Sep 102016

It has been 10 years since the Duke Lacrosse false rape accusation.  How does everyone who falsely accused the Duke Lacrosse players of rape, such as the faculty at Duke who supported this false rape accusations, feel about it now?  They have absolutely no remorse about it.  They don’t care that they were a part of a virtual lynch mob.

Additionally, there have been ZERO consequences for the Duke faculty who supported this false rape accusation.  Most of them are still working at Duke.  The rest are working at other universities.  In either case, it is safe to assume that they are pushing more false rape accusations.

  2 Responses to “No Remorse”

  1. As with every other false rape accusations. I fear the day when angry men start real violence. Women are destroying our civilization and hand it to savage hordes.

  2. I gotta say, I didn’t like the article. At the bottom, it says “society is so quick to believe any accusation and deny rights to potentially innocent people”.

    PEOPLE – not MEN. Since when will any falsely accused woman go through what the Duke Lacrosse team went through.

    The article cheapens the plight of men in our society, and seems to imply it happens to anybody, not just men.

    I agree with the premises though. Duke University was punished with a series of lawsuits, but, none of the key players at the University suffered any consequences.

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