Sep 082016

I found this at End Women’s Suffrage:

I’m pretty sure that everyone reading this knew that picture was of pieces of a screwdriver.  I have a screwdriver that takes such bits in my set of tools.  I didn’t realize that my set of tools included an “automatic assault rifle”.  What’s next?  Are women going to think my wrenches are grenades?

  8 Responses to “Women Can’t Tell The Difference Between A Screwdriver And An Automatic Assault Rifle”

  1. It’s bad enough that she can’t distinguish a screwdriver tip from a bullet. But then she lies by telling us about her “research” – implying that she has some measure of intelligence. Stupid manipulative bitch. I think that even feminists who troll this blog will have nothing to say about this (unless screwdrivers oppress them somehow).

  2. She’s probably a female Civil Engineer

  3. speechless. waiting for gynoid robots.

  4. What this means: This woman has NEVER used or understood a screwdriver.

    EVER!! But, thinks she’s qualified to speak on guns.


  5. Anyone who actually wants to do something about the women problem should be a femicidist. New forum just opened here:

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