Dec 122012

A commenter writes about the silence of paternal grandmothers in losing their grandchildren due to their sons getting divorced:

I have to point this out until more people grasp this :

If women think the current laws are fair, and that getting unilateral custody is the way it should be…..

Then paternal grandmothers will lose access to their grandchildren when the father, her son, loses custody to the mother (her daughter-in-law).

So default mother custody causes plenty of paternal grandmothers to lose all contact to their grandchildren, as when the father is cut out, that means EVERYONE on the father’s side is cut out. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, you name it.

OK, so where is even the SMALL group of paternal grandmothers protesting default mother custody? What they thought was a great idea when they were having children, is now not such a good idea when their sons have children.

Old grandmothers are politically powerful. So where is the organization of ‘Grandmas against default mother custody’? Where?

Just one more example of women having no concept of cause and effect or long-term consequences.

There’s more to this than women having no concept of (long term) cause and effect.  It’s one thing to not realize that divorce means that you can’t see your grandchildren before a divorce happens.  It’s another to be fine with it afterwards as paternal grandmothers appear to be.  This is an example of team woman in action.  It’s a particularly extreme example in that grandmothers are willing to never see their grandchildren again just to support daughters in law they will no longer have a connection with.

The only way to deal with this is a true grandchildren strike, denying grandchildren from potential grandmothers.  A grandchildren strike should not be necessary, but as we can see, paternal grandmothers don’t care when they can no longer see their grandchildren.  The only way to deal with this is to not have children in the first place.  Usually, I advocate surrogate mothers in India for men who really want children in the current feminist climate, but doing so protects our mothers from the consequences of their actions.  That is unconscionable so perhaps we should all be on a grandchildren strike.

Check out: for comprehensive guidance on child support, custody and adoption cases.

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