you do support degrades the lives of all your fellow men.

Death To women’s Rights.

Viva Men’s Liberties.


PS: I also noticed that you banned me from commenting (many times), thanks faggots. I will remember this forever.

However, Thank you to Arpagus for being infavor of that which is to the interests of men. It would be a better world if, rather than having a pluralistic democracy, we instead has a olargarchy where only men like Arpagus held power, rather than quisling scum that most of the rest of the men of the “Men’s Rights Movement” are.

This was the same thing that MikeeUSA was spamming several threads on The Spearhead Forum with.  The first line I bolded I didn’t even say.  Someone else said that, although I agree that MikeeUSA has to be a feminist woman who is trolling.  The second part I bolded is quite funny.  Anyone who knows my history knows I’m a hardcore anti-feminist and anti-female supremacist.  I have a long list of women telling me that I have a small dick from my science fiction post on The Spearhead last year as proof.  I have also been pretty open about not being married and how I never will get married.  I’m wondering where this “wife” that’s going to throw me in prison is going to come from.

Let’s take a look at the second email.


Snark (etc) February 28, 2010 at 09:18

[quote]PS: I also noticed that you banned me from commenting, thanks faggots.[/quote]

Nice work, Welmer. How about an IP ban this time?


Heh, IP ban. LOL.

You people are scum.

For all of human history men married sweet cute young females of childbearing age. People like you stop us now… and we want you gone.

Normal men appreciate young fertile females.

Worthless quislings do not.

You are the obstacle men need to grind into dust. You are the men who are our legistlative overloards, our judges, our jailers, our masters. You believe you do good by opposing nature and the interests of men.

It is bad for a man to be persecuted for taking for himself and unclaimed girl as his wife. It is bad for a man to be destroyed for having relations with his females at his will. It is bad for men to be denied the sweet brides they have always longed for (and in the past, before the acendancy of the Good Man, did aquire.)

You are the enemy of Man.

Your kind is the obstacle to our fulfillment.

You are the column of necessary masculinity that without which women’s rights would crash decisively against the rock that is the men of the world. You are their shield, and for us to get to claim our prize we must destroy you.

I wonder who this “we” he keeps talking about are.  Of course, MikeeUSA has a huge army behind him, and if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.  The Unabomber also talked used the word, “we”, and talked about how he was part of a group.  We know that was wrong, and I am sure MikeeUSA is the same way.

If you want to know why “MikeeUSA” is probably a feminist troll, look at his obsession with 12 year old girls.  Of course, “MikeeUSA” is trying to paint MRAs, MGTOW, and game practitioners are pedophiles.  The reasons for that is obvious.  Since we’re right, she is trying to discredit us through other means.  However, notice “MikeeUSA’s” lack of talking about most any issue caused by feminism & other female supremacism that actually affects men.  You might say what about the “wife” comment, but that doesn’t count because it makes no sense given the circumstances.  “MikeeUSA” tried to make MRA, MGTOW, & game issues all about 12 year old girls.

As an aside I wouldn’t be surprised if Globalman was a similar type of troll.  He does the same, “no issues affecting men matter” with his “you can reject the law” shtick.  I have found several court cases of people trying that and failing miserably.  Regardless, Globalman’s shtick conveniently avoids nearly all of the issues feminism and female supremacism have caused.  Since we know it has already failed, it means nothing except that the issues never get dealt with, and men trying to claim that the law has no jurisdiction over them just look guilty.

Avoiding the issues affecting men could be a good test for finding feminist trolls.

Dec 112009

I have some haters to talk about.

First is Susan Walsh who you might know from Hooking Up Smart.  She called me a dick (which has become a reoccurring theme), and said that I’m incapable of relating to women as more than “cum dumpsters”.  This had me laughing.  You guys have read my posts on this.  You can determine for yourself if I only relate to women as “cum dumpsters”.  What’s really funny about what Susan Walsh said is that if she’s correct, then the reason why I have been able to get women now is because I only relate to women as “cum dumpsters” now.  I suspect this isn’t what Susan Walsh wanted to say.

Second is a piece of hate email from “Catherine”.  Read it below:

You deserve an award for douchebag goodness.  You are the biggest douchebag ever.  You ain’t going to get me on me saying you have a small penis.  I know your penis isn’t small.  I know you’re tall & good looking & very smart & very well endowed.  I once had a boyfriend exactly like you that was all of that.  He was so well endowed like 10 inches endowed.  He screwed me with his giant endowment hurting me.  I can see you so clearly.  You love hurting women during sex.  You guys promote large penis propaganda.  I thought the pain was pleasure until a lesbian told me the truth.

With your large penis lies you will always have a stream of cum dumpster servant girls.  Feminists like me are going to stop you well endowed guys pleasure-pain rape of women.  Real men date feminists.

I really enjoyed reading this piece of hate email.  It deserves an award for creativity.  It’s easy to tell me I have a small zucchini.  It’s harder to turn having a large zucchini into an insult but “Catherine” did.  For all of my haters out there, this is the new gold standard you must aspire to.

I deserve an award for “douchebag goodness”???  Clearly “Catherine” has never seen any of that new Jersey Shore series.  There’s no way I can be more of a douchebag than any guido or guidette.  I never given myself a nickname ever much less one like “the situation”.  (Yes, that’s an actual nickname that one of the guidos gave himself.)

Not only am I a “charter member” of the Illuminati and a reptile alien, I’m also part of some sort of conspiracy of men with large zucchinis.  This is a conspiracy so successful that we all “pleasure-pain rape” women with our large dicks, and they believe they like it.  I don’t know if this is the strangest thing I have ever heard, but its close.  That reminds me.  I have a meeting of the large dick conspiracy this weekend where we will once again measure our large dicks and discuss new ways to “pleasure-pain rape” women.

And “cum dumpster servant girls”???  Why are the terms “cum dumpster” and “douchebag” coming up this much?  Both of those are terms Susan Walsh uses plenty.  I doubt she wrote the hate email from “Catherine” because why would she, but it does seem like an odd coincidence.

If you will excuse me, I’m seeing my “cum dumpster servant girls” soon, and I want to get ready to “pleasure-pain rape” them with my 10 inch zucchini and make them think they like it.

Nov 042009

The group of people who hate me is ever growing.  If you want my head then you need to get to the back of the line which is somewhere beyond Brent Spiner and John Scalzi.  One thing all of my haters have in common is a lack of originality.  It’s always the same.  They say that I have a small penis, that I’m morbidly obese, that I’m a loser virgin, that my dad beat my mom (don’t ask me to explain this one because I can’t figure it out), that I’m gay, etc.  My science fiction article at the Spearhead is still getting the occasional comment such as this one by “jody”.  It’s basically a long winded way of saying I’m a loser because I’m a virgin.  (Since there’s a strong possibility I might lose my virginity in the next few weeks, I bet her head will explode when that happens.)  So far the most original insult I have received was from Brent Spiner who called me an asshat….At least until today.

Surprisingly, I don’t receive that much hate e-mail.  My e-mail address is easy enough to find.  I give you directions to find it.  Plus, you can send me e-mail through the Spearhead website.  I guess only a few special people care enough to do that.

Today, I just received this piece of hate e-mail from “Alex”:

Look motherfucker.  I aint standing for it.  We aint falling for your little trick to get us killed at our own fuckin waco.  I’m on to you and your little psy ops operation to get rid of us who know the truth about you.  Yes I’m on to you charter member of the Illuminati aka mr. reptile alien.  I said it reptile alien.  You are a fuckin reptile alien.  I am on to you lizard and I aint standing for it.  I know the spearhead is one of your psy ops operations to piss us little humans off.  I aint standing for it.  Humans treat our ladies with respect.

I am a proud reptilian resistor.  I aint standing for it.  You Bush Cheney Obama Clinton and the rest of you reptile aliens GET THE FUCK OFF MY PLANET.  I know you are gong to disappear me soon or poison my medication or eat me.  Fuck it.  I aint standing for it anymore even if you fuckin snuff me out.

I aint standing for it.  Come and get me you fuckin reptile.

I did not edit anything except paragraph formatting.  I guess he “ain’t standing for it” whatever “it” is.  I shouldn’t be surprised by this with the V remake starting yesterday.  (For those of you who don’t know it involves reptile aliens posing as humans.)  As nuts as this is, its refreshing for its originality.  Here is my response to “Alex”:

First, if you keep your mom off the streets, I will stop fucking her.  Second, why is it you conspiracy theorists and related nuts are always on medication?  Take a look at Part 2 from the Penn & Teller Bullshit! episode about alien abductions.  (I recommend watching the whole thing.)  Go to 8:36 on the video below where Penn & Teller are talking to an alien abduction support group who all admit to taking medication.  (Yes, I know they are “conspiracy theorists” but its close enough and I’m sure they believe in some aliens are working with the government conspiracies.)

All right, I’ll come clean since “Alex” figured me out.  I’m a reptilian alien and a “charter” member of the Illuminati.  That’s right.  I’m one of the guys who runs everything on your planet.  I hang with other reptile aliens like GWB and the rest of the Bushes, Dick Cheney, the Clintons, and President Obama.  This blog and the Spearhead are massive “psy ops operations” that I created.  (They’re not just “psy ops”/”psychological operations”.  They’re “psychological operations operations”.  That’s how big they are.)  The founder of the Spearhead, Welmer, is a front human that I completely control.  The other authors are just people who I have “convinced” to write about game and men’s rights.  The “psy ops operation” is an experiment to see what happens when you widely disseminate game and men’s rights ideas into the human population.  Because I’m a reptilian alien, the experiment I talk about on this blog is not about finding out if I can pick up women.  It’s about finding candidates for hybrid experiments involving direct impregnation from myself.  (My fellow reptilians will abduct the babies soon after they’re born so I won’t have to worry about child support.)  If you wonder why I refer to my genitalia as my “zucchini” a lot its because with green scales, it does look a lot like a zucchini.  And despite what you have heard we do not eat humans.  You guys taste horrible.  Now, if you will excuse me, I have to recharge my multi-orifice probes.  I’m going to be abducting a human tonight.

For those of you too dense to figure it out and lacking a sense of humor, the above paragraph IS A JOKE. Even after stating that directly, I’m sure I’m now the one and only subject of Alex Jones’s next DVD.

Seriously, I found this piece of hate e-mail very amusing.  I really did appreciate its originality.  It was a refreshing change being told I have a small dick and morbidly obese and gay and a virgin loser.

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