Jun 052016

It’s the time of the month to select a new Entitlement Princess of the Month.  Last month’s winner with 78% of the vote was Meghann Foye, the woman who wanted “meternity” leave.

The Entitlement Princess of the Month can only keep going with your support so keep submitting new entitlement princesses on the Entitlement Princess of the Month submission page.

This month there are two entitlement princesses to choose from.  The first was submitted by john03063 and she is Cinnamon Nicole, a woman who spent all of her family’s money on powerball tickets. Then she started a GoFundMe campaign not to reimburse her family, but to try again with powerball tickets. GoFundMe shut down the campaign.

The second was submitted by Trigglypuff Sat On Me and she is Trigglypuff, the woman who was made famous by this video:

Among other things Trigglypuff demands that her speech never get interrupted while she demands the right to shut down other people’s speech.

Vote for one of the entitlement princesses in the poll below. Remember you are voting for the biggest entitlement princess, not necessarily the most evil woman or the most violent woman or the most insane woman or the biggest whore.

Who is your vote for the May 2016 Entitlement Princess Of The Month?

  • Trigglypuff (71%, 57 Votes)
  • Cinnamon Nicole (29%, 23 Votes)

Total Voters: 80

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  11 Responses to “May 2016 Entitlement Princess Of The Month”

  1. Trigglypuff was too funny to pass up.

  2. I say Cinnamon is worse, because she is ‘mainstream’ enough that someone like her could reside in any family. She could be the princess next door…

    At least trigglypuff is weird/ugly enough that the mainstream will mock her, even in the present climate.

    In other words, present society excuses and subsidizes Cinnamons. By contrast, trigglypuffs are still seen as perversions..

  3. Trigglypuff is autistic. And that’s not an insult – it’s simply a fact: she’s an autism activist in addition to all her other activism. You can see it in the way she acts out physically. 3rd-wave feminism simply *is* undiagnosed female autism. This is why they have such difficulty distinguishing consensual sex from rape without a flowchart and a checklist.

    My understanding is that she is not actually a student at that institution at all – she squats in student rezzies, doesn’t pay student union, doesn’t pay tuition. This makes her yelling “You don’t belong here!” at an invited speaker especially poignant.

    Not that Ms Powerball is not also a strong contender. Gambling addiction vs autism, but which is the stronger claimant to female entitlement, specifically? I usually like to root for the underdog, but Trigglypuff is all about “I can behave like this specifically because I am a woman” and she gets my vote this month.

    • It just feels wrong to me to compare men on the autism spectrum to Trigglypuff or other third wave feminists. I know you mean no ill will, but the comparison feels wrong.

      • I think Paul Murray means batshit crazy & fat, a deadly combo …

      • Don’t know what to say – seems perfectly apt to me. These are people who can’t relate to other people properly, people who are simply lost when it comes to subtle human interactions. The acting out physically when overstimulated is exactly what autistics do, the inability to cope and the need to retreat to a quiet, safe, structured space. The fact that these people are often quite academically intelligent also fits the profile.

        The point is not to feel sorry or accomodating for the feminists, the point is to deal with the nagging feeling that surely they must have some real basis for the nonsense, that there surely must be some ‘there’ there. There isn’t. Not only do they have something wrong with ’em, what’s wrong with ’em is common, easily understood, and possibly caused by – I dunno – fluoride in the water or something. Being able to tag where their ideas and feelings are really coming from – not from ‘the patriarchy’, but from their own autism – I think can help us deal with them sensibly.

        • How do you know that Trigglypuff, for example, is overstimulated instead of a plain old bitch? Trigglypuff’s behavior was too directed to be an overstimulated autistic person acting out.

          I also disagree that they are academically intelligent. They’re in college, but affirmative action got them there. They may get good grades, but that is because they take classes where they can vomit out bullshit and get an A. If they took classes in a rigorous subject like a STEM subject, they would fail.

          There is no deeper explanation than these are shitty people with desires to be tinpot dictators. They found politics that allows them to justify this. It’s that simple, and it has no similarity to men on the autism spectrum.

        • Still disagree, I guess we will have to leave it at that. She looks like an autistic fat kid to me.

        • A lot of feminists look like autistic fat kids, butch dykes or are otherwise unattractive.

          Appearance alone is not a sufficient indication of cognitive abilities.

        • I think the point here is, Paul Murrays inability to comprehend women are THAT fucked up.

          Try getting a woman to take responsibility for her actions, or admit she’s in the wrong, & ALL women turn into trigglypuff.

          This is standard behaviour for 100% of all women when they dont get their way.

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