Jul 022016

It’s the time of the month to select a new Entitlement Princess of the Month.  Last month’s winner with 71% was Trigglypuff for being Trigglypuff.

The Entitlement Princess of the Month can only keep going with your support so keep submitting new entitlement princesses on the Entitlement Princess of the Month submission page.

This month there are two entitlement princesses to choose from.  The first was submitted by Trigglypuff Sat On Me, and she is Nayla Kidd.  Kidd was a student at Columbia University who just seemed to disappear from campus one day. As her family and friends did not have any knowledge of her whereabouts, this led to a police investigation.  Nayla Kidd was not abducted or anything.  She just decided to become an artist in New York City, but did not care that the police were wasting time looking for her or how her family and friends felt. Kidd blamed not only the pressure of being at Columbia, but Columbia itself for failing to provide her an opportunity for not accommodating her as a “social learner”.

The second entitlement princess was submitted by Caber, and she is Rose McGowan.  McGowan demanded that Fox replace one of its ads for X-Men: Apocalypse where the bad guy is choking Mystique because to her it somehow contributes to “violence against women”. In addition, this led to McGowan demanding more things like more female directors.

Vote for one of the entitlement princesses in the poll below. Remember you are voting for the biggest entitlement princess, not necessarily the most evil woman or the most violent woman or the most insane woman or the biggest whore.

Who is your vote for the June 2016 Entitlement Princess Of The Month?

  • Rose McGowan (67%, 64 Votes)
  • Nayla Kidd (33%, 31 Votes)

Total Voters: 95

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  8 Responses to “June 2016 Entitlement Princess Of The Month”

  1. No contest. Nayla Kidd’s situation was not necessarily due to being female.

    Rose McGowan, having hit the wall, and recently separated from her man (see Wikipedia), is a prime candidate for being a bitter post-wall actress..

  2. Rose McGowan is waving the standard victim/entitlement banner so she and her talent-less friends can get jobs as prestigious directors. Nayla Kidd is doing something a bit like that guy who went to Alaska, Christopher McCandless as reported in the book and movie “Into The Wild”. He wanted to get away from it all and didn’t want to talk to his parents. It may be a bit entitled, but in this type of action if you break out on your own you know you have to face the music.

  3. Trigglypuff is what happens when jews dont get oven’d or turned into lampshades …. your education system gets jewed … Jew skin is a valuable resource, the lampshade & jew soap industry feeds millions of hungry nazi’s

    The nazi lampshade industry needs your jew skin contributions, won’t somebody think of the hungry nazi’s …

  4. Kidd is simply a slacker who took off to become a bohemian. The only specifically female thing here is that people would not have made nearly as much fuss over a young man who disappeared.

    Then again: “I finally broke down because I was living a life I thought I should be living instead of living the life I want.” Like any of us gets to live the life we want.

    Rose is just a woman fighting for team woman. The usual.

    You know what? Since the question is “princessness”, Kidd comes out ahead of McGowan. McGowan is just cynically exploiting a situation to get ahead. It’s Kidd that truly feels she should be immune to consequences.

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