Oct 232011

I find most of the “alt right” to be completely useless.  They are very similar to the white (knight) nationalists who are nothing but manginas.  Here is a good example.  Some of you might be familiar with Brett Stevens.  For those of you who aren’t, he’s one of the “alt right” types, and he writes at amerika.org.

Over at IMF, Human Stupidity listed ten examples of powerful men such as Dominique Strauss-Kahn who had their lives destroyed by false rape accusations.  What did Brett Stevens have to say about this?

I can’t ride with you here. Most of these people should have had their lives destroyed.

In other words, Brett Stevens is saying that if you are of the “wrong” race, ethnic group, religion, job, or politics, you deserve a false rape accusation.  One reason that the false rape industry is as big as it is because too many people think that false rape accusations are acceptable in certain cases.  Brett Stevens’s support of the false rape industry isn’t limited to that comment:

What else has sexual liberation brought us?

An estimated 95% of the rapes that take place in the UK are never reported. Only 6.5% of reported rapes in England and Wales result in a conviction on the charge of rape. – The Guardian

Why so few convictions? Because in a time of sexual liberation, there’s almost no way to prove rape. Unless a dozen people saw the woman screaming “stop rape” after she was assaulted by a random person, there’s no real evidence. Semen or a condom? Also used for consensual sex. Evidence of roughness? Also happens during “normal” sex. He will say she said she wanted to have sex; she’ll say she didn’t. Did she change her mind? Did he misread the signals? It’s not as serious a crime anymore, because with so many women chucking the goods out the door without a second thought, it’s hard to prove they were unlikely to have said yes. No one wants to start another million-dollar court case where the evidence will never be strong enough to satisfy many critical observers.

Here, Brett Stevens takes feminist statistics on rape as gospel.  Rather than admitting the false rape industry exists, Stevens says that DSK, the Duke Lacrosse players, Julian Assange, and many other men we don’t know the names of are all guilty of rape, but it couldn’t be proven.  This is verbatim what feminists say about false rape accusations, that the accused men are all guilty but got off scot free.  The fact is that these women lied.  There is no confusion or lack of evidence.  The facts are these women lied, but Stevens defends them like a feminist.

Brett Stevens supports the false rape industry just like a feminist.  And like feminists, he is perfectly fine with false rape accusations being used against those he perceives as political enemies.

Jul 152011

13:23 said about Norge:

You haven’t defeat anyone or anything. All you’ve done is scribbled some psychotic and delusional garbage about the evil coin crabbing Jews who are out to get you.

From your writing its pretty clear that you’re an older white male with at least one daughter. And its pretty obvious that this daughter has come of age and due to the culture she lives in (feminism) she’s started to behave like a typical western woman. And rather then accepting the fact that your daughter is slut and a whore, you’ve conjured up this fucked up ridiculous conspiracy about the satanist Jews who’ve brainwashed you’re daughter or what ever. Just face the facts so we don’t have to read you inane writings anymore.

While I wanted to stop talking about Norge, I wanted to comment on what 13:23 said.  While I tend to think that Norge has at least one daughter, he may also have at least one son.  Not only is he incapable of accepting that any daughters he might have are sluts, he is also incapable of accepting why any sons he might have are having trouble getting women or have decided to use women and never get married.  (Or perhaps any sons he has might have gone ghost.)

Rather than admit feminism is really FEMININE-ISM as Zed puts it, Norge concocted some silly grandiose conspiracy theory so he doesn’t have to blame women like any daughters he may have for their behavior.  Norge has gone to great lengths to not admit that his daughter(s) are a part of the problem.  By saying that his daughter(s) (or women in general) are brainwashed by some covert organization, he doesn’t have to hold women responsible for their actions.

Norge will blame the Jews, Freemasons, homosexuals, blacks, satanists, (non-existent) reptile aliens, anybody with the letter Q in their name, and/or many other groups I can’t think of.  He will blame anyone but a Western woman.  He won’t even blame non-Western women either as we have seen with his constant refusal to admit the reality of the false rape industry in the case of DSK.  (Since DSK is “the enemy” to Norge, he can never admit that DSK is a victim of feminism.)

A good question to ask is why is Norge here?  Why does he think spending time here is important?  Why is he spending all of his time accusing MRAs of misogyny and “gang stalking” and not accusing feminists of misandry and “gang stalking”?  If he thinks that feminism is a NWO scheme like the MRM is, then why isn’t he spending at least half his time arguing against feminists on feminist blogs, especially given the fact that feminists are the ones with real political power?  Why is he accusing me and other MRAs of being members of the NWO and not any feminists?  The reason it that he’s white knighting for women, and that he can’t deal with the fact that any daughters he has (if he has them) have chosen of their own free will to be sluts.  In each one of these cases, he attacks men only, never women.

I wish I could say this would end with Norge, but it won’t.  As I have predicted before we will see more of this in the future because there are various sections of the conspiracy theory community that are outright misandrist.



Jul 102011

Norge decided to post a long comment accusing me of working continuing his nonsense about how I work for the Illuminati:

Hi…this is Norge. I’m not sock-puppeting or using multiple user names – I only need one ID to defeat opponents, especially fools like White & Nerdy. I am pleased to see you already accuse me of sockpuppeting, it goes along nicely with White & Failing’s accusation that I am a white knight. Any more lame tricks? Maybe you want to alter your post thread so that I cannot directly reply to your posts, the same way White & Sucking did? Hopefully not, hopefully you are more macho than that.

First, if you have a problem with some other blogger, take it up with them.

That second comment I quoted two posts ago conveniently came in at the right time.  That’s why I considered the possiblity Norge may have written it using another name.  More importantly, I checked Norge’s IP address.  He has posted comments here under the name Norge and paullamont.  He has used multiple user names despite his claim to the contrary.

I’m not sure what that thing about not directly replying to posts is about.  It may have something to do with a limit for how far comments will nest in wordpress.  If that’s the case, Norge is trying to manufacture fake claims of nefarious behavior.

So, you admit it, freely admit it – GREAT, I’m glad that I activated your cognitive dissonance to confess to both the readers here and at Omega Virgin Revolt the truth about your government involvment. I want everyone to understand that this time PMAFT isn’t bragging, he is confessing – a big difference. I’m glad you didn’t backpeddle out of it and try to pass it off as some kind of tongue and cheek gag against conspiracy theorists. I’ve been frequenting your site for some time now and I’ve read such unprovoked admissons of your complicity – so I think we both agree it would’ve been futile to make denials. Can you also go tell that fag White & Nerdy that he can stop gloating now, and that you weren’t joking or kidding when you bragged about your government ties? He may be too busy to respond to you though, as he is preparing his anal canal for Dominique Strauss Kahn’s homecoming.

I’m not sure what cognitive dissonance is supposed to being going on here.  All I did was be honest about how I am gainfully employed.  Yes, I work for a defense contractor.  Yes, I have a security clearance.  None of that means I work for the Illuminati.  It’s not a tongue in cheek gag, but with the way Norge is incapable of reading what’s right in front of him, it might as well be.

I utterly destroyed White & Nerdy, so maybe now I’ll start talking to you and get to the bottom of what you so-called Men’s Rights guys have against conspiracy theorists. I feel it is like this – we are all reading the same book, only conspiracy theorists are smarter. We have read further and faster, and while we are on page 250, the majority of people are stuck on page 82. When we tell you on page 200 that a New World Order, led by Freemasons, the Jewish Heirarchy, and Satanic bloodline familes, along with their lapdogs and affiliated members of the Good ol Boys club, are taking over the world and destroying your freedoms – you tell us that is too unbelievable, and you instead flip to page 83.

There’s no unified opinion on conspiracy theory in the MRM.

The book Norge is reading from is likely a Dan Brown novel that he can’t seem to figure out is fiction.

It is an intelligence issue – a matter of understanding all of the data out there, and being able to read through it faster since the enemy has had a magnificient head start as far as planning and execution. While some of us are smart enough to detect the danger, others are dumbed-down into falsely believing such vile forces do not exist, even at a time when they are making their evil selves more and more obvious to the world. The good thing is, it is not too late to change and put aside your stupidity – if only to save yourself and live a better life, aside from any specific theological or philosophical lean. I’m saying that last part to your readers and not to you PMAFT. You and White & Nerdy have already made your allegiance clear and known. You are not stupid, or unaware – you are complicit..

Actually it’s an issue of sanity, namely how Norge isn’t sane.

Where as your men’s rights movement acts to clip the fingernails of your enemy, their hands are still locked around your throat. It is a misdirection, and it makes you into a running dog for the NWO because you are towing their line and making yourself an asset to them. Many of the men arriving at this site are victims of feminism, which this last 100 years has been the 2nd most successful NWO policy for damaging their opponents – the human race. By giving readers misinformation that feminism doesn’t have its roots being start by the NWO, the Jewish Heirarchy, and Satanist bloodline families like the Rockefellars who have many charities and organizations for women established – you set your readers up to take a fall. You have them avoid recognizing who their real enemy is, but instead have them save their hatred for 3 group entities:

1. Feminist Authors – Dworkin, Marcotte, etc.

2. Men who defend feminism – manginas, white knights, pussy addicts – and including men who devalue themself and marry a lesser woman – like the Dilbert guy – and male politicians who support feminism to get the woman vote.

3. The legal system and woman who get away with crimes and dishonesty, from outright criminal behavior to no-fault divorces, cheating, etc.

I agree that all 3 types of people are shun-worthy, and should be called to task for their behavior and crimes – but they are also a product of a system created by Globalism and Feminism – the tools of the NWO. This doesn’t give them an excuse for their behavior or a sympathetic pause from us, at the least they deserve our pity for being duped and at the most our severe hatred for damaging humanity. Writing about them is fine, but it would be proper to occasionally point to the architects that infected these people with such stupidity and malice in the first place – if only to create a context of feminism’s origins.

The NWO, the “Jewish Hierarchy”, and “Satanist bloodlines” don’t exist so feminist can’t have anything to do with them.  How am I setting them anyone up to take a fall?  If someone doesn’t believe in the NWO, nothing happens to them.

Norge also forgot one important group in feminism, the mass of women who gave their implicit and explicit support for feminist policies and benefited from them.  You either hold them responsible or you don’t.  There is no in between where they can weasel out of it by claiming they were “duped”.

I’m not telling you to make this website another anti-NWO website – because I think that would defeat its purpose and there are already enough websites like that out there right now. However, I think you should acknowledge and rebuke the evils of NWO instead of telling people that they do no exist, and only that crazy people believe in such things. Whether you choose to do this again is subjective, because at the least you are clumsily unaware of the world you live, and at most a complicit pawn of the NWO / member of their techie disinformation branch. I think you qualify for the latter..

Why does Norge need me to rebuke a fictitious entity like the Illuminati?  And what good would that do if I did if the Illuminati did exist?  Norge, what are you doing to fight your nonexistent NWO besides waste a lot of time ranting on MRM blogs?  Many of us in the MRM are getting the word out about feminism with the URL @ Urinals campaign.  Paul Elam recently set up Register Her to expose criminal women.  Actual work is better than meaningless rebukes against nonexistent entities.  What have you done for your cause, Norge?  Obviously nothing so this is just an excuse for you to rant on the internet.  Unlike you, many of us in the MRM are getting real work done.

The lowest of the low is promoting the idea that acknowledging the NWO as an evil force in the world makes the person who does so a feminist – or supporter of feminist ideals. That is a ridiculous extrapolation to make about one person or a group or person, expecially when many like myself will point out that feminism was created, driven, and funded by the NWO. The fact that some conspiracy theorists support feminism is because they realize to a certain extent that you shouldn’t attack the finger, but the heart. They also don’t want to cut off and alienate themselves from a wide viewing public by attacking feminism outright before claiming a victory against the NWO – isn’t it better to fight one opponent at a moment instead of two?

Since you will never claim a victory against the NWO (because they don’t exist), you just admitted that conspiracy theorists will not fight feminism.  If  feminism is a tool of the NWO there is no fighting the NWO separate from fighting feminism.  By your own definition conspiracy theorists are feminists because they’re sacrificing men in an attempt to gain popularity.

I will summarize that the entire DSK affair has less to do with false-rape allegations and more to do with him being replaced in a grand media flourish. There is now heavy talk that he should run for Prime Minister of France – which would be a remarkable rebound for someone who was under the suspicion of a felony. And while the world is watching that happen, the IMF loans another 3 Billion to Greece, to further corrupt the birthplace of democracy into another banana republic.

Good to know that you can’t be counted on when false rape allegations rear their ugly head.

Traitor. I’ve said it, and I think it should stand up as a clear namesake for you until you choose to rebuke the forces of evil and ease off your assault against those working to expose and indict them. I welcome a response from you, because unlike White & Nerdy you will actually be able to hold your own in defending your undefendable position as a turncoat. You will still lose to me, but the volleys will make interesting reading for visitors to this website who may take the same issue that I have with you hating Conspiracy Theorists.

You are still not as bad as White & Nerdy though, who wants to see jailed conspiracy theorists put to death before they even have a chance to appeal for their life.

I checked his blog, and I could not find that anywhere.  Given all of the other things you made up, Norge, this is probably made up too.  Really, this doesn’t matter.  If you have a problem with another blogger, take it up with them.

So, why do you hate conspiracy theorists? Or should we just accept the evidence at hand that you are running misinformation for the NWO?

I await a response from you Pro Male Anti Feminist TRAITOR.

I don’t think you understand what the word, traitor, means.  I can’t be a traitor to a cause I don’t believe in against an enemy that doesn’t exist.

Norge, what was the point of all this?  If you think I and other MRAs are working for the Illuminati then you have effectively come to the conclusion that the MRM works for the NWO.  However, you’re too much of a wimp to say that.  We don’t take kindly to such behavior.  With all of the time you spent on these rants, here and on other blogs, you could have done something useful like learning some game.  Or posting some fliers.  Your rants do nothing for your goals much less ours.  You are nothing but a troll that is too stupid and insane to realize he is one.

Jul 062011

Here is a Facebook page with some reactions to what has been happening with DSK.  Let’s look at some of the worse comments:

It just makes me so sick to my stomach. I feel so bad for this woman. I know she is not perfect, but obviously neither is he. So she just killed in the media and he gets to go home. I hope he faces new charges in France. It really does make me sad for the victim. No wonder women do not want to come forward about sexual assault.

If one false rape accusation doesn’t work, try another false rape accusation again and again and again until it sticks.

French journalist Tristane Banon has bravely come forth to charge DSK with sexual assault proving that Money is not for BUYING OFF CRIME. DSK attacked and raped the woman in NYC and no doubt as Bannon saw him getting away with a HORRIFIC CRIME against another woman AGAIN she stepped forward. I am 100% positive that MORE WOMEN around the world will as well. It would be a terrible thing to have a serial rapist celebrated into office in FRANCE. Bannon did the right thing.

It took Tristane Banon several years to find “bravery”.  Knowing that it sounds like we’re going to have women who will claim that DSK raped them 50 years ago.  If one false rape accusation doesn’t work, try another false rape accusation again and again and again until it sticks.

Wow! Money really talks. I hope they call her neighbors on the stand to validate her character. Apparently she’s a very quiet, timid and religious person. I’m not saying that she’s an angel or even that she’s not capable of lying but it’s clear as day to me that he paid big bucks to discover some dirt on her and her past ( which everyone has ) to discredit her. He definitely tried to do something but it backfired for him and she has to deal with the fact that rich people get off the hook.

Right…Because most people are involved with drug dealing, money launderingprostitution and filing false asylum applications or something equivalent.  The fact that Diallo was involved with all this criminal activity is DSK’s fault.

They actually traveled to her homeland to dig up dirt on her. No one would come up clean, and she may have lied to get out of a bad situation. That doesn’t mean she lied about the attack. The physical evidence is there including a “bruised vagina”. Is the woman in France lying too? What about her? She has rethought filing charges, and I think she is right to do that.

Again, most people aren’t involved with drug dealing, money laundering, prostitution and filing false asylum applications or something equivalent.

As bad as all of this is, at least there were plenty of other reactions that recognized concepts like misandry and had at least a partial understanding of the false rape industry.

May 252011

Last week at The Spearhead I talked about why Dominique Strauss-Kahn shouldn’t be assumed to be guilty of rape just because of his politics or his career (banking) or his (now former) job (IMF director). Over the last week I have found even worse reasons that people are assuming DSK is guilty of rape.  At this link they’re positively giddy about declaring DSK guilty without knowing any of the facts simply because of his job, career, and politics, and I suspect because DSK is Jewish.

If you thought that was bad, Henry Makow’s reason for declaring DSK guilty is the worst yet.  According to Makow, DSK is guilty because he’s a member of the Illuminati, and the Illuminati sexual deviants. No thinking person should assume DSK is guilty because of claims that DSK is part of an organization that does not exist.  I suppose this shouldn’t be surprising since Henry Makow has before turned into a total white knight when a woman made (what was most likely false) abuse allegations against her father because she accused her father of being an Illuminati.  Usually I find Makow’s written diarrhea to be a joke.  This time I’m disgusted by it because this is even worse than guilty until proven innocent that is typically seen in rape accusations.  It’s guilty based on conspiracy theory.

What’s bothered me about the whole DSK rape case is that people who are other anti-feminist (or supposedly anti-feminist) throw their anti-feminism out the window to declare DSK guilty because of some meaningless reason.  Most of these people aren’t truly anti-feminist at all, or their anti-feminism is only skin deep.  This is one reason why there has been little progress in combating feminism.

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