Feb 132010

Steve Jobs iPad Koolaid

Here is paradise, you will find no hardware from Apple.  There are no macs, no ipods, no iphones or any other Apple hardware in paradise.  If you own any Apple hardware, you are not in paradise.

You should know by now that Apple is the SWPL (Stuff White People Like) computer producer.  It’s number 40 on the Stuff White People Like list.  Just look at the picture of Steve Jobs with the new ipad maxipad above on the left.  (Don’t ask me if I think the maxipad will do well.  I don’t make predictions based on a man with his own reality distortion field.)  He is wearing one of the SWPL uniforms.  In addition to being very SWPL, Macs are now very female (which is connected to their SWPLness) at least according to fellow Spearhead contributor Whiskey:

Finally, Apple stores. They used to be (2001-2007) male dominated places where geeks and nerds and the tragically hip all mingled. NOW? Its a total estrogen fest. I went there recently and helped out a guy buying a new Mac. About 75% of the salespeople were women, and about 85% of the customers were women. Macs are very “girly” now. Which is sad.

The kool aid part of the picture above came from this link that has a similar view as mine about Apple hardware.  (I recommend you read that page.)  He talks about someone who is excited to be a part of the “mac community” after 35 days of owning a mac and correctly points out that its a computer and not a social movement.  This is an extension of the SWPLness of macs.  I’m not going to own a mac because I’m not interested in being part of that kind of a “community”, especially when its led by a man with a reality distortion field (hence the koolaid pic).

As Apple becomes more SWPL it’s no surprise that Apple hardware is getting more locked down.  Apple is declaring war on tinkerers. If you want to do something that isn’t approved by Apple (or AT&T in some cases because Apple decided to hog tie themselves to AT&T in the US) you’re out of luck.  Some people will claim that Apple is associated with “free thinking creativity”.  They’re wrong.  All of the supposedly “free thinking” artists, musicians, and “creative professionals” are not free thinking.  They have beholden themselves to political correctness and SWPL thinking.  It makes them a perfect fit for Apple.  Groupthink runs deep in the Apple world which is why Apple can’t allow iPhone apps that mention Android and Steve Jobs flings shit at Adobe and Google.

I know quite a few people who are really into things like free software and open source software.  Being extremely into software freedom, they avoid Apple whenever they can.  They might want to use their computers in non-Apple approved ways.

I know I will might be accused of being PC, Microsoft, Intel, Linux, Adobe, and/or Google shill for writing this post.  It’s not that I’m pro any of those things.  I’m against the Apple way (a SWPL way) of doing things.

Dec 292009

Christmas is filled with traditions.  We’re all familiar with the regular traditions, but there are lesser known ones such as the viewing of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase.  I love the squirrel scene:

There are other Christmas traditions as well.  I don’t experience this every year, but there is the tradition of one or more people my parents’ age (not my parents, that’s a different story) asking if I have a girlfriend.  I love how telling them I don’t have a girlfriend.  It makes them squirm because they can’t deal with the idea of a MGHOW instead of following the standard life script ™.  (Plus, I’m not going to tell them about how I had two girlfriends at the same time.)  Women my parents age are especially mortified at the idea that I’m single because it means no woman is able to sink her claws into my money (and they have no idea what the real extent of my assets are).  Why shouldn’t they be pissed at the fact that I’m living in paradise?

Since I travel to my original undisclosed location for Christmas, there is also the tradition of seeing (or hearing about) friends and acquaintances I wouldn’t see/hear about otherwise.  Sometimes that leads to finding out about a story like which I’m going to tell you about.

I heard about someone I really don’t know that well.  This guy is around 10 years younger than me give or take so we were never friends or anything like that.  He’s in college now, and I heard about his girlfriend that his parents don’t like.  And with good reason because she’s a bitch.  I also figured out that’s this girl is a big time feminist.  She is majoring in womens’ studies.  I’m not kidding.  She plans on going into some type of social work.  In other words, she will be in some sort of feminist bureaucracy and be a feminist problem generator.  Of course, she doesn’t know how to cook either.  This guy is (or at least was) really into her.  He did everything for her from cooking to cleaning to whatever.  She never reciprocated obviously.  Her behavior was so odious that his (somewhat leftist) parents noticed.  Of course, they didn’t make the connection between her behavior and feminism.

This guy was actually thinking he was going to have a future with this girl.  Fortunately, it sounds like his dad convinced him out of it.  However, that was only due to his dad making him realize just how much things would suck with this girl since she wouldn’t be able to contribute to a marriage/household financially (which is a big deal since a job in his current major doesn’t pay a large salary) and wouldn’t be willing to contribute non-financially.  (Remember that knowing basic life skills like cooking are oppressive to women.)  That probably solved the problem of the current girlfriend, but it doesn’t solve anything longer term since he probably will end up with another woman that’s just as bad.  Of course, his parents aren’t telling him the truth about women which isn’t surprising since I’m certain that they don’t know the truth about women either.  (I really don’t know the guy well enough to get involved in any way.)

It’s just another example of a guy overvaluing a vagina.

Dec 182009

There’s a song that starts out with, “If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.” I would like to see a Jersey Shore version that would have the lyric, “If you’re going to the Jersey Shore, be sure to wear a hazmat suit.”  If you have been hanging around this part of the internet, you are probably already familiar with MTV’s new Jersey Shore reality TV series (which you can watch online from that link) since it has been covered by both MarkyMark and FB. It’s about four “guidos” and four three “guidettes” living in a house for the summer in Seaside Heights, NJ on the New Jersey coast.  I feel like I should wear a hazmat suit when I watch it since I’m worried that some STD or chemicals will come through the TV.  Currently, I just hold on to my zucchini for dear life while watching it since I’m worried it will fall off since I’m not wearing a hazmat suit.

All the guidos and guidettes are total jerk offs.  They have moronic nicknames like “the situation”, “j-woww” (yes that many w’s), and “jolie” (because her name is Angelina).  They are all orange because they spend massive amounts of time in tanning booths to get skin cancer.  One of them actually owns a tanning booth.  Nicole (whose nickname is “Snooki” which keeps getting messed up by the other housemates as snickers, etc.) got drunk and made a total ass of herself on the first day.  She then goes though this whole drama about whether she should leave or not and decides to stay.

On the other hand Angelina did leave after a week.  She started out using garbage bags to bring her stuff into the house instead of suitcases.  Throughout the week she was there she cockblocks the guys and calls all the chicks they bring back skanks and whores.  They were skanks and whores, but how were they any different than Angelina?  She also refers to herself as the “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island”.  As part of staying in the house, all of the housemates have to work for their landlord at his t-shirt shop.  Angelina has trouble with this and complains about having to work eight hours a day like everyone else and the job in general.  She has a job working a bartender once a week where she does “great things”.  (Her quote.)  She then breaks up with her boyfriend (who we later found out was married) and tries to fake being sick to not work at the t-shirt shop.  After being a jack ass, the boss/landlord decides to fire her which means she can’t be on the show.  “The situation” was also claiming that he and Angelina had hooked up sometime before the show was filmed.  Angelina kept denying this to the point where “the situation” said that he met Angelina’s mother.  On the after show for episode 3 (you have to make sure to watch all the after shows, bonus clips, etc.), she finally admits that they hooked up.

There’s Pauly (nickname is DJ Pauly D) who we find out has a pierced dick.  What more can I say than that?

There’s also Mike who goes by “the situation”.  He calls himself that because of his 6 pack which he says is a “situation” for women.  He tries to go after Sammi, one of the other housemates, which works for the first day or so, but she decides she’s interested in Ronnie, another housemate, instead.  “The situation” can’t handle that and doesn’t have any game for dealing with such a conundrum.

We see Mike and Pauly pick up a lot of chicks and bring them back to the house.  Of course, there the kind of chicks you would not want to be near without a hazmat suit.  A few of the other housmates say pretty much the same thing.  They even run into a situation where they have two sets of girls and they are trying to manage the situation.  (Unlike certain people they have no experience managing multiple women.)  All of the housemates are walking petri dishes of STDs, but Mike and Pauly take it to a new level.  These two guys should call themselves “the garbage men” because that’s the type of women they go after.  They would think they’re superior to someone like myself who lost their virginity at 31, but they’re full of crap.  Kristen and Rachel are so far superior to the parade of skanky sluts that they were with.

There’s also Vinny who doesn’t seem to get a lot of airtime.  If you watch the video at the last link, they talk about how he has standards which doesn’t make for good TV.  Of course, he’s in Seaside Heights, NJ, how high are his standards really?  We do see him get pinkeye.  Also, in the first episode he had these massive stains in the armpits of the shirt he was wearing.  This was when he was talking about what happened.  In other words why didn’t anyone say that this should be refilmed and have him change his shirt?

To add to all that, watch this youtube video:

I have barely scratched the surface of all of the BS these people said and did.  You have to watch it.  I haven’t even included things like when they put charcoal into a gas grill and nearly burnt down the house.  (There’s also the infamous clip of Nicole getting punched out, but I waiting to talk about that for several reasons.)

If you don’t believe that this show has any basis in reality, watch this youtube video:

I’m thinking next summer of taking a small trip to the Jersey Shore to see the reality of the guido/guidette.  I will be doing so wearing a hazmat suit.  Who knows what diseases I could encounter there?  While I would be avoiding sex like the plague while there, I do have to worry about STDs mutating into something airbone because of the filthy and disgusting nature of the place.  Also, I am certain the place is at the top of the list of the EPA’s superfund sites.  For that matter it’s probably a superduperfund site since the place is clearly so polluted.  It’s not just the diseases.  It’s the chemicals too.  Guidos use so much hair gel, body sprays, etc. that there is no way that place isn’t filled with chemical pollution especially since it takes them 20 minutes to do their hair.  It’s like the whole area is skanky not just the men and the women.

If you decide to visit the Jersey Shore next summer, I might be there at the same time.  I will be easily identified because I will be the one wearing the hazmat suit.  Stop by and say hi.

Nov 162009

There was this sketch on Saturday Night Live about life in the 50s.  Watch it below.  (I added the youtube upload as well as the hulu one so you should be able to see at least one.)

There’s an alternate name for this situation.  It’s called Hell.  While this is from Saturday Night Live and is humorous, this isn’t that far from what the socons want for all of us.  Sure the wife looks miserable, but that’s part of the joke.  Look at how the husband is miserable too.  It’s a lot more subtle, but you can see it there.

My colleague, zed, over at The Spearhead has pointed despite all of the problems caused by feminism, the fact is that feminism by accident freed men.  This is because feminism removed all of the societal requirements placed on men.  This is also why men are happier than women now.  It makes perfect sense when you think about it.   Do you want to go back to this version of Hell in the video?  Of course not.

Nov 132009

There is this Middle Eastern place for lunch half a block away from my office that I occasionally go to.  I have been there enough times that the owner recognizes me as a semi-regular customer.  I went there for lunch today and the owner was behind the counter.  There was the usual hi, how are you.  For his side of the how are you he said something interesting, “You know.  Just another day in paradise.”

This got me thinking.  I get made fun of and/or attacked by plenty of people online for being a virgin and for GMOW.  If I told anyone IRL about this aspect of my life the same thing would happen IRL.  The fact is that my life is better than theirs to the point that compared to their lives, I’m living in paradise.  This is true of my life compared to most people’s lives in general.

The biggest reason is that because I’m a MGHOW I’m free.  I look at all of my married (male) coworkers, friends, acquaintances, business associates, etc. and unless they just got married three months ago, they are slowly becoming more and more miserable.  This is not surprising since they are trapped.  Several of my coworkers got together to take this automotive repair class.  That’s sensible enough because if you’re willing to spend the time it can save you a lot of money.  But the real unspoken reason is that these guys have been semi-exiled from their own homes in a way.  They are looking for a way to spend time in their garages away from the rest of their house and family.  They are the ones working to pay the mortgages on these houses, and they have been exiled from most of their property!

Then you have the divorced guys.  If you’re reading this blog, then you don’t need me to go into detail about the devastation that happens to men during divorce.  I do have some interesting stories like with this one guy I know who got married at the top of the housing bubble.  Since he got married, he “had” (as in his wife made him using shaming language who was probably helped by a realtor named Suzanne) to buy a house.  Given the insanity of house prices at the time, he ended up buying a house that is about a far away from DC as you can get while still being considered in the “greater DC area”.  They got divorced a while back and he got stuck with the house.  He has been trying to sell it with no luck.  For now he is stuck with a hugely long commute each way to work with lots of traffic.  That is pretty telling.

The unmarried guys are the best off, but too many of them think they “need” a woman.  All this means is that these guys are easily manipulated by women.  (Even game won’t protect you from this idea as we can give examples of guys who know game, but still place way too much importance on women.)  I do my best to convince these guys otherwise, but a lot of them are willing to go into the slaughterhouse.

I’m free, and these guys aren’t.  I’m able to go where I want, do what I want, and not make stupid financial decisions due to female shaming language.  This permeates to all aspects of my life whether its being more financially secure than them or being happier since I don’t have a harpy sucking the life out of me.  Compared to most people, I am living in paradise.

If you think I’m being asinine about this, the read this post about the marriage timetable from The Better Beta and reconsider your view.

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