May 222014

Sorry to disappoint everyone but there are no topless pics of women in this post.  Instead we have a new cartoon from EvilWhiteMaleEmpire about Vladimir Putin’s reaction to protests by feminists who went topless (in both English and Russian):what Putin really thinks of Femen (in English) what Putin really thinks of Femen (in Russian).

What these cartoons refer to is how Putin handled a recent protest by Femen and completely diffused Femen’s attetion whoring.  What Putin did was brilliant and made Femen look stupid.  If you want to see how stupid Femen looks thanks to Putin, then watch this episode of Portlandia.  While the Portlandia episode isn’t about Femen, it has animal rights protesters including a woman who keeps asking when she should take her top off over and over again.  Femen could have easily been a Portlandia sketch, and Putin pointed that out to the world.

May 102014

EvilWhiteMaleEmpire has created another cartoon for us:

feminism does not pay

Being a mangina/white knight will not get you laid.  It won’t get you any other benefits either.  Male feminists are the enemy to feminists as much as non-feminist men are.  Being a male feminist is far from a guarantee of protection against feminism.

The greatest example of this has to be David Futrelle.  He failed to get any traction despite four years of blogging lies about MRAs so he had to change the name of his blog.  All of Futrelle’s work has not generated any benefits for him just like with any other male feminist.

Oct 122013

EvilWhiteMaleEmpire has created another cartoon for us:

_the pedophileI was going to try to write some extended commentary on this but this one picture criticizes several aspects of feminism, and this cartoon is able to communicate what it would take me a long time to write much more quickly.  This cartoon proves that a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

I also like how this cartoon shows how multiple feminist issues are connected to each other.  I have noticed more and more people saying “there’s nothing wrong with feminism except for X”.  If you just got rid of that X, these people believe that opposition to feminism would just disappear.  (Conveniently, that X typically is something that person doesn’t personally like about feminism.)  In reality, feminist issues have a web of connections to each other so you can’t get rid of just one part of feminism.  (This web of connections even connects to things not typically considered feminist because as Fidelbogen says, “feminism has fuzzy borders”.)  If you are able to get rid of one aspect of feminism, such as abortion, then you end up with conservative female supremacism or traditionalist conservative feminism.  If you are able to get rid of another single feminist issue then you end up with nazbol misandry or some other form of misandry.




Sep 262013

EvilWhiteMaleEmpire created this cartoon about the European Union’s latest attempt to ban anti-feminist speech:

_when they see that they're losing

This is a very apt depiction of what is going on in the EU.  Back when I was in school (and I’m sure this is true for everyone reading this) there were always girls complaining something was “unfair” anytime they lost at a game, got a bad grade, etc.  Often, teachers would give in to girls crying “unfair” and would change the rules for them.  What happens when girls who cried “unfair” all the time grow up?  They don’t mature.  Since they don’t have a teacher to whine to, they whine to the EU.  Just like how teachers in school would give into to girls who whined that everything was “unfair” to them, the EU does the same thing.

Aug 182013

Recently, there has been some interest in having me feature some guest content in the blog.  The first was this cartoon from EvilWhiteMaleEmpire.  I was recently sent the following by a regular reader of this blog who wishes to remain anonymous.  I didn’t realize that there would be this must interest in having me host content from my readers, but I’m more than happy to do it.  I have added a category called Guest Content to mark all content submitted by guest authors so that you can find it easily.  If you want to submit something for me to post on this blog, send me an email.  It would like it to be relevant to this blog, but my definition of “relevant” is extremely broad.

Everything after the line below was written by the anonymous regular reader I mentioned.


I’m sure that a sizable majority of you have read this post by the Futurist titled “The Misandry Bubble”: of the hundreds of posts that I’ve read on the various blogs, this is my favorite.  It tackles directly and unambiguously the issues at hand than men in the western world are facing.  For months I could feel deep down inside of me that this will be an issue.  I do not need to tell you the obvious.  The disaster that is Marriage 2.0, the misandry in our society and government and the toxic culture that we live in.  The better question is how to best adapt to the circumstances and thrive in the chaos (even in the darkest of days of our species, those who know where to look will find new opportunities).My goal here is to aim this towards the issues that some men (and primarily men) would like to see addressed.

This post will be split up into two parts.  The first will talk about what to do now to survive and the second will talk about what to do after the Misandry Bubble (MB) pops.

Let me just state up-front that I believe what GK (aka The Futurist author) says will indeed happen in the 2020 – 2025 time-frame.  That is my assumption and the background behind this article.

Before I go any further, what I’m aiming with this piece is to give you a framework — a general direction — as to what to do next.  What you do with this framework is entirely up to you.  I will try to detail some of the different things you can do differently, but this list is not exhaustive.  So, lets begin!

Part I (all is well, kinda…)

Your Health

This point is the most crucial by far.  Your health is infinitely more important that you realize.  If you go MGTOW or try pick-up, your health is priority number ONE.  If this country’s economy and government go the way of something similar to the Great Depression or suffers the chaos that former USSR countries went through, having a large and highly specialized health network will be fortunate at best.  Consider that the health sector only consumes and does not generate any wealth and your average hospital will expect you to buy your own meds and then bring them to them so they can treat you (yes, this currently happens in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, etc.)  Add to the fact that male life-spans plunged when the Iron Curtain went down, you don’t get a pretty picture.

So, you might be wondering, what can be done?

– If you smoke, drink or take recreational drugs, this will impact you in a negative way.  This is a fact.  I won’t tell you to give up something in life if you want it bad enough, but you’re taking on risk.

I’ve read studies that one damned caffeine and another praised it.  Truthfully, I don’t know for sure about this, but I love me my coffee.

– Do you work out?  How often?  What’s your plan and how often do you do it?  Even if you’re not lugging weights around (although I strongly recommend it), going for a 1 mile jog (or riding a bike or swimming) will help you immeasurably.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter how great your plan is, it’s better to have one that’s half-decent than do nothing.

I recommend bench pressing, lat pull downs (or pull-ups), a military press and squats.  That’s usually what I do.  Change it up as you see fit.

– What’s your diet like?  Do this for a week.  If you have a digital camera or a smartphone, take a picture of every item that you eat, even gum (or keep a journal, write down anything that you eat before you eat it).  Then at the end of 7 days (it doesn’t matter on which day you start), take a tally of everything that you consumed.  How much of it was processed crap?  One side-benefit is that you will find your will to avoid the sugary garbage increasing when you have to write down what you eat.

Have you read-up on the paleo diet?  Here is what I did that convinced me.  I took a few notes of how I was feeling prior to starting a paleo diet, as well as my blood pressure (your doc or those machines in a pharmacy can give you that number) and your weight (you can do some pre and post blood-work to get a clearer picture).  No need to write a journal entry.  Now, go here and look at a paleo diet plan (substitute as necessary to suit your taste and avoid stuff you’re allergic to, but stick with being paleo!):

Try that for 2 months.  Now compare with your notes to how you feel now.  My blood-pressure dropped from 140 to 110.  Wow!  I felt better and my workouts at the gym were more intense.  Score!

Also, if you have a condition (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, mental illness, etc.), there have been reports that a paleo diet will lessen or eliminate some of these issues.  Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, I am not a researcher and I am not in any way qualified to give medical advice, when I started a workout regiment, I actually went to my doctor (who knows what he’s talking about) and made sure I’ll be fine.  I have read up on this issue and there have been reports of individuals improving their lives many fold.

– Chronic Conditions (high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, etc.)  Look, there’s no way to sugar-coat this, your quality of life and ability to make it out in this environment will suffer.  I recommend doing some research on the meds that you take to stay alive, what works, how effective, how long you can store it, etc.  Also, look up potential plants that can help you out, but, as always, consult your doctor before making any changes to your pill regiment.  As stated before, I’m speaking from personal experience and I’m not a doctor.

Furthermore, change your diet and exercise.  Having moobies, a gut that prevents you from seeing your penis, a barely functional penis and a slew of chronic health problems is no way to go through life.

– How much do you sit?  Yes, in a chair.  No, it’s not good for you.  When humans wandered earth before we even had fire, it wasn’t on an office chair.  We’re not made for that.  The more you actually stand, the healthier you will be.  Oh, you doubt me?  Well, here are just a few links:

Standing up and walking around your desk would be nice, but if your boss expects you to be chained to your desk, try to convince him that if you elevate your desk higher (so you can stand), your shoulders will feel less pain and you’ll feel better.  And if you don’t have an office job and can walk around as you see fit, then that is a good job.

– Mental health is crucial.  Keep your sanity and guard it with everything you can.  Disassociate yourself from toxic people if you have to (I’ve done this).  Also, take-up hobbies that will give you a purpose and drive you forward towards something that you enjoy, more on this later.  Your attention and time in this world are very important, if someone is not helping you, ask yourself it they’re hurting you and take what appropriate action you feel necessary.

If you have a chronic mental health condition (bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, etc.), please look about researching meds and plants that can help you (and again, consult with your doctor, since I’m not one and don’t know your situation).  A better diet and an exercise routine will help as well.  Also, if you have certain social or mental (or anything else) triggers that can cause an attack or some negative event, avoid it like the plague.

Your Behavior

Yes, your behavior and reputation are very important.  If you’ve read the book 48 Laws of Power[1], it clearly spells out that reputations alone can make or break a man.  It’s that simple.  Prior to the MB popping, your reputation is very crucial, guard it accordingly.  Consider the consequences of your actions, but that doesn’t mean that you should do nothing (there’s a life to be lived).  Yes, what you write online is not something that you can do in complete anonymity.  Think about the consequences — as a grown adult should — of your actions.  Stick and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me is a nice little phrase for little kids that were called poopy-face, but your words do carry weight.

Do not, under any circumstances, threaten someone online or in person with physical harm (of any sort) or the harm of their property or loved ones.  That’s just common sense.  And if you threaten someone important enough, people in black suits and guns will come and give you a smack-down.  And frankly, if you have that little common sense, you deserve it.  You find it difficult to believe that talking trash online won’t get you in trouble?  Read this:

The most important element that you must master is your emotional core.  If you know a particular subject might cause you to lose your cool, don’t dive into it (especially online).  If you have such concerns or limitations, get this under control yesterday (this could be compounded if you have a chronic mental health condition).  Avoid anything that might push you to lose your emotional control and then approach the subject more carefully and in controlled ways.[2]

Make a short list (no more than 5 to 15) of rules you want to abide by and you expect others to abide by.  What are somethings that you feel you _must_ accomplish?  About those around you?  Do they do things that you find to be unacceptable?  How often do you call them on it?  Start with just one rule.  One rule that you will abide by like it’s the motherfucking law for at least 6 weeks.  You know what will happen?  You’ll turn it into a powerful habit.  That’s how I got myself flossing at least 6 times a week before going to bed.  That’s a good habit.  Your buddy Jim hitting on your woman?  Tell him when you’re both sober that you don’t tolerate that crap and that if he keeps persisting, you’ll stop being his friend.  If he crosses the line, you drop him like a sack of potatoes (delete his number, unfriend him, ignore his calls, etc.)  If anyone asks why you don’t hang out with Jim anymore, tell them as well that you have a problem with what he was doing, you warned him of the consequences and he wouldn’t stop.  Don’t apologize, don’t express doubt or regret.

Do not — ever! — talk about MGTOW, MB or the red pill to others that are at work or within your social circle.  Don’t try to change your circle of friends, get a different set of friends (trust me on this).  I made this mistake personally.  At a new job that I started, I spoke to a guy that I thought was somewhat of a natural alpha, someone that I could relate to on a deeper level.  Big mistake.  When I started talking about PUA and female psychology, the mangina in him came out and started defending every conceivable notion about women that was ever manufactured.  This was not a good job experience, to say the least…  People, even the most liberal or “understanding” individuals, have a wide variety of pre-conceived notions about life and these are not just ideas, but religious beliefs that they will defend to as best as they can, lest their ego suffers a blow.  Look, don’t try to change the beliefs that people have, if you succeed, they will resent you, if you fail, they will claim that your ideas were bad in the first place.  Meet different people instead.  If you see someone is struggling with elements of human psychology or the current disgusting order of things, resist the urge to go and help that person, they have to find their way on their own.

And lastly, promises.  If you make a promise to someone because you wanted to help/aid this person or meet them.  Keep that promise, this ties into your reputation.  If something prevents you from carrying out that promise, let them know as soon as you can and the reason why.  If it’s a good friend and you care about the relationship, it prevents you from coming across as a douche.

Imagining how you will act in a given stressful situation will help you to actually act reasonably and in a manner that’s advantageous to you.  Here’s one example.  I went to a store with my wife and we wanted to buy something, the line was very long and we were waiting.  A register opened up next to it and we just scooted over to it.  A pissed off man behind us started complaining and whining (always pathetic when women do this, worse if men) that he was next in line and he was waiting for a very long time.  Realizing that this was not a genuine concern, but instead an effeminate whine-a-thon, I said “Oh, go ahead.”  In the end, it consumed 10 more seconds of my life, the guy “felt” like he was vindicated and the girl behind the register gave me a look indicating that he was a wanker.  What just happened?  Well, first of all, this guy felt wronged from his perspective and I gave him a way out.  Why argue over this?  Puff out my chest and do what?  Get into an argument or a fight with him?  Over what?  Your ability to do a cost-benefit analysis of the situation on the fly in social setting will do you a world of good.

Your Ability/Right To Reproduce

Look, if you want to get married and have kids, that will be a decision that you will have to make.  Having extra people to care about will make things more challenging for you, but it’s also nice to have family around to care for you and carry on your legacy when you’re gone.  It’s a trade off, you decide.

Now, in today’s Western culture, the marriage has become pretty much obsolete.  You can have a woman near you and she can have your kids.  You don’t need to walk down the aisle.  I’m married and want to have kids.  I signed on the dotted line because my wife came here on a fiancé visa and if she were to stay, I needed to sign.  I knowingly took this risk and made the decision by myself as to whether I want to do that with this particular woman.  If your wife/woman/girlfriend is a US citizen, then you can avoid this part entirely.

If you don’t want a family of any sort, look into getting a reversible vasectomy.  I’d like to give you this example on how to prepare should your ONS or short-term relationship significant other announces that she’s pregnant and you’re the daddy:

Use a condom.  Keep spare ones.  There are places that give them out for free and they’re relatively inexpensive.  Don’t bang without one.  STDs will hurt your health (can’t say it often enough) and will fuck over your world like never before.

And if you listen to the tripe about banging hookers or masturbating, ignore that.  You’re not less of a man in any way.  You’re safer from these diseases and taking care of your needs in a safe way.  Ignore the shaming bullshit.

As a side-note, I’ve conducted an experiment on myself when I cut back on wanking and porn only to find my drive and strength (as well as appetite) increase quite a bit.  I was more motivated and was getting more things done.  You can do you your own experimentation and find a system that works for you.

Your Hobbies And What You Do With Your Time

This will be split up into four parts.  Part one will talk about stuff you can do now to make money, part two will mention skills you can learn to make money, part three will be about stuff you do just for the hell of it and part four will talk about being very selective with how you use your time.

1 – Say you have a job and it pays a decent amount.  You might not feel the urge or the need to seek another source of income.  If you have money that you make that you invest in your future, then do so.  However, if you’d like to gain new skills or meet different people, a night job as a security guard or something of the sort could be beneficial and give you extra dough.  I’ve pulled out weeds from a woman’s garden on the weekend for dough.  It wasn’t much, but it bought me gas for at least 3 weeks.  You can probably do a ton of little tasks as time permits to make some extra scratch.  Now, many will not be terribly rewarding or will be dirty and at times somewhat dangerous, but I’m not writing about finding a “fulfilling” career (you can do that, I refuse to help you in that endeavor).

Walk someone’s dog, drive their kids from point A to B, feed their cat, you get the idea.  These places are a good start:

If you’re good with using a computer or have a creative streak (coding, design, writing, etc.), try these two sites for a bunch of side-gigs:

2 – Now, you have to be honest with yourself here.  What do you enjoy producing other than poop?  No, not “doing”, but producing.  Something that provides self-evident value to others (you don’t have to spend hours convincing someone that the thing you made will be useful to them).  Do you know how to sow?  Do electrical work?  Plumbing?  Cook or grow food?  Make daily items that others find useful?  We live in a consumer culture that has devoured its own soul and provides no emotional reward beyond buying the next crappy thing to give yourself a “high”.  Say you are an amateur blacksmith.  You can make stuff for others that either don’t exist or fill in that nostalgia void that people feel they cannot fill in with getting more crap from Big-Box-Mart.  Now, look at what’s being sold on places such as or your local flea market and see if you see yourself making those items.  I’m talking about stuff that people need (clothing, furniture, toiletries, etc.) and not just a funny little cat statue. Learning how to do repairs on gasoline or diesel motors will also give you an invaluable edge, those aren’t going away any time soon.

How much money can you make off of this?  Do you find the process enjoying or mind numbing boring?  Don’t worry about getting it wrong the first time, try something, see how it goes and then ditch it or change it as you see fit.  Being able to make useful stuff when society is in chaos will make you the new “rich” and give you a side-income that you normally don’t have.

And if you find that you can provide a service to others that is valuable, go right ahead.

3 – Ok, this is where you do stuff that does not have much value to others, except provide you with amusement.  Look, I love computer games.  They’re crack to me.  I play The Settlers Online and Anno Online.  I can’t say it enough, this is very addicting to me.  At the end of it, you feel like you accomplished something and we all know you haven’t done jack.  This problem dawned on me.  I would have to find something to do that’s different, something that I can sink all of my time into and then make something that’s of semi-decent value, even if I can’t sell it and make money off of it right away.  One of the things that I’d like to do is to make coasters from a tree that was blown down by a storm.  Yes, I could buy a ton at Wal-Mart for a fraction of the cost, but then I’m consuming and not producing.  My goal for the rest of this year is to stop playing games completely and sink my time into a different hobby that will have me making something.

It will be difficult, but put in effort to cut back on things that consume your time and adopt hobbies that might make you some scratch in the future (even if it’s years away).  Learning a new language would fall into this category as well (such as Spanish and Mandarin).

4 – What are you doing right now?  What will you do after you read this article?  Do you have a list of stuff you’d like to do or are you just killing time until you go to bed?  Yes, games are fun.  Yes, getting wasted can be fun with some friends.  But what are at least 3 specific things you want to accomplish by the end of this week (even if they’re small things)?  Make a list, put a due date for every item and go forth doing stuff, even if it’s automating the payment on your cable bill.

Also, make a plan of stuff you’d like to do.  Things that are difficult, such as learning a new language or a new skill.  How much time do you plan on spending doing this and what do you hope to accomplish in smaller intervals?  How will those little efforts add up to a bigger picture?

Beware of attention vampires (whether online or in real-life).  Admittedly, I’ve been one at times.  It’s difficult to avoid wanting to help someone.  You want to help your pals or family, but often they might want validation and an emotional tampon and not someone who can actually help them.  Laziness and avoiding change are easy and in our society that has a safety net on top of a safety net, that’s an easy route to take, so many do.  Avoid this easy route at all costs.

Your Finances

Money.  We all want more of it.  Why?  If someone dropped you a ton of cash (say one million dollars), what would you do with that money?  Few people have very clear and precise answers to that question.  This is where you should get those answers.  Don’t just have a general understanding, but be very precise.  You want a truck?  Great!  What kind?  What make?  How big?  How much will it cost?  Give yourself a range from $20,000 to $25,000.

Also, learn to barter or haggle for a better price, even if this doesn’t make you into a millionaire.  You’ll be able to interact better with others and it’ll improve your social skills.

Ramit Sethi had a great idea of automating your finances.  He is very good at this.  It’s fine if you blow $300 on that pair of jeans, but as long as you cut it out of other expenses in your life.

Be a cheap bastard.  Acquire hobbies and activities that don’t cost a lot of money (or none at all!)  A box of strawberries being sold in Whole Foods is probably the same as the stuff being offered in Big-Box-Mart.  The producers of that stuff are whores, they’ll give it to anyone who will pay them to it (and they would be crazy not to).

Avoid the shiny crap.  I have an eight year old car that I’ll keep driving until it just dies on me.  Why get a new one?  Keeping the same thing going is cheaper than getting new toys.

Don’t bother with precious metals.  I know Aaron Clarey (Captain Capitalism in his book Enjoy the Decline, which I personally recommend) advocated this and several others have, but I’m going to go into a different direction.  If you must, acquire several currencies of different nations and the precious metals that you do have, make sure it’s a small enough amount that you can pick it up and carry it to your car in one go, if you can’t, you have too much.  Here are my reasons why:

1 – Your stuff will own you.  Say the country is going through considerable instability and the financial markets have gone to hell.  There are people in the streets who are hungry and pissed/desperate.  Your first thought of business should be to get yourself and those close to you out of dodge and in your rural retreat (more on that later).  But what do you do?  You waste precious time and resources to load up all of that gold and silver on your truck (which will slow it down, yes, this stuff is heavy).  Now that space and weight which could have carried people or supplies is occupied by a metal.  You can’t eat the stuff and no matter how badass your vehicle is, you can’t burn it.  Good job, you have a white elephant on your hands.

2 – Your stuff will be more likely to be stolen.  Similar enough scenario.  You have this stuff, but if you’re not always vigilant (which is pretty exhausting), some jackass with a gun (and with his buddies) will try to rob you (it’s pretty much guaranteed).  You might say to yourself: “Over my dead body they’ll get it!”  Well, they might just do that.  Or if they grab one of your kids, put a gun to their head and demand the gold, believe me, no matter how hard-core you are, you’ll relent.  Now, what did you learn?  You just spent considerable resources and time acquiring this stuff that just got swiped…

3 – No guarantee that others will accept it or for a certain rate.  Ok, say you either hid the gold elsewhere (like in your retreat) or managed to bring it to your new place all safe and without too much trouble.  All good, right?  No.  You go to your town store to buy more supplies, you think you’ll be all set with your gold (since the paper money is worthless).  But the proprietor isn’t too sure.  You bring a gold coin (assuming you didn’t get _all_ 1 kilo bullion, right?) and he’s not sure how much to give you for that coin.  On the coin it might say one dollar, but it’s gold.  You might think you can buy half the store on this little thing, but the seller ain’t buyin’ your story.  He might think that the only thing you’re entitled is that stick of gum.  Yes, paper currency would have resolved, but that’s not an option.  And if you do have kilo bricks and just want to fill up your car, you either have to be prepared to get royally screwed or buy a lot of other crap that you might not need.

4 – No guarantee that you’ll be able to access it when you want/need to.  Ok, you hid your precious metals well.  Real well.  But instability and lack of security might make it inaccessible.  Now what?  You’re cut off from your cash!  It’s useless to you if you can’t use it to get gas, medicine or food.  That’s the beauty of credit cards, with one swipe I can get all sorts of stuff.

So what can you do?  Learn trades or skills.  Spend your money on that.  If you know first aid, CPR, know how to dress a wound, set a leg with a break, fix cars, hunt, fish, basic carpentry work, basic plumbing and basic electric work (yes, it is possible to learn all of this) your worth in the new world will be fifty fold over that guy who has kilo gold bricks buried around his yard.  And, with your new skills (and bartering), you’ll be able to get that gold (unless he knows everything that he ever needs to know in terms of skills) and more!

Your Retreat

Above, I mentioned that this might be in rural setting.  That’s my preference.  This can be any place that you can get together with like minded people and help each other out (security, food, etc.)

I am partial to be far away from major population centers and in mountainous areas.  Many of the people that we know are comfortable in an urban setting.  Just like the pets that we keep in our homes, they would perish if let out into the genuine wild and have to fend for themselves.  If there are disruptions in their ability to get food, you’ll have a lot of pissed off/desperate people who are starving and are frankly willing to go to extreme ends to make sure that their families get food as well.  It’d be best way the heck out of dodge before something like this even happens.  If you do learn some skills about surviving in a more rural setting and take some time to prepare, you should be fine (no guarantees about anything!)

Don’t tell everyone about your retreat.  Only those that you genuinely trust.  Your immediate family is one such group (just those who know how to keep a secret.)  I’d recommend not telling the kids as they might blab or your girlfriend/boyfriend unless you’re in an incredibly close relationship and they know how to keep their mouth shut.  If you go away to do some prep work for it, say you’re going camping/skiing/fishing/whatever.  It’s a boring enough of an answer so that people stop asking more.

Another possibility entirely is to get out of the country (assuming this nation is functional in some capacity.)  If you have family in another nation and they can take you in for a long enough period for you to get on your legs, you can exercise this option.

Part II (all is not well… not at all…)

Well, something happened.  The economy is in free-fall, the dollar’s value is in a death-spiral, you walk through the streets and you can cut the tension with a knife.  If you have food, you get dirty looks from random people who look hungry.  Some beg you to give them that bread.  The police is especially on the edge, even in normally quiet neighborhoods.  Yeah… time to get the hell out.

Your Safety

How much do you have in supplies?  Did you do the math based on how many people will go with you and expect an X caloric intake on average per person?  Good!  Now triple that.  Yes, triple.  Odds are you are not as accurate as you’d like (and 90% of people fall into that category.)  Also, your desperate neighbors will not have a hard time figuring out that you’re not that malnourished while their stomachs rumble.  Some might get desperate and want to get it from you in any way possible.  In the short-term, giving them _some_ will fend them off and preserve neighborly relations (especially if there’s a natural disaster and some form of normalcy is expected to return.)  During Katrina, some had food and were better prepared, others did not.  In the same houses, those same people live and they’re bitter enemies, giving them some here and there could preserve the peace and buy you time.  Don’t roll out a banquet to them and then let them know you’re set for months (they might let others know and they you’re really screwed.)

Learn some basic self-defense.  You don’t have to be a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu.  However, knowing something is better than knowing zero.

I’ll be honest about one thing, I don’t know enough about guns to say anything with any sort of authority.  I’m curious what others know.

Your best bet will be getting out before everything falls apart.  Being at your new and safe location while learning about the riots gripping your city will be preferable to digging your way while you’re in the middle of it.

During the Katrina fiasco, the incoming government security forces and relief workers would often view those that were prepared with suspicion.  If you did get into one of their little tent cities, your guns were taken (yes, the Constitution was suspended) and troops went from house to house taking people’s guns (as well as some helping themselves to the goodies that others acquired and left in their homes.)  If you had heavy equipment, don’t expect it to not be taken from you or returned in the same condition that you had it or compensated in any way.  Cops that came from different parts of the country were often unaware of the local/state laws and were known to apply their own version of the law as they saw fit (many guns were taken this way.)  Don’t put yourself in this situation in the first place, avoid this like the plague.

Your Plan

This is where you can put your planning to a good use.  You have your bug out bag, you have your retreat, you have your skills and supplies.  Now, how will you execute this plan?  What will be your first step?  Take the time to plan what routes you’ll take.  Odds are the main roads will be clogged with everybody running like hell.  Plan your path carefully and have backup alternatives in case roads become impossible to traverse.  Know how many people you’ll take with you and how long it will take you to get there (4 hours on interstate can quickly turn into 8 hours on back roads, if not more).

One thing that happened during Katrina is that thieves and bandits would target families parked at gas stations or on the side of the road.  Ideally, have enough competent adults to take shifts.  Having a loud and yappy dog in the car is also a plus as they’ll raise an alarm.  Plan your locations as to where you’ll be and for how long.

Anticipate shortages in fuel/supplies and breakdowns of your vehicle.  If you get a flat on the road, do you have a spare?  How will you fix it on a fully loaded truck?

Ok, you got to your retreat.  Now what?  Take stock of what you have and how long it’ll take for you to live off of that.  If there’s a town nearby, go in and offer your services.  People will be scared and nervous about any instability.  They’ll be concerned that you came to beg for food/resources.  Take this into account when dealing with the locals (unless they know you already and know what you can offer).  Don’t be afraid to offer some of your services free of charge to build some trust, especially when you first arrive (although, knowing the locals in advance, can make the transition infinitely easier).

Don’t be that desperate and clueless white collar worker (hooray for drone jobs that you can get with a “liberal arts” major!) who stumbled into the country and expecting that everything will be “fine” and just like it was “before”.  It’s not.  And this person will be in for a world of hurt.  When the Communists took over in Russia, the aristocracy that didn’t get killed or imprisoned were not accustomed to living in horrible conditions and eating bad food, for many this was an impossible difficulty to handle.

PS: This is the first time that I wrote anything for a blog (any blog!)  I’d love your feedback on this piece.

[1] If you do not have this book on your shelf and have not read it at least once, then that — as of this moment — will be the first book you _have_ to read in order to better understand power, psychology and people.  There’s a reason why prisoners read this book so often…

[2] Honestly, I don’t know of the best way to address this.  Different men might need different approaches.  You might want to consult with a mental health expert or someone who knows a thing or two about peoples emotions and behaviors.  I know what works for myself, but it’s not guaranteed to work for you.

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