Sep 132012

My last post has certainly stirred the pot.  Bill Price over at The Spearhead provided a thoughtful response.  Ankle-biter, Matt Forney, decided to call me a “perma-virgin” which anyone who reads this blog knows is absurd. Elsewhere I have been called a false flag operation:

Just like those knotheads RooshV and Krauser talk about sex because they never have really have any; PMAFT blabs on about false flags because he’s probably a false-flagger himself.

The only time I talk about false flags is when someone accuses me of being one or makes the stupid comment, the the MRM is filled with them.  At least if you combine false flag and perma-virgin, maybe something starts to make sense.  None of this is insane as what Nestorius said about Paul Elam:

It appears the Paul Elam is a Mason, and that he is getting paid for his website (as one commenter at Roosh’s blog said).
In fact, it is expected that the Masons will be leading an anti-feminist movement. Feminism is the thesis and men rights movement is the antithesis out of which they will create the synthesis.
One thing that is very suspicious about AVfM is that it is full of sophistry and nonsense. The titles attracts you and make you believe there is content while there is none.

On the other hand Jack Donovan is a Satanist (therefore a Mason) and a homosexual. He doesn’t hide the fact that he is a Satanist: Therefore, Donovan is clearly a dis-info agent. I never could understand how a homosexual is teaching men about manhood?!

One should always be careful that there will always be infiltration in every field, and the “manosphere” is a wide field which the Masons could use to indoctrinate clueless people out there.

I’m a false flag and a perma-virgin.  Paul Elam is a Mason, and a member of the Illuminati, and on the government’s payroll.  What brings up all of these ludicrous accusations?  (They’re connected more deeply than just being absurd.  There have been previous conspiracy theory based accusations that the MRM was recruiting sexless/virgin men, and that the “elite” is recruiting virgin men.)  This isn’t due to a MRM vs. Game fight.  There is something else going on.  What is telling is how when Roosh originally said that the MRM is dead, men like John Rambo and Peter Nolan, neither of whom are gamers, jumped on the bandwagon.  In fact this is part of a pattern we have seen elsewhere.

John Rambo spams the MRM in an attempt to make the MRM about his foreign women BS.  He failed and now attacks the MRM.

Peter Nolan tried to turn the MRM into an arm of the Freeman on the land conspiracy theory.  He failed and now attacks the MRM.

The Manhood 101 idiots tried to turn the MRM into peddlers of their BS.  They failed and now attack the MRM.  (They spend most of their time attacking Paul Elam since he did the work in fighting them off.)

Susan Walsh tried to turn the MRM (and the larger manosphere) into an arm of her Game 2.0/Man Up 2.0 scheme involving fake empowerment of men so that men would become chumps who would marry women after they were done riding the cock carousel.  She failed and now attacks the MRM (and the larger manosphere in her case).  In addition, she also called the idea that I am working for the elite (i.e. I’m a false flag) compelling.

White Nationalists tried to turn the MRM into a movement of racists and anti-semites.  They failed and now attack the MRM and accuse the MRM of being run by the Jews.

Traditionalist conservatives tried to turn the MRM into an arm of traditionalism (along with all of the misandry associated with traditionalism).  They failed and now attack the MRM.

You can see a pattern here.  Some individual or group decides to come in and co-opt the MRM so that MRAs will become the personal army for their pet cause.  They start by pretending to agree with the MRM about feminism.  Eventually (or in many cases quickly) the MRM recognizes what they are and wants nothing to do with them.  Then these individuals and groups turn on the MRM when they realize that their attempt at co-opting the MRM has failed.  Paul Elam is often a target at this point since he runs the most visible MRM internet organization.

The same thing happened with Roosh, Matt Forney, etc.  What they are is not gamers.  Matt Forney says that they are “paleomasculinits” (so even he admits that they aren’t just gamers), but what they really are is just guys selling self-improvement and lifestyle BS.  It doesn’t just involve game.  It includes diet BS, exercise BS, etc.  They came in to the MRM thinking that they could sell their self-improvement and lifestyle BS, but that didn’t work out.  They turned on the MRM and now attack the MRM.  They’re especially pissed because the existence of MRAs provides a competing option to the books they are selling.  MRAs are unintentionally a threat to their income so we get a lot of crap from them about how the MRM is dead.

What is going on in all of these cases is not an MRM vs. game fight (although that does happen from time to time).  It’s a fight between the MRM and every individual and group that wants to co-opt the MRM for its pet cause.  The good news is that they have all failed.  This is the real reason why there is so much venom against the MRM.  In many ways, this shows that the MRM has been successful to a degree.  We wouldn’t see so many attempts to co-opt the MRM if there wasn’t something worth taking over.  This also means that we need to be vigilant against future attempts to co-opt the MRM since as the MRM grows, the number of individuals and groups who want to co-opt the MRM will only increase.

May 272012

I thought that my previous post about Susan Walsh where I documented how she is deleting comments that mention androsphere personalities like Rollo Tomassi and Dalrock was the last thing I would say about her.  I have to document her latest descent into insanity.  Rmaxd has let us know that she is deleting posts now.  Specifically, Susan Walsh has deleted a post called “The Wisdom of Yohami” which referenced Yohami.  She can’t really totally get rid of it since links to it are everywhere.

Susan Walsh’s deletion spree continues.  Before it was Rollo and Dalrock.  Now it’s Yohami.  We should start a betting pool on who Susan Walsh will choose next to remove all references to on her blog.

At this point it should be clear to anyone what Susan Walsh really is although guys like MarkyMark will still defend her.

May 162012

Rollo Tomassi said this at Dalrock’s:

OT, but nevertheless hilariously entertaining,..
Hey Dal, I’m honored,..

Honest to God, there are male bloggers I wish I’d never heard of. From this moment on, I’ll never mention Rollo or Dalrock again, and I’ll delete any comment that does so. I’d rather be water boarded than continue this conversation.

I don’t even have to post on her comment threads anymore to enjoy the irony. Heheheh,..she loves me.

[D: That is pretty funny. Did anyone even mention either of us, or was it entirely unprompted?]

If you check the link, it was entirely unprompted.  One by one Susan Walsh is declaring her hate for everyone in the androsphere.  Is there anyone in the androsphere she doesn’t hate yet?  If there is, just wait a month and that will change.  Next Susan Walsh will call it a “compelling idea” that Dalrock and Rollo have been recruited by the Illuminati to destroy male/female relationships like she did with me.

I have to say that deleting comments that just mention the names of various androsphere personalities regardless of their actual content is a new low for Susan Walsh.  Umslopogaas called this increasingly fascist for good reason.

No one should be surprised by this turn of events.  No one in the androsphere wants to go along with Susan Walsh’s game 2.0/man up 2.0.

Apr 162012

I got another hate email recently.  This time it was from “Greg”.  Read what he had to say:

Real men don’t fell threatened by women, even feminist women.  This site is obvious over compensation for men with very small penises or men that can’t get it up.  Take some Viagra so you can play with yourself and relieve your tension.

This was pathetic.  We have all heard “you have a small penis” a million times.  Please, come up with something original in the future.  I was very disappointed with this hate email.

Jan 142012

Carbon 14 emailed me a few days ago and asked me why I hadn’t commented on something on Susan Walsh’s blog from several months ago that referenced me.  I haven’t read her blog for a long time except for cases like last month’s debacle where her real attitudes got revealed.  That is the reason why.  Regardless I wish I had known about this sooner because it’s another example showing just how nuts Susan Walsh has become.  (In all of the following blockquotes, I’m also including screenshots of the comments being quoted in case Susan Walsh goes on a deleting spree when this gets posted.)

Several months ago someone using the name of David Jones wrote this comment on HookingUpSmart:  (Screenshot here)


I owe you an apology. I thought you were one of the over 30 male virgins. The so called “mens rights” movement is filled with agents of the elite promoting gender war for the purposes of depopulation. I have it on good authority that over 30 virgin males are the primary group recruited by the elite for that purpose.

Clearly, you are not a part of that, and I see that now. I misinterpreted your email, and I’m sorry.


With more info about runningman, I see that he’s nothing like Mr. White & Nerdy. I owed him an apology, and I made that apology.

With that said, the so called “mens rights” movement was manufactured by the elite just as feminism was. Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA, and there are agents of the elite in the mens rights movement too. Both sides of the gender war are funded by the elite just as the funded both sides of various wars in history. Virgin males over 30 make excellent recruiting targets for the elite especially the angrier ones. Mr. White & Nerdy is a good example, but he is not the only one. It’s a safe bet Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech also works for the elite because he is deeply embedded in the military-industrial-security state complex. He was an over 30 virgin. Supposedly he isn’t anymore, but it doesn’t matter if he is or isn’t a virgin now.


If you can’t get laid, the Illuminati want to recruit you to rule the world.  It makes more sense than a lot of things I have heard in conspiracy theory.

By itself, none of this is particularly notable now.  We have heard the bit about how I work for the Illuminati and that the MRM is some sort of Illuminati program many times before.  We have even heard variations on the “virgin/sexless recruitment” idea before.  Many conspiracy theorists are afraid of transhumanism so that isn’t new either.

Knowing all that, why am I writing a post on this?  Why is someone writing a crazy comment on Susan Walsh’s blog relevant to Susan Walsh?  Many of you are asking that because you automatically assume that Susan Walsh had a normal reaction to such lunacy and regarded it as garbage.  It seems like a reasonable assumption but you are wrong:  (Screenshot here)

@David Jones
That’s a pretty compelling story you’re telling there. W&N and PMAFT have both been very difficult in these comment threads.

Yes, Susan Walsh called a crazy story about the “elite” recruiting sexless men, COMPELLING.  If Susan Walsh chooses to address this, I’m sure she will pull the same tricks she did last month when she said that divorce is overblown in the manosphere.  The fact is that she has no excuse.  If you read the entire page of comments, multiple people recognize David Jones comments as lunacy.  Susan Walsh has no excuse not to recognize this for what it is.  So why did Susan Walsh call a conspiracy theory about me, compelling?  Susan Walsh is in the business of whitewashing sluts or slut rehab.  The problem with “slut rehab” is that more and more men are realizing the truth about pervasive misandry and how that applies to sluts.  The idea of the “former slut” will not gain traction with increasing numbers of men.  If growing numbers of men are taking the position of “once a slut, always a slut”, then what are you left with if you want to rehab sluts?  Besides man up 2.0, the only thing left is to claim that women were “brainwashed” into being sluts.  In other words, being a slut wasn’t their choice but sort of forced upon them so any man refusing to have anything to do with supposedly “former” sluts is just beating up on the “victims” of brainwashing.  The only way to do that is with an absurd conspiracy theory like the one David Jones gave her.

If Susan Walsh thinks all of this is compelling, she probably thinks I’m a reptile alien too.

Lastly, I’m going to include part of David Jones last comment:  (Screenshot here)

The so called “mens rights” movement come into this because it’s the “mirror image of feminism” for men. It’s the male side of the elite’s manufactured gender war. If there’s one thing the “mens rights” males agree on its not getting married. That means less children. Within “mens rights” the MGTOW movement is even more extreme. They promote ghosting for men which involves avoiding women entirely. The more MGTOWs, the less children.

As Gloria Steinem and others worked for the elite in feminism, there are agents of the elite in the “mens rights” movement. Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech is deeply embedded in the military-industrial-security state complex. He has admitted this on his blog. That sounds like how Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA. He is acting under orders from his elite masters to grow the “mens rights” movement and promote gender war.

If you want to promote gender war from the male side, who would be the best group to recruit? Angry male virgins who can’t get together with women. Those males are already predisposed to work for the elite’s manufactured gender war. This is where overgrown boys like White & Nerdy come in. (Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech may have also been recruited this way. Being in the military-industrial-security state complex he probably knows more of the elite’s plans.) I know of other examples of this. A friend of mine has a brother similar to White & Nerdy. A year ago my friend’s brother started acting and talking like a “mens rights” hard liner that would be at home at the spearhead. My friend’s brother also suddenly got a lot more money at around the same time, and my friend can’t explain how that happened.

The reason why White & Nerdy and Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech have been so hard line is because a blog like yours, Susan, that promotes good relationships between men and women is a threat to the elite’s plans. The “mens rights” movement is still small so your blog can have a real effect, Susan.

Notice I did not talk about lizard people, Illuminati, Freemasons, Bohemian Grove, the occult despite the jokes of a few people here. Such things are distractions to what is really going on. Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech makes jokes like that all the time to distract from what he is really doing. Such fantasy is not a part of anything that I said.

Yes, I make jokes about reptile aliens and other things.  When it comes to someone like David Jones, I’m doing him a favor.  Conspiracy theories involving reptile aliens and demonic powers are less crazy than a conspiracy theory that male virgins are getting recruited by the elite.

Update: AmStrat wanted to remind everyone about the research that shows that conspiracy theorists are more willing than the general population to join a conspiracy.  This means that Susan Walsh accusing me of being part of a conspiracy says a lot more about her and her morality than it does about me.

Dec 232011

I have been busy, so I haven’t commented much on the latest Susan Walsh debacle at Dalrock’s where she says that divorce only happens because men cheat on their wives.  Everyone is saying what needs to be said, so I am not concerned about contributing.  If you want to find out what Susan Walsh is really all about then that post and all of the comments will provide you with an excellent education on the subject.  She really digs a hole for herself and shows her true colors.

I’m glad to see that more and more people are finally figuring out everything I have known about Susan Walsh for close to two years.  I knew eventually she would say something that would demonstrate her game 2.0/man up 2.0 attitudes.  If you want to know something before other people do, you should be reading this blog.

It’s clear to me that Susan Walsh is on the same path as Obsidian, who over time crashed and burned as the truth about him came out.  (I also figured out Obsidian long before most anyone else.)  Susan Walsh is really Obsidian 2.0.

Dec 082011

This was written a long time ago, and I wasn’t aware of it until yesterday when I read about it on another blog:

The Jews in charge see the MRM as benign and non-threatening and useful too. Some time ago I looked at some MRM websites, and they all had one thing in common. If you did what they said, you would be contributing to the end of the white race.

There’s an MRM blog called “Citizen Renegade” where the author who is a Jew tells white men how to “game” women for one night stands. White men who listen to Mr. Renegade will not have relationships with white women or form families meaning that the next generation of whites will be smaller. There’s another MRM blog called “Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology”. It should be called Pro-Jew/Anti-White Technology. The author there encourages men to only have children with Indian surrogate mothers in India. I also found a guy there who is a Hindu Indian, who brags about how he tricked women into miscegenation by donating sperm to a sperm bank and claiming he was white on their paperwork. There’s also a blog called “Omega Virgin Revolt” that is about nothing but generating hate among white men for white women.

The MRM is Jew run movement for preventing white men from forming families with white women and killing off white children before they’re even conceived. If you aren’t convinced the MRM is a Jew run movement go to any MRM blog and you will find them defending the Jew Strauss-Kahn and saying that Jew is a victim.

This is just another example of how white nationalism is really white knight nationalism.

Sep 142011

I have been accused of a lot of things.  I have been accused of being a “traitor”, worse than Don Draper, being like a serial killer, the anti-Christ who is trying to start a “pagan culture of phallic worship”, a high level official of the NWO and out to destroy Christian families, hurting women with a huge penisa reptile alien, and several other things I’m sure I’m forgetting.  Just when I thought I wouldn’t get accused of anything new, Jackie, who introduced us to the concept of “penis ornaments” says I’m a Congressman:

I think I figured out who you really are, PMAFT. I read you are in DC so I figured out that tou a very young Congressman in the House of Representatives. A position of that kind of power allows you to trick women into being part of your harem.

I am giddy for the day you get exposed in a sex scandal because of how you use your harem of women.

Jackie is really sure about this:

These women aren’t dumb sluts. They are good women who are forced into a Hobson’s choice between womanizers like PMAFT and jobless man children who play xbox all day.

PMAFT is a young Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives. Doesn’t it bother you that our leaders in government are engaging in this kind of behavior? PMAFT is using his position as a Congressman to hurt women.

Obviously, I’m not in Congress.  I don’t even live in DC proper.  I’m hoping that Jackie tries to “expose” whatever Congressman she thinks I am.  It would be hilarious and probably do more for the anti-feminist cause than just about anything.

Sep 092011

I got this in email via the contact form from “Jackie”:

I hope I can talk to you about your most recent blog.  Your relationships with women are in need of improvement.  You can improve your relationships with women by choosing to respect women.  Women do not exist to be ornaments for your penis.  We are people deserving of your respect.  What would your mother think if she knew using multiple women for your own pleasure?

I was curious about this concept of “penis ornaments”.  I did a google search, and it turns out that “dick ornament” (which means the same as “penis ornament”) is a real phrase.

“What would my mom think?” is code black shaming langauge, and my mom doesn’t think anything about this since she in unaware of my activities with women.  And this doesn’t deal with the fact that many women want to be “penis ornaments”.

Jul 122011

I didn’t want to waste any more time on Norge, but after he said this I decided to do something I haven’t done before and hopefully never will again:

I have NO idea who Paul Lamont is, but I am nonetheless amazed that you would continue to accuse me of breaking forum rules

As a rule I don’t show the IP addresses and email addresses of people who comment here, but this time I had to make an exception.  Hopefully, it will be the only time I ever have to make an exception.  Take a look. Click on the image to see it in full size.


As you can see Norge has posted under another name before. And he was saying the same thing in exactly the same way. Case closed.

Jul 102011

Norge decided to post a long comment accusing me of working continuing his nonsense about how I work for the Illuminati:

Hi…this is Norge. I’m not sock-puppeting or using multiple user names – I only need one ID to defeat opponents, especially fools like White & Nerdy. I am pleased to see you already accuse me of sockpuppeting, it goes along nicely with White & Failing’s accusation that I am a white knight. Any more lame tricks? Maybe you want to alter your post thread so that I cannot directly reply to your posts, the same way White & Sucking did? Hopefully not, hopefully you are more macho than that.

First, if you have a problem with some other blogger, take it up with them.

That second comment I quoted two posts ago conveniently came in at the right time.  That’s why I considered the possiblity Norge may have written it using another name.  More importantly, I checked Norge’s IP address.  He has posted comments here under the name Norge and paullamont.  He has used multiple user names despite his claim to the contrary.

I’m not sure what that thing about not directly replying to posts is about.  It may have something to do with a limit for how far comments will nest in wordpress.  If that’s the case, Norge is trying to manufacture fake claims of nefarious behavior.

So, you admit it, freely admit it – GREAT, I’m glad that I activated your cognitive dissonance to confess to both the readers here and at Omega Virgin Revolt the truth about your government involvment. I want everyone to understand that this time PMAFT isn’t bragging, he is confessing – a big difference. I’m glad you didn’t backpeddle out of it and try to pass it off as some kind of tongue and cheek gag against conspiracy theorists. I’ve been frequenting your site for some time now and I’ve read such unprovoked admissons of your complicity – so I think we both agree it would’ve been futile to make denials. Can you also go tell that fag White & Nerdy that he can stop gloating now, and that you weren’t joking or kidding when you bragged about your government ties? He may be too busy to respond to you though, as he is preparing his anal canal for Dominique Strauss Kahn’s homecoming.

I’m not sure what cognitive dissonance is supposed to being going on here.  All I did was be honest about how I am gainfully employed.  Yes, I work for a defense contractor.  Yes, I have a security clearance.  None of that means I work for the Illuminati.  It’s not a tongue in cheek gag, but with the way Norge is incapable of reading what’s right in front of him, it might as well be.

I utterly destroyed White & Nerdy, so maybe now I’ll start talking to you and get to the bottom of what you so-called Men’s Rights guys have against conspiracy theorists. I feel it is like this – we are all reading the same book, only conspiracy theorists are smarter. We have read further and faster, and while we are on page 250, the majority of people are stuck on page 82. When we tell you on page 200 that a New World Order, led by Freemasons, the Jewish Heirarchy, and Satanic bloodline familes, along with their lapdogs and affiliated members of the Good ol Boys club, are taking over the world and destroying your freedoms – you tell us that is too unbelievable, and you instead flip to page 83.

There’s no unified opinion on conspiracy theory in the MRM.

The book Norge is reading from is likely a Dan Brown novel that he can’t seem to figure out is fiction.

It is an intelligence issue – a matter of understanding all of the data out there, and being able to read through it faster since the enemy has had a magnificient head start as far as planning and execution. While some of us are smart enough to detect the danger, others are dumbed-down into falsely believing such vile forces do not exist, even at a time when they are making their evil selves more and more obvious to the world. The good thing is, it is not too late to change and put aside your stupidity – if only to save yourself and live a better life, aside from any specific theological or philosophical lean. I’m saying that last part to your readers and not to you PMAFT. You and White & Nerdy have already made your allegiance clear and known. You are not stupid, or unaware – you are complicit..

Actually it’s an issue of sanity, namely how Norge isn’t sane.

Where as your men’s rights movement acts to clip the fingernails of your enemy, their hands are still locked around your throat. It is a misdirection, and it makes you into a running dog for the NWO because you are towing their line and making yourself an asset to them. Many of the men arriving at this site are victims of feminism, which this last 100 years has been the 2nd most successful NWO policy for damaging their opponents – the human race. By giving readers misinformation that feminism doesn’t have its roots being start by the NWO, the Jewish Heirarchy, and Satanist bloodline families like the Rockefellars who have many charities and organizations for women established – you set your readers up to take a fall. You have them avoid recognizing who their real enemy is, but instead have them save their hatred for 3 group entities:

1. Feminist Authors – Dworkin, Marcotte, etc.

2. Men who defend feminism – manginas, white knights, pussy addicts – and including men who devalue themself and marry a lesser woman – like the Dilbert guy – and male politicians who support feminism to get the woman vote.

3. The legal system and woman who get away with crimes and dishonesty, from outright criminal behavior to no-fault divorces, cheating, etc.

I agree that all 3 types of people are shun-worthy, and should be called to task for their behavior and crimes – but they are also a product of a system created by Globalism and Feminism – the tools of the NWO. This doesn’t give them an excuse for their behavior or a sympathetic pause from us, at the least they deserve our pity for being duped and at the most our severe hatred for damaging humanity. Writing about them is fine, but it would be proper to occasionally point to the architects that infected these people with such stupidity and malice in the first place – if only to create a context of feminism’s origins.

The NWO, the “Jewish Hierarchy”, and “Satanist bloodlines” don’t exist so feminist can’t have anything to do with them.  How am I setting them anyone up to take a fall?  If someone doesn’t believe in the NWO, nothing happens to them.

Norge also forgot one important group in feminism, the mass of women who gave their implicit and explicit support for feminist policies and benefited from them.  You either hold them responsible or you don’t.  There is no in between where they can weasel out of it by claiming they were “duped”.

I’m not telling you to make this website another anti-NWO website – because I think that would defeat its purpose and there are already enough websites like that out there right now. However, I think you should acknowledge and rebuke the evils of NWO instead of telling people that they do no exist, and only that crazy people believe in such things. Whether you choose to do this again is subjective, because at the least you are clumsily unaware of the world you live, and at most a complicit pawn of the NWO / member of their techie disinformation branch. I think you qualify for the latter..

Why does Norge need me to rebuke a fictitious entity like the Illuminati?  And what good would that do if I did if the Illuminati did exist?  Norge, what are you doing to fight your nonexistent NWO besides waste a lot of time ranting on MRM blogs?  Many of us in the MRM are getting the word out about feminism with the URL @ Urinals campaign.  Paul Elam recently set up Register Her to expose criminal women.  Actual work is better than meaningless rebukes against nonexistent entities.  What have you done for your cause, Norge?  Obviously nothing so this is just an excuse for you to rant on the internet.  Unlike you, many of us in the MRM are getting real work done.

The lowest of the low is promoting the idea that acknowledging the NWO as an evil force in the world makes the person who does so a feminist – or supporter of feminist ideals. That is a ridiculous extrapolation to make about one person or a group or person, expecially when many like myself will point out that feminism was created, driven, and funded by the NWO. The fact that some conspiracy theorists support feminism is because they realize to a certain extent that you shouldn’t attack the finger, but the heart. They also don’t want to cut off and alienate themselves from a wide viewing public by attacking feminism outright before claiming a victory against the NWO – isn’t it better to fight one opponent at a moment instead of two?

Since you will never claim a victory against the NWO (because they don’t exist), you just admitted that conspiracy theorists will not fight feminism.  If  feminism is a tool of the NWO there is no fighting the NWO separate from fighting feminism.  By your own definition conspiracy theorists are feminists because they’re sacrificing men in an attempt to gain popularity.

I will summarize that the entire DSK affair has less to do with false-rape allegations and more to do with him being replaced in a grand media flourish. There is now heavy talk that he should run for Prime Minister of France – which would be a remarkable rebound for someone who was under the suspicion of a felony. And while the world is watching that happen, the IMF loans another 3 Billion to Greece, to further corrupt the birthplace of democracy into another banana republic.

Good to know that you can’t be counted on when false rape allegations rear their ugly head.

Traitor. I’ve said it, and I think it should stand up as a clear namesake for you until you choose to rebuke the forces of evil and ease off your assault against those working to expose and indict them. I welcome a response from you, because unlike White & Nerdy you will actually be able to hold your own in defending your undefendable position as a turncoat. You will still lose to me, but the volleys will make interesting reading for visitors to this website who may take the same issue that I have with you hating Conspiracy Theorists.

You are still not as bad as White & Nerdy though, who wants to see jailed conspiracy theorists put to death before they even have a chance to appeal for their life.

I checked his blog, and I could not find that anywhere.  Given all of the other things you made up, Norge, this is probably made up too.  Really, this doesn’t matter.  If you have a problem with another blogger, take it up with them.

So, why do you hate conspiracy theorists? Or should we just accept the evidence at hand that you are running misinformation for the NWO?

I await a response from you Pro Male Anti Feminist TRAITOR.

I don’t think you understand what the word, traitor, means.  I can’t be a traitor to a cause I don’t believe in against an enemy that doesn’t exist.

Norge, what was the point of all this?  If you think I and other MRAs are working for the Illuminati then you have effectively come to the conclusion that the MRM works for the NWO.  However, you’re too much of a wimp to say that.  We don’t take kindly to such behavior.  With all of the time you spent on these rants, here and on other blogs, you could have done something useful like learning some game.  Or posting some fliers.  Your rants do nothing for your goals much less ours.  You are nothing but a troll that is too stupid and insane to realize he is one.

Jul 072011

The number of people who think I work for the Illuminati continues to expand just like the universe.  Here is the latest:

This website, along with Pro-Male-Anti-Feminist-Tech, are psychological operations – pure and simple. You guys made websites with flashy titles to get people’s attention, especially MRAs, and then you spew globalist-tinged crap. Worse, you call down conspiracy theorists and their findings, preaching in effect “Hey folks, nothing to see over there – just crazy people”. The guy from PMAFT even brags that he works for a defense contractor, and that he has security clearance.

Read the above link and weep. A confession is the best evidence – which makes your stunning honesty in this argument a clearer portrait of who’s interests you truly represent. I’m on to you, and I hope others are too. The New World Order is the real assault on masculinity, and those who wittingly divert attention from the grandest threat – are also those that serve it.

Yes, I work for a defense contractor, and I have a (really high) security clearance.  I fail to see how that’s a “confession” of anything.  This guy has probably watched too many movies and thinks that there are “above top secret”, “cosmic top secret”, and “majestic” security clearances.  That and I’m not sure why the Illuminati would use government security clearances.

Another person added their two cents (although it could be the same person):

Finally someone else is willing to come here and point out the obvious. White and Nerdy works for the NWO just like PMAFT. All of them have a globalist agenda under the direction of the NWO. I suspect others in the MRM are working for the NWO.

I can’t believe my “globalist agenda”, whatever that is supposed to be, was discovered.  No one should be surprised that accusations of Illuminati membership (and being a reptile alien) would happen to other MRAs.  I knew this would happen sooner or later.



Jun 222011

I expected negative reactions to my Sunday Morning Nightclub from socons and tradcons such as this.  What I didn’t expect was criticism from feminists such as the man boob.  I certainly didn’t expect to be accused of trying to secretly manipulate gamers into seducing church girls.  (Maybe I should have been since I get accused of running the Illuminati attempt to manipulate men into becoming MRAs and accused of manipulating women.)  And what I really didn’t expect was this piece of hate email I got from “Maura”:

Your little attempt to seduce good women at church is not going to work.  We are not sluts for Jesus like you think.  Waving your penis around impresses sluts but not church women no matter how big your penis is.  If you try to seduce women at my church, we will throw you out like the trash you are.

The real question is why did “Maura” feel the need to make a reference to my penis.  I think we can all figure out the answer to that.

Such a broad based disgust to the “Sunday Morning Nightclub” idea means that is should be done and will probably work.

Apr 132011

I got this email from “Nora”:

I found your blog, and I must declare as God as my witness I have never heard of a more sexually immoral man than you.  You are in the express lane of the highway to Hell travelling at 500 miles per hour.

I can’t stop thinking about those poor women you brainwashed into your cult of immoral sexual filth.  I know that both of them just want to get married and raise some Godly children.  You have defrauded these women by pretending to want marriage.  You have used their desire for a family against them to force them to agree to servicing your filthy sexual desires.

One hundred years ago, cads like you were run out of town.  You never would have gotten a threesome since women had Godly men as options.  Women didn’t have to go into the sewer where you live to find a man.

You’re only hope is to repent because you are travelling at 500 miles per hour on the highway to Hell.  There are no threesomes in Hell.  I do not know if any sexual immorality goes on in Hell, but if it does, you will be on the receiving end.

First, here’s the video for AC/DC’s Highway To Hell because that should be the background music for this post.

This hate email is pure Code Scarlet shaming language.  We see the standard conservative female supremacist canard of blame men for everything and absolve women for everything.  “Nora” can’t handle the fact that Sabrina and Kate made the decision to participate in a threesome with me (and continue to have sex with me separately afterwards) of their own free will.  I didn’t use Jedi mind tricks or “brainwashing” as Nora says on them.  Nora’s claim about “brainwashing” is no different from when Denise Romano claimed gamers were hypnotizing women.

The idea that women just want to get married and raise “Godly children” but can’t because of sexually immoral men is just laughable.  Sure women in their late 20s like Sabrina and Kate want to get married but that’s because they know their looks are going to go downhill (even though they’re both 8s right now) and they have a fixed number of eggs.  It’s not about wanting to fulfill “Godly desires”.  After getting to the precipice of spinsterhood (H/T: artofclueless) women start looking for a beta chump.  This is what women’s desire for marriage is about, not a desire to serve God.

I really don’t know what to say about the idea that I’m “defrauding” Sabrina and Kate out of marriage.  The idea that being a woman’s boyfriend means that you have promised her marriage is absurd beyond belief.  Despite its high level of absurdity, it’s just what we would expect coming out of the mouth of a conservative female supremacist.

Jan 232011

When trying to claim NAWALT, it helps to not be a woman who is like that.  Take Kathy who went after me like Alte did with a bunch of crap about my sex life and how I supposedly treat women.  She claims to not be like that because she’s married to “a strong Catholic man”.  What she’s not telling you despite claims of taking her marriage vows seriously is that she’s divorced and that “strong Catholic man” she’s married to is her SECOND husband.  Already Kathy is in violation of her “strong Catholic beliefs”.  What’s really telling about Kathy is how she believes that Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen haven’t done anything wrong except fornication.  (This is not surprising coming from her since she doesn’t think feminism is a problem.)  She missed the part in the Bible where it talks about the sin of bearing false witness.  On top of that Kathy has said that she wants to live in a theocracy.  That would be really stupid on her part since she’s done enough to get thrown in jail by the morality police unless she thinks the morality police will only go after men.  Kathy accuses me of doing what’s convenient but I’m forced to conclude that’s just another example of women projecting.

Kathy’s selective morality doesn’t end there.  She has a history of online stalking (which I guess she doesn’t consider a sin either).  That part of the reason why Kathy is the only person other than Susan Walsh I have had to block from posting comments.  (The other part of the reason was that Kathy was causing trouble here.)  Kathy is like that.

Alte is the same way (except that she hasn’t stalked anyone online as far as I know).  She wasn’t a virgin when she was married. Reformed slut would probably be a better description.  We all know about women who are sluts in their teens and 20s, but then as soon as their looks start fading look for a beta chump they would have ignored earlier to get married to.  There are lots of these women in churches (along with divorced women).  Given that Alte’s husband refers to his time before marriage as “the long drought” I can’t say for sure that “reformed slut marries beta chump” is what happened here but it looks like it.  It’s a reasonable conclusion given that Alte has a very selective morality in this area.  She accuses me of being on the cock carousel and “defiling virgins” which is absurd given that I have never had the opportunity to “defile” a virgin but defends Bavarian men who have actually defiled virgins because it’s “traditional”.  And let’s not forget that these women who were supposedly defiled had nothing to do with what happened.  They would have been virgins if it hadn’t been for evil men like myself who tricked them.  Then there’s Alte’s “prediction” that a lynch mob of “normal guys” are going to come after me for “defiling virgins” (claiming that since those lynch mobs don’t exist it’s evidence that men have turned into “brainwashed wimps”).  Putting aside the absurdity of such a thing why would this lynch mob come after me since I was never involved and not the women who agreed with their “defiling”?  Like Kathy, Alte believes the morality police will only go after and should only go after men.  For someone who talks a lot about “male leadership”, Alte loves to tell men what to do.

Beyond that Alte’s behavior has always been bizarre.  There was the time she claimed Rob drove her off the Spearhead but there was nothing that Rob said that was directed at her.  Or claiming that I secretly defend feminism because it produces available pussy. (Ask the Duke lacrosse guys or Julian Assange about how feminism helped them.)  Or claiming that masturbation and video games are sins which according to the Bible, they aren’t.  Alte also has a habit of claiming one thing one day and the opposite another day.  For example, she claims “Christian patriarchy” is growing where she lives, yet a month ago she claimed such a thing was impossible because traditional marriage requires the support the law.  I could go on and on with examples but it’s clear Alte is like that too.

If a woman defends female behavior and attacks male behavior with no regard for logic or consistency like we have seen here she’s like that.  If a woman tries to get men to be used as cannon fodder for her battles (or complains men are wimps for refusing to be a part of her war) like Alte has then she’s like that.

This all got started because I pointed out that a lot of housewives are domestic divas sitting on their asses all day.  If you’re a housewife who has lots of time to blog all day like Alte, The (Not) Thinking Housewife, Lady Lydia, etc. then you proven my point that such housewives exist.

To end this post let’s look at the words of Laura Grace Robbins, a woman who isn’t like that, about my mommy wars article:

I didn’t get what all the fuss was over the mommy wars article. Dunno, maybe it’s a fear that the men won’t be there to help them fight their battles. Perhaps at the root of it all it comes down to one’s opinion as to whether or not society can be saved or if it is even worth an attempt. I tend to think not.

If men choose the career woman side, they are accused of not wanting to better society and if they choose the SAHM side they are accused of being all that is wrong with society. Who wants to get caught up in that crossfire? It’s being yanked back and forth between two groups of women who don’t really care what the man’s position is, but how they can best use him to accomplish their SAHM or career utopia.

Of course my side on this is obvious from my writings. The key is not getting men involved because this is a fight by women and for women. Women started this division and women can finish it. The SAHM side needs to focus on calling out and rebuking the career woman, rather than getting angry at men if they don’t want to get involved. As much as we may disagree with career women, it is women, my sex, that pinned fellow women against each other.

Jan 202011

I got this piece of hate email from “Betty”.  It references my most recent Spearhead post and my most recent post on the blog.

I found your blog and wanted to talk to you about it.  Have you considered how your behavior is demeaning to women?  You must think you have a great life just like Don Draper.  You wear expensive suits every day and get paid more than you should.  Your only problem is that you want to keep a wife at home and prevent her from working while you play with your mistresses.  You don’t want your wife or your mistresses to be able to work so they are dependent on you.  At least Don Draper kept his wife and mistresses separate.  You would make your wife have threesomes with your mistresses as you’re about to do with your girlfriend.  You’re worse than Don Draper.

I have got news for you, Mr. misogynist sexual degenerate.  I’m a feminist and I have my own job.  I earn my own money so I won’t be forced to live off the largess of the likes of you as a housewife or a mistress.  I know you secretly support making women into housewives.  You can’t stand career women because we are feminists who don’t need you.  The economy is turning more female so you will have no women sooner or later.

I love how I have gone from “loser virgin” to impure or “worse than Don Draper”.  When it comes to dealing with women, you as a man are always wrong.  You can’t please them so you should only try to please yourself.  I noticed how she believed presumably from my Mommy Wars Spearhead post that I wanted to force women into being housewives despite me going after both sides of the mommy wars argument.  “Betty” is guilty of binary thinking.  Since both sides in the mommy wars argument are absurd, historically inaccurate, based on false premises that don’t reflect reality, a waste of time and a trap for men, and something that will never produce anti-feminist results, this translates to supporting whatever she’s against.  In “Betty’s” case this means being for housewives but against “working” women.  “Betty” can’t see the existence of ideas that don’t fit into her binary thinking of women at work or women at home.  She tries to shoehorn my ideas into her binary thinking which means she ends up believing I’m pro-housewife but anti-“working” woman.  She either is incapable or does not want to understand what I said.

Alte did the exact same thing “Betty” did except from the opposite direction. Alte used the exact same binary thinking but because she’s a housewife and not a “working” woman so Alte thinks I support career women but am against housewives.  Like “Betty” Alte is either incapable or refuses to understand what I said.  It’s no surprise that both sides of the mommy wars argument would interpret my words in such similar ways.  Either you’re with them or against them which means you’re against their enemy or with their enemy.  Both sides treat not being in total agreement as an excuse to claim I’m a “sexual degenerate” which shows how deep both “Betty” and Alte are into binary thinking because they fear and don’t understand male sexuality outside of mommy wars argument.

If you want see how bad binary thinking can be, just read any of Thordaddy’s gibberish about “supremacy”.  If you dare to disagree with him at all you’re in a state of “anti-supremacy” while anyone with at least an IQ of 20 will be thinking (correctly) that his “supremacy vs. anti-supremacy” gibberish makes no sense.  His gibberish has nothing to do with the real world.  The mommy wars arguments have a similar problem but not to the same degree as Thordaddy because Thordaddy is most likely clinically insane.

Speaking of the sexual degeneracy I was accused of, I loved this bit from Alte:

You think PMAFT is against feminism? He loves feminism because it supplies him with an unending supply of cheap pussy! He’s a hypocrite to even complain about it because he wouldn’t end feminism even if he could. He just wants to tweak it a bit, so that it’s even more convenient for him…He wants even more cheap pussy, and fewer consequences for pumping-and-dumping his way through the female population.

SHIT!  I can’t believe I was caught.  All this time I spent arguing against sexual harassment law, the false rape industry, paternity fraud, big government feminist programs, etc., pissing off hundreds of women by pointing out feminist degeneracy in science fiction causing hundreds of women to tell me that I have a small dick, supporting initiatives like URLs @ Urinals and so on was really a cover to hide my feminism.  Months, no years of work ruined dammit!

Seriously, can anyone explain to me how feminism produces “cheap pussy”?  I would think that convincing women that “all heterosexual sex is rape” and causing them to believe other feminist bullshit would actually reduce the supply of cheap pussy.  Every woman I have ever banged believed that she’s not a feminist so obviously I didn’t get cheap pussy on the basis of feminism.  If I got “cheap pussy” (and how do we determine that pussy is “cheap”?  It’s not traded on the commodities market.) it would seem that if anything it’s a result of women trying to get their claws into me (or into my wallet) now that I can access women of the age who are in find a beta chump to marry mode.

Alte provided so much material to rip apart.  Unfortunately, I will only have time to write another post or two about it.  I don’t have the time to cover it all because I don’t have the time to blog all day.  I have a job.

Jan 162011

Here’s something that will piss off the Mark Richardsons and Susan Walshs and Escpaistarts.  I expect more comparisons to serial killers after this post.

Those of you reading this blog know that I have thought plenty about banging Sabrina’s best friend (let’s call her Kate) and having a threesome with Sabrina and Kate.  This weekend Sabrina and I were talking.  Since I have known Sabrina, Kate has not been able to find a man.  This seems surprising since she’s hot and only as crazy as the average woman.  Sabrina was complaining about Kate complaining about striking out when trying to get a man recently.  The conversation went like this (Everything is paraphrased for brevity, clarity, and just to make it into full sentences where there wasn’t any, and I left out some of the insults.):

Me: I will bang Kate to shut her up for you.
Sabrina: Ha Ha. Very funny.
Me: No, I’m serious.
Sabrina: You’re serious???? I give you all the sex you could ever want and that isn’t enough? I let you do things to me no other guy has done. Why do you want to cheat?
Me: I want a threesome. That’s not cheating.

Sabrina just gets a lot angrier at this point.

Sabrina: You’re not getting a threesome or anything from me anymore. You…You…You’re going to have to jerk off your little dick from now on.
Me: (I start laughing.) That’s not what you said last night or a million other times about my dick.
Sabrina: I lied to protect you. You have the smallest dick I have ever seen. Oh..and I had a threesome with two big black guys.
Me: With two big…you mean fat black guys? Why would I care about that or that they were black?
Sabrina: No you moron. They had really big dicks…This big (Sabrina did one of those, “I caught a fish this big with her arms”)
Me: That big? How was the hospital afterwards after getting impaled by those guys?
Sabrina: Shut Up!  SHUT UP!  SHUT UP!  Fuck this. That’s it. I’m leaving.
Me: Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

It took a lot of mental energy to be able to come up with all those comebacks that quickly and stay level headed.  I was exhausted.  And I’m sure someone like Roissy could list quite a few game failures here.  I thought Sabrina and I were done, but two minutes later I get a knock on my door.  It’s Sabrina and she says, “Hey there Mr. Big, can I come in and apologize?”  Sabrina went through this big long apology complete with commentary about how huge my dick really is.  She claims that she only said I had a small dick because she was angry.  (Are women capable of saying, “you have a nice average sized dick?”  I don’t think they are.  It’s either huge dick or small dick.)  Sabrina said that she’s “woman enough” to handle a threesome if I can convince Kate to join in.

Sabrina even went to the point of saying that she can handle me having the occasional woman on the side as long as she knows about it.  This sounds great right?  Alarm bells were going off in my head when she said that.  Sabrina went from being angry about me even thinking about other women to saying I could fuck other women within the space of several minutes.  I’m certain Sabrina has some other ideas in her head.  It may be as simple as trying to generate drama to planning her eventual divorce and using my “philandering” as an excuse.  It may seem absurd to plan a divorce before we’re even married but there’s a strong possibility Sabrina is already planning her marriage to me so planning a divorce now as well doesn’t seem far fetched.  Either way I don’t know so I’m going to try for the threesome and see what happens if I can make the threesome happen.

Dec 152010

I was thinking about my last post and what causes my haters to say such things about me.  Putting the conspiracy theorists aside since they hate me for separate reasons, there are three things I came up with.  First, they’re afraid of authentic male sexuality.  Second, I’m not neutered.  That may not explain all my non-conspiracy theorist haters but it does explain the Gaping Hole Gang and Susan Walsh.

Take a look at what Ferdinand had to say about Escapistart comparing me to a serial killer:

See Escapist’s comments about you. Only someone with a serious learning disability would compare you to a serial killer, considering that you’ve only expressed normal sexual desires for men (wanting a threesome, wanting to pork other girls, not wanting to get married).

Ferdinand is correct.  I have normal male sexual desires.  Escapistart and Susan Walsh can’t deal with that.  They can’t deal with authentic male sexuality.  That’s why Escapistart compared me to a serial killer, and Susan Walsh called my behavior disgusting.  I also express my desires like a man.  Susan Walsh loves Obama and his relationship with Michelle. Perhaps that is because Obama is a mangina and has been effectively neutered as a man by Michelle.  What else can you say about a man who runs away from a press conference and his job as President of the United States so Michelle won’t be mad?  He’s the President of the United States but still under his wife’s thumb.  I’m sure this is what Susan Walsh wants from men.  However, there is no authentic masculinity in such a man.

The third reason and possibly the most important is that I’m the bear from Dalrock’s bear and salmon analogy.  The salmon (at least the ones vaguely aware of it like Susan Walsh and the Gaping Hole Gang) are pissed that they can’t catch me.  I know exactly where the Salmon are, how to catch them, and I am free.

Take a look at the picture to the left.  (It’s a picture of a kermode or spirit bear.  I picked it out because it’s a rare form of black bear with white fur.  It seemed appropriate to pick the most alien looking bear with all of the reptile alien jokes around here.)  Notice how the bear has a salmon in its mouth, but the bear is looking for more.  It can get more salmon without trouble.  The bear is an efficient salmon hunting and eating machine.  It fits Dalrock’s analogy well.

Susan Walsh and the Gaping Hole Gang are pissed that some woman won’t be able to entrap me as a beta provider for her.  Snark pointed out how surprising it is that I get so much abuse since I’m mild compared to a lot of MRAs and don’t do much wrong. The reason why I attract such abuse (conspiracy theorists aside) is because I’m the bear.  I represent a real threat to what women want.  This is why they hate me.  I’m not the only one either.  Over at Dalrock’s blog, Marcos got a lot of abuse for similar reasons. It’s not unique to me.

Dec 062010

There’s some excellent material in the hater category today.  (And thanks to the person who emailed this to me since I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.)   This is some of the best hater material ever.

There’s this woman who goes by Escapist, and her blog is here.  If you are unable to figure out what she’s trying to say, you are by far not the only person with this problem.  She also has this alternate account and blog called Sexy Pterodactyl.  Don’t ask me to explain that either.  She posted this at HookingUpSmart, Susan Walsh’s blog (full comment included for context):

Aunt Enid (aka Susan Walsh), I have a question for you? If you care about girls having good dating experiences, why do you specifically (and tacitcly) support stuff like the following? Perhaps its that women are inherently worthless/class enemies once they’re past say age 27?


Surely the manosphere (MRA PUAs, or even the “nice happily-married ones like Dalrock”) is not about belligerence, just justice/righting wrongs? Au contraire. Consider this post and the associated comments at Dalrock……
…celebrating guys that put up a nice front (including via Internet dating, and including showing marriage interest), but are actually purposely “using”/taking up the time of the women they are dating (they target women in their late 20s and 30s) – as revenge for the crime of said women (not necessarily even the specific women in question, but their age group) not dating them when they were younger.

Consider also the nice nerdy “Pro-Male Anti-Feminist Tech” blogger whose attitude towards his girlfriend Sabrina is basically that of a serial killer observing a specimen for how best to prey. He’s trying to figure out how/when to dump her to avoid having to be nice at holidays, meet her family and such – but to still get Sexytime/a threesome (not so much for enjoyment, but because that way he “wins”) and the associated ego-feed goodies in the meantime. Aunt Enid (ahem, Susan Walsh of Hooking Up Smart) and the like duly submissive-helpmeet-squadron him in his comments section.

Serial killer?  At least she’s admitting that serial killers are popular with women and not like this guy.  What is the serial killer argument she’s using?  It’s just like this woman who commented her a while ago how I was being “controlling” with Sabrina but if/when Sabrina tries to do the same thing it’s a “feminist relationship”. Women prey on men all the time but when a man just has a real backbone that’s “preying on women”.

I don’t think Escapist/Sexy Pterodactyl really read my blog.  Where is this “submissive helpmeet squadron” in my comments section?  Provide some links, or it doesn’t exist.  How am I avoiding meeting Sabrina’s family when I have already done that?  And what’s wrong with threesomes?  If they weren’t enjoyable why would anyone do them?

While the “serial killer” bit is new, none of what Escapist/Sexy Pterodactyl says is new.  I have been accused of “preying on women” before which is a common enough use of anti-male shaming language that I gave it its own color, Code Magenta. I have been accused of sexual depravity, of being a sexual deviant and sexually degrading women in a filthy way, treating women like cum dumpsters, having a large dick and using it to hurt women, etc.  You see elements of all that in what Escapist/Sexy Pterodactyl says.  It should surprise no one that the same silly arguments/shaming language are coming up over and over again.  A year and a half ago they would have just used code purple shaming language of how I’m just pissed I can’t get laid.  Since they can’t use that anymore, I get this.  No matter what I do outside of chopping off my balls or becoming like David Alexander I will always get one form of shaming language or another from women like Escapist/Sexy Pterodactyl.  If one form of shaming language stops working, they just move on to another one.

The only things that Escapist/Sexy Pterodactyl missed were calling me a reptile alien in charge of the Illuminati and a global depopulation agenda and having a small dick.  Maybe she did but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the gibberish that is her blog.

Also, let’s not forget why I can’t (or won’t) do a standard progression of relationship to engagement to marriage with a woman.  It’s because of the corrupt anti-male divorce system.  Escapist/Sexy Pterodactyl won’t admit that exists so I get attacked for being like a “serial killer”.

Susan Walsh had a response to this:

He and I have never been on speaking terms, and I banned him from this blog a long time ago. I do not read his blog, so I’m not sure why you claim I’ve commented there. I actually went over and read the posts you mention, and I’ll go on record as saying that he disgusts me. I do not support him or his tactics, either blatantly or tacitly.
Or are you calling me out because Ferdinand links to me and links to him at the same time? Do you really believe that I am responsible for the company Ferdinand keeps?

I disgust Susan Walsh?  That means I must be doing something right.  This is also an example of code beige shaming language, the charge of some sort of non-specific “shameful behavior”.

What tactics am I using?  Ones to avoid entrapment.  That’s it.  Why do I only stay with women so long?  Because I’m avoiding marriage or more accurately, I’m avoiding the corrupt anti-male divorce system.  I am also doing things to avoid being entrapped in the anti-male child support system (with an “oops” pregnancy), etc.  This is what really drives haters like these two.  I’m successfully avoiding women getting their claws into me and my bank accounts.  They can’t stand a man that is free, and I am free.  This is not the first time I have been attacked for this.  It’s happened before because like with the rest of this it’s nothing new.

Ferdinand, you need to work a lot harder at generating some haters.  It’s pretty bad when you have to rely on your association with someone for generating haters.

The last thing I have to say about this is knowing that Escapist/Sexy Pterodactyl is so mortified at the prospect of having a threesome makes me want to have a threesome with Sabrina and her best friend even more.  I’m sure that last sentence will drive Escapist/Sexy Pterodactyl even more crazy if that’s possible.

Dec 012010

It’s been a while since I got some good hate email.  I received this email from “Arthur”.

Why do you want to have a threesome?  Is it just an excuse to cheat on your girlfriend and trick her into accepting it?  You shouldn’t even be having sex before you’re married.  You are a very depraved individual.  Women are human beings not your sex toys.  Put down the massive amounts of porn you consume and get some help with your sexual obsessions.

Why do you brag about your sexual depravity on a blog?  I thought about this and realized it’s because you’re demonic.  You don’t have a demonic spirit in you.  You’re worse because you are the anti-christ.  You are trying to lead millions of men away from the path of sexual purity and divinely ordained marriage.  You are trying to trick them into a hell of infinite amounts of porn and promises of interactive porn with your obsession with technology.  It’s clear that you hate children and want to lead men away from their divine duties as fathers.

Your attempt to replace our Christian culture with a pagan culture of phallic worship will fail.  Real men are standing up to you, Mr. Anti-Christ.  I am married.  I am going to have kids.  Take that Mr. Anti-Christ.

I have never been called the anti-christ before.  How did this guy figure out my secret plan to lead all you guys away from marriage and kids?  I guess I’m going to have to shut down the cum dumpster servant girl factory.  (Just kidding.  You guys will get your cum dumpster servant girls.)

While this email was pretty extreme in its language, it’s the standard attack on mens rights for leading men away from marriage while ignoring how marriage has become marriage 2.0.  It blames men for protecting themselves rather than figuring out what has really happened.  It includes a massive attack on male sexuality particularly with his comment about a “culture of phallic worship”.  This is no surprise since as we have seen before there is an undercurrent of hatred of male sexuality in conspiratorial thinking.  Related to that this hate email wouldn’t be complete without attacking me for sexual depravity.  That is a theme that as come up before as I have been accused of being a “sexual deviant” and “sexually degrading women in a filthy way”.

I don’t think I’m going to have to worry about these “real men” stopping me.  What are they going to do?  Send me more emails?

Oct 232010

I know FB has asked us to stop paying attention to manboobz but I have a point.  Manboobz decided to comment on my last post completely missing the point. (And he managed to do it very quickly.  I would assume that he had some sore of government-feminist job except that he’s still a guy and a ninth class citizen under feminism regardless of his views.)  Manboobz said at the end about my prediction of an anti-feminist Stuxnet:

Well, that’s one way to win the war of ideas.

To manboobz feminism vs. mens rights is some sort of debating and mental masturbation society.  Manboobz has does not truly grasp the destruction feminism has caused in men’s lives.  To someone like manboobz its all an academic argument or at most is about getting laid.  (This is a problem shared by others such as Susan Walsh.)

Men are sitting in jail for crimes they did not commit because of feminism.  Men have had their children taken away from them because of feminism.  Men are paying child support to children that aren’t theirs (paternity fraud) because of feminism.  Men have had their lives destroyed by divorces forced on them because of feminism.  Men have had their jobs destroyed because of feminism and a hostile feminist government. Men are losing their freedom because of feminism.  Men have been murdered because of feminism.

All of these things show us how this is not a “war of ideas”.  This is why I talked about how there will probably be an anti-feminist Stuxnet in the future.  Manboobz focused on how I said the worm would take down feminist blogs and websites.  That would be at best a secondary goal (and more difficult than its primary goal).  The primary goal would be taking down the computers and networks of feminist groups influencing the government to destroy men (i.e. NOW) and various organizations and government agencies that exist to destroy men.  Men my age and younger have seen how their fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, male friends, male business associates, etc. have been destroyed my feminism if it has not already happened to us.  We have been forced to sit through (attempted) feminist indoctrination at public (and even private) schools.  To many men this ceased to be a “war of ideas” a long time ago and is one step away from being an actual shooting war.  This isn’t a war men are planning to start.  It’s a war that was already declared on men, and the only question is when groups of men will still fighting back in such a direct manner.  In such a situation where it’s a war or almost one, new and interesting weapons to fight feminism will be created.

The Stuxnet worm has provided an example of how malware can attack specific targets.  Instead of nuclear reactors the same principles can be used to create a worm that attacks feminist organizations and feminist created government agencies that destroy men.  The men who write this malware will not be concerned with silencing feminists as if they were anti-free speech.  They will be concerned with taking down the array of groups who are currently successfully destroying men.

Sep 252010

These are not new categories of shaming language, just newly defined.  Regardless they should be added the Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Language.  You can thank manboobz for inspiring this post since he used them both.

Charge of Preying On Weak/Damaged/Insecure Women (Code Magenta)

Discussion: Often the target is accused of being unable to get laid or get a girlfriend/wife (code tan & code purple).  However, these forms of shaming language fail when it turns out the target is able to get laid and/or get girlfriends/wives.  The women in the target’s life will be attacked as being weak, damaged, insecure, or otherwise dependent on the target.  The accusation is that the original shaming language of not being able to get a woman/get laid is correct except that the target can get (and only get) women who are weak, damaged, insecure, have low self-esteem, etc.  It’s a way of saying that a “real woman” would want nothing to do with the target.  Examples:

  • I feel sorry for your girlfriend/wife.
  • Your girlfriend/wife has low self-esteem/psychological problems.
  • The only reason you can get a woman is because the patriarchy produces anti-woman propaganda to make them desperate to have a man, any man, in their lives.

Response: The one pressing the charge is doing nothing digging a deeper hole for themselves.  The original shaming tactic failed.  Since the one pressing the charge is trying to claim women are the arbiter of a man’s worth, the evidence of the target’s relationship with a woman directly proves the accuser wrong.  The accuser must claim that the target’s woman is not a “real woman” in some manner.  However, the accuser has already failed since the evidence is against the accuser.  It integrates the logical fallacy of “argumentum ad misericordiam” (viz., argumentation based on pity for women).

Charge of Non-Specific “Shameful Behavior” (Code Beige)

Discussion: As shaming language tends to fail, the target will be accused of “shameful behavior”.  What this “shameful behavior” is will be poorly defined or not defined at all.  Typically this accusation will come after the accuser’s attempt(s) at shaming language has been exposed, but it could be used against the target at any time.  Examples:

  • Your behavior is shameful.

Response: The accuser is now incapable of producing specific examples of what the target’s shameful behavior is.  This means that the accuser is being emotional and has run out of arguments for their position.

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