Feb 012016

washington_smIt’s the time of the month to select a new Entitlement Princess of the Month.  It was a close race last month with Clementine Ford, the woman who got a man fired for calling her a slut on Facebook, only winning with 52% of the vote.

The Entitlement Princess of the Month can only keep going with your support so keep submitting new entitlement princesses on the Entitlement Princess of the Month submission page.

This month there will be no voting as there was an obvious winner this month.  This months winner is Lisa Murkowski, the Republican senator from Alaska.  Recently, a massive snow storm hit the DC area.  After the blizzard on January 26th, only two senators were present in the Senate chamber who both happened to be women. Murkowski decided to make a big deal of this saying, “As we convene this morning, you look around the chamber, the presiding officer is female. All of our parliamentarians are female. Our floor managers are female. All of our pages are female. Something is genuinely different — and something is genuinely fabulous. Perhaps it speaks to the hardiness of women, that put on your boots and put your hat on and get out and slog through the mess that’s out there.”

No Senate business was done by the women that day except to reschedule all business that was supposed to happen that day to a later time.  While there were no male senators that day, 90% of the female senators weren’t there either.  It’s not like there wasn’t any men working in the Capitol Building that day either.  There was men working in the Senate chamber as can be seen in this video.  She refused to recognize the hard work of the men that were there because they weren’t senators like her.  There was no reason that she didn’t see that there was men working in the Senate chamber.  Thus, she clearly felt entitled to their hard work as if the men were nothing but pack mules.  Since Murkowski denied the work of the men who there that day, she wins this month Entitlement Princess of the Month.

Mar 162014



Last year, WTOP, a local radio station, had a contest to see who had the worst commute.  The winner was a man who lives in Harrington, DE but works in Arlington, VA (specifically Rosslyn for those of you familiar with DC).  He has to drive from Delaware to Maryland where he gets a commuter bus that takes him to DC.  From there he takes metro from DC to Rosslyn.  The commute takes over 3 hours one way and requires him to get up at 3 AM every working day.  Why have a job with such a long commute?  The short answers is because he’s a tradcon:

 Plus, Stanford’s not a morning person. But if that’s the case, why take a job that requires a 3 a.m. alarm and a horrendous commute?

“So I could have my family live near family members and be near the church I wanted to go to,” says Stanford, who lives in Harrington, Del.

Stanford’s current job doesn’t allow him to telecommute, and he says computer programming jobs closer to home pay tens of thousands of dollars less. Delaware’s lower taxes and cost of living also make it easier for Stacey to be a stay-at-home mom.

If the family lived closer to his job, Stanford says living expenses would force Stacey to work and the children would have to spend time in other people’s care.

“I’d rather my wife be able to be the one taking care of the kids, raising them and giving them their family values,” he says.

A lot of this problem could be solved by living just a bit farther away from family members and their church.  (It is likely that it is the wife who wants to live close to their family members and church.)  Or it could be solved with his wife getting a part time job.  Their youngest child is 9 so the desire to have a stay at home mom doesn’t completely hold water since the kids are in school.  Notice how all of these solutions involve the wife having to do something or give up something.

Their kids hate how they never see their father:

“My dad’s commute stinks because I don’t get to see him often,” says 9-year-old Christopher, the youngest.

I guess kids not seeing their father is traditional and a “family value”.  The wife here is denying their children time with their father just do she doesn’t have to work a few hours a week at a part time job.  I suspect that if a follow up story was done on this guy in a few years that his wife will have divorced him because he’s “never around” and “never took care of the kids”.

Oct 052013

A couple days ago Miriam Carey, a woman from Connecticut, was involved in a car chase here in DC where she rammed a barricade at the White House eventually leading to police having to shoot her.  Carey was suffering from several forms of mental illness including postpartum depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.  Carey’s boyfriend (and father of her child) had to call the police twice on her last year because of her mentally ill behavior that was dangerous to their daughter.  Carey even believed that President Obama was going to lockdown her hometown, had her put under electronic surveillance, was stalking her, and that she could communicate with the President.  Despite all of this a social worker believed that Carey was “100% better” at the beginning on this year.  Obviously, this was wrong.

There is a lot of denial about Carey’s mental illness.  Carey’s family is denying that she was bipolar and schizophrenic.  Instead, Carey’s family is saying that she only had postpartum depression.  Carey’s family is denying that she was bipolar and schizophrenic despite that fact that she was being treated for it and that there is a family history of schizophrenia.  What is with all of this denial?  Why did a social worker think that Carey was “100% better” at the beginning of this year?

Miriam Carey’s mental illness weren’t taken seriously because she’s a woman.  The standards for mental sanity are much for stringent for men.  Had the standards of mental sanity applied to men, also applied to women, then Carey would never have had the opportunity to go to DC to try and get to Obama.  She never would have been shot.  Why aren’t the standards for mental sanity the same for men and women?  Obviously, they should be.  That’s another result of feminism.  If doctors and social workers actually tried to apply the same standards for mental sanity to women, feminists would be up in arms yelling about how “women’s natural ways of thinking are being declared a mental illness by the patriarchy”.  Feminists need a lesser standard of mental sanity for women for many reasons from a justification of female bad and feral behavior to making things like the false abuse industry possible.

Since feminism is so pervasive, neither a social worker (who is a part of a profession that is very sympathetic to feminism) nor Carey’s family believed that Carey was mentally ill (beyond postpartum depression).  This isn’t the fault of the DC police who had to take extreme measures.  Until feminism is forced out of the mental health and social work fields, there will be more Miriam Careys that the police will have to deal with in the future.

Feb 262013

It’s after Valentine’s Day so I have been on the lookout for a new woman.  (I dumped my previous girlfriends before Christmas to avoid the Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day holidays.)  I was going to head back to the Sunday Morning Nightclub, but another opportunity presented itself recently elsewhere.  Recently, I was in downtown D.C. visiting one of the Smithsonian museums, and an opportunity presented itself.  (Those of you who live in D.C. might know or have a good idea what I went to visit.  For privacy reasons, don’t mention where you think I was, or I will edit your comment.)  I managed to pick up a chick who I later found out was Persian and originally from L.A. (although she lives in the D.C. area now).  Persian chicks and chicks from L.A. are both new to me, but as I would later realize it doesn’t make a difference.  (Since she’s Persian, lets call her Leila from now on.)

As an aside, this was a good example of using what you know and already do when it comes to picking up chicks.  It’s not a cold approach like at a bar or a nightclub (neither of which work well for me for picking up chicks for various reasons).  What I did was not a “hot approach” either since we didn’t know each other before or have friends in common.  For lack of a better term, it was a “warm approach” since I was able to use something we presumably had in common.  YMMV, but “warm approaches” are better than cold approaches.

Leila and I went to have coffee afterwards.  At one point I had to go to the bathroom.  When I came back, I noticed that she had shifted what she was wearing to show more cleavage and more leg.  You might be thinking that you have heard this before.  You’re right, and this is because women really are all the same.  Despite being from the other side of the country and from a different culture, she didn’t act different than any other woman.  There’s many more examples I could give of this just from the short time I have known Leila.

This experience proves that when it comes to women, they really are all the same.

Aug 112011

Recently in Fairfax County which is here in the greater DC area where I live, there has been a guy who has stabbed or slashed several women’s butts while they were shopping.  The victims were all women and all in their late teens or early 20s.

Seeing this got me thinking.  Would the women of The Talk laugh at the victims of the butt slasher like they laughed at the guy who had his penis chopped off by a woman?  Obviously not.  I’m sure they would if the butt slasher was a woman and the victims were men.

Jul 282011

I have always been skeptical of Roosh ever since he said that mens rights was a euphemism for sexual loser.  After seeing him claim that DC sucks for guys, there is good reason for being skeptical of him.  As someone who lives in the greater DC area, I’m going to comment on what he had to say:

1. There aren’t many attractive women. Most are sloppy, ugly, fat, and don’t care about looking good for men.

If you read the longer explanation it’s clear that he’s talking about nightlife, specifically bars and clubs.  I really can’t speak to the nightlife scene in DC since that isn’t my thing.  Roosh also mentions LA, NYC, and Miami.  The DC area isn’t a magnet for models and actresses, but most areas aren’t.  Plus, it’s not like he is getting any women at that level (just as you or I are not).

If you’re talking about about the whole DC area, Roosh is wrong.  DC is the second fittest city in the US, and it was the fittest city for the last three years.  I could take you to any number of places with hot women starting with my own condo building and the immediate area around it.

2. The city has boring, cookie-cutter people.

How is this different than most other places?  It’s not.

3. Regardless of what surveys or Census figures say, Washington DC is the biggest sausagefest on the Eastern seaboard. This is obvious to anyone who has been out on a Saturday night.

If you read the description under this, this is really another nightlife complaint.

4. It forces you to lower your standards and date low-quality girls you would’ve never previously considered.

The description under this has to do with how guys in DC rarely get married to women originally from DC and when they do the women aren’t that great.  That’s a problem with getting married to women, not DC.

5. The few girls who are pretty have princess attitudes because of all the attention they get from the surplus of desperate, horny men.

Women with princess attitudes aren’t unique to the DC area by a long shot.

6. The city is rapidly exporting cool, attractive people while importing ugly political nerds from the Midwest or upstate New York who insist on wearing flip-flops all the time.

It’s clear from the description under this, that this is another nightlife complaint.

7. There aren’t enough cute white girls for white men who don’t want to date minorities.

All this means is that you need to get out of DC proper.  DC has had a high minority population, but if you expand your horizons outside of DC proper it’s not the same.  Unlike most cities DC is defined arbitrarily.  Places like Arlington, Alexandria, and Bethesda would be in the borders of DC if DC wasn’t the capital.  (Arlington used to be a part of DC before the section of DC taken from Virginia was retroceeded back to Virginia.)  In many ways those areas are “urban”.

As we see again this is a nightlife problem.  And it’s a DC specific nightlife problem.  Because of the unusual borders of DC, it’s important to get out of DC proper.  There’s no reason not to do that.

8. Women who live in DC gradually become status whores, obsessed with what you do and if you’re getting a table at the newest club on K Street.

Other than the part about K street, that’s no different than any place else.

9. Recent implants have sucked all the character out of neighborhoods by supporting soulless corporate chains. Soon the only stores in the city will be Starbucks, Potbelly, Chipotle, or cupcake shops.

Again, this is no different than anyplace else.

10. Adams Morgan turns into an open-air ghetto on weekend nights during the summer. You can’t walk around after last call without wannabe thugs making derogatory comments at your girl.

Even in DC proper there are plenty of places better than Adams Morgan.  Adams Morgan has improved a lot since the 80s even if it’s not that great now.

11. There are not as many young and nubile au-pairs coming into the city as before.

I suspect that Roosh is really complaining about the the lack of bottom of the barrel women like Anouk, who he fucked on a bus.  (I think Anouk was an au pair or had a similar job.)

12. It’s one of the most expensive cities to live in the United States , yet the girls are bottom of the barrel and still expect to be treated like NYC models.

DC is expensive but that has nothing to do with the women here.  Women expect to be treated like models everywhere.  That’s not specific to DC.

13. The subway system is managed by retards, resulting in a high loss of life for a public transportation system in a first world city.

This one is true, but it has nothing to do with the quality or lack of quality of women here.

14. The weather sucks. It’s an intolerable swamp in the summer and cold enough in the winter that most women hibernate with their vibrators.

If you think the DC area gets cold in the winter (on a regular basis), then you have no idea what real cold is.  Again, this has nothing to do with the quality of women here.

15. The HIV rate is the highest in America, exceeding that of many African nations.

This is true, but it only applies to DC proper.  Plus 75% of those who have HIV in DC are black.  Is Roosh so desperate now that he has gone through Anacostia (a very poor part of DC) trolling for women?  I guess so.

Some of the comments to that post pretty much covered a lot of what I wrote.  There were several comments about going to Arlington and taking the orange line (the metro line that goes in Northern Virginia towards where I live).

In the end there’s nothing to be said except that the DC area isn’t worse than most other places when it comes to women.  (Yes, that isn’t saying much, but that’s not the point.)  If I can get laid here, then shouldn’t Roosh be able to?  Guess not.

Aug 212010

Over at SOTD they had the top 10 cities with the most sluts. DC was not on that list even though it should have been (sort of).  That was a list of the most tattooed cities which is proxy for sluts.  There are a lot of DC based sluts but as far as I can tell the correlation with tattoos doesn’t really exist here.   Most DC based sluts don’t have tattoos like other places.  Or maybe I need to look harder in places on the sluts’ bodies that are fully clothed even by sluts.  It’s not difficult.  Since they’re willing to open up their legs for anyone so they will show you anything.  I don’t think they’re hiding any tattoos.

DC…We have sluttier women with less tattoos.

May 152010

A few days ago Roissy drew some MS Paint pictures of some of his readers.  The “bonus” picture was about the Roosh/Anoukange debacle from a few months ago.  I’m writing about it because of a comment that was made at Roissy’s blog:

The last one is Roosh banging Anoukange, a DC-based slut who he banged on a train.

First, it was on a bus, not a train.  Specifically it was the middle of the bus. I have no idea why that’s important, but to Anoukange it is.  I also recommend reading all of the comments at that link to see how Anoukange is still obsessing over it.

Getting back to the real point, I never thought of sluts as being geographically based or having any type of geographic identity.  I just thought sluts were slutty everywhere.  As someone who lives in the greater DC area, Anoukange is not representative of most of our sluts.  She got together with Roosh who has been correctly described as a “short, hairy, Persian guy with no money”.  (Game aside, both Anoukange and Roosh are very pathetic.)  In general, we have a much higher quality sluts around here.  And that’s however you wish to define higher quality.  Most sluts in the DC area demand that they be banged in a place that’s at least somewhat more private than public transportation.

I’m surprised the other sluts haven’t forced Anoukange to leave the DC area.

Feb 282010

Well, just one chick.  I was at the National Geographic Museum this weekend to see the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit.  (If you’re going to be in the DC area in the next month get some tickets and go see it.)  I didn’t think that this would be an opportunity for find a chick (or as Susan Walsh would claim, a cum dumpster, since according to her I only relate to women as cum dumpsters), but an opportunity presented itself and I went for it.  We’ll see where this goes.

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