Aug 292016

The feminist war on space exploration continues.  This time The Atlantic magazine writes that the constellations oppress women.  (This is not a satire piece.  It is real.)  The only purpose of such an article is to continue the feminist war on space exploration by accusing every aspect of space of misogyny.

What are constellations?  Constellations are a group of stars that form a recognizable pattern.  In other words, The Atlantic is accusing the stars of being located in such a way that from the Earth they can generate misogyny.  Literally, feminists are saying that way the universe is organized in such a way to oppress women.

On top of that the article from The Atlantic also says that the names of spaceships and space probes are also sexist and oppress women.  There is no aspect of space exploration that feminists have not accused of misogyny.  Feminists have lied about NASA’s budget, attacked the shirt of a space scientist, accused the Pioneer 10 probe plaque of sexism, accused movies about space exploration of being sexist, and said that there will be a rape epidemic in space.  Clearly, the feminist war on space exploration is total which is why we must fight even small aspects of it like when feminists accuse constellations of being sexist.

  10 Responses to “Women Are Oppressed By The Constellations”

  1. Perhaps we can crowd fund a mass landing of fembotz on the Sun. A proud step forward

    • Oh, I will settle for them being sent to Venus (surface temperature : 900 degrees), since that is the planet that they are ‘from’ after all, and have appropriated for the female identity.

      Venus is nearer too (at the right times), so it would be cheaper.

      • It’s only just dawned on me that it is entirely appropriate that the planet associated with femininity is a toxic, inhospitable hellhole.

        • Yes. It looks pleasant and serene from the outside, but once one scratches into the atmosphere and descends to the surface, the hellish truth becomes evident.

          Sounds familiar.

  2. Typo : “The only purpose of such an article is to continue the feminist war on space exploration by accusing every aspect of space ***of** misogyny.”

    But yes, this just proves that the more something has to do with some grand, long-term ascendance of humans, the more women oppose it. This is precisely the same point as their opposition to the domestication of fire.

    Artificial Intelligence will be spectacularly catastrophic to ‘feminists’.

  3. To be completely fair (a luxury those butt-sluts would never afford us), they are saying that the decision to depict certain constellations as ‘Orion the Hunter’ are sexist, rather than the stars themselves.

    But even that is selective bullshit, since a number of female constellations exist, such as Cassiopeia and Hera and Andromeda (the galaxy). Representation is 50-50, with females depicted favorably. If anything, it proves that even ancient Greece/Rome was NOT oppresive to women.

  4. Read the article. Reaction was: “Gee, that’s terrible! How awful!”. It’s the only sensible way to react to this sort of tripe. A moment of mock-sympathy, then be back about your usual business.

    Feminist hate space exploration, incidentally, because it doesn’t benefit women.

  5. The contest for ‘World’s Stupidest Feminist’, which automatically becomes the holder of the title of ‘World’s Stupidest Human of Any Age’, got another strong entry :

    Wow. Just wow.

  6. OT: Looks like the SJWs have struck again – this time it’s JavaScript guru Doug Crockford. He’s been removed as a speaker at the Nodevember conference to “help make the conference a comfortable environment for all”.

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