Sep 192016

I have been avoiding commenting on the Douglas Crockford situation where he got dis-invited to the Nodevember conference due to vague accusations of making other people (namely women) uncomfortable.  The problem for me was that there was no hard information about what was going on.  I figured something would come out eventually (and it would exonerate Douglas Crockford).  I decided to stop waiting when I discovered the following “example” of  Douglas Crockford’s sexism.

Someone on reddit said that at the previous Nodevember conference, Douglas Crockford was talking about hot chicks during his keynote.  Here is the video of hit allegedly doing that:

He wasn’t talking about hot chicks. He was talking about HOT CHICKEN.  For those of you who don’t know, hot chicken is a type of fried chicken from Nashville, where Nodevember is held.  Hot chicken is made using cayenne pepper so it is spicy. It is very good so if you have the opportunity to try it you should do so.  Before Douglas Crockford’s keynote at the last Nodevember, hot chicken was served for lunch, and that is the hot chicken he is referencing in the video.

This tells you everything you need to know about the Douglas Crockford situation.  Feminists and manginas are so desperate to get him that they’re twisting hot chicken into hot chicks.  On top of that, they’re sullying the good name of hot chicken.  I’m sure some feminist or mangina will soon say that hot chicken is misogynist rather than admit they made a mistake by not realizing the difference between hot chicken and hot chicks.

What’s next?  Will feminists and manginas say that Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles oppresses women?  Eventually, it is going to happen.

Sep 102016

It has been 10 years since the Duke Lacrosse false rape accusation.  How does everyone who falsely accused the Duke Lacrosse players of rape, such as the faculty at Duke who supported this false rape accusations, feel about it now?  They have absolutely no remorse about it.  They don’t care that they were a part of a virtual lynch mob.

Additionally, there have been ZERO consequences for the Duke faculty who supported this false rape accusation.  Most of them are still working at Duke.  The rest are working at other universities.  In either case, it is safe to assume that they are pushing more false rape accusations.

Sep 082016

I found this at End Women’s Suffrage:

I’m pretty sure that everyone reading this knew that picture was of pieces of a screwdriver.  I have a screwdriver that takes such bits in my set of tools.  I didn’t realize that my set of tools included an “automatic assault rifle”.  What’s next?  Are women going to think my wrenches are grenades?

Sep 052016

I found this screenshot from a tweet:

Yes, I would ask for proof.  For her pet dying to be equivalent to a sexual assault accusation, that would mean that she is accusing someone of murdering her pet.  For sexual assault to happen, someone has to cause it.  There is no equivalent in sexual assault to dying of natural causes where death can happen independently of someone causing it.  Any woman who says she has been sexually assaulted is accusing a man of sexually assaulting her.  That is an accusation of criminal behavior.  Since we have a standard of innocent until proven guilty when it comes to crimes (unless you’re in college), we always demand evidence that a crime actually happened.

Aug 292016

The feminist war on space exploration continues.  This time The Atlantic magazine writes that the constellations oppress women.  (This is not a satire piece.  It is real.)  The only purpose of such an article is to continue the feminist war on space exploration by accusing every aspect of space of misogyny.

What are constellations?  Constellations are a group of stars that form a recognizable pattern.  In other words, The Atlantic is accusing the stars of being located in such a way that from the Earth they can generate misogyny.  Literally, feminists are saying that way the universe is organized in such a way to oppress women.

On top of that the article from The Atlantic also says that the names of spaceships and space probes are also sexist and oppress women.  There is no aspect of space exploration that feminists have not accused of misogyny.  Feminists have lied about NASA’s budget, attacked the shirt of a space scientist, accused the Pioneer 10 probe plaque of sexism, accused movies about space exploration of being sexist, and said that there will be a rape epidemic in space.  Clearly, the feminist war on space exploration is total which is why we must fight even small aspects of it like when feminists accuse constellations of being sexist.

Aug 272016

Feminists have declared war on many aspects of technology, science, health care, & modern life, such as dentists, doctors, air conditioning, vaccination, the tech industry, etc.  Thus it can not be a surprise that feminists would declare war on any human advance since the dawn of humanity.  The latest thing feminists have declared war on is fire.  Yes, fire.  Feminists are blaming the rise of patriarchy on the discovery of fire.  In other words, feminists are saying that women got burned by fire.

Where would be without fire?  We would probably be sitting in caves with none of the advancements humanity has made in the last several thousand years.  We would have no way to prevent freezing to death.  Feminists would have us all freeze to death just because they feel that fire oppresses them.  This has to be the ultimate example of how feminists are anti-science, anti-technology, anti-civilization, and all around anti-humanity.

Jul 152016

A mangina tried to answer the question of whether feminists/SJWs want women to be equal to men or be a protected class.  As can be expected the mangina twists himself into knots to avoid giving a clear answer to that question to the point where he seriously compares women to the disabled:

You may still need accommodations to function in society that others do not require. That doesn’t mean that you’re unequal any more than a disabled person is a second-class citizen for needing a ramp.

For the purpose of this post, I’m going to set aside how vile it is and insulting to disabled people to compare the average healthy woman to a disabled person.  This mangina is saying that being female is a (permanent) disability.  Thus he’s arguing that women will always need special accommodations forever.  By doing so this mangina is really saying that women are MORE disabled than disabled people because eventually technology will exist that will fix every disability out there.

I anticipate that we will see more of this “women are disabled” argument.  It may be argued implicitly or explicitly, but feminists will latch on to it to defend all the special privileges women have.  It will get to the point where you will see an able bodied woman telling a man with no legs in a wheelchair why she is the one who is really disabled.

Jul 092016

I found an example that proves that the feminist idea that there is pervasive misogyny in the tech industry is nothing but paranoid propaganda:

Here’s an example I was thinking of after I wrote my original post.

I work at a largish engineering company, and help organize events for summer interns. One of them is an “ask us anything” panel where we encourage interns to ask recently graduated full-time employees about life at the company without managers / HR in the room.

Every year, we get a young woman asking us something along the lines of “I’ve heard the engineering industry is super sexist. How horribly oppressed am I going to be?”

Now, the response they usually get from the ladies on the panel (who I assume are being truthful) is basically “you will very occasionally get some sexist / not-quite-appropriate remarks, almost exclusively from people either within 10 years of retirement (hence self solving) or from the non-college educated techs that have a rougher culture in general. This will be mildly annoying but won’t have a real effect on your career”.

So given that it seems workplace sexism for our engineers isn’t really fake, but is typically a minor irritant at worst, is that female intern really well served by being primed to expect lousy sexist treatment? The potential paranoia that every adverse decision is unavoidable due to your gender, or that today will be the day you’re horribly harassed… can’t that be worse than the actual harm of the intransigent remaining vestiges of professional sexism?

This shows that there is no vile hive mind running an assault mission against women in tech.  In addition, the two examples of “kindly annoying misogyny” in tech are likely to not be misogyny at all.  In the case of the men within 10 years of retirement, that is more likely to be noting more than failing to use the latest SJW approved language than actual misogyny.  For the less educated men, that is likely to be the problem as well plus the (college educated) women being bigoted against men who are not college educated.  Thus, it is clear that there is no misogyny in the tech industry.

Jun 252016

I don’t know how to describe this so let me start off with the words of Sarah Nadav, a startup founder who came up with a new idea:

Let’s talk about an uncomfortable truth, sexual harassment and assault is common in the tech industry. The only reason we don’t hear more about it is because the men who perpetrate it the most are also the ones who hold the “keys to the kingdom”- as investors or powerful industry figures, women don’t want to ruin their careers by speaking out.

So I have come to a conclusion. I am adding a “sexual misconduct clause” into all of my investment agreements. If an investor or employee of the investor/accelerator/incubator makes a sexual advance towards me or anyone in my company (Civilize), then they are stripped of all of their shares in Civilize (even the ones that have vested) and there will be a public notice to shareholders as to the reason why.

Notice the jump from sexual assault to a sexual advance, which could mean anything including asking someone out for coffee.  On top of that, not only is there no due process when an alleged “sexual advance” occurs, but how easily this could be used for fraud.  Want to steal an investors shares in a startup?  That’s easy to do with this since all you have to do is accuse the investor (or one of their employees) of asking someone out.  Who would want to invest in such a scenario?

Or what if the person who is falsely accused of asking someone out is gay?  Or a gay individual actually asks someone out of the same sex?  That will be an immediate fraud lawsuit plus the accusation of discrimination against gays and homophobia.  And that has to be an issue, because she says that ” sexual harassment and assault is common in the tech industry”.  Remember, we keep hearing about how few women are in tech.  For sexual harassment and assault to be endemic in tech, that has to mean the primary victims of this alleged epidemic are men not women.

I don’t know how this would be enforceable.  Take how she listed employees of an incubator as being bound by this clause.  Every employee of the incubator would have to be informed and sign a document to that effect.  Any smart employee of said incubator will just avoid Sarah Nadav and her company.  Another reason that it would not be enforceable is the question of how it would apply to Sarah Nadav herself.  What happens if she (or one of her employees) asks out an investor, an employee of an investor, or an employee at an incubator?  Why does she and her employees have the right to ask people out working for their incubator or investor, but not the reverse.  For that matter, someone who is pissed off at her could use this policy against her by falsely accusing her of sexual advances and threatening to use this policy against the accuser.

Where did Sarah Nadav get this insane idea?  Read her own words:

Let me walk you through my process:

Yesterday I read Lena Dunham’s Linkedin post

We don’t need to continue reading after that, but it gets worse.  She is by her own admission filled with rage about (potential) investors:

While other CEOs are worried about getting funded, I am shit scared that one of them will invest.

Every time I get up to pitch, instead of sharing my vision I am exploding with rage. And then I apologize and promise to do better, and change my pitch to one that is even more antagonizing then the last.

I was literally told that I need to work harder on hiding my thinly veiled contempt for the investors.

The good news is that no one will have to deal with her “sexual advance clause” and its fraud because she will have already scared all investors away.  Despite this, Sarah Nadav is worried that an investor will want to have dinner with her:

Because here is my deepest fear- I am afraid that one of these men, these bad actors will end up investing in Civilize. He will have a board seat, he will own part of my life’s work. One day, he will offer to take me out to dinner and I will think it is professional but he will have another agenda (because in his mind lunch is for business and dinner is for lovers but I didn’t get the memo), he will make an advance, I won’t know what to do, everything will get awkward and I will be afraid of making an enemy of him because he will have the power to oust me from my company.

I have good news for Sarah Nadav.  She never needs to worry about an investor (or any other man) asking her out to dinner.  No investor will invest in her startup after seeing her rage and contempt.  No man (investor or otherwise) will ask her to dinner because they won’t want to be alone with her.  Given her rage, paranoia, and all around crazy, no man will want to be anywhere near her without multiple witnesses.  And that will be true for many women too.  The only conclusion I can draw from this is that Sarah Nadav has decided to shout, “I’m insane.  Don’t invest in my startup.”  We have all gotten the message.

Jun 112016

Jezebel Jizzabel decided to let everyone know that Gawker declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy won’t stop them.  Jizzabel made it clear that they would “continue blogging here every day with the same, excellent staff” and gave some examples of their blogging:

Texas Man and Small-Time Dick Insists He Actually Has a Huge Dick, Everyone
A Timeline of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s Brief, Volatile Relationship
Beyond ‘Work’: Here Are the Songs of the Summer
What Happened to the Girl Behind ‘White Girl Problems’?

With hard hitting journalism like that from their “excellent staff”, Gawker should use declaring chapter 11 as an opportunity to put Jizzabel out of its, and more importantly our, misery.

May 302016

Since today is Memorial Day, let’s remember how our servicemen are being treated such as how the military is using the excuse of “fighting sexual harassment” to avoid treating servicemen suffering from PTSD to how judges are ignoring the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to deny servicemen their parental rights.  Our servicemen are putting their lives on the line for us, and those two cases are chilling examples of how our men in uniform are getting treated.

As we see with the example of servicemen getting denied PTSD treatment under the banner of “fighting sexual harassment”, mental heath issues are a big problem for servicemen.  The biggest mental health problem for servicemen is not PTSD or anything related to combat.  As I found on End Women’s Sufferage, it’s the wives of servicemen cheating on them:

You may need to click on the image to see the text at its full resolution.

Active duty psychologists in the military are constantly dealing with servicemen having mental health problems due to their wives cheating on them while the servicemen are deployed.  The servicemen are deployed to hostile combat zones where they risk injury and death.  What are their wives doing as soon as they’re gone?  Cheating on them.  No wonder the servicemen are developing mental health disorders in such a situation.  This is so bad that servicemen with no history of mental health problems are developing mental health disorders.  It is so common that active duty psychologists are constantly dealing with this.

The psychologist above points out the vast amount of money being spent just because the wives of servicemen can’t stay faithful.  But, I’m more concerned about the servicemen themselves.  Servicemen have an unusually high suicide rate.  If their wives just kept their legs shut while they were deployed, the suicide rate for servicemen would be much lower.

May 212016

As we know, the women in tech movement seeks to remove as many men as possible from the tech industry.  And part of that is targeting Indian men and Asian men working in tech.  Many Asian and Indian men who work in tech are immigrants.  Now, there is a new angle in targeting Asian and Indian immigrants working in tech, using the fact that some visas require their wives to not work.

The article blames “an immigration system focused only on meeting corporations’ needs” which is bullshit by itself since any of these wives of immigrants working in the tech industry could change their visa status.  However, I anticipate that the next target will be the immigrant men working in tech themselves for forcing their wives into an immigration status where they can’t work.  Since the vast majority of immigrant men working in tech are Indian and Asian, this is really an attack on Indian and Asian men working in tech.  Indian and Asian men are already accused of importing “misogyny” into the tech industry, and this visa issue will be used to bolster that attack.  Even with tactics like these, I don’t anticipate this will stop class action racial discrimination lawsuits from Asian and Indian men when the women in tech movement tries to remove them from the tech industry.

May 092016

Sheryl Sandberg (of Facebook) decided to “honor” single mothers this Mother’s Day, in part because she says that she is one now.  Since her husband died, technically she is a single mother, but she is not a single mother in the sense we usually understand the term.  Sandberg is a widow, but the vast majority of single mothers are not widows.  Most single mothers are women who either never married the fathers of their children (but still demand child support with minimal to no visitation for the father) or women who were married to the fathers of their children but divorced them in anti-family courts.  Being a widow with children and what is usually called single motherhood are two very different things.  By conflating the two, Sandberg is denying the existence of fathers who lose access to their children (not to mention half or more of their assets) in anti-family courts, fathers who can’t even get the visitation they are supposed to get, and of all the crime that gets generated by single motherhood.

Sandberg is lying to us about the realities of single moms and single motherhood.  And the reason is obvious.  It is the female herd mentality in action.

May 052016

Ellen Pao is up to her old tricks. She has started a group to “improve diversity” in the tech industry focusing on startups. Since Ellen Pao is involved, this group is nothing but an attempt to shakedown companies in the tech industry over “diversity”. It is telling that Ellen Pao is focusing on startups. Startups don’t have the resources to fight an extended battle against a group shaking them down with mafia style tactics. She’s hoping that startups will pay her off instead of dealing with the negative publicity she could generate.

Of course, there is a built in problem with what Ellen Pao is doing. Anything having to with “diversity” in the tech industry requires that Asian men be fired which will open up Ellen Pao’s group and any company stupid enough to follow her to discrimination lawsuits from Asian men.

Apr 242016

For a man to be a victim of the false rape industry, it used to be that a woman (usually who had sex with the man) actually had to make an accusation against that man.  Thanks to the reclassification of rape as a civil rights violation such standards of due process no longer need to be followed.  At Colorado State University – Pueblo, a male athlete and his female trainer start a relationship. Everything during the relationship was consensual, but another person made a complaint to the university that the trainer was raped. The trainer strenuously disagreed saying, “I’m fine and I wasn’t raped.” That didn’t stop the athlete from getting expelled from the university for rape.

What happened here was that since rape is now reclassified as a “civil rights violation”, it doesn’t matter if the alleged victim says everything was consensual.  His relationship with his trainer offended someone else so the athlete violated the “civil rights” of women regardless of repeated statements from the woman he had sex with that made it clear she wasn’t raped.  We will see more of this in the future since feminists will declare that women who don’t think they were raped to be victims of “internalized misogyny” and can’t be trusted as a result.

At this point I’m waiting for a man living in the middle of nowhere in North Dakota with no other person within a hundred miles to be accused of rape/violating the civil rights of women because some woman that he never met was pissed off at him.  This will happen sooner or later.

Apr 192016

If you have been around this part of the internet long enough, you know about how when women complain about their problems, they don’t want their problems fixed. They want to just complain about them. This video communicates this concept very succinctly and effectively:

And just to really drive the point home, here is one of the comments under that video:

A woman was drowning. I look at her from the dock and said, “I know you do not want me to “fix” your situation. I want you to know that I know what your feeling, the desperation, the fear, you see I almost drowned, so I can relate, I sympathize and have compassion for you. I am sorry this is happening to you. The woman died, but I feel very good that I provided her with the comfort of my sympathy and compassion and did not upset her by “fixing” her situation.

Apr 142016

Several commenters in my last post pointed out (correctly) that the women saying that consensual sex leads to men murdering women and engaging in cannibalism of women were engaging in projection.  I have continued to read more of the GenderCritical subreddit, and these women are clearly engaging in project.  I found the ultimate example.  Take what this woman said in defense of women having women only spaces:

Do you think male only rape crisis centres should be open to women?

Do you think male only PTSD centres should be open to women?

The response to that comment was to point out that there is only one male only rape crisis center and no such thing as a male only PTSD center (and that the woman who wrote that was making shit up).  This clearly shows that the women on the GenderCritical subreddit are engaging in projection.  The only reason that anyone would think a male only rape crisis center is necessary is because women demanded that all the other rape crisis centers be exclusively female.  (The same is true of domestic violence shelters.)

The PTSD center comment is what really shows that these women are engaging in projection.  Until I read this comment, I (and every other rational individual) had never considered that PTSD is gendered in any way.  Gender specific PTSD centers are not necessary so none exist.  I tried to come up with how a male only PTSD center might be created, but the only thing I could come up with was a PTSD center that served veterans and current servicemembers.  Even that is not a male only PTSD center because women serve in the military.  This is why these women are engaging in projection.  They think that there everything needs a special variant made for women.  Men know that most things a male or female specific.  Men understand that PTSD affects both men and women so having separate PTSD centers for each gender is silly.  However, the women at the GenderCritical subreddit are so obsessed with everything having a separate version for women that they don’t understand that men don’t think that way.  The woman who wrote the comment about male only PTSD centers just assumed men must think like her so men must have created male only PTSD centers.  She was projecting so much that she didn’t bother to check if there was such a thing as a male only PTSD center.  That is why this is such a good example of how women always engage in projection.

Apr 122016

I have been reading more of the GenderCritical subreddit I talked about in my last post.  I found out that consent is a way women get raped and murdered:

“Consent” is a way for men to rape women legally. think about the things they talk about like “consensual” cannibalism! You can have the most blatant rape now nowadays and the man just says “I thought it was consensual” and that’s that. Never mind that for example he had restrained her, hit her, or even killed her, or that people heard her scream (used to be the old legal rape method – make her too afraid to scream), or that he damaged her vagina (funny how as soon as that one became the rape standard there began a campaign to flood all of society with violent porn and claim all women like that) or that she was half unconscious – if she “consented” that’s all fine apparently.

Yeah, we hear about all those cases where a man murders a woman, and he gets off by saying that he had consensual sex with her.  What are the feminists on the GenderCritical subreddit smoking?

My favorite part of this was how the feminist who wrote this brought up cannibalism.  I would be real money that this feminist thinks that men secretly (or maybe not so secretly) eat women.

Apr 102016

What does “Women in Tech” mean?  This should be self evident, but not when you put male to female transsexuals in the mix.  I found this subreddit called GenderCritical.  It’s a subreddit for feminists who think that male to female transsexuals are a conspiracy by men to oppress women.  One of the posts on this reddit was how male to female transexuals were forcing actual women out of the Women in Tech movement (and out of the tech industry).  This is apparently a plot to keep women out of the tech industry.  The comments are even better such as this one where they believe that male to female transsexuals are getting better jobs than actual womenThe reason why this is happening in the tech industry according to them is because the men who started the tech industry are socially maladjusted guys who really hate women, unlike plain old misogynists:

I don’t see a lot of other industries really hating women. Sure, misogyny has been a part of the fabric for a long time because it’s been a part of the social structure for forever.

Tech was started and built by deeply socially maladjusted males. They used their technical expertise to cover for their massive insecurities. Social media is basically the social version of all of the misogyny and awkwardness of an industry that maintains hatred of women as a cornerstone.

This is an example of why accusations of transphobia should be used against accusations of sexism/misogyny.  Let the male to female transsexuals and women fight over what the women in “women in tech” means.  If they can’t define what “woman” means then there is no need for “women in tech” nonsense, then the tech industry can’t be sexist and can’t be expected to increase the percentage of women in tech because no one knows what a “woman” is.

Apr 062016

One way the tech industry, gaming, CEOs, etc. is accused of being sexist is by using the ratio of men to women in those areas.  At the End Women’s Suffrage blog, I found the perfect way to use their own “logic” against them:

This shows us the perfect defense to use against accusations of sexism in these areas.  The same people making those false accusations are also very pro transgender.  To them being in a male body doesn’t necessarily mean that person is a man.  Since they believe that, how do they not know that the male/female ratio in the tech industry or gaming isn’t 1 woman for every man?  They can’t without being transphobic according to their own politics.

The next time someone says the tech industry, gaming, or anything else that has more men than women is sexist, accuse them of transphobia.  According to their politics, they can’t know that there is more men than women just by looking at them.  Their politics says that just because someone looks like a man, it doesn’t mean that they are a man like the conversation above points out.  Use their own politics against them.

Apr 012016

I found this group on the internet called the hybrid children community.  This is a group of women (mainly in their 20s) who think that aliens abducted them, had mind blowing sex with them knocking them up, and then took their hybrid human-alien children away from them.  (No, this is not an April Fools joke, but it should be.)

Obviously, these women are insane, but what would it mean if they weren’t?  It means that aliens are smart enough to know that what is best for their children is to keep them away from their mothers.  Aliens understand this at such a deep level that they abduct women from other planets who can’t follow them back to their home worlds. 

The women in the hybrid children community are incapable of having relationships with men.  This should be a surprise to no one.  While many men are willing to stick their dick into crazy, no man is that hard up that he won’t run in the other direction when meeting one of these women.  I’m certain that these women were just as insane before “discovering” that aliens were abducting them to have hybrid babies.  This is what happens to women who don’t get attention from men.  Thanks to MGTOW, the marriage strike, and so forth, more women will join the hybrid children community so that they can enjoy the delusion that alien men desire them.  I think I can speak for aliens everywhere when I say that alien men don’t want these women too.

Mar 262016

The anti-vaccination movement is responsible for the rise in measles (such as the Disneyland measles outbreak in 2015) and whooping cough.  Since the anti-vaccination movement is primarily made up of mothers and other women, this is something where women bear responsibility. On top of that, mothers are usually the ones making health care choices for their children so in almost all cases where a child is not vaccinated (for anything other than legitimate medical reasons), a woman is responsible.  This problem is made worse by divorce and that fact that women are responsible for most divorces.  Fathers have to fight their ex-wives to get their children vaccinated and protect their children.

What started all of this anti-vaccination nonsense was a discredited study linking vaccination to increased autism rates.  Not only was this study discredited to the point where the journal that published it chose to disavow it, the study was funded by a law firm on a fishing expedition to sue vaccine manufacturers.  Despite these facts, women immediately latched on this.  Why did this happen?  To understand the reason, one must understand that certain degrees of autism, particularly autism level 1 (or Asperger’s Syndrome as it used to be called), is not a debilitating disease but indistinguishable from ultra-masculine thinking (the type of thinking that drives innovation).  In fact, lower levels of autism, especially those that used to be called Asperger’s Syndrome, are likely to be nothing more than the medicalization of regular masculinity.  In other words, women believed the anti-vaccination conspiracy theory because of their fear and hatred of masculinity.  Not only is women refusing to vaccinate their children dangerous for their children’s health, it is particularly dangerous for their sons since those women in addition to endangering their health will be raising them in a cesspool of feminist/anti-male ideology.  This is another example of how women’s role as child-bearer is rapidly becoming unnecessary and in many cases even harmful.

Anti-vaccination propaganda is filled with fear and hatred of masculinity (in addition to many lies).  Women are comparing vaccinations to rape (including the non-existent college rape “epidemic”) with images such as these:

And written propaganda like this:

I have been thinking this morning about the parallels between vaccine-injury and sexual assault. I happened to hear a news story today about the incidence of rape on college campuses, and as I was listening, I could envision several commonalities.
In the story, a young woman was interviewed about her experience. She described a situation in which she had accompanied a young man to his dorm room and they had engaged in sex – both agreed and it was an interaction to which both gave informed consent. They both knew they were going to have sex before entering the dorm room and there was no force or coercion involved. There was an element of trust and equality in the decision-making process.
She said that afterward, she was ready to leave and when she got up to get dressed, the young man pushed her down onto the bed, and held her down while he turned up the stereo so her cries for help could not be overheard by neighboring students.
After the assault, the young woman reported the rape to campus police. The investigation was dropped and the rapist was not prosecuted. She sees him on campus and has classes with him, which she reported is extremely difficult and re-traumatizing for her.
Vaccination of our children is in many ways similar to medical rape.
We know the person who has harmed our infants and children. We trust them. We willingly go into the environment and we even participate in holding down the victims. In many cases, we have been in those rooms and participated willingly, albeit without truly informed consent, in the medical assault on our children (or on ourselves.)
In other cases, we entered those rooms with people we trusted, believing we were NOT going to engage in the act proposed by the perpetrator, only to be talked into it, shamed into it, threatened into it, coerced into it, or tricked into it with promises that, “This won’t hurt” or “It’s only going to hurt for a second” or “Come on… you know it’s the right thing to do… everyone else is doing it….”
Afterward, the perpetrators, pat us on the thigh or shoulder while looking us straight in the eyes and saying, “There now. That wasn’t so bad, was it?” They straighten their white coats, instruct us to get our things together, as they turn their backs and stride out of the room in search of their next victim. We may be left feeling afraid, and numb, not knowing how that happened and praying that it’s over. Praying they won’t come back and do it again, and praying there won’t be any lasting harm from what just happened.
In many cases, as we leave those rooms, feeling sick to our stomachs… dirty… with lumps in our throats and tears in our eyes, we force ourselves to take deep breaths and resolve to be stronger next time; more prepared to say NO and mean it.
For many of us, we ARE more prepared and we ARE able to say NO the next time. Others of us are not so strong.
Some of us resolve to change our lives and we seek new relationships, which are good for us and in which our decisions and our choices – our right to say NO is respected.
Some of us endure the worst when we realize that the medical assault inherent in the act of coerced vaccination is only the beginning, as our children or ourselves become sick, often within minutes or hours following the assault. It is at that point that we are suddenly faced with the horror that when we reach out to those who are supposed to help us, we must again confront the assailant and beg for assistance. Not only is the help denied, the assault is also denied and the harm minimized. We are told, “It’s nothing,” “You’re over-reacting,” – no different from the rapist’s claim, “It was consentual. After-all, you came here asking for it. What did you expect?” If there is ANY admission that what happened was harmful, the victim is blamed for the damage because “Everyone else does just fine. In fact, they keep coming back for more. They love it. It’s only those extremely rare individuals who are weak, or flawed, or physically or emotionally damaged to start with who don’t like it. The problem is not with the perpetrator, and certainly not with the act itself… it’s the victim. Something is wrong with that one…”
And just like the rape-victim in this morning’s radio story, we are continually re-traumatized when we encounter the rapist in public – in our churches, in the grocery store, at PTA meetings and community gatherings.
The medical rapist is empowered by laws that protect him (or her) from liability. There are no consequences when they harm us or our children and this has emboldened them to become even more callous in their actions.

I suppose the comparison to the non-existent campus rape “epidemic” is accurate.  Both anti-vaccination and the campus rape “epidemic” are lies.  They are also both led by women who want the end of due process.  The woman who wrote the above propaganda specifically complained about the police and the criminal justice system not providing a summary judgement against a supposed “rapist” so it is clear that she is against due process.

Elsewhere, vaccination gets called a “war on women”.  Conspiracy theorist, Jeff Rense, says vaccination is an attempt to secretly sterilize women.  Conspiracy theorist website,, specifically called vaccination, the “vaccine industry’s war on women”.  This proves (again) that conspiracy theorists are no friend of men and are willing to white knight at the drop of a hat.

Calling or implying that vaccination is a “war on women” is not limited to conspiracy theorists.  The simple act of pointing out that Jenny McCarthy, a leader of the anti-vaccination movement, has the facts wrong on vaccination is misogyny.  It would be bad enough if these false accusations of misogyny were just coming from anti-vaccination people.  However, even pro-vaccination people will defend these women by saying that the women were just reacting to the misogyny of (male) doctors and demand that you have sympathy for them.  Or they will falsely accuse you of misogyny for disagreeing with anti-vaccination women:

I love and respect science which I worked in for a decade. But, believing in science doesn’t mean I have to ignore non-science. Science can’t explain why acupuncture works but it does. Science says vitamin E doesn’t reduce pre-menstural breast tenderness but I have 20 years of experience that says otherwise. That’s fine. If the science isn’t there then the medical profession should steer clear but we – individual people – don’t have to steer clear. It is the same with vaccines.

Like the story of a mother whose daughter got a vaccine on Friday and by monday morning had pulled all of her hair out. She is a statistical anomaly and therefore her mother is just being hysterical. That’s misogyny. We have no respect for motherhood, mothers, or the choices women make for their families.

I have trouble believing that this woman ever worked in science unless “correlation does not equal causation” is now considered misogynist.  (There are probably plenty of women and maginas who think that way.)  As for not respecting “motherhood, mothers, or women’s choices”, women’s “choices” are endangering their own children and other people.  (And that doesn’t even address that fact that she thinks that fathers should have no say it what happens to their children.) For example, this woman who refusal to vaccinate her children caused all seven of them to get whooping cough, but this woman only endangered her own children.  What is worse is that these women who are refusing to vaccinate and endangering other people’s children and people who can not get vaccinations due to legitimate medical reasons.  People in the latter group are protected against various diseases by the rest of us being vaccinated (a.k.a. herd immunity).  When a woman refuses to vaccinate her children and someone else is injured or killed by that act, she could face civil or criminal liability because her intentional disregard for her own children’s health is injuring other people.

When you look at all of this together, it is clear that being anti-vaccination is anti-male.  In particular, the biggest victims of the anti-vaccination movement (besides those who have died as a result of women refusing to vaccinate their children) are boys who are being raised by anti-male feminist mothers.

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