Sep 052016

I found this screenshot from a tweet:

Yes, I would ask for proof.  For her pet dying to be equivalent to a sexual assault accusation, that would mean that she is accusing someone of murdering her pet.  For sexual assault to happen, someone has to cause it.  There is no equivalent in sexual assault to dying of natural causes where death can happen independently of someone causing it.  Any woman who says she has been sexually assaulted is accusing a man of sexually assaulting her.  That is an accusation of criminal behavior.  Since we have a standard of innocent until proven guilty when it comes to crimes (unless you’re in college), we always demand evidence that a crime actually happened.

  10 Responses to “Yes, I Would Ask For Proof”

  1. SJWs often make up lies about pets dying and other misfortunes, for sympathy, attention, and gofundme.

    That’s quite aside from the fact that if she wanted her ex-boyfriend to go to prison for murdering Scruffles, why, yes: You *should* need proof to convict somebody of a crime. Even a man.

    Crazy b****. If she told me her toast was burned I’d want proof.

  2. or perhaps no one is guilty of rape. like a pet dying, it’s something that occurs naturally, and the only way to deal with it is to grow up and be a big girl.

  3. This exposes how women don’t even see men as fully human. A man going to prison for 20 years simply for being unattractive is something that just does not trouble women.

    Future historians will see female suffrage as the greatest error of this era.

    • What worries me is that the inhuman, primitive and destructive behavior exhibited by women will be glossed over, covered up or otherwise ‘edited’ out in future history overviews.

      Just like actions of women in the past:

      As long as society is inherently gynocentric, it will bend over backwards to insure women are kept in an almost angelic light and men are duped into providing for them while being blissfully unaware of their true nature.

      If men were to grow up without women’s influence, I daresay ‘society’ as we currently define it would most likely cease to be. Humans as a whole will fight to the end against that outcome. One need only note how easy it was for women to create falsehoods of past ‘oppression’ and manipulate men into guilt for the past century.

  4. Surreal. Evidence matters. It’s how we figure shit out. It took civilization a long time to arrive at the “innocent until proven guilty” standard. How easily and casually the harpies want to throw it aside.

    • Its no longer a matter of ‘want’, it has already come to pass. if you are a male, getting accused of sexual assault or anything else by a woman is essentially a death sentence to your social reputation, your profession and almost guaranteed to result incarceration.

      Western society regards women, especially white women as the aristocratic class and the burden of proof falls on the accused man to prove innocence. And there are no repercussions for a false accusation.

      Even imperial China looks preferable in comparison. Despite the proliferation of torture that took place, at least if the defender were proven innocent the accuser could expect a tremendous loss in status and even death.

      There are absolutely no risks for a woman to make false accusations and indeed many of them do, particularly in family court to gain an upper hand in procuring the husbands assets.

  5. We had this kind of a situation on our local radio show, here in Vancouver BC. The host was interviewing a woman who is involved in drafting new ‘sexual assault’ regulations at the university. This woman self-described as a sexual assault survivor and both she and the host talked about her experiences as playing a role in her involvement in drafting these new regulations.

    Nowhere in the conversation was the term ‘alleged’ used. Sexual assault is a criminal act and descriptions of the act and the perpetrator are allegations until proven in court.

    Now, if the woman wants to play the ‘believe me, my story is true, we don’t need no stinkin courts’, then fine… let’s remove sexual assault as a criminal offence to one of being a civil offence.

    • ‘believe me, my story is true, we don’t need no stinkin courts’, then fine… let’s remove sexual assault as a criminal offence to one of being a civil offence.

      The problem is, the legal concepts you refer to originated just centuries ago, and became mature just several decades ago. In the meantime, much of the human brain (and ALL of the female brain) still operates based on the hardwiring of 100,000 years ago. Women are even more obsolete than men.

  6. Someone sho9uld have responded to that sexist buffoon: then dont ask for proof of false rape

    • Someone should accuse her of something, and say proof does not matter and she is guilty just ‘because’. It has to be non-sexual, like shoplifting or something. She won’t learn her lesson, but others might from the example.

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