Feb 132016

There was this study done called “Gender Bias In Open Source: Pull Request Acceptance Of Women Vs. Men“.  This study did not show any bias in open source software.  The study analyzed the rate of acceptance from what an automated program thought were male and female contributors to open source projects on GitHub.  It also separated the contributors between “insiders” (people who have contributed to a particular open source project on GitHub before) and “outsiders” (people who have not contributed to a particular open source project on GitHub before).  The closest thing to bias against women the study could find was that male “outsiders” had a rate of acceptance of 64% whereas female “outsiders” had an acceptance rate of 63%.  That’s just statistical noise.  One thing in the study that isn’t getting talked about much is that female “insiders” have a higher acceptance rate than male “insiders”.  If you’re interested in all the details, Scott Alexander has a breakdown of it (including the other problems in the study).  It is also worth pointing out that this was an undergraduate study that was not peer reviewed.

Obviously, this study failed to show any bias against women in open source software.  However, that didn’t stop various media outlets from saying that men in tech are supervillians bent on oppressing women.  Here are some examples:

That last link even says, “a vile male hive mind is running an assault mission against women in tech“.  Then, immediately afterwards, the article brings up #GamerGate and includes the standard litany of lies against #GamerGate.  Obviously, there is no such thing as “a vile male hive mind”, but this is the type of propaganda that is being used against men working in tech.  It is not an exaggeration to compare this to anti-semetic propaganda because pretty much all anti-semetic propaganda describes all Jews being part of “a vile Jewish hive mind”.  In fact, I’m certain if you searched enough anti-semetic literature, you would find that exact phrase.  The phrase even belongs on the MenKampf reddit due to its similarity with anti-semetic propaganda.

No one should be surprised that men working in tech are starting to have reactions like this:

As a nerdy straight white male programmer, that fact that people like me are constantly being propagandized against by the media is getting pretty wearisome. Add in the apparent surge of support for socialism among the young and it’s getting downright frightening.

If I was an American I’d be thinking about buying a gun and at least having a backup plan in mind to escape the revolution, as paranoid as that might sound.

This sounds like good advice especially if you’re a man working in tech in San Francisco.

Oct 212015

The UN has decided to fight back against #GamerGate showing how their report on “cyberviolence” was a complete joke. In the UN dispatch, #GamerGate is being accused of being associated with “conservative conspiracy theorists”.

There’s a couple of problems with accusing #GamerGate or anyone adjacent to them of being conspiracy theorists.  First, the UN along with the rest of #GamerGate’s enemies has created conspiracy theories about #GamerGate such as that it is a secret organization to abuse women.  Second, the UN “cyberviolence” report quoted Lyndon LaRouche, an actual conspiracy theorist who believes that video games cause murders and that Pokemon is a satanic conspiracy, as a serious source.

The UN and the rest of anti-#GamerGate are a bunch of conspiracy theorists, and they’re accusing #GamerGate of being associated with “conservative conspiracy theorists” to cover up that fact.  That’s all there is to this.

Oct 032015

It’s the time of the month to select a new Entitlement Princess of the Month.  Last month’s winner with 87% of the vote was Anne Dias-Griffin, the woman who divorced her hedge fund manager husband and demanded $1 million a month in alimony in addition to the $65 million one time payment she was guaranteed in their prenup.

The Entitlement Princess of the Month can only keep going with your support so keep submitting new entitlement princesses on the Entitlement Princess of the Month submission page.

This month there will be no voting because I want to give this month’s award to a woman related to the U.N.’s joke of a report on “cyberviolence”.  The September 2015 Entitlement Princess Of The Month is Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, the Under-Secretary-General of the U.N. and Executive Director of U.N. Women.  She has demanded that “cyberviolence”, something which is only words such as “you’re a liar” & “you suck”, be considered the equivalent of actual physical violenceShe also tried to strong arm the gaming industry and others into “doing something” about “cyberviolence” (which can only mean censorship).  Fortunately, she has been unsuccessful at that so far.

Additionally, Mlambo-Ngcuka has also ignored the plight of men and boys to benefit women and girls.   She has demanded any intervention against Boko Haram focus on women and girls, ignoring that all the men and boys that Boko Haram has murdered.  For example, she has demanded that counter-terrorist policies change because they might disrupt girls’ routines in going to school, while conveniently ignoring the men and boys who Boko Haram is murdering.

While Mlambo-Ngcuka’s entitlement is arguably more broad than just personal entitlement, her demands that the minor annoyances women receive online be treated as equivalent to actual physical violence such as what has happened to many men and boys who have been murdered by Boko Haram makes her the winner of the September 2015 Entitlement Princess Of The Month.

Sep 302015

I’m sure all of you have heard about that UN report on “cyberviolence against women” that Anita Sarkeesian was involved with.  The report is bad enough that it treats discredited attorney and game critic, Jack Thompson, as a legitimate source on video games.  However, that report is much worse since Jack Thompson is one of the report’s better sources on video games.  That’s because the report treats Lyndon LaRouche as a legitimate source.  Yes, the same Lyndon LaRouche who is always running for president and is a batshit insane conspiracy theorist who thinks the British are behind everything bad that happens in the world and that the Queen of England runs the international drug tradeHere is an example of what LaRouche had to say about video games:

On March 3, in a dialogue with Hispanic-American leaders, LaRouche said:

“We’re getting killings which are caused by the use of Nintendo-style games, such as the game Pokémon, with children, and also with police and others. In the case of the Diallo shooting, the problem was that the Mayor of New York, like many other officials, has been training the police force in Nintendo-style killing techniques. . . . So we have Nintendo-killers.

The UN and Anita Sarkeesian have turned LaRouche’s “Nintendo killers” into “Nintendo rapists”, but it’s all the same.  The UN by including this in a report on “cyberviolence against women” is now saying Pokémon turns boys into rapists.  And don’t forget that Pokémon (along with Dungeons & Dragons) is a satanic conspiracy:

Hasbro Interactive: Official U.S. distributor of Pokémon (abbreviation for “Pocket Monsters”), the killing game designed for toddlers beginning at 2 and 3 years old; Dungeons and Dragons, the medieval satanic and magic fantasy game; Risk II, a “ruthless quest for world domination”. One of the Hasbro Board members is Paul Wolfowitz, the co-head of George W. Bush’s team of foreign policy advisors.

What we have got now is that the UN and Anita Sarkeesian are effectively endorsing the idea that video games are a satanic conspiracy to turn boys and men into rapists because they’re using LaRouche as a source for this report.  They should have stuck with Jack Thompson because even he wasn’t this insane.

Since the UN and Anita Sarkeesian consider Lyndon LaRouche to be an expert on video games, they probably will start using other conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and David Icke as sources for further reports on “cyberviolence against women”.  Since David Icke invented the shapeshifting reptile alien conspiracy theory, I expect that the next report on “cyberviolence against women” will accuse gamers of being shapeshifting reptile aliens who secretly rule the world.  This may sound too insane to happen, but we would have thought the same a couple of weeks ago about the UN and Anita Sarkeesian using LaRouche as a legitimate source about video games.

Sep 272015

Libertarianism has been unable to deal with the fact that the primary supporters of big government are women.  The only way to get small government is to deal with this fact yet like with Republicans, most Libertarians refuse to deal with it.  They will come up with excuses like “the libertarian movement needs to grow first”, which is an admission that Libertarians will not reduce government if a woman complains.  Or they will say, “women were tricked into supporting big government because men didn’t respect women”, which is avoiding the issue by blaming men.

It’s clear that for many Libertarian women, Libertarianism isn’t about small or minimal government, but removing competing government programs that draw money away from government programs that give money to women.  (This is a reason why we need Geolibertarianism or Geoanarchism because even Libertarians can’t be trusted to be Libertarian when it counts.)  One way in which this happens is attacks on Libertarian men (or men “accused” of being libertarian despite not actually being libertarian) such as this article by Elizabeth Nolan Brown at reason.com where she says that libertarianism is being invaded by “misogynists” from #GamerGate, the MRM/MHRM, the MGTOW community.

Brown’s article is filled with minor lies such that GamerGaters commonly have Gadsden flags in their twitter profiles.  In reality, GamerGaters are more likely to use anime characters or Vivian James, the #GamerGate mascot, in their profiles.  Also, most GamerGaters are liberals/leftists or they started out that way but became (more) libertarian later when they realized that talk about alleged sexism in video games was Jack Thompson with breasts .  The biggest lie in Brown’s article is that #GamerGate/MRAs/MGTOW secretly want a big government program to dictate gender norms.  The is the exact opposite of the truth.  Feminists have already setup a multitude of big government programs to benefit women at the expense of men.  What the so called “misogynists” invading Libertarianism want is those government programs eliminated.  They don’t want government programs.

What Brown has done with her article is a case of DARVO (deny, attack, reverse victim and offender), a common tactic used by feminists.  She starts out with the assumption that big government programs that benefit women at the expense of men don’t exist (outside of a few minor cases, maybe).  Then she accuses the so called “misogynists” of wanting big government programs against women.  Brown reversed the victim and offender exactly since it’s feminists that created a multitude of government programs to hurt men, and her so called “misogynists” that want them removed.

As we know most GamerGaters aren’t Libertarians, so why is #GamerGate being lumped in with Brown’s so called “misogynists”.  It’s impossible to legitimately be a Libertarian and not in principle support #GamerGate.  The obvious endgame for the feminist war on video games is for the government to control what video games can be created since feminist infiltration of the video game industry is a failure and so is their attempt to replace video games with choose your own adventure stories.  No legitimate Libertarian can support this, but many Libertarian women can’t admit this since doing so would expose them as fake libertarians who just want to remove government programs that block the expansion of government programs for women.  In other words, #GamerGate by doing nothing but existing threatens to expose many Libertarian women for the frauds they are.

Sep 052015

Feminists get riled up at imaginary things.  Anita Sarkeesian and other feminists get angry at “violence against women” in video games, completely imaginary violence that is only a tiny fraction of violence in video games.  (Most violence in video games happens to men obviously.)

Now, feminists are outraged over the actions of Kermit the Frog, who being a muppet is an imaginary person by definition.  Apparently, Kermit the Frog is an evil misogynist for dumping his girlfriend, Miss Piggy, and finding a new girlfriend.  Maybe Kermit’s real crime to feminists is that Kermit finally left Miss Piggy after decades of her abusing him:

Since Anita Sarkeesian believes that a small bit of violence against imaginary women in video games turns gamers into monsters that will beat up and abuse women, she must have been all over how Miss Piggy is treating Kermit, right?  If video games can make men violent, then watching Miss Piggy abuse Kermit will cause girls to think that it is all right to abuse their future boyfriends and husbands.  It will also cause boys to think that they must submit to the abusive behavior of their future girlfriends and wives.

I did a search on Anita Sarkeesian’s writings to see if she had talked about anything having to do with the muppets.  I couldn’t find anything about Miss Piggy being abusive.  All I could find was some garbage about something called The Smurfette Principle.  Maybe Anita Sarkeesian thinks that more male muppets need to be abused by their wives and girlfriends.  It’s the only way all her beliefs make sense together.

Feb 182015

I found this blog about how #GamerGate is the last stand of individualism.  I certainly agree that gaming is a fundamentally individualist endavor, and that #GamerGate is a battle between individuality and collectivism.  Feminists/SJWs and the other enemies of #GamerGate do not see you as an individual.  You are simply cishet (white) male to them, same as every other cishet (white) male out there.  If you’re not a cishet (white) male, and you support #GamerGate, then you’re a weaponized minority suffering from false consciousness.  Otherwise you’re in the progressive stack of victims (with white women at the top).

I disagree that #GamerGate is the last stand of individualism because there are several other fronts where individuality is fighting collectivism.  (It’s likely that the blog author simple isn’t aware of this).  The MRM/MHRM is an individualist endeavor.  MGTOW is the ultimate example of individuality, and collectivism has no weapon that can defeat MGTOW.  MGTOW has no organization or leaders so it forces the collectivists to deal with men as individuals.  They are unable to deal with men as individuals so collectivism is guaranteed to lose against MGTOW.

Feb 152015

Anti-#GamerGate has made six (known) great mistakes before this week.  This week we discovered that Anti-#GamerGate has made its seventh and final great mistake with this week’s Law & Order: SVU episode about #GamerGate.  If you haven’t seen it, here’s a shortened version of it on Youtube.  The episode is widely regarded as a joke to the point where Forbes, along with several others, called it the reefer madness of our generation.  It has also made more people pro-#GamerGate.

What makes this Anti-#GamerGate’s next great mistake is that they compared gamers to terrorists/ISIS/etc. enough times that people outside of Anti-#GamerGate started believing them in a very literal way.  The “gamers” in the episode made ISIS style videos and other nonsense.  This Law & Order: SVU episode ran with everything Anti-#GamerGate has said about gamers like a rampaging bull in a china shop.  This is dangerous for Anti-#GamerGate because Anti-#GamerGate has lost control of their own narrative.  (A few Anti-#GamerGaters even realize this.)  One of the things that happened in the episode was that Kotaku, which is solidly SJW/feminist and Anti-#GamerGate, was lumped in with the misogynist terrorist gamers.  This is why this is Anti-#GamerGate’s final mistake.  They created a narrative where despite being Anti-#GamerGate, they’re still lumped in with the the gamers they hate.

darknetThis is a bigger problem for Anti-#GamerGate than just being lumped in with gamers.  The episode had Ice-T saying gibberish like, “they’re uploading threats through the dark net!”  While that sentence makes no sense, the real problem is that its an attack on online privacy and anonymity.  This is the type of thing that will draw the ire of the online rights crowd (with good reason), which adds to one of the previous great mistake that Anti-#GamerGate has been making.

This episode of Law & Order: SVU, like many other of its episodes, is supposed to be “ripped from the headlines”.  But there’s a problem with that.  When have female game developers or even the Anita Sarkeesians of the world been kidnapped and raped?  Never.  That’s a glaring difference between the episode and reality.  Anti-#GamerGate was more careful about this sort of thing, but the wider media doesn’t care.  When people realize that such things are a complete myth, they will question Anti-#GamerGate’s claims of online harassment and death threats and find a complete lack of evidence.  They will also find that there has not been a single arrest, much less a single conviction in a court of law.  The wider media doesn’t care about maintaining the specifics of #Anti-GamerGate’s narrative, but Anti-#GamerGate has to deal with the fallout of the wider media now controlling its narrative.

Jan 122015

Why haven’t there been any large scale efforts to unseat feminism yet?  There are several reasons from the circular firing squad to tradcons only being interested in abortion.  However, the real reason is that we haven’t hit critical mass yet.

Consider how #GamerGate got started.  Gamers have had a problem with gaming journalism for a very long time.  DoritoGate and GerstmannGate are two examples of that, but neither of them had the staying power of #GamerGate because they didn’t hit critical mass.  Most gamers did not care about DoritoGate and GerstmannGate.  The Zoe Quinn saga would have been the same, except that the censorship of anyone trying to discuss it got gamers understandably angry.  Then, the “gamers are dead” articles came out pissing off even more gamers who didn’t care about Zoe Quinn even after the censorship of any discussion of Zoe Quinn.  This caused enough gamers to get mad about game journalism, #GamerGate was born.  Censoring discussion about Zoe Quinn plus the “gamers are dead” articles caused anger about the lack of ethics in game journalism to reach critical mass.  Now, #GamerGate can’t be stopped (without delivering what #GamerGate wants, ethical game journalism) since it has reached critical mass.  Had the Zoe Quinn situation been handled rationally and had the “gamers are dead” articles never been written, there would have been no #GamerGate because there would have been no critical mass.

It’s the same with feminism.  So far not enough has happened to get a critical mass of men to mobilize against it.  However, that is starting to change.  We constantly hear about new feminist assaults on our freedoms such as innocent men getting expelled from universities for rapes they didn’t commit to attempts and other attacks like feminist attempts to take control of everything from our hobbies to the tech industry.  More and more men are discovering that feminism is coming after them.  We’re almost at the point where opposition to feminism will reach critical mass.  I don’t know what will cause critical mass of opposition to feminism to happen.  It will probably be something like the Zoe Quinn fiasco that no one could guess as lighting the spark of #GamerGate.  However, it’s guaranteed that something will happen and that it will happen in the not too distant future.

Dec 192014

Sony won’t be releasing the movie, The Interview, due to getting hacked by North Korea.  What are the reactions of people who are anti-#GamerGate?  Someone compiled this image of what feminists and SJWs had to say about it (Click to enlarge):

I especially like the one that says, “I hate that First Amendment shit. I hate it.” It really gets to the heart of what they believe.

At least feminists and SJWs are consistent. Whether its them bullying stores into not carrying GTA V or North Korea bullying movie theaters into not showing The Interview, they support it. It makes sense since feminists and SJWs want a North Korean style totalitarian government here and want to be able to produce propaganda unopposed like they can in North Korea.

Dec 152014

I have been noticing a lot of similarities between #GamerGate and what is going on at UVa.  One such similarity is feminists trying to create self fulfilling prophecies.

One thing that has been discussed in #GamerGate discussion areas like the KotakuInAction reddit is how anti-#GamerGate is driving women away from video games, despite their alleged desire of wanting more women in the video game industry.  Gaming journalism does nothing but tell stories about how women in video games receive death threats, are harassed, and so forth.  A woman who is interested in the video game industry is going to run in the other direction after reading that.  No sane person would want to be in an environment where they’re constantly subjected to such things.  Of course, it’s all lies, but only handful of women will do further research to find that out.  Over time more and more women stay away from video games.  As more and more women stay away, gaming journalism pumps out more stories about how the video game industry is full of “misogyny” reinforcing the cycle creating a feedback loop.  The lack of women in video games becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  This doesn’t make sense if their goal is to get more women into the video game industry.  It does make sense if they’re trying to destroy the video game industry (which they have admitted to doing).

There’s a similar dynamic with what is happening at UVa (and Lena Dunham) with respect to the false rape industry/false rape conspiracy industry.  Whether its “Jackie” from the Rolling Stone article or Lena Dunham, they talk about their rapes (that never happened) where they never go to the police.  Women take this to be true and become convinced that the police aren’t doing anything about rape.  Real rape victims get their stories co-mingled with the greater mass of false accusations.  Even if they went to the police, it creates a view that the police aren’t doing anything when in reality they are (provided it gets reported to them).  This creates a feedback loop creating a self fulfilling prophecy where it looks like the police are ignoring an epidemic of rape, even though no such epidemic is happening.  At every stage of the feedback loop, there are more and more calls to do something about the “rape epidemic” leading to non-law enforcement entities like colleges to deal with it.  This doesn’t actually do anything to prosecute actual rapists but like with the video game example, that isn’t the feminist goal.  The feminist goal is to have women be able to make accusations against any man, bypass the court system (since they will ask about things like evidence), and generate a lynch mob against him.  Since feminists made it look like that law enforcement can’t handle crimes against women, lynch mobs are the next step.  The biggest victims of this will be nerds, unattractive men, and other men low on the social totem pole.

Dec 132014

Tamerlame had this to say:

When feminists attack men as rapists and misogynists, most manginas  and nerds assume they are talking about some other guy. Gamer gate has taught a lot of nerds, that feminists and woman hate them. This is a good lesion that more men need to learn.

That’s right.  When feminists talk about men being rapists, being privileged, or all around being evil, they’re talking about YOU.  They’re not talking about some other guy.  They’re talking about YOU.

Feminists said that the political is personal.  That means for every man feminism is a personal issue.  The fight against feminism is a fight to save our lives and our freedom.  Feminists are coming after everything about us and everything we have including our video games.  This is what #GamerGate supporters have discovered.  Feminism isn’t some sort of far away entity.  Feminism has targeted them as it has targeted every man.

Sooner or later, feminism is coming for YOU.  You’re better off fighting it sooner rather than later.

Dec 112014

It looks like the attempt by game journalists to paint gamers as an army of zombie misogynerds (declaring gamers dead and a force of misogynists) isn’t working out.  Now, they’re trying to paint #GamerGate as an attempt to silence art critics.

This reeks of desperation on the part of game journalists.  The usual war on women rhetoric isn’t working to stop #GamerGate.  Now, they’re throwing other attacks out there and seeing if any of them stick.

This is a positive development.  Hopefully, it means that war on women rhetoric is losing its effectiveness elsewhere.

Dec 052014

Until now anti-#GamerGate has made two major mistakes.  The first was censoring any discussion about the Zoe Quinn affair.  Instead of shutting down discussion about Zoe Quinn, it caused more people to look at the whole thing.  It was another example of the Streisand Effect in action.

The second major mistake anti-#GamerGate made was all the “Gamers Are Dead” articles that all appeared within a day of each other.  Gamers who didn’t care about the Zoe Quinn saga started wondering why they were getting attacked by the gaming press.  Many of them ended up joining #GamerGate.

A common theme of these two major mistakes is that they pushed people who didn’t care about #GamerGate firmly into the #GamerGate camp.  Now, anti-#GamerGate has made a third major mistake by supporting Target Australia and KMart Australia’s ban of Grand Theft Auto V from their stores.  This may be the worst mistake anti-#GamerGate has made so far.  This is something that Jack Thompson was never able to successfully accomplish.

This mistake will have several effects.  First, more people will become pro-#GamerGate.  A common thing we have heard from anti-#GamerGate is that feminists and SJWs don’t want to take anyone’s games away.  That has been proven to be a total lie.  Second, gaming journalism’s opposition to Jack Thompson has been shown to be not about principle but about Thompson’s Christianity and social conservatism.  Gaming journalists are defending Target Australia’s actions because it was demanded by womenEffectively, what they are saying is that censorship is fine as long as it is demanded by women.  Third, this attacks the bottom line of the AAA game publishers.  The AAA game publishers have understandingly stayed out of #GamerGate until now.  Both the action of banning a AAA game from retailers and gaming journalism’s defense of the bans will provoke a reaction from the AAA game publishers because it now affects their income.

I expect more of these mistakes from anti-#GamerGate in the future.  They can’t stop so they will piss off more and more people.  All #GamerGate has to do to win is just keep going.

Nov 292014

Feminists and SJWs want to destroy the video game industry.  Here is some proof:

If they can’t control the video game industry, they will attempt to destroy it and replace the video game industry with choose your own adventure stories.

Nov 232014

The Good Mangina Project had a screed against the latest Grand Theft Auto game that you would expect from someone like Jack Thompson except that it adds the word women.  (Note: I’m using archive.today links because among other reasons, The Good Mangina Project has a habit of deleting any comment that disagrees with its feminist orthodoxy and deleting articles that end up embarrassing the site.)  That such an article would appear on The Good Mangina Project isn’t notable.  What’s notable is that a woman revealed in the comments what the feminist opposition to Grand Theft Auto is really about:

The fucking game was made by men, for men. The fucking game already have a misogynistic set – lots of female prostitutes and strippers, not much (or at all) male whores or strippers. No female protagonists and when they have female roles, they are much more sexualized than the males, again. The whole game is a (straight) male heaven/hell – where women, and other men, are there to serve men for entertainment in every way.

Anything made by men for men (that men enjoy) is considered “misogynist” by feminists simply for having men involved in its production and being produced for men.  This explains what is really driving the Zoe Quinns, Anita Sarakeesians, anti-GamerGate, and the rest of the feminists opposed to video games.  It’s not that there’s any actual problem with video games.  It’s that video games are being made by men (and some women too, but they conveniently left that out) for the purpose of entertaining men.  Feminists don’t want men to have fun and don’t want products, whether video games or otherwise, to be made for men.  Feminists are trying to destroy all entertainment that appeals to men.  That’s part of the motivation behind their attempt to destroy the video games industry and replace it with choose your own adventure stories.  Anything else feminists say about the subject is just window dressing.

Nov 152014

Back when I was a kid there was a book series for children called “Choose Your Own Adventure” where the books would have several story paths.  Every so often the book would have make a choice where the story would go and tell you to turn to a particular page to continue the story.  No one would consider these video games because, even though there have been games with text based interfaces, the decisions in “Choose Your Own Adventure” were incredibly limited.  That was true even compared to video games in the early 80s.  I was reminded of these books when I read about how the author of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books died.

The modern equivalent to “Choose Your Own Adventure” books is Twine, the platform Zoe Quinn used to vomit out Depression Quest.  This means that Depression Quest is not a video game, but a choose your own adventure story.  Knowing that, why would anyone consider Depression Quest a video game?

Video games, even low end ones, require skills and plenty of work to be successful.  To create a video game, artists and programmers are both needed.  AAA games need even more work from artists and programmers.  Both of these groups have to be paid, and to get better games requires more money to be spent.  To get a return on your investment for a video game, it has to appeal to potential customers.  People have to want to buy your game, so your game has to be fun.  This creates a problem for feminists and social justice warriors.  They will go bankrupt writing games that promote their ideology because they will never be fun and never appeal to potential customers.

Given these facts, they have tried to do two things.  First, they have tried to infiltrate the video game industry as we have seen.  However, that is ineffective.  If their infiltration is completely successful, the video game industry will no longer be producing video games people want to buy.  This will have negated the all the work they did.  So they have also done a second thing, try and replace video games with choose your own adventure stories via Twine.  Anyone can vomit out a Twine story like Zoe Quinn did with Depression Quest.  No skills in art or programming are needed.  What feminists and SJWs are trying to do is a bait and switch where Twine stories get included in the category of “video games” and then replace actual video games with Twine stories.

This bait and switch won’t work.  Twine stories aren’t video games, and no one will confuse the two.  If real video games go away, gamers will do something else, and it won’t be reading boring Twine stories written by feminists and SJWs.  Plus, video games won’t go away.  They will be made more in Japan and Eastern Europe and elsewhere out of the reach of feminists and SJWs.

Oct 112014

I have documented examples in the past of feminists admitting that they don’t believe in equality (and by extension believing in female supremacism).  Now, we have the anti-#GamerGate version of this.  This comment was taken from the GamerGhazi reddit, an anti-#GamerGate reddit.  It is definitely not a troll as it was taken seriously and voted up:

The feminists and SJW opposed to #GamerGate actually believe that people who support gender equality are Nazis!  (Given Leigh Alexander’s hatred of non-whites, we can assume that they also believe that people who support racial equality are Nazis too.)

This proves that the anti-#GamerGate rubbish about how gamers are all misogynists trying to force women out of gaming is a complete and total lie.  Feminists and SJWs are not attacking gamers for being misogynists.  They’re attacking gamers for believing that men and women (as well as all races) should be truly equal.  In the eyes of feminists and SJWs, the great sin of gamers is that they don’t give special rights to women.  Gamers treat everyone exactly the same, and feminists and SJWs hate that gamers aren’t kissing their asses.

Oct 032014

Last month, there was no voting for the Entitlement Princess of the Month.  Because of #GamerGate, it went to Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, and many of their supporters.  There was no other way of handling it since there was just so much entitlement princessing going on.

The Entitlement Princess of the Month can only keep going with your support so keep submitting new entitlement princesses on the Entitlement Princess of the Month submission page.

While last month should have covered #GamerGate, there is one entitlement princess who needs to be singled out specifically that wasn’t last month.  She is Leigh Alexander, Editor at Large, of gaming website Gamasutra.  Her behavior has been covered extensively elsewhere, although it takes multiple pages to do it.  (I recommend reading all the links and doing more searching on your own.)  A big part of Leigh Alexander’s entitlement princessing is about hypocrisy where she says that others can’t do what she does:

This actually gets worse when you look at how Leigh Alexander treats minorities, fast food workers, bartenders, and probably anyone who works for a living:

This last part shows how Leigh Alexander goes beyond hypocrisy outright elitism towards blue collar and service industry workers.  That is another hallmark of being entitlement princess.  With all this, Leigh Alexander is more than deserving of being Entitlement Princess of the Month.


Sep 282014

I have seen several arguments brought up against GamerGame like:

  • Why aren’t you concerned about AAA game publishers buying favorable reviews of their games?
  • Talking about Zoe Quinn’s sex life is shut shaming.
  • If you’re concerned about ethics in game journalism, then why do you keep bringing up Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian (or feminists and social justice warriors)?  They aren’t game journalists.

There’s more arguments like these than you can find, but this covers examples of a problem I have noticed.  The problem is assuming that corruption is purely about money.  Ideological corruption is at least as relevant as financial corruption.  In fact, ideological corruption can be much worse.

Take the issue of game publishers buying favorable reviews for their games.  First of all, there have been plenty of complaints about this.  Read up on DoritoGate and GerstmannGate for examples.  However, favorable reviews for games can be “purchased” by other means such as sexual favors (which Zoe Quinn is accused of doing).  Or what about the whole issue of journalists supporting various indie game developers via Patreon because they agree with the political message of the game or the politics of the developer.  (This is an example of ideological corruption and how ideological corruption will eventually lead to financial corruption.)  It’s likely in such a scenario that favorable game reviews will be given on the basis of politics and not the game itself.  This is just as bad as a AAA game publisher buying a favorable review of their games.  In many ways it’s actually worse due to the ideological group think involved.  Just because no money changed hands does not mean that there isn’t corruption.

Ideological corruption provides a new set of weapons for the corrupt to attack anyone trying to end corruption.  If the gaming press isn’t fought and defeated right now, in the future anyone who wants to purchase favorable reviews for their games can just provide hookers instead of money.  Hookers have a built in defense if they get caught because they can scream “Slut shaming!” and “You have no right to talk about a woman’s sex life!” to anyone who would expose this type of corruption.  As long as their corrupt acts can be turned into false accusations of misogyny, they will be safe.

This is the reason why the gaming press is fighting so hard with the “gamers are misogynists” and “gamers are dead” angles.  With DoritoGate and GerstmannGate, the gaming press had no way of fighting back.  Thanks to Anita Sarkeesian and other feminists and social justice warriors, the gaming press found the ultimate defense against any and all attempts to expose their corruption, accuse their enemies of being misogynists.  By doing this the gaming press get lots of women and white knights (including those in the wider media) who will reflexively support them without actually analyzing the facts of the situation.  There’s an article on The Escapist where some female game developers share their views on GamerGate which naturally includes plenty of nebulous accusations of “harassment” against female game developers.  Many comments to that article ask for evidence of that harassment but none gets produced and apparently asking a woman to prove she’s being harassed is misogynist.  This example makes it clear that the gaming press has found the ultimate weapon to allow them to continue their corruption thanks to the feminists.  Exposing corruption is now misogyny (since there’s always some way to tie to women).  Asking for evidence that something happened to a woman is now misogyny.

The most important reason that ideological corruption is worse than pure financial corruption is that ideological corruption leads to a massive jihad not just on anyone who opposes the corruption but large masses of people.  The gaming press has declared war on gamers.  (In additon to all of the “gamers are dead” articles that appeared within 48 hours of each other, just see anything written by Leigh Alexander for evidence of that.)  On top of that people who have been publicly opposed to corruption in gaming journalism have been fired from their jobs and had their bank passwords hacked.  If a AAA game publisher is buying favorable reviews of their games, that is where it ends.  They don’t go on a jihad against their customers.

Sep 172014

We know that Anita Sarkeesian is definitely lying about at least some aspects of the death threats she allegedly received (if not the whole thing).  This got me thinking about how other public figures and semi-public figures handle actual death threats and wondering how it compares to what Anita Sarkeesian and her supporters have said and done in response to her alleged death threats.

Penn JillettePenn Jillette, one of the two members of the magician duo, Penn & Teller, is an example of a public figure who has recieved death threats.  He has received many death threats from Christians and others due to his outspoken atheism.  Jillette has actually had to contact the police over some of the threats he has recieved, and there is no question that he has actually had to contact the police unlike with Sarkeesian.  Another importance difference between Sarkeesian and Jillette is how Jillette has recieved his death threats.  Unlike Sarkeesian who gets her alleged death threats via Twitter and the rest of the internet, Jillette has received death threats by postal mail.  Based on that alone, Jillette has much more reason to worry about bodily harm than Sarkessian ever would.  It takes much more effort to write and mail a letter than type up a tweet so Jillette has much more to worry about than Sarkeesian ever would.  (This also shows that women don’t have it worse when it comes to death threats online or off line.)

Jillette’s response to the death threats he has received is very different than Sarkeesian’s behavior after she allegedly received her death threats.  First, Jillette doesn’t tweet his (general) whereabouts on Twitter after receiving a death threat like Sarkeesian did.  Jillette also did not use the death threats against him to attack Christians like how Sarkessian and her supporters use her alleged death threats to paint gaming as a hotbed of misogyny.  Jillette has even said that such a response is intellectually, emotionally, and philosophically dishonest.  Neither Jillette nor his supporters have make false accusations about Christians to cover up bad behavior on his part, like how Sarkeesian and her allies have used false accusations of misogyny to cover up corruption in video game journalism.  Jillette also has not used the death threats he has received as an opportunity to line his pockets.

None of this can be used to determine whether Sarkeesian actually received any death threats.  However, looking at how a public figure like Penn Jillette handles death threats shows that a public or semi-public figure typically handles death threats in a manner contrary to how Sarkeesian handled her alleged death threats.  As a result there is a high likelihood that Sarkeesian’s alleged death threats are fake.  It also reveals a lot about the character of Sarkessian and her supporters.

Sep 142014

There’s been some back and forth on whether Anita Sarkeesian actually reported her alleged death threats to the police.  Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart.com spoke to the San Francisco Police Department who at first said they had no record of Sarkeesian contacting them.  Later, they came back and said that they did but it was transferred to the FBI.  While that seems fishy, we can’t say anything definitive until Yiannopoulos gets more information with one exception.  Here are Sarkeesian’s tweets where she claimed to talk to the police:


There are at least two lies here.  First, Sarkeesian implies she is a “woman in tech”, but that is not the case.  Second, she says that she talked to “police” and “local police” after what would have been her initial report to the police.  If her case was transferred to the FBI like the SFPD now says, then she wasn’t talking to the police or the “local police”.  She would be talking to the FBI.  (In either case, they would advise her not to talk about her death threats on social media, making it even more suspicious.)

While we don’t have all the facts yet, we know that Sarkeesian lied at least once (twice if you count the “woman in tech” thing) about her alleged death threats.

Sep 082014

Feminists say that they don’t want to destroy video games, but make “better” video games.  The feminist definition of “better” video games involves turning video games from a fun activity to a vehicle for propaganda, and here is a feminist admitting it:



The feminist desire to eliminate fun from video games means that feminists want to destroy video games.

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