Jul 152016

A mangina tried to answer the question of whether feminists/SJWs want women to be equal to men or be a protected class.  As can be expected the mangina twists himself into knots to avoid giving a clear answer to that question to the point where he seriously compares women to the disabled:

You may still need accommodations to function in society that others do not require. That doesn’t mean that you’re unequal any more than a disabled person is a second-class citizen for needing a ramp.

For the purpose of this post, I’m going to set aside how vile it is and insulting to disabled people to compare the average healthy woman to a disabled person.  This mangina is saying that being female is a (permanent) disability.  Thus he’s arguing that women will always need special accommodations forever.  By doing so this mangina is really saying that women are MORE disabled than disabled people because eventually technology will exist that will fix every disability out there.

I anticipate that we will see more of this “women are disabled” argument.  It may be argued implicitly or explicitly, but feminists will latch on to it to defend all the special privileges women have.  It will get to the point where you will see an able bodied woman telling a man with no legs in a wheelchair why she is the one who is really disabled.

  6 Responses to “Being A Woman Is Not A Disability”

  1. It will get to the point where you will see an able bodied woman telling a man with no legs in a wheelchair why she is the one who is really disabled.

    If that day comes (and I agree that it probably will) I’ll remember these words and promptly disable myself by LMFHO

  2. Related :

    Women’s pay should not be based on results.

    This femtroll is referred to sports, but the sentiment is the same.

    • What a nauseating collection of femihags and mangina toadies.

      Having said that, they should all be for VR porn, since it will give men a satisfactory alternative to prostitution. it’s a win-win situation for both horny men and man-hating harpies, right?

      • Of course not. The dynamic of ‘undesirable men’ using VR porn is similar to that of [white] men expatting and finding foreign wives.

        Women are attention/validation whores, they may not want to give these men the time of day but they still want the option of having them around to boost their egos, but direct or indirect rejection.

        There’s also the issue of ‘reserves’, a notion black pill posted about: https://omegavirginrevolt.wordpress.com/the-reserves/

        Women are not content with rejecting the vast majority of men, they want complete and utter control over the sexual marketplace and reproduction. They want undesirable men to have no options and to utterly suffer if not accepted by a woman.

        Considered ‘creepy’ by women? Decide to leave American women alone and expat? You’re a pedophile or seeking a slave you can dominate. Decide to leave real women alone altogether? You’re oppressing the virtual females.

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