Jun 082016

There is this Stanford swimmer in the news I’m sure all of you have heard about.  I don’t care about if his sentence for sexual assault was too lenient.  Women who commit sexual crimes against boys get similarly lenient sentences or even more lenient sentences.  Until that is fixed the Stanford swimmer does not deserve a longer sentence.

Plus, I would not be surprised that we eventually find out he is a victim of the false rape industry.  Every high profile rape accusation has turned out to be false, so why not this one?

  5 Responses to “I Don’t Care About The Stanford Swimmer’s Sentence”

  1. he doesn’t deserve any sentence.

  2. My opinion is that the media spread outage over his 6 month sentence yet how long has Jackie Coakley been sentenced for her false rape accusation. Media generally tries to keep false rape accusers anonymous. They are nothing but lying sexist hypocrites who protect female criminals.

  3. False accusation? Check.

    Both the victim and perpetrator were exceedingly drunk. The woman blacked out and doesn’t remember the “assault;” she doesn’t know if she consented all the way through the sex act or not. The accusation came from a pair of swedish students, i believe, who saw the couple in flagrante delicto from outside of the room and claimed that they thought the woman wasn’t awake. This is just a case of drunk people fucking incompetently, not of sexual assault.

    I might be wrong, but the above is what I’ve heard of the case.

    Still, even if it was a real assault, you’re right that this is a move towards fairness and equality.

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