Mar 112011

In my last post, Herbal Essence and I were talking about reasons why guys our age get married.  The reasons are really about oops pregnancies, desperation and loneliness, and pressure from their girlfriends and families.  I realized there’s another reason to add to the list, freaking out from minor health issues.  Imagine someone my age or a bit younger.  He’s been healthy all his life so he hasn’t had much in the way of health problems.  Then the first health problem happens.  It’s not worse than say appendicitis.  However, this is this man’s first experience with surgery.  While it’s not a big deal as health problems go, but it’s the first health problem for this man.  It’s a shock.  It makes him feel his age and his eventual mortality.  He might start thinking about what happens to him when he’s older and the thought of having dementia in a nursing home with no one to check up on him scares him.  Out of fear he rushes to find a wife so he can have some kids who will look after him when he’s older.

Of course this can and does happen a lot to older men as well, but Herbal Essence were talking about guys our age.  Whether we’re talking about guys my age or older guys, the problem is the same.  A man feels his age for whatever reason and starts getting worried what will happen when he gets old.  Invariably the answer involves kids to take care of you or keeps tabs on you.  Because he wants to raise the kids right he has to get married (places like the Rotunda clinic in India notwithstanding).  Will this work?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Nursing homes are filled with people who were dumped there by their kids who never check up on them.  If you get divorced you will be right back where you started if you don’t have kids.  If you do good luck since your now ex-wife is guaranteed to get full custody of them.  If you try marrying a single mother later in life do you really think her kids are going to care about you when you get older?  They will be gone. (Scott Adams is going to learn this the hard way.)

Knowing this it becomes clear that kids are no guarantee of help when you get old.  Since most actions of “I’m getting old so I need to get married and have kids” are based on fear, a logical argument like the one I wrote in the paragraph above will do little good for most men.  This is why anti-aging technology is important.  When I talk about anti-aging technology, I’m talking about real technology, not snake oil nor stuff that makes you look younger but doesn’t stop aging (like plastic surgery).  I’m talking about technology that could potentially let you live for centuries or even indefinitely with the body of a 30 year old (although I’m sure there are limits to what it can do).  (Some good websites for learning for about anti-aging technology research are the Methuselah Foundation and the SENS Foundation.)

How many men are getting married now because they’re worried what will happen to them when they’re old? Quite a few I bet and that includes men who know marriage is a bad idea. Anti-aging technology removes this problem because when you get old, you’re body won’t be old. Even if it does nothing but keep you in the body of a 30 year old until you drop dead at 120, it removes the problem since you no longer have to worry about being old, frail, and having dementia.

When anti-aging technology arrives, it’s going to kill one of the last remaining reasons men have for getting married.

Jun 252010

A commenter recently said (in response to how murder suspect Joran Van Der Sloot is getting massive pile of marriage offers):

That is why we need transhumanism.

When women reward serial killers far ahead of, say, engineers, women are the obstacle to civilizational advancement.

Sure, NAWALT. But that there are even some women who put gina tingles ahead of their own safety (let alone the safety of others) casts serious doubts about their fitness to make decisions.

I don’t like talking about “transhumanism” because it has some philosophical baggage I’m against but a lot of my ideas about using technology to liberate men are “transhumanist”.  The commenter is right that women are the obstacle to civilizational advancement but the problem is worse than that.  Women are threatening the foundations of civilization.  This is why we need technology to buttress the foundation of civilization, anti-aging technology, artificial wombs, sex bots, VR sex, considerably more advanced genetic engineering, etc.  All of it will help.

If you still don’t believe this, just consider the effect of paternity testing and where we would be without that technology.

Aug 242009

I have already talked about why anti-aging technology is important, but now it has entered the mainstream enough to be covered by the New York Times.  The article is a good summary on what is going on now with anti-aging technology.  What the article covers the most are drugs that mimic what is known as “calorie restriction” which is believed can slow the aging process.

There’s an incredible amount of potential in anti-aging technology well beyond what these drugs can do.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Jun 062009

When myself and many other men are told we should get married or even just find a girlfriend, we rightfully demand a good reason. Many men have either decided women aren’t worth the trouble of dealing with potential of everything from false rape charges to corrupt family courts or have been ignored by women and eventually come to the conclusion that they are better off. Usually, we get some sort of dangerous misinterpretation of the Bible or some type of shaming language. However, some people will try to come up with something resembling an actual reason. Personally, the only thing that anyone has been able to come up with, “What happens when you are old?” Essentially what they are referring to is being stuck in a nursing home with no family whatsoever while being frail due to old age. Really, what they’re talking about is having kids more than finding a wife or a girlfriend, but since we don’t have artifical wombs yet a woman has to be involved somewhere.

The problem is that there are men who will be swayed by this reasoning. The thought of being 85 with no family whatsoever (since many of us are only children now) stuck in a nursing home dealing with some sort of demetia is scary. This reasoning does have the obvious problems of whether your kids will want anything to do with you when they are adults and/or that you don’t end up divorced in the process. In fact with a divorce you could end up in the worst of all possible situations of being alone when old but without the money you could have saved if you stayed single. Regardless, this is a mental logjam for many men. Once again, technology provides us the solution.
The solution is anti-aging technology. When I speak of anti-aging technology I’m not talking about snake oil or those stupid creams and make ups that claim to make you look younger. I’m talking about bioengineering technologies involving such technologies as genetic engineering and possibly nanotechnology to make your body younger than its chronological age. Imagine being 80, but having the body of a 25 year old or being 280 with the body of a 25 year old.
Anti-aging technology is now being worked on very seriously. Most of the current work is centered around Dr. Aubrey De Grey, a biomedical gerontologist based in Cambridge (England) who came up with an idea he called SENS, Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence which is associated with the Methuselah Foundation, a foundation for funding anti-aging research. (Note: I am not associated with either the SENS Foundation or the Methuselah Foundation). Dr. De Grey believes that he has found all of the causes of aging and that through research ways of reversing the damage resulting from those causes. Time will tell if SENS will produce the first generation of anti-aging technology. It may or may not, but it has been realized that anti-aging technology can be produced and that we aren’t that far away from making it real.
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