Mar 262016

The anti-vaccination movement is responsible for the rise in measles (such as the Disneyland measles outbreak in 2015) and whooping cough.  Since the anti-vaccination movement is primarily made up of mothers and other women, this is something where women bear responsibility. On top of that, mothers are usually the ones making health care choices for their children so in almost all cases where a child is not vaccinated (for anything other than legitimate medical reasons), a woman is responsible.  This problem is made worse by divorce and that fact that women are responsible for most divorces.  Fathers have to fight their ex-wives to get their children vaccinated and protect their children.

What started all of this anti-vaccination nonsense was a discredited study linking vaccination to increased autism rates.  Not only was this study discredited to the point where the journal that published it chose to disavow it, the study was funded by a law firm on a fishing expedition to sue vaccine manufacturers.  Despite these facts, women immediately latched on this.  Why did this happen?  To understand the reason, one must understand that certain degrees of autism, particularly autism level 1 (or Asperger’s Syndrome as it used to be called), is not a debilitating disease but indistinguishable from ultra-masculine thinking (the type of thinking that drives innovation).  In fact, lower levels of autism, especially those that used to be called Asperger’s Syndrome, are likely to be nothing more than the medicalization of regular masculinity.  In other words, women believed the anti-vaccination conspiracy theory because of their fear and hatred of masculinity.  Not only is women refusing to vaccinate their children dangerous for their children’s health, it is particularly dangerous for their sons since those women in addition to endangering their health will be raising them in a cesspool of feminist/anti-male ideology.  This is another example of how women’s role as child-bearer is rapidly becoming unnecessary and in many cases even harmful.

Anti-vaccination propaganda is filled with fear and hatred of masculinity (in addition to many lies).  Women are comparing vaccinations to rape (including the non-existent college rape “epidemic”) with images such as these:

And written propaganda like this:

I have been thinking this morning about the parallels between vaccine-injury and sexual assault. I happened to hear a news story today about the incidence of rape on college campuses, and as I was listening, I could envision several commonalities.
In the story, a young woman was interviewed about her experience. She described a situation in which she had accompanied a young man to his dorm room and they had engaged in sex – both agreed and it was an interaction to which both gave informed consent. They both knew they were going to have sex before entering the dorm room and there was no force or coercion involved. There was an element of trust and equality in the decision-making process.
She said that afterward, she was ready to leave and when she got up to get dressed, the young man pushed her down onto the bed, and held her down while he turned up the stereo so her cries for help could not be overheard by neighboring students.
After the assault, the young woman reported the rape to campus police. The investigation was dropped and the rapist was not prosecuted. She sees him on campus and has classes with him, which she reported is extremely difficult and re-traumatizing for her.
Vaccination of our children is in many ways similar to medical rape.
We know the person who has harmed our infants and children. We trust them. We willingly go into the environment and we even participate in holding down the victims. In many cases, we have been in those rooms and participated willingly, albeit without truly informed consent, in the medical assault on our children (or on ourselves.)
In other cases, we entered those rooms with people we trusted, believing we were NOT going to engage in the act proposed by the perpetrator, only to be talked into it, shamed into it, threatened into it, coerced into it, or tricked into it with promises that, “This won’t hurt” or “It’s only going to hurt for a second” or “Come on… you know it’s the right thing to do… everyone else is doing it….”
Afterward, the perpetrators, pat us on the thigh or shoulder while looking us straight in the eyes and saying, “There now. That wasn’t so bad, was it?” They straighten their white coats, instruct us to get our things together, as they turn their backs and stride out of the room in search of their next victim. We may be left feeling afraid, and numb, not knowing how that happened and praying that it’s over. Praying they won’t come back and do it again, and praying there won’t be any lasting harm from what just happened.
In many cases, as we leave those rooms, feeling sick to our stomachs… dirty… with lumps in our throats and tears in our eyes, we force ourselves to take deep breaths and resolve to be stronger next time; more prepared to say NO and mean it.
For many of us, we ARE more prepared and we ARE able to say NO the next time. Others of us are not so strong.
Some of us resolve to change our lives and we seek new relationships, which are good for us and in which our decisions and our choices – our right to say NO is respected.
Some of us endure the worst when we realize that the medical assault inherent in the act of coerced vaccination is only the beginning, as our children or ourselves become sick, often within minutes or hours following the assault. It is at that point that we are suddenly faced with the horror that when we reach out to those who are supposed to help us, we must again confront the assailant and beg for assistance. Not only is the help denied, the assault is also denied and the harm minimized. We are told, “It’s nothing,” “You’re over-reacting,” – no different from the rapist’s claim, “It was consentual. After-all, you came here asking for it. What did you expect?” If there is ANY admission that what happened was harmful, the victim is blamed for the damage because “Everyone else does just fine. In fact, they keep coming back for more. They love it. It’s only those extremely rare individuals who are weak, or flawed, or physically or emotionally damaged to start with who don’t like it. The problem is not with the perpetrator, and certainly not with the act itself… it’s the victim. Something is wrong with that one…”
And just like the rape-victim in this morning’s radio story, we are continually re-traumatized when we encounter the rapist in public – in our churches, in the grocery store, at PTA meetings and community gatherings.
The medical rapist is empowered by laws that protect him (or her) from liability. There are no consequences when they harm us or our children and this has emboldened them to become even more callous in their actions.

I suppose the comparison to the non-existent campus rape “epidemic” is accurate.  Both anti-vaccination and the campus rape “epidemic” are lies.  They are also both led by women who want the end of due process.  The woman who wrote the above propaganda specifically complained about the police and the criminal justice system not providing a summary judgement against a supposed “rapist” so it is clear that she is against due process.

Elsewhere, vaccination gets called a “war on women”.  Conspiracy theorist, Jeff Rense, says vaccination is an attempt to secretly sterilize women.  Conspiracy theorist website,, specifically called vaccination, the “vaccine industry’s war on women”.  This proves (again) that conspiracy theorists are no friend of men and are willing to white knight at the drop of a hat.

Calling or implying that vaccination is a “war on women” is not limited to conspiracy theorists.  The simple act of pointing out that Jenny McCarthy, a leader of the anti-vaccination movement, has the facts wrong on vaccination is misogyny.  It would be bad enough if these false accusations of misogyny were just coming from anti-vaccination people.  However, even pro-vaccination people will defend these women by saying that the women were just reacting to the misogyny of (male) doctors and demand that you have sympathy for them.  Or they will falsely accuse you of misogyny for disagreeing with anti-vaccination women:

I love and respect science which I worked in for a decade. But, believing in science doesn’t mean I have to ignore non-science. Science can’t explain why acupuncture works but it does. Science says vitamin E doesn’t reduce pre-menstural breast tenderness but I have 20 years of experience that says otherwise. That’s fine. If the science isn’t there then the medical profession should steer clear but we – individual people – don’t have to steer clear. It is the same with vaccines.

Like the story of a mother whose daughter got a vaccine on Friday and by monday morning had pulled all of her hair out. She is a statistical anomaly and therefore her mother is just being hysterical. That’s misogyny. We have no respect for motherhood, mothers, or the choices women make for their families.

I have trouble believing that this woman ever worked in science unless “correlation does not equal causation” is now considered misogynist.  (There are probably plenty of women and maginas who think that way.)  As for not respecting “motherhood, mothers, or women’s choices”, women’s “choices” are endangering their own children and other people.  (And that doesn’t even address that fact that she thinks that fathers should have no say it what happens to their children.) For example, this woman who refusal to vaccinate her children caused all seven of them to get whooping cough, but this woman only endangered her own children.  What is worse is that these women who are refusing to vaccinate and endangering other people’s children and people who can not get vaccinations due to legitimate medical reasons.  People in the latter group are protected against various diseases by the rest of us being vaccinated (a.k.a. herd immunity).  When a woman refuses to vaccinate her children and someone else is injured or killed by that act, she could face civil or criminal liability because her intentional disregard for her own children’s health is injuring other people.

When you look at all of this together, it is clear that being anti-vaccination is anti-male.  In particular, the biggest victims of the anti-vaccination movement (besides those who have died as a result of women refusing to vaccinate their children) are boys who are being raised by anti-male feminist mothers.

Jan 152016

Senator and Democratic candidate for President of the US Bernie Sanders said this about whether rape cases should be handled by the criminal justice system or colleges:

Bernie Sanders called for all rape accusations on college campuses to be handled through law enforcement, a controversial stance that puts him at odds with many advocates.

Decrying rape and sexual assault on campuses as an “epidemic,” he said schools must not try to handle the issue internally.


“Rape and assault is rape or assault whether it takes place on a campus or a dark street,” he said Monday at the Black and Brown Presidential Forum in Iowa.

“If a student rapes another student it has got to be understood as a very serious crime, it has to get outside of the school and have a police investigation and that has to take place.”

Sanders is still a white knight mangina for saying that rape on college campuses is an epidemic when statistics show otherwise.  However, there is another interesting angle to this.  Sanders is Jewish.  We keep hearing from white knight nationalists (like Angelo John Gage who took his videos down) and conspiracy theorists that the Jews are behind feminism.  If the Jews were behind feminism, then Sanders would never have said that the criminal justice system should handle rape cases and not college tribunals like the feminists want.  If the Jews were behind feminism, then whatever Sanders would have said on the subject would be the same as what feminists currently think.  Since there is a difference, then Jews aren’t in charge of feminism in any way whatsoever.

Feminists aren’t obeying Sanders as would be expected if the Jews controlled feminism.  Instead feminists are attacking Bernie Sanders for saying that the criminal justice system should handle rape cases providing more evidence that the Jews aren’t behind feminism.  Feminists have even been out to get Sanders for months now and have been trying to paint him as pro-rape.

Sanders will do one of two things now that he is being attacked by feminists for saying that rape should be handled by the criminal justice system.

  1. Stand firm on what he said in the face of relentless feminist attacks on him.
  2. Fold like a cheap suit and give in to feminist demands (similar to how he responded to attacks from #BlackLivesMatter)

While I expect Sanders to do the latter, in either case it will prove, again, that the Jews aren’t behind feminism.  If Sanders stands firm on what he said, then it proves that feminists will not do what Jews want.  If Sanders folds, then it shows that Jews are giving in to what feminists demand and not the other way around.  That would show that feminists can force Jews to do what they want so the Jews can’t be in control of feminism in any way whatsoever.

Oct 272015

The conspiracy theory that the moon landings were a hoax is still around. Sooner or later it will get new life from feminists.

One reason there is a feminist war on space exploration is that it produces tangible masculine achievements with the involvement of nerdy men that feminists hate.  One example of this is how feminists tried to scrub the Wikipedia on the moon landings to say “crewed” instead of “manned” even though manned is a gender neutral term.  It’s important to remember than no women have ever been on the moon, and the feminist attempt to edit the Wikipedia page on the moon landings shows how much feminists hate it when a man does something without women.

The most common way feminists have attacked space exploration by saying that the money spent on space exploration should be spent “here on Earth”.  (That’s a euphemism for spending money on women.)  This may have worked somewhat when space exploration was primarily a government venture, but even that was limited because space exploration produces knowledge, technologies, and tangible benefits.  Feminist whining won’t work for private space exploration.  A man like Elon Musk will not be deterred by such complaints so feminists will have to step up their attacks on space exploration.

This is where moon landing conspiracy theories come in.  Since feminists have failed to shut down space exploration with the lie that it is a waste of money, the next step for feminists is to falsely accuse space exploration of being a complete fraud.  Moon landing conspiracy theories give feminists the vehicle to do that.  Also, since space exploration has been a primarily male endeavor, they can accuse NASA of being a masculine conspiracy to defraud the government. Feminists have already lied about space exploration such as how The Good Men project lied about a single NASA probe costing trillions of dollars when it only cost $700 million. From there it is not a stretch for feminists to use the lies from moon landing conspiracy theories, especially since only men have been to the moon.

It’s a safe assumption that the moon landing conspiracy theorists are manginas so they will welcome feminists with open arms.

Oct 212015

The UN has decided to fight back against #GamerGate showing how their report on “cyberviolence” was a complete joke. In the UN dispatch, #GamerGate is being accused of being associated with “conservative conspiracy theorists”.

There’s a couple of problems with accusing #GamerGate or anyone adjacent to them of being conspiracy theorists.  First, the UN along with the rest of #GamerGate’s enemies has created conspiracy theories about #GamerGate such as that it is a secret organization to abuse women.  Second, the UN “cyberviolence” report quoted Lyndon LaRouche, an actual conspiracy theorist who believes that video games cause murders and that Pokemon is a satanic conspiracy, as a serious source.

The UN and the rest of anti-#GamerGate are a bunch of conspiracy theorists, and they’re accusing #GamerGate of being associated with “conservative conspiracy theorists” to cover up that fact.  That’s all there is to this.

Sep 302015

I’m sure all of you have heard about that UN report on “cyberviolence against women” that Anita Sarkeesian was involved with.  The report is bad enough that it treats discredited attorney and game critic, Jack Thompson, as a legitimate source on video games.  However, that report is much worse since Jack Thompson is one of the report’s better sources on video games.  That’s because the report treats Lyndon LaRouche as a legitimate source.  Yes, the same Lyndon LaRouche who is always running for president and is a batshit insane conspiracy theorist who thinks the British are behind everything bad that happens in the world and that the Queen of England runs the international drug tradeHere is an example of what LaRouche had to say about video games:

On March 3, in a dialogue with Hispanic-American leaders, LaRouche said:

“We’re getting killings which are caused by the use of Nintendo-style games, such as the game Pokémon, with children, and also with police and others. In the case of the Diallo shooting, the problem was that the Mayor of New York, like many other officials, has been training the police force in Nintendo-style killing techniques. . . . So we have Nintendo-killers.

The UN and Anita Sarkeesian have turned LaRouche’s “Nintendo killers” into “Nintendo rapists”, but it’s all the same.  The UN by including this in a report on “cyberviolence against women” is now saying Pokémon turns boys into rapists.  And don’t forget that Pokémon (along with Dungeons & Dragons) is a satanic conspiracy:

Hasbro Interactive: Official U.S. distributor of Pokémon (abbreviation for “Pocket Monsters”), the killing game designed for toddlers beginning at 2 and 3 years old; Dungeons and Dragons, the medieval satanic and magic fantasy game; Risk II, a “ruthless quest for world domination”. One of the Hasbro Board members is Paul Wolfowitz, the co-head of George W. Bush’s team of foreign policy advisors.

What we have got now is that the UN and Anita Sarkeesian are effectively endorsing the idea that video games are a satanic conspiracy to turn boys and men into rapists because they’re using LaRouche as a source for this report.  They should have stuck with Jack Thompson because even he wasn’t this insane.

Since the UN and Anita Sarkeesian consider Lyndon LaRouche to be an expert on video games, they probably will start using other conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and David Icke as sources for further reports on “cyberviolence against women”.  Since David Icke invented the shapeshifting reptile alien conspiracy theory, I expect that the next report on “cyberviolence against women” will accuse gamers of being shapeshifting reptile aliens who secretly rule the world.  This may sound too insane to happen, but we would have thought the same a couple of weeks ago about the UN and Anita Sarkeesian using LaRouche as a legitimate source about video games.

May 302015

InfoWars/PrisonPlanet (Alex Jones’s websites) released a youtube video about something called neomasculinity:

I noticed several things about the video.  While it used game language and other language from this part of the internet, it’s clear that whoever wrote the script for that video didn’t really understand what we talk about.  MGTOW gets attacked (which has led to responses from MGTOW like Barbarossa).  Overall, this is another attempt at entryism by tradcons with some game terms used as an unsuccessful attempt to hide that it is an attempt at entryism.

This is nothing new.  It’s just another form of Game 2.0/Man Up 2.0, an attempt to repackage game for the benefit of women (and in this case Alex Jones’s bank account).  This is the same thing Susan Walsh, the Manhood Academy/Manhood 101 morons, and others have tried and failed to do.  This time it has a dash of, “you have to get married because DEPOPULATION AGENDA!!!” (which is why believing in the depopulation agenda is misandry) and “They (whoever they is) are putting chemicals in the water to turn you gay”, but it’s really no different.  It’s an extreme form of the tradcon cry, “You have to get married to save civilization”.

Why is Alex Jones interested in creating another game 2.0 and attacking MGTOW now?  Sandman discovered that on Google trends that MGTOW became more popular than PrisonPlanet starting a couple of months ago, and MGTOW is only getting more popular.  Alex Jones is having the same problem all tradcons are having in trying to recruit young men.  As Hollenhund described, young men refusing to follow the tradcon script.  Alex Jones’s conspiracy theories are all derived from tradcon ideology, so when young men refuse to follow the tradcon script, they won’t buy into his conspiracy theories.

Alex Jones has a history of trying to cannibalize grass roots movements, and that is what he is doing with neomasculinity.  Barbarossa and John the Other had a conversation where they talked about that and how it turns into mission creep to the point where the original mission of a grass roots group gets replaced with doing nothing other than talking about the NWO.  Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists treat the NWO as all powerful so nothing can be done.  It creates a self fulfilling prophecy of nothing getting done.  After Alex Jones cannibalizes a grass roots group, the group is completely neutralized.  If Alex Jones is successful both game and MGTOW (and the M(H)RM) would be cannibalized to the point where they are meaningless.

I am certain that Alex Jones’s attempt at entryism will fail.  We have dealt with entryist tradcons before.  Tradcons have nothing to offer game, MGTOW (or the M(H)RM) so neither does Alex Jones.  No one is impressed by, “You have to get married to save civilization”, so no one will be impressed by, “You have to get married to save civilization because DEPOPULATION AGENDA!!!”  We may see a few guys planning on pulling a Mark Minter use neomasculinity as a cover, but that will be it.  We don’t need Mark Minters so good riddance to them.

The more tradcons attack MGTOW, the more popular it becomes.  Let Alex Jones attack MGTOW and try his attempt at entryism.  He will fail, and MGTOW will be more popular afterwards.

Jun 152014

Happy Fathers’ Day to all of the fathers out there, especially those who are being denied access to their children by women and the courts.

Since today is Fathers’ Day, it’s a good time to talk about an example of how fathers are necessary in raising children.  Recently, actor, Terry Crews, was on The View and talked about the importance of fathers.  Jenny McCarthy, a single mother, took offense at that.  Crews did not say anything about Jenny McCarthy specifically or even single mothers specifically.  The simple act of speaking positively about fathers was enough to offend women.  Someone commenting on the Mens’ Rights Reddit summed it up very well:

“Fathers are important.”

“Are you calling me a bad mother?!”

While Terry Crews was not attacking mothers or Jenny McCarthy, the fact is that Jenny McCarthy is a bad mother.  She is endangering her children by being anti-vaccine and is partly responsible for the deaths and illnesses caused by a lack of vaccinations since she vigorously campaigns against vaccines.  On top of this, she has also said that she would rather have her children deal with diseases that vaccines prevent rather than get autism.  Several of these diseases are deadly or have the potential to be deadly.  In other words, McCarthy is saying she would have her children die than live with autism.  Given that autism (and what was formerly know as Aspergers Syndrome) is just medicalizing normal male behavior in many cases, McCarthy is basically equating vaccination with masculinity and saying it’s better to die than to be masculine.  When you consider all this Jenny McCarthy is a bad mother, and her children clearly need their father to protect them from her delusions.  This is an excellent example of why fathers are important.

Apr 192014

Previously, I talked about this New York Times article and the attacks on tech startups that were found in the article and the article’s comments.  The comments of that article didn’t limit themselves to attacking startups.  Men working in the tech industry were attacked for having autism or aspergers syndrome and being permanently defective:

In tech especially, which tends to attract autistic-like males who are considered antisocial losers (because most of them are) we are asking stones to yield water. Short on empathy and social skills, the boy-men in the field are incapable of seeing real world suffering and POVs distinct from their own narrow ones. Riding the wave of big money and perceived “hipness” they have an outsized sense of worth when none actually exists.

Other comments didn’t explicitly accuse men working in the tech industry of having autism or aspergers syndrome, but clearly implied it:

The males who specializes in information technology, primarily software development, at least USA born and bred – I cannot speak for expatriates of other countries working as such in the USA – are stereotypical nerds with unfortunately few social skills, little to no knowledge of any subject outside of their specialty in information technology, next to no knowledge of politics, history or literature and on and on. They also tend to remain juvenile males well into maturity in many aspects of behavior.

I do not know whether there is a nerdy female equivalent, but perhaps there is.

With regard to behavior of such males, there is no hope for change. Once adult, they are beyond remediation.

Any comment that talked about men in the tech industry having low social skills or low “emotional intelligence” is accusing them of having autism or aspergers syndrome like this comment:

I am not surprised. Techies are not known for sensitivity, emotional intelligence or social skills.

There are two things to notice here.  The first is that an article about the tech industry brought out comments about how all men working in the tech industry have a disorder on the autism spectrum.  This would not have happened unless there are a lot of women and manginas who hate the men working in the tech industry.  The second is how these comments explicitly that men working in the tech industry are not curable.  In other words, men working in the tech industry and defective and an ever present threat to women.  (Even if these comments said that men in the tech industry were “curable”, that wouldn’t be much better.  Since men working in the tech industry don’t universally have an autism spectrum disorder as is claimed in these comments, attempting to “cure” these men would be equivalent to sending them to a Soviet reeducation camp.)  The people who wrote these comments are basically proposing that men currently working in the tech industry be barred from being employed in the tech industry (or in any other industry because they would be a “threat to women” wherever they go) and much worse than that as Evilwhitemale empire points out:

Here’s a thought exercise.

What is the relationship between the continuously expanded definition of autism and aspergers (to include many high functioning boys) and the recent feminist hubbub over ‘brogrammers’ and similar tech men?


-these conditions primarily affect males and are often characterized by lack of socialization combined with proficiencies in math, science, etc.

-the hubbub over ‘brogrammers’ appears to center around feminists being forced to share power in the workplace with these men that they can’t do without in order to make businesses run.
It would appear that it’s becoming clear to feminists that there’s a class of men (on the top end of the corporate ladder) whose talents they are unable to duplicate.

-mental illness classification seems like a pretty easy way to marginalize or strip rights from someone that you don’t like without requiring that they break the law first.

Evilwhitemaleempire has answered the question of why an article attacking the tech industry brings out comments attacking men working in that  industry of having an autism spectrum disorder.  Feminists can’t control a major section of the economy that is dependent on male expertise, and feminists usually need the pretext that a man broke the law to strip his rights away.  The only other way to strip a man’s rights away without him committing an actual crime (barring an outright police state) is to accuse him of mental illness.  In the Soviet Union, political dissidents were accused of being mentally ill, and feminists are attempting to do the same thing to men working in the tech industry.

Jan 222013 is a website run by Alex Jones, a well known conspiracy theorist.  Some people think Alex Jones is against feminism.  This is incorrect.  He is no more against feminism than Mark Driscoll is.  Recently published a list of 22 things that are wrong with men these days demonstrating their misandry:

#3 The average American girl spends 5 hours a week playing video games. The average American boy spends 13 hours a week playing video games.

#4 The average young American will spend 10,000 hours playing video games before the age of 21.

#5 One study discovered that 88 percent of all Americans between the ages of 8 and 18 play video games, and that video game addiction is approximately four times as common among boys as it is among girls. thinks that there is something wrong with video games yet they can’t actually come up with anything other than video games are a popular hobby.  (For all we know “video game addiction” being more common in boys may be nothing but misandry against men and a predominately male hobby.)  What is the problem has with video games?  It has been proven that there is no link between video games and violence.  ( didn’t even try to say this.)  The only reason can have a problem with American men and boys playing video games is misandry.

#12 Pornography addiction is a major problem among our young men. An astounding 30 percent of all Internet traffic now goes to pornography websites, and one survey found that 25 percent of all employees that have Internet access in the United States even visit sex websites while they are at work.

While visiting porn websites at work is a bad idea, what is the problem here?  So what if men look at porn? hasn’t come up with an actual problem here except that more men than women are interested in porn.  Again, the only reason has a problem with this is misandry.

#14 The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate on the entire planet. If our young men behaved differently this would not be happening.

#15 In the United States today, one out of every four teen girls has at least one sexually transmitted disease. If our young men were not sex-obsessed idiots running around constantly looking to “score” these diseases would not be spreading like this.

Now, we’re getting into some heavy duty misandry.  Anyone who understands the 80/20 rule, and how women ride the cock carousel knows why this is wrong.  This is misandry in its most pure form since there is only a tiny fraction of men involved in these things but lots of women.

#16 Right now, approximately 53 percent of all Americans in the 18 to 24 year old age bracket are living at home with their parents.

#17 According to one survey, 29 percent of all Americans in the 25 to 34 year old age bracket are still living with their parents.

#18 Young men are nearly twice as likely to live with their parents as young women the same age are.

#19 Overall, approximately 25 million American adults are living with their parents in the United States right now according to Time Magazine.

Why is this the fault of young men?  Young men go through a massively misandrist education system, and when they get to working age they are discriminated against in jobs with policies like affirmative action.  I’m sure most of these young men would like to have their own place, but they can’t because they are actively being discriminated against.  Why blame young men for this?  Misandry.

#20 Today, an all-time low 44.2% of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 are married.

#21 Back in 1950, 78 percent of all households in the United States contained a married couple. Today, that number has declined to 48 percent.

MAN UP AND MARRY THOSE SLUTS!!!!!!!  If you don’t the Rockefellers/Rothschilds/bankers/Jews/NWO/demons/reptile aliens win.  This gets blamed on young men, and there is no talk about anti-family courts, fathers losing the children in divorce, and how marriage is an all around bad deal for men (if not dangerous).  Young men refusing to get married is rational, and I’m glad to see it happening.  Alex Jones should be happy about this development, but he isn’t because he is a misandrist.

After reading this, it’s clear to me that there’s no difference between Alex Jones and someone like Mark Driscoll except that Mark Driscoll doesn’t rant about the (non-existent) NWO.  Take Mark Driscoll’s “how dare you” rant of misandry.

Add some ranting about the NWO to Driscoll’s rant, and it could have come from Alex Jones.  Alex Jones is nothing but Mark Driscoll plus conspiracy theory.

Dec 102012

I always enjoy reading Barbarossaaaa’s blog.  He always has good stuff like a couple of good examples of tradcon feminist women.

His most recent post has to do with the problem of obfuscating the complicity of women in the MRM.  This is a real problem.  Barbarossaaaa uses the example of supposed MRAs who say that men would divorce women as much as women divorce men now if given the opportunity:

“Well men do it too, if men were given the legal power to destroy women in divorce proceeding they’d be divorcing in equal numbers” etc.

This is standard operating procedure (for self depracating, koombaya, and upon the collapse of feminism men and women lived in wedded bliss forever and ever) MRA types.

Never mind the study that I mentioned in my anti traditionalism videos, showing two and a half decades worth, of women exhibiting a 40% increase in initiating divorce if they were the primary breadwinners in the household. Here it is directly quoted from the article itself.

But career women who are the family breadwinners are nearly 40% more likely to get a divorce than women without the same economic resources, according to a 25-year study by Jay Teachman, a sociology professor at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wash.

Researchers found that the tipping point is when the wife pulled in at least 60% of the family’s income. Couples in this position were 38% more likely in any given year to get divorced. And it didn’t matter how rich or poor the pair were. Race, however, is a factor; more impact for whites than blacks.

According to this study, women, regardless of whether or not they are affluent or poor, will still chose to trade up and marry more successful men for wealth/status. This is hypergamy in its purest sense, and yet pointing it out in the manosphere will trigger knee jerk grand mal seizures from self loathing, utopian MRA’s that have declared a war on pointing out any correlative behavior women exhibit with feminism.

In the land where unicorns roam, and correlative female behaviors must not be named, the ministry of love regularly gins out tripe such as the quote below for export to my channel’s comment section:

If women could get off their ass and earn/invest at the same rate as the men we would see 50% divorce rates (roughly).

Unless you can aptly demonstrate hypergamous behavior as being STRICTLY a female trait then it is useless for MRAs or MGTOG to obsesses over.

Who said it (a troll with multiple sock puppet accounts) is irrelevant at this point. What matters is that we acknowledge this indigestible pig slop for the complete and utter NAWALT deflection that it is. Men won’t progress in our understanding of women and feminism until we do. These types will invariably give you the “women are the great victims of feminism” conned by those evil evil…(insert your preferred bogeyman -Marxists, Rothschilds, the “Left”-) conspiracy theory. The qeustion they never ask is if feminism was a big bad conspiracy to destroy families, then why were ONLY women given the power to divorce without consequence?. If the goal was to destroy families, surely they would encourage and legally empower both men and women towards frivolous divorce.

Or wait, could it be that… (Nah never mind –shudders-)

Eh..fuck it I’ll say it. Could it be that women are naturally inclined to divorce men the moment they don’t need them anymore?. Could it be that men (generally speaking) are very much less likely to abandon their families than women are?

These two questions at the end are the types of questions that too many men refuse to ask including many men in the MRM.  Like Barbarossaaaa says this is nothing but a form of NAWALT that doesn’t fit the facts of what is going on.  The overlap with conspiracy theory is not a surprise at all because for anyone who refuses to believe that women are complicit with feminism, some group of men must be blamed no matter what.  It doesn’t matter how absurd the explanation is or if it completely fails to fit the facts (as it does in this case because men would be equally empowered towards frivolous divorce to maximize the destruction of families).  This means that conspiracy theory in addition to all of its other problems is an extreme form of NAWALT.

Whether its frivolous divorce or anything else in feminism, the fact is women are complicit with it.  No amount of obfuscation will change that fact.

Sep 132012

My last post has certainly stirred the pot.  Bill Price over at The Spearhead provided a thoughtful response.  Ankle-biter, Matt Forney, decided to call me a “perma-virgin” which anyone who reads this blog knows is absurd. Elsewhere I have been called a false flag operation:

Just like those knotheads RooshV and Krauser talk about sex because they never have really have any; PMAFT blabs on about false flags because he’s probably a false-flagger himself.

The only time I talk about false flags is when someone accuses me of being one or makes the stupid comment, the the MRM is filled with them.  At least if you combine false flag and perma-virgin, maybe something starts to make sense.  None of this is insane as what Nestorius said about Paul Elam:

It appears the Paul Elam is a Mason, and that he is getting paid for his website (as one commenter at Roosh’s blog said).
In fact, it is expected that the Masons will be leading an anti-feminist movement. Feminism is the thesis and men rights movement is the antithesis out of which they will create the synthesis.
One thing that is very suspicious about AVfM is that it is full of sophistry and nonsense. The titles attracts you and make you believe there is content while there is none.

On the other hand Jack Donovan is a Satanist (therefore a Mason) and a homosexual. He doesn’t hide the fact that he is a Satanist: Therefore, Donovan is clearly a dis-info agent. I never could understand how a homosexual is teaching men about manhood?!

One should always be careful that there will always be infiltration in every field, and the “manosphere” is a wide field which the Masons could use to indoctrinate clueless people out there.

I’m a false flag and a perma-virgin.  Paul Elam is a Mason, and a member of the Illuminati, and on the government’s payroll.  What brings up all of these ludicrous accusations?  (They’re connected more deeply than just being absurd.  There have been previous conspiracy theory based accusations that the MRM was recruiting sexless/virgin men, and that the “elite” is recruiting virgin men.)  This isn’t due to a MRM vs. Game fight.  There is something else going on.  What is telling is how when Roosh originally said that the MRM is dead, men like John Rambo and Peter Nolan, neither of whom are gamers, jumped on the bandwagon.  In fact this is part of a pattern we have seen elsewhere.

John Rambo spams the MRM in an attempt to make the MRM about his foreign women BS.  He failed and now attacks the MRM.

Peter Nolan tried to turn the MRM into an arm of the Freeman on the land conspiracy theory.  He failed and now attacks the MRM.

The Manhood 101 idiots tried to turn the MRM into peddlers of their BS.  They failed and now attack the MRM.  (They spend most of their time attacking Paul Elam since he did the work in fighting them off.)

Susan Walsh tried to turn the MRM (and the larger manosphere) into an arm of her Game 2.0/Man Up 2.0 scheme involving fake empowerment of men so that men would become chumps who would marry women after they were done riding the cock carousel.  She failed and now attacks the MRM (and the larger manosphere in her case).  In addition, she also called the idea that I am working for the elite (i.e. I’m a false flag) compelling.

White Nationalists tried to turn the MRM into a movement of racists and anti-semites.  They failed and now attack the MRM and accuse the MRM of being run by the Jews.

Traditionalist conservatives tried to turn the MRM into an arm of traditionalism (along with all of the misandry associated with traditionalism).  They failed and now attack the MRM.

You can see a pattern here.  Some individual or group decides to come in and co-opt the MRM so that MRAs will become the personal army for their pet cause.  They start by pretending to agree with the MRM about feminism.  Eventually (or in many cases quickly) the MRM recognizes what they are and wants nothing to do with them.  Then these individuals and groups turn on the MRM when they realize that their attempt at co-opting the MRM has failed.  Paul Elam is often a target at this point since he runs the most visible MRM internet organization.

The same thing happened with Roosh, Matt Forney, etc.  What they are is not gamers.  Matt Forney says that they are “paleomasculinits” (so even he admits that they aren’t just gamers), but what they really are is just guys selling self-improvement and lifestyle BS.  It doesn’t just involve game.  It includes diet BS, exercise BS, etc.  They came in to the MRM thinking that they could sell their self-improvement and lifestyle BS, but that didn’t work out.  They turned on the MRM and now attack the MRM.  They’re especially pissed because the existence of MRAs provides a competing option to the books they are selling.  MRAs are unintentionally a threat to their income so we get a lot of crap from them about how the MRM is dead.

What is going on in all of these cases is not an MRM vs. game fight (although that does happen from time to time).  It’s a fight between the MRM and every individual and group that wants to co-opt the MRM for its pet cause.  The good news is that they have all failed.  This is the real reason why there is so much venom against the MRM.  In many ways, this shows that the MRM has been successful to a degree.  We wouldn’t see so many attempts to co-opt the MRM if there wasn’t something worth taking over.  This also means that we need to be vigilant against future attempts to co-opt the MRM since as the MRM grows, the number of individuals and groups who want to co-opt the MRM will only increase.

Sep 092012

Apparently, when Paul Elam isn’t taking orders from the Jews that run the MRM, he is on the government payroll and works for the Illuminati:

“who do not understand the history and politics of the situation.”

And I guess we have to be on the government ABC agencies payrolls to understand the situation, right Paul?

(I’ve heard evidence that Paul Elam is on the payroll of the government).

To all the men here? You really think the MRM wasn’t infiltrated and subverted, just like the Illuminati has done to every other movement? It’s called CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.

Paul Elam is the Alex Jones of the MRM. They are both disinfo agents.

The author of this comment has “heard” evidence that Paul Elam is on the payroll of the government.  By “heard” I’m sure he means the voices in his head told him.  The part in quotes was written by Zed so I guess this guy thinks Zed is on the government payroll too.

This sort of comment shouldn’t be a surprise to readers of this blog.  Lots of conspiracy theorists believe the MRM is run by the Jews/Freemasons/Bankers/Reptile Aliens/Rockefellers/the government/boogeyman of the week.

The author of that comment is John Rambo.  He is the man whose entire contribution to the MRM is pissing MRAs off by spamming the same comment about boycotting American women over and over again.  The difference between John Rambo and Paul Elam is that Paul Elam is about action, as in getting things done.  John Rambo is about spamming other people’s blogs and making conspiracy theory accusations against men like Paul Elam who are taking action to improve the lives of men and boys.  It’s no surprise that John Rambo supports another conspiracy theorist who doesn’t do anything except spam (and pretend to declare war on the governments of Ireland and Australia), Peter Nolan.

What this is really all about is substantive action to advance mens rights which Paul Elam and others do vs. pretending to do something to advance mens rights like Roosh, John Rambo, and Peter Nolan do.  This is why I reluctantly agree with Paul Elam saying goodbye to the manosphere.  There’s way too much mental masturbation going on from conspiratorial accusations like the one above to whining about how the MRM is really “feminist”, to whining how the MRM doesn’t have a definition of masculinity.  The MRM needs to focused on substantive action that rolls back feminist policies that hurt men and boys.  That’s what Paul Elam and the rest of the crew of AVfM (in addition to many other MRAs) is all about.  The reason why Paul Elam and the MRM is a focal point for attacks like the absurd attack against Paul Elam above is because anyone who just wants to pretend to so something & engage in mental masturbation is (by definition) opposed to substantive action and those that engage in substantive action.

Jan 142012

Carbon 14 emailed me a few days ago and asked me why I hadn’t commented on something on Susan Walsh’s blog from several months ago that referenced me.  I haven’t read her blog for a long time except for cases like last month’s debacle where her real attitudes got revealed.  That is the reason why.  Regardless I wish I had known about this sooner because it’s another example showing just how nuts Susan Walsh has become.  (In all of the following blockquotes, I’m also including screenshots of the comments being quoted in case Susan Walsh goes on a deleting spree when this gets posted.)

Several months ago someone using the name of David Jones wrote this comment on HookingUpSmart:  (Screenshot here)


I owe you an apology. I thought you were one of the over 30 male virgins. The so called “mens rights” movement is filled with agents of the elite promoting gender war for the purposes of depopulation. I have it on good authority that over 30 virgin males are the primary group recruited by the elite for that purpose.

Clearly, you are not a part of that, and I see that now. I misinterpreted your email, and I’m sorry.


With more info about runningman, I see that he’s nothing like Mr. White & Nerdy. I owed him an apology, and I made that apology.

With that said, the so called “mens rights” movement was manufactured by the elite just as feminism was. Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA, and there are agents of the elite in the mens rights movement too. Both sides of the gender war are funded by the elite just as the funded both sides of various wars in history. Virgin males over 30 make excellent recruiting targets for the elite especially the angrier ones. Mr. White & Nerdy is a good example, but he is not the only one. It’s a safe bet Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech also works for the elite because he is deeply embedded in the military-industrial-security state complex. He was an over 30 virgin. Supposedly he isn’t anymore, but it doesn’t matter if he is or isn’t a virgin now.


If you can’t get laid, the Illuminati want to recruit you to rule the world.  It makes more sense than a lot of things I have heard in conspiracy theory.

By itself, none of this is particularly notable now.  We have heard the bit about how I work for the Illuminati and that the MRM is some sort of Illuminati program many times before.  We have even heard variations on the “virgin/sexless recruitment” idea before.  Many conspiracy theorists are afraid of transhumanism so that isn’t new either.

Knowing all that, why am I writing a post on this?  Why is someone writing a crazy comment on Susan Walsh’s blog relevant to Susan Walsh?  Many of you are asking that because you automatically assume that Susan Walsh had a normal reaction to such lunacy and regarded it as garbage.  It seems like a reasonable assumption but you are wrong:  (Screenshot here)

@David Jones
That’s a pretty compelling story you’re telling there. W&N and PMAFT have both been very difficult in these comment threads.

Yes, Susan Walsh called a crazy story about the “elite” recruiting sexless men, COMPELLING.  If Susan Walsh chooses to address this, I’m sure she will pull the same tricks she did last month when she said that divorce is overblown in the manosphere.  The fact is that she has no excuse.  If you read the entire page of comments, multiple people recognize David Jones comments as lunacy.  Susan Walsh has no excuse not to recognize this for what it is.  So why did Susan Walsh call a conspiracy theory about me, compelling?  Susan Walsh is in the business of whitewashing sluts or slut rehab.  The problem with “slut rehab” is that more and more men are realizing the truth about pervasive misandry and how that applies to sluts.  The idea of the “former slut” will not gain traction with increasing numbers of men.  If growing numbers of men are taking the position of “once a slut, always a slut”, then what are you left with if you want to rehab sluts?  Besides man up 2.0, the only thing left is to claim that women were “brainwashed” into being sluts.  In other words, being a slut wasn’t their choice but sort of forced upon them so any man refusing to have anything to do with supposedly “former” sluts is just beating up on the “victims” of brainwashing.  The only way to do that is with an absurd conspiracy theory like the one David Jones gave her.

If Susan Walsh thinks all of this is compelling, she probably thinks I’m a reptile alien too.

Lastly, I’m going to include part of David Jones last comment:  (Screenshot here)

The so called “mens rights” movement come into this because it’s the “mirror image of feminism” for men. It’s the male side of the elite’s manufactured gender war. If there’s one thing the “mens rights” males agree on its not getting married. That means less children. Within “mens rights” the MGTOW movement is even more extreme. They promote ghosting for men which involves avoiding women entirely. The more MGTOWs, the less children.

As Gloria Steinem and others worked for the elite in feminism, there are agents of the elite in the “mens rights” movement. Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech is deeply embedded in the military-industrial-security state complex. He has admitted this on his blog. That sounds like how Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA. He is acting under orders from his elite masters to grow the “mens rights” movement and promote gender war.

If you want to promote gender war from the male side, who would be the best group to recruit? Angry male virgins who can’t get together with women. Those males are already predisposed to work for the elite’s manufactured gender war. This is where overgrown boys like White & Nerdy come in. (Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech may have also been recruited this way. Being in the military-industrial-security state complex he probably knows more of the elite’s plans.) I know of other examples of this. A friend of mine has a brother similar to White & Nerdy. A year ago my friend’s brother started acting and talking like a “mens rights” hard liner that would be at home at the spearhead. My friend’s brother also suddenly got a lot more money at around the same time, and my friend can’t explain how that happened.

The reason why White & Nerdy and Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech have been so hard line is because a blog like yours, Susan, that promotes good relationships between men and women is a threat to the elite’s plans. The “mens rights” movement is still small so your blog can have a real effect, Susan.

Notice I did not talk about lizard people, Illuminati, Freemasons, Bohemian Grove, the occult despite the jokes of a few people here. Such things are distractions to what is really going on. Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech makes jokes like that all the time to distract from what he is really doing. Such fantasy is not a part of anything that I said.

Yes, I make jokes about reptile aliens and other things.  When it comes to someone like David Jones, I’m doing him a favor.  Conspiracy theories involving reptile aliens and demonic powers are less crazy than a conspiracy theory that male virgins are getting recruited by the elite.

Update: AmStrat wanted to remind everyone about the research that shows that conspiracy theorists are more willing than the general population to join a conspiracy.  This means that Susan Walsh accusing me of being part of a conspiracy says a lot more about her and her morality than it does about me.

Nov 162011

I have encountered some weird conspiracy theories, but this one from no more mr nice guy at El Manboobo takes the cake:

Furthermore the manosphere is recruiting guys that are unsuccessful with women in dating forums because they want them to fail and encourage guys in the manosphere that find a woman to leave her. As an example, a 25 old virgin found a girlfriend and the Inmalafide crowd told him to leave her :

We’re recruiting guys in dating forums who are unsuccessful with women now?  Was this before or after we were supposedly recruiting homosexuals?

This person also doesn’t accurately describe what was happening ta that IMF link.

All right I admit it.  I’m recruiting an army of sexually frustrated males to destroy feminism once and for else, and the I will turn that army to make on the world so I can reveal how the world is ruled by reptile aliens.

Nov 052011

What I’m really up to has been discovered again:

Yeah I have a conspiracy theory…

Banging hot women is hard because you have to compete with shape-changing reptile aliens from planet x.

We don’t call our home planet, planet x, but I can’t believe that my secret agenda to have shape shifting reptile aliens like myself bang hot women has been exposed.  Whatever shall I do?

Oct 312011

Henry Makow, the guy who spends time thinking about Dick Cheney’s genitalia, has really gone off the deep end.  He posted an article from some lunatic who claims that circumcision is a conspiracy to keep men from masturbating and having sex.  It’s a really stupid idea because obviously that has not happened.  This is what Henry Makow had to say about it:

Clifford Shack sees a nefarious motive behind male circumcision, which has recently been protected BY LAW in California. He thinks men are being deprived of sexual satisfaction.  I think that anything that diminishes the over-sized role played by the penis in a man’s life is positive. In fact, the option of taking a libido inhibitor would be a blessing for youths, reversible after a young man has matured and established himself.  (But that’s another story.)

This is disturbing enough.  However, Henry Makow edited what he originally said.  I found this at another website that is recording Henry Makow’s articles and thus captured Makow’s original comment:

Clifford Shack sees a nefarious motive behind male circumcision, which has recently been protected BY LAW in California. He thinks men are being deprived of sexual satisfaction.  I think that anything that diminishes the over-sized role played by the penis in a man’s life is positive. In fact, the option of chemical castration would be a blessing for youths, reversible after a young man has matured and established himself. (But that’s another story.)

I added the bold.  I have also saved a screen shot of this in case it disappears.  If thinking about Dick Cheney’s penis was bizarre enough, Henry Makow believes that castration would be a “blessing” for young men.  I’m almost surprised he chose to cover his tracks on this because he never tried to hide his fixation on Dick Cheney’s penis.

Makow also posted an article from a woman running the born again virgin con showing his support for it.  Here are some of the things the born again virgin woman had to say:

Feminism has really been the Men’s Liberation Movement.

My most serious relationship was with a musician. He ended up moving to NYC to pursue music and I didn’t think I could keep up with his lifestyle or the city. He also drank quite a bit. I have tended to attract addicted men — something I have had to watch out for.

I am currently not working because of nervous burnout and I can’t believe the guilt that’s been thrown at me, for trying to stop and take care of myself.

I am under a lot of pressure and criticism from others. For instance, when I go to a singles event and a guy is talking to me and finds out I don’t have a job right now, and then walks away or looks at me weird. In that case–I may know that he’s looking for someone to take care of him.

Add these things to Makow’s attempts to obliquely shame MGTOW, his socon like attacks on video games using conspiracy theory, his support of the false abuse industry, his support of the false rape industry, and his calling divorced women “wholesome”, there is no reason to trust anything that comes out of his mouth, EVER.

Jul 152011

13:23 said about Norge:

You haven’t defeat anyone or anything. All you’ve done is scribbled some psychotic and delusional garbage about the evil coin crabbing Jews who are out to get you.

From your writing its pretty clear that you’re an older white male with at least one daughter. And its pretty obvious that this daughter has come of age and due to the culture she lives in (feminism) she’s started to behave like a typical western woman. And rather then accepting the fact that your daughter is slut and a whore, you’ve conjured up this fucked up ridiculous conspiracy about the satanist Jews who’ve brainwashed you’re daughter or what ever. Just face the facts so we don’t have to read you inane writings anymore.

While I wanted to stop talking about Norge, I wanted to comment on what 13:23 said.  While I tend to think that Norge has at least one daughter, he may also have at least one son.  Not only is he incapable of accepting that any daughters he might have are sluts, he is also incapable of accepting why any sons he might have are having trouble getting women or have decided to use women and never get married.  (Or perhaps any sons he has might have gone ghost.)

Rather than admit feminism is really FEMININE-ISM as Zed puts it, Norge concocted some silly grandiose conspiracy theory so he doesn’t have to blame women like any daughters he may have for their behavior.  Norge has gone to great lengths to not admit that his daughter(s) are a part of the problem.  By saying that his daughter(s) (or women in general) are brainwashed by some covert organization, he doesn’t have to hold women responsible for their actions.

Norge will blame the Jews, Freemasons, homosexuals, blacks, satanists, (non-existent) reptile aliens, anybody with the letter Q in their name, and/or many other groups I can’t think of.  He will blame anyone but a Western woman.  He won’t even blame non-Western women either as we have seen with his constant refusal to admit the reality of the false rape industry in the case of DSK.  (Since DSK is “the enemy” to Norge, he can never admit that DSK is a victim of feminism.)

A good question to ask is why is Norge here?  Why does he think spending time here is important?  Why is he spending all of his time accusing MRAs of misogyny and “gang stalking” and not accusing feminists of misandry and “gang stalking”?  If he thinks that feminism is a NWO scheme like the MRM is, then why isn’t he spending at least half his time arguing against feminists on feminist blogs, especially given the fact that feminists are the ones with real political power?  Why is he accusing me and other MRAs of being members of the NWO and not any feminists?  The reason it that he’s white knighting for women, and that he can’t deal with the fact that any daughters he has (if he has them) have chosen of their own free will to be sluts.  In each one of these cases, he attacks men only, never women.

I wish I could say this would end with Norge, but it won’t.  As I have predicted before we will see more of this in the future because there are various sections of the conspiracy theory community that are outright misandrist.



Jul 142011

We get told to “man up” when we refuse to do something stupid like getting married under current marriage law.  Being told to “man up” can take many forms from being told to take abuse from women, to being told to go to feminized churches, to being told that we must get married.  However, the most bizarre form of “man up” comes from Henry Makow.  It is so strange it speaks for itself:

You’re timing was excellent for this article on heterophobia.  I was helping my landlord photograph one of the apartments and he actually told me that I’m not feminine enough.  Ya think?  I have a big hairy beard and I usually announce to other men that I am a homophobe if I think it is necessary.

Yes, this is satanic and the only solution is to keep God’s commandments.  In the Bible it says that a man is not to cut his beard. (Leviticus 19:27)  When I realized this, I grew mine out and it drives the satanists nuts.  If your male readers start to grow out their beards in obedience to God’s commandments, they could start gaining ground over the evil.

It sounds like a small thing, but it is queer, pagan, and satanic to shave the face.  Some women will not even look at me.  The ones that my beard doesn’t bother are the ones with whom I have conversations.  If you want to drive them nuts, just grow out your beard and then tell them that queers shave their faces.  Don’t cut off anything, just let it grow.  Keep the hair on the long side.

If I see any “Christian” pastor who does not have a beard, I won’t even listen to the man.  The queering of the population came upon us along time ago.  Getting men to shave their faces was to get them to do womanly things.

I’ve had people go absolutely nuts, especially my family, because I grew my beard.  They want me to cut it, but I tell them I’m not queer and that God made women with smooth faces; not men.

One day a man came up to me and said: “Why don’t you shave, don’t you want to be clean?”  I said something like: “Do you shave your ass?”  His face turned red and he said: “No.”  I then said: “Well, don’t you want to be clean?”

Shaving is stupid, yet I did it most of my life because I was feminized since I was a young boy.  A man with a beard can even have a hard time getting a job.  I manage to carry on with business.

In my case, the beard reflects my masculinity; not my inner bitch, nor my feminine side.  I am not feminine in any way.  I love women but I don’t want to be one because God made me a man.  Just trying to be a man can be dangerous.

I took great delight in upsetting people who didn’t like my beard; and I still do.  If you really want to get under the communist-satanists skin; grow a beard, man-up and grow your beard.  There’s a big payoff that comes from obeying God’s commandment.

Jul 122011

I didn’t want to waste any more time on Norge, but after he said this I decided to do something I haven’t done before and hopefully never will again:

I have NO idea who Paul Lamont is, but I am nonetheless amazed that you would continue to accuse me of breaking forum rules

As a rule I don’t show the IP addresses and email addresses of people who comment here, but this time I had to make an exception.  Hopefully, it will be the only time I ever have to make an exception.  Take a look. Click on the image to see it in full size.


As you can see Norge has posted under another name before. And he was saying the same thing in exactly the same way. Case closed.

Jul 102011

Norge decided to post a long comment accusing me of working continuing his nonsense about how I work for the Illuminati:

Hi…this is Norge. I’m not sock-puppeting or using multiple user names – I only need one ID to defeat opponents, especially fools like White & Nerdy. I am pleased to see you already accuse me of sockpuppeting, it goes along nicely with White & Failing’s accusation that I am a white knight. Any more lame tricks? Maybe you want to alter your post thread so that I cannot directly reply to your posts, the same way White & Sucking did? Hopefully not, hopefully you are more macho than that.

First, if you have a problem with some other blogger, take it up with them.

That second comment I quoted two posts ago conveniently came in at the right time.  That’s why I considered the possiblity Norge may have written it using another name.  More importantly, I checked Norge’s IP address.  He has posted comments here under the name Norge and paullamont.  He has used multiple user names despite his claim to the contrary.

I’m not sure what that thing about not directly replying to posts is about.  It may have something to do with a limit for how far comments will nest in wordpress.  If that’s the case, Norge is trying to manufacture fake claims of nefarious behavior.

So, you admit it, freely admit it – GREAT, I’m glad that I activated your cognitive dissonance to confess to both the readers here and at Omega Virgin Revolt the truth about your government involvment. I want everyone to understand that this time PMAFT isn’t bragging, he is confessing – a big difference. I’m glad you didn’t backpeddle out of it and try to pass it off as some kind of tongue and cheek gag against conspiracy theorists. I’ve been frequenting your site for some time now and I’ve read such unprovoked admissons of your complicity – so I think we both agree it would’ve been futile to make denials. Can you also go tell that fag White & Nerdy that he can stop gloating now, and that you weren’t joking or kidding when you bragged about your government ties? He may be too busy to respond to you though, as he is preparing his anal canal for Dominique Strauss Kahn’s homecoming.

I’m not sure what cognitive dissonance is supposed to being going on here.  All I did was be honest about how I am gainfully employed.  Yes, I work for a defense contractor.  Yes, I have a security clearance.  None of that means I work for the Illuminati.  It’s not a tongue in cheek gag, but with the way Norge is incapable of reading what’s right in front of him, it might as well be.

I utterly destroyed White & Nerdy, so maybe now I’ll start talking to you and get to the bottom of what you so-called Men’s Rights guys have against conspiracy theorists. I feel it is like this – we are all reading the same book, only conspiracy theorists are smarter. We have read further and faster, and while we are on page 250, the majority of people are stuck on page 82. When we tell you on page 200 that a New World Order, led by Freemasons, the Jewish Heirarchy, and Satanic bloodline familes, along with their lapdogs and affiliated members of the Good ol Boys club, are taking over the world and destroying your freedoms – you tell us that is too unbelievable, and you instead flip to page 83.

There’s no unified opinion on conspiracy theory in the MRM.

The book Norge is reading from is likely a Dan Brown novel that he can’t seem to figure out is fiction.

It is an intelligence issue – a matter of understanding all of the data out there, and being able to read through it faster since the enemy has had a magnificient head start as far as planning and execution. While some of us are smart enough to detect the danger, others are dumbed-down into falsely believing such vile forces do not exist, even at a time when they are making their evil selves more and more obvious to the world. The good thing is, it is not too late to change and put aside your stupidity – if only to save yourself and live a better life, aside from any specific theological or philosophical lean. I’m saying that last part to your readers and not to you PMAFT. You and White & Nerdy have already made your allegiance clear and known. You are not stupid, or unaware – you are complicit..

Actually it’s an issue of sanity, namely how Norge isn’t sane.

Where as your men’s rights movement acts to clip the fingernails of your enemy, their hands are still locked around your throat. It is a misdirection, and it makes you into a running dog for the NWO because you are towing their line and making yourself an asset to them. Many of the men arriving at this site are victims of feminism, which this last 100 years has been the 2nd most successful NWO policy for damaging their opponents – the human race. By giving readers misinformation that feminism doesn’t have its roots being start by the NWO, the Jewish Heirarchy, and Satanist bloodline families like the Rockefellars who have many charities and organizations for women established – you set your readers up to take a fall. You have them avoid recognizing who their real enemy is, but instead have them save their hatred for 3 group entities:

1. Feminist Authors – Dworkin, Marcotte, etc.

2. Men who defend feminism – manginas, white knights, pussy addicts – and including men who devalue themself and marry a lesser woman – like the Dilbert guy – and male politicians who support feminism to get the woman vote.

3. The legal system and woman who get away with crimes and dishonesty, from outright criminal behavior to no-fault divorces, cheating, etc.

I agree that all 3 types of people are shun-worthy, and should be called to task for their behavior and crimes – but they are also a product of a system created by Globalism and Feminism – the tools of the NWO. This doesn’t give them an excuse for their behavior or a sympathetic pause from us, at the least they deserve our pity for being duped and at the most our severe hatred for damaging humanity. Writing about them is fine, but it would be proper to occasionally point to the architects that infected these people with such stupidity and malice in the first place – if only to create a context of feminism’s origins.

The NWO, the “Jewish Hierarchy”, and “Satanist bloodlines” don’t exist so feminist can’t have anything to do with them.  How am I setting them anyone up to take a fall?  If someone doesn’t believe in the NWO, nothing happens to them.

Norge also forgot one important group in feminism, the mass of women who gave their implicit and explicit support for feminist policies and benefited from them.  You either hold them responsible or you don’t.  There is no in between where they can weasel out of it by claiming they were “duped”.

I’m not telling you to make this website another anti-NWO website – because I think that would defeat its purpose and there are already enough websites like that out there right now. However, I think you should acknowledge and rebuke the evils of NWO instead of telling people that they do no exist, and only that crazy people believe in such things. Whether you choose to do this again is subjective, because at the least you are clumsily unaware of the world you live, and at most a complicit pawn of the NWO / member of their techie disinformation branch. I think you qualify for the latter..

Why does Norge need me to rebuke a fictitious entity like the Illuminati?  And what good would that do if I did if the Illuminati did exist?  Norge, what are you doing to fight your nonexistent NWO besides waste a lot of time ranting on MRM blogs?  Many of us in the MRM are getting the word out about feminism with the URL @ Urinals campaign.  Paul Elam recently set up Register Her to expose criminal women.  Actual work is better than meaningless rebukes against nonexistent entities.  What have you done for your cause, Norge?  Obviously nothing so this is just an excuse for you to rant on the internet.  Unlike you, many of us in the MRM are getting real work done.

The lowest of the low is promoting the idea that acknowledging the NWO as an evil force in the world makes the person who does so a feminist – or supporter of feminist ideals. That is a ridiculous extrapolation to make about one person or a group or person, expecially when many like myself will point out that feminism was created, driven, and funded by the NWO. The fact that some conspiracy theorists support feminism is because they realize to a certain extent that you shouldn’t attack the finger, but the heart. They also don’t want to cut off and alienate themselves from a wide viewing public by attacking feminism outright before claiming a victory against the NWO – isn’t it better to fight one opponent at a moment instead of two?

Since you will never claim a victory against the NWO (because they don’t exist), you just admitted that conspiracy theorists will not fight feminism.  If  feminism is a tool of the NWO there is no fighting the NWO separate from fighting feminism.  By your own definition conspiracy theorists are feminists because they’re sacrificing men in an attempt to gain popularity.

I will summarize that the entire DSK affair has less to do with false-rape allegations and more to do with him being replaced in a grand media flourish. There is now heavy talk that he should run for Prime Minister of France – which would be a remarkable rebound for someone who was under the suspicion of a felony. And while the world is watching that happen, the IMF loans another 3 Billion to Greece, to further corrupt the birthplace of democracy into another banana republic.

Good to know that you can’t be counted on when false rape allegations rear their ugly head.

Traitor. I’ve said it, and I think it should stand up as a clear namesake for you until you choose to rebuke the forces of evil and ease off your assault against those working to expose and indict them. I welcome a response from you, because unlike White & Nerdy you will actually be able to hold your own in defending your undefendable position as a turncoat. You will still lose to me, but the volleys will make interesting reading for visitors to this website who may take the same issue that I have with you hating Conspiracy Theorists.

You are still not as bad as White & Nerdy though, who wants to see jailed conspiracy theorists put to death before they even have a chance to appeal for their life.

I checked his blog, and I could not find that anywhere.  Given all of the other things you made up, Norge, this is probably made up too.  Really, this doesn’t matter.  If you have a problem with another blogger, take it up with them.

So, why do you hate conspiracy theorists? Or should we just accept the evidence at hand that you are running misinformation for the NWO?

I await a response from you Pro Male Anti Feminist TRAITOR.

I don’t think you understand what the word, traitor, means.  I can’t be a traitor to a cause I don’t believe in against an enemy that doesn’t exist.

Norge, what was the point of all this?  If you think I and other MRAs are working for the Illuminati then you have effectively come to the conclusion that the MRM works for the NWO.  However, you’re too much of a wimp to say that.  We don’t take kindly to such behavior.  With all of the time you spent on these rants, here and on other blogs, you could have done something useful like learning some game.  Or posting some fliers.  Your rants do nothing for your goals much less ours.  You are nothing but a troll that is too stupid and insane to realize he is one.

Jul 072011

The number of people who think I work for the Illuminati continues to expand just like the universe.  Here is the latest:

This website, along with Pro-Male-Anti-Feminist-Tech, are psychological operations – pure and simple. You guys made websites with flashy titles to get people’s attention, especially MRAs, and then you spew globalist-tinged crap. Worse, you call down conspiracy theorists and their findings, preaching in effect “Hey folks, nothing to see over there – just crazy people”. The guy from PMAFT even brags that he works for a defense contractor, and that he has security clearance.

Read the above link and weep. A confession is the best evidence – which makes your stunning honesty in this argument a clearer portrait of who’s interests you truly represent. I’m on to you, and I hope others are too. The New World Order is the real assault on masculinity, and those who wittingly divert attention from the grandest threat – are also those that serve it.

Yes, I work for a defense contractor, and I have a (really high) security clearance.  I fail to see how that’s a “confession” of anything.  This guy has probably watched too many movies and thinks that there are “above top secret”, “cosmic top secret”, and “majestic” security clearances.  That and I’m not sure why the Illuminati would use government security clearances.

Another person added their two cents (although it could be the same person):

Finally someone else is willing to come here and point out the obvious. White and Nerdy works for the NWO just like PMAFT. All of them have a globalist agenda under the direction of the NWO. I suspect others in the MRM are working for the NWO.

I can’t believe my “globalist agenda”, whatever that is supposed to be, was discovered.  No one should be surprised that accusations of Illuminati membership (and being a reptile alien) would happen to other MRAs.  I knew this would happen sooner or later.



Jun 082011

One of the most annoying parts of being head of the Illuminati is all of the fake meetings I have to attend.  Think of how annoying real meetings are.  Fake meetings are even worse.  I’m in Switzerland for the 2011 Bilderberg meeting.  Nothing actually goes on during the Bilderberg meeting.  It’s just a ruse to fool conspiracy theorists.  To make the ruse work, everyone including me has to show up at it.  I can’t even enjoy Switzerland.  I have to be in pretend meetings all day.

That’s bad enough but it’s actually worse.  Because this is a ruse to fool conspiracy theorists they actually show up and yell using bullhorns.  Alex Jones is notorious for yelling through a bullhorn at our fake meetings.  Having to listen to Alex Jones yell in a bullhorn is what Hell must be like.  The Reptile Alien Homeworld will not let me do anything like shape shift into a demon to scare off the conspiracy theorists because that would destroy the purpose of having these fake meetings.  Luckily this will only be a few days.

The Illuminati’s real meetings are much more interesting and fun.  They take place in areas you can’t get to such as deep space and underground where the worms from hell live.

May 252011

Last week at The Spearhead I talked about why Dominique Strauss-Kahn shouldn’t be assumed to be guilty of rape just because of his politics or his career (banking) or his (now former) job (IMF director). Over the last week I have found even worse reasons that people are assuming DSK is guilty of rape.  At this link they’re positively giddy about declaring DSK guilty without knowing any of the facts simply because of his job, career, and politics, and I suspect because DSK is Jewish.

If you thought that was bad, Henry Makow’s reason for declaring DSK guilty is the worst yet.  According to Makow, DSK is guilty because he’s a member of the Illuminati, and the Illuminati sexual deviants. No thinking person should assume DSK is guilty because of claims that DSK is part of an organization that does not exist.  I suppose this shouldn’t be surprising since Henry Makow has before turned into a total white knight when a woman made (what was most likely false) abuse allegations against her father because she accused her father of being an Illuminati.  Usually I find Makow’s written diarrhea to be a joke.  This time I’m disgusted by it because this is even worse than guilty until proven innocent that is typically seen in rape accusations.  It’s guilty based on conspiracy theory.

What’s bothered me about the whole DSK rape case is that people who are other anti-feminist (or supposedly anti-feminist) throw their anti-feminism out the window to declare DSK guilty because of some meaningless reason.  Most of these people aren’t truly anti-feminist at all, or their anti-feminism is only skin deep.  This is one reason why there has been little progress in combating feminism.

May 152011

A clarification might be needed about my last post.  When that fruitcake Warren said that there were government (or NWO or Illuminati) agents in the MRM, it wasn’t about government agents that are here to destabilize the MRM and destroy it.  (While I sure that the idea that government agents would infiltrate the MRM to destroy it has been advanced in the past, that wasn’t what was Warren talking about.)  What he was talking about was closer to the idea that the NWO creates a “fake NWO” for people to attack.  The “real NWO” embeds itself in the “resistance” to the fake NWO so when the fake NWO is defeated, the “real NWO” is ruling everything by default.  Here is an example of a proponent of that theory talking about it.

Feminism fits into this theory as being part of the “fake NWO”.  That means that according to this theory the MRM has been infiltrated by the NWO, and the MRM defeating feminism is part of the “NWO plan”.  Effectively this becomes a defense of feminism, and there is a good example of this from the David Icke Forums: (There is a picture at this link that may be NSFW.)

That IS very disturbing indeed. Also ridiculous, because the elite actually want to destroy women, not men, so they can build the homosexual utopia where men can reproduce without the use of women. As the late Andrea Dworkin said: “As soon as men [this being the NWO] have figured out how to have babies without women, it will be the end of women kind, it will be the coming gynocide.”

This image is a distraction, the elite projecting unwarranted powers onto those they plan to destroy. It will be piles of dead women in the street, with “men” (the NWO) being the post-sexual cyborgs with artificial wombs.

As the MRM becomes more well known and starts having more successes against feminism, expect more misandrist conspiracy theories like this.

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