Sep 082009

By now you have all heard of Van Jones and his resignation as “Green Jobs Czar” for Obama.  I’m not going to rehash that.  Others have covered it in detail from the fact that he’s an admitted communist to a supporter of cop killer, Mumia Abu Jamal, to a 9/11 truther.  While this seems like its a small victory, it really means a great deal moving forward.

Van Jones was part of what has been called to the blue-green alliance, really the blue collar-green alliance, an attempt to put together big labor with environmentalists.  For Van Jones that only means politically correct labor since he has talked about “making places like West Oakland the center of the green economy” and “creating a pipeline from prisons to the green economy”.  This is not to create green (or any other kind of) energy, but along with cap and trade tax to make a government controlled cartel over energy.

There is an energy revolution coming, but guys like Van Jones want to strangle it before it begins.  For example, Obama cut funding to tidal energy research when its on the verge of becoming a usable form of energy generation (particularly in the Pacific Northwest).  In the 90s, Clinton cut the funding down to nothing for the Integral Fast Reactor, nuclear reactor technology that would have greatly reduced the problem of nuclear waste.  If Clinton and Obama really are interested in creating green energy, then why did they cut funding to two things that would have done just that?  The answer is that they aren’t interested in green energy but making everyone more impoverished by increasing the price of energy, making people more dependent on government.  New energy technologies would also primarily benefit (white and Asian) men since they would get the jobs from these technologies.  As we now know from Van Jones, this is unacceptable to him and guys like Clinton and Obama.

Where does Kardashev come into this?  Kardashev was a Russian astronomer who created a scale for classifying the technological development of extraterrestial civilizations based on their energy usage.  This scale is highly speculative so its usefulness for more than writing science fiction and other speculation is limited.  However, it does tell us one important thing.  A technologically expanding civilization (such as ours) is going to increase its energy usage over time.  (Only a collapse of said civilization can change this.  Even depressions end eventually.)  No amount of conservation or efficiency will change this fact.

Guys like Van Jones, Clinton, and Obama have to strangle technological development to force people to be dependent on government.  This means strangling development in energy technologies since without energy technological development is slowed or stalled.  This is also very anti-male as (white and Asian) men are the leading developers of new technologies.  This is why Van Jones has to try to force government controlled “green energy” using (former) prisoners and other politically correct groups because otherwise it would benefit (white and Asian) men.

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