Jul 202013

First Men’s Rights Edmonton made national (Canadian) news with their poster campaign striking an important blow for men’s (human) rights.  It turns our that Western Canada is becoming a hotbed of M(H)RM activity.  Now, similar posters are appearing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  It’s getting a lot of press like with the Edmonton posters to the point where The Globe And Mail is asking why are men’s (human) rights posters going up in Western Canada.

As you might expect, feminists and manginas are tearing down the posters, but they can (and will) be put back up.  The Saskatoon posters aren’t part of the “Don’t Be That Girl” set of posters.  Instead they bring up more general men’s (human) rights topics.  Here are the Saskatoon posters:

a voice for men- bl- downtown saskatoon- july 18, 2013 a voice for men- ky- 20th street poster- july 11, 2013-1_0 a voice for men- ky- 20th street poster- july 11, 2013-3

Jul 162013

P Ray asked for a complete list of all of the “Don’t Be That Girl” posters that Men’s Rights Edmonton created.  Here they are:


asdf - 2

asdf - 3

A feminist group in Edmonton is trying to use trademarks and copyright to have anything with “Don’t Be That Girl” taken off the internet so be sure to spread these posters as far and as wide as possible.  Because of that I’m including a Don’t Be That Feminist image and a Don’t Be That Lying Feminist video by GWW.


Jul 132013

Men’s Rights Edmonton in Canada has done some great work for mens (human) rights recently.  The Vancouver Police Department came up with these anti-male posters that accuse all men of wanting to sexually assault women with the tag line, “Don’t Be That Guy”.  MR-E turned the tables on them with a series of posters called, “Don’t Be That Girl” which were posted all over Edmonton, Canada.  Here’s an example:



Needless to say, MR-E’s campaign has generated some reactions such as this woman who wants you report the posters to the government:

Then there’s this mangina who thinks that pointing out the reality of the false rape industry is “rape culture”:

The “Don’t be that girl” campaign is certainly having an effect beyond individuals.  The Vancouver Police Department, who originally created the “don’t be that guy” campaign, is “disturbed” by these posters.  So is the Huffington Post, the Edmonton Journal, and the Ottawa Citizen.  A local TV station in Edmonton talked to a feminist that said women “just don’t like about that [rape and sexual assualt] even though the reality is that the false rape industry is real.  MR-E is having quite an effect with just a little work.  This is the type of thing that can be used to positively promote men’s (human) rights, and it’s an example for all of us to follow.

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