Jun 132016

This woman needs feminism because her vagina won’t shut up:

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If your vagina talks, then something is wrong with it.  Feminism won’t help.

  6 Responses to “She Needs Feminism Because Her Vagina Won’t Shut Up”

  1. Note the huge jew schnozzel … more unimaganitive jewish propoganda from a jewish media outlet

    The marxism is strong with this white hating jewess skank …

  2. it’s not men who spend all their time “thinking with their genitals.”

    • Women literally have no psychology outside of sexual psychology.

      That is why they feminize every single thing, while men are quite capable of keeping sexual thoughts out of places where they would be detrimental…

      When only men could vote, men still did not choose to have a female-only immigration policy. America could have had a flood of young women come in a century ago, to create a paradise for men.

      But women think *everything* has to be female-centric. That is the FI for you.

  3. I am reminded of the passage in William S Borroughs’ Naked Lunch called “Did I ever tell you about the man who taught his asshole how to talk?”


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