Aug 072016

What would happen if you applied Hillary Clinton’s “logic” about the real victims of war to rape?  End Women’s Suffrage provides us with the answer:

  4 Responses to “If You Applied Hillary Clinton’s “Logic” On The Real Victims Of War To Rape”

  1. MGTOW: Never give a women or a white knight the legal, financial, social, physical, financial or psychological power to destroy your life.

    ANTI-MGTOW: Say whatever is necessary to keep men from becoming MGTOWs, for our own sake. We need those little betas to keep getting destroyed. It’s good for the womenz and white knightz – dontcha know.

  2. PM/AFT,

    You must make fun of the fact that ‘Feminists’ lament that the invention of both the alphabet and fire created the patriarchy.

    They actually say that. And the alphabet bit is from a mangina.

    Technically, that is true, because the same headlines are an admission that ‘of women ran things’, we would still be living in cold caves.

    • Incidently, this is why Artificial Intelligence is extremely disastrous for women. AI, being the natural progression of evolution on life on Earth, will replace the FI with cold software logic in a million different places.


    Matt Forney has gone full bore WN.

    While agree with each group wanting their own homeland, the entire case is just another example of exempting white WOMEN from voting all this in in the first place.

    WNs complain about ‘the end of white nations’, but fail to see that white WOMEN are the major betrayors… Even Matt Forney has succumbed to this…

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